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Mexico City

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Mexico City (Ciudad de México), is the capital and most populous city of Mexico and is one of the most important financial centers in the Americas. It is located in the Valley of Mexico (Valle de México), a large valley in the high plateaus at the center of Mexico, at an altitude of 2,240 metres (7,350 ft). The city consists of sixteen municipalities (previously called boroughs).

The 2009 estimated population for the city proper was approximately 8.84 million people, with a land area of 1,485 square kilometres (573 sq mi). Mexico City population is 21.2 million people, making it the largest metropolitan area of the world's western hemisphere and both the tenth-largest agglomeration and largest Spanish-speaking city in the world

The Greater Mexico City has a gross domestic product (GDP) of US$411 billion in 2011, making Mexico City urban agglomeration one of the economically largest metropolitan areas in the world. The city was responsible for generating 15.8% of Mexico's Gross Domestic Product and the metropolitan area accounted for about 22% of total national GDP. As a stand-alone country, in 2013, Mexico City would be the fifth-largest economy in Latin America—five times as large as Costa Rica's and about the same size as Peru's

Mexico’s capital is both the oldest capital city in the Americas and one of two founded by Amerindians (Native Americans), the other being Quito. The city was originally built on an island of Lake Texcoco by the Aztecs in 1325 as Tenochtitlan, which was almost completely destroyed in the 1521 siege of Tenochtitlan, and subsequently redesigned and rebuilt in accordance with the Spanish urban standards. In 1524, the municipality of Mexico City was established, known as México Tenochtitlán, and as of 1585 it was officially known as Ciudad de México (Mexico City). Mexico City served as the political, administrative and financial center of a major part of the Spanish colonial empire. After independence from Spain was achieved, the federal district was created in 1824.


Mexico City is located in the Valley of Mexico, located in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt in the high plateaus of south-central Mexico. With minimum altitude of 2,200 meters (7,200 feet) above sea level and is surrounded by mountains and volcanoes.This valley has no natural drainage outlet for the waters that flow from the mountainsides, making the city vulnerable to flooding, however drainage was engineered through the use of canals and tunnels to assist.

Since the beginning of the 20th century the city has been slowly sinking, as much as nine metres (30 ft) in some areas due to the heavily saturated clay that Mexico city rests upon. This is because the city was built upon the land that was left from Lake Texcoco. There is also frequent seismic activity to the city.

The average annual temperature varies from 12 to 16 °C (54 to 61 °F), depending on the altitude of the borough. The temperature is rarely below 3 °C (37 °F) or above 30 °C (86 °F). The lowest temperature.

Federal District

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The Federal District accounts for nearly one-fourth of the gross domestic product of Mexico. More than two-thirds of the district’s income comes from the service sector and about one-fourth derives from manufacturing. Its vast range of products includes chemicals, plastics, cement, electronics, paper, and processed foods and beverages. The Federal District has the largest concentration of automobiles in the country, along with some of the most polluted air. Although it is crisscrossed by networks of bus, streetcar, subway, and railway lines, its transportation system is inadequate for its swelling population. Unemployment and the lack of safe drinking water, electricity, and sewer systems are also major concerns in many poorer neighborhoods. Nevertheless, migrants from throughout Mexico have continued to move to the capital and adjacent zones in search of economic and social opportunities, making metropolitan Mexico City one of the most populous urban areas in the world.

The executive branch of the Federal District is led by an elected chief of government (jefe del gobierno), who serves a single six-year term. The members of the district’s Legislative Assembly are elected to terms of three years. Many administrative functions are centralized, but other powers are divided among the district’s 16 subordinate delegaciones (administrative subdivisions akin to boroughs). Among the district’s many and varied cultural institutions are the National Museum of Anthropology (founded 1964) and the National Autonomous University of Mexico (founded 1551; moved to its present campus in 1954). Clusters of pre-Hispanic ruins are still visible throughout the region, along with colonial Spanish, 19th-century Mexican, and modern buildings. The historic center of Mexico City and Xochimilco were together designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1987, as was the Luis Barragán House and Studio (which honors the architect) in 2004. Area 571 square miles (1,479 square km). Pop. (2000) 8,605,239; (2005) 8,720,916; (2010) 8,851,080.

Boroughs and neighborhoods

For administrative purposes, the Federal District is divided into 16 "delegaciones" or boroughs. While not fully equivalent to a municipality, the 16 boroughs have gained significant autonomy, and since 2000 their heads of government are elected directly by plurality (they were previously appointed by the head of government of the Federal District). Given that Mexico City is organized entirely as a Federal District, most of the city services are provided or organized by the Government of the Federal District and not by the boroughs themselves, while in the constituent states these services would be provided by the municipalities. The 16 boroughs of the Federal District with their 2010 populations are:

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1. Álvaro Obregón (pop. 727,034)

2. Azcapotzalco (pop. 414,711)

3. Benito Juárez (pop. 385,439)

4. Coyoacán (pop. 620,416)

5. Cuajimalpa (pop. 186,391)

6. Cuauhtémoc (pop. 531,831)

7. Gustavo A. Madero (pop. 1,185,772)

8. Iztacalco (pop. 384,326)

9. Iztapalapa (pop. 1,815,786)

10. Magdalena Contreras (pop. 239,086)

11. Miguel Hidalgo (pop. 372,889)

12. Milpa Alta (pop. 130,582)

13. Tláhuac (pop. 360,265)

14. Tlalpan (pop. 650,567)

15. Venustiano Carranza (pop. 430,978)

16. Xochimilco (pop. 415,007)

The boroughs are composed by hundreds of colonias or neighborhoods, which have no jurisdictional autonomy or representation. The Historic Center is the oldest part of the city (along with some other, formerly separate colonial towns such as Coyoacán and San Ángel), some of the buildings dating back to the 16th century. Other well-known central neighborhoods include Condesa, known for its Art Deco architecture and its restaurant scene; Colonia Roma, a beaux arts neighborhood and artistic and culinary hot-spot, the Zona Rosa, formerly the center of nightlife and restaurants, now reborn as the center of the LGBT and Korean-Mexican communities; and Tepito and La Lagunilla, known for their local working-class foklore and large flea markets. Santa María la Ribera and San Rafael are the latest neighborhoods of magnificent Porfiriato architecture seeing the first signs of gentrification.

West of the Historic Center (Centro Histórico) along Paseo de la Reforma are many of the city's wealthiest neighborhoods such as Polanco, Lomas de Chapultepec, Bosques de las Lomas, Santa Fe, and (in the State of Mexico) Interlomas, which are also the city's most important areas of class A office space, corporate headquarters, skyscrapers and shopping malls. Nevertheless, areas of lower income colonias exist in some cases cheek-by-jowl with rich neighborhoods, particularly in the case of Santa Fe.

The south of the city is home to some other high-income neighborhoods such as Colonia del Valle And Jardines del Pedregal, and the formerly separate colonial towns of Coyoacán, San Ángel, and San Jerónimo. Along Avenida Insurgentes from Paseo de la Reforma, near the center, south past the World Trade Center and UNAM university towards the Periférico ring road, is another important corridor of corporate office space. The far southern boroughs of Xochimilco and Tláhuac have a significant rural population with Milpa Alta being entirely rural.

East of the center are mostly lower-income areas with some middle-class neighborhoods such as Jardín Balbuena. Urban sprawl continues further east for many miles into the State of Mexico, including Ciudad Nezahualcoyotl, now increasingly middle-class, but once full of informal settlements. These kind of slums are now found on the eastern edges of the metropolitan area in the Chalco area.

North of the Historic Center, Azcapotzalco and Gustavo A. Madero have important industrial centers and neighborhoods that range from established middle-class colonias such as Claveria and Lindavista to huge low-income housing areas that share hillsides with adjacent municipalities in the State of Mexico. In recent years much of northern Mexico City's industry has moved to nearby municipalities in the State of Mexico. Northwest of Mexico City itself is Ciudad Satélite, a vast middle to upper-middle-class residential and business area.

Influence of Los Zamoras

During The Mexican War of Independence in 1810-1821, the Spanish military invaded Mexico City with an iron fist. When citizens refused to cooperate with the Spanish Army they began killing the citizens and began destroying the city. However, in the midst of the chaos a single family took it upon themselves to change the course of history by leading the rebels against the Spanish Army and even managed to push the Spaniards out of Mexico City. The family who lead this last push against the Spanish Military were Los Zamoras.

Because of the families impact during the Mexican War of Independance, they have always been seen as a family of high status and were offered to be in charge of a borough, Xochimilco, when the opportunity arose. The family took the opportunity and now have political influence within the city itself. The family also has a business in the heart of Xochimilco that deals with Medium services to the public.


The majority (82%) of the residents in Mexico City are Roman Catholic, higher than the national percentage, though it has been decreasing over the last decades. Many other religions and philosophies are also practiced in the city: many different types of Protestant groups, different types of Jewish communities, Buddhist, Islamic and other spiritual and philosophical groups. There are also growing numbers of irreligious people, whether agnostic or atheist.

Law enforcement

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The Secretariat of Public Security of the Federal District (Secretaría de Seguridad Pública del Distrito Federal – SSP) manages a combined force of over 90,000 officers in the Federal District (DF). The SSP is charged with maintaining public order and safety in the heart of Mexico City. The historic district is also roamed by tourist police, aiming to orient and serve tourists. These horse-mounted agents dress in traditional uniforms.

Under policies enacted by Mayor Marcelo Ebrard between 2009 and 2011, Mexico City underwent a major security upgrade with violent and petty crime rates both falling significantly despite the rise in violent crime in other parts of the country. Some of the policies enacted included the installation of 11,000 security cameras around the city and a very large expansion of the police force. Mexico City has one of the world's highest police officer-to-resident ratios, with one uniformed officer per 100 citizens.

Art, Museums, Music, Theater and Entertainment


Because of the rich history of Mexico City, it is blessed with early colonial art dating back to the time during the Aztec rule. There is also a lot of religious themed artistic expressions in Mexico city because of the country's Catholic views. After the Mexican Revolution an artistic movement originated in Mexico City, muralism. Many works of famous muralists such as Jose Clemente Orozco, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Diego Rivera are displayed in numerous buildings throughout the city. Frida Kahol, wife of Rivera, who was one of the most renowned Mexican Painters, lived in Mexico city and her house has become a museum that displays many of her works. Other artists have immigrated to Mexico city such as Leopoldo Mendez, Remedios Varo and Jose Luis Cuevas.


Home of Frida Kahol
Home of Frida Kahol

Mexico city has several museums dedicated to art that include Mexican Colonial, modern, contemporary and international art. The Museo Tamayo, Museo de Arte Moderno (Museum of Modern Art), University Museum/Contemporary Art, The Museo Soumaya, The Colleccion Jumex, Museo Jumex and other many museums can be found throughout Mexico City that are all open to the public. Some of these museums houses a large collection of pieces by all major Mexican artists of the last 400 years and also hosts many visiting exhibits. There are more than 150 museums throughout Mexico city and most can be visited from Tuesday to Sunday from 10am-5pm. One recent addition to city’s museum is the Museum of Remembrance and Tolerance that showcases all major historical events of discrimination and genocide.

Music, theater and entertainment

Mexico City is home to a number of orchestras offering season programs which include Mexico city Philharmonic, National Symphony Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra and Mineria Symphony Orchestra, however there are also many smaller ensembles that enrich the city's musical scene.

The city is also a center of popular culture and music, having multitude of venues hosting Spanish and foreign-language performers that include 10,00 seat National Auditorium that regularly schedules Spanish and English-Language pop and rock artists as well as world leading ensembles.

The world’s largest dome screen is found at The Papalote Children’s Museums. There are also amusement parks such as Six Flags Mexico (largest amusement park in Latin America) located in Ajusco Neighborhood in Tlalpan Borough, southern Mexico city. During winter the main square of the Zocalo is transformed into a gigantic ice skating rink, which is stated to be the largest in the world behind Moscow’s Red Square.

The Cineteca Nacional (the Mexican Film Library), near the Coyoacán suburb, shows a variety of films, and stages many film festivals, including the annual International Showcase. Cinépolis and Cinemex, the two biggest film business chains, also have several film festivals throughout the year, with both national and international movies. Mexico City tops the world in number of IMAX theatres, providing residents and visitors access to films ranging from documentaries to popular blockbusters on these especially large, dramatic screens.


Association football is Mexico’s most popular and most televised franchised sport. Mexico city has four teams that include América, UNAM, Cruz Azul and Diablos Rojos del México. Mexico City also remains to be the only Latin American city to host the Olympic Games, having held the Summer Olympics 1968. They have also hosted NASCAR Nationwide Series and Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series.

Baseball is another professional sport in the city and is home to Mexican League baseball’s Mexico Red Devils. Mexico city also has about ten Little Leagues for young baseball players.

Mexico City also hosted an NFL regular season game in 2005 at the Azteca Stadium. The city has also hosted several NBA pre-season games and international basketball FIBA Americas Championship.

Bullfighting also takes place every Sunday during bullfighting season which is typically November through January. These are held at Plaza Mexico which seats about 50,000 people, making it the world’s largest bullring.

Mexico City's golf courses have hosted Women's LPGA action, and two Men's Golf World Cups. Courses throughout the city are available as private as well as public venues.

Mexico City Festivals

Epiphany (Dia de los Reyes Magos)

Epiphany (Twelfth Night, Dia de los Reyes Magos,Three Kings Day) is the day when gifts are exchanged in a traditional manner. In the distant past, January 6th was the day when the Three Kings arrived at the Nativity to give their gifts to baby Jesus. On this day, the Rosca de los Reyes (King's Loaf) is served, a round doughnut-like cake, which contains a little plastic doll somewhere inside. By tradition, if you are served the slice that contains the doll, you must host a party on Dia de la Candelaria in February.

Benito Juarez’ Birthday

Benito Juarez’ Monument
Benito Juarez’ Monument

This event is celebrated on third Monday in March, to celebrate the birthday of one of Mexico's most famous and revered heroes and the first president of the country, Benito Juarez. The day is marked with a public holiday along with political and social events, fireworks, contests, dancing, etc.

Carnival (Carnaval)

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This festival takes place 46 days before the Easter Sunday (3rd day preceding Ash Wednesday). The carnival kicks off a five-day celebration before the Catholic lent. Beginning on the weekend before Lent, the carnival is celebrated with full enthusiasm accompanied with parades, floats and dancing in the streets.

Semana Santa

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Holy Week in Mexico is an important religious observance as well as important vacation period. It is preceded by several observances such as Lent and Carnival, as well as an observance of a day dedicated to the Virgin of the Sorrows, as well as a mass marking the abandonment of Jesus by the disciples. Holy Week proper begins on Palm Sunday, with the palms used on this day often woven into intricate designs. In many places processions, masses and other observances can happen all week, but are most common on Monday Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday, with just about every community marking the crucifixion of Jesus in some way on Good Friday. Holy Saturday is marked by the Burning of Judas, especially in the center and south of the country, with Easter Sunday usually marked by a mass as well as the ringing of church bells.


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Lent is celebrated with great fervor and energy in all parts of Mexico. This religious festival of 40 days starts from Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. This is a period of temperance and self-restraint for the Christian community. Some Mexicans observe meatless Fridays, some of them eat seafood or some people give up eating sweets. The ‘empanadas de vigilia’ is the popular dish prepared during lent.

Independence Day (Dia de la Independencia )

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September 16th is Mexico's most important and revered National Holiday. It is an official holiday that commemorates Mexico's Constitution. From the evening of September 15th, festivities begin in the city. At 11pm, the president of the Republic shouts the Cry (El Grito) of "Viva Mexico" from the balcony of the National Palace - an event televised and broadcast on radio to every nook and cranny of the nation, as Mexicans cry back with "Viva!" in a deeply traditional annual ritual. The Zocalo in Mexico City brims and buzzes with unabated excitement. Celebrations are particularly lively at the revolutionary Colonial centres, especially Queretaro and San Miguel de Allende - important and significant places before, during and after the war of Independence from Spain.

Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos)

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Day of the Dead (Spanish: Día de los Muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout Mexico, in particular the Central and South regions, and by people of Mexican ancestry living in other places, especially the United States. It is acknowledged internationally in many other cultures. The multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. In Mexico city, Dia de los Muertos is a public holiday. It is celebrated October 31, November 1 and November 2 to coincide with the Western Christian residuum of All hallow tide: All Saints' Eve, All Saints' Day, and All Souls' Day. Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars called ofrendas, honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts. Visitors also leave possessions of the deceased at the graves.

Dia de la Revolucion (Day of the Revolution)

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This is a major national holiday, which commemorates the end of the revolution in 1910 after the defeat of Dictator José de la Cruz Porfirio Díaz Mori, after ruling for 35 years. The day is celebrated on the third Monday in November, and is marked with social events, and the festive parties are as loud and significant like the Independence Day celebrations.

Our Lady of Guadalupe (Di de Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe)

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Not a public holiday, but it is probably Mexico's biggest religious festivals celebrated on 12th December. The people of Mexico celebrate this day with a mass ceremony and a traditional fair in honor of the Lady Guadalupe. The day is packed with free concerts on the Basilica de Guadalupe's plaza.

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This looks awesome. Fleshing out the world with new locations. Love it!

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Easily one of the best location thread posts I have ever witnessed! I am in loooove with it! Very proud of your hard work! <3

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@elisa_zamora@feral_nova: (hey, you have a new resident. i'll be on my best behavior)

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Leases a newly minted penthouse within the jewel of Mexico City....

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Middle age caucasian couple romened into “Los Zamoras”, a quaint shop in the center of the bustling Xochimilco section of Mexico City. It was easily seen that this couple were tourists, their t-shirts saying ‘Viva Mexico’, the fanny pack the woman was wearing and the socks with sandals that the man standing next to her had on his feet. Tourists always wandered into the shop, but they were always the more difficult customers to take care of. They never wanted what Los Zamoras had to offer, they wanted a show. They wanted the crystal ball to connect to the spiritual world, the shaking of the table to show that the spirits crossed over, the harsh gust of wind indoors that was suppose to represent their love one, it was all just entertainment for them. Their eyes were wandering the store as they finally settled on La Bruja de Mexico herself, Elisa. Quickly they began scrolling through their smartphones, the light of their screen shining against their slightly burned faces from being in the sun too long

“Uh, hole-la!” The man began, struggling to simply say hello. Elisa struggled to hold back a chuckle brewing in her throat as she nod her head to them.

“Hello, welcome to Los Zamoras.” La Bruja de Mexico smiled as she stood behind the counter. The couple sighed in relief.

“Oh thank God you speak English!” The man began, walking up to the counter with the woman in toe. “We’ve gone through like five shops and NONE of them have English speaking workers. You would think being a city filled with tourists this city would have more people who spoke English!”

It was like this all the time, tourists always assumed that the city spoke whatever language they did. Rarely do guests of the city take the time to learn Spanish themselves. “Well, I’m sorry you two are having a hard time with that. Is there something I can help you with?”

“Yeah, we’re looking for the McDonalds, we’re so hungry and sick of tacos, you know?” The woman stepped up, to the counter. "All this salsa is just too much for Herbert, it's giving him horrible heart burn and gas, you know?"

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In that moment the door opened once more in the shop as a young woman began walking through the shop. Her blue eyes darting over to Elisa for a moment before the two tourist. With a slight nod of her head and a guild of her hand towards the back of the store, the young woman made her way through without speaking a word. Business needed to be done and these gringos were taking up her time. “Oh, I’m so sorry, we don’t have one here in the Xochimilco area, but Gustavo Madero has one.” She spoke with a smile as the two tourists let out a frustrated sigh. With a wave of their hands they said thank you and goodbye as Marta, her youngest sister, of 18 years walked up to her. Their chocolate brown eyes looked at each other a moment. No words needed, she would tend to the store as Elisa tended to business in the back.

While the front of the store dealt with simple shop items, such as charms, herbs, incense and such, the back is where all… for lack of a better word… magic happened. Her hand pressed against the back door, as she pushed it open. The back of the store was protected by Zamora magic. No technology was functional in the room itself. Cellphones, recording devices, satellites, none could work inside the room. It was also impossible to physically get inside on your own if you were not a Zamora, or escorted by one. The necro magic that protected the shop wouldn’t allow it. But as she walked through the door a woman sat before a circular table with a single glass orb sitting in the center.

“You guys don’t really use that, do you?” The young woman, who was three years younger than Elsa, spoke with a cheeky grin, standing from where she was sitting she turned her body to face the Bruja de Mexico City.

Elisa, with an amused smile, began shaking her head. “Of course not, it’s just for show for the tourists. I blame your Hollywood movies.”

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The women had been acquaintances for the last four years and had created a friendship that was fairly unique. Though the two lived in separate countries, they saw each other sometimes several times a month. Their businesses kept them in contact with each other. Embracing her friend she then planted a kiss upon her cheek, a normal greeting custom in the Mexican culture for friends. “It’s good too see you Sarah. It has been far too long.”

Letting each other go the two women sat down across from each other. The younger woman, blond hair, blue eyes, sat tall as she shook her head lightly as if disagreeing with her friend. “We just saw each other last week.”

“Aye, still too long. How are the girls? Y Efrain? Is he staying out of trouble?”

“Ha!” The leader of Las Catrinas threw her head back. “Of course not. But the girls are doing well. And your family? I see Marta is working the store now?”

“Mi familia is well, Marta is helping with the store because she’s better at handling these tourists than I am. But, enough small talk, I know you must be eager to get home to your own family. Shall we?”

With a firm nod of her head the Alvarez placed a black backpack upon the table that gave a heavy “thud” as it was planted. “It took me about a week, it seemed he had several connections in the sewers of the city. But don't worry, even the last of his followers are gone.” She pushed the bag towards the middle of the table as Elisa grasped the straps with her hands. Unzipping the back a stench of rotting flesh hit her nares as she took in a deep breath of death itself. Her brown eyes looking into the hazel eyes of the decapitated man that had been causing problems in Mexico City. He had burned many buildings in the Iztacalco and Benito Juárez, raped women, killed police officers and even attempted to break into the Federal District more than once.

“El Vencedor, we finally meet.” she spoke as she reached in the bag, pulling a small black plastic bag inside. Opening it showed a heart of she assumed belonged to him. “You even brought me his heart, que linda. I'll be sure to put it into good use.” She smiled as she then handed a white envelope to Sarah. “Thank you Sarah, I knew I could count on you.”

Grasping the envelope the La Catrina opened it to show several hundred dollar bills inside. “No, no, thank you for always coming to me for your pest issues. After everything you’ve done Efrain, myself and Las Catrinas, this is the least we could do for you.” With that the two women stood up as Sarah tucked the envelope inside her shirt. Giving a farewell hug as Elisa escorted her friend out of the back room and to the front. “Marta, hasta la próxima vez!” <Until next time!>

“Da la bienvenida a Efrain para mi!” The younger Zamora smiled and waved goodbye as their family friend walked back into Mexico City.

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I like it. Feels diverse and stylishly authentic.

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Vael walked the streets of Mexico City. She'd traveled here only recently but a simple spell allowed her to speak the language fluently. Actually, it didn't, it translated everything she said for her, made it sound as if she spoke the language while she was actually using English. To those who spoke English, it translated nothing for it had no need to do so.

She strolled quietly with her hands clasped in front of her, her staff as ever strapped to her back. She smiled occasionally at the occasional man that sent eyes her way and though her smile said pleasant things, her eyes quickly informed them they didn't have a chance.

I am missing something, there's a lacuna in my memory...I don't know why but it started in Gothic City. What I need is renewed focus, something to take my mind off of it and then in time I can search out an answer to that question. First though, a queen needs a throne and I'm tired of not having one. Oh look, a magic ship.

She suppressed a giggle. Magic shops always amused her. She entered Los Zamoras and glanced up at the ringing bell when the door opened. I hate bells. She shrugged and moved on into the store, proceeding to wander casually from display to display like any other tourist, aside from her expensive clothing and more expensive weapon on her back. That and the fact she was a spellcaster and not a layman.

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La Burja de Mexico City stood silently at the counter desk, typing away upon her laptop, her dark brown hair hanging around her face as her glasses sat on the bridge of her nose. Because her father was in charge of the Xochimilco district, her family was constantly involved with whatever was going in with the city. Mexico in general was currently flourishing with tourists, which happens every year in October for one reason… Dia de los Muertos, or in English, Day of the Dead. While all over Mexico city the several districts would be celebrating in their own way, it was the southern portions that were known for putting out the best festivals, and Los Zamoras were directly involved with it. Within two weeks the streets will be overflowing with tourists to watch the age old tradition of celebrating the life of those who passed. It was Elisa who was in charge of making sure all vendors and festival workers were accounted for and ready for the celebration that was to happen in about two weeks.

But as she was working the bell of the shop rang, but instead of looking up first to see who it was… a chill ran down the back of her neck. She only had this sensation when someone who was not of the norm walked into her shop. Her chocolate brown eyes slowly began looking upward at the visitor. Her clothing told her two things; one that she was not from around the city or Mexico for that matter and two that if she didn’t care she was drawing that much attention from petty thieves that roam throughout the city… she wasn’t a typical visitor. But what really caught her attention, was the weapon that was upon her back. She was surprised authorities hadn’t stopped her from roaming around with one. Was she one of those heroes or villains she always read about?

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Who was she? “Welcome” Elisa’s lips slightly curled in a smile as she pulled the glasses away from her eyes and set them down next to her laptop before carefully closing it. “Is there anything I can help you find today?” Spanish accent just lightly brushed against her words as she spoke to the fellow woman, curious about what kind of business she had in Mexico City.

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Vael turned from one of the shelves to direct her attention to the woman behind the counter. She smiled the smile of royalty. "I do not know." She said honestly. "Sometimes I just go in and look without knowing what brought me in in the first place." She said. "I am new to this country and I have been told about something called the Day of the Dead, I thought perhaps I would come and see how literal the term is. When I saw your shop, I thought to stop in and see if anything catches my eye." She shifted her gaze around the shop for a moment before once more returning her attention to the woman and stepping closer to the counter. "Do you have anything naturally arcane?" She asked. "I am afraid books and other items of study do me rather little good." Being a natural caster seemed rare in this world from her experiences thus far. People often pointed her to books on spellcasting, but those books, even when real, had no aide for her. Vael did not learn to cast, she simply cast as naturally as others might take a breath.

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@elisa_zamora: @maya_summers


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" .... my grandfather Yoshi Watanabe started with robotics when he founded Wata-dai. Since then Wata-dai has branched into different, not only business ventures, but scientific ventures. We keep it in the family at it's crux."Shinji sat the Noticias Univision Network explaining his families latest scientific venture in Genetic Engineering in American Spanish.

"And you said your mother, Carmen Barranquilla-Tsukazaki is the Department's Chief Executive Officer of the GE sector and Pharmaceuticals? How does she balance the two?" the news anchor, Enrique Acevedo emphasized his mother's Colombian surname. Shinji visibly ignored the excess, if the general public caught it they would just put two-and-two together: Shinji was Colombian and Japanese.

"Well, you're hearing it here first, but she stepped down from her Pharmaceutical position to give GE her 200%. Dr. Miu Okunaga is succeeding the Pharmaceutical position."

"Oh..." Newscaster Enrique referenced his notes for a point he could pull on Miu Okunaga, but Shinji knew he had no details on the executive update. The teleprompter flashed red for a break. "Alright, we're going to take a quick break and continue with Wata-dai prodigy himself.....Shinji Tsukazaki. We'll be right back." Shinji and Enrique engaged in a short conversation as the camera panned out and cut to commercial.

"--CUT!"a bell rung and the cast and crew went to work arranging and pampering the newscasters. Shinji stepped away to speak with his manager Williford and amazonian bodyguard Christinna Winguard.

"You might as well plug EVERYTHING in my notes." Williford was too ecstatic grasping Shinji's arms. "Here, read over them real quick!"

"You're MY PR manager, not my families. You work for ME. You study ME. You help me figure out if a snapchat Dog filter adds an extra umph or extra mehh to my public persona. That's all."

Christinna Winguard snickered and lowered her voice to a tight earshot. "He's doing an awesome job at that. You don't see that girl recording your little fit?"

"Who is that?" Shinji shrugged off Williford's grip and peered at the peeping piper. "Walk with me Winguard. Stay put Willi."

He stirred up a visibly light and jolly conversation with Christinna, pulling a smirk. "I'm gonna break that bitches phone on 'accident', back me up" he conspired.

Shinji and Christinna towered over the 5'7" girl. "Shinji Tsukazaki" he offered his hand.

"How's Chelie? Where is she?"the girl shot back an entitled grin.

Stoicism perfected, Shinji's feigned confusion, "Excuse me? I'm not familiar with a Chelie."

She shoved her cracked iPhone screen in his face and scrolled through an onslaught of photos of Shinji pictured with a bronze skinned girl with curly, golden hair.

His mind made rapid calculations to turn the plot of the game in his favor. "Chelie? I know her as Esme. Is Chelie her real name?"Shinji started walking towards the hallway. Christinna followed.

The girl was visibly shocked and taken out of her element. Shinji responded far from her expectation. She followed behind.

"Esme? What are you doing with her?" the girl said walking into the hallway as Shinji peered out the embered Mexico City skyline.

"You want me to dumb it down for you or get scientific?" Shinji kept his back to the girl as Christinna watched her approach.

"Dumb it down." the girl walked like she was on eggshells. She peered out the window then down the hall. It was faintly illuminated from the city lights.

"Dumb it down? Are you brain dead?"

"Wha---ack!--ack!--hyuck!" the girl had two hands squeezing her neck. She tried to pry them off, but the grip was too tight. Vise-like. Her body rose off the ground and was suspended in the air. Something supernatural defied gravity and held the girl firm in the air. Her grip on her iPhone waned and dropped onto the floor. She watched blinking snippets of Shinji Tsukazaki kneeling to grab her phone before her entire essence escaped her body.

No Caption Provided

"Winguard, get rid of her body. Tell Willi to tamper with their CCTV footage. I'm about to go live again." he switched the girl's phone on silent, slid it into his pocket and left the Winguard and the girl in the shadows, whipping on JOOP! sunglasses and his cellphone to post a #advertisment clip on his Snapchat....

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@mr__mercury: Your post are like reading Novels. I loved it!

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From the very start I was already impressed, then you even involved like the religious side of it and everything. Now I am very impressed. Wonderful!

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"Alright, I'll start with the obvious question. Why the hell am I in Mexico?" said the 5'10, blonde hair blue-eyed LAPD detective. The two were well out of their jurisdiction by more than 1900 miles, Davion, her partner; had a tendency to drag her across various areas of the North American Southwest sector looking for missing pieces to their cases. Luckily for the Red bottom wearing Blonde, she had favorable connections in interpol.

Maya found the exploits to be cumbersome, they often interfere with her almost non-existent social life; and pretty much guareenteed she'd still be playing hero long after she removed her Solace uniform.

Like her, Davion was a meta human, as a matter of fact they were the only two in the precint; and typically kept it under wraps. It gave them the advantage, Maya's ability to locate anyone and Davion's ability to research clues frequently brought they high praise from the LA county DA.

"Welp, I used a few of my contacts; and found out that the Del Rey Missing Person's case has roots here in Mexico." He replied with his brown eyes buried in an endless sea of paper. Maya's brow furrowed a bit, standing with her hands folded above her ebony partner; her mind mind scouring the many components of the case that they'd already discovered.

Before she went off the grid, The Goddess Ziccarra Liafador did a sting in L.A resulting in the arrest of Yasmin Del Rey, a notorious Queen-Pin that used a local brothel as a front for both Sex and Human traffiking. The top interogaters in the LAPD were able to get Del Rey's lackey's to squeal, but Del Rey never said a thing. It was clear to Maya and Davion that she was just a mediator, but now their sights were set on getting the supplier.

"Looks like some sort of receipt, this was Del Rey's apartment, says here that a total of 38 people were transported 2 months ago, no mention of to whom or where." His eyes never left the papers, one thing about Davion that Maya admired so much was his ability to get passionate about his job, even with her standing so closely. She knew he had feelings for her, but when lives were at stake he could just as easily put his infactuation behind him.


Davion's brown eyes hit Maya's sapphire stare and realized she too was also in deep thought. "What is it." He asked, momentarily sidetracked from his previous endeavor. "Wait, you just said that there were 38 people transported 2 months ago. That's the same time frame from when The Goddess caught Del Rey." Information bounce back and forth through Maya's brain affixing together like a complex jigsaw puzzle.

"The police report said Ziccarra rescued 13, what the hell happened to the other 25?" The curiosity was burning, he could see it in her eyes. Maya wasn't the type of detective that believed in coincedences--the job taught her not to. "Other than the location these people were going the only other thing we know is that the 25 missing were mutants."

"Yo, get a load of this" Davion called out, Maya's eyes rest on a breaking news report; a woman launched herself 18 stories to her death in an apparent suicide. Landed on a Jeep with a rope wrapped around her neck, the police have the building on lockdown." He continued with his eyes trained on the television gathering further details.

"She clearly had a bad day" She replied in a dismissive tone. "I don't think we'll find anything else here, we should get back to the office and retrace our steps." Her suggestion was unheard, Davion's attention was trained on the news broadcast.

"What is it?" She asked in an attempt to learn what was bothering him.

"That woman jumped from an 18 story building." He said backtracking his previous statement; Maya could only nod in agreement as she didn't understand what he was getting at. ""

"Shinji Tsukazaki, is there doing an interview."

"Am I supposed to know who that is?" She asked, finally taking a seat. "He was placed on trial a while ago for a killing spree, but he beat them. Placed the blame on a man that he killed and claimed self-defense. Can't believe you didn't hear about it."

That's because he didn't know she was from an entirely different universe. "Huh, hold on lemme make a phone call..."

30 minutes Later

Mr. Tsukazaki?
Mr. Tsukazaki?

"How the hell did you even get us in here?" Davion asked, clutching the Interpol pass around his neck with angst. "I told you I had friends in high places, but for now, I need you to not say anything. If anyone gets the notion that we're not Interpol, they might stop giving us information." He nodded in agreement, as they were escorted to the crime scene. The Network Manager aswell as the leading detective.

"Why is Interpol involved?" One of the Network Execs asked in Spanish. "I'm here to make sure the death is indeed a suicide and not a homicide. Also to make sure the woman wasn't a tourist."

Maya explained, almost as if it were true. "Hmmm..." Davion glance looking at scene. "What's it look like?" Maya asked, watching her partner set the scene up.

"Well. It looks like she very well could've committed suicide. To the untrained eye." That was a hint, a special code they used to tell each other when they needed to be metas. Maya's control over photons allowed her to bend the light spectrum effectively allowing her to use her eyes as a black light of sorts.

"What'd you see..." He whispered. "Well there are multiple footprints, no signs of struggle. Fingerprints everywhere, but given that this is Mexico it's not unlikely that this scene wasn't already compromised when we got here. What's killing me though."


"Right. Bad timing. What's getting me is the rope. It's a strong rope, it ages well. It's shock resistent; and it's made of a synthetic fiber. So with the properties how'd it break?" These were the times she wished her post-cognition powers worked. Rarely did they ever.

"I'd like to speak with a couple of the people who were here when it happened." She said turning back toward the network manager.

"It's just the production crew, and uh...Mr.Tsukazaki and his team." The manager replied motioning toward an office on the far side of the room. "Davion speak with the crew. I'll speak with him." Her slow saunter toward the door was brief, opening the door she saw him talking with a few local officers. "You guys can go. Maya Summers. Interpol. Mr.Tsukazaki. I have some questions if you don't mind. "My first is, can you tell me what happened?

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maya x mercury gives me vine prime nostalgia

sweet set up, @elisa_zamora <333

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No Caption Provided

The police were wrapping up their interview when the American woman sauntered into the conference room. The incident had already stunted his flow of crunched in plans. Five minutes was all he had before he was off track. The interview lasted four. "I'm done answering questions, Christinna." he sternly whispered off to her. "I'm going to be late for dinner."

Shinji sustained eye contact with blue eyed, blonde haired Interpol officer. His austere gaze simmered with silent irritation. "I'm sorry Maya Summers, but I'm strained for time..." his English was sharp, but it was overwhelmed with a Japanese inflection. He threw up a rally signal to his team, walking for the door. "You and your partner can look over my statement in the Police report notes at the station."

Noticias Univision Network Live Footage
Noticias Univision Network Live Footage

He stopped in his tracks, checked his Audemar then threw up another hand signal that created an alchemical reaction amongst his team. Two members exited the room while two others cleaned his face of light make-up with a tea tree oil+rosewater+witch hazel+peppermint medley. A man roughed up his prim coif, spritzing a mist of water over his hair. The two members returned with clothing items plastic wrapped on hangars. "I have time for one question Ms. Summers make it good" He pulled his shirt over head and exchanged it for a new one. "...and quick."

Peering out the window he saw a gathering of news trucks, police and pedestrians below. He moved out of public sight.


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As the Blonde detective entered the room, she made sure to place her tranquil blue eyes on all the present party members. They all carried themselves in a distinct manner, she certainly didn't get the killer vibes from them; but in this line of work she's been wrong before. Shinji openly dismissed her, which wasn't a problem; It'd be as simple as reading over all the police reports and then using the statements to track the inconsistancies. It was tiresome work, but she was certain they'd find the killer one way or another.

In the momentary silence that seperate them, Maya's attention fix not on Shinji, but on his two personal assistants. One clearly had the look of a body guard, they seemed to stand as equals in terms of height, but the woman boast a more defined frame than the 43 year old Detective. The other could've been a stylist or some sort of agent. These thoughts were not without merit, she faintly remembered the times where she was surrounded by both.

Then she saw what he saw, A man that had previously been on a Mexican television special shy away from the gathering authorites below, Why? They already knew he was here, word that the building was on lockdown was public. So why shy away from the public.

*Davion, I need you to check what we know about Shinji and his Entourage* She messaged via a telepathic link the two of them shared. "Well, Mr. Tsukazaki, I understand that you're a busy man. So I'll just read your police report. But if you remember anything else about the situation. Please give me a call" She said, handing him her contact card. To the average person this was just a card, but it was laced with Maya's unique mental signature allowing her to locate it should she need to.

"Sorry for the inconvenience"

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Visibly there was no indication of his surprise. He expected her to hold him regardless. He shot Maya Summers a blank stare and turned away to his stylist. "I don't like this shirt. Find me a better one." The Tsukazaki strolled out the room, entourage transiting behind then handed Williford the Interpol agent's contact card. "Drop in our database and see if you can pull up info on this Summers woman."

Shinji and his entourage exited the network studio inconspicuously taking a caveat on the east side of the building. Paseo de la Reforma Blvd. was the quickest route, but the Tsukazaki wanted avoid the culminating pandemonium of the deadly incident.

Aquatíca , Downtown Mexico City

Situated in a dimly lit corner of the sky-priced Mexican restaurant Chrstinne and Shinji were at odds. Williford sat isolated at another table.

"We need to get Esme out of Mexico." Shinji said stirring his papaya mamey.

"Where would she go? Carmensaid--"

"--I knoww. I knoww what my mother said" he rubbed the bridge of his nose." ..but she isn't here hiding a biological nuclear weapon. Is she?" Shinji aggressively sipped the papaya mamey, his jawline twitching with anxiety.

"Well if she was able to leave Mexico where and when would she go?"

"Tonight. The Sionis Station."

"Insane." Christinne shook her head, smirking and waved her hands, losing all interest in entertaining his impulsive idea. " That's asking for trouble"

No Caption Provided

"She can't stay here anymore. I haven't even penned the property mortgage for the Sevencell"Shinji started scrolling through his iPhone, slightly disengaging from the conversation."I haven't even picked the property. She's a distraction."

"They only wanted you to watch over her for a month, but you haven't sent any reports on her since we got here. That's your fault."

"I'm sending her to the Sionis station, tonight, I'm talking to Eijima now. "

"You're something else. If I--anyone working for Wata-dai did an eighth of the antics you pull we'd be fired with a write-up that made sure no one would even hire us."

"Don't play that card Christinne you--"

"No! You burned away your consulting job opportunity in Sweden and fell into to this. Fell. Involuntarily."

No Caption Provided

Something ticked in Shinji's brain that tuned Christinne's lecturing out completely and back to his Columbia years. To the murders. Stoic as ever he never showed or talked about the trauma it placed on his psyche. He decided to suffer in silence. The visibility of the trial pockmarked his reputation regardless of his legal triumph. America painted him a spoiled sociopathic rich kid and the World saw him as such. The only way he learned to cope was become one to the public.

No Caption Provided

The persona he created became a monster of it's own by his senior year at Columbia and he lost his internship with the Swedish consulting agency MUSE. Founder and Chief Executive, Viktor Lundgren, felt adding him to his team would tarnish the immaculate reputation of his brand. The world was panned either they loved him or hated him. There was no in between. Everyone had an opinion on his sociopathic behavior.

"Shinji!" Christinne snapped her fingers, breaking Shinji from the systematic dive into the depths of his subconscious.

He blinked and stared down at his untouched food. He needed fresh air. "Get a to-go box for my food." Shinj stood from his booth seat, rising six feet and seven inches high. "I'm making a pit stop somewhere. Don't wait up for me."

Once Shinji left the restaurant, Williford rushed to the table fishing for details from Christinne on their tense exchange.

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Welcome to Dia de los Muertos
Welcome to Dia de los Muertos

A History of Dia De Los Muertos

Dia de los muretos, or for those who speak English, Day of the Dead, a celebration of life for those who had passed away. This celebration has been an ancient tradition for several thousands of years, celebration the death of ancestors as well as creating festivities that celebrate the goddess known as “Lady of the Dead”, known today as La Calavera Catrina. While the celebration starts on Oct. 31st, the official traditional celebration is to start on November 1st.

Families visiting their loved ones
Families visiting their loved ones

On October 31st the children of Mexico make children’s alter to invite the angelitios (spirits of dead children) to come back for a visit. On November 1st, known as Dia de los Inocenetes (Day of the Innocents) or Dia de los Angelitos (Day of the Little Angles) the day, the day is used to honor children and infants who have passed away and it is to believed that the anelitios will come and visit their family if an alter is made for them. November 2nd, known as Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), is to honor the adults who have passed away. Families will go to the cemetery to decorate the graves and tombs of their relatives. The three-day fiesta is filled with marigolds (the traditional flower used to honor the dead) sugar skulls, cardboard skeletons, tissue paper decorations, fruits and nuts, incense and other traditional foods and decorations.

Many people in believe possessing Day of the Dead items can bring good luck and will get tattoos or dolls of the dead to carry with them.

Fiestas in Mexico City

Sugar skulls, skeletons decor, marigold flowers and paper decors are seen all over the city that brings the celebration of Dia de los Muertos, to life.While the entire city celebrates, the southern parts of the city are where all the of the fiestas are held in the Southern part of the city; Milpa Alt, Tlalpan and Xochimilco.

Folkorico dancers
Folkorico dancers

Festivals are comprised of folklorico dancers who can be found throughout the southern portion of the city dancing to the songs of the dead in colorful dresses (for women) with the iconic sugar skull makeup on while expressing the story of Dia de los Muertos through their performance. Live mariachi bands music can be heard throughout the areas of the city as the famous grito (shout) of the singer could be heard by anyone in earshot of the area as they sing of the stories of the dead and their adventure in the afterlife. Booths throughout the festival can be rage from games for children and adults to sugar skull face painting to food booths that sell tacos, tortas or desserts like flan, churros and even aguas such as horchata and jamaica. For children there are also marionette performances of skeleton figures dancing to music. Parades can also be seen going through the crowded streets of the city with floats containing colorful sugar skulls and decorated skeletons.

No Caption Provided

Down in Tlaplan you can also find bailando con caballo (dancing with horse) in which a woman does a performance dances with a trained horse and their trainer and is held at night and in some places, the entertainment comes with dinner. Tlaplan holds a rather large carnival with entertainment and rides throughout the area that have live music, dance performers. In Tlaplan you can also visit Six Flags where a Dia de los Muertos theme can be found throughout the park.

No Caption Provided

In Milpa Alta they go with a more traditional way of celebrating dia de los muertos with alters, the cleaning and decorating of grave sites, masses and vigils. People are seen crowding the graveyards doing their duty to the dead to celebrate them. At night candles can be seen throughout the graveyard with families gathered around the grave sites telling stories of their loved ones while eating and having drinks. Mariachi bands can be found strolling through the area paying their own signs of respects by playing music for them. You can even find some professional mediums strolling around the grave site, offering their services to speak to their love ones, one last time. Around the borough of Milpa Alta at night, is the release of sky lanterns that are made throughout the day that usually have a small note tied to the end to send a message to their family member.

No Caption Provided

Xochimilco have their own traditions with costume parades, exhibitions of alters in cemeteries, museums and plazas.The Dolores Olmedo Museum holds an annual monumental altar to the dead for the occasion as per traditions. The cemeteries around Xochimilco are lit with the warm glow of numerous candles that loved ones lit as they also sit vigil over the graves throughout the night. However the best known event held in Xochimilco is “La Cihuacoatl, Leyenda de la Llorona.” which is a spectacle base on the La Llorona spectre that is held from October 31st until about November 15th. This takes places on the waters of the old Tlilac Lake and spectators watch the event from trajineras that depart from the Cuemanco docks and travel the canals to reach the lake. Another similar performance is called “Retorno al Mictlan “or Return to Mictlan, the Aztec land of the Dead, which is performed in the historic center of Xochimilco.

All are welcome to Mexico City to celebrate this age old tradition. Just be careful, the dead are not as forgiving as the living if you wrong them.

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The city night is electric with energy. People, not just from Mexico but all over the world, are seen dancing under the night sky. Some wearing colorful dresses other the color of death itself, with their faces covered in ivory and black paint to make their features that of a skull. Live music heard echoing throughout the bustling city. Some people could be seen wearing signs around their necks, names and dates printed upon them, the names of their family member who passed with their birthday and their day of death. Everyone celebrated their deceased one in different ways. Some came and celebrated in the streets, consuming food and drinking tequila. Others went to the cemetery of where their loved ones laid.

No Caption Provided

But one thing was for sure in the life of Bruja de la Muerte during Dia de los Muertos, it was a time of gaining power in the city, through acts of giving. It was during this time of celebration and mourning that Elisa walked silently through the graveyards of Xochimilco, her face decorated in sugar skull painting, families of the deceased slowly looking up towards her. The citizens of the city knew of her abilities. Some were witnesses, some were nonbelievers. Some thought that Los Zamoras were a cursed family, who gained through the abilities from the devil and others believed that Los Zamoras were a blessing from the Virgin Mary herself. But there was always a way to make people believe in her.

“Senora Zamora.” An elderly woman spoke up from a grave covered in Cempasuchil with a simple wooden cross at the head of where a body rested and candles burning all around. Elisa made her way towards her, she knew who she was. Guadalupe Razo, age 85, she used to be one of those who cursed at her families abilities, but when she lost her husband just a few months ago, she found herself coming to Los Zamoras within just a couple of days asking to speak to her husband, which at the time, was just not possible without some sort of payment. But tonight, was going to be an exception.

“Senora Razo.” Elisa spoke, as she gave the elderly woman a hug, both giving each other a kiss on the cheek in greeting. “Can I help you with anything?” This is how it begins, a seemingly innocent offer of assistance, and in return, Senora Razo would spread the world to her hundreds of friends throughout the city of Los Zamora’s kind help.

“My husband, Hugo, I miss him.” Her wrinkled, rough hands grasped onto Elisas more delicate fingers. “Can you help me, please? I just wish to speak to him.” The aged face of Senora Razo begged for help. “I’ll give you whatever you want.”

No Caption Provided

Whatever she wanted, it was a deal that no Zamora would pass up. “I think I can help.” Elisa gave a warm smile, seeming so genuine in the moment. The bag she was carrying around her shoulder she carefully placed on the floor as a small crowd began to form around the two women. Pulling out two incense that had been tied with twigs and gum from different plants, her sister made for such an occasion. "I need to hold something that belonged to him, and a small drop of your own blood to form the connection." She began to explain. Senora Razo, without hesitation held out her hand to Elisa, and with a small prick of a thorn from the twig of the incense, gathered just a single droplet of blood. Without hesitation she held them out above a candle, and watched as the golden fire quickly grasped a hold, eating away at incense as a thick gray smoke began to rise into the air. Elisa began to slowly walk around the grave, carefully guiding the incense above the grave, whispering a small prayer to Santa Muerte in a tongue that was unknown to the people around her. Making a full walk around the grave, a small blue spirit wisp began to rise up from the center of the grave. People began to gasp, even those who knew of her power, it was as if they were witnessing it for the first time. “He may not be able to physically speak to you Senora Razo, but you will understand him when he tries to communicate with you.” Elisa gave a gentle smile. “You will have ten hours, after that, his spirit will pass on.”

No Caption Provided

Senora Razo was speechless, only a nod of her head was seen as she turned her attention to her husband. Her dry lips pressed firmly against each other for a moment as she took in a deep breath and began speaking with the small wisp. As Elisa stated, the wisp didn’t speak a word, but Senora Razo eyes began to fill with tears as the small spirit made a tiny whistle of a nose, as if she could understand what it was saying. “It's Hugo! It's Hugo! Senora Elisa, gracias, gracias!” She cried out in gratitude.

In that moment, several people began hoarding around the young Zamora, requesting for assistance as well. With reassurance the Señora de la Muerte spoke up. “I will help anyone who needs it, and if I don’t get to you tonight, I will be back tomorrow.” And with that, her families power in the city grew among the citizens.

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@mr__mercury: (Don't hate me but I got lazy toward the end)


We get paid the same
We get paid the same

"I can't believe you just let him go, without asking him at least one question" Davion's complaints were faint on her ears, The blonde's attention rest solely on the carne asada she just purchased. "Listen, that's why I'm the Field Agent, and you're the analyst. Shinji is a man that clearly likes to be in control, so we'll let him believe he's in control." She said pushing past Davion with the intent on finally eating her food.

"You didn't bring me any?"

"You didn't ask for anything, what am I supposed to read your mind or something?" He replied a bit disappointed. "Yes that's exactly what you should do in these situations, you're a telepath Maya." Davion had a way of making her feel like they were in some sort of relationship when they weren't; it's why she typically treated him the way she did. "Davion, we get paid the same amount. Pick up the phone and order something to eat." He could seen in her eyes she was in the midst of one of her spells; but unknown to him she was forgetting another part of her old life; soon she wouldn't know who she was anymore.

"Uh, right. Well we ID the woman as Gianella Espinoza. Turns out she has an apartment not far from here; I'm going to take a team there to buff for information. You coming?" He asked, doing his best to keep his professional demeanor.

"Yeah, Yeah gimme a second" Her words were hindered by the first bite; cleaning her mouth she grabbed her coat and pushed out behind Davion. “The only thing is we don’t have a warrant. He warned whilst shifting the car in drive”

“Well, I can make myself invisible, so not having a warrant isn’t something I’m too concerned about. What I am a little confused about is, how we went from looking into Del Rey’s supplier to investigating Shinji Tsukazaki?”

“Well, I’ll tell you this; and you’re not going to like it. It’s your fault. You haven’t been focused.” Davion said peeling around a corner. “I wouldn’t be in Mexico in the first place if it wasn’t for you. You’re right, I don’t like it.”

Gia's Apartment

"We Got Our Man"

The pulled up to “Gia’s” house just a few blocks off, Maya was sure the local police would be searching the house for any indication of why Gia decided to kill herself. “Alright, I’m going stealth, I’ll be in touch telepathically.”

“Oh now you wanna use your psychic powers.” He scoffed.

“Just drop it.” She retorts disappearing from the vehicle, crossing the stone garden Maya entered the door and moved up the steps towards the room surrounded by local law enforcements.

“Alright, it’s a two bedroom apartment. Gia didn’t live here by herself. Even while cloaked the Golden Goddess had to maintain strict noise discipline, the last thing she needed was for the police to think there was a ghost in the house.

“This other girl, has she given a character statement about her friend?” She asked via telepathically. “As far as I know the girl has not been in contact with her friend today. It’s possible she doesn’t even know Gia is dead.”

Maya lurk towards the unknown roommates room, soot and ash littered the threshold, burns in every day appliances, no signs of struggle but it was apparent that this other roommate was going through something. “Where’s my damn post-cognition when I need it” Maya complained, running her hands along the lining of the floor. “This other woman…maybe she died too. Quiet possibly she could be a Meta” Maya deduced again veering back towards the front whilst reporting her findings back to Davion so he could unofficially record her findings.

“I’ve got a problem, I found a computer. I assume it belongs to Gia, but there’s way too many local police in here. I need a diversion…”

Emerging from her invisible state, Maya quickly activated her telepathically abilities forcing the officers to sleep. All around the apartment they slept allowing her time to hack into the computer. "How are you going to get into the computer." Davion having never seen her exhibit any sort of technical prowess.

"Using the USB we were all given at the academy duh." She said slipping the device into the computer. After a few moments the computer unlocked and the Golden Goddess suddenly had access to Gia's entire search history. "Huh...that's odd" She murmured glancing at the specific details of Gia's search history.

"What's odd" Davion replied on the other end.

"Gia apparently was looking into Shinji, like hard. Whatever she looking into may have something to deal with her missing roomate."

"What does that mean"

"That means I think we found our man. And he's on the move."

Time to pay him a visit
Time to pay him a visit
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This is a great idea, And its good to see Mercury up in here to.

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Shinji's body sliced through the infinity pools ever clear water with athletic ease. He had returned to his Downtown highrise at an emotionally high temperature. Christinne had inflamed him with her sharp words and he needed to think. Fast. His intuition told him those Interpol officers weren't finished investigating. There was no way the Amercians flew all the way to Mexico to merely read police reports. They knew something he didn't want them to know. How sensitive the information they knew was exactly? He had zero clue; and it sent his mind on a mercurial mind race.

Electrical currents surged through the water creating a rise of steam from the pool. With each smooth stroke, electricity surged the crystal clear body of water. It made his skin crawl. It was an itch he could not scratch. At least not with the power of his own mind--to hell with those damn pills. He refused to take antidepressants. As some sociopathic illusion to save his conscious he took a pill everyday , crushed it in a glass of water and poured it down the drain.

The marimba ringtone from his iPhone tingled from the otherside of the 30 foot pool. Electronic crackling increased to a crescendo then covered the pool in electricity before Shinji ported his body across the pool. It was a supernatural feat. His body rose from a pool of electricity, with a stoic visage painted across his face. He was simmering. Anxious to get Esme off his hands.

"Konnichiwa." he answered the Latina on the otherside, immediately switching to Amazonica Columbian Spanish. "Que pasa mi ma, Esme is ready to go. She's in perfect health. I sent my reports to your email and Dr. Okunaga."

"And I'm wondering why you chose to send her report profile to SIONIS?"her Columbian Amazonican dialect was thick. "You're not moving her anywhere. What about her medical records? Her psych eval? Proper immunizations? I got your email Shinji-san. It's unauthorized and useless."

"I'm done with her." he whispered catching eye contact with the eighteen year old. She stood in the living room, staring through the floor to ceiling windows. He wondered why she stared so hard then looked at his speedo. He turned his back away from her to break her gaze.

"You're not done with her until we get her quarantined and evaluated. We don't do these procedures for the sake of it. We do it to cover our asses. Never forget this is taboo research, Shinji-san."

"She can't stay here anymore, people are getting suspicious."he broke the professional barrier and played his role as her son seeking guidance. Plucking at her matronly heart strings,"They're watching me."

"I'm worried. How are you doing Shinji-san? You want to talk about Esme later?" she replied. It struck him hard. She knew his game too well.

"Esme IS my problem." he grew irritated with his mother, pacing adjacent to the embellished parapet of the highrise. Watching the hyperactive nightlife below.

"You get her to her the appointments I schedule her for this time for next week and I'll transit her to Sionis. Deal?"

"...Next week?" Shinji burned white hot internally. The chill of the November air attracted to him like a magnet. "That's too long. I need her gone tonight."

"That's my only and final offer, before I give you paperwork and a suspension."

"I'm hot.

"Goodnight." he responded waiting for a response. He heard a click and the drone of the dial tone.

He looked to his living room and Esme had sustained her gaze. They shared a sentient silence, letting the dial tone of his terminated conversation drone on.

Esme pressed her palm on the glass and pushed open the screen door.

"What are you doing."Shinji asked with venom lacing his words.

"I'm hot. I want to cool off with a swim."she removed her bathrobe and dived into the water.

Shinji restored a stoic appearance, terminating the dead line open from his call with his apathetic mother.

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@mr__mercury: Excellent post as always. I'll try to get my reply up sometime this weekend.

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"I have his location, I'm just not sure If I should barge in there guns blazing, or approach him as Solace. Either way seems to be fated for a confrontation" She said, combing her goldenrod tassles in the mirror.

"Why don't you just ask to speak with him, you know; like you have more questions" Davion asked settling into his daily blogging. "Because, then he'll have some indication of how we found him, and I don't want that." Silence begin to suffocate them, and a question that she hoped he'd never ask finally struggled to the surface.

"Maya, where are you really from?" A quick jolt of anxiety shot vertically up her spine; no one in her public life had ever asked that question. "Wh-what makes you think I'm not from here?" She asked turning in his general direction.

"Because you're in your early 40's, and parade around as a hero named Solace, but the first time anyone has ever saw you was when the Asgard thing happened. You're way to Just, to have just been sitting around for all these years. Are you some sort of alien?"

She wanted to laugh, or make some attempt to make his question seem outlandish, but the answer was written on her face. It wasn't that she didn't want to tell him, she honestly didn't know if what she told him would be the truth. She forgot alot, her history was being replaced even now as they spoke.

"I'm not an alien. In fact I believe at one time I was normal. I don't remember exactly what happened, but I know when it did I got my powers, stopped my aging too." She explained looking down at the Oushak Rug. "I don't remember how I got here, I just know this isn't my home." The words were laced with a solemn overtone, it was as if she lost everything, but still wasn't entirely sure. "I had children, four. I don't remember their names. I just know they're gone."

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A suffocating silence settled between the both of them, before Maya sauntered towards the shower. The moment her hand hit the nob, the response was instanteous, the release from the metal spout hanging overhead sent her muscles into relaxation. This day could've been better, they didn't have to come to Mexico; they could've minded their business and worked this case from the U.S; now she was in the shower surrounded by blinding steam and molested by fleeting memories of her storied past.

Springing from the shower with the relaxing moisterizer having soothed her scalp the Golden Godess moved half-dressed across their hotel room en route to her own room, before her momentum was halted by Davion. "We should probably get a move on, before Shinji begins to move. IF he is hiding something he will be putting plans into motion to jump ship."

"Mind if I change first. Besides he can't go anywhere without us knowing, he's still has my card stashed on him.

2 Hours later

No Caption Provided

"Stay put until I return" She commanded high above the Mexico City skies. She could feel the wind violently pushing against her mask, though her path was clear the speed behind her cause the usually docile wind to become frigid.

Switching from horizontal to levitating vertically, the Dragon of Comfort contorted the light around her allowing her to fly directly on to the roof completly undetected.

"Davion, I'm on the roof. Shinji's here, but first things first" She said, noticing there were two guards walking directly toward her location. "Of course they have technology that notifies them when metas are around." Hardly a fighter the Dragon of comfort projected a non-lethal beam of photon energy flying into both bodyguard's guards chest incapacitating them on impact.

Coming to a full stop at the edge of the cerulean tinted pool waters. Maya's eyes trace the slender man wading in the pool, whilst staying vigilante of the woman in his presence. "Shinji. I have questions about the death of Gianella Espinoza, A death I believe you played a part in.

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His head tilted back to the night sky and his eyes shut. No response created an air of tense silence. The city traffic the wading water and the beep of his estate security waned at the foot of the monolithic highrise. "A superhero?"He combed through his wet hair then leveled his eyes on the costumed woman.

He looked over to Esme and shooed her away. Without a word the girl climbed out the infinity pool and disappeared into the estate.

Once Shinji rose from the pool, water spilled freely from his statuesque frame. "You break into people's houses regularly or am I the exception?" He snatched up a towel and dried off his torso.

His visibly cool composure contradicted his anxiety ridden mind. The diplomat's nerves were itching to volt off the anxious energy. A click sounded as he unlocked his iPhone and typed a rapid text for Christinne Winguard.

Locking the phone with a click he paced toward the American heroine. "This will be quick if I answer your questions, American Girl?" Standing inches away from her imposing his swimmer frame, colossal height upon her Shinji unlocked his phone and angled the face camera. With the flash of the camera, Shinji acted for the Snapchat video feigning surprise as the costumed woman stood behind him. Writing a quick caption to entertain his followers, Shinji spoke to the woman without leaving his focus from the phone. "Do you have a name?"

He glossed over the murder questions, attempting to pull as much info from the stylized woman as he could before things eventually escalated to death or....shock therapy perhaps?

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"Only when I have probable cause Mr. Shinji, and understand that this is an official police investigation, So I'd recommend you comply. Not unless you want your face plastered all over international television." Maya's tough exterior was further hardened by the thin layer of light energy providing security for her body, this would prevent her from being unknowingly attacked.

"I'm not a huge believer in coincedence, I believe everything happens for a reason. Like you for example, You came here to do an interview and Gia is killed. Gia, a girl who had a strange fixation on your personal dealings; dead. You don't find that odd? What's even weirder is that this girl's roomate who's been gone all day is here frolicking in your pool like nothing happened."

The silence that parted them was fitting, she knew he was trying to gather his story, either that or he was actually waiting for her to ask a question. Something she'd get to momentarily. Something was up she could sense it, She didn't need to read his mind to see the cover-up happening, all the major companies did it when scandal was involved.

"What's the Moringa Academy, and what role does Wata-Dai Corp play in all this"

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Realizing the muscles in his hand grew tense he spread his fingers apart to avoid clinching his fist. Instead he combed his fingers through his wet obsidian locks. He processed the blonde heroine's barrage of accusations and questions discerning only sporadic bits of each. His brain was scattered. Explaining the Morinaga Academy was abstract to the Gia crisis so he decided to elaborate on that. It burned off time. "The Morinaga Academy is a private school for mutants and extraordinary humans. Help them hone in and control their abilities. And some of the graduates transition into jobs working for Wata Dai. Neither institution is connected to the murder of that girl."

Control of the situation was seemingly slipping from his fingers, but one thought illuminated clear in his scattered mind. Christinne killed Gia. I didn't touch her. "This homicide has already gone public and I will avoid any more negative press attached to my name or the Wata-dai Corporation."

He played his part, slowly disassociating from the anxiety riddling wild through his veins. Opening an embroidered case on the patio table Shinji sparked a blunt, alien in appearance. It burned a bright Palatinate blue. He took a hard hit, before exhaling the smoke with a subtle sigh. It shimmered creating the illusion of a hazy starscape. "I spared this time to relax, but this seems to be an issue more pressing than I thought. How can I help?" Giving her his ultramarine gaze he saw a familiarity in her face that he could not pin...

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Looks like my 6 days of insurance is up, I'll post tomorrow

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The tension seperating them was palpable, but the details were laced in the time lapse from the moment she arrived to now. He initially spoke with confidence one could say it was borderline arrogance, but now he seemed to be in compliance, answering Maya's questions actually appearing to be coopertive. To the untrained detective this would seem like a godsend, but to the inquistive blonde she could see the minute details.

Body Langauge was an archaic form of communication, and the subtle changes in both breathing and patterns of nervousness alerted Maya.

"Well it's clear someone killed Gia, but what's not clear is what happened to her phone. Her last known post was a video of you throwing a fit, but the federales never retrieved the phone from the scene. It's almost like someone took it. Again, Shinji I don't believe in coincedences; even more so now that all the CCTV footage that correlates with Gia's post, doesn't include you in it."

No Caption Provided

"Now do I personally believe you killed Gia, no you don't look like the type to get your hands dirty, but you can help yourself by telling me who did; and why. You can also answer my previous question as to why Gia's roomate is here in your pool acting as if nothing happened.

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" don't look like the type to get your hands dirty..."

"I'd like to change into proper clothing"

Her words echoed in his mind massaging his ego. Shinji got his hands dirty more often than not. It's why he had a meticulous healthcare regiment. Her assuming just gave him cues on what to highlight with his faux persona. "I only know Esme through her profile and what information she shared with me."

"You know what... " His ultramarine eyes locked onto the vigilante, as if light bulb went off in his mind. "Why don't you speak with Esme yourself." He grabbed a bright white towel and a water bar. A hi-voltage of electrical energy surged from his hand and webbed the volume of the cube, purifying the water. "I'd like to change into proper clothing", he said casually slinging the white towel over his nude shoulder. "If you don't mind, we can go inside. You can speak with her while I change." He ashed out his alien cigar with the tip of his finger.

Whatever information Esme shared with her, Shinji was confident she wouldn't incriminate him. He was her round trip ticket to The Morningstar Academy. A place that promised to grant her complete autonomy of her body. Her interview with Esme would stretch his time to draw avenues to lead the officials and the media off his scent.


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The Soichiro Sergeant rotated his Mun Ring with a keen mind and a sense of peril suffusing his younger brother's life. Reporting to his battalion Mugen phoned his Flight Chief, Satoko Ayakura. "Hey, it's about Shinji. I need you to look into news stories related to him within the past two months. He may have gotten into something and gone AWOL." The rooms floor-to-ceiling windows magnified a brilliant view of Downtown Mexico City. "And Esme can't be accounted for..." Suddenly a golden contrail zipped horizontally across the window then a powerful explosion pounded the estate. It happened in one fell swoop"Let this go undocumented until further notice Ayakura. I gotta go." Mugen hung up and took Shinji's cell phone as his mind ran through the possible scenarios. He padded through the slender corridor to the front of the penthouse where the explosion originated, prepared for a fight. Without his battle uniform he had to ready his defenses. Green plasma spiraled his palm and up his forearm like a tattoo, primed to pump out a ferocious fire.

He found himself standing before a svelte woman with maize tresses and a stylized one-piece. "Don't move." he commanded, pointing his charged palm at her torso. "Who are you and what are you doing in my brother's house?" Every fiber of his being and every flammable fabric clothing his body suggested he avoid a fight; but, the woman did arrive guns blazing. Suppressing her was a high option.


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Bloodlusted at the lost of the only friend she had, Maya's eyes burned with an unusual desire for revenge. Davion never did anything to anyone, he protected and served to the best of his ability; and she fully believed he was killed by an oriential sociopath with money.

Stepping over the rubble the trouble officer eyes Shinji's brother with malice, of course she had to keep some sort of rationality about herself; she was after all an officer of the law. She could feel the anxiety in her fingers as the quivered with angst, she'd never hear his voice again; and it was all his brother's fault.

"No...I'm asking the questions" She hiss quickly blinding the imemdiate area with a "quick flash" via her photon energy, Maya would then turn invisible and seek to pick up and drop Shinji's brother on his stomach trying to place him in a restricted hold while she forced information out of him.

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She refused to cooperate. The simmering silence alarmed him. The fire burning in her eyes would be alluring in different circumstances. But now it was threatening, determined and dark. "Did you he--" a bright light cut Mugen's reply short and an unknown force knocked him onto his stomach. Before he could recover, the blonde was perched on him. She was done talking. He was positive she had some weapon or charged energy trained on him so he cooperated for the moment. He rested on the side of his face. The smooth surface of the ebony marble floors were cold to his skin. "I don't know what's going on." he said with a stoic basso tone. "But that's why I'm here. I'm looking for my brother."Audibly irritated Mugen made his stance clear. "I'm not looking for a fight..."


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Azyl remembers attacking Mexico 3 years ago. xD

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It was real. He could smell it. His nostrils stung, his eyes burned. There was tension and, fear. Fear... oh my god its all over. Fear. Its overwhelming! Whyyy CANT I MOVE....WHYCANTIMOVE!

He sprang up and collapsed out of bed.

"Papá Papá!" he heard the voice followed by galloping feet out of the room.

So weak. Why am I so damn weak? It took a minute but in time, determination and stubborn will had fueled his strained crawl to support his back against the edge of the bed.

"Facil...easy. Eaaasy. Estás a salvo. You safe. Salvo, safe. I'll answer all your questions but you need your rest. Then. We'll talk."