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This will be a CVU location eventually, and I will be putting up an actual location thread for it for an event/RP it looks like I'm running when I'm ready to start that. This blog is sort of a pre-location to get the setup done.

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Known as "The Twin Cities," it's impossible to separate Minneapolis and St. Paul. The cities have a combined population of over 3 million people. St. Paul has the honor of being named the capitol city of Minnesota, which citizens are eager to point out when pretending that St. Paul and Minneapolis are different cities. Nearby suburbs host the famous Mall of America and the Minnesota Zoo. Both cities are serviced by the Minneapolis regional airport. Public transportation within the cities is a work in progress, mostly a work and not so much progress. A subway system services some areas, but it is not particularly well-developed or convenient.

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Like much of Minnesota, the Twin Cities pride themselves on their lakes and natural beauty. Climate is pleasant in the late spring and summer, but long, cold winters make plenty of time for ice fishing and snowmobiling. Snowfall in the cities is much less than "up north" and the people of central Minnesota pride themselves on their balmy-by-their-standards climate.

The people of Minnesota are often remarked to be unfailingly polite, and often it can take newcomers some time to unravel the complex linguistics inherent to the area. Such examples include:

"That's interesting." When talking about food, this signifies unpleasantness, often that associated with spicy or foreign foods. The cities are more culinarily adventurous than many more rural Minnesotans, but the phrase holds. When talking about an event, it is more likely to be a declamation than otherwise.

"That's different." A brutal condemation, used for such auspicious events as That Time Aunt Sally Brought That Curry Thing To The Church PotLuck.

The "So... then" construction. Brackets a question to which the answer is assumed to be yes. "So, are you going fishing this weekend, then?"

"A guy could do that." Also a negative, implying "But there is no way in heck I would." E.g.: "John fried his fish with paprika last weekend." "...I guess a guy could do that." "Yep. It was different."

Far more others will certainly surface.

It should also be known that the Minnesotans are by and large a punctual people. There is no such thing as fashionable lateness. If you say "I'll be there at 7," it is assumed that you mean "I will be there at 6:50." By 7, your friends will be checking their phones for messages and wondering if you are okay.

That all being said, it truly is a nice place to live.

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