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Greetings fellow RPG aficionados

To condense and clean up the RPG section we are now combining all the threads that are important to the RPG community in one thread.

Lets get started then, shall we...
Lets get started then, shall we...

Rule Threads

The CV22 Universe

The CVnU Universe

  1. CVnU Political Rules
  2. Official CVnU Timeline
  3. CVnU RPG Location Thread

Guides, Mentoring, and Getting Started

  1. Sweetness on a Stick University
  2. Rpg Advice Thread (questions,answers,etc)
  3. Useful tools for RPGers
  4. My RPG To-Do-List
  5. ComicVine Userscript: Animated Avatars
  6. Team Creation 101

Cut to the Chase

  1. Official You Want to Battle Thread
  2. The Official You Want to RPG Thread
  3. The IC Club (In Character)

Here's Looking at You (character image threads)

  1. Official Look Thread
  2. How do you Picture other Characters
  3. How do you picture your and others NPC's?

Idea Threads

  1. Official Rpg Ideas Thread
  2. Coming Attractions
  3. Concept Ownership Sharing Thread

Character Help

  1. Is This Look Taken?
  2. Official "I Need a new Look!" Thread

RPG Battle Debate

  1. CVnU Characters vs Comic Book Characters
  2. RPG Character Battle Thread
  3. Character Tech vs Character Tech

All About Your Character

  1. Misconceptions of Your Character
  2. Random Facts About Your Character(s)
  3. Character Quotes
  4. Influences on Your Character
  5. Your Characters Theme Song
  6. Where are Your Characters Family?
  7. Your Characters Voice Actor
  8. What Does Your Character do During Their Off Time?
  9. What is your Characters Code of Ethics?

Just For Fun! (RP Related)

  1. Headcanon Thread
  2. CVnU Character Tropes
  3. Epic Headlines!
  4. What if This Had Happened Instead of That?
  5. Dream Team Viners
  6. Do you ship it?

Just for Fun! (Ooc Related)

  1. I Didn't Post Because
  2. MFW (My face when...)
  3. Common Themes/Tropes in your writing
  4. GIF Break
  5. Who is Your Favorite Character of the User Above You?
  6. Give the RPGer above you a archenemy
  7. Give a Date to the RPGer above you

Taking a Break

If you wish to add a thread to the above list please PM one of the RPG mods (Zauberin, Nordok, or Feral Nova) and just link em. RPG Mods will look it over and see if it's appropriate to place in the thread.