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While extremely powerful, as many of her powers/biological traits are based on extensions of real evolutionary science, Trinity cannot survive indefinitely without food [or some other means of taking in energy] and water. Her body would adapt to circumstance and slow her metabolism for more conservative use if needed [though this isn't a freebie and she would see corresponding effects], but she'd still need to replenish eventually.

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While it is typical of Sith to behave in morally questionable ways at best, and morally abhorrent ways at worst, Impero does not exhibit this propensity for "evil", due in part to his belief that good and evil are social constructs used as tools for mass manipulation. He is more interested in the Sith values of individual freedom, ambition, and confrontation of one's emotions. He, therefore, acts almost entirely in his self-interest as he holds that adhering to a preexisting moral obligation to others (strangers specifically) is contradictory to the only moral duty one has; to oneself. So while he may engage in morally ambiguous acts, and he often does, he may also engage in acts often considered "good", but only if it suits his own interests.

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Aelia has been a pretty decent Jedi so far, in her adherence to the code. Recent events were blindsiding and irrevocably changed the circumstance she has known for her entire life.