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Rudolph Murray, alias Xanders Red, alias Phantasm, was once a normal guy, leading a normal life. Met the love of his life, Lina Invel in highschool; got married just after highschool, and settled down. Rudolph always wanted to join the military, serve his country. His passion, and thousands of hours of training finally got him into a field operation as a recruit. He never wanted a big position. Only one goal decorated Rudolph's mind: to serve his country.

It wasn't long before the higher ups noticed a talented individual that could be put to good use given special training.

One year into marriage: a boy was born. They named him Lan Murray. It was the happiest moment in his life. He felt like he had been given 2 medals of honor, one for having an amazing woman for his wife, and second, for the blessing of a beautiful boy.

They decided they would wait a few years for a second child. Both Rudolph and Lina wanted a second child, but that would have to wait. Lina lived alone, and taking care of 2 toddlers could become a burden for one to bear alone, and they both wanted their kids to be raised properly, not leave them in the hands of a daycare center or babysitter.


A 4 year old Lan ran up to greet his father when the man, wearing his army uniform and a duffle bag on his shoulder stepped out of the jeep onto the lawn. Rudolph hadn't seen the boy in close to 3 years, but they had always talked on the laptop via Skype.

"Lan wouldn't stop talking about you!" Lina came out after Lan.

"I've missed you both so much!" Rudolph got up with Lan in his embrace, enveloping Lina in with his free hand, and hugged the both of them rightly.

A cough sounded from the guys sitting back in the jeep.

Rudolph turned around, "You guys may leave....seriously," He sighed, waving them off.

"Come pick you up in a month," The man in the driver's seat said, before driving off.

"Come, let's go in" Rudolph lead his wife and the kid in his arms and entered their home. It was a quiet neighborhood just outside Rose Town shopping district.