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okay i'll post whats going to go in my BIO here first before anywhere else and ideas i've got for later and i'll like to know how you think its going.

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Born into death


Scott was born into a horrible childhood his mother died at birth and his father in the bloodiest gang in london, his family was rich but for some reason his father didn't want to show it, his father got shot to death in front Scotts very eyes by one of his most loyal friends fredrick reign, when he was five, Scott then went into an orphanage (haralds hall orphanage in scotland, he liked it in scotland because he was scottish and born there) having no other relatives and all there money going to his bank. In the orphanage Scott started noticeing how he was faster, stronger and unique to the other orphans.



At the age of fourteen Scott started to get closer to wanting to leave it, it wasn't clean and it was annoying, one evening he packed his bags of what little he had and ran off to a forest nearby, at sixteen he had come fully aware he had powers he could see better than people hear better and was clearly different, he had to steal from the town his old orphanage was at he was healthy and the animals around him came more used to him and protected him helped him and in return he stopped people killing animals and hunting in the forest...

One day Scott was in a tree watching over the forest, when the Wolf Serius started barking he jumped from tree to tree and when he got there Serius was dead he saw an aging man walk away he jumped down gentley so silent no one could of heard, he pulled out a dagger and ran at the man suddenly his legs were kicked away a hand was on his chest and he was getting thrown through the air and hit a tree he stood up looking a bit confused he wondered how the man could of done it, he brushed himself down and stood up "Hello Scott, I'm Lucius, now thats over come on fight me" the man said Scott wondered how he knew his real name and found it strange how his middle name was the old mans first he didn't ask just wondered he ran at the old man and attacked again whilst saying "If you can keep up"..........two hours later Scott was on the floor the mans sword at his neck, the man pulled it back and strapped it to his back "You are not yet ready, till next year" Scott had so many questions he wanted to ask but before he gggot up the old man was gone.

The forest was pretty quiet a few hunters came and died not much until the next year when he heard the newest wolf Rasket howl Scott new it was the old man exactly one year after he was here. Scott was fifteen and had trained alot, he bounced from tree to tree until he came to the old man he found a ring of dead wolves he was just about to kill rasket, he floated down "oh I see you've learnt a new trick" theman said looking up and leaving raskets throat intact "go Rasket, oh you came exactly one year after our last meeting, good for you" the old man swung a punch unexpectedly hitting scott straight in the nose.......four hours later of battle it ended with the old mans sword being blocked by Scotts dagger, Lucius puhed pushed scott back he then made a humongous orb of darkness and threw it at scott knocking him back through trees, branches, bushes, all sorts when he stopped he head the man say "yes you have improved indeed by the way black suits you" the man left scot cut, bruised, half naked, battered, unconscious and with black hair in the middle of the forest...

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Why is this an RPG, Can I AUTO HIT YOU. lol

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Valadour says:

"Why is this an RPG, Can I AUTO HIT YOU. lol"

lol oh sorry........now being more serious no you can't kill me lol

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The next day scott awoke in a little cave surrounded by wolves he stood up and realising he was naked sneaked into town, he grabbed a black leather coat a e-shirt jeans and red glove. He put them on returning to the forest his eyes were red and as he passed a little hut he looked into a window to see his eyes red and his hair black he pushed his black hair out of his eyes and carried on walking to the forest. The wolves looked confused when they saw the determined look on his face, the angry look in his eyes.

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For a year Ranger practiced hunting animals, getting the wolves to bite him, falling off trees, using his collected dead animals as a punch bag, headbutting trees, kicking stones, throwing stones at targets, tieing rocks to himself and jumping in the river, getting in fights with big animals, trying to lift heavy objects, practicing magic, running around the whole forest, swiming in cold rivers, jumping from building to building etc.

and when that year finished he sat on a rock and waited for the man lucius to come and when he didn't...