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Place: Bank Vault

Time: 2:36 am

Midnightist has become aware of a group of thieves hired to rob a series of banks of several precious valuables. He find out that the owner of one of the valuables had intend to collect the insurance on his possessions and then sell the items on the black market for even greater profit. He interrogated the owner to find where the robbery was supposed to happen and teleported there to stop it. He is able to get in with out trouble and quickly dispatches the criminals. However the destruction caused by both forces attracted the attention of the Drifter. He had been hired to make sure nothing would go wrong during the robbery and since something was going wrong it was time for him to do his job.
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A bank vault somewhere in the Bronx was getting robbed, And out of the shadows, a man walked out. Wearing a purple mask and brown leather jacket, underneath said jacket was a a black and purple spandex suit. The moon gently shining on suit, the cold icy tips of the wind caressing his face. Slowly He cracked his neck and allowed but a single playing card to slide down from the top of his sleeve into his fingers grasp.  This was Drifter. Why was this Fraternity member here? Easy answer. A group of  thugs and random thieves and the like were planning to rob a few dozen banks, stealing the diamonds and gold and silver and things of higher value. Now a new kid on the block was about to ruin the whole plan, He found out the owner of one of these precious items was going to sell it on the black market in an exchange for a boatload of dirty money. After finding this out, Whats a hero gonna do? Ruin the plan like always.

Drifter was very arrogant man and of course thought as long as he was watching over this "Job", No one would dare go near the bank but he was wrong. A man known as "Midnightist" had arrived, through the eye-holes of his mask, he saw the hero dispatching the criminals left and right and within minutes,  Deciding to keep distance......at least for now. Drifter began to speak,

"Hey there, big boy" Drifter let known his intentions of death as he walked closer, slowly dragging his finger across the bank vault's wall. Feeling every last spec of dust.

He gave a twisted grin as he looked into the hero's eyes "You know. I'm not sure I know you, but you'll be fun to kill".

Now, He decided to go up close. With phenomenal speeds, Drifter dashed after him. The same single Playing card in hand, and without a second to spare, Drifter's fingers let go of the card's grasp.  Letting the Ace of hearts fly forth, aiming it directly at the hero's neck.

Several other cards fell into the Drifter's hand and as he smiled, he only said one sentence "Boy, Tonight we got the full house"

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Midnightist was not impressed by Drifters wit or or his aim. Midnightist had dodged faster and more powerful hits than a simple playing card. Midnightist reached behind his back he pulled his collapsed staff from the back of his belt and deflected the card directly toward Drifter's head only to pass by his face a mere inch from his jugular vein.

 "Was that supposed to scare, a playing card, what were expecting me to get a paper cut and maybe die of infection, please. If you going to fight like some little Gambit wannabe than please go find someone else to bother."

Midnightist had heard many things about the being known as the Drifter. He was aware of the fact that Drifter had changed from the side of Devils to angels on many different occasion when the need or feeling arouse which made an unlikely amount of distain rise up in his mouth the was very uncharacteristic of the normally cool and calm fighter when in battle. Although only a sliver of emotion this sliver could be seen by many as an evil or dark omen as to how this seemingly simple battle would end, but Midnightist was at no point thinking of how the battle may end save for the normal thoughts of his opponents moves and quickly lunged at the Drifter in a quick burst which with a closer look one could see the very ground under his foot rise up as he made his move aiming for the jujular for which he had earlier purposely missed