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"I'm on it."

Night Warden sneak attacks the goons from the eves of the lower levels, picking them off one by one with great efficiency and nerve strikes.

As for the hole spewing water, he fills it with an ever-expanding polymer putty solution.

After cuffing the goons and bringing them and the engineer back to Lady Superion, he wakes one of the thugs with a slap and waterboards him until he discloses the nature of the cargo before knocking him out again.

Night Warden then simply growls, "Let's finish this."

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Lady Superion face palms, "I meant the four goons, not practically the entire ship." But hey, it was fun seeing the man work. He's fast and efficient.

Lady Superion follows the interrogated man's instructions and finds the 'secret cargo'. Just as the heroes reach the chamber, however, the door bursts open to reveal a green hulking monster of a man. He roars so loudly, he hurts Lana's ears. She covers them just before she throws a powerful left hook that sends him crashing into a wall. The whole cargo ship shakes and shudders from the result.

Unfortunately, Lady Superion's punch only makes the green beast madder and he tackles Lady Superion, hammering her face with blow after blow.

Lady Superion kicks him and sends him up into the ceiling, making a big giant hole and the beast ends up outside the cargo ship and into the ocean waters.

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@superion_prime: "Get the thugs to custody and any remaining civilians to safety. I'll finish off the beast."

As he hears the emerald abomination rise from the waves with a howl, Night Warden leaps back into his watercraft, switching it back to manual as the behemoth leaps towards him.

He veers out of its way before strafing it with armor-piercing rounds and stunning stinger missiles that have the capacity to drop battleships.

The monster is shredded apart and sinks beneath the waves.

After calling the local water patrol to clean up the mess of the ruined cargo ship, he speeds to shore and rejoins Lady Superion on land, pressing a button on his belt that causes the SeaStalker to drive and park itself at a secret bunker garage in the city.

This is just one vehicle among legions of others he has, all state of the art.

"We make a very good team, don't you think?"

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Lady Superion nods, not arguing even though that is her first instinct and sees to the safety of the civilians. Once that was done, she waits for Night Warden. It's not long before he arrives and asks her that question. She smiles, "Yes, we do. It was good working with you, Jacob."

She dares to give him a hug, mostly for how grateful she is that he found a way to restore her powers. "Take care of yourself. Drop by anytime."

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A distinct feminine yet muffled voice rang out above Connor. His sixth sense had already discerned her presence, but it didn’t make him any less ecstatic to hear her voice, lifting his head towards a sight of scarlet swinging over him. A smile crept onto his battered face.

Eh. Not exactly feeling like a hundred bucks!” the Spider quickly responded.

Timing his leap, the Spider waited for his fellow arachnid was on the ascent of her next swing before making the jump. Springing upwards past several stories of a relatively small building until he was just a few feet overhead, he anchored a silk-line onto the rooftop in a flash before pulling himself onto the asphalt landing, skidding to a short stop. If the Crimson Spider was as skilled as he was when it came to web-swinging and absurd aerial acrobatics, having no doubt that she was if not more so, then she would find no trouble meeting him. The timing of his jump was made so that she could easily release he line at the highest point of her swing and quickly get to where he was. There they would continue to converse.

How are you? You okay?” Connor asked in regards to her health. It was only fair that he showed concern for her as she did for him. He wasn't in any serious pain. His unnatural durability and his body's heightened healing factor helped to reduce the threshold of pain and kept any of his bones from snapping after his crash landing. But he would have plenty of cuts and bruises to bring home with him after this whole mess.The soreness of his muscles was starting to set in with the adrenaline wearing off, especially after being nearly shocked to death, as well as a slight tingly sensation. Not to mention where the lasers had gotten him. So far, the webbing was doing a good job of keeping his flesh wounds from bleeding excessively despite having being somewhat cauterized by the laser itself.

Uh, personally, they broke my funny bone. I mean, I only have so many robot jokes to hand out with this size of a crowd,” the Spider weakly jested. A reassurance to keep her from worrying.

That...was terrible. Well, they can't all be winners.Shot. My suit. God, I'm so stupid. I shouldn't have let myself be so slow.

Sitting down on the concrete to rest and calm his nerves, the Spider placing some weight on his backpack, using it as a cushion, as he let the wave of frustration, guilt, and reflection roll over him. If had only been smart about what he was doing, not worrying about his stupid identity or whatever else was running through his mind, but focused on staying alive and well, he would have probably turned out fine. No torn costume. No injuries. No constant pain in his side.

None of this bullcrap.

However, that wasn't the crux of the problem and he forced that frustration down to the back of his mind and into the pit of his stomach.

"So....what do we do now? There's too many of them. We need to find Nemesis. Shut her down and maybe it'll stop all of this."

Blunt and direct. The Spider wanted a solution to end the chaos and, so far, cutting the head of the snake appeared to be the only answer.

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Mister Surreal walks into a grocery store. "Well, here goes nothing".

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It won't take long before spotting a beautiful blonde woman who has a cart full of junk food. If she eats all of that, how is she remaining thin like she does? If it's for someone else, why?

Lucy glances at Mr. Surreal, then does a double take. She recognizes him, but he may not recognize her since she was wearing a mask and goggles that hid her face.

When Lucy walks by, she smiles at him.

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@somebody_: (OOC: Sooooo sorry it's taken me so long to get to this. >.<)

The Crimson Spider easily arrives on the roof with all the acrobatic agility and skill he expects and then she hears him ask a concerned question:

How are you? You okay?”

"I'm fine, a few scrapes and bruises." Marie says, which is mostly true. But the machines did hit her harder than she'd like to admit. She's hurting a little, but she is managing to hold it together. But nevermind about herself, she is more concerned about him. She may be physically blind, but she can smell his blood. She knows he's been hurt in a several places, but he's patched himself up with his webbing. Smart move.

Uh, personally, they broke my funny bone. I mean, I only have so many robot jokes to hand out with this size of a crowd,”

"Heh, I guess your sense of humor is broken, we should get that fixed." She almost winks at him, but realizes her mask will hide it. Unlike him, her mask cannot move it's 'lenses'. Marie doesn't mention it, but she likes his sense of humor. He's a lot like her in many ways, but there are enough differences too.

When he sits down, the Crimson Spider joins him, but keeps her senses alert for any hint of danger. So far, they aren't in any danger. Yet. So, she looks in his general direction, wishing she could see him, but she cannot. Just a surface image and that is it. "Well, I know the other heroes are working on it. But aside from that, I'm glad your doing okay. You took some serious hits. I--"

All of a sudden, the Crimson Spider's head does a sharp turn as she hears something. Some kind of signal coming from the SharrCorp building. Only those with hearing like hers, or greater, will hear it. "Do you hear that signal? It's coming from the SharrCorp building."

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Mister Surreal notices her and nods in "hello" type of manner. But before he continues to go about his way, he then notices that she looks extremely familiar. It was almost as if he knew her from somewhere, he just couldn't think of why.

He then let go of his chart and walked over to her. "Excuse me, do you have a second to spare?", he asks before she walks away.

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One would think that shopping like this would be something that Lucy hates, considering the fact she loves living in the fast lane. Shopping like this is slow and not fast. Especially if she has to wait in line. But this is one of the rare occasions she makes an exception because it allows her to think on the cases she's working on as a Forensics Scientist.

Breaking her out of her chain of thought, Lucy stops and looks over at Mr. Surreal, "Um, sure. I don't work here but I'll help you if I can."

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Matthew was having a strange day for sure, well, more strange than usual that is. Not only was he going to the grocery store when he couldn't even remember the last time that he had been there, but he also had a feeling that he knew someone who seemed to be a complete stranger. But then it hit him. It was Zephyr.

"Sorry to bother you, you just look like someone that I know."

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For the span of a second, which is hours to Lucy, she debates with herself if she should attempt to evade his statement or tell him she knows him. But then it occurs to her that this man is a powerful Sorcerer and that he'd likely be able to sense who she is already. Besides, if they are to work together in the Justice League Alliance, they must trust each other.

Smiling, Lucy snaps out of what she calls 'Zephyr Time' and she sticks a hand out for him to shake, "You do, we've met." She lowers her voice so only he can hear it, "It's me, Zephyr. But, I'm guessing you already knew that." She then tells him her real name, speaking normally now, "My real name is Lucy Walker, it's nice to meet you. Ironic last name for someone who runs a lot, don't you think?"

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In that moment, Matthew's world had become be completely warped. The friendly smile on his face had faded and his completion had now become pale. He just stared at her with a blank expression as all the sounds in their environment had become dulled. His mind was now flooded with memories of events that has taken place long before he became a sorcerer. Before he lost everyone that he cared about.

"Di-did you just s-say that your name is Lucy Walker?", Matthew said as he struggled to finish his sentence. He could barely speak because of how dry his throat had become. The rest of his body on the other hand was drenched in perspiration. He felt like he was going to faint, so he leaned back onto his cart.

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Seeing his reaction, Lucy loses her smile and a look of great concern comes over her beautiful features. "Yes, my name is Lucy Walker." She says in confirmation, then she notices how he breaks out in a cold sweat. What is going on with him? She thinks to herself.

It didn't strike her before, but it does now. Mr. Surreal looks oddly familiar...like she's met him before but she cannot place where she might of met him before that whole Ares thing, "Is everything alright? You look like you've seen a ghost."

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But the truth was that Matthew had seen as ghost, or what would be the closet to seeing one. He hadn't heard the name "Lucy Walker" in years, and for good reason. After the car crash that took the lives of both of his parents, he isolated himself from the rest of his family. After years of spending time away from them, the less and less members of his family there actually were. He assumed that any close relatives to him had also passed away.

Matthew swallowed hard as he looked back at her. The concerned expression of her face was very much like the one he remembered seeing on someone he knew having when she too was worried. "Do you by any chance know someone called Matthew Walker?", he said knowing that answer would all but confirm what he believed to be true.

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As Mr. Surreal asks that question, at first a puzzled expression comes over Lucy's face. She doesn't seem to know the name. But wait, a vague memory tugs at her mind about a young man, roughly 20 years old. It was at some kind of family get together? Maybe? And that young man looks like the man who is standing right before her. Then, like a bolt of lightning, it hits her. Recognition. THAT is where she has seen him! The man standing before her now is is her cousin and she hasn't seen him in YEARS!

Lucy's mouth drops open as she puts a hand to her chest, "Oh my ***! Matthew! Oh wow, how long has it been?! I haven't seen you in years!" Suddenly, she hugs him, then realizes what she is doing might be a little...awkward, so she pulls back, smiling sheepishly, "Sorry, um...where have you been all this time?"

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Matthew just stares back at her as he takes it all in. He couldn't believe that she was actually his cousin, standing right in front of him this entire time. He thought that just about all of his family members had died off, but she was living proof that it wasn't true. His emotions began to get the best of him as he couldn't contain the amount of joy that he felt. He slowly walked towards her as he hugs her in return.

"I haven't seen you in years. The last time that I remember seeing you, you were just a kid.", he said as he became teary-eyed. Seldom would a person see a sorcerer, let alone the Sorcerer Supreme, act in such an emotional way. The whole show gained the attention of some people passing by.

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The people passing by taking a look at them, with some smiles added in, makes Lucy's cheeks flush a bit, "I think I was five when I saw you last, maybe six." She is grateful for the hug back, then she looks him over, speaking in a low voice so only he can hear, "And a Sorcerer now. I'm impressed."

Lucy doesn't even want to get into how she got her speed. It's...not some pleasant memories she likes to remember. She loves what she can do, but how she got her powers brings Lucy a lot of pain.

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Matthew didn't normally like do things like this, especially not in public where there were many people who could see him. But all he cared about at the moment was being reunited with a member of his family. He took the warm embrace wholeheartedly.

He stopped hugging her and took a few steps back as he sniffled a couple of times. "I'm sorry for doing that, I don't know what came over me.", he said as he wiped the tears off of his cheeks. "You've done some impressive things yourself, becoming the world's fastest superhero and all.", he said with genuine pride.

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Lucy can only smile at him, moving her shoulders up as she glances away, "It's all good. And hey, I don't know about the fastest Super-Hero alive but as far as I know, I am the fastest woman alive." At least, so far. She hasn't been beaten by another woman in a race just yet and she hopes she never will.

Lucy then glances at their respective carts, "Can we buy our things and talk somewhere more private?"

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"Sure, let's check out quickly so that we can continue this conversation.", Matthew said as he went to his chart and began pushing it towards the check out line. Lucy and he went through the long line up, which Lucy probably hated, but were able to finely get out with their groceries.

Once they stepped outside, Matthew began twirling his fingers. "I believe I know the perfect place for us to talk.", he said as he created a portal to his home.

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The City of Tomorrow! Delaware, here I come!

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Despite the recent loss of her parents and the revelation that her mother might still be alive, somehow, Keira is in high spirits for the first time in a month.

Recently, events have hit Keira hard. But slowly she is piecing everything back together again. Her brother, Superion, is saving the world in the Justice League Alliance, a team that Paragon helped form. As for Keira herself, she's been busy dealing with protecting Metro City.

As Keira Hawke, she has been busy being the CEO of one of the biggest companies in the city. With everything going on, she missed the shot to take over SharrCorp and Maxine Maxima got that one, biting down like a shark and she got what she wanted. Oh well, Keira has enough money and she doesn't need the company of her greatest enemy anyway.

Keira sips her coffee as she sits in the rebuild Ace of Clubs. A restaurant in the recently rebuilt Hobs Bay, formerly known as Suicide Slum but no longer. Here, it is the place her father died some months ago thanks to Nemesis. So, why is she here now? One would think she'd want to distance herself from a place her father once owed. But no, not Keira. She is remembering the happy times they shared together and besides, she's stayed away long enough.

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"This is going to take some getting used to..." Milo Archer, recently revived, completely unaware of how long the restructuring process would take. After inhabiting a new body, and reshaping its entire design, Milo found that his memories were slowly returning. This process felt like rapid aging, and it was taking a toll on his psyche. Two hours ago he had no idea how to chew his food, and now, he was fully clothed, wandering the street in search of opportunity.

Dressed in a rather dapper outfit, a full suit, handkerchief in the breast pocket of his velvet vest that sat beneath his black slim cut blazer he stepped into critically acclaimed Ace of Clubs, eyes darting around as he searched for VIP of the evening. "Keira Hawke? Milo Archer, heard you were looking for a head of security. Well if you have a second , I'd like to tell you why I'd fit the bill." His orange colored pupils glistened under the gaze of the sun as it shone through the window directly behind Ms. Hawke, only serving as a complement to his infectious cheshire grin.

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Keira continues to sip her black coffee. Thanks to her powers, caffeine has no effect on her. This is her 4th cup in a row. Normally, as a scientist, she is constantly thinking about new inventions or at least the possibility of new ones. Now, her mind is a blank after thinking about so much about her father. Keira's mind goes back and forth between happy memories to thinking about nothing.

Distracted as she is, Keira knows when someone is walking towards her, when someone is looking at her. She pretends not to notice because a regular person likely wouldn't. Then when it's too obvious to ignore, Keira looks up to see a tall man smiling at her like a Cheshire cat that managed to catch the mouse. Of course, with Keira, looks are definitely deceiving. She likes it that way since people don't tend to think of her anything more than a rich brat running her own company nevermind a super-hero running around in blue tights and a red cape.

Yellow eyes? That's not normal. At least, not to Keira. She keeps that thought private. Keira gestures towards the seat across from her, returning his smile with a polite one of her own, "I see you saw the ad in the paper. Yes, I am looking for a new head of security. But first, I don't even know your name. Since my reputation proceeds me, mind telling me who you are?" Her voice cool and collected, Keira goes into her CEO mode. A woman that is all business. She is curious to see what this man has to offer as her potentially new head of security.

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@paragonxxx: Milo effervescently slides into the seat as Keira directed, never breaking his gaze, which was locked into her own. "Yes, I did, and might I say you're much prettier in person." Milo grin widened at the left end, morphing into a flirtatious smirk before flattening into a more humbling visage. "Name: Milo Archer. I am an accomplished combatant and martial artist with a mastery of 50 styles. Former hero for hire, I've helped plenty of heroic establishments further their goals in the past, and during the mutant occupation in Venezuela I fought bravely alongside many."

Milo gaze drifted as he relived the memories of the conflict from his arrival in Venezuela to his subsequent death at the hands of a nuclear explosion. He could feel something coursing through his veins upon relieving the moment. Had he unlocked a new ability? He would have to test this out later. "Aside from this, I have led my own team of mercenaries on jungle expeditions, so I'm quite experienced with handling management as well. Any questions?"

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Keira watches him and listens, sipping her coffee as he talks. As he does, she checks his credentials with her phone. Everything seems to check out about him so far. Fifty styles of Martial Arts. That's rare in anyone and very impressive. It's a great resume, but Keira has a question, "That is one impressive resume. You could do anything better than this. So, why choose to be my head of security? It's boring comparing to what you've done."

All of this, what she says, it might be off putting to someone else. But Keira says it on purpose. She's testing him. Being her head of security is so much more than just doing a job and then going home. But she doesn't mention this because if she did, what would be the point in testing him? So many think it's an easy job, possibly even boring. But Keira's life is far from boring and trouble seems to always come looking for her weather as her civilian identity or as Paragon.

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"Well to be completely honest, I think there is a lot more to you than what meets the eye," Milo's eyes glow with an intense hue, heaven's eyes analyzing her chakra network for any anomalies. Nothing was detected so far. "Plus, this city has had its fair share of kidnappings recently and honestly I think your the next target on the list. See these guys, they only choose high priority targets. CEO's, Vice Presidents, nothing less than a major athlete. They're highly trained, ex spetsnaz, marines, and every other guerilla special forces unit from the past 20 yrs. A squad like them would be a great measure of my vessel I believe that working for you I may get a chance to take them down." Milo's grin widened as he spoke and a look of excitement filled his pupils. "Seems like a mutually beneficial agreement from where I'm sitting."

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Noticing those eyes glow, he is definitely not human. But it doesn't matter to Keira, she has no issues with that. Others might, but if she hires him then they can deal with it later. Either way, his first test has been passed. He's right about one thing: There is a lot more to her than meets the eye. She is the super-heroine known as Paragon, but she doesn't tell him that. Not yet. Keira doesn't trust him. It's no mark against him, but for all she knows he could be the one who is planning to kidnap her. As Keira Hawke, he can succeed but not if she was Paragon. However, she is willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and believe, for now, he is here to be hired as her new head of security. A man that can be trusted later down the road not only with her life, but with valuable secrets. However, he is going to have to earn that level of trust because it won't be handed to him on a platter. Keira's last head of security never knew she is Paragon and even if he did, he never told her that he knew. Upon thinking him, a brief moment of sadness comes across her face. The man died giving his life in the recent attack on Metro City thanks to Nemesis' army of machine killer robots.

Keira banishes the man from her mind, focusing on the man in front of her. He's not the only one with enhanced senses. She is also using hers. Keira hears the steady rhythm of Milo's heart beat, can smell minute traces of sweat on his black skin, the blood pressure within his veins and countless other things. She knows when someone is lying and he seems to be telling the truth. Keira does not seem overly concerned about a possible kidnapping, she's been a target before. She sips her coffee again, "And then when you do take them down, what happens then?"

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Keira's posture was unmoved by the revelation of highly trained covert units hot on her tail. A daunting detail considering most in her position would shy away from any detrimental situations, using their exaggerated funds to remove the problem. Yet, Keira's demeanor was the exact opposite. Where did such steely eyed confidence come from? Was it a superiority complex? Or was she more capable than she seemed?

Milo's Piasu Tengoku (Piercing Heaven Eyes)
Milo's Piasu Tengoku (Piercing Heaven Eyes)

"I find the money. I find the VIPs. And If find out if this connects to some larger criminal enterprise, then I've got to take them down too. I honestly can't tell you how deep the rabbit hole is Ms. Hawke, I can only tell you that its there and I plan to investigate down to the core. Honestly, I can't expect someone such as yourself to understand how this works, with all due respect, this kind of work is outside your area of expertise. Allow a professional like myself to do what needs to be done." A snarky grin surfaced as Milo's eyes glowed subtly once again, observing Keira's emotional framework for any spikes in response to the comment. Only a crime fighter would take offense to that statement so, if this woman is who she says she is and nothing else, no harm done.

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Keira is definitely offended, but she doesn't show it outwardly. She's good at not showing any signs of emotion that way. But she feels offended and Milo might pick that up thanks to his ability to sense Keira's emotional framework. And this is the first clue that Keira is not who she seems. Oh, she is definitely Keira Hawke, without a doubt. But she's also Paragon. Metro City has a number of heroes operating within it's borders. Paragon, Superion, the Crimson Spider and even a few vigilante's. If Milo even begins to entertain the thought that Keira could be one of them, she could be any number of the female ones. Who who?

Truth be told, Metro City is the home of a vast underground criminal empire. The mysterious Shadow Broker controls everything related to criminal activity weather directly or indirectly. No one, not even Paragon herself, knows who the Shadow Broker is. As of right now, there are only two people in the world who know who the underground kingpin happens to be and they aren't talking, neither does anyone know that they know. Paragon knows, to some extent, that there someone controlling the crime in her city. But she doesn't know to what extent. She doesn't know who either, but she has her suspicions. Unfortunately, it's nothing she can prove beyond a shadow of a doubt.

Keira finishes her coffee and sets the empty cup down, looking into those glowing eyes of his. "Your a professional, I'm not. I'm just a rich CEO trying to invent things to make the world a better place. Like Tesla." Nicola Tesla happens to be one of Keira's heroes of science. A man who wanted to give to the world only to be murdered for it. At least, that's what Keira suspects happened, but she can't prove it. "When can you start?"

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@paragonxxx, @superion_prime

Staring into the TV store in the rain. Typical Monday for Keith Anderson, local comic book store clerk and pizza enthusiast. He scratched at his beard, eyes darting back and forth looking for something about superheroes. He often did this on his lunch break after eating. He didn't spend too much time obsessing over the details of fine dining, usually wharfing down what was in front of him like a championship eater.

The rest of his thirty minutes was dedicated to watching the news on the biggest plasma screen in the store window. Looking through the metal grate, he could still see the 'S' he had a copy of under his jacket. Somehow it just made him smile, even after all these years.

A buzzing went off in his ears. Was his playlist skipping again? No, something more irritating. His lunch was over.

"Ah well," he mouthed. His shop was down the block. Ray was watching it, but they probably didn't have any customers. Not at this time of night. Major game nights were Friday and Saturday. Except, it was quieter than usual on the streets.

He stopped at the edge of his store. Two men were busting in. Ray got the baseball bat and swung, but they shot him in the mouth. Register emptied. Business crippled.

Wait, no, that was just the future. Keith knew what he had to do and walked briskly to where those same men were heading towards: the front door of his store.

"Excuse us," the bigger one tried to shove Keith to the side. He had a voice changer, one that caught a grunt as he found that Keith was doing the exact opposite of moving. He was staring the two straight in the face.

"Look, I know why you're here,"

"We want to buy some comics," the shorter one chuckled, reaching for something in his belt

"Yeah no,"

Keith raised and clenched his hands. The satisfying crunch of military hardware snapping into small pieces responded, and the crooks shifted in terror. They tried to run.

"Let's see if I can get this right," he raised his index fingers, 'catching' the two in fields of some kind.

"Over the hill, cross the pond, and rabbit goes in the hole!" he smirked, tying them together by their various clothing items around a lamp post. "Not as glamorous as when Hawkshade does it, but it'll do,"

He took out his cell phone and dialed the police. "Hey, yeah it's Keith. Got some more for you. Is Debbie there? Tell her hi for me? Thanks Paul,"

It was then that one of the crooks noticed that 'Keith' wasn't wet from the rain at all. Instead, the water just collected on some surface above his head and rolled down to the pavement.

Ray waved Keith down as he entered into the store.

"How long have you been vigilante justice again?"

"Pretty long, bud. Gotcha your fix," he set down a can of beet juice flavored with mango and some other kind of plant matter. "Longer than you've been alive, that's for sure,"

"You're too open about your identity Keith. People will start getting antsy, having a telepath running their comic store," he snapped the can open and took a long sip.

"I'm just doing it for fun, no harm in that,"

"Superion doesn't do it for 'fun', and neither do you man. Something's going to happen today, I can tell,"

"Did you steal my future vision for that?"

"Don't need to."

Ray pointed outside.

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Unlike Keith, Superion doesn't have the luxury of preventing rain from falling down on him. Fortunately, his suit is water proof so the water just slides right off without getting soaked. He heard the call to the police and once again it's Keith. This time, Superion flies down and lands just outside Keith's window with his hands on his hips just as Ray says, "Don't need to." Before pointing outside.

Superion smiles at the two men, but his full attention is towards Keith. Should he be invited inside, he offers to shake Keith's hand and says, "Thank you. You did your best and then some."

Unlike a lot of heroes in today's world, Superion is not afraid to mingle among the people, smile and be a part of their lives. He doesn't do it all the time, but when he does he makes it matter.

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Keith started to say something, his mouth trying to make cohesive movements in tandem with his brain but nothing happened besides gibberish. He had to pinch himself - hard - just to get a semblance of reality back. He looked at Ray for a split second.

"Is that?"


"In here?"


"I mean, do we offer him something to drink or eat?"

"Just tell him to come in from the rain,"

Keith waved Superion inside, pulling out a chair for him from a nearby gaming table.

"First of all, huge fan. You're like, an idol of mine,"

Keith took this opportunity to get a pen and notepad, not to mention his phone, from behind the counter. He shook Superion's hand with both of his, almost fumbling his items back into his vest pockets.

"Is it weird to ask for an autograph and a picture with you?"

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Superion comes inside and shakes both their hands before having a seat thanks to the chair being provided. Smiling the whole time, he's heard this all before. But the Man of Steel takes it all in stride. He's used to it. "It's not weird at all. I'd be happy to sign any autographs and take a picture with you. You have a camera?"

Superion takes quick glance at the shop he is in. It's nice, clean and orderly. It's one of the nicer ones in Metro City.