Metro City (CVnU Location)

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@scoundrel: @superion_prime: Very sorry for slow reply >.<)

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With her hands still up above her head the princess would make a dismissive nod towards their leader "I am sorry but that is not with in my power, you seem to think I am apart of these people but the truth is I am not. Allow me to prove it" she responds calmly before she begins to slowly lower her hands and drop to her knees then almost immediately after her knees touched the grown she would seemingly light ablaze as if someone sent her on fire.

The rest of her body bent down in what seemed to be submissive bowing but it wasn't to the men no it was to the spirit of fire that clearly escaped out from its physical vessel that now started to turn black from the flames being unleashed upon it.

"I am the spirit of flame Arze Simetra, whoever you are. I do not approve of your actions, cease now while you still have the chance" the feminine shape of fire responded in a distorted voice as it hovered above, it swayed in place like a candle before it pointed its astral arms of fire at them "if you believe your eyes are deceiving you and that this is some illusion, come and test my flames" the spirit gestured to itself as it remained rooted in its place.

"no mortal weapon can harm an incarnate force of nature" it crossed its arms and gazed its head at the leader "it is futile to fight me and will result in injuries gained for nothing"

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Samara gave her a tired smile and lowered her head respectfully. She extended out the sword, reopening the portal. "You should get going, sweetie." While Brenna looked up at the portal, Sam surprised her with a hug, unfortunately smudging her clothes with blood, before turning to leave through another gate.

I'm giving her a vacation after this. lol

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@samara_moreau: *LOL* Brenna too. Awesome RP! You did really good. Hit me up anytime you want another fight. ^_^

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With Little Arrow unconscious on the floor, Conrad quickly turned to the bigger problem in the room, the wall off C4 explosives! Still an overwhelming sight, Conrad was breathless as he looked over the massive plastique, stacked ends on ends, and stuffed in every corner. Still running a bomb defusing program in his head, the seconds passed away as his mind ran thousands and thousands of scenarios, all of which ended in disaster. For who ever designed this bomb was determined that it was not to be stopped. Once again, with surgical precision, he traced along the miles of single black wire, hoping to find a clue as how to stop it, when again, all ends lead to the same, for the wire was wrapped sporadically with no rhyme or reason, just a fuse for the C4. By now Conrad was sweating under his helmet, as the last of the bomb defusing programs ran out, leaving him to wonder, ‘Did the Kidnappers plan to escape the explosion, or go up with it?’ But with lives on the line, he didn’t have time to worry about that. Instead he cracked his knuckles again and started with the top, hoping to work his way down. But just as his hand was about to touch the bomb, a new light shone in the room, coming from an electric timer, counting down from three minutes!

Oh crap!” he thought, as a robotic voice repeated, “Two minutes and fifty-three seconds till explosion!” Immediately, he moved into action, even before knowing what he was about to do. He considered creating an invisible force field around the C4, but unfortunately by the way it was stacked wall to wall, there was no way to get a shield around it. Instead he fell back on an old adjective, that he just created, “If the bomb was not there, then it couldn’t go off!” By now the clock was blaring “Two minutes and twenty-eight seconds till explosion” lighting a fire under his britches. With an overwhelming abundance of hope, he reached out to the explosive, but never touching. Then with the use of his mutant powers over density, he began altering the density of the C4 to the point it would vanish from existence, as if it was never there. Unfortunately, by his calculations, it would take him roughly two minutes to erase the bomb from existence, and the clock was reading “One minute and fifty-one secondstill explosion!

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Gambling with his life, he knew he had to see this through, despite what the calculations in his head were saying. He stood determined and concentrated even harder. By now the top three percent had vanished away, as the layer beneath simply flickered in and out of sight. At the rate he was going, the stress on his body was apparent, as his nose bled and he had a splitting headache. Still he gave it everything he could. But just when things couldn't get worse, three larger than life Indians with traditional Bow and Arrows, came charging in with a war cry. “You Idiots!” Conrad screamed as they ran forth, “Don’t you know this bomb is about to go off!” Inevitably the Indians were in no mood to talk, except for letting their weapons speak for them. With deadly proficiency they fired, forcing Conrad to change the focus of his attention, even as the clock read, “One minute and thirty-three seconds till explosion!” But with no time to waste, he needed to make quick work of the natives in order to get back to the bomb!

With great speed he drew his quarter staff from around his ankle and with a flick of his wrist, expanded it to its full length. Then with the aid of a combat program running through his head, he spun it around with such speed and skill that the arrows were deflected away, sending them off in different directions. Not done yet, he engaged the Indians with a series of thrusts and parries, systematically beating them down until they were unable to move. It was then, as the last Indian fell, the clock behind him gave him a chilling, “Forty-three seconds till explosion!” Wasting no more time, he quickly went back to dispersing the C4, but by all calculations, it was too late! In a one last ditch effort, he chose to work on dispersing it from the outside in, when once again he heard the chilling, “Twenty-two seconds till explosion.” Now with it all on the line, he knew there was no way to disperse all the C4 in time, leaving him feeling broken inside and doubting why he ever became a hero in the first place, when suddenly he realized, he could fall back on his first plan. With the outer edges of the C4 vanished from existence, there was more than enough room to surround it in an invisible shield.

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Fighting off the already physical pain his body had endured from his actions so far, he concentrated twice as hard to create a shield and by God it was working. With the clock now reading “Five seconds till explosion” all he could do was sit, wait and pray he had enough in side to contain the explosion. Five long agonizing seconds later, the bomb blew, with an enormous fireball inside slowly chipping away the edges of his shield. But the best part was that the shield was still holding. Suddenly everything changed as he felt a sharp piercing pain in his lower back, right between the folds of Kevlar in his suit. Immediately, he lost his concentration, forcing his shield to fall apart, leaving one tenth of the bomb to still go off. In an instant, the Museum shook, with artifacts being tossed around. By luck, the building’s structure remained in tact, with only little to severe damage to inner walls. Although the roof above him remained in one piece, while unsettling a ton of dust and debris, several walls would cave in. His last act before the bomb blew, was to create one last invisible shield between him and the bomb.

As the last of the smoke settled, he turned around to see Little Arrow holding a bloody knife, still dripping Conrad's blood. “I warned you pale face” the squaw said, “this is the era of Dark Rain, and no one will stand in her way!” Regretfully, and with a solemn voice, all the Scoundrel could say was “Don’t you under stand, You idiot? You too could have died in the explosion!” Unfortunately, the kid had a blank stare, void of emotion other than hate, and therefore useless in getting information. Instead Conrad hobbled his way over to him, filled with mixed emotions. Half of him wanted to grab the kid and shake him, all the while asking “How could you do this?” while the other half wanted to punch him in the face. In the end he quickly disarmed him with a martial arts move, only to apply another to his pressure points in order to knock him out peacefully. But as he looked down contemplating on what is going on, he shutters to think about the lives and safety of the other hostages inside. For as of right now he had no idea what the kidnappers where dealing with, or how the hostages where treated. But what would really scare him, if he knew it, was that the Indian kidnappers, had a contingency plan in place. What no one knew was that Chief Running Horse, the tribal leader of the Cheyennes, and one of the hostages, was injected with a strong dose of Chrysonite, soaring through his blood stream. But whether or not it had any lasting effect on his body, or that it effected Superion, it was undeniably a sign to Lucas and the rest of his family!

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@scoundrel: @oraculi:

Chief Running Horse is impressed by the display Ezra gives, revealing herself to be some kind of spirit of fire! His eyes widen in surprise, as well as fear, along with the rest of the braves. As superstitious Indians, Ezra's display proves beneficial as the Indians bow to her, laying down their arms. "Oh great fire spirit, we only want what is rightfully ours and what the white man took by force. Will you help us?"

In the meantime, Superion gets to the last hostage but as he begins to free her, he starts to feel a little weak. As the woman sweats great drops of green Chrysonite, she looks him at him sorrowfully, "I'm sorry..."

Superion realizes too late what is happening as the Chrysonite radiation begins to poison his body, replacing his solar energy reserves with Chrysoniate radiation that is ionizing his every cell, destroying them and causing him incredibly pain. Superion meant to free this hostage then help Conrad disarm the bomb as his super hearing can detect the count down. But now that he's held helpless by the Chrysonite, the bomb goes off and is only partially contained by Conrad's force field and quick thinking.

Superion coughs, falling over, and the hostage actually hugs the hero but not because she is thankful but because Dark Rain instructed her to thanks to her plans she set in place. This only causes Superion further pain, but he's unable to break as his strength drains from him thanks to one of his few weaknesses that he has. The former hostage begins to cry, whispering in the Man of Steel's ear, "I'm sorry, I have no choice. She said she'd kill my family if I didn't do this."

Superion looks up, the pain of moving his head feels like a thousand knives are piercing his neck. A chandelier. The Man of Steel barely has the energy it takes to his his heat vision to melt the chain, but he does and the chandelier falls. The edge of it scrapes the woman's back who is hugging Superion, causing a bit of pain and it's enough to startle her, loosening her grip enough for the Man of Tomorrow to barely break free and scramble away. The woman recovers and starts going after Superion again.

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@scoundrel: @superion_prime: The 'fire spirit' tilted its chin up towards them in a manner that appeared to be judging them and as they bowed down she considered the events of what was going on before she crossed her arms "I will consider it, your actions have so far shown how much this means to you but" she made a dismissive shake "I have my doubts that the people here in this building are responsible for what has happened" she pointed at the leader "bring forth the ones truly responsible, leader to leader. Killing even harming those not involved will not end well for you and your people it will only result in repercussions from the white man"

The fire spirits voice will become more gentle as it continued to speak "you have displayed your strength, you have shown how much damage you can do. I insist not for their sake but for the sake of you and your men no further violence, you have made your point and it has been acknowledged now comes the need for talks"

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@oraculi: @superion_prime:

Standing alone in a room of smoke and debris, the “Boom!” from the explosion still rung in his ears. Physically he was good, as none of his bones were broken, suffering only minor lacerations and the six inch knife wound bleeding from his back. However, emotionally he was a mess. Regretfully he failed to stop the bomb from going off and whats worse, he had to knock out Little Arrow not once but twice. Therefore, before racing out of the room to check on the hostages, he knelt down by the child to check his pulse. Carefully removing one of his gloves, he placed two fingers against the kid’s carotid artery and by the grace of God he was still alive. Weak but he had a steady pulse and in times like this Conrad took it as a win and with a simple, “Sleep tight kid, you got lucky!” he ran off back up the stairs to find the hostages and what’s more, pray that they were still alive. But upon reaching the first floor again, the place was a disaster zone, with tapestries and artifacts, littered across the floor. Even the larger banister reading “Welcome” now rested on the floor next to broken clay pots. But for Conrad, the worst part was, the stairs leading to the next floor had fallen in upon itself, making it impossible to access the upper floors that way. But as the elevators had crashed to the basement floor, he needed to come up with another way to get upstairs and fast!

With a thought, he created a thin but sturdy invisible disk under his feet and with another mental command, lifted it off the ground. Much like a surf board, he steadied himself upon it as it rose, keeping both feet firmly planted against it. Starting it slowly, he raised it up, with both eyes focused on the ceiling above, speeding it up the closer he got. Then at the last second just before colliding, he altered his density again to the point he phased through the cement, as if it was never there. For the next few seconds he goes through what he calls “The Sense” when his intangible body recognizes the fact it is inside a solid structure and proceeds to funnel it’s way through, like a mother giving birth. But the second he was forced through to the other side and both feet were securely on the roof floor, he re-solidified his frame back to the normal standard, and quickly assessed the room. Immediately, he saw a small army of Native American Indians, standing in attention as another woman was saying to them, “Bring forth theones truly responsible, leader to leader. Killing even harming those not involved will not end well for you and your people it will only result in repercussions from the white man!" At the same time, he also noticed the one and only Superion, at the far side of the room, apparently suffering at the hands of a female hostage.

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Looking more like a kidnapper rather than a hostage, the woman in question was fighting through the pain, crying "I'm sorry, I have no choice. She said she'd kill my family if I didn't do this.” But before she could say another word, the Man of Tomorrow was already in action, as he used his heat vision to dislodge a chandelier, causing it to fall down upon the woman and distract her. For as it fell the sharp edges fell where it scraped the woman's back, causing enough pain that it startled her and loosen her grip on the Hero! At the same time, Ezra, The Fire Spirit, was still trying to make peace with the kidnappers by declaring, “you have displayed your strength, you have shown how much damage you can do. I insist not for their sake but for the sake of you and your men no further violence, you have made your point and it has been acknowledged now comes the need for talks!" Reacting off impulse alone, Conrad saw Superion’s fate as the priority and as such choose to act. With a firm grip of one of his Eskrima Sticks, he hurls it across the room at such an angle that it glazes across the female attacking Superion, and knocks her to the ground. At the same time the stick bounces off her temple to where it comes soaring back to his hand like it was nothing. Hoping he had assisted the Iconic hero in some way, he turned his attention back to the “Fire Spirit” unless of course Superion needed more help!

Oddly enough, one of the larger braves, a man of considerable size and strength, was moved by Ezra’s words. Taking a step forward he begins to bare his soul. “Oh great Fire Spirit, you are truly a chosen one, wise and divine.” he then kneels before her, “We were only following the words of our..” his next words was the word, “God,” but said in the oldest of the American Indian’s language, “...and she is not here with us right now!” He looks up to Ezra, almost asking for forgiveness, “But she wil.....” Immediately the woman, that was previously attacking Superion, jumped up from the floor yelling, “NO! Don’t say another word! You know what Dark Rain will do if we oppose her!” She then frantically runs to the brave, grabbing him by the arms and pointing to Ezra, "She is but a spirit, Dark Rain is a God!” With that said, she then grabbed a traditional Native American Indian blade hidden inside the braves belt and with great fear and pride raises it over her head! “We all know what we must do!” she pauses, “So Do It!” Immediately, she thrusts the blade deep into her heart while whispering to her family, “I love you!” At the same time the kidnappers proceed to do the same thing, but in a more traditional way. But as the last of the kidnappers fell, Chief Running Horse slowly makes his way over towards Superion. Moving to put his hand on the hero’s shoulder he looks upon him with the saddest of eyes. “You young one are truly the wisest and strongest of your people, and it gives me great sorrow to do this to you...” he looks down in sorrow, “But for my people I must!” Immediately, he falls to the ground shaking in pain, screaming an ungodly cry. Then in the middle of his death rattle, he rips the shirt from off his chest, to show the same ‘S’ mark Superion wears, burned into the flesh of the chief’s chest!

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@oraculi: @scoundrel: @vengance101

Superion is saved by none other than Conrad himself with a skillful display equal to the very best of heroes. Now that this threat as passed, at least for the moment, Superion is able to get away from the Chrysonite infused woman. But he is still too weak to be of use right now for what happens next.

At first, the braves seem to be listening to Ezra. The Man of Steel is impressed by the Anor Londorian princess. Not only is she gorgeous, but she's proving herself to be a great asset. Unfortunately, this Dark Rain holds a tighter grip on them than Ezra and that grip is one of fear. And as the braves kill themselves, Superion cannot stop them thanks to the Chrysonite's weakening effect on him. He moves with super-speed, but he's too slow. The braves die, falling to the ground in some insane sacrifice.

"NO! Don't do it!"

Then that big one does the same, but his death is different as he rips his shirt open, "NO! Don't do it!" Superion screams. But it's too late, the Chief dies and falls to the floor with a burned 'S' on his chest.

The message is loud and clear. Dark Rain does not want Paragon or Superion to die, but the villain does want them both to suffer. Especially Paragon. By burning his family's 'S' in the Chief's chest, Superion knows what Dark Rain plans on doing. She's going to place a curse of some kind on Paragon. What kind, Superion does not know.

Superion hates that he can't save everyone, but that is part of his burden. It's sad, but it's part of his life. He glances at Conrad and Ezra, "There's nothing more we can do here."

Now they must go where it all began. Los Angeles.

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For millennia, man had marveled at spectacles he felt were beyond him. The hissing and rumbling of volcanic fire. The stormy march of an angered sea. The loud, sharp crack of thunder, and the white flash of lightning. It was might that the human eye could not behold without the drums of worship beating in their hearts. And thus, the myths and gods that'd shape cultures and generations for centuries to come were born. Yet as man evolved from superstitious apes to children of science and logic, so too did their gods. Gods of the sea became oceanography, and man prospered in the new era.

And yet, some gods survived.

So as the Blue Eagle skirted the clouds of Metro City like a silver bird, the American God cast his attention on the bustling metropolis below. For in it's streets, a storm god walked in the guise of man. With nay a moment wasted, Achilles deployed his probes - nanites that'd race the streets of Metro in search of he whose bio-electricity flared brighter than all others.

August Hearst, god of thunder.

The American God'd find him, and the two would meet eyes at last.

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Autumn days fall by as fast as the leaves from the trees. The sun rises and sets fast, as if there is some divine hurry to reach the winter. Though the sun is still bright, still brilliant in the sky, it is cooler even on the days that lack cloud. Soon every bough will be only brown and the gay colors they brought us will dim to a fading memory. And today in Metro City, the sky burned orange as the sun began to set. The city was schorching hot, bit It was still a city of wide avenues and small places to sit and eat, to relax as folk went about their day. There were the sky towers in the centre, what was once thousands of homes now took up less ground space than an old shopping mall. The rest was parks and wild spaces, a chance to walk among nature or enjoy the trails on bicycles or horseback.

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The city bustled with life, and blended in amongst the mortals walked one being of immense power. A being that commanded the heavens and the seasons themselves. August Hearst. The god of Thunder.The Prince Of Storms. The Son Of Thor. Since his arrival in Midgard he had been traveling in pursuit of his goals. Of his mission...and such a journey took him to Metro City. The realm of Midgard was chaotic and full of disorder and craziness. But that worked to the Prince's advantage. He blended to the best of his ability which was easy for one such as August. He had managed to glamour some of his looks, making his hair shorter, much like his second Battle Form with Bainsleif. August Hearst would stride past the crowds-turning heads and gaining gasps from both men and woman from his godly features. And as the god was walking he would duck into an alley and spring into the air landing on a building as he bounced softly on his toes, the Thunder god would walk the edge of the large roof and plop himself down.

He felt for the puny mortals who had to deal with this heat, he knew their their sad, and weak bodies grew hot in the rays of the sun. So with a small and generous smile he would close his eyes and breathe in deeply with pleasure as the smell of rain begain to grow in the air. Clouds had covered the sun plunging the city into darkness, Then the rain comes, oblivious to the life it gives. It washes the world, quenching soil and the life whom depend upon it. In either warmth or coldness, sunlight or moonlight, rain comes, humble to its role. In this almost-spring afternoon, it is the percussion to the birdsong and the bringer of brightness to every hue of bark and leaf. Then next came the thunder came like the prelude to a great song, impetuous rumbling permeating the air every bit as much as the sudden rain. At first it was a crack, violent to the ears, but after came a rolling sound that dissipated into the surrounding hills and August smiled, there was nothing like a good storm, and that's where he was, in the eye of it all, gazing as the heavy but gently rain caressed the city with it's loving kiss. The Prince Of Thunder thought of his home and his family, and how far he was away from them, and he wished he possessed the sight of Heimdall so he could peak past the veil and gaze upon them once more. But the Fates had decreed such wants as unnecessary, and it filled the warrior with sadness.

If anyone were to be looking for August, all they would have to do would be to look in the middle of the storm...because the god was there, and he wasn't leaving anytime soon. Because he simply didn't wish to move on, from the storm, or his memories.

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While nanites swept the streets of Metro City in search of August Hearst, the sky was torn asunder by the stormy roar of a thunderclap. And atop a building, a thunder god surveyed the sea of pedestrians. Their ears caught the pitter-patter of rain, and their eyes lit with glee. It'd been too long since the crisp smell of rain last hung in the air, so as mortal men danced, the American God's nanites glimpsed at the unmatched bio-electrical flare of a man - nay, a god - on a rooftop edge. Aboard the Blue Eagle, Achilles recalls his nanites and surrenders the ship to it's Virtual Intelligence.

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With the thunder god identified, Achilles dives from his ship, speeding down the sky like a dreadnought through the sea. A commanding crash announced his rooftop landing, and as he rose to his feet, the son of Thee Champion gazed upon the son of Thor. With an indestructible shield strapped to his back and heroic ambition on his mind, the American God nods, "August Hearst. Unless of course, there's another thunder god in this city", he jokes, his smile calm as he continues, "My name is Achilles, and I've come to you with an offer. I'm assembling a team of likeminded people. Of heroes able and willing to protect this world from threats it's governments are either too lazy or too weak to stand against".

"And of people willing to trade intelligence with team members to ensure that we're always a step ahead in threat management. We identify potential threats or allies", Achilles paused, crossing his arms over his chest, "And develop contingencies for them. For threats existing and hypothesized".

"I want you to be a part of the team. Making it rain in a city that was flirting with drought makes it clear that you care about helping people. You'll be able to help a lot more people as part of this team", Achilles swore, right hand extended to the thunder god.

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As rain poured from the heavens above August stood there, allowing it to seep into his godly skin. The Prince Of Thunder reveled in the rain, then the lightning came, a brilliant shock of white in the graphite sky, forking silently to the unsuspecting ground - the thunderous boom always calling its warning too late. And there August stood, like the conductor of a famous symphony. A grin plastered across his face-the black clouds sprawl across the sky, billowing in further from the west. Their brassy glare drains colour from houses and trees and burnished cars in driveways, leaving neighborhoods tinted bronze in the faltering light. The air grows heavy and the humidity presses down, suffocating. The scent of rain is dark and heady. A stillness falls over the street, and in the silence comes a low crackle of thunder, rolling across rooftops to the pattering of tiny raindrops. For a moment, everything stops. Even the wind holds its breath. A streak of hot silver splits the sky, and the downpour continues and the people down below scream in happiness, none of them had ever seen such a mighty, yet so comforting...the mortals needed not to fear the Thunder God's storm.

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But then, a crack of power erupted from behind him and the god turned his head in the way of a warrior, in his hand; faster then light appeared the weapon of August: Dáinsleif, crafted by the same creators of Thors mighty hammer-August had been blessed by such a weapon, it rivaled the mighty Mjölnir, and The Stormbreaker was graced to possess both of its forms. But currently at the moment August held the Axe version of his mighty weapon, prepared for anything.

Electricity streams from the god, daring his opponent to try trifling with a god. But it seemed to be quite the contrary. The fellow god approached August with respect.

"August Hearst. Unless of course, there's another thunder god in this city" "My name is Achilles, and I've come to you with an offer. I'm assembling a team of likeminded people. Of heroes able and willing to protect this world from threats it's governments are either too lazy or too weak to stand against".

The first thing the God Of Thunder would say, without lowering his guard was: "Very Theatrical entrance. I like that. Yes, I am August Hearst, I'll question you on how exactly you know about this information later. A team eh? Sounds interesting. Tell me more."

The American God would continue and August would listen deeply, hooked on every word. He was interested; but he also knew he was here on a mission from his Grandfather and he knew he had to stay focused and not deviate from his quest. But at the alternate end of the metaphorical Bifrost, someone was offering August the chance to make use of his time in this realm, and to provide aid to the defenseless mortals who lived here. He was a god, and he was a protector, it was his duty to protect. And his peer next to him also knew that.

"I want you to be a part of the team. Making it rain in a city that was flirting with drought makes it clear that you care about helping people. You'll be able to help a lot more people as part of this team",

August would finally put his hammer down and the electricity of pure power would cease to course around Augusts body, sizzling the very air, and turning the rain into pure vapor. Dáinsleif would vanish from his hand and suddenly a Nordic rune necklace would appear around the Prince's neck. "I am on a mission of uttermost importance. If you can offer me aid while I'm in this realm. Then I will join your team."

He would look at the American God's extended hand and August would nod and clasp his wrist tightly in respect. The man-wait. The god had managed to convince the Prince Of Asgard and Thunder that this was a worthy cause, but he had to know something first. "You've approached me. But who are the others? Are they gods such as us?" If the son of Thee Champion showed surprise August would shake his head "It takes one to know one my friend, I could sense it on you. Why this team? I hear there is another team, a Justice League? Why not them? Or are we for the ones that even they do not bother with...or the ones they can't handle?"

August suspects that he was the first one to thoroughly question the star-spangled being about his plans, and while he wasn't a Wisdom God, or Goddess August was a God Of War, and a strategist...he wanted to know details so that he could perform to the best of his strengths. This crusade of justice was not to be taken lightly. August would treat it with the respect and danger that such a mission required. "You have my ear."