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Alexander slowly entered the casino. He didn't really know why he was there, he got a letter telling him to be there at exactly 7:45 pm. He was unsure of what to expect and felt both slightly scared and somewhat excited. He made his way through the casino with his hand on the hilt of his sword, ignoring any strange looks from people gambling their money away and his boots barely making a sound against the brown carpet. He was keeping an eye out for anything suspicious, but everything appeared normal.

"I hope this wasn't some sort of prank." He thought.

He stopped walking near the slot machines, and waited for whatever it was that he was here for to show itself.

(First RPG post on this forum. w00t)

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Sebastian saw the hero enter the casino and jumped down from his hiding place a katana in hand clad in his armor. People looked in awe probably thinking it was entertainment of some kind. The real entertainment of the night would happen shortly of course if anyone of the gamblers in the casino actully survived the night they wouldnt be able to stop talking about it. He had contacted the new hero by letter and knowing that he would probably not back down to the challange all he had to do was wait for the man to arrive of course this is what Sebastian was thinking mere moments before the man had showed himself.

Sebastian jumped on on of the blackjack tables brandishing his katana. "If all of you ladies and gentlemen will be kind enough to place your valuables into this bag" Sebastian said as he threw a small sack on the ground. Of course Sebastian was no petty theif he just wanted to get the hero and his target for this eveneing to act although some of the Gamblers still remained the same additude as if the robbery was all some planned thing for the evening. The guards however were not amused as they each pulled guns on Sebastian.

Chargeing at the two guards Sebastian slashed the insides out of both of them one by one if robbery didnt get the hero to attack Sebastian then murder sure would. Now the gamblers began taking the matter seriously as they began placing small items of value and jewles into the bag. Sebastian just waited for the moment when the real fun of the night would begin.

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"If all you ladies and gentlemen will be kind enough to place your valuables into this bag."

Alexander turned to face the Blackjack tables and drew his sword, where he saw someone standing on a blackjack table with a small sack on the ground. The people around him seemed to just stand and stare. Alexander didn't want to attack the man on the blackjack table, yet seeing as he hadn't done anything, but the guards thought differently as they pulled out their guns. As the mysterious man charged at the guards and slashed out their insides, Alexander decided it was time to act.

"So I see you have a knack for swords..."

Alexander began to tighten his grip around the hilt of his sword with anticipation and slightly smiled.

"Well I do too. After all, I am the New Swordsman. And today you will be rotting in jail."

Alexander charged at Sebastian and sliced towards his neck, going for a decapitation, looking to end the fight quickly.

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"The new swordsman eh" Sebastian said as he blocked the strike with his katana making a loud CLANG noise "Oh please your not getting me down that fast" Sebastian said before adressing the mans fighting style in order to counter it with his own. Sebastian reached down to one of the dead guards guns a glock and fired one bullet at Swordsman before tossing the gun and chargeing at his combanant sending a slashing flying at his shoulder and another in a stab formation at the mans leg.

"You might be good with a sword but today you'll know who the best really is"

Sebastian decided he would try to keep the sword atmosphere through the fight all around to really test the mans skills. None of the two were wounded and the fight had barley even started yet already thoughts were racing through Sebastians head trying to think of what strikes his opponent would throw at him and what in the room he could use against him. The casino was huge pool tables, blackjack tables and alot of it could be used for cover if need be but Sebastian hopfully would not have to resort to that.

Getting himself ready to block whatever he could from the upcoming fight. As eagar as Sebastian was to test the mans the skills he knew that two mens stabbing each other would not be fun and that just like every other contract Sebastian would try to end this quickly
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Sebastian's gunshot bounced off of Alexander's armor. When Sebastian charged at him, he managed to block the strike that was aimed at his shoulder, their swords once again making a loud CLANG, but he was unable to block the stab towards his leg, which left a noticeable dent in his armor, but left him otherwise unharmed.   The citizens inside of the casino began to run away. As long as no citizen gets hurt, I've done my job. Alexander thought. 

"We will soon see who is the best."

Alexander feinted an attack towards Sebastian's leg, then slashed at his hand, aiming to knock his katana out of his hand. Let's see how he deals with this, as any swordsman can recognize a disarming maneuver. I'm not sure how long I can stand out against him in a long fight, so I need to find a weak point on him and put this to an end quickly.

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Sebastian blocked the feint and was just barley quick enough to move his hand out of the way to avoid being disarmed and as crowds nearly trampled the two Sebastian had achived his purpose: to lure the hero into a fight. The two were similer they both had skill with swords and used special suits of armor. Sebastian knew it would take some punishment to breach the mans armor considering that one of Sebastian's stabs left nothing but a dent. As the people flooded out of the casino and into the streets Sebastian was struck with an idea.

Grabbing a young woman in a red dress and holding his blade against her throat in classic hostage fashion as a short distraction. Edgeing towards his target with the woman still in danger once Sebastian was close enough he instantly threw the woman to the ground and sent his sword at Alexanders chest in a brutal hard fashion that would hopfully cut through his armor. Once he was finished with that motion Sebastian sent a kick directly at Alexanders head in order to distract him before sending another slash at his targets knee's.

Backing away from his target slightly Sebastian knew that his target would have much much more to throw at him so without thinking Sebastian sethed his sword and pulled out his staff. Not only would it provide more suprise because of the ability to attack with any end and the ability to topple a target more easily. A Sword cut through your enemy a staff broke him and Sebastian knew the best way to teach a lesson to one of these heroes was to break him first.