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Even before the terrible incident where he got his powers, Moses was a skilled mercenary and a cold-hearted killer. He was hired one particular night to lead a group of men into a bizarre temple of sorts. Upon entering some of the men started to go berserk and either kill themselves or attack the others. Moses was the last one left and got to come face to face with the entity assaulting him and his team. It was totally unlike anything that should exist in our world and it was full of hatred. Moses fought with it for at least several hours but it felt like an eternity to him. It dragged him kicking and screaming into some twisted dimension of its own and tried to rip his soul from his body, but Moses resisted it. The thing was furious and mutilated Moses in physically impossible ways until he was a horrifically shredded and disfigured version of his former self. To this day he doesn't know if he escaped or if he was released but he made it out of that place.

After his exodus from the temple he spent some time in the jungle recovering from his mental and physical trauma. He discovered some changes to his body and even his reality. Time was moving slower for him and even bullets seemed to crawl past him. He also found after meeting some locals that his new face which was disfigured in inconceivable ways could kill almost anyone just from being seeing. He crafted himself a mask and lived out in the jungle for a time. The locals started telling tales about a lightning fast demon that would tear you apart with razor sharp hooks and could send you straight to hell if you looked at its face. Eventually Moses got out of that place and found out that three whole years passed while he was in the temple plus the two years he had spent in a jungle. That made some sense because the dimension he was taken to had slowed down his experience of time so perhaps more time had passed outside of it than inside.

Moses took four years to track down the mysterious person that had hired him and sent him on that damned mission. He racked up quite a body count and got a frightening reputation until finally he got to the man that had hired him. He tortured them, wishing that he could make them hurt as much as he had, and then in the end he showed them his face. He enjoyed watching their face contort in absolute horror in super slow motion until finally their soul fled from their body.

Nowadays Moses is a mercenary like he used to be, but with his powers he's far deadlier than he once was. Despite his vengeful past he's now a rather calm individual most of the time. He does whatever he's paid to do and has embraced the demonic legend that he created. He doesn't tolerate being betrayed but few people who know about his past are stupid enough to be dishonest or unfair with him. Just pay him good and be straight with him and he'll be a loyal, effective mercenary.

Powers/abilities (also his weakness)

- Nigh unbreakable will

- Superhuman speed (this includes faster healing)

- Master level focus (necessary when you experience the world in slow motion)

- Martial arts (good unarmed and very good with his hook swords)

- Fatal fear inducement (kills anyone without a very strong will like Moses has and won't affect someone who has overcome it once before or been killed by it)

- WEAKNESS: He must remove his respirator mask to reveal his face which can hurt him if he doesn't wear it for several minutes and when seeing his own face in a reflection or photograph time moves normally for him.

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@mister_surreal: Thank you, and thank you also for taking the time to read it.

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Good bio