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alright everyone hates mutants your family doesn't even want you the news are ripping the mutants off and newspaper people to even if you do something good the crowds hate you

if your bad you have to try kill humans and you are always trying to persuade goodies to be bad and if they don't.... you can fight them in streets, anywhere.

if your good you help people and do good stuff although they hate you

if nuetral you can do what you want

(if your bad you can be good and if your good you can be bad on this RPG)

Im press and news and can rip anyone off

you can form teams

you have to have a beggining like how you found your powers and where you went afterwards you got chucked out and what happened you

anyone aloud on this

okay well badies go make chaos goodies go stop them have fun.

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cap was downstairs playing a video game when his brother forced him off cap got into a fight with him his parents came in to see what was happening after he told them they said he had been on it for ages he got angry and started shouting his father told him it was only fair he started shouting more and saying how they liked him better his father told him to be quiet "no" he shouted, his father slapped him down cap stood up and then punched him through a wall his mother ran to check if he was alright his brother stood up and held him "don't touch me" cap shouted he thn turned fully onto fire his brother quickly let go cap ran upstairs turnng back to normal and kicked his bedroom door which broke off its hinges"argh" he shouted he packed his bag and ran back downstairs his mother father and brother were there "I think you better leave" his dad said "I can't believe he's one of them" his mum said in a wobbly voice to his father tears strolling down her eyes cap ran out the house without a replie and down their pathway.

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Sister Maria Venedetta was hiding behind the waste bin, her right hand was checking the plasma-gun on her thigh.

Behind the black veil her eyes had no problem discerning the movements of the people in the dark street. Some streetgang had shortcircuited again the streetlamps.

Since her third anniversary she had known that she was different. Her father and mother were employees of the local recicling center, working hard in the dirt and smell of a big building, exposed to all kind of chemicals and radiation. Her mom died only two months afert her birth, his father had become subject of scientific investigation when his skin started to liquify under the light of the sun and becoming hard as a rock by night.

Maria was placed in a family in a rural area, for the first time in her life she had a room of her own. Luckily!

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Cap was waiting by the road outside his house in the countryside arm out hoping to catch a ride to anywhere all of a sudden loads of police cars turned up by his street "thank god" he whispered as he walked over to them "hello....hello, excuse me can you give me a lift i need to get out of here....please"he asked a big police officer "so it's you then"he said looking down at cap "excuse me, what do you mean?"he asked the officer "come on kid" he grabbed caps ar and put it behind him "aaargh, what are you doing?" he asked "im taking you in" the officer replied taking out handcuffs cap pulled his arm back to were it origanally wastwisted the officers and punched him into a police car "NO" he shouted "Dont worry kid were not going to hurt you" a woman said, cap could hear there was someone behind him indeed there was he was holding a sleeping dart, cap elbowed him in the nose the woman shot at cap but he moved out the way and she hit the man behind him he ran across the street and jumped over a fence what lead to a field..........he'd been running for a good hour and a half until he decided to lye down in a bush beside a road.

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The leader of the gang smacked her across the face. "What the hell were you thinking? Ratting us out like that. This isn't any good. Boys, let's take her home."

When they got back to the abandoned factory, the leader dropped the girl on the table. "Let's see here, boys, I think we need some alone time." He began to undress the girl, as she cried. They all filed out of the room, gigling to themselves. They could hear muffled screams from in the other room. Then there was a loud thud, and silence for a long time. The door bust open, and the leader walked out. "The deed's done my friends." "What's done?" Mike asked as he walked into the room. The girl was naked, laying on the floor with blood flowing out of her skull. There was a bloody plank of wood laying on the table. "Oh my God. What've you done? You never said you were gonna kill her!" Mike backed away, and tried for the door. "What's the matter Mike, can't you handle it?" The biggest member of the gang walked in front of Mike, blocking the doorway. "Sorry, but we can't let you sqeal." The big guy threw a giant fist at Mike, and Mike closed his eyes. He put up his hands to block. For what seemed like forever, nothing happened. Mike opened his eyes, and looked up. He had caught the man's hand, and broken it. The big man shook his hand loose, and screamed in pain. "How the...." he didn't finish the sentence. Just then the police busted the door open. "Caught ya, you little punks!" the officer yelled. Everyone ran. Mike ran through the door on his left, and took off, an officer hot on his tail. He took a right, and then went up a flight of stairs. He busted through a door, and ran on a catwalk, some 40 feet above the working floor. He ducked into an office at the end of the cat walk, and jumped over a desk, and hid in the leg room. He heard the footsteps of the officer walking into the office. "I've got you now, you little shit." The officer threw the desk back. Mike closed his eyes very tightly. He was so scared he was sure he'd wet himself. Nothing happened. Nothing at all. He forced himself to open his eyes. He looked around in amazement. He was sitting in the middle of a corn field, at least 3 miles from town. He stood up, and looked around. "How the he..." He turned around, and saw a huge combine headed strait for him.

The kid yelled, "Mutie!!!" People from a near by house began charging towards him. He noticed something shiny in the ground, and picked it up. One person stood behind him with a shotgun. Before the blast could be fired, Octagon found himself in the middle of a forest, as the gem glowed. "How'd I get here?"

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Scott got woken up from continious poking as he opened his eyes he heard a woman say"thank god he's alive" he scrambled out the bush thinking it was the police but when he got a proper look he could see it was just some friendly people "are you alright kid?"asked the man "I'm fine, excuse me may I have a lift?" as he said thathe fainted the people put him and his bag in their car and drove off.

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Nate was sitting in central park looking at his reflextion in the water. Am I really a freak. Are they all right when the mock the way I look and throw things at me. He thought to himself. That is when a little girl walked up to him.

"Your skin looks neat." She stuck out her hand and touched his face.

Nate smiled but then her mother came and yelled, "Get away from the freak! You may catch whatever he has."

Hearing this, Nat became angry again. His body started glowing and the planets started dying in his area. He could feel all the hate he had ever seen towards him in his mind. The anger was building in him and he started glowing brighter. That is when he saw what he was doing and calmed down. The he stopped glowing and looked around to see everyone staring at him with fear in their eyes. He stood up and flew away from the park.

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Scanning the busy street for her contact, Sister Maria was becoming one with the shadows.

Strange things happend to Maria,she could see by night, her skin turned into a light shade of green, by moments her body temprature rose and she was able to move faster than anybody she knew.

For the people in her new home she was just a strange kid from the city where everbody was ill.

By intitution Maria knew she had to keep tese things secret, she stayed out of friendship and games.

The years passed and she grew up to a strange teenager, quiet, always wearing large trousers and shirts, hiding her face under a big hat.

Lately there had been rumours of roaming gangs, devastating farms and little townships, but no one seemed to be over-concerned.
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Cap got woken again "sorry kid this is our stop" cap took his bag and got out the car "thank you" cap walked down the main street as he was walking he got knocked in the shoulder "watch were you going mate next time i'll hurt ya onpurpose if walk in front of me"said a man "Me"cap said "yeah you"said the man and he pushed scott "try that again" and scott punched him around the jaw as he did that he turned fully into ice "MUTANT!!!!!' someone shouted a botle hit him in the head "Mutie!!" the man he punched stood up and chased him soon he had the whole street chasing him he ran down an alley then smacked into a wall he stood up and turned around to see the alley being filled with angry people he then started to lift up he looked at his hand "I can fly and turn into ice aswell" he zoomed off and up into the air at the speed of light "and fast" cap felt something hit him in the leg he had to rest he landed on a skyscraper nearby he looked down at his leg "A sleeping darrr......"

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today a mutant tried to attack a little girl but her mother stopped him after that he tried to blow up the whole park using his radiation powers whilst that was happening in another place a man got mugged by an ice controlling mutant who soon flew away with all his money.

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Someone passed near Sister Maria, she smelled the odour of sweat and ... blood. Strange blood!

One night Maria was awakend by the barking of the dog, the air was thick with anticipation, her breath was going heavily, sweat was running down her face.

The dog barked again and she concentrated her senses, she heard her blood pulsing in her veins, the faint tic-tic-tic of a spiders legs on the wall, the calm breathing of the sleeping people in the other rooms and there....

...footsteps outside the house, whispered commands and some metallic clanks.

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Cap woke up from a banging from the roof door he looked at his leg and pulled out the dart as he went to open the door it burst open and smacked him on the head he fell over this man came out with a rifle he shot a dart at cap, cap quickly rolled out the way he stood up and ran at him he tried to take his gun but the man smacked him in the head with it he fell down again cap looked to his side and saw a building on fire, the man was aiming his gun at cap cap flew up in the air then at the man he pulled back his leg and kicked him down the stairs he then flew over to the building and put out the fire.

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Sister Maria knew that smell, a mutant-hunter, one of this norms who take pleasure in chasing and killing mutants, and preferably those mutants who are too weak to present any danger for them.

Maria dressed silently, not knowing what to do, now she could even smell the man outside, a smell of sweat, blood, dirt and cheap alcohol. The dog barked again and she heard a thud, before her inner eye she saw an arrow burrowed deep in the chest of that flee-bitten beast. Maria felt hot tears on her cheeks, she now knew what was happening, she now knew what was coming!

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Johnny has always been a little odd-Hell, he's crazy as a loon! So it wasn't until other people began to see his nightmares that he wondered about the demon in his basement and the evil talking Pillsbury Doughboys in his closet. But when his (very few) friends started to see them too, he started to wonder. Was he attracting the supernatural? Sending images telepathically?

It turned out that he was creating things using negative energy: all the spare unhappiness and hate floating around was collecting into images from his shattered mind. After a while other things fell into place, and he found that he was a very powerful mutant indeed. (Click link for all powers and weaknesses.)

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Johnny wanders down the street, humming 'Mordred's Lullaby'. {OOC-that's what I'm listening to now. It's a cool song.}

A couple of 'cheerleader' type girls are sitting on a bench. "Ooh, look at the freak!" one says.

'Nny twitches. "Did you just call me a freak?"

"Um . . . /yeah/. Why?"

Tentacles burst from the sidewalk and grab them. "I. Am. Not. A. Freak! I am a person, dammit!! You are the freaks: cruel, small-minded subhuman, Hell-bound idiots!!!"

And he takes out a knife and stabs them to death.

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Cold. So cold. That's what it was for a few days before it happened.

Scott Wolfman covered his hand in ice as he reminisced. He was kicked out of school, his four-year scholarship taken away.

Then the other thing happened. Scott ran his claws along the fur that covered his body. S.H.A.R.P........that was the straw that broke the camel's back. It was why he was kicked out of his school. He had managed to conceal his ice power, but this he couldn't take away. He was managing to control it, but stayed in this form for a while.

Scott was never cold, even though it rained. He walked through the park, staying to the shadows, every so often letting out a low growl at humans who walked by. To mutants he merely looked on. He could tell they were mutants by their scent. He learned lately that everything could be identified, everything had a scent.

Scott stopped at a lamp post and slapped a sign on it. He placed his hand on the paper and froze the fallen rain around the paper and the pole.

The paper read:

            ATTENTION! In need of assistance for matters civil or otherwise? Call 617-666-8585 and ask for Cryo-Wolf.

Scott had taken that name as a cover for his late night capers through the city. Scott had put up the paper because he worked as a mercenary and assassin, among other things. People could hire him for anything, as long as he was paid.

Scott didn't even care about humans anymore. They rejected him for his appearance. His own family even disowned him. He used his hatred in his assassinry.

Scott climbed into a huge tree and waited for his cell to ring, hopefully his newest employer was on the other end.

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Nny sees that the newspaper is writing something anti-mutant again. He kicks the machine selling the paper and dents it rather badly. "Idiots."

'It's not the dispenser's fault, you know,' says a voice from nowhere.

"I'm having a bad day, Nailbunny," Nny replies. At his words, the head of a rabbit appears, floating at his shoulder.

'Yes, I heard what D-Boy was telling you.'

"Mr. Eff was almost as bad, though."

'That wasn't Eff, just your own temper.'

". . . point. But he was bugging me earlier."

'I know. What say we go get a Brainfreezie?'

"Ooh, Slushie!!!"

And he rushes off in the general direction of the nearest 7-11.

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Cap froze the fire and then turned around "!!!!!MUTIE!!!!" they started shouting "!!BOO!!" "!!WE DON'T WANT FREAKS!!" they also shouted then bottles and a whole load of things started hitting cap "!!AAAARGH WHY DON'T YOU PEOPLE UNDERSTAND.....AAARGH I WILL SHOW YOU PAIN!!" cap set his hands alight leaving his hoody over his head so no one knew who he was he started shotting fire down at the people below "!!YOU DONT LIKE ME AND I DONT LIKE YOU...ANY OF YOU!!" and he set alight the whole street then all of the sewers started bursting out water andeverything water and fire based blew up or hit people "cool" then a sleeper dart hit him in the neck he stopped all the havok and fell backwards off the building.

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Scott's head shot up. He heard a commotion from from the other side of the park. He leapt from tree to tree in the direction of the noise.

Scott jumped to a high tree and looked out at the street strecthing out in front of him. It looked like a fire had happened, and the smell of burning drifted in the wind.

Scott saw a man fall off a building. His breathing was slowed, hich probably ment he was either unconcscious or asleep.

"Oh no...." Scott jumped from the tree to a building closer to the man and looked on from that building.

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scott woke up in a net the same man who was shooting him on the building was dragging him away he put his hand to the net to try and burn it but nothing hppened "awake den are you" asked the man "pretty much yeah" replied scott "nighty night then" and the man shot him again scott looked up and saw a wolf looking figure he then dozed off.

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Nny had been passing when this whole thing happened. He was holding a cherry soda and covered in blood.

"Hey, a werewolf!"

'That probably isn't real, you know.'

"It isn't my usual kind of hallucination, though. Maybe it's another mutant?"

'Could be, could be.'

'Kill it!'

"Shut up, Mr. Eff."

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Scott's ears twitched. A sound distinct among many. He heard these words, and listened with interest:".......werewolf.........mutant.....kill."

Scott whirled around and peered over the balcony and onto the street below. There was a man staring staight up at him. How could he have found him? Scott didn't want to stick around to find out.

Scott bolted across the rooftop and dove off the edge. He closed his eyes, letting the sounds and smells drive him. He put his hand out and grabbed hold of a flag pole. Scott spun around once and vaulted off, soaring through the air. He latched onto the side of a building and clawed his way around it. hiding in an alley way.

Scott grabbed a fire escape and crawled onto that, hanging himself upside down. Did I lose him?

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Scott awoke with hands, feet and body chained to a wall "eeer, what is this?" he asked the man as he looked around he saw a girl a pretty girl and a boy a handsome boy " this is E.M.A.L Elite Mutant Action League we are going to train you and use you for your full potential but first we have to unleash all your powers" and the man walked over to the girl and injected a green liquid into her neck he then walked back to get a new one "why us?" Scott asked "I don't need to answer quite right now" the man said as he injected the green liquid into scotts neck...

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Nny laughs and follows him. "You scared him!"

'No, you did.'


He enters the alley. "Don't worry, I'm not really gonna hurt you. We freaks gotta stick together, yeah?"

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Scott awoke in a freezing chamber, he had turned fully into metalhe looked at his hands and said "cool i want to know what else i can do" and saying that the chamber door lifted open with the boys and girls opening too "Training has began" a voice said.

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Scott saw the man enter the alley. Ok, maybe I didn't lose him.

Scot flipped himself up and crouched down on the fire escape rail, his claws ready. "How did you know I'm a mutant, and why'd you say kill me?"

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he jumped out along with the girl and boy the man who captured them walked out onto a balcony and said "this is training to improve your powers and get to know eachother the other boy said "Im erick" and he went flying back into the wall "nice to meet you" the girl said Scott looked at her and grinned bit "a bit haaaaaarsh" he said as he went flying back...

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Dark U-mos Apeared In front of Cyro and Nny "Fools You are doomed against me".

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"Saw you jump into the tree, that's all. As for what I said . . . I'm crazy as a f-ing fruitcake. You're cliches, you know that?"

The rabbit head nods. 'Yes, Nny, we know.'

"Can you hear them? Some people can, but I think they're all psychic sensitives, or something like that."

'If you can, then fuck off,' says another voice. This one seems to come from a lump of Styrofoam litter lying on the sidewalk. It stands up, revealing a face like the Pillsbury Doughboy on crack.
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Bump, okay?