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@miss_japan: "Tsk" Iowa uttered in disappointment s**t I don't have enough forces to compete and that third carrier was a bad investment.

Iowa hastily pulled back ten of her bombers away while the rest of the fighters stayed in their 'air space' fighting their Japanese counter parts down to the last fighter, in the end only ten bombers remained which docked onto one of Iowa's air craft carriers "Forty one to two" Iowa stated dumbfounded as she nibbled one of her finger nails while feeling butterflies in her tummy due to the odds of her victory.

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Kongou cringed a bit and slowly walked over to Iowa. Without announcing it, she had decided that she was done with their battle and had no interest in its outcome at this point. A part of her simply wanted Iowa to destroy her remaining ships. She knew how much Iowa loved to win.

"Well, hey, it's just a practice match. You always shine in the heat of real battle. I was running like a coward the whole time anyways." said Kongou, a bit of guilt in her heart.

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@miss_japan: Iowa read the expression on Kongou's face but her own was a blank, there was a short bit of awkward silence before she snapped her fingers once again and her remaining military assets self destructed in a bunch of mini explosions. Iowa nodded with a curt smile to Kongou's previous statement and swooned into Kongou's arms before speaking in a theatric tone, her legs slumped to the ground while leaning next to the Japanese woman's body as she stared into Kongou's eyes with her own gleaming stars "You defeated me fair and square Admiral" as if injured Iowa faked a cough "you have proved your superiority, now I am your prisoner...I will ensure cooperation as you see fit"

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A warm feeling shot through Kongou's body as she took in all that Iowa had said. In situations like this, although she would never admit it, her mind wondered to questionable places. Her remaining military assets exploded as well, creating an abnormally large explosion in this case. The fiery scene created the perfect backdrop to mimic the fire that was burning in Kongou's heart at that moment.

Kongou attempted to say something cool, but continually choked on her own words, paralyzed by embarrassment. After a few awkward moments, much of the water from the explosion began to fall on the two as they were mere feet from the body of water that just exploded. The water would fall for a few seconds and would drench Kongou and mess up her hair.

As the water was still falling, Kongou utilized it to say something fitting. "We should really get out of this rain..."

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@miss_japan: Iowa nodded in agreement now that the apparent theatrics were over and found the apparent strength to stand up on her own again, "That sounds like a swell idea" Iowa replied back as some of Kongou's drenched hair had dripped water on her face and hair too.

She leaned on Kongou and wrapped a arm around on the smaller woman's body as they began walking away from the docks "So how are you feeling for one of my old fashioned cheeseburgers?" Iowa asked Kongou with a grin and patriotic glow in her own star eyes.

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@miss_japan: @miss_america_:

“What?!” Kane said, outraged, as he heard the comment about him being a stalker with his enhanced hearing, “I see a couple of explosions, and you all say I’m a stalker? What does that make you? Angels?”

Shaking his head, the Silver Spider jumped down to have a closer look at the mini-war occurring before him. He was astounded at how this all worked.

“Okay, how the heck are you both doing this? I got like five, maybe ten minutes, so I have a few questions. Are those drones? Wait, this has to be a Mini-World War 3 convention or something, right?”

He stood there as he got a better look at the women before him.

Wow! They are the most freakin’-!

Whoa, whoa, they’re probably way too old for you or something. Calm down, boy.

After noticing that the girl with the American flag-style clothing had golden, star-shaped pupils, Kane was gobsmacked.

“Wait,” he said to the American girl, Iowa, guessing from his enhanced hearing, “How do you have star-shaped pupils? Are you a mutant or something? I have to say that is cool.”

Standing there, he rubbed the back of his neck. He would leave soon, but just wanted his questions answered.

Please may this not be awkward.

After the mini-drone battle was soon completed, and he stood there, clapping his hands.

“Nice match. You both did real well. Anyway, I guess I should go. You both obviously are here to have some fun or whatever.”

Giving a small salute, he was going to leave the two apparent friends to do whatever they were going to do.

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@miss_america_: (OOC: on mobile, excuse lackluster posts atm)

"That sounds good, but you still need to tell me what's been going on..." Kongou replied, brushing her wet hair out of her eyes. "Also, I may need a shower"

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@miss_japan:(No problem)

"I will in due time Kongou" Iowa said in a unusually calm manner "but yeah, I think the shower should take priority first"


Iowa then turned attention to the individual whom now began questioning them and Iowa answered said questions as quick and bluntly as possible.

"Yeah that makes one of us angels" she glanced at Kongou "this girl over here is for sure one"

"No those were miniaturized Military vehicles that we both controlled with are thoughts and no this wasn't some convention"

"Yeah I have star shaped pupils also I'm not a cr***y mutant tho I'm but a figment" she pointed at the kid "of your imagination"

"Thanks stalker, now f*** off" Iowa then continued walking away with Kongou.

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@miss_america_: @silver_spider_:

Kongou's eyes darted between the two as Iowa told off the... spider person. After Iowa finished, she waved at the kid for a brief moment then followed her companion to their next location.

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@miss_america_: @miss_japan:

Silver Spider stopped in his tracks, and couldn’t believe his ears. This woman, Iowa, was basically telling him to-.

I guess curiosity did kill the cat. Stay calm. Just laugh it off.

Turning to face Iowa, who was walking away, he called after her:

“Have a nice day, as well. Hope you all have fun,” Silver Spider said in a jovial tone as swung off, “Avoid making any more explosions, goodbye.”

Stupid. Stupid. Now, my reputation is screwed. Perfect.

Swinging away to school, Silver Spider couldn’t help but feel guilty about watching them, but then again, they were doing strange...stuff. Also, the explosions were in the area, so he had to investigate.

Oh well, out of sight, out of mind.

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Upon leaving the two strange women who caused the explosions, Kane entered his school, Metro City High School. It was your average school, except to Kane. If he passed through this with Honors, and with plenty of high grades, he would be granted the best internships and scholarships that any school had to offer. Kane then went over to his friends, Oliver and Matthew.

Oliver was like your typical jock with a sturdy build, and wanted a scholarship so he could be a famous football player. He was taller than Kane by a few inches, and had jet black hair. He was confident, brash, and always viewed everything as a challenge. His friend, Matthew was your typical highschooler who loved to party and have fun. He was about Kane’s height, and had blonde hair. He had an average build and did well in school, but was also the school’s number one prankster and jokester. He took life in an easy-going manner.

Kane, though, was your average nerd, well, almost. He had recently got a build of his own after his ‘accident’, which everyone found strange. He used to be shy, reserved, kind, but intelligent. If he kept his GPA up, he would have the highest GPA ever recorded in the school, a feat very few have accomplished. Luckily, Kane was able to to find friends in Matthew and Oliver, who were able to get him more out of his shell. They, unknowingly, were also the ones who helped form the persona of Silver Spider, which Kane took the aspects of each of them and applied it to himself.

“Hey, what’s up, man,” Oliver said as Kane entered the school, “Another day in this dump.”

“Yeah, well whatcha gonna do?” Matthew replied to Oliver, “Anyway, how you doin’, Kane?”

“Fine, thanks for asking you two,” Kane said with a smile.

“Dude, everyone is talking about the new hero, that Silver Spider dude,” Matthew said

“Yeah, everyone thinks he’s cool and well, you know, a hero,” Oliver added after Matthew, “I wonder how he got those powers.”

Kane, happiness now again welling inside of him, had to resist the urge to smile.

Today seems to be looking up.

After School

No Caption Provided

Running along the top of a building, Kane was having a blast. He loved this city. It was his playground. His home. Then, finally, jumping off the building, he dived then shot out a web strand.

Two robberies in progress already dealt with. What else do we have today?

“Whoohoo!” Silver Spider yelled as he soared through the air.

Swingin around, he listened to his communicators for anything relevant to him. Then, right on time, Orb called him.

“Sir, there’s a fire on King’s Cross Street,” Orb stated.

“On my way,” Silver Spider said as he swinged to the specific street, following the instructions of his mini-map.

Once there, he saw the building the was on fire, he immediately went to the firefighters to find out what was going on.

Jumping and landing several hundred feet, Kane walked up to the first firefighter, and said:

“What’s going on? Does anyone need help?”

The firefighter turned to him, and was surprised that the Silver Spider was here, but replied quickly: “The fire started on the first floor. The place is going to collapse; we can’t save it. But woman trapped on the fifth floor. I couldn’t get my men up there. The place is too unstable.”

Without saying a word, Silver Spider leapt into action, literally. Leaping a few hundred feet, he fired two webs, and pulled himself into the building smashing down a window.

“Hello? I’m a superhero! I’m here to get you to safety!” Silver Spider yelled out.

Then, suddenly, a piece of the ceiling fell from above, and with the help of his fast reflexes and danger sense, he dodged the falling piece. No one replied. Then, with his enhanced hearing, tried to listen for the woman that was trapped. Hearing what sounded like a woman crying, Silver Spider leapt through the fire around him, dodging the blaze, avoiding falling pieces of ceiling or floors, and finally, found the child. It was a young woman with blonde hair, and was cowering in a corner of the room. Silver also noticed the ceiling would soon fall of him. Firing a web-strand, he pulled the blonde to him with his enhanced strength. The woman let out a yelp of surprise and fear, but Kane calmed her down with a few soothing words. Leaping through once more through the blaze, he was almost at the window. Then, in a freak of nature, an explosion of fire erupted behind him. Jumping out the building with fire licking at his heels, he fired a web-line, and landed gracefully onto the pavement.

He then decided to give words of comfort:

“It’s okay. Everything is fine. Your safe,” Silver Spider said, as he grabbed a blanket from a firefighter to wrap the blonde woman.

The blonde, now seeing the spider-themed hero, hugged him and said, “T-thank you. Y-you saved my l-life.”

Silver returned the hug, and then lifting her bridal style, carried her to an ambulance. He then placed her in the ambulance, where the doctor took care of her.

“Thanks for flying Air-Spidey,” Kane said, as a small joke. The blonde woman smiled.

Then, Kane started hearing an applause, Silver turned to the crowd that had gathered and watched the whole event take place. Some started to chant his name a bit. An officer even went up to him, and gave his opinion.

“You did a good job, kid,” the officer stated, “This world needs more heroes like you.”

“Well, it's all part of the service,” Silver Spider said, then waving at the crowd, he took off, swinging to anywhere else that may need him.

Yep, everything is looking up.

Then, landing on the wall of a building, Silver Spider saw his suit was partially burnt in a few places.

“Oh, perfect.”

Good thing I have an extra suit or two. Gonna have to take this one into the shop.

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@paragonxxx: Thanks. Maybe we can rp sooner or later if you wish.

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@silver_spider_: she's waiting for Brutus to walk walk outside with his pants down.

So to speak...

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@silver_spider_: After the election of another corrupt President, Keira lost faith in the American people. They voted for a man who can give security but at the cost of a lot of the freedoms Americans enjoy. Plus, Keira's real life has been suffering a lot because of her alter ego of Paragon and she feels she needs to get back to that and focus on her life. We can still RP together, but Keira won't be Paragon. :-)

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@miss_japan: *Laughs* Well, that's one way of looking at it. ;-)

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@paragonxxx: Yep. See you out there when the belt hits the floor!

*bows to her as is custom*

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@paragonxxx: k. will get a post up sooner or later. probably sooner.

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You know how your parents say that a certain day is some kind of ‘special day’. Well, this is a ‘special day’ for me.

Standing right in front of him was a man wielding two sonic-guns that were attached to a hi-tech backpack. The man wore a purple suit and mask, and was terrorizing the police and everyone in the street.

“HAHAHA!! I have all the power. Everything is going to go to h*ll for you all, and no one can stop me. You all are pathetic,” yelled the man in the purple suit, reveling in his power.

Yep. My first supervillain.

“Yeah, not as pathetic as you wearing your purple pajamas in broad daylight,” said a certain spider.

He had come here as soon as he could. He knew that someone with hi-tech sonic devices was attacking everyone in sight, demanding money and had some sort of superiority complex.

“Who said that?” the man in purple said as he turned to see who opposed him, “Oh, it’s you. The new hero. Prepare to be squashed by Soundwave.”

“Dude, you totally live up to your name,” said the cocky Silver Spider, “My ears are bleeding by the diarrhea coming from your mouth.”

“Why you-,” Soundwave said, but SIlver didn’t get to hear the rest as a huge sonic blast erupted forth from his gauntlets. Dodging his blast with super fast reflexes and speed, Silver leaped out of the way. He had avoided the blasts, but they had now hit one of the police cars, sending it flying and tumbling at several officers and civilians. Firing several web-lines at the car, he stopped it to a halt. Unfortunately, Soundwave was about to fire off another sonic-blast.

Danger sense and insane reflexes kicking in, he fired off as man webs at the barrels of the sonic-guns, and then jumping over the madman, he fired more webs at what appeared to be the ventilation of the machine-backpack that powered his guns.

Please work. Please work.

Then, something strange happened. The guns hadn’t fired yet, but the webs were expanding. The backpack seemed to heat up, and started to spark.

Oh man. I gotta get that thing outta here.

Running up to Soundwave, he unsheathed his stingers, and cut the straps of the sonic generator-backpack. Firing several webs to restrain Soundwave, he pulled the backpack and the guns attached to it off of his body as he did so. Taking all of the equipment with him, he slingshotted himself up into the air as high as he could. Then, with all of his spider-strength, he threw the sonic-equipment into the air. Then, right after he threw it, an explosion of pure sound erupted from the equipment, and the shrapnel and sound hit his body like a dump truck or, even, an airplane. Pain like never before slammed into him, luckily, he seemed to have a resistance to pain.

Too late.

Flying several thousands of feet, Kane was barely conscious as he flew for several minutes, the his body crashed through a window. Laying there, he didn't know whose window he had just crashed through. He did see that he was in an office.

“Please, nobody sue me. I just saved some people, all in a day's work for a superhero,” Silver Spider croaked, if he would die, he would die with a small joke, no matter how bad it was, “I’ll do manual labor or somethin’.”

And then the darkness took him.

He had landed in Keira Hawke’s office, and probably would have some explaining to do. He just didn’t know it yet.

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@miss_japan Iowa was lazily napping on a chair as she waited for Kongou to finish using the bathroom, Iowa completed Kongou's request for a shower by leading her to the Metro City hotel that the American girl had been using for the past few days.

Ugh I'm beat, I shouldn't have used so much energy hiding that army on the island, Iowa thought as she drifted between deep sleep and light sleep.

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@miss_america_: (OOC: be reasonable with your responses, there are children reading, lol)

As Kongou finished washing off, she took a few extra minutes to relax under the hot water. Her brow was tense and her heart was racing as she let the warm water massage her bosom. Her cheeks were blushed, but not from the heat of the water, but the thoughts racing through her mind. She had no Idea that Iowa was asleep outside of the bathroom.

"This is the first time Ammy and I have been alone together for a while. She's probably waiting for me out there wearing nothing but a... oh god." She thought.

She stepped out of the shower and began a 20 minute session of beauty product application, hygiene reinforcement and self checks. Once completed, she stepped out of the bathroom and announced:

"I'm... I'm ready..."

Much to her dismay, Iowa was fast asleep, drool running down her mouth and staining the chair. Her snoring was rather loud as well. Kongou slows grew more and more annoyed and finally decided that Iowa could wait a bit longer for... their reunion.

She walked over to the bed, grabbed a pillow, and threw it at Iowa's face with a surprising amount of force.

"Wake up. Didn't you have something planned for me?" She asked the sleeping tulpa, hoping that she would hear her and reply.

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@miss_japan: Iowa's eyes shot open after the pillow throw and blinked her eyes wearily while giving a sleazy smile "Oh sorry, I was just dreaming about you"

No Caption Provided

Iowa then stood up in casual clothing as earlier she dressed in the other restroom and even went as far as to hiding her 'star' pupils "I thought you'd be interested in going out to seem some merican movies" Iowa gestured to her own body "as you can see I've changed appearance so no one would be gawking at us like that previously creepy stalker"

(OOC, Of course, interaction for memetic personalities xD)

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@miss_america_: (OOC: I just thought of something. Physical attraction makes no sense with tulpas if they can shapeshift... Eh, it's fine, it's "true love" and whatnot)

"Ooh, with the 3-D glasses and surround sound? What exactly is playing anyways?" Kongou asked, morphing into a different asian woman wearing more modern clothes, "A movie sounds fine, but I do want to do some sightseeing later..."

She grabbed a nearby towel and wiped the drool of of the chair, still slightly annoyed that Iowa had been asleep.

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@miss_japan: (OOC: For us we look mostly the same but everyone else sees us different, that's how its supposed to be anyway :P)

"Yep dat stuff, no idea whats playing exactly. Believe there's some romance,comedies and scifis running at the local theater tho so the question is what do you want Miss Japan?" Iowa grinned as she closed her eyes and waved a debit card "Uncle Sam's paying for us today"

Iowa really didn't feel bad about the whole drooling issue because she was dreaming about Kongou so for Iowa's perspective the truth absolved her of the rude action.

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Kongou had little interest in a movie, but she did think of a fun way to pass the time while at the movie theaters. The unfortunate truth about Kongou was... she was a bit of a troll. And with her little "toys" she could have alot of fun confusing an annoying people trying to enjoy their movie. She decided not to tell Iowa, but figured that she'd get a kick out of it once she started.

"Are there any good romance movies out? Like the kind that most people would go see on a first date. I'm just in the mood to watch something heartwarming is all" Kongou lied.

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@miss_japan: Iowa raised an eyebrow, unsure why Kongou would want to see a romantic movie so she gave a cute snort before asking a question "What like fifty shades of grey?" Iowa scratched the back of her head I'm not sure where this is going " we'll see what ever romantic movie that's playing in the theaters right now"

Iowa reached for her smart phone and checked which movies were playing via online website, "Me Before You, is playing...sound's like a pricks movie but that's all they got"

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Kongou laughed briefly before replying. As she gave her reply, she waved her arms at Iowa, making it very obvious that she was trying to speed up their conversation.

"Sure, yeah, whatever. It'll be fun, trust me. Lets just go to the most crowded theatre. Trust me."

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@miss_japan:"Alright, also today's the last night I'm staying in the hotel soI have to fake my death right before we go" Iowa replied abruptly as she checked the time on her phone before pulling out a fake plastic body from underneath the hotel bed "alright we got about thirty seconds to get out before the C.I.A. shoots a stinger missile into this room but don't worry all the civilians are gone"

Iowa offered her free hand to Kongou as she glanced on a timer that was on the smart phone"Twenty seconds bae" then the hand holding the phone pointed at a corner wall facing the street which suddenly manifested several blocks of C4 "we're going that way, we can detonate the C4 together and jump down under the cover of the smoke"

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"Huh?" was the only reply that Kongou had time to make in a situation such as this.

Kongou's face went a bit pale and her eyes were wide with surprise. She trusted Iowa to the fullest, and instead of thinking about what was happening, she almost instinctively gave her companion her hand and let her take care of... whatever was going on. She'd have time to think about it later, she assumed.

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Keira was at her desk in her office, busy at work with her Nexus Core program and working out the math problems in her head. She rarely makes schematics and puts them down on paper or any of her research really. With her perfect memory, she can remember everything she does and so she keeps her research in her head. All of it. So she can do complicated math problems, like she's doing now, in her head and that is what she is working on. Sometimes, she actually does use a computer but most of the time she doesn't need to.

Normally, any action going on in Metro City, she'd let Superion take care of it or Green Sentinel. Either of them could handle most things in this city. But then she recently began reading the paper and learned yet another hero was active called the Silver Spider. Well, between two heroes, the Silver Spider and the Meta-Human Crimes Unit, Metro City really didn't need Paragon.

So lost in thought was she that when the explosion happened, Keira jumped half out of her skin with her heart to her chest. And then she jumped again when the Silver Spider crashed through her office window. Note to self: Get my entire building's windows replaces with FlexiGlass and fire whoever failed to install it when I moved here! Keira thought to herself.

For now, though, thoughts of who was going to lose their job and glass windows was the least of her problems. Keira rushed over to the fallen hero's side and checked him over. Ohh, this does not look good. He was hurt, badly. Her secretary comes in, wondering what the sound was and gasps. Keira looks up at her from her crouched position, "Don't call the MCU or the police, I've got this."

The secretary tries to argue but Keira would hear none of it. Finally, the secretary complies and leaves the office. In the meantime, Keira moves to her desk and opens one of the drawers by entering a password, she grabs an injection gun with a tube of liquid in it and comes back to the fallen hero. The nanite solution inside the injection gun would heal most injuries, she just hopes she isn't too late. Keira presses the gun to the Silver Spider's chest and injects him with the nanite solutions. Trillions of nanites enter his blood stream, immediately getting to work and repairing the damage done to his body. Or at least, they tried to (OOC: Your call if this is a success or if she even manages to inject him).

Keira hopes this works. So far, she's only tried this on herself, but she's never tried it on another person before. She picks the Silver Spider up as if he weighed as much as a feather. Well, considering how strong she is, he might as well be a feather. She lays him down carefully on her couch and remains by his side until he wakes up. Theoretically, that should be anytime now.

Keira admits, she wants to take off that mask and see who he is or even use her X-Ray Vision and take a peek. But she knows the value of keeping a secret identity. So, she respects this hero's need of privacy.

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@miss_japan said:


"Huh?" was the only reply that Kongou had time to make in a situation such as this.

Kongou's face went a bit pale and her eyes were wide with surprise. She trusted Iowa to the fullest, and instead of thinking about what was happening, she almost instinctively gave her companion her hand and let her take care of... whatever was going on. She'd have time to think about it later, she assumed.

Iowa detonated the explosives with the press of a button on her smart phone and there was a boom followed by the wall in front of them exploding to reveal the streets below as ash and debris fell down "Alright lets go!" Iowa said excitedly as she pulled Kongou along with her and they jumped down several stories below under the cover of the falling ash.

There was a loud crack on the concrete as they landed unharmed down below due to their naturally sturdy forms, Iowa then led Kongou around a corner "So yeah, while we had that long Hiatus from each other I was recruited into a C.I.A. mission. I'm a mole that steals information from mutant extremists" Iowa said calmly as a few moments later a stinger missile blew up the room they were in.

Several ominous looking men ran passed them and into the hotel entrance "that was them the mutants...but now they're gonna think I'm dead" Iowa smiled "so mission accomplished!"

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@vai: Raeyn sounds like an interesting character since she can apparently change genders. Hal is glad he doesn't have that problem. Still, he seems to have another one and that is his change into...something. But what Vai wonders, Hal has an answer for that. "Ever met a guy called Sentinel? I have, he's a being of pure energy. Apparently, he wears a containment suit created by Hawke Industries. Something like that might stabilize my condition and the best one to go to for that is either Keira here in Metro City or her mother in New York."

He glances over at Vai and he this times he takes the time to really take her in. Beautiful, extremely tall and sexy. And he didn't find her height intimidating in the least, he actually found it a turn on. But he doesn't tell her that, he can do it later. Right now, business. "Since we're already in Metro City, let's visit Keira Hawke."

Changing into his Green Sentinel Uniform, he flies out of his apartment, phasing through the wall as he does and heads for Hawke Industries. On his way, he sees two other figures flying around, but pays them no mind.

"I can't say that I have, no." Vai answered him. "That sounds like the perfect place to start if they've already made an energy suit...but that's only a temporary solution if you lose control, so to speak. I don't want you turning into Darth Vader." She smirked. Vai was a massive movie buff and in her apartment in the future she had a digital copy of every movie ever made. Vai joined him in flight, though in the city she used her ring to fly, there was no need to create further speculation by people on what exactly she was. Most of that speculation was focused on her mother and she was happy to leave it there.

"Whatever solution we find, you be careful." She told him. "We need to exhaust every avenue we possibly can."

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Silver Spider laid there, unaware of his surroundings, and then his danger sense kicked in. Jolting back to the land of the living, he quickly stopped what seemed to be syringe full of a strange liquid. Grabbing the hand of whoever was about to inject him with lighting fast spider-reflexes, and he looked to see who was about to inject him. What he saw surprised him.

Wait that’s….Keira Hawke.

Letting go of her hand, but not allowing Keira to inject him by pushing her hand away, Kane started to get up, and felt intense pain, but is was dulled somewhat by his pain resistance.

“Didn’t your mother ever told you that it’s bad manners to poke sharp objects at people,” Silver Spider joked, even in his current state.

He probably had several bruises, and upon further inspection of himself, had a few pieces of shrapnel in his shoulders, arm, and even his legs. He also had a piece near his gut, somewhere in his ribs. It hurt the most, but he had to deal with it later. First, he had to deal with what he could fix, then he would lie down.

How am I going to explain this one to Anna? Wait, that’s not my biggest problem.

Checking his mask, he realized that his lens were broken, and that they had nearly stabbed his eyes. Luckily, thanks to his exoskeleton, the sharp glass lens couldn’t get through his skin as easily, and a few pieces were stabbing a bit around his eyes.

This is gonna be fun.

He took the glass pieces out, revealing his brown eyes, and removed the inner wiring as best he could. Then, he took out the earbuds under his mask. They were trashed as well. His belt was fine, and, after his examination, started to pull out the shrapnel and generated and wrap some webs over the wounds. He then wrapped some webs over and around his eyes so to help them stop bleeding. He was officially blind.

Looking at Keira, he had to do some damage control, and make sure his identity was still safe. Silver lied down, not feeling he could stand yet. His amazing healing ability was already slowing his blood loss.

“Okay, now that I’m here. I have a few favors to ask,” Silver Spider said in a dead serious tone, “You will get rid of all records pertaining to me on your cameras. Second, you’ll get someone to get rid of the blood, so my identity will be safe. Oh, and I’m not paying for that window. And what were you trying to inject me with?”

Lying there, Kane felt like he had gotten run over by ten trains, and his eyes started to well up with some blood. He felt his eyes flutter, and that he would go unconscious again, but he needed to know what happened. So, he resisted the darkness, showing obvious strain.

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@silver_spider_: (OOC: This is Paragon's alt. My RP with Vai takes place before yours since our characters are going to meet Keira. Just a heads up. This should not interfere with our RP we have going on since it takes place later in the day)


Hal wasn't into movies too much, but even he has seen Star Wars. One of the few movies he's actually watched and he grins at her when she makes the Darth Vader reference. He tries to sound like Vader just now, "Join me and we can rule the galaxy!" But it was a poor imitation, more to get a laugh out of her than anything else. Then he grows serious, "I don't want to be turning into 'Darth Vader' either."

And exhaust every resource they will. Hal didn't like this change, but couldn't shake off the feeling that there was a reason for it. That someday, he would understand. He doesn't tell Vai he hasn't needed to recharge his ring lately. Whatever seems to be happening to him keeps his ring charged to a full 100%.

Soon enough, they arrive at Hawke Industries and since they are Super-Heroes, they get let into Keira's office immediately. The woman pushes up her glasses and smiles at Vai, "So glad to see you both again. Vai, you'll be glad to hear your Jurassic Tower is already built courtesy of Hawke Industries technology." That was unbelievably fast. Didn't Vai only come to her, what, yesterday about that? "I have a temporary security team already in place, plus furnishing is currently underway. Feel free to call Maverick and let them know they can move on in and start getting paid for a job well done."

After exchanging pleasantries with Hal, Keira finally asks, "So, what can I do for you two?"

Hal shows her what is going on and Keira is immediately fascinated by it as she examines Hal's hand. After saying some rather big scientific words, Hal asks her to talk in English! Then Hal asks her, "Can you help me?"

Keira puts her fingers to her chin in deep thought then looks up at Hal, "Short term? Yes. Long term? I don't know. I'll have to take lots of tests to be able to determine that because I need a deeper understanding on what exactly is going on in your body."

And if there was one thing Hal hated, it was tests. Joy. Upon seeing his expression, Keira smiles, "Don't worry, I'll make them as painless, and as quick, as possible. Come with me." Keira leads the way to her labs which is a few short stories down from Keira's office. Once there, she has Hal stand in some kind of chamber and begins hooking wires to his body. And thus, the first stage of testing begins.

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Kongou, now being lead by hand to parts unknown by Iowa, began to process the events that occurred over the past two minutes. After taking it all in for a few minutes, she found two very concerning issues with what had just transpired. She pulled her arm back to stop the two of them in the street and get her comrades attention.

Kongou spoke not with anger, but with general concern for Iowa's well-being as her words began to flow. She referred to her not by her pet name, but by her common name in this conversation. Despite her good intentions, she was very stern with Iowa.

No Caption Provided

"Iowa. We had an entire sea-battle by the coast. We took the long route back to your hotel. I took an extended shower and spent almost half an hour with you in that hotel. 3 hours. We were together for 3 hours. Why did I only find out that mutants were coming to kill you seconds before they showed up? Oh but wait, before you answer that, there's a second issue. You looked at your watch to check how much time we had before they arrived, yes? And we had 30 seconds, when you did look, yes? A minute before that, you were ASLEEP ON THE CHAIR! What would've happened to you if I didn't wake you up!? Please tell that I'm missing something, Iowa!"

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@miss_japan: Iowa lowered her head in shamefulness from the scolding Kongou gave and was left speechless as she timidly fiddled with her own fingers while contemplating a response "Well if you didn't wake me up that probably would have been bad" Iowa made a cringing face as if she was a child saying bad news to her parents.

"And I didn't tell you about the mutants because it kind of crossed my mind, I've been a bit disorganized lately with everything going around that I'm getting things done at the last mine" Iowa reached forward to Kongou and pulled a piece of rubble stuck between her hair and then laughed nervously.

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Kongou sighed and scratched the area from which the shrapnel was removed briefly. She fixed the bit of hair that was misplaced and brushed the dirt off of her outfit.

"Thanks," she said, having one less piece of rubble in her hair, "Look, I'm not trying to be a jerk, I'm just worried about you. When you actually experience a scenario where your absence may have resulted in the death of a loved one, it's only natural to panic a bit. I guess I did come here for a reason after all. How do you think you'd be treating me if you were in my position."

She walked over to Iowa and took her hand.

"Well... I'm here now, so I guess that's less for me to worry about. But PLEASE keep me informed of things like this. Important things. Anyways, let's not let that ruin the day. We've still got a crappy romance flick to watch, don't we?"

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@miss_japan:Relieved that Kongou stopped scolding her the American decided to inform her of a few more things as they walked to the theater "Well there's something else you should know for long term events" Iowa began discussing the numerous details of a hidden mechanized force she placed off the city and how she's been recruited by General ****** to prepare for potential uprisings of extremists once the new president is sworn into office.

"Which explains why I am a mole" Iowa finished the several minute discussion as they entered the theater entrance, "So, me tickets you wait in line for food?" Iowa asked before covering the side of her mouth and whispering "just wait in line, I'll pass you the debit card once I'm done buying the tickets. Don't spend any money please"

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As they arrived at the theater, Kongou decided to hold the plethora of new questions that she had been generating in response to the info dump for later and replied with a simple, "We're continuing this conversation later."

After receiving her theater instructions, Kongou smiled a bit.

"I mean I have money, but thanks! That's really sweet of you. I'll have to return that favor. You want the usual large pop and buncha-crunch combo?" she asked.

After receiving her answer, she entered a line with a dozen people and her mind began to ponder.

"Hidden mechanized force, huh? They're not Ammy's constructs if they're being stored... That must be a project that's been going on for months if not years if it's a force with enough strength to oppose a national uprising. Dymnit, Iowa, what else are you keeping hidden from me? You've had more than ample time to tell me about this. For how long have you been getting sick?" these thoughts raced through Kongou's mind as she waited.

With Iowa nowhere nearby to see her face, she let out her stress visibly. She covered her face with right hand and lowered her head as she took it all in. When she heard or saw Iowa coming, she'd put back on her playful, worry-free facade for the movie.

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@miss_japan: "Good thing the line hasn't move too much" Iowa said as she stood by Kongou whom was third in line "because..." she handed the card to Kongou before pointing ahead "they're serving freakin pizza, have you ever been in a theatre place that serves freakin pizza?" Iowa asked rhetorically but also in a elated tone.

"anyway I got the tickets" she waved them to Kongou "lets hope this move doesn't bomb like some critics complained about"

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@miss_america_: (OOC: Kongou's bad side)

Kongou procured the pizza and joined up with Iowa for their movie. As they went and took their seats, it became increasingly obvious that the majority of the people there were couples. After the movie... and many of the couples got started, Kongou began to enact her plans. A little trick that she came up with using miniaturization, Kongou created a drone that was as many times smaller than the original as their "toy" ships and planes were to their enormous counterparts. A fly drone!

She poked Iowa in the side to get her attention and released a few of them into the theater to annoy people. They wouldn't shoot or fire rockets, just nudge and buzz here and there. After driving a particular man's skull into that of his partner's by tickling his ear, Kongou began snickering audibly in the room. She hoped that the darkness of the theater would keep her hidden form people who likely had no way to know that she was messing with them in the first place.

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@miss_japan: Iowa tried to remain stoic to Kongou's silly antics but couldn't resist any longer after a few seconds and snorted a few times out of sheer amusement.

"Kongou, what are you doing that for?" Iowa whispered carefully into Kongou's ear in a manner that it looked as if she was kissing it.

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"I never had any interest in watching a movie, tbh. I just wanted to goof around with you, like so. This pizza's amazing, btw." Kongou whispered back.

She continued annoying people with her fly drones and snickering throughout the movie. She burst out laughing for a moment when a particular man who had been spasming and flailing his arms around decided to get up and walk out of the theater. She honestly had no idea what the movie was about or what was going in any scene but one.

During the movie's sex scene, Kongou became rather attentive and well behaved as the people were spared the annoyance of the drones for a few minutes. Then... right back to trolling. Kongou was the type who always preferred interactive activities to passive ones and so this movie, despite watching very little of it, was one of the best movies that she had seen!

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@miss_japan: Iowa raised her brows in some what of a surprise and then remained silent as Kongou continued goofing around.

Iowa was lost in a train of thoughs for a great deal of time until the scene of intimacy brought her mind back into real time, she stared at Kongou with interest during the climax of the scene before letting out a sigh.

A few couples began to leave mid movie out of Kongou's annoying fly drones before Iowa spoke softly "Aww come on Kongou Bongo, you're missing the movie" Iowa rested her head on Kongou's shoulder "but if you're not interested in the plot how bout we..." Iowa then moved her face infront of Kongou's view of the other couples so the other girl would have to pay attention "we...." Iowa paused as she was giving mixed signals to Kongou.

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Upon his resistance to the injection of a life saving solution, Keira let's him force her hand away. No doubt, if she really wanted to, she could inject him anyway, but she shall respect his wishes. "Sorry, you looked like you needed it." She responds to his attempted humor as she watches him take out some glass, shrapnel and web up some wounds, including his face to keep his identity hidden. Not that it would do any good with a girl with X-Ray Vision. But Keira still has not peeked simply because she knows what it's like to keep a secret like this.

But she did see he has brown eyes. Keira herself has baby blue eyes and although she has blonde hair, it's natural color is black. As he took care of himself, she pulls down he glasses and checked his insides with her X-Ray Vision to see if he had internal bleeding or any other serious injuries.

Then she stops once he makes those favors, placing her glasses further up her nose and smiles. With her free hand, she touches his own gloved one, "That's a lot of favors, but consider it done. I know a thing or two about keeping secrets, so relax. Your secret is safe with me." Then once he asked about what she was trying to inject him with, she had almost forgotten it! "Oh! This? Nanite healing solution. To put it simply, once injected, tiny little nanites would repair your body and heal you. But if you don't want that, or if you don't trust me, I won't inject you. And I wouldn't trust me either if I was in your position and I didn't know you, after all, we just met and I have no idea who you are...and..."

Keira momentarily bites her bottom lip, "I'm rambling...sorry. I tend to do that sometimes. Just take it easy, like it or not, you need rest. And don't worry, I'll make sure my records and security footage are erased. And don't get worked up over the window, I'll pay for it. And..." She glances down, shaking her head, causing her pony tail to swish back and forth, "I'm rambling again. Sorry. Can I get you anything? Water perhaps?"

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Kongou was in a good mood, and so she appeased Iowa a bit in the theater. A few kisses were passed as hands began to explore and hearts began to race, and just before something magical began to happen... a blinding light from behind Iowa caught her off guard. Behind Iowa, in the isles of the theater, was a theater monitor flashing his light directly at them. (I don't know what they're called, forgive me)

"I got reports that two young women looking just like you two came into this theater and spent the entire time laughing and making noise, disrupting everyone's experience. I got more, less believable reports that they were releasing flies into the theater... somehow. Now I didn't come here because of any of those claims. I came here because, from what I can see, you two are responsible, somehow, for driving out half of the audience for this film. I'm gonna ask you to leave." the monitor demanded.

"I, uh..." Kongou couldn't find the right words to say and just looked over at Iowa, hoping she could calm the monitor.