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[Many people don't have things they like to share with people. However, I won't mind share my...'conundrum'.

It started when I was a young lad, around six, when I could barely grasp the troubles and confusion of the world around me. I wouldn't say I was "social" nor would I say "antisocial". Yes , I usually stayed to myself and no I never played sports. However, I did join a role-playing group..please stop laughing ma'am... called the Comix's Role. I usually was the rule maker and... wait, you want my name? I thought you got it on my ID. Alright then, My name is Jonathon Quentin. Now, back to the story

I was the rule maker in the Comix's Role and determined how everything went. I determined limitations, costs, and balance. Only, at one cost , I couldn't create a character. Which, of course made sense, I was playing God.

How does it add on to the story? It doesn't I suppose, I just *sniffs* missed those guys. What happened to them? What happened to them is what happened to me as well. We changed, however I was the only alive to reap the benefits.

I'll skip the filler and tell you the time of the change.

It was March 9th 1990, I was 15 at the time. It after-school and we were at Ms. V, the math teacher who was so sweet to allow to use her room as an HQ, room and we were decided to do something different. Adrian, one of our comrades, wanted to try and play with Magic. However, it ended up..badly and long story every died,except me. Instead I gained some...abilities

What were these abilities. Well, you never asked for what they were, but only how I got them. ...NO! I said I wasn't going to tell yo- Wait , is that a c-camera? I THOUGHT THAT WE WEREN'T RECORDING. IS THIS HOW YOU TREAT YOUR CLIENTS. SIT DOWN?? YOU WANT ME TO SIT DOWN?! NO , I WON'T. AUuFffgh, GET OFF OF ME... GET THE HELL OFF OF ME. NOW!!!]

*As the security officers took down the aggressor the building shook drastically and

collapsed. There was no signs of life, all was either died or missing, Except for one man."

The Rulemaker*

[From reports of the damages of buildings and the effects of buildings. The Rulemaker, or what other people call him , Dr. Seismic, call control oscillations, which are repetitive up/down , left/right and back/forth motions. The survivors of these attacks claim that he is unable to reach those who are moving less then 2 minutes per cycle and he can't reach more than 10 meters in a sphere.]

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That was cool and awesome. Just don’t make him too OP :]

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Only thing I say is using a spelling checking site might be an idea. Otherwise interesting concept, his powers still elusive though, full disclosure is usually best as it states strengths / weaknesses. This allows us to know which of our characters to use with you, and sell our attacks and defenses.