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The time had come. The Living Weapon known as Morte Rapida had prepared himself both physically and mentally for war. He spent the last 2 months in the fierce mountainous region called the Hutyen Orgil. The Hutyen Mountains are located on unforgiving terrain separating the Mongolian, Chinese, and Soviet borders. At the highest peak of 4,374 meters lies an ancient temple opened to only the most gifted and skilled of martial artists. This temple is secretly known as the Shinteki: which means mental in Japanese.

Morte often retreats to this temple to keep his technique pure and polished maintaining unparallel precision. This temple has existed for thousands of years sometimes training the Imperial guard for countless historical dynasties in Asian history. Many of the mysterious monks who created and trained the Death Angel Assassins receive their initial training at the Shinteki Temple. The silent assassin is able to test himself against men who spend their entire lives perfecting the physical poetry which generates the most lethal forms of combat we often refer to as martial arts.

The Ninjan Warrior also conditions his mind to an uncanny level of awareness enabling him to think and react in ways which can be considered humanly impossible. This conditioning allows Morte to process information at an amazing rate of accuracy in battle which aids his ability to think on his feet. He uses his deadly variety of bladed weapons as if they were a natural extension of his body as he trains. The man known to few as Quick Death trains with such a ferocious sense of resolve for one reason, to maintain his dominance in the ways of unarmed combat, because he is the best.

After the intense spiritual, physical, and mental training segment, Morte prepares to meet his next opponent. Being the analytical tactician he is, the dark hero studied his opponent fiercely before they were to meet to expose both his strengths and weaknesses.

The former Death Angels Assassin traveled to the ancient battle grounds of the Roman Gladiators which once ruled the cultural enriched Italy. It was a midsummer day; the wind carried a slight uncharacteristic chill in the air as if the environment adjusted to the mind frame of a warrior preparing for battle. It made one wonder if the wind carried the same chill during the Roman era before their titanic battles which molded history.

The battleground chosen was the surrounding areas of the Iconic Hadrian's Villa in Roman Italy which was a retreat for the most skilled Roman Gladiators centuries ago.

The practitioner of precision began to shadow box with explosive bursts of hand speed to loosen his joints while awaiting the arrival of his opponent.