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12: 30 AM

Midnightist trained in the basement level of the Veritas Inc headquarters. I would practice for hours and hours on end. He banged his fist on the punching bag again and again and again with no end in site. He finished he sar time only because his com link picked up and message from his information experts at M Invesitagtion. "Sir sir can you read me". Yeah go ahead Marcus what is it.
 "Sir we've become aware that the assassin Akira Overdrive has been hiding out in the himilayan mountain range after he last assassination attempt. However he seems to still be in hiding after his last mission. Now the information may only be a rumor but the computer has his name marked under orders that any and all information on his name be immediately given to you directly"

God job Marcus look forward to a nice big bonus next holiday. "Why thank you sir I'll call in the other members as Veritas as well as station a tactical " NO don't call anyone else you understand. I don't want anyone else in on this but me and me alone. "Ugh sir I'm sure your aware but Akira Overdrive is a very dangerous killer and has escaped from you alone a number of times."

I know and that exactly why I'm doing this alone. I'm tired of him getting away from me and I"m not going to have anyone else clean up my mess that I started along time ago and never finished. The team and anyone else can stay out of this. Thats an order no one else is to get in my way now send me his location and I'll begin the search myself

An hour later

Midnightist was flying in the Veritas Inc personal jet the Phoniex . "It would have been faster to use a portal but I don't now what he has in store for me. Even of guard Akira is paranoid as hell and a crazy mother f#cker so I'm taking no chances with him."
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 Jamison INC.

Files were pushed gently and quietly  towards Thomas. His assisstant, not so lucky in looks, Ms. Julia ,looked at him. " Here's the papers you wanted Mr. Jamison. According to the F.B.I. Satillites the man your looking for, um...... " Frowning she quickly remember the mans name, "Mr. Overdrive, seems to be somwhere in the Himalayas.  There's a forty million dollar reward for the first person to catch him since his last assassination attempt on the Japanese President. The rest of the information should be in there." She said the last words eyeing the documents she had laid infront of him. Giving her a silent look up and down he noticed something. He had been trying to get rid of her but he needed something solid. Today she was out of dress code. Speaking in a harsh tone,Thomas looked towards one set of windows set all around his office exactly thirty stories in the air, and waved her away.

" Thank you Julia.Today though ,you seem to be out of Dress Code. Here at Jamison Inc. we relie on our workers looking the best they can. Since you've failed at doing this, your fired. Leave, and you'll get this weeks paycheck tomorrow."

Waiting for his ex-assisstant to leave, Thomas thought about the pleasure of breaking his employees heart. She would be jobless in a econemy where you needed a job to continue a stable situation. Glancing back to see the room ,empty, Thomas stood up, his reflection mirroring him in every move. Taking the folder Thomas grabbed his landline phone. Typing in a series of numbers that resembled a phone number it, instead of calling a person, opened a gap in front of his desk. Spiraling steps led down into the darkness and it wasn't to friendly to the naked eye.

  Taking his time down the stone steps ,Thomas  could hear the noticable clangs as the bottom of his pointed buisness shoes hit the stairs. When Thomas reached down to the bottom he was already engulfed in pitch black darkness. Wandering over to a light switch, which Thomas could clearly see do to his abilities, he flicked it, and in less than a millisecond the room was thrusted into light. Not worrying about the opening he had made in the ground Thomas mentally knew it had automatically closed already. He was now totally untraceable.

The room he had just lit up was his secret base. Line on the walls were his dry cleaned black garmented uniforms. On one wall in specific his weapons laid ,nestled onto racks and in drawers. Untangling his suit Thomas grabbed one of his Uniforms. Slipping it on after taking off his buisness clothes Thomas moved to his weapons racks. Grabbing his twin blades, Blood and Spirit, Thomas strapped them to his back exactly opposite of eachother in the form of an X. Grabbing his pistols, Profit and Gamble, he put them neatly into two holsters near his chest. Thomas's pistols were his greatest weapons, loaded with Silver bullets they made anyone shriek. Finally after making sure everything was in place ,he grabbed four kunai like daggers called Death Dealers, in one hand he held four and in the other he held four.

On each side of Thomas's thighs were four slots able to hold four daggers in place, no matter how much he flipped or fell. Slipping them quickly in place Thomas looked up. He had dropped the folder on a bare table. He didn't need it though. He had already known about his targets wereabouts. Thomas just found enjoyment in making his assisstants doing extra, exsaperating work.

  Thomas was battle ready. He had a privatly own jet already ready at the airport that he would fly himself to the Himalayas. He had already addressed every possible situation and had found the most possible spot that his target, AO, would be located. Then again though AO was adventurous and was a wild card all his own. There was no telling what the man was going to do next.


" Niner Niner, your flying in a restricted zone, theres a level 2 blizzard warning. Land immediatly please." Sounded the control tower off to the west of Thomas's Jet's position. He was hovering around the Himalayas, appearantly a snow storm had just started, it wasn't to bad to see visablly but you could tell the flinging snow was dense in condition. Thomas frowned for a flickering moment. Finding AO in mountains , in a snow storm, would be hard. But, since the sky looked to be clearing little by little, he might just be lucky enough to find his target and eradicate the well known assassin quickly and efficiently and take him to the U.S. without to much fuss from other world powers.  Clicking on the voice control he gave a deafening threat.

"Ah...sorry, I won't be showing up to that place anytime soon. I have buisness that your puny mind couldn't comprehend. Then again, i've already dealt with your control tower. Hours ago I had my private lacky leave a bomb right underneath one of your desks....." Looking down at his wrist watch Thomas started up again,"....and it should be blowing up in about....5...4...3...2...0." Immediatly he could hear a loud clash of metal and fire, the line cut off and everything was in silence except the swishing noise of the radio being cut off.

Smirking he spoke to himself. I gotta pay that lacky more , he does pretty good. Now where , o where, is Akira Overdrive, the most well known, and sometimes called " ficticious" killer , hiding now ? Guess I'll have to find out soon huh?...