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France had fallen so easily, it was like taking candy from a child. Not even one hero came trying to save the poor country while it was being decimated. Remembering his time as an Ice Dragon, ReEnforcer wondered where all the great men and woman he use to serve with were, why hadn't they come? When Andferne was alive he would not have stood for this, ICE would have been mobile within minutes, once satellites set up by Nighthunter detected the disturbance. Thunder would have cracked as LstPaladin entered the battlefield, the ocean would deny any foe a safe retreat obeying none other than Slight, King of the Sea's and ICE's invisible hand would have struck fast and hard Nobody the wiser. But none of this happened Andferne's body was decayed and rotting in the caverns beneath ICE Island and no one had come. Why did they deny him the fight he and his team yearned for?

Sitting in the front of the Paris's Parliament building, Remy stood up slamming his hand down on the desk; uneasy in his need for a worthy fight. The few members of Tenebresque In who were in the building turned toward him. “Enough!” Remy screamed. He looked at each member in turn. Azrael's eyes mirrored his own blazing with an unyielding fire, the black depths that were Eternal Chaos's eyes revealed nothing, a female in a black cloak covering her face set with him. ReEnforcer didn't know who she was but had seen her with him since the fall of France, when he asked Darkchild about her, the Dark Lord simple said “All will be explain in due time.”

“We tore this place to hell, killed thousands and not one hero saw fit to even grace us with their presence.” ReEnforcer continued, “Well I for one have had enough, its time we take the fight to these cowards.” Just then Gray Fox came over the the teams communicator's “A vessel is approaching the boarders of Paris, my system has identified it as Omega Haven; It belongs to the hero team known as Omega Justice. I'm picking up thousands of life forms inside.”

A small laugh escaped Azrael's sweet lips, bringing the memory of their bloody kiss to the front of Remy's mind. “Well you asked for a fight, looks like someone was listening.” She said. Remy joined in her laugh, “It seems there is a God. Let's go welcome our guests shall we.” ReEn finished as he proceed through the double doors of parliament and took to the sky's a trail of flames in his wake.

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It hadn't taken long for him to build the new War Net, a massive nationwide security system capable of detecting any threats from thousands of miles away. Using nanotechnology, The Gray Fox had built massive spires in every major and minor city across France capable of exchanging information between computers thousands of times faster than any internet service or standard military communications program. The only problem Fox had with building this War Net was that it seemed to have been all for nothing. No one cared about saving the French, least of all Earth's Heroes.
However, this period of silent activity had given him time to design a whole new set of pure adamantium armor with a plethora of new devices built in alongside updated variations of his standard issue teleportation and invisibility cloak devices, most of them designed for stealth assassination. The armor was charcoal gray in color with glowing red lights running down his chest. The old openings on his left arm used to channel heavy streams of ice shards and creating ice daggers had been removed to make way for a three-parts blade folding mechanism with a ring on the pinky finger that would activate the blade opening and closing system. Another add-on feature were the thorn-shaped poison-tipped darts that he could fire from his fingertips.
To conceal these devices, he had a wide belt with all sorts of pouches used to carry miniature explosives, throwing knives, smoke bombs, etc. fused to his armor with a strap going over his left shoulder to hold in place a black cape (with red on the inside) as soft as velvet and as strong as mythril with Darkchild's insignia emblazoned in red at the cape's mid-point. As for his right arm, all conduits that allowed Fox to channel his ice powers had been rerouted exclusively to that arm, which had actually increased the amount of damage Fox could inflict thanks to the influx of extra power running through it, there was but one drawback to this: every time he used his powers even if to just create a simple ice dagger he would fatigue much faster.
Because of this, Fox had sworn not to use his mutant abilities unless it was absolutely necessary to do so, which he hadn't had to since the fall of France. Other additions included a anti-gravity/jet boot system giving him the ability to levitate and fly in addition to teleporting; a more rounded, form-fitting helmet sporting signal receivers on both sides, where the ears would normally be. With this new helm, he could maintain contact with his teammates at all times. He could also use it in tandem with the spires he had set up to tap into phone lines and wireless signals and thus listen to any form of private conversing amongst the humans. The mask bound to his face looked rather uninspired, with two rectangular eye slots and a similarly-shaped mouth slot.
Aside from the new armor, the silent activity period gave Fox more than enough time to begin working on building his Master's machine armies: The Lucifers Mark's I-III. The project was top secret, so no one on the team were aware of their existence and would not be made so until the time was right. Three days into it, Fox hadn't even finished with the framework when the klaxons began blaring. Something was coming, something massive enough to carry a small army.
"Show me." Fox said in a quiet, monotone voice. Instantly, holographic images of a de-cloaking vessel, Omega Haven, at every angle imaginable popped up from out of thin air. One of which contained every bit of data Fox had on the flying fortress and those that commanded it. Then, Fox silently activated the comm system and spoke. “A vessel is approaching the borders of Paris, I have identified it as Omega Haven; It belongs to the "hero" team known as Omega Justice. I am picking up thousands of life forms within.”
This would no doubt get the rest of the team riled up. As far as he knew, they had all been stuck over in the Parliament Building doing absolutely nothing for the past week and a half while Fox went off to build the War Net. A War Net that the Omega Haven had somehow managed to move through undetected. Fox had spent hours making it impossible for anyone to do what the Omega Haven had done, needless to say...Fox was displeased with their success.
"I must know how they surpassed the perfection that is my War Net and gotten so close to Paris without any of us sensing them or their monstrous vessel using our own individual abilities." Fox said, his voice trembling as he opened a pair of doors leading out onto a wide balcony that overlooked the western expanse; the same expanse that Omega Haven had now taken up most of and then soared off into the Heavens. "And if they will not transfer this data willingly...I will tear it from their minds."

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"See...This is exactly why the only tech I have is an iPod..." Slight said struggling to steer the ship away from it's course. Auto-pilot, a usually very helpful tool to novice pilots of boats and flying vessels, had turned into something terrible. The Omega Haven was casually alighting its way through European city after city. They had already traveled through Italy. Realizing that they had been of course for about a month now, seeing as how, Slight had recently taken control of the team as his own, he had no time to look out windows and notice the the Leaning Tower of Pisa. And so, after one long days' training session, everyone was exhausted, the lonely King, wandered up to the deck, which had been unmanned for approximately two weeks, he saw the great city of romance, sieged before.him. France, a once great city, destroyed, under the crushing might of evils hand.  
Intuitively, Slight knew, that this city had been like this for quite some time, without aid of foreign government, or hero. There was a distinktive odor in the air, one that told of malevolent entities thriving in the post apocalypse state. Calmly, the Water Guardian went to the control panel only feet away from his high tech steering wheel. "I wish I would have asked Solace how to do this, before she left." He said, in a low voice, almost a whisper. All of the buttons began to look the same, none of them had any individuality, notifying their specific link to the ship, so he gave up, and went to do the next best thing. Until he worked this thing out, he would have to land the Haven, but looking on the brighter side of things, he thought it would be a good time for him to see if he could help whatever leadership was here. He had hundreds, if not thousands of OJ Operatives at his disposal to carry food, and water to those in need.  

Pressing the com link, speaker button that was located on the left of every wall in the ship, Slight sent out a call to his members and operatives. "This is Slight. I'm informing you that I have made the decision to land the Omega Haven in France until someone figures out how to get this thing off auto pilot. But, I'm also taking this opportunity to help. Ms. Vespa, Olypmian Champion, Day Hunter, Magda. Meet me on the eastern wing of the ship, and we'll go out from there." 
Huh. I just gave my first real orders as a leader. Not to shabby. But there was no time for congratulatory pats on the back. Even with the notion of "help is on the way" there was this feeling that he could not shake. Something told him, in the back of his mind, in the lowest part of his gut that this would be no ordinary search and rescue situation. Slight, wanted everything to go smoothly. He wanted to go outside, and look under rubble, and find that there were still people alive in such chaos. He wanted to believe in the survival instincts, the living spirit in each human being of the world, but that same feeling told him that there would be no such thing, that he would find nothing living in ruin. So, it was with a heavy heart, that he, in vain, told one of the Omega Justice Operatives to circulate the message to hold off on help, until they could be sure they could. 
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 "A Threat to justice anywhere, is a threat to justice everywhere" Martin Luther King Jr.

   “Debra beam me up to the Omega Haven” Maya said exiting the finance building on Wall Street. “I can’t right now darling, where about to…land” Maya looked on in confusion. “Two questions, how the hell do you plan on landing that gigantic vessel? And…where?” She said looking confused. “That first part is a good question boss lady, France is the second.” Maya shook her head, the Omega Haven was a very expensive, At the time of its purchase Maya had spent most of her fortune on it; only to have it pay her bank account back tenfold. Needless to say she was here on Wall Street securing a financial endeavor that would make Omega Justice look like a baby. It’d take years to complete but with what she had in mind, she’d win woman of the decade. Smiling looking at her “Women of the Year” Time magazine award; it made her feel good to finally earn something for her achievements.   As she was getting into her limo a new report went on in Times Square, telling her about the looming situation in France. It had once again come under occupation this time by Darkchild and his goons.  It then became clear to Maya that Slight and the Omega Haven might need more help. However she personally sent the Omega Justice Mansion Team to Mexico to look into a murderer, so she would have to gather help from somewhere else. Driving back to her 5 ave penthouse,  she wasted little time in turning into Solace, and with that she teleported to Normandy. Maya sped through the country side; in a blazing array of light.   The world had forgotten, what it was to have the backing of Andferne, the world had forgotten what it was like to have the determination of Sha, but France would finally get it taste of the young women who claimed to be greater than both her mentors; Solace.

Her anger built up as she looked on at the devastation; why did she not see this? Where were the Children of the Damned? Where was The champions of Peace; but most importantly where was Omega Justice.   The emotional hero landed in Paris right next to the Omega Haven landing site; and what a sight it was to see;   the length of   25 football fields; as tall as a modern skyscraper and home to over 1,000 lives. She thought it was very risky of Slight to land the vessel in an unsafe place such as this but she trusted his judgment. Many of the members of the Justice Squadron rallied around their “Boss” but she assured them she was here only to assist Slight as she too was a part of Omega Justice. She smiled and then flew a top the ruins of the Eifel Tower. “What’s the point in all this destruction” she said with her face boiling red. They had been and organization for only six months and already Omega Justice had failed their people. 


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The demon standing before them appeared quite irritated as he slammed his hand down onto the desk.   Lyn just sat next to Kain and peered from under her black cloak.   “Enough!” he shouted.   The shout echoed throughout the halls.   Lady Death looked around the room to see the same anxious look in the eyes among them rest except for Kain his eyes were as cold and empty as usual.   She knew each only by files that Darkchild had collected.   ReEnforcer was to lead this little party while Darkchild had taken on his own destiny.   Only time would tell if he would return.   Azrael was a blood thirsty demoness with a good talent for pain.     

Lyn kept her identity from the rest very well in accordance to what was planned.   All would be revealed in due time.   She reached over and took Kain’s hand into hers.    Lyn could feel his need for more torment to be casted on others.   It was one of the many things she admired in him.   Kain had prepared for her a full body suite to cover all that was Death.   Even if the hood was removed her face was covered.   Only the white eyes could be seen.  

She wore black leather boots and a skin sculpting black leather suite.   A knife within its’ sheathe strapped to her right thigh.   She had worn this suite before for stealth missions between Kain and her.  

We tore this place to hell, killed thousands and not one hero saw fit to even grace us with their presence.” ReEnforcer continued, “Well I for one have had enough, its time we take the fight to these cowards.

A very distinct voice came over the communicator.   It was Gray Fox, a very intelligent being of great desires of evil brewing within a metal exterior.

A vessel is approaching the boarders of , my system has identified it as Omega Haven; It belongs to the hero team known as Omega Justice. I'm picking up thousands of life forms inside.

Life forms that are about to die she thought to herself.   A smile crossed her lips as she looked to Kain and nodded to him.  

ReEn only replied to the rest by saying, “It seems there is a God.   Let’s go welcome our guests shall we.”   He took off in a fury of flames.    Kain grabbed Lyn’s hand and gave it a slight tug as if to make her wait for him.   She knew it was wise to get to know the enemy before jumping into the battle.   Lyn cast her eyes toward the direction of the enemy and used her energy sensory abilities to their best quality.

I sense energy bases varying in levels and they seem to be well connected to have such a fancy ride. I do not know who they are though.   That will be determined as we get closer.”

Lyn’s voice echoed slightly as she used her powers.   Within a blink of an eye her eyes stopped glowing.  The energy readings she was able to obtain in such a quick glance were not as accurate as she would like them to be having them at such a far distance.  The airship displaced energy around it making it very easy to pinpoint where it landed.  Lyn did not need a radar to know that.  Kain and Lyn remained behind for now or until Kain wanted to step up.

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Fox had caught sight of her as she zoomed towards the top of what was once the Eiffel Tower. A quick bio-scan and database search  identified the mysterious young girl as Maya Lopez a.k.a. Solace. In his left eye, Fox was able to view a massive dossier containing every single bit of information pertaining to the young girl. From the looks of it, the United States Government had been the ones who had compiled it and had no doubt done so behind her back.

As he skimmed through the dossier, he made mental notes of her power set, weaknesses and so on. When he reached the “Affiliations” section of her profile, he came to a halt and focused all attention on but a single sentence. “Founder and former leader of Omega Justice.” Fox whispered to himself before coming to realize that he had missed something very obvious yet important to uncovering the mystery behind how Omega Haven bypassed his War Net whilst observing her.

Solace had flown straight through France without setting the War Net off. Scans indicated that no technological device in her possession was capable of outwitting something as sophisticated and powerful as his War Net. Omega Haven had done the same but...Fox’s eyes widened, he then bowed his head and placed his right hand over his faceplate. “I…forgot to keep the War Net active after finishing the test run trials. The Master is going to kill…wait…what I am worried about? The team has been relieved of their boredom thanks to my error. If the War Net had been active, there would be no Omega Haven to storm and all of the “heroes” would be dead.”

Fox perished all thoughts of his error and turned his attention back towards Solace. He couldn’t allow this girl and her little friends run around freely and so he teleported over to her location and appeared before her, hovering in mid-air, his ten-foot tall armored frame towering over her. “If you are looking to save lives, Maya Lopez, you are too late. There is nothing for you and your allies to save. If you really wanted to save someone then you would have arrived while Paris was engulfed in flames and people were being devoured left and right by Darklings in the streets below us.” Fox stopped for a moment to gauge Solace’s reaction and continued.

“But you didn’t, instead you decided to ignore the situation and let millions die. But let us move away from the past and turn our focus on the present. You and your allies are trespassing on Tenebrasquean territory, not only that but by bringing your fortress into our Nation you have declared war on us, for which we are most grateful. Nevertheless, you must still face the penalty for your crimes.” As he raised his left hand high into the air, Fox twitched his pinky finger and unsheathed his hidden blade. "Goodbye and thank you for ending our boredom. We need to kill to survive, you see.” With that said, Fox attempted to ram the blade into Solace’s throat.

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 Maya sighed, taking off her mask as she looked at the destruction of Paris with her own eyes; there was nothing in the world that could prepare her for this. “We failed…” she said looking at the Omega Haven.   As the majestic wind tossed her blonde hair south she pulled her right arm up activating her Sethosphere. “Omega Space Station team, France is in desperate need of our help, I repeat Team 3 France is the location” She let out a sigh of exhaustion she sat by and did nothing as the French people suffered. As she was getting ready to head back to the Omega Haven, something or someone teleported right in front of her. He towered over her with his gigantic posture, briefly startling her. His presence was menacing; it terrified her for a brief moment and then she came to terms with the fact that he was possibly one of the people who were responsible for this catastrophe.   “If you are looking to save lives, Maya Lopez, you are too late. There is   nothing   for you and your allies to save. If you really wanted to save someone then you would have arrived while Paris was engulfed in flames and people were being   devoured   left and right by Darklings in the streets below us.”

As he began to speak Maya paid him no mind, glancing around at the destruction; not feeling any sorrow, but anger, anger towards herself and everyone whom called themselves heroes’ anger towards anyone whom fought in Andferne’s name, Anger to anyone who preached Peace or Justice; but more Anger for those whom were responsible for the   atrocities. Her eyes quickly darted back to him, as he lifted his arms, without even thinking her teleported away and reappeared behind him. Solace charged her Ion energy in her hands; with tears streaming from her face. “You talk too MUCH!” and with that she pushed a wall of Ion energy towards him hoping to knock him off guard, flying in trying to be agile as ever she charged her energy within her hands, and struck towards his abdomen as well as his head.

Dropping to the ground, she picked up various items; of debris, and began hurling them at her unknown attacker but this wasn’t something she intended to back down from. “This is O.S.S member Solace, I’m being engaged by an unknown enemy; I repeat I’m being attacked” Solace said causing her device to disappear on her arm, her team was on the way. 


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It had been twenty minutes already. Where the f were the rest of his team? What was taking them? Slight was itching to get outside, and see the calamity for himself, and so that is just what he did. But before he left, he punched in the security code that would activate the Omega Haven defense systems if anyone should try to enter without the permission of a member, or an authorization code. They'd be blasted to bits by the AI on the ship. Stepping out into the smoky atmosphere, Avery, felt a bit sick. Almost like he had been punched a few to many times in the gut, and was about to throw up. Witnessing all of the destruction of the once, most beautiful, most opulent place on the planet, and now it was in a shambles. He wondered how long had it been like this, how long had he been blind to the plight of the French citizens. No more, he promised to himself, would he ever allow something to happen like this again. No longer would he sit idly by watch or pretend like things like this didn't happen every single day. France was proof of one thing, that Omega Justice had not fulfilled it's duty to protect those in need.  
Flying silently over the city, Slight began to pick up on hydropathic signatures. None of which he recognized. There were about five, or six, give or take one or two in the area. But from all accounts, they seemed to be fine. He could usually tell when there were signs of distress in a persons system. Hastened heartbeat, hindered breaths, slow blood flow. Something that indicated injury or duress. That was very odd, for the Hydro Hero. How could anyone, anyone regular be fine in a situation like this. It lead him to believe that whoever they were, they were the cause of all that was horrible in this place.  
As he distanced himself from the extravagant manor that the bodies resided in, Slight called back to the Omega Haven. "Alright everyone. We've got a problem. It seems that there are survivors, but they are hostile. Be very prepared to fight out here. Slight out."  And he continued searching elsewhere. It was about three minutes later, when he heard scuffling from below him. Crash. Bang. Boom. He peered closer and realized it was Solace. In a moment of excitement, the Water Guardian was about to dart down and greet her with fervor, but realized that she was engaged in a battle with a monolithic creature. He knew that she could handle herself, and more than likely, she would win that fight. In the even that she didn't, Slight made a call back to Debra. "Debs. Solace is engaged in battle. I need you guys to keep an eye out for her from the ship. Alert me if anything should go wrong."  Continuing back to the manor, Slight began his investigation. 
Liquefying, to make it easier to get inside undetected, Slight slid through one of the windows, completely unawares to the men and women in the room. He made his way to the hallway, where he could watch with a good view, but better hidden. Slight recognized Reen immediately, save for his demonic aura. The rest of the people in the room were not so familiar. Thinking, whether or not to try and take them all out, at once, or target one was the hardest decision he had to make now. Likely, they were strong enough to take an entire city state down with little opposition, they were a strong bunch. He aimed his fist at one of them, a male. And punched forward, thrusting his palm outward, and sending a telekinetic blast powerful enough to take out the wall that he stood adjacent too. Although this would make them aware of his presence, it would also startle them, and give Slight enough time to target another. 

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"You talk too MUCH!" Solace screamed, her eyes streaming with tears of rage, hate and sorrow. Fox couldn't say that he wasn't deriving any satisfaction from that because...he was, like his teammates he was a very troubled individual, but decades of playing assassin had made him a bit less open about his twisted desire to see the light fade from the eyes of his adversaries as he cut them apart with his ice daggers and hidden blade...and the desire to make girls cry, of course. If Fox's organic form could still produce saliva, he'd be drooling. Fox instantly snapped back to reality as Solace vanished from his line of sight, leaving him only seconds to whip around, realize the danger he was in and teleport away from the wall of ionic energy being chucked at him by a really pissed off teenage girl. He continued to do this as Solace made a very serious effort to strike at his face and abdomen simultaneously with more of that potentially life-threatening ionic energy.  
When she began tossing pieces of debris at him he would knock the projectiles aside, he continued to do this for a few more minutes and then teleported away and reappeared right in front of Solace just as she had finished calling in for back-up. He was deadly silent and had his left arm anchored back, his hidden blade unsheathed and poised to, at the very least, strike hard enough to carve a deep gash diagonally across that pretty little face of hers. If it worked, he would try to knee her in the stomach, elbow her in the back and drive the ice dagger forming in his right hand into her brain stem. The only words he spoke before making his move were. "Sleep now my child, your day is done." And with that he swung his left arm at Solace, his blade shining brightly in the sun.

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To those people in the huts and villages of half the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves--JFK

  The ship shook and rocked violently as the new leader, Slight, of The Omega Justice attempted to steer the massive vessel known as the Omega Hevan. Micheal lay in his room fiercely tossing and turning in his bed, not because of the trembling of the ship but due to a nightmare, the very nightmare that had been haunting him since July of 2001. That faithful day...the day that he allegedly lead that Chicago Police force into the slaughter causing the drug war against the CPD to intensify. On that day it wasn't losing his job that bothered him, it wasn't going to jail, it was losing his family...his lovely wife who he had to leave crying in they're house as he attempted to free the clutches of the S.W.A.T. team deployed to bring him, his daughter who was only a year and a half old, his precious baby girl who would probably never know him as her father, who would never know that he didn't do what he is accused of doing. The nightmare had engrained itself into his mind, it haunted him from the very second the clock struck midnight that night. 
Suddenly Micheal's eyes shot open as his heart had begun to pound so loudly that it seemed to echo in his room. He reached over grabbing a handkerchief and wiping the sweat from his head as he sat up. He glanced around the room briefly before going to the small window on the left wall. He sleepily gazed out at nothing, the plush softness of the clouds as the Haven tour through them like a parasite through flesh. He turned back into his room and walked to his closet as a message from his new leader rang out from the speaker positioned securely in the corner of the room pinned between the ceiling and two different walls. 
 "This is Slight. I'm informing you that I have made the decision to land the Omega Haven in France until someone figures out how to get this thing off auto pilot. But, I'm also taking this opportunity to help. Ms. Vespa, Olypmian Champion, Day Hunter, Magda. Meet me on the eastern wing of the ship, and we'll go out from there."  Micheal mumbled to himself as he lazily reached into the closet grabbing his uniform. He slid into it picking up the shield strapping it to his back as he picked up his Python pistol, a few different types of knives and finishing it off by grabbing his Enfield Assault Rifle as he exited the room into the hallway. He walked down the hall peering out the windows as he walked, then suddenly some movement caught his eye. He paused and starred out the window, then suddenly his eyes widened. France, it....it had completely been destroyed. The country was ravished, he couldn't believe, but at the same time he understood it. So many of the hero's in the world had based themselves in America, due to it constantly being under Lillian siege, that they had completely forgotten about they're foreign friends. These European countries didn't stand a chance, The Omega Justice had failed these people, but more importantly the hero society as a whole had failed. 
Suddenly, he saw movement. He watched closely attempting to see what was moving. Finally after a few brief seconds he could tell it was a person...a woman. He knew Slight wanted him to be there on the wing but as a hero in his own right he felt he must go help this woman in need. Her civilization had been devastated and she appeared to be trapped. He ran down the hall until he reached a door, he thrust it open and lept towards the ground. He landed on his feet with a thud, his boots sinking in the broken concrete and mud before rushing to the woman. "Hold on. I'm here to help you." He ran over grabbing the metal that lie on top of her thrusting it away. Micheal scooped the woman up and began making his way back to the Hevan where he planned to have her medically treated. He was nearly at the Hevan when he fell to his knees as a bullet passed through the flesh of his thigh. The woman lept from his arms and kicked him the face. 
"What the hell?!"Micheal shouted as he jumped up "I'm trying to help you!" We don' need yall's help! You were'n here when we needed ya why the hell u tink we need ya nah?!" Micheal spun as he heard gunfire coming from behind him. His eyes fell upon two grungy looking men, both wearing plaid shirts stained with beer, blood and God knows what else. He reached for his Enfield but before he could move his hand a large concrete block was smashed into the back of his head as the woman laughed. 

Minutes Later

 Micheal's eyes slid open slowly as he tried to clear his vision. Looked around as his heart sank, he was in an undisclosed location taken hostage by civilains, he knew he could break out, but he would have to injure the people. He shook his head trying to decide what to do. Finally he came to the conclusion, if he couldn't help these people, he would free them from the bondage's of this lifestyle, and after he got free, he would find and contact his team. 
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The huge figure dodges her ion wall without much effort; his teleportation was proving to be his most useful technique. She then unleashed a barrage of focused attacks towards separate parts of his body; as he did before he teleported out of the way; Maya’s attempt to rage attack him only resulted in her ending up quickly out of breath. “You’ve….got to be …f#king….kidding me” she said with her fist balled up panting heavily. He almost seemed to zone out; Maya wasn’t discouraged; even though her first assault was ineffective.   She couldn’t give up, even though she probably wouldn’t allow herself to do so anyways.  As she was getting ready to charge back in he appeared in front of her again, once again using teleportation. His blade came straight towards her face Maya blinked and a thin layer appeared in front of her face and the tip of the blade. A technique she had worked on mastering over time; while she hadn’t figured out how she could use it for offensive purposes; she knew now how it could be used for defense.   She could tell the minor setback of her magnetism didn’t stop him; he quickly landed nee strike to her gut. Maya hunched over in pain, but quickly felt a power blow in her lower back; she grabbed at the air writhing in pain, but she quickly managed to maneuver out of the way of his striking range.  Maya’s sethosphere began beeping finally Slight was on the move and now Day Hunter appeared. “It’s about DAMN TIME; I DON’T PAY YOU GUYS TO BE LATE” the financer of Omega Justice screamed. More and more dots began to appear this time; and her suspicions were finally answered; there was still people living in France.   “Debra this is an order from Solace, get everyone into the lower barracks of Omega Haven”. Solace then turned her attention back to her attacker; she let out a smile and then closed her eyes. When she reopened them; they began to glow a mystic purple, and finally her body split in two and there were now Two Solaces.

“Twice the Hurt” Solace on the right said, teleporting in his face, with her arm cocked ready to aim a punch at him before she teleported again. The Two Solace’s continued to teleport around him sending a barrage of energy laced punches are kicks towards him hoping that they’d connect a few of the blows. The real Solace sucked her duplicate back into her being, pushing her left hand forward, she fired a photon wave towards him; knowing he’d teleport she readied herself to teleport as well this time right in his face, where she would launch a blast from her body outwards, in a shield like manner hoping to deal a substantial amount of damage that way.

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 ReEnforcer surveyed the destruction he and his team had wrought while he approached the enemies vessel. Paris was to be the example, to the people still living in France and heroes throughout the world. The message read, evil no longer hid in the shadows, darkness was here and it would spread like a plague.

The massive frigate was fully visible even from miles away. It was a state of the art ship, really a symbol of technological advancement but it was obvious that it hadn't been made for battle. ReEnforcer came to a stop hovering about a mile above the large ship, his body still blazing.

"Kain." Remy said taping his comm link. After a moment with no response ReEn continued knowing the Harbinger of Death could hear him "Would you be so kind as to place a barrier of darkness around the area. Make it accessible to any beings willing to enter but don't allow the massive ship to leave. I would hate for our guests to depart before we showed them our full hospitality." ReEn made his request of Kain, for it could be nothing but a request only one man could command beings as powerful as War and he was busy with the King of Kings. Darkchild would finish with the Cajun soon enough but until he returned ReEn was to see to the protection of their newly acquired home.

Gray Fox being the first on the battlefield had gotten his pick of the litter. Remy recognized his opponent as Solace, her costume had changed but ReEn could never forgot the spirit which she brought to every fight. She looked rather angry, with good reason to, had Andy still been alive this atrocity would have never happened. Maya with her wealth and influence was a good candidate to take up Andy's shield, but she had failed the people she should have been protecting. Now she was channeling her anger in the fierce assault she was releasing upon Fox, he'd certainly have his work cut out for him.

Looking back to the frigate ReEn saw yet another face from his past one who had moments ago been in Remy's thoughts. Slight, self proclaimed King of the Seas and another old alley from Remy's days as an Ice Dragon. Remy saw the recognition in Slight's eyes, as his once friend turned enemy shot past him directly at the parliament building where Kain and his dark mistress were waiting. This anchovy was about to bite off more than he could chew.

In the distance Remy saw another hero, this one unfamiliar to him. The man wore an all black combat suit with several white stars accented in red circles, it was obvious to the Crimson King that this man was a soldier through and through. The man had found a survivor, it seemed. There had been none when Paris had been annihilated but since they had decided to base their new capitol in France's Clermount Ferrand, Tenebrasque In had begun migrating any survivors from Clermont Ferrand to the wasteland formerly known as Paris. This unsuspecting hero was in for quite the surprise, as he soon found out. The survivors of this decimated land had all gone crazy as their home, their loved ones and their country were all destroyed.

Having taken in the situation thus far ReEnforcer decided to greet his guest aboard the large vessel. He could see that the crew of the frigate were already running about trying to escape to the lower decks. Utilizing his ferocious speed Remy soared toward the vessels immediately the ships artificial intelligence triggered the laser cannons. "Dejavu." ReEn said thinking back to when he sank DaggerKlutz's yacht. This  ship was much larger but it seemed Omega Justice should have hired Dagger to arm the vessel for his little yacht was fully equipped for war.

While swerving left and right avoiding the laser fire coming at him from all sides with ease, flames shot out of Remy's out streched right hand. A moment later he held a long obsidian blade in his hand. Maneuvering closer to the frigate he began slicing the cannons on the side of the ship, the sword cut through them as if they were butter. As he crossed over the ship ReEnforcer was hit by one of the laser blasts, this caused him to halt and he was hit by another volley of lasers. The crew were still fleeing below deck but at least twenty of them remained on deck. As ReEn was under fire he noticed a women in the hatch leading below deck she must have been of some importance because instead of hurrying below she was waving everyone in. Just before Remy's anger exploded outward in a burst of flame, the woman closed and sealed the hatch, there were tears in her eyes as she condemned those trapped on the deck to save those below. The flames stretched out for miles 360 degrees around ReEn. The poor souls still left on the deck evaporating the instant it hit them, this death however was  a mercy as if the Angel of Death had done the deed up close and personal his prey would have had plenty of time to scream.

With his anger ReEnforcer's appearance changed, he no longer resembled the hero he use to be. His face was now a menacing skull with two black strips over the eyes, long pointed horns and multiple rows of razor sharp teeth that would rip flesh to shred in an instant. His brown hair had grown long, hanging to his waist taking on a red hue. ReEn's torso was bare, muscular and a very pale bone white, there was a hole where is heart should be black tattoos escaped the hole wrapping around him. His fingers were now claws and he had crimson fur around his neck and wrists. A shredded black cloak covered him from the waist down, the crimson fur wrapped around his ankles as well, his feet clawed to match his hands.

Remy was still being hit by multiple laser fire from some cannons the flames hadn't destroyed, but the feeling was nothing more than a nu sense. ReEn held his obsidian sword out before him, various small spheres of flame shot out of the blade. These spheres touched down on the deck and in a moment began to pulse and grow. After a minute around thirty elemental beings stood upon the deck of the frigate. They resembled Darkchild's Darklings but possessed no physical mass, they were made entirely of flame and could incinerate with a single touch. "Rise my creations." ReEnforcer said, the little child like beings began to move. "Now my Firelings proceed below deck and greet our guests, Show them the hospitality they can only find in Abyssus." ReEn smiled as he said the name he had chosen for his kingdom, having chosen to rebuild in the decimated Paris. Ripping the hatch apart his Firelings proceeded below deck to wreck havoc upon the innocent these irresponsible heroes had decided to place in harms way. As the last of his creations disappeared through the door that lead below, darkness crept overhead eclipsing the battle field. "Kain's barrier." Remy thought. As it blocked all light from the outside world ReEnforcer was like a beacon in the darkness his flame burning bright. The demon unleashed and Earth shaking roar and scream "COME!" Issuing a challenge to any who dared answer his call.

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"Magnetism, figures." Fox grumbled as his blade scraped against an invisible barrier just inches from Solace's face. Nevertheless, he had managed to knee her in the stomach and elbow her before she managed to maneuver out of his striking range. "That should have worked, she should be dead, but she's not...she outmaneuvered me. I guess it's true...time is really starting to catch up with me." He thought.
"It's about DAMN TIME; I DON'T PAY YOU GUYS TO BE LATE!" She shouted,drawing Fox's attention to the beings known as Slight, an arrogant water manipulating mutant who believed himself the King of the Seas or so his profile said and Day Hunter, whom Fox did not recognize but knew from the dossier he brought up that he was a powerless soldier who decided to play hero one sunday morning. "Debra, this is an order from Solace, get everyone into the lower barracks of Omega Haven." Fox turned his attention back at Solace and stared at her, dumbfounded for a split-second and then something dawned on him.
Fox's voicebox let out the closest thing to a laugh it could produce: a loud, metallic screeching noise with a subdued chortling effect. Solace had no idea that ReEnforcer was on-board The Omega Haven, she had no idea that her friends were already $%^&ed. The "laugh" grew louder and louder until his on-board computer registered a massive influx of power emanating from Solace. Looking up, Fox watched as a purple-eyed Solace split into two separate yet identical beings. "Twice the hurt." the Solace on the right said as they both anchored their arms back and teleported away. The two of them reappeared and began repeatedly attacking him with energy charged fists.
In order to keep from being hit by Fox, the two Solace's would continually teleport around him and try to land a blow. For the most part, Fox was able to keep up with them and blocked a few of the punches, but there were times when he found it impossible to block an attack. Eventually they knocked him off balance, leaving him vulnerable to their attacks, luckily his armor was made of Adamantium so the blows they landed didn't do too much internal damage even with ion-charged fists of fury. Then, just like that, the fake Solace became one with its creator, who then fired a photon wave at him. He managed to teleport away but when he did he found Solace right up in his face.
For Fox, there was literally no time at all for him to dodge what came next. A high-powered photonic energy construct that hit Fox hard enough to send him soaring through the sky, spinning out of control as he did. What Solace might have probably failed to realize is that Fox had teleported himself right in front of a huge glass window looking into Omega Haven's command center. The glass shattered into a million pieces once Fox's body had made contact and thanks to the buffering effect it provided, he managed to tumble onto the floor and regain his footing, barely. Solace had scarred the armor with many burn marks and had dented it something fierce, but none of her attacks had been strong enough to harm the frail human form within.
Taking a moment to recover, Fox looked out at Solace and then turned his attention to the light-blocking shield of darkness that was consuming the battlefield. It was no doubt the handiwork of Eternal Chaos, one of his Tenebrasquean allies. Luckily, Fox's eyes were prosthetics and could penetrate the darkness, giving him perfect line of sight to his enemy. Outstretching his right arm, Fox fired a long, massive stream of ice shards at Solace from the circular opening on the palm of his hand. But as he did, the security systems on-board the Omega Haven activated and hit Fox with a barrage of lasers, but nothing powerful enough to pierce Fox's adamantium armor.
Instead they bounced off of both it and his mythril cape, destroying the weapons firing them, which were quickly replaced by near-identical cannons that within seconds met the same fate as their predecessors. This pattern continued only sometimes some of the replacement weaponry tried using different kinds of energy, only to fail and be destroyed. Because of this, Fox refused to acknowledge the security system's offensive assault and instead continued focusing all of his might into his Winter Blast attack. But once his arm finally gave out and the fatigue settled in Fox had no choice but to halt his attack and turn all attention on that bothersome security system.
After pusing his way through the endless barrage of lasers, the combined force of which was harrowing the fatigued cyborg's movements, Fox made it to a computer terminal, opened the shielded USB port on the nape of his neck, whipped out the cord and plugged himself into Omega Haven's computers. Hoping that the barrage of ice shards, the ever-consuming darkness created by Eternal Chaos' shield and the lasers bouncing off of Fox's armor would be enough to keep Solace away from him long enough, Fox began hacking his way through every single security measure that Omega Justice's leader had put into the monolithic ship's computers. It took many moments to break his way through each barrier but in the end, they all fell. If there was one thing Fox would be remembered for should he somehow perish in battle one day was that he had been a techno-savant.
He understood technology in ways few could, when he spoke to it it spoke back. Which is why it was so easy to convince the security systems to turn on their former Masters should Solace, Slight and Day Hunter come back on-board to find the few who had made it on-board. Not only that but any locked doors that threatened to keep his teammates away from the other denizens of this ship. The ones without power, the ones that needed to burn, were wide open. 
Fox knew that Solace would get to him soon and decided to activate the ship's comm system. "Greetings, people of Omega Haven, this is The Gray Fox here to tell you that you are all about to die. Nothing is stopping my friends from finding you now and as for any heroes still on-board...the Eyes of Haven are upon you now. Arrivederci!" Fox let out another "laugh", disconnected himself from the computer and turned around to see if Solace had made it past the cold and the dark and into the command center.

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 Kate had been to space maybe twice before in her life, and neither time had been as totally awesome as this. She’d been wandering around the Omega Space Station for hours now and still had barely covered half of it. It was flabbergasting. Though she often preferred good old Earth, she could get used to the view. The cosmos was breathtaking. It really gave her perspective, on what she was fighting for. Not just people, but everything. Good and evil always had to be in balance to preserve all of this. 

Kate sighed and leaned against the massive windows on the observation deck. It was so peaceful. 

“Omega Space Station team, France is in desperate need of our help, I repeat Team 3 France is the location!” Solace’s voice boomed over the speakers of the station, echoing loudly, painfully so.

Pushing off of the glass, Kate climbed down the stairs and looked over the supercomputer that took up most of the lower part of the deck. The thing was off, the screens black. Biting her lip and closing her eyes, she pushed a random button hoping it would start the darn thing up. She was absolutely horrendous with technology. 

 Sure enough there was a whirring sound and the screens flickered to life. Kate entered in her name and the password she'd been given. Typing FRANCE into the global mapping thingy she watched as the screens blew up a sky view of the city. It was completely devastated. Kate covered her mouth in shocked. When in the hell had this happened! Then it got worse. A thick veil of darkness engulfed the entirety of France. Frantically, Kate tried to find a button to help her communicate with the rest of Omega Justice. Nothing doing. 

 "Okay, fine. You can figure this out. How to get down there?" Kate scanned the console looking for a big button that said teleporter or something as obvious. She should have paid more attention during orientation. "Shouldn't I just have to ask the computer to do stuff? What's all this button stuff. I should just be able to say 'Computer, send me to France!' and that--"  


Kate waved her arms around frantically as she plummeted to the Earth. At this point she was hoping to hit that inky force field and bounce to safety, but instead she passed right through. Technology obviously hated her. Pounding on her wrist communicator she called back up to the station. "Computer, uh, it'd be nice to land safely on the ground." The next instant, Kate was blinking in the darkness inside some kind of cafe. It stank of coffee grounds and blood. Still queazy from her trip, Kate steadied herself on a table and dry heaved. 

Outside things were much worse. The smells, the complete and utter darkness, it reminded Kate of Limbo, that horrible place she never wanted to return to. It was awful, sure, but wherever she was it was not where the action was taking place. She asked the computer to take her to Solace and the next second she was standing in the middle of a ruined street staring vacantly at the giant ship, Omega Haven, burning.

The panicked screaming of the people aboard the ship jolted Kate back into the moment. She had to do something, put out the fires if she could. Running at the ship Kate was sent flying backwards as a laser pegged her in her left arm. She hit the ground and blinked. Why would Omega Haven’s defenses be shooting at her? Maybe she was too new, it didn’t recognize her. 

Standing, her shoulder already healed, Kate decided to use the darkness to her advantage. As much as she hated using any of her powers, she saw no other way of getting into the ship to help the people inside. Letting herself melt into the darkness, she zipped inside and reformed in one of the lower bays. 

“Hello? Anyone here?” Kate whispered, feeling her way through the dark. “I’m here to help.”

Then, up ahead Kate could see a glimmer of light just beyond a doorway. Maybe someone was trying to signal her. Inching her way towards the door, Kate suddenly realized it was getting hotter and hotter. Maybe she was in the boiler room. Would a giant flying base even have a boiler room?

Kate ducked just in time. A giant, fiery paw slashed at her, managing to singe the tips of her hair. She new a lot of different monsters, but this fire creature was brand new. 

Sweating just being in the proximity of the monster Kate determined touching the thing would be very, very bad. Rolling out of the way she felt around desperately for some kind of weapon. Grabbing a pipe she hoisted it into the air and swung at the monster. The pipe passed clean through, leaving the creature unharmed. Kate dropped the melting metal and looked up in time to get smacked across the face by a scorching fist. She smelled her own burning flesh and hair and even though she knew it would heal, it hurt like a b!tch. 

It seemed hopeless. There was no way to beat this thing. Kate glanced around the room looking for something to help her. Anything! Her eyes settled on the rows of pipes running along the ceiling. 

Dodging another fiery burst, Kate whipped out her pistol and took a shot at the biggest pipe. For a second nothing happened. The monster circled around and charged at her again when the pipe burst, spewing water. It probably wouldn’t be enough to kill the thing, but it would slow it down. 

Scrambling to her feet, Kate skidded past the monster and out the door. She ran down the hallway until she came across and locked door. She could just vaguely make out the sounds of people yelling on the other side. Kate fired at the door, but bullets were useless. Replacing her gun in her hip holster, she took a step back and blasted the door away with an energy blast. Some crew members peeked around the door and smiled at her with relief. 

“Come on, we have to get out of here ASAFP,” Kate encouraged, glancing back down the hall where she’d left the monster.

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Maya’s eyes darted back towards the robotic giant, there was a weird distortion sound resonating from where his mouth was. Maya couldn’t make out what it was supposed to be but she only assumed it to be a laugh. She had managed to just scratch the surface of his armor; with her multiple strikes; she found that her “ion” energy was simply weak Photon energy; that became apparent to her when she unleashed her Photon energy shield which launched him into the air; she herself watched him fly off in to the blinding sun. “Finally” she said still holding on to her stomach as the pain from her metallic strike from earlier slowly ailed her.   As Maya started back towards the hull of the Omega Haven she was stopped by a thick veil that covered basically the whole outside. Darkness consumed almost everything; except the light beacon that was emanating from Solace. “suddenly, I’m feeling like we’re in over our heads”  Maya said realizing that amount of power the other team had.   As Maya was set to land on the Omega Haven, an Ice Shard cut her through her shoulder causing her to freefall; she fell thirty feet from the air onto the wreckage below writhing in pain holding on to the Ice shard that had been lodged in her shoulder.   Using her free arm, she pushed the shard through causing her unspeakable pain; she rolled on to her back with tears of pain coming from her eyes. As she laid down on the ground she could feel the cold air creeping in; “Oh know you don’t” she said speeding up her molecules through use of her Telekenesis; this would keep her warm from the frost weather.   From the corner of her eye; she saw a gigantic almost sun flare blast through the containment chambers where she sent Debra. “DEEEEEEEEEEEEBRAAAAAAAAAAA” Maya screamed; she frantically opened her sethosphere, but Debra’s, neither Doctor, Peters nor any of the senior officers were online. Cassie Strong was still alive, preserved by only her Immortality. Maya then had another challenge ahead of her; it was already hard to think with the thought so some of her oldest friend dying, and the destruction of France, and the pain from her stomach; and the pain from her shoulder; she had to think if she wanted to call in the Justice Squadron; which would have usually been stationed on the Omega Haven, but they stayed back in San Diego while the Street Level team was in Mexico.  “I…I can’t” she said choosing not to condemn these soldiers to their deaths.  In an interview she had just days before, at the University of Arizona, she declared war on DC and his faction, a decision she was second guessing.

As she lay on the ground stretched out in pain, she could see a fast beam of energy approaching her; she rolled out of the way, but the impact sent her airborne; the Omega Justice was no firing at her! “Maya to Sicily Boss”.

“Maya, what’s up; currently were experiencing some trouble in France; your temporarily acting commander of the O.S.S” Sicily said nothing. Maya gazed up at the Omega Haven which was on fire in some areas It was a vessel that was fully secured, not by its primary pass code but it’s secondary code that Maya poessed, No one of Omega Justice knew she had it; but if she wanted to at any given time she could have made it drop from the sky.. She knew Gray fox had hacked the first line of security that the Omega Haven had, she knew someone eventually would; because it was basic. However from her sethosphere she could override his override using the alien technology most of her systems ran on.  “Omega Haven shut down” she said voice activated as she typed in the Ninjan security code; it only took a matter of seconds for the system to shut down. “Lock all compartments” she said referring to the barracks that the crew had run to.  

As she struggled to pick her broken body up from the ground; she felt an inner energy building in her stomach.  She felt herself about to pass out. “Sethosphere…contact….Sarah Lockhart….message…SOS” with that the Billion dollar princess passed out in the rubble. OR so she thought.

Nature: Brave

Skill: Anger Point.

Solace erupted in a pillar of Light, one that was easily seen in the darkness; putting her arm up she activated her sethosphere once more. “Every…take cover” she said with her voice sounding far more mature then just a few moments ago. She had mentally aged, thanks to her new skill and nature, she matured in the mind allowing her to turn into a different person of sorts, an older Maya Lopez; whom went by the name Sigma. She was a far more mature version of Maya; on top of that she mastered everyone of her powers; despite remaining in the same body.

Pushing her hands out forward, she began to push a magnetic wave across the city; trying to flush out the Gray Fox; and damage anyone should could with the metallic debris. Her main focus was GF she wanted to let him know she was ready for Round 2.

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The room fell silent as Kain and Lyn stood still.   Kain appeared as if he were waiting, but for what Lyn did not know.   She sensed a powerful being coming close to them.  

Like a tiger waiting the right time to pounce, the rider of Death and the Rider of War stood.

The atmosphere was looking altered to Lyn.   The energy around them was changing and for good reason.   Someone had snuck into the inner rooms.   The flow of energy was water in base, but had a nasty twist that would make whoever it was something to be fun to toy with.

Lyn felt energy change in the air and quickly displaced the force behind the assailant’s first attack.  

I believe our guest is here.” She looked to Kain and smiled.   Kain looked back at her and motioned for the weapon from the grave.   Lyn had been around Kain for so long she knew what he desired.   There were no words that needed to be spoken for that to be done.

Lyn stepped back into the shadows away from the two men.   With a quick movement drew out the original Death scythe.  A beaten down Grim Reaper lost his rights to this magnificent weapon and he now wields a lesser version of the Grav Death scythe.    
 Instead of wood the handle was made from twisted metals with souls carved into it.   It looked they were screaming to get free, but were trapped.   Indeed they were.   Every soul taken by this very scythe was encased within its handle.   The long handle was six feet long, but that was not what made this weapon so sought after by Kain.    
Only Lyn the rider of Death could summon it or have someone other than her use it.   Anyone else who touched it who was not deemed by its true wielder would be electrified by the black lightening.   The black lightening attacks the very inner being of the unwanted wielder destroying a good portion of living tissue.   Kain liked to use it for its draining abilities and Lyn was quite immune to its effects.    
With Kain wielding it, he had no worries of being drained like his new adversary.   The automatic power the scythe used was draining.   An enemy within a 20 foot radius would be slowly drained of energy and life’s essence.   A normal human could with stand to be in its presence approximately 10 minutes without a swing of the blade.   The blade on the scythe was black as pitch, 5 feet long, and sharp enough to cut a hair dropped onto its edge.   It was a daunting ancient weapon that would now be used by a very demented Kain.  

Seconds after it was summoned the Death scythe was in Lady Death’s hands and then carefully passed over to Kain her love.  

Make him suffer.”   Her eyes met Kain’s as she moved back into the shadows.   She then created a thick energy shield around her, so not to hold Kain back from tormenting the young whelp in front of them.  Her cloak remained over her face and only her eyes glowed blue for those to see.


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She had recently concluded the wars with Warsman thus she was back to just Earthly endeavors. Worse yet this ended near the time the invasion of Paris had as well. She had reached her full abilities as a demon. The ability to manipulate earth and metal was added to what she had. It wasn't much but she loved it. To her disappointment however she had so far no use for it. Over the week of no-one acting on there assault of Paris most of the team had grown bored. Azrael was far from the exception to this rule. Violence was her passion and she was forced to stick with her demon pets and maybe a mentally traumatized survivor hear and there to sedate her blood lust. 

On this ever so dull day she found herself siting around a table lounging with the others. There was ReEn the soon to be Crimson King. Then there was Eternal Chaos who was ever calm and hard to read. With him was another woman Azrael could make out pale skin under her hood. She didn't say much choosing to be as silent as death. Which Blair couldn't argue with. After what seemed like an eon of silence and increasing anger from boredom it was ReEn who spoke. Slamming his fist on the table yelling. Soon after as if his voice demanded a solution to his annoyance Gray Fox's voice came over the communicators. A team known as Omega Justice was arriving in Paris with over a thousand souls on their vessel.

"Well you asked for a fight, looks like someone was listening" she teased as they took off towards the approaching target. After a few minutes it was in sight, it didn't take a genius to know who the heroes were. The ship was massive could of likely spotted it a mile out. Upon arrival she was instantly ecstatic. She wanted to drain all of them dry to dive in the masses and simply act on instinct. Turn everyone who exited the large ship into ash. She kept herself calm though and waited on the roof of a ruined structure. To find the right target to start the slaughter to come.

She watched the calamity ensue. ReEn had engaged the masses they didn't stand a chance. Reduced to ashes in the wind in a moment. Yet she still chose to wait, Gray Fox fought with a woman Azrael knew to be Solace. She had a part in the so called Civil War not to long ago. The spirited woman in Blair's opinion stood no chance and so she waited still. The defenses fell and turned later on their own masters from a hacking procedure by the tech mage. Still the fire haired demon waited in the outskirts of the battlefield she spotted another hero caught up with survivors still she waited however. 

Soon came a shroud of darkness as if the skies were being coated with a darkness. The barrier ordered to be made by Eternal Chaos she assumed. Then as darkness fell over ReEnforcer glowing like a beacon in the blacked out domain she could make out a figure falling into the plains. Soon after vanishing most likely to help those of the vessel now under attack. The blond who had appeared and then just as quickly disappeared that was who she wanted. She flew towards the landed craft prepared to rip the door down if needed. 


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 After the destruction of France, Tenebrasque sat in an office together around a large oak table with chairs. ReEnforcer seemed perturbed by the lack of any actual resistance while the others seemed to share those feelings. Kain didn't care in the least because he knew heroes would show up. They always did and when they arrived to see their failures, the guilt was absolutely delicious. Lady Death cradled Kain's hand in her own, her smooth soft skin felt like heaven for him. 

ReEnforcer's frustration was evident when he slammed his fist onto the desk however the moment word was recieved about Omega Haven's arrival, Remy's demeaner changed completely, he was far too happy. Remy was the first to exit the premesis leaving behind a blaze of fire. One by one the others left as well and Lyn was getting ready to leave as well but Kain gripped her hand, signaling her to stay behind. It was obvious Kain was waiting for someone to come to him. Lyn told him about varying energy bases but it made no difference to the Horseman of War, the Destroyer of worlds. 

Like clockwork, a telekinetic blast shot towards Kain and Lyn disposed of it easily. The hero stood next to the entrance of where Kain and Lyn sat. Kain motioned for Lyn to provide him with her weapon, the scythe. It was a beautiful instrument of death. Lyn seemingly drew it out from thin air and a black mist appeared. 

Kain wrapped his fingers around the handle, its cold steel almost designed for his hands. Kain slammed it into the ground. Afterwards the vampire changed his appearance, his once gold hair lengthening into a long black curtain. Soon, a black flame erupted around him and consumed his shirt and jacket. Bandages covering the majority of his body were revealed. Kain's black hakama had tears along the side from the fire. A long black katana appeared in Kain's left hand. Now with one hand Kain held the death scythe, and in the other was a 9 foot katana.

ReEnforcer rang in Kain's ear, ordering him to create a field of darkness. One thing Kain hated was taking orders. It was most certainly an annoyance it was something he could use to his advantage should any more heroes show up. The vampire then removed the comm-link and destroyed it before muttering under his breath. 

"You heroes love to claim yourselves as the righteous and act better than you are. You all claim to be warriors of light and have no problem fighting in the light. I'm inclined to ask though, how confident can you heroes be when you have to fight your enemies in the all consuming darkness?"

Just as the words venomously oozed from Kain's lips, Kain's field of darkness swallowed the sun light. There was not a speckle of sunlight in Paris. Now under the secrecy of all enveloping darkness Kain unleashed a small part of his army on the Earth. Soul Feeders, Black Dragons, and packs of Cerberus ran around Paris, searching for and heroes to destroy.
Kain stared at his enemy in the pitch black room knowing Kain was virtually invisible. Kain darted behind Slight and slashed down vertically at his torso with the scythe and horizontally at Slight's neck. The Destroyer of Worlds would end this quickly. Then, the rest of Omega Justice would come crumbling down as well.

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Slight took a deep breath in. Noticing that his attack had done no damage what so ever, a disheartened water hero stood silently waiting to see what the next move of the enemy was. The air around the two he watched began to blur like in the intense heat of summer, but there was no added temperature to the room. A scythe appeared in the villain known as Eternal Chaos's hands. Check one. Villains. Instantaneously, there was that feeling of hopelessness in the pit of his stomach. These people, could summon weapons like it was nothing more than a thought. The aura between the rifts in the currents in the air was full of foreboding doom. But, being the hero that he was, Slight, ignored all of it. The philosophy of Good always triumphs over evil would reign true...hopefully. Smashing the blunt end of the weapon down onto the wood floors, the clash wrought a slew of hellish monstrosities no doubt innately driven to devour benevolence.  
But within a flash, Eternal was gone. Super Speed or teleportation. Two powers, Slight had been trained through his various experiences on the field to handle. Knowing that both powers offered a way to surprise your opponents, Slight knew that he would appear really close to him, and if not only that, behind him. Within striking range. As if by clairvoyance, he was right. Eternal appeared behind him, and swung his blade twice. The reaction time was not much, but it was enough for him to not be completely eviscerated by the weapon. Falling forward, with a laceration stretching across his lumbar, the Water Guardian rolled forward, avoiding the other lash. His tumble turned into a full on flight, as he jumped off from his roll. Forming a telekinetic barrier in front of him, he crashed into the wall, breaking through to the outside. Expecting to find the sun, and completely caught of guard by the fact that all the natural light had disappeared he plummeted to the ground. He grabbed his back, it was wet and sticky from the blood. He had to find some water fast. There were a few shrub like plants next to him, for now their water would have to suffice. Draining the liquid from the leaves, the King of the Sea healed the wound on his back. He got up, and dusted himself off.  
Quickly, he flew around from the Eastern wing of the building he was on, to the western side, Slight witnessed a tragedy unfolding in front of his eyes. The entire Omega Haven was ablaze, lighting up the darkness that enveloped all, but in the worst way possible. This was his fault, and somehow he had to ameliorate his short comings as a leader. Frantically, he looked around, and saw, Day Hunter scuffling with god only knew who, and Solace fighting the same guy from before. This was the moment; when doubt set in. When all the questions of worthiness and readiness came to the front of ones mind. Within only seconds, an entire query listed itself in his frontal lobe. In that little place in the brain where all of the decision making processes took place, a battle of small, but epic proportions took place. Should he run, or do something, anything to help. And there lye in the true test of what a hero is, facing a huge obstacle, he would handle it. He would take responsibility for his actions, for the lives lost, and bare it on his shoulders. 
Slight flew off, kicking up dust and leaves. He flew into the midst of the fire, protected by a bullet shaped shield, and broke through the cabin window of the Omega Haven. No one was there, which was a good thing. He traveled though deck after deck and heard voices in the lower levels. Thats where everyone was. A few crew members were gathered around a body. Rushing over to see that it was Debra, Slight lowered his head, he knew that if he hadn't made the decision to land this thing, none of this would have happened. "Everyone out of the way." He ordered in a commanding voice. He picked the body up, and transported her to the power room, where the source of energy was on the base. The ship ran on constantly flowing water, like a dam. He lowered the body. Debra's breathing was hindered, and her clothes were singed, and her skin was blistered from burns. Setting her in a tub of water, he placed his hands on her, relieving the pain, and the wounds from her body. It was times like this when he thanked the lord for his powers to heal. In a burst of life, Debra came back to consciousness, and asked where she was, but by that time, Slight was already gone. There was still the matter of dealing with the fire, and the people that caused it.  
Figuring that the umbra barrier was placed so that no one could get in or out, Slight decided that the Haven was pretty much useless while stranded down. The locks were secured enough so that no one could get in, and the reserve energy could last for a couple days, so as the Water Guardian, Avery decided to drain the ship of the water that constantly ran through it. First he surrounded the entire ship in a blanket of rapidly shifting water, extinguishing the fire. As he brought his hands together, the water formed into a great wave, it was large enough to tower just over the top of the home that had made the fall of France so easy. Payback would be a real b!itch here, because Slight pushed forward, sending the wave of water crashing down upon the house. Its weight and sheer destructive power was enough to destroy the western wing where he entered. This was no time to savor life; he was in survival mode, nothing and no one would stop him now from achieving the goal that he, and every other hero swore to uphold. Good will always win.  
Recovering the water from the wave, Slight allowed it to pool, creating a lake of sorts on the grounds. Approaching ReEn, his former team mate, Slight grew an anger that he didn't even know was there. There was something about him, taking part in this campaign of death and destruction, that just was wrong...More wrong than someone he hadn't met, and shared a home with. "Remy." he said in a low, but forceful voice. "You used to be one of us. You used to believe what I believed. You used to be a hero." He looked around him, at the small fires that littered the cobblestone pavement. "I used to believe that everyone deserved a second chance. Everyone deserved to have someone by their side even when they made bad decisions. And it looks like you've got that. But now, it's time to see first hand what you used to do to people like you." The water behind him, kept at bay by his powers, Slight unleashed a flurry of missiles formed from water. There could have been easily three hundred or so, directed at his former friend. The first drove through the concrete and a splash was made. 

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With all the injured crew members it was slow going, but Kate managed to get a good number of them along their way to the medical bay. She wanted to make sure there were no stragglers, but at that moment there was a massive boom that echoed throughout the entire ship. The next instant water splashed through a hole in the hull, completely drenching Kate and a couple of crew members. The water pushed through the halls and into the rooms, putting out the fires, before it was sucked back by some unseen force.

A little miffed by her unexpected shower, Kate spat out a mouthful of water and helped the crew members to their feet. Obviously someone out there was working on putting out the fires. That meant she could leave the crew and actually get to work on the real bad guys without worrying about anyone burning to death. 

“You guys go and help as many people you can on the ship. I’m going to see if I can be of any help outside.” Kate took a running jump out of the hole in the side of the ship, only to late realizing it was just a little too high. “Well, sh!t.”

She hit the ground, hard. Her right leg snapped in two places, which not only hurt horribly, but was annoying because fractures took forever to heal.

Shakily getting to her feet, Kate leaned up against a sign post and tried to keep her leg as straight as possible. She could just barely feel the Balance begin to heal it. Considering this was a battle zone, she was thankful the entity was working harder than usual to keep her alive.

Without the fires burning on the Haven everything was dreadfully dark. Though she naturally had excellent eyesight from living in the wild for a large majority of her life, Kate struggled to see clearly. This darkness was unnatural.  

Luckily for her, her hearing was still incredibly keen. Just off to her right she heard something making its way through the rubble towards her. Holding her breath, Kate lit a small shimmering energy orb in the palm of her hand, just bright enough to light the immediately area around her. 

Three faces with red eyes and wet noses peered back at her from the darkness. 

“You have got to be kidding me,” she moaned. 

The three-headed monster growled viciously and lunged at her. Kate dropped to the ground. One of the heads slammed into the post while the other two snapped at her hungrily. Expanding the energy bolt in her hand, Kate shoved it into the giant maw of the nearest head, accidentally causing it to explode, coating her it dog chunks. The monster fell over, whining pathetically before dying.

Wiping some Grey matter from her cheek, Kate limped warily away from the corpse. Stumbling around Paris in the dark she’d bumped into more monsters than she had her first night in Limbo. As if one cue she tripped over a stone and crashed into something large and scaly. No need for an energy orb this time. The dragon roared, sending a giant blast of fire into the air. 

Whipping out her pistol she fired a couple of shots at the dragon’s head. The bullets bounced off harmlessly, but the dragon turned towards her and narrowed its eyes.

Lifting a paw it batted her aside like nothing, sending her flying into a stone wall that crumbled on impact. 

Groaning under the dust and rubble, Kate felt all the air expel from her lungs as the dragon placed a heavy foot on her chest. Rearing back the dragon let out another fiery blast as Kate pawed at the ground desperately.  

Her hand finally stumbled over something sharp and without thinking she stabbed it into the monster’s foot. It screeched and pulled back enough to give Kate a chance to catch her breath. Pulling her swords from behind her back, she slashed upwards into the monster’s foot. She yanked the swords free and rolled to feet as the dragon snapped at her.  

Before it could recoil it’s long neck, Kate dug one of her swords through the top of it’s head. The dragon moaned and toppled to the ground with a thud. 

“I’m sick of this crap,” Kate breathed, pulling her sword free. “No more killing grunts.”

Looking up she surveyed the area for someone important looking. The best way to end a fight was to go straight to the top. Her eyes finally settled on a fairly powerful looking redhead back on Omega Haven. 

Picking up a chunk of stone, Kate flung it at the woman’s head as hard as she could, hoping to get a reaction.

“Hey, b!tch!” she called, waving the redhead over, “you busy?”

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A single speck ash floated in the air, floating round the battle in performing its own dance around the warriors trying to find its way into the light. Arrow stood silently, watching the battle unfold, from the shadows. A shroud of shadows hugged his naked porcelain body, hiding its true form from any on lookers. Ever since Darkchild’s attack, Arrow had found himself mixing with beings of powers that almost outweighed his own. You never think of what it means to have so many souls wiped from the face of the earth, in an instant so many fates, destinies broken, the time line shifts and the gods have to work faster than a single stroke of a butterfly’s wings to restore a level of order before the world was lost in the shadows of its own mistakes. The city had almost appeared in the same instant that Paris fell. A city that contained every soul that had fallen, they would live out their lives as shell of the past, no colour or music entered the city and no living soul was welcome, unless Arrow allowed them. The souls would finish their paths and when it was their time, they would move on and finally be at peace.

But in order to make the city Arrow had no choice but to leave it there as a reminder of the fallen and the power that Darkchild so childishly threw around, it was time for a lesson to be taught.   His eyes closed as he felt the cold breath of his lady against his neck, her arms weaving under the shadows finding his chest. “Are You not playing dear” a wicked side of her madness sneaking into her voice and into the child like smile that crossed her face. Lady Redhead had been reborn with a mix of Arrows and Rina’s powers, she licked her lips and bit his ear, “go play” she said pulling back from him. Arrow exploded into the air, the ash around him becoming a thick cloud, the shadows whipping around him as he lashed into the air. His white body standing out against their darkness, his two crimson eyes seeking only her, the one who he needed to side with in order to teach his lesson. It took mere moments to focus his mind onto hers, he pushed his mind out to meet her, hoping that she would listen to his words. If she chooses to ignore him then he would make her listen.

“Solace” the inner voice echoed, “I offer you the aid of hell and it’s lords. Do not allow your preconceptions of evil and what I am to blind your judgment, Darkchild needs to be punished, he played a game and sought to win, not thinking of the consequences, I would consider this a favour and would also repay you...” a small smile tugged at the side of his face “I will return the soul I took from your family”. He awaited her reply, a reply that would unleash him upon his team mates, reminding them that hell was his first priority and if their actions ever imposed his rule again, they would soon find what the devil was capable of and how he treated those that dared ignore his warnings. While waiting he sought her out, the target of his revenge and the air began to chill around him , his eyes flared with a flame of power watching the battles around him.

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Fox had nearly had Solace beat, he had seen how she fell from the sky in pain and agony but then the bright pillar of light that erupted forth from her position changed everything. She was now an adult with full control over her powers. She was Sigma and a pain in his ass. To avoid being flushed out by the objects she was throwing around and Slight's massive flood, he broke his way down into one of the middle levels of Haven. Once he was there he began pacing back and forth, thinking of what he could do to combat such power. "Wait. Somewhere in there is an injured sixteen year old girl who thought she could play with the big boys and actually win." Fox remembered. "This Sigma thing is nothing more than a defense mechanism created by her hormone-driven mind. It's all a facade, there is nothing to be afraid of, but just in case..."
Fox opened one of the pouches on his belt and pulled out a silver token with the letters PA emblazoned in gold. He immediately snapped it in half and unleashed a temporal singularity from it. Without a second though he entered the singularity and closed it behind him, seconds later Fox found himself falling through time and space and then standing straight up in the heart of a massive armory filled with an endless array of weapons from all across this Universe and countless others. This "pocket armory", as he called it, was just one of many scattered across the Multiverse, nestled deep in the void, hidden in-between countless Universes where not even the most powerful entities in Creation could see them.
The Pocket Armory Tokens gave him access to these armories, by simply snapping one in half a portal would open and all he needed to do was step inside. He knew that there were many entities out there such as the Chthonic Many-Angled Ones that were aware of these armories but for all their power could not access them. Not without Fox's permission, they were his and his alone. But in the event that someone managed to break in, Fox had all the weapons and armor rigged to implode on themselves before the intruders would even have a chance to get their hands on them. Sure, they could try to reverse the process but with the void coming down all around them and the reality they had broken into being destroyed such a thing would not be possible.
Fox had once overheard one of his teammates refer to him as a Tech-Mage. Perhaps they were right about that, he had done things with technology that no one else had in the history of the world, things that had worked magic and miracles for him and his allies. Underneath that faceplate of his, Fox struggled to smile, he could do this. He would beat Sigma out of Solace and Solace out of Maya. He would break her spine over his knee and leave her paralyzed for life. And then he'd go off, find Day Hunter and the people ReEnforcer had relocated out of what would soon be France's new capital and rend them asunder.
Fox bolted down one of the aisles and made his way to the Gatling Gun section, where he found the Hand Held Dark Matter Gatling Gun and the power pack containing the singularity that would draw Dark Matter energy from across the Multiverse, channel it into the sharp, explosive, super-heated vibranium bullets and unleash them upon his enemy. He then made his way to the shotguns and pulled out one with a sawed off barrel that would increase the damage dealt by his bullets, a double-revolver mechanism that would allow him to shoot twice as much bullets before needing to reload and a Tesla Coil, which would imbue his bullets with electrical energy and give Solace the shock of her life.
"Mythril Reinforcement, now!" Fox yelled, causing a series of metallic arms carrying pieces of Mythril armor pieces that matched his Mark III armor to descend from the pitch black "skies" above. After they removed his belt and cape, Fox closed his eyes and braced himself for the pain that accompanied the armor-to-armor melding process. A scream echoed out through the entire armory as the super-heated Mythril fused with his once cold adamantium shell. After a short cool-down period, the arms installed the power pack, bounded Fox's right arm to the Gatling gun, bridged connections between the gun and the power pack Fox collapsed onto the floor and passed out.
He awoke hours later, well in Armory Space terms, to find everything in order. Fox grabbed his belt and cape and reattached. He then grabbed the shotgun and placed it at his hip, checked to see if his Gatling gun was in working order and marched towards what seemed to be the edge of Armory Space. Placed his hand on an invisible wall and opened up a singularity that led back to the command center of Omega Haven. Unlike in Armory Space, where Fox had been passed out for hours, it had been like he had never even left in Normal Space. The difference in time frames was disorienting, but not enough to throw Fox's sense of reality off completely.
Fox shook the feeling off and took in a deep, wheezing breath. "Here goes nothing." He said moments before teleporting away from Omega Haven and reappearing a couple feet in front of Solace with his Gatling gun trained on her. "You and I are not so different, Maya. Inside these shells we have built we are weak, helpless and afraid. But if you actually think that this Sigma...thing is going to destroy me then you are wrong. Do you understand, Maya Lopez? I will not stop until I have beaten Solace out of you. I will not stop until the true Maya Lopez is at my feet, begging me not to break her spine over the back of my knee!" And with that, The Gray Fox fired the Gatling gun at her with wild abandon, hoping that the Dark Matter bullets would hit their mark and begin breaking the shell Maya Lopez had named Sigma.

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Azrael hated this patient game. It was agrevating to sit around and wait vigilantly. However it would be far more enticeing to save the massacre for later. Kill the heroes the crew looked up to. Then as the underlings were lost in fear and without leadership claim their lives. She resisted the urge to rip a hole in the vessel and persue the blond that darted in. None the less she sat in the sidelines. Final Arrow was somewhere near the woman Solace and Gray Fox. She didn’t know his intintions long as it wasn’t betrayel however she didn’t mind. Water ran off the platform above her. The top of the Haven was obviously the arena for ReEnforcer and Slight. She didn’t know the water bender by a one on one experience. She was confidant that ReEn could come out on top. Eternal Chaos was still out there the beasts running around hinted to that fact.

Azrael caught sight of her opponent from the corner of her eye. How she landed out there she failed to see. The woman fought with one of Kain’s pets wining rather quickly. Blood painted the earth as the Cerberus was cut to ribbons. The final blow tore into the monsters brain. A blade burying itself into the skull. Blair liked this fem fatal more and more as the blows were struck. This fight was one worth waiting for it would seem. The adversary was even kind enough to make the first move. The rock hit Blair in the back of her head she didn’t bother to fight the move and being struck.

“If you wanted to play catch you should have just asked” she grinned. She pulled two pieces of granite from the shattered earth. She was developing a love for this manipulative ability. She hurled the two stones at the young woman and plotted their detonation. As they reached where she stood they would erupt into hundreds of sharp stones hopefully riping her apart. She followed this with a teleportation planning to bring her blades down. To cleave the right arm with her left blade. The right blade Azra held would go for the legs. She wanted the fray to last. That didn’t mean she would play it gently.

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Almost 28 years ago Maya was poisoned by the Xecellum radiation; with that her aging process entered a freeze state and she was forever stuck as an eighteen year old. However this version of Maya was simply Maya at her rightful age, with her rightful mindset and power set.   As she gazed out upon the battle scene everything was in disarray; water was quickly making its mark into the local setting as it were now up to her knees. They had waited too long; Darkchild and Remy had set up fort in France, and they were not able to get to them before they’re influence had spread. “This mission is…a failure” Maya said thinking about the people lives still at jeopardy in the bottom of the OH. Taking out her sethosphere again; she punched the code for the OH override and warmed up the thrustsers. “Solace to Omega Justice…where getting out of here… just hand tight for twenty mins while the OH gets ready”. Closing her sethosphere she was ready to go and help Day Hunter that’s until she noticed someone trying to either read or contact her telepathically. Her mind’s defense system sent a tingle throughout her body which would continue to tingle until she either repelled the force, or answered. Taking refuge behind a metal beam she relaxed her mind and allowed for the message to be passed through.

“Solace I offer you the aid of hell and its lords. Do not allow your preconceptions of evil and what I am to blind your judgment, Darkchild needs to be punished, he played a game and sought to win, not thinking of the consequences, I would consider this a favour and would also repay you...”   Maya was confused she didn’t know whom was even talking to her; but his identity became known when he mentioned the soul of her older sister. “Carmen…” Maya whispered placing her back on the beam and slowly slouching down into the water. Her attention was taken by the Omega Haven, which was slowly but surely rising from its resting place. “Dumbass landed it in the first place…” Solace said referring to Avery’s decision; her anger was what prevented her from thinking straight.  Her intentions were to activate the OH’s cloaking device which would by it a bunch of time as it rose into the air, however Slight was fighting Remy on the hull, which would look awkward, then fighting in mid air.

“I know who you are, but to ask me to make a decision like that, without my perception of you and Evil is an unfair request Arrow.” Solace said holding on to her injured shoulder. “As long as you promise not to take my soul we have a deal” Maya as she came out from her hiding place, was confronted with the gigantic posture of the metallic man; again he towered over her, which brought a smirk to her face.  

  "You and I are not so different, Maya. Inside these shells we have built we are weak, helpless and afraid. But if you actually think that this Sigma...thing   is going to destroy me then you are   wrong . Do you understand, Maya Lopez? I will not stop until I have beaten Solace out of you. I will not stop until the   true   Maya Lopez is at my feet, begging me not to break her   spine   over the back of my   knee !"

She didn’t know what the hell the sigma thing he was talking about was, but she figured he was just like half of his teammates, and just completely out of his mind. “What are you some type of psychiatrist? Shut the hell up and fight!” Maya said charging her energies in her hands. He removed what appeared to be a gun and fired at Maya; although what he shot was not bullets. Maya fired her energy towards him which hit the bullet; the backlash from the attack caused an explosion to ripple towards both Fox, and Maya; she was tossed across the street, where she came to a rolling stop.  Quickly pushing herself off the ground she began smiling again this time with blood coming from her mouth. “No…b!tch…the difference between us…I don’t have a metallic body…” Reverting back to her Solace form off will she extended her hands, sending a charge point in both directions.   Focusing her energy on him she triggered the north and South pole’s repel energy; this energy was now being shot across the lands towards France; the energy was supposed to meet at her, but she pushed her hands forward hoping that his metallic body would act as a “Lightening rod” and take the energy based attack; she was trying to use the earth’s power instead of her own to crush him. 


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 Kate realized her mistake the moment the redhead turned around. There was something extremely powerfully supernatural about her that sent a shiver up Kate’s spine. Well, that’s what she got for not keeping her anger in check.

“If you wanted to play catch, you should have just asked,” the woman said, grinning maliciously. 

Kate watched as her opponent willed two large pieces of stone into the air, her jaw hanging slack. She should’ve just stayed on the freaking space station. No, no time for self doubt. She had to get back into battle mode and focus on the giant boulders that were soaring at her at breakneck speed. They were easy enough to dodge...until they exploded into hundreds of sharp shards. Kate ducked into a ball, her arms, legs, and back taking the brunt of the assault. She felt her flesh being torn to ribbons and at the same time healing itself. After a moment the stabbing sensation stopped and the last of the small chunks of stone were pushed from her skin. 

Standing Kate tried her best not to pass out from the wicked pain. Even though she healed quickly, pain was pain and that attack had hurt. 

“Is that...is that all you’ve got?” she breathed heavily, swaying slightly.

The redhead was gone. Kate hadn’t been down that long and she definitely hadn’t done anything to scare the woman off. She was probably regrouping for another...

If it hadn’t been for the whoosh of air she heard, Kate wouldn’t have been able to move in time. The blade still managed to hack off a large piece of her arm, but at least she’d managed to save the whole thing. Limbs didn’t grow back. 

The second blade just barely missed her foot as she hopped into the air. The bottom of her boot was sliced clean off and when she hit the ground she felt some broken glass dig into her heel.

Turning to face the redhead, she crossed her own swords in front of her. The device on her wrist beeped and Solace’s voice came over the intercom. “Solace to Omega Justice…we’re getting out of here… just hang tight for twenty mins while the OH gets ready”.

Kate glanced over at the ship, then back at the redhead. She either had to help the escape or stand and fight. Or both. Twenty minutes was enough time.

“Alright lady, that was a nice warm up, but how about we get serious for a bit,” Kate goaded slyly. “I’ll try to take things slow, though. Just for you.”

Holding out her hand, she formed a pulsing ball of blue energy and threw it up in the air. It exploded as Kate shielded her eyes, hoping it would blind the redhead long enough for Kate to get the jump on her.

Stabbing one of her swords forward at the woman’s gut, she also slashed at her neck. She was expecting the woman to teleport, probably behind her, and if she did Kate was prepared to swing a powerful kick at the redhead’s stomach. 

This was going to be a long twenty minutes. 

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"What are you? Some type of psychiatrist? Shut the Hell up and fight!" Solace shouted, her hands glowing with raw power, power that she unleashed upon The First Obsidian Bishop of Paese Di Tenebra without a moments hesitation. Power that collided with his volley of Dark Matter bullets and created a massive explosion that rippled across the Heavens and sent Fox crashing to the ground...hard. As Fox struggled to get up onto his feet he felt a sharp pain radiate outward from his left shoulder. He looked over to see that the explosion had torn through his armor like tin foil, leaving his burning dead flesh exposed to all the dangers of the world.
Fox's eyes widened and filled with rage. "You...you..." Failing to find the words to express his rage, Fox could do nothing but stammer until finally deciding to take the "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" route by firing at Solace again. But as he lifted the Gatling Gun towards her, Fox heard cracks of thunder echo through the air. He looked on in awe as Solace called forth the repel energy of the Earth itself from the North and South Poles and redirected it...towards him. Fox's eyes filled with horror as it came closer and closer, he had failed his Master, his teammates and most importantly...himself. "It wasn't supposed to be this way. I...I was supposed to win. I was..."
When it hit him, it ripped his armor open and apart, destroyed his weapons and incinerated the already half-dead man within. What little remained of Fox's body went flying into the air and fell to the ground near the site where his ally Azrael and her adversary, the hero called LightBright, were already heavily engaged in battle.
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Time slowed minutes felt like hours and with each minute ReEnforcers anger grew. “Fools!” Remy thought, they had landed their vessel on Tenebresque In's newly conquered territory and they didn't even have the numbers to stand one to one against the over whelming team. ReEn stood on the deck of the Omega Haven, surrounded in a blaze of hellfire. Below he could feel his creations ripping apart mortal men and woman who were unable to defend themselves. The Firelings had not encounter a threat worthy of ReEnforcer's attention, as he had hoped they would. Remy had been passing the time by watching Fox's assault on Solace on the ground beneath the ship.

In his peripheral vision Remy caught sight of movement in the sky above. Once more succumbing to the hope that a worthy adversary would appear ReEn's head snapped to the left and his keen eyes quickly adjusted. He saw a woman flying, no falling in a quick decent to the unyielding Earth. The sharp teeth of the skeletal face turned up into a smile as the demon waited for the girl to make impact and shatter, in what was sure to be a glorious display of gore. Remy sighed because that is not what happened. In the last hundred feet of her decent she disappeared and ReEnforcer's patience with her.

Just as ReEnforcer was about to lose it and destroy the technologically advanced frigate a pillar of light broke the darkness. Turning his attention to the right Remy observed Solace was the source of the light show. There was something different about her, moments ago ReEn was sure Fox had her on the brink of unconsciousness but now she stood tall, newly discovered power surging out of her. Maya's face was hard, she had lost the look of youth Remy had noticed there before.

ReEnforcer ponder going over and batting Fox aside, then claiming Solace as his own opponent. With this new emergence she was sure to be a challenge for any warrior. As quickly as the idea came he dismissed it. Remy knew the urge to display his dominance was merely the primal instinct of the demon which possessed his body.

If the team began fighting amongst themselves, they would soon fall prey to disease which caused the disbanding of so many teams who came before them. For too long had villains fought one another instead of focusing their attention on the heroes. As a result of this mistake the Champions of Peace were able to become a world power, even going as far as founding their own city. Now most of the world's heroes belong to or fight along side the Champions of Peace and all the while villains were to enthralled in the task over removing their opposition, allowing the heroes to become this united was unforgivable. Yes, if Darkchild's grand schemes were to become a reality then fighting among the ranks would need to be minimized.

ReEnforcer was pulled from his thoughts as he felt water raining down upon one of his creations. It was as if the water were on his own skin, this told the fiend that there was some aboard the ship with the strength to fend off his Firelings and perhaps grant Remy the fight he wished. Reaching out with his mutant ability ReEnforcer could feel the energy emanating out of everything within a mile radius. He felt the being who had been attacking his imp, but he also felt another presence. It seemed his Queen had beaten ReEn to his prey.

Remy closed his eyes taking a deep breath and slowly letting it out, the attempt to calm the furious storm that was his anger only had the effect of adding to his frustration. ReEnforcer couldn't sooth his explosive anger. The demon proceeded to the closed hatch, his mind set on going below and killing everyone whom crossed his path. Before he took his second step water came rushing in from everywhere. The ship was consumed by it, drowning the remaining hellfire and washing away ReEnforcer's Firelings. As the water reached him the flaming aura surrounding ReEn burned white hot, sending a cloud of steam into the air. “Slight...” Remy said, tapping his comm Remy said “I believe you lost your lunch, Kain.” No reply came. “Take a pepto and join me aboard the heroes vessel, well make a fried tuna sandwich.” ReEnforcer finished. With his mutant ability ReEn could feel Slight far below toward the port side of the ship. Remy closed his eyes for a moment, he pictured the Fire Oni's wings when his eyes opened flaming replica's burst from his back as he lept over the port side of the large frigate and soared down the the cracked pavement below. After the destruction he had cause to the ship and its people ReEn was sure the hero would come to him.

Just a few moments later Slight emerged from a small hole in the side of the Omega Haven. “Remy.” Slight said barely above a whisper, anger in his voice. One of the first people who the impulse demon had encountered whom he had a personal relationship with prior to being possessed, this encounter was sure to be an interesting one. Slight held a massive amount of water at his back, “Reserves from the ship.” Remy thought as there was little access to another water source within the confines of the darkness barrier. As the watery hero began his rant about how Remy had used to be a great hero and believe what he himself did, ReEnforcer tuned him out. He did however catch the last bit, “But now, its time to see first hand what you use to do to people like you.”“Not bad.” the demonic speedster thought laughter in his mind.


As the Hydro hero finished speaking, Slight unleashed his wall of water, however instead of a gigantic wave assaulting Remy the water formed into hundreds of spikes and flew toward him like heat seeking missiles. Unperturbed by this occurrence ReEn allowed the projectile to continue in their approach, he didn't even bother shielding himself. After the first few passed throw the wall of fire shielding his body and pierce him. Remy relied on his speed, weaving left and right trying to avoid every single one of them, but there were too many, a wall of water darts soared toward the demon possessed hero. Increasing the heat of the flames surrounding him the towering inferno finally burned the projectiles apart. After the flames subsided the demon screamed 
in an inhuman voice "Remy Rayner is DEAD!" The beast hunched forward placing a hand on his forehead, as if he were in pain. When ReEnforcer faced Slight again the skeletal mask distorted, the face of the hero Remy had once been stared into Slight's eyes. "Avery.... Kill me please, end this." He said his voice strained.

Behind the facade the demon possessed speedster was smiling widely. If the hero took the bait, he would go for the up close kill slicing the man's throat. He'd hit the floor before he even realized what happened. If he didn't take the bait, ReEn was ready throwing his right arm out, he would manifest a obsidian chain and attempt to hook it around the heroes neck, pulling it tightly closed the toss him into the air.

As he waited for the attack Remy felt a dark aura float passed above, it was heading toward Fox and Solace. “Not now!” ReEn said barely a whisper but if his opponent heard the words it would ruin his farce. The demon tensed to strike at the first sign of discovery while also preparing himself for whatever Final Arrow had in store. Arrow held unimaginable power and he would be an asset to the team, but he was unpredictable his relationship with Darkchild unstable at best and ReEnforcer the master strategist he was couldn't predict what the Broken One would do.
Focused on his own fight and the uncertainty of Final Arrow on the battle field, Remy was caught unaware when thunder struck down from the Heavens breaking apart the barrier of darkness and hitting Fox like a freight train. His mind race with the possibilities, would Fox be Tenebrasque In's first casualty? If he had survived would he still be able to defeat Solace? If he died what would come of the Lucifer project? Only time would provided the answers to the questions that haunted ReEnforcer.

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Kain had destroyed his own communicator, but she left hers intact just in case.   Lady Death watched as Slight took a nasty blow, but survived only to run.  It caused her to wonder what fool would antagonize Kain and run before striking back.   She lowered her energy shield and within minutes her comm. held ReEnforcer’s voice.  

Ibelieve you lost your lunch, Kain. Take a pepto and join me aboard the heroes’ vessel, well make a fried tuna sandwich.”

She smiled to Kain and spoke softly to him.

Your slippery fish went to take on ReEn and he is asking you to join him to fry the little tuna.   The vessel they arrived in is still outside.”

Lady Death looked to Kain for an answer or an action, but he remained still.   She knew very little of the one called Final Arrow, but she could sense his presence.   His aura wasn’t in kind spirits and his energy were not friendly.

Final Arrow had an uneasy relationship with Darkchild.   It was evident in meetings and just watching the body language between the two.   He was a good ally, but one that teetered on a scale of teammate and enemy.  Arrow was a viper and it was unknown if he would strike them or strike the hereoes.   

Just as you called it my love.   Arrow has arrived.” She said coldly,”Do we assist ReEn or do we allow the cards to fall where they may?   Darkchild is supposedly your brother in arms.   If we were to unjustifiably leave won’t Darkchild be angry?   If Arrow were to attack our allies shouldn’t we in turn get vengeance?

Lady Death may have hated humans, but to her allies she was loyal.   She had known Azra from a previous mission to save Kain and Lady Death knew they owed the demoness their help if needed.    Lady Death was loyal to Darkchild only because of his ties with Kain.  She could not wrap her logic around the aggresiveness against a team member or even the leader of the group unless Darkchild had done Arrow wrong and even so.  Why did Arrow remain a Tenebrasque  

Now she stood allowing Kain to make the call to stand and fight against a traitor if he struck a team mate.   Or to stand down and watch as Final Arrow inflicted pain on someone or all on the team.

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 Her words where wise, as they should be from a leader, they had never met but he knew she would know of him. After all how does one forget the man who took your sisters soul, he wondered if she weighed her options and perhaps realized that without his help her team would no doubt lose someone. He waited to hear the final words and was almost shocked at the response,not offering her own soul in turn for her sisters, what an interesting  hero! Shadows dripped from Arrow like thick water, it took him mere moments to reply as the battles waged on around him, “It is done” and when the last word was uttered Omega Justice vanished from the face of  France, they found themselves back within their own base. Arrow remained in the air above his comrades and he smiled at them before bowing and vanishing himself. was theirs to do with as they pleased, but the Lord of hell had a few more things to attend to before he himself could enjoy what had become.

The air shifted around Solace as Arrow appeared in front of her, no longer dressed in shadows, he wore a fine black suit that clashed with his paleness, the red shirt brought a flare of color to what would have been a more somber suit if it had not been there, his two crimson eyes stared at Solace and with a quick bow he lifted his head to her. “You have impressed me, something that is not often achieved, Your sister has been returned as have your team mates, I am afraid I misplaced her when her soul frantically fought for freedom that had been given, I could tell you where she ended up, but I have a feeling that that is a trip that only you can take.” Arrow began to vanish “Enjoy your time with her, until next time.” And with that he was gone leaving Solace and her team to their own thoughts.

Lady Redhead smiled as he returned; had been rebuilt within his city limits. The forgotten ones he called them, souls that continued to think they lived, until their time was up. Wrapping her arms around him “They don’t sing they don’t dance…why do you keep them?” She asked looking into those unforgiving eyes, “As a reminder, of things lost my dear, I was very found of once, do you remember.” A blood sickening laugh escaped her ruby lips, “and you will always have me to dance with.” Arrow said after gently kissing her, but this was not the end, it was far from it, “I have someone to see darling, someone I wish to talk to.” She was almost half alive and half dead, Rina had placed part of her power into her mother in order to give birth to a soul, but with all her power Rina was still not able to bring her fully back.

With a quick wink Arrow seemed to disappear, the truth was he remained where he was, he simply moved within the space allowing the world to move itself and stopping where he required.  He was finally here, the place he should have started with, he had played out his part in the war for France and Omega Justice and now he had to explain to Darkchild why he should listen to his warnings, for this was not Final Arrow that sought revenge, he could not care less about the destruction of . This was his duty as the High Lord Of Hell, when Darkchild created a shift all the heavens and all hells felt it, so many lives meant so many souls, reapers frantically trying to control who’s souls went where and how much a soul was worth. Arrow could no longer simply ignore the actions of his friends when he now saw a larger picture and the delicate threads that held it all in place.

He saw only one course of action, to bring Darkness to his former student’s life, to break the one ray of hope within his life and dangle it in front of him. It was time to remind him just who Final Arrow was.

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 What was the nature of true evil? There was no one answer to that question, for there were hundreds probably millions depending on who you asked. Some might try and explain the intricacies of influences, and others might just say plainly, evil is anything or anyone that cares nothing for the life they have been given, and the life given to others. Slight was one of those people. He never really ruminated on the prophetic questions in life, he was usually to busy saving the world from disasters. Things were simple enough to him, as he understood it anyway. With everything that could happen in the world, the root of it all was usually the lack of respect for life, combined with a lust for power, equaling what had happened in France. There were many facets that made up the quilt work that was evil, rage, hatred, ignorance, blame, and manipulation. Ah, yes, manipulation, probably the most sinister of all hands in a malevolent deck. The whispers in your ear telling you lies, the listing bridge landing doubt at your feet, and the feeding of negativity into your thoughts and soul. All of it, ways to defeat the righteous, by turning them away from the face of what is good. Slight was a simple person, in that he looked for no complicated answers, and the only answer he could give Remy, when he shouted "Remy Rayner is DEAD"! and"Avery...Kill me please...end this." was "You're a liar" A cardinal rule. Never. EVER, believe the words of those who had no reason to tell you the truth. It was so shameful, the aberrational attempt to trick Slight, that it was almost laughable; he must have really thought that Slight was stupid enough to believe that.  
ReEnforcers face changed back from its pitiful attempt to fool the King of the Seas, and he rose to his feet, thrusting his left hand forward revealing a serpentine like black chain. The wriggled through the air at great speed, and wrapped around Slight neck. Immediately it began to choke of his air supply. Beginning to hear his heartbeat in his ears, the Hydro Hero reduced himself to liquid form, breaking the chains hold on him. He reformed only feet away to commence his next attack. But there was something stopping him, not physically, but emotionally. He could feel the presence of something...or someone. His eyes could not see it, but all of him, ever fiber could feel it. As it passed, there was the most sense of relief for it only to be replaced by the spark of light that turned into a bolt. It lit up the darkness for a second and was gone, but it gave Slight an idea. It might not even work, but at this time, anything was worth a shot.  
Within a second, there was a flash and then darkness, then came back the light and color. Slight saw the floor first, it was tiled and then the walls. This was the inside of the Omega Haven, his room in fact. What had happened. Rushing over to the window, he saw the clouds pass by. Taking this moment he just was grateful to be out of France, assuming that they were. "Thanks" he whispered to whatever force that had been OJ's savior. He left to room, and contacted Debra who was in her normal clothing and steering the ship. "Hey Debs. If you ever let me land this thing again, I'm going to fire you." They both laughed. 

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The onslaught had hit as was expected. Various wounds and gashes in the womans body that while not lethal did cause ha. Azrael noticed however that it didn't have a long lasting effect her body recovering quickly. More reason to teleport into close range. Take her apart fast and overshoot the healing factor. She teleported towards the young woman in hopes of finishing the job. The speed and lighting made it hard to tell what she hit with her blades. However she did recognize that she had torn flesh. Years of bloodshed taught her to know when she broke skin.

In response the woman threw a sphere into the air. It lit up the darkened skies with a blinding blue light. She couldn't see a thing and thus chose to try and avoid the incoming attack through teleportation. She aimed for directly behind her opponent and avoid the incoming sword attacks she was confidant would follow. She found a bare foot kicking her in the abdomen. She stumbled back a few feet. In hindsight she wished she had taken the blades. Stab wounds bled and that was a painful pleasure. A kick to the ribs just made you want to puke and well that just wasn't fun. As she regained her vision thats when various things she noticed happening. 

ReEn and Slight were still going at it, though it looked like the fight would end soon. Gray Fox was laying on the ground smoking and burned in piss poor shape. The dark barrier was fading. Lastly Final Arrow seemed to be doing something. What she couldn't make out. It was mainly just his presence she could make out. Looking at the situation she placed two things first. Save Gray Fox he was an asset and a team member. Death was great but not for your allies in middle of a mission. No cyborgs were dying on her watch. Then came taking care of the blond. 

She quickly teleported over to the tech mage covering her back with a wall of steal forged from various car doors near by. Looking down she saw how grievous the wounds truly were. The armor burned a white hot smoke rose from dozens of demolished weapons and electronics. She could see most his insides, charred black and burnt to a point of uselessness. The wires that made up many sections of his body were snapped and severed in various ways. A sight of heat, blood, seared flesh and sparks. He was near dead she knew the protocol like the back of her hand. It was really a dream come true. Kill her team member to save him, how could anyone not find that fun. Smiling she dropped her blade and rose her fist. She brought it down on the remainder of his face plate. Putting all her force into the blow she tore through the damaged metal the flesh and the bone. Pullverising the bone and brain and pulling the computer chip surgically at the back of his skull. Pluging it into her communicator on her wrist she said the words "the fox lives on in Mark Four." With that she knew the technician of carnage would live on. The Obsidian Knight reborn better than ever.  

She hurled the barrier at the young woman and drew her blades. "Sorry for the delay beautiful. What say we end this." She grinned and prepared herself for the actions to come. If she was attacked she would leave herself open using reflexes to try and divert the damage to somewhere nonlethal. In response both blades would be free and she would aim for a decapitation and the severing of the left arm. Should the woman try and flee she would toss every piece of debris she could at her aiming to shatter every bone and impale the woman over and over. Something told her she probably wouldn't be so lucky as to get a kill. Didn't mean she wouldn't try.

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 As the blinding light exploded in the air, Kate slashed forward with her swords but connected with only air. Swinging out her leg behind her, she felt her bare foot make contact. She put as much force into that kick as she could muster. She doubted it would do more than stun her opponent, but that was enough. All she needed was a few moments for her arm to heal completely. 

In that instant she noticed what looked to be a robot or something lying on the ground not too far from where she stood. No, it was more than just metal. There was life instead it, very little, but she could feel it. 

Forgetting the battle mentality, she stepped towards him, wanting to help if she could. She was all for beating the bad guys, but the less deaths the better. 

The redhead beat her to it. She was next to the hunk of metal in a flash, setting up a steel barrier between herself and Kate. 

Thankful for the time to recover, Kate pulled off her now useless boot and pulled some of the glass out of her heel. Overhead something was going down, but it was still too dark to see anything. Whatever it was left a bad feeling in the pit of her gut. Somewhere in the distance people were still panicking and fighting.

The hair-raising sound of crunching metal and bone brought Kate’s attention back to the steel wall. Something told her the redhead wasn’t exactly of field-medic caliber. 

Cutting forward with her blades, Kate slashed the wall of metal in half just inches before her nose. 

“Really?” She asked, a little peeved. “Will you quit throwing things at me!” 

"Sorry for the delay beautiful. What say we end this." the redhead chuckled evilly, taking on a fairly lax defensive stance.

Seeing the mangled remains of the robot person, and the whatever it was that was dripping from the woman’s fist, Kate felt just as disgusted as she felt angry.

“I couldn’t agree more,” she hissed venomously, moving in for an attack. 

She swung her blades, but the woman deflected them easily, knocking them clean out of Kate’s hands. Kate threw a couple of punches, but none of them landed anywhere particularly damaging. 

The woman’s eyes glowed malevolently as she brought her own swords in for a lethal attack. Kate managed to sidestep the one aimed for her left arm, but that left her open for the one coming straight for her throat. It took everything in her not to sh!t her pants at that exact instant. 

Blinking Kate held a hand to her throat, nothing more than a tiny nick. She stood and looked around. Stars, the moon, Earth. She was on the space station. Somehow. Swallowing simply for the sake of swallowing, Kate left out a sigh of relief and sunk back down onto the floor. Obviously their mission had not been successful, Paris, hell, all of France was a lost cause. It was hard to see the positive, but at least she was still alive. That meant she could kick that redhead’s ass some other time. Preferably better prepared. As far as first missions went, that had been pretty damn bad, but she wasn’t planning on giving up on the heroic stuff anytime soon. All she needed was a bit of practice. And if that practice involved team ups and beating the crap out of bad guys all the better. 

She would check in on Omega Haven and Solace at some point...later. Hopefully since she’d gotten out okay (somehow) they had as well. The last thing they needed was to have to go back and rescue the entire damn ship. If she ever found out who crashed it, they would get an earful. For now, though, all she wanted was a hot shower and a lot of time in the sun, a chance to enjoy the fact she was still alive. 

“And a new boot,” she added aloud, wiggling her toes. 

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 Kain’s attack with the scythe was successful and despite his failure with the sword swipe a satisfied smile crept on his face. The scythe’s blade cleanly sliced the mortal’s back. What followed next was extremely disappointing to the vampire. His prey fled the battle like some kind of coward. Apparently, like the element he controlled, his resolve was less than solid when things started to get hot. Turning around, the one true sovereign of darkness and light approached his Queen, Mistress Death with a fanged smile on his face.

The events that followed simply annoyed Kain. A massive body of water being controlled by Slight arrived to try and crush Tenebrasque’s only unoccupied members. As if he were swatting a fly, Kain petulantly flicked his wrist to the side leaving Slight’s attack, dismissed. Very few knew of Kain’s ability to control water, and even few knew to what extent his control went. Thankfully, only Lyn was present and his powers remained unknown to the others.

The presence of Arrow was sensed. His actions were somewhat expected. The relationship between Darkchild and himself resembled the relationship between two brothers. Darkchild was constantly doing something to upset Arrow, they would fight, and be fine afterwards. It was most certainly an interesting relationship for Kain to watch every now and then. Today however, Kain had other issues to tend to.

“I’ve fought enough battles for others. Darkchild needs to take care of himself and learn how to handle Arrow. He and I may be close, but we each have our own responsibilities and my loyalties lay only with you. Anyway, I have more significant matters to tend to. Come my love, let’s build a city.”

Peeling the tape off his body, Kain’s appearance once again changed for the umpteenth time. His hair grew a little more and turned brown. War’s eyes became a deep dark purple on the border of being black. His iris became a gold yellow. The black hakama he wore slowly transformed from the bottom up as the final bandages were removed. A neat white uniform swallowed Kain’s being. From the beginning of his abdomen, a thin black diamond escalated to an orb mirroring his eyes. Two more black diamonds extended from the orb across the bottom of his ribs. Above the orb, his neat white suit opened up like a coat with a jagged, battle damaged collar. The collar moved on its own though, because Kain's outfit wasn’t made of cloth, it was made of pure energy.

When Kain put his hand on the nearby table, the object turned to ash almost immediately. The rest of the already damaged building appeared to be crumbling under the pressure of his immense power. With a wave of his hand, a black portal opened up before he and Lyn. Turning his head, he grabbed her hand and gave her a soft kiss on the lips. He smiled from ear to ear with all six of his fangs in plain view.

“We may need to develop a new seal though. I would prefer not to have all the humans in my presence destroyed. Their fear is absolutely delicious.”

And with that, they were off. However, within the confines of Kain's world of darkness, his creatures were summoned back and the all encompassing darkness disappeared. He watched as Arrow forced Omega Justice to disappear.
"Show off. I was looking forward to watching the rest of the fights. It would've been like Rome. Do you remember Rome Lyn? The coloseum. What a wonderful era. The blood and gore. The competition. I do believe I have a bit of inspiration. Eternus Obscurum, Here we come. "

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"Lair." Came Slights reply, he hadn't fallen for the deception. The obsidian chain shot out like a whip wrapping itself around the neck of his foe. As the noose tightened and ReEnforcer was getting ready to launch his opponent into the air, the Hydro hero dissolved. Liquefying and escaping the Fire Demon's grasp. ReEn poised to strike whenever the hero revealed himself and made his attack, but was meant with nothing but more disappointment.
The valley of death grew quite, ReEnforcer could feel Final Arrow as he intervened. One moment the members of Tenebrasque In were locked in glorious battle against the would be saviors of France, the next Omega Justice was gone torn from the grips of battle and saved from certain death. Remy looked up toward the night sky, Arrow hovered there for only a moment before he disappeared. The Lord of Hell had surely offered a deal to one of the opposing team, a deal which they had accepted. "Darkchild needs to leash that one." Remy said to himself. 
With the nights festivities concluded ReEnforcer proceeded over to where Azrael stood. The mangled remains of Fox's limp form lay on the ground. Bending down ReEn picked up what remained of the Obsidian Knights previous body then turned to leave. "Go my queen to the remnants of Lille build your Kingdom. As I shall begin the construction of Abyssus here in the wasteland once known as Paris." As ReEnforcer finished geysers of flame shot out all over the city of love, his anger finally boiling over. Construction on the Country of Darkness had begun.