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For those of you whove been following fromthe start, cheers, this is the last battle with one eye. For those who never posted on Hunters moon you can still join (Gambler). We'll just presume that you completed your mission. Before you join ask me on the OOC thread, this will prevent noobs from joining. The rules are essentialy the same. Dont screw about.

The condition of the battle can be judged by a side story that I will be posting. Malcolm and the Reverend will be involved but mainly im gonna play the bad guys. Thats it realy. Thanks.

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The General surveyed the battle field that the Reverend had suggested. Located in the gaza strip it sat over an abandoned city. The crumbling ruins lending an air of sadness to the battlefield. One Eye had yet to make an appearence so Karden had to make plans according to his expected deployment.

“First Company will check kit and advance to contact.” bellowed Captain Franklin.

The soldiers slotted magazines into their rifles, stowed kit or took a last look at a picture of a loved one. The captain set off at a careful walk, picking his way through the rubble of the killing zone. The 90 men and women at his back followed suit, their faces blank and hearts pounding.

Empty windows and blown in doorways glared accusingly at them as they passed. They reached the high water mark set by the General and began digging trenches. That was what made them soldiers and not just some rabble. They prepared their battlefield.

Private Richard Arthur hefted his shovel, spilling a mixture of stones and soil down the small incline at the lip of the emerging trench. He was sweating heavily under his armour but didn’t stop to remove some; he would need it soon anyway. He sent another shovelful of soil over the lip and stopped to drink from his canteen. Someone was shouting something further down the line. Richard couldn’t hear what he was saying.

Someone was whistling, a high pitched noise that overrode the sound of heavy breathing that was emanating from the diggers. Realisation hit Richard like a blow.

“Incoming!” he yelled and leapt down into the trench. Shells hammered into the ground all along the line, throwing those not quick enough to reach cover into the air. Thunder rolled, but it was not thunder, it was the sound of the guns firing. The god of war was speaking to them, with his voice of death. He was angry.

A dozen feet to Richards left the trench disappeared as a shell scored a direct hit. Dirt and body parts rained down on Richards hunched back. He screamed, the fear eating into him like a cancer, the man Richard died and only a primitive animal was left. Only the fear. His wails were lost amidst the fury of the storm. Then as quickly as it had struck, the shells ceased to smash the earth.

“Stay down!” someone was shouting. Richard uncurled from the foetal position that he found himself in. Mark from his squad was sitting a few feet away. He turned to Richard looking shocked,

“I kacked myself Richard. I f&*king shat my breeks.”

Richard ignored him and looked above the lip of the trench. Out in the open, a quarter of a mile from the edge of the killing zone, was a portal. Out of it spewed Red armoured shock troopers, banners and weapons held high. Even at this distance their shouting was audible.

“Contact front! Multiple enemies closing.”

“Get ready lads here the f&*ckers come.”

A light rain began to fall, wetting the upturned faces of the dead.

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A shadow appeared behind them , "Your man are useless in this battle fall back unless you wish to die, Arrow landed in front of the comander "I will not ask again" , Turning his back on them he walekd out in front of them and looked at the advancing army.

"Is this it, I thought a dragon or two , I mean come on" His dark eyes looked at wonder , they had hid themselfs so well , why strike now , Why not wait till the where stonger then , He realsied this is not the main force this is just the scouting party.

He cluched his sword , waiting for them to advance .

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The officer looked at Arrow.

"Im sorry Sir. Ive been ordered to hold this position by my General. I cannot fall back."

The men in the trench began to fire, the stattaco stuttering sound overlaying the Roar of the advancing enemy. Then a voice was audible.

"Arrow you fcking bastard. Come and face me."

At the head of his troops strode the Fourth of Nine. He was a large man, with broad shoulders that demanded personal space. His face was bearded and bore fangs. The officer palled.

"He, however I have no orders about."

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"Your orders are to run away " He soan round chopping the officers head off, Looking into the advancing army he laughed again, "HAVE I OFFENDED THE GREAT NINE" , He ran a hand into his long black hair, His black eyes looming over the advancing army.

Hovering to the middle of the battle field he drew his mighty sword , The black blade sang as it was drawen from it's holster, the hilt of the sword was made out of magic silver, The blade it's self was formed in the firey pits of hell then blessed by angels and Arrows own black magic.

the Conner of his lips spilt into a large grin, His pale white skin cracked as he brke into a laugh , He stood six two and it was as nothing could make him feal fear, His black jacket hung down ,the white shirt olny highlighted by his ruby tie.

He was dressed to kill and thats what he did best .

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The beast man roared his anger at the sky and charged. His footsteps kicking up dirt behind him. Long talons grew from his arms and bony crests sprouted over his body, forming a natural armoured suit.

"YOU DIE ARROW!" he bellowed.

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Landing on the wet gorund m He dug his feet in and pushed off the ground rippled under the sheer froce he had used, Running at full speed his sword dug in the ground spraying up wet mud and grass as he picked up speed.

His eyes glinted , As he stooped just short of the forth , he pulled his sword in a swipe, It was as if a shcck wave traveled to wards the beast, The ground ripped and split , Arrow had used some of the magic contained in the sword to use a magic strike.

He watched to see what the forth would do with such a balst coming towars him , The clouds began to gather, As if they where watching the great battle from above , The noght was still young, The moon was high and Arrow was outnumbred , They did'nt stand a chance

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The man laughed silently, the noise of the battle drowning him out. The shockwave died.

"I draw my power from the earth, you cannot hope to hurt me through it."

The ground tore up, huge jagged chunks of rock smashing into the sky. The man leapt at Arrow. ROaring his hatred.