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Aliases: The City of Tomorrow, The Big Apricot, The Monarch City.

Location: A few hundred miles south of New York and East of Washington DC.

Dimensions: 250 squire miles.

Population: Roughly 7 Million.

Universe: CvNu/CVU

Medium Income per Household: $41,634.20

Unemployment Rate: 4.2%

Percentage living in poverty: 8%

Average Yearly Temperature: 54° - 70°F

Summer Highs: Upper 80s to low 90s

Winter Lows: 10s to 20s

Average Winter Wind Chill: 30

Average Monthly Rain Fall: 3.13 inches

Average Yearly Snowfall: 6 inches

Public Schools: 90 (including elementary, middle and high schools)

Private Schools: 75 (including elementary, middle and high schools)

School year begins roughly in the middle of August and lasts until the end of May.

Colleges and Universities: 23.

Major Employers of Metro City

Bakerline Naval Shipyard: 14,108 employees

The Department of Super-Human Affairs: 12,927 employees

SharrCorp: 12,324 emplyees

MaxCo Worldwide Media (including MaxCo studio staff and all holdings): 8,136 employees.

Hawke Industries: 1,297 employees (Does not apply in the CVU)

The Daily Observer (editorial and production): 670 employees

Industrial Technology: Led by SharrCorp, technological and sciences research greatly advance Metro City's economy.

Manufacturing: As a result of Metro City’s considerable technological industry, serious demands are made for large machinery and delicate components. Because of this, several robotics and heavy machinery manufacturers have major plants, as well as their headquarters, in Metro City.

Services: With a large population and great volumes of tourism traffic (44 million visitors annually), substantial numbers of Metropolitans are employed in service sectors, from retail to public service. Service positions are always available, keeping the city's unemployment rate much lower than nationwide averages for a city it’s size.

Crime: Roughly 1 in 125,000 people will encounter a person-on-person criminal act in Metro City. For the eighth year in a row, Metro City’s crime statistics have continued to drop, thanks to the efforts of the police department, Metro City Meta-Human Crimes Unit, Community Watch programs, a booming economy and the heroes that protect the city.


The history of Metro City stretches back to the year 1542 when Italian navigator Antonio Romano discovered the region while in the employ of the Dutch. Prior to European colonization, the region was occupied by the Algonquin Native American tribe. It wasn't until 1634 however that the first settlement was established by Dutchman Adrian De Vries. The settlement was named De Vries Village and occupies the neighborhood now known as "Old City" in the Eastern section of Queensland Park. Throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, De Vries Village prospered as a thriving seaport and it became an integral strategic location for General George Washington's army during the Revolutionary War. In 1675, the Dutch sold the island and all land rights to the British who renamed the island New Troy.

While Dutch sought cooperation and peaceful coexistence with the native population, the British were far less amenable, leading to skirmishes with the local native tribes. Three major battles occurred within a fifty year period:

The Battle of Bakerline (1680)

The Battle of Hob (1730) and the two year long 'Dark Indian' War during which the British managed to drive the native tribes off the land they formerly held.

As the city grew, settlers moved across both rivers to colonize the areas north, south, and west of the city. In 1760, progressive citizens of New Troy and the surrounding settlements incorporated the entire area under the name: Metro City. The city prospered around the area's natural harbor and by the Revolutionary War, it was large enough to serve as a major source of manpower for George Washington's army.

In 1775, the city established itself as a host to many book and newspaper publishing houses, the most successful of which would eventually become known as the Daily Observer. During the "Devil's Winter Siege", the city was defended by Tomahawk's rangers, most notably John Hunter, in whose honor the settlement was renamed as Fort Hunter, later Hunterville and later still Hunter City. In 1783, Paul Jeffries opened the First Metropolitan Bank, which still exists today, though the corporate headquarters has since moved to the Central Business District in New Troy.

With the founding of the University of Metropolis in 1817 along the southern side of what is now Centennial Park (although it was not given that name until 1860), all citizens, even some of the holdfasts who still called the city New Troy, began to call it Metro City.

In 1847, the borough known as Hob's Bay became a bustling merchant center, as well as a hotbed for bigotry and intolerance, particularly against the rising influx of Irish immigrants. Mission worker Edna Sharr became a strong voice among the struggling workers, and she publicly preached a message of tolerance and love. Like many in the Sharr bloodline, Edna was a visionary whose convictions and strong sense of morality would help pave the way for Metro City’s future. These values were passed along to her grandson, William Sharr who operated the Sharr Steel Works during the turn of the century.

Metro City grew rapidly during the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, becoming one of the nation's busiest seaports and a center for immigration. At this time, Metro City experienced its own intellectual renaissance, rivaling many of it’s sister cities in Europe. The reports from Lewis and Clark's expedition in the early 1800's helped to fuel the sense of destiny and discovery. These were reprinted in the Daily Observer having been forwarded to the paper by President Thomas Jefferson. The city rallied behind the expedition and quickly turned the Planet into the best-selling daily newspaper in the world. Metro City also served as the terminus for many railroad lines to points west and boasted one of the largest points of entry for the waves of European immigration during the 19th and early 20th Centuries. As early as 1775, the city was home to a host of courageous book and newspaper publishers. Today, it remains a center for the media, rivaling New York City for East Coast dominance of the broadcasting and publishing worlds.

The end of the nineteenth century was also marked by turbulence. It was during this period that the city fathers constructed Stryker's Island penitentiary. For the first time in it’s history, Metro City had a problem with crime, but it was dealt with quickly because Stryker's put a fear of punishment into the hearts of many criminals. Today it remains one of the nation's oldest working prisons.

During the 1900s, the city became the first major city in America to boast 100 percent electric homes within its borders. Shortly before this, Metro City had set a record by being the first American city to have over 1,000 telephones - 300 of which were public telephone booths, an innovation developed in Metro City. In addition, during the early 1900s, Metro City’s reputation as a city of philanthropy grew, as many naturalists were funded by grants from either the Daily Observer or wealthy individuals.

Great people of the time visited Metro City upon the invitation of the Metro City Club (a leading gentleman's club made up of scholars and businessmen or similar groups) or by their own accord. During the vibrant years of the early twentieth century, Metro City played host to dignitaries such as Karl Marx, Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain (who marveled at the city's modern conveniences), Henry Ford (who had a summer residence on Carl Lane in Bakerline), and even England's King George V.

The Hob's Bay area offered affordable housing to the yard workers and their families, but due to unscrupulous landlords who lived in the more affluent sections of the city, these residents remained stuck in the working class, owing nearly all of their monthly paycheck in rent and unable to move to more affordable housing across the river due to the abominable public transportation of the era. The crowding and transportation were so poor that a working man who lived in either Racine or New Town would have to leave his house at 4:00 A.M. to get to work at the bay by 8:00.

"Suicide Days" - one of the city's darker episodes occurred in the late 1920s in Hob's Bay, thanks to the unscrupulous businessman Harry Black, a contemporary of the Morgans, Rockefellers, and Vanderbilts. Black convinced hundreds of Hob's Bay residents to invest more than they were able into unreliable stocks just as the market crashed and the country entered the Great Depression. Fueled by hopeless desperation and the prospect of not being able to provide for their families, many Hob's Bay men committed suicide. The practice of taking one's own life became so prevalent in Hob's Bay that police patrolman Jacob Pryer, after reporting a record 45 suicides in one day in October of 1930, commented to a reporter for the Daily Observer "This whole place has gone to the pits. It's not a part of any decent city anymore; it's a suicide slum." Unfortunately for the area, that nickname stuck.

As a result of the numerous suicides, as well as the fact that several households had lost their menfolk to World War I, many families were left with only one parent, pushing many women into the workforce for the first times in their lives, and putting children on the street. Crime, homelessness, and poverty rates shot up uncontrollably. It is an unfortunate legacy the city still battles today.

Because of the virtual financial and social destruction of Hob's Bay in part due to the Depression and it’s effects on the populace, then Mayor Kenny Mertz instituted sweeping reforms for nearly all of Metro City. First was the establishment of several social work programs designed to aid those in need within the city. Secondly, a public transportation system, consisting of buses, suspended trolleys, elevated trains, and modern subways, was constructed (using laborers who were in desperate need of work), making it possible to travel between any two points in the city in under an hour. Finally, a citywide revitalization program was instituted that once again sought to replace older buildings with modern, more technologically advanced models.

Because of Mertz's programs, Metro City was well on it’s way to economic recovery by the time President Roosevelt instituted his "New Deal" policies. Many historians argue that FDR's ideas for the nation were modeled after those Mertz used in Metro City.

Metro City boomed during the years of World War II. It was a time of pride - pride in one's city, and pride in one's country. Following World War II, Metro City saw growth like never before. A solid economy, combined with the euphoria of the war being over, pushed nearly every citizen of Metro City towards more: greater strides in science were made, greater social reforms took place and Metro City’s wealth and respect outstripped that of New York, Gothic City and all it’s other contemporaries.

While advances were made in both the arts and education during the postwar era (with four more trade schools and two technical colleges founded between 1953 and 1957 alone), science and technology once again took the lead in the city, propelling Metro City decades ahead of it’s sister cities in terms of technology offered to its citizenry. For a short time in the postwar era, the hero named Durandal called Metro City his home, unofficially (and most likely, unknowingly) acting as a rallying point for Metro City’s colleges and universities to continue to pump out invention after invention, innovation after innovation. Durandal, ever bashful in those early days of his career, actually dug the first shovelful of dirt when ground for the expanded campus of the Metro City Institute of Technology (which later included the country's first active robotics department under the head of Dr. Victor Magnus) was broken in 1952.

This was the time that crime, the likes of which Metro City had never seen, gained a foothold in the city. "Boss" Frankie and his gang of thugs, many of whom were most active in the 1930s and the war years, returned with a vengeance and took control of some of Metro City’s seedier districts. Many current residents of Hob's Bay remember the hot Friday night in July when it took 60 Metro City police officers to take down George Sixty and Professor Friday.

After that battle, which saw the deaths of 15 officers, the city council began plans that were responsible for the later formation of the Department of Super-Human Affairs, the nation's first police division trained to deal with 'super' criminals. As apprehension settled in, building in Metro City slowed and after a period reaching back for more than 50 years in which three new major companies opened or moved to Metro City every year, no new industry came to the city. For some intangible reason, the City of Tomorrow was slowly sinking into a financial and social depression.

Life in Metro City continued as it had for years, but at the turn of the 21st century and Lionel Sharr’s rise to power as the CEO of SharrCorp, Metro City really started to thrive as it once did in the early 20th century along with company merges, acquisitions, and new ideas responsible for the ever-changing skyline. Thanks to many innovations by Lionel Sharr, Metro City’s jobless rate dropped down 2.3 percent, beating out all it’s contemporaries and national jobless rates. It was during these times that Metro City gained the nickname as the “City of Tomorrow” since it’s level of technology was at least a decade ahead of everyone else.

The Metro City of today is a world-class metropolis featuring a population of some seven million people and occupying 250 square miles. In terms of people, it is one of the largest cities on the planet, but smaller than giants such as New York, Mexico City and Los Angeles. Aesthetically, the city ranges from a gleaming techno-city of the future to a blasted post-industrial wasteland.

Here are the different borough’s of Metro City.

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Bakerline is primarily a middle-class housing community. Distance wise, Bakerline is a forty-minute train ride from the New Troy (midtown) section of Metro City.

Places of Interest...

  • Bakerline Naval Yard: Established in 1635, the Navy Yard was a bustling nautical center during the 17th and 18th centuries and played an integral role in the development of the area. The lively wharf was a hub for jobs, serving ships with lumber and raw materials for the growing city. Today, it serves as hub for naval ships that wish to dock here and load or unload their cargo.
  • MCPD 5th Precinct: Metro City Police Department for Bakerline.

Hob’s Bay AKA “Suicide Slum”

Hob's Bay is one of the main neighborhoods of Metro City as well as the name of the bay itself. Located across the West River from the central New Troy district, it connects to the mainland by way of the Hobsneck Bridge. Hob’s Bay, also known as Suicide Slum, is where the financially poor people live.

Originally known as Hob's Bay, named after Elijah Hob; an early Metro City landowner, the area had been a prosperous, middle-class neighborhood at the turn of the twentieth century. With the beginning of the Great Depression, residents were encouraged to invest in Comet Arena, touted as a sports venue that "would bring fifty thousand people to the area every week of the year." Instead, the developer disappared with the contributed donations earmarked for the complex and the area began a descent into poverty and decay from which it never recovered. Now only City Hall and the chamber of commerce refer to the neighborhood as "Hob's Bay". To the rest of Metro City, it is Suicide Slum.

Suicide Slum’s crime rate is equal to the worse parts of New York and Los Angeles. The police rarely patrol it’s streets because when they have tried to enter the area they always suffered for it in shootouts, injuries and casualties. Better to just let the place rot and the miscreants who have it, keep it.

There are unsubstantiated rumors of a mysterious vigilante operating in Suicide Slum and fighting the crime that seems to have a stranglehold on the borough. Rumor or not, the crime rate is actually beginning to drop and more and more of the criminals and street thugs whisper of a black demon hunting them. Unfortunately, no one has had the courage to investigate these wild rumors.

Points of Interest...

  • Hobsneck Bridge: The Hobsneck Bridge spans the distance between the central island of Metro City and Hob's Bay.
  • Steelworks: This is a factory of various technologies owned and operated by Hawke Industries. Steelworks is the Metro City laboratory of Keira Hawke. Located in an abandoned Suicide Slum factory, Steelworks is an advanced industrial design factory currently developing non-lethal meta-human-control technology for use by Metro City’s Meta-Human Crimes Unit.
  • NOTE: In the CVU, Steelworks is owned and operated by SharrCorp.
  • Jurassic Tower: This is a hotel that is free to the public, along with free food, baths, showers and entertainment. The tower is heavily defended both within and without by the Maverick security team. Construction of the tower has recently been completed.
  • NOTE: In the CVU, this is known as Prehistoria Tower.
  • Ace-O-Clubs: The Ace of Clubs is a blue-collar pub in the Suicide Slum district of Metro City. Owned and operated by former Heavyweight Champion of the World Nathan “Thunderfist” Hawke. Nora Hawke bought the pub for her husband who insisted he wished to operate a pub in the place he grew up. Nate has a chance to start a new life after spending a few years in prison for a crime he did not commit and that is a chance he will not waste as he does his part to help the neighborhood. Purporting himself to be Paragon's biggest fan, Nate maintains a zero-tolerance attitude against any patron who dares to bad-mouth the hero of Metro City; personally tossing any such individuals out on their ear. Like most pubs, the Ace of Clubs is no stranger to violence. To keep the peace, Nate always has his trusty double-barrel shotgun at the ready should things ever get too wild. In one corner of the pub is a number of Championship belts, trophies and pictures from Nate’s boxing days, which he talks about to anyone who cares to ask.
  • NOTE: In the CVU, Nathan Hawke is dead and does not own the Ace of Clubs. Ownership belongs to Frank Bibbowski who was also a former Heavyweight Champion. In fact, everything said about Nate above also applies to Frank.
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Little Bohemia

This is a fairly small island located to the southeast of New Troy and it's directly east of Queensland Park. Little Bohemia serves as a resort area for the citizens of Metro City and tourists. It's a great area for fishing, swimming and sailing. There are also many beachfront hotels and even amusement parks that rival Disneyland in size and diversity. The Coastal Mountains are also located in this neighborhood. The island also boasts a number of fire stations and one police precinct HQ.

Locations of Interest...

Metro City International Airport: This is one of the nation’s three busiest airports with everything the typical airport offers.

New Troy

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Far and away the nicest part of town, The New Troy Borough resembles the futuristic side of Metro City. It is a thick forest of gleaming skyscrapers and massive complexes boasting bizarre and experimental architecture, intertwined with streets, bridges, skyways and rapid transit lines. The sky here is thick with personal and commercial aircraft and the the landscape is dominated by Sharr Tower, the tallest building in Metro City. Here in New Troy, the financial services industry keeps the high standard of living afloat and crime is minimized by a serious police presence. Most of the main businesses in Metro City are located here.

The technology level here is at least a few years ahead than most of the world, featuring state of the art and cutting edge technology you will see no where else and designed to help everyone’s lives a little better. New Troy is fairly self-contained, so those who are fortunate enough to live here rarely need to venture outside of their corner of the borough.

Places of Interest...

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  • Avenue of Tomorrow: The Avenue of Tomorrow is the central thoroughfare running through midtown Metro City. It is the hub of many scientific research centers including branches of SharrCorp and Hawke Industries. The busiest intersection of the avenue revolves around Glenmorgan Square.
  • Glenmorgan Square: The Glenmorgan Square is the entertainment center of Metro City, a landmark and a popular tourist attraction.
  • Sharr Tower: Originally organized as an aerospace engineering firm, SharrCorp has become one of the world's largest, most diversified multinational corporations. Under the astute - some would say, ruthless - management of its founder, Lionel Sharr, SharrCorp grew and prospered, absorbing scores of smaller businesses. SharrCorp not only provides thousands of jobs for the people of Metro City, but it’s CEO also owns at least half of the city itself.
  • NOTE: In the CVU, Lionel Sharr is not dead and is alive and well. He is the CEO of SharrCorp instead of his daughter. Oh, and he's my character so please don't kill him or control him. Thanks.
  • Hawke Industries: A subsidiary to the main Hawke Industries company that is based in New York City, Keira Hawke has been put in charge as a sort of test by her mother.
  • NOTE: Hawke Industries either does not exist in the CVU or is not based in Metro City (I haven't decided yet). Either way, the company has no presence in Metro City.
  • Daily Observer: Founded in 1775, the Daily Observer Building is the official headquarters of the newspaper. Located in the New Troy district, at the corner of 5th Avenue and Concord Lane, the building has become an iconic landmark for the city; famed for it’s award winning reporters and it’s idealogical pursuit of truth.
  • MaxCo Worldwide Media: MaxCo Worldwide Media is one of the world's leading telecommunications companies and a major economic engine of both Metro City and the United States. MaxCo also supplies cable service and phone service to customers in Metro City. It has a broadband division that supplies Americans with cable and digital television services, and also produces several periodicals and books through it’s subsidiary MaxCo Publishing. MaxCo stands as the leading major media empire which provides the citizens of Metro City with information and entertainment.
  • WSHARR-TV & SharrCom: The Daily Observer and GNB are aggressively opposed by SharrCorp, which operates WSHARR-TV, a major television station in Metro City and LexCom, an internet site that serves as a digital news center. As it is offered over the internet, SharrCom has great access to mainstream America, minus the costs of publishing. SharrCorp's owner, Lionel Sharr, manipulates nearly two-thirds of Metro City’s business.
  • Union Station: The Union Station is the first and last stop for all commuters traveling the "Rail Whale" commuter system within the heart of Metro City. Connected to the traditional railroad network that runs outside the city, the station acts as a link between the traditional rail network and the unique inner-city Metro Mass Transit System.
  • Centennial Park, Metro City Park & Fort Hob’s Park: These parks are a a public recreation area located in the New Troy district of Metro City. Centennial Park is Metro City’s largest park, stretching from the Midtown district to Downtown.
  • Six Springs Fountain: Located near the entrance to Centennial Park, this famous “hydro-dynamic” sculpture features artfully spraying and squirting water and multiple lights to illuminate the entire thing. It has appeared in many movies and is a city landmark.
  • The Grand Lady & Her Hand-Maidens: Also located in Centennial Park, there is a copse of trees like any other except for persistent reports of very small creatures, humanoid in appearance, that live there and are fond of pilfering people’s picnic lunches. Within the copse of trees is an ancient oak tree that is over 3,000 years old. This tree is just massive and possesses bark strong enough to deflect even the heaviest chainsaw. It is as if the tree has simply decided it will not be cut down for any reason or has mutated into near indestructible wood. Any and all attempts to find the source of these very small humanoid creatures has been in vain. Camera traps, video recording devices, thermal imaging, etc, have been used in an attempt to capture a small creature on film. But these strange, yet beautiful, creatures remain as elusive as the legendary Bigfoot and only blurry images and alleged clothing items, which are extremely small, have been produced as the best evidence so far of the creatures existence. And this has caused many skeptics to scoff at the idea of such small creatures existing in such a large city. These creatures are not faeries, but they are often mistaken as such. In reality, they are an undocumented and undiscovered species. They are also endangered because there are so few of them left.
  • Hedge Garden: The park's hedge garden was originally a maze that was simplified after too many citizens were unable to escape it.
  • Lock Elen: The park also features a reservoir that contains 28 million gallons of water and 46,000 species of fish. Although small, it is very deep. Some think Lock Elen is so deep that it extends to a deep system of underwater caverns that eventually feed into the bay. No SCUBA diver has ever gone deeper than 60 feet and returned to tell the tale, prompting many people to speak of some kind of monster that must live beneath the surface, waiting to gobble up anyone foolish enough to enter it’s domain.
  • Mortimer Bridge: This bridge leads from the New Troy borough to Bakerline.
  • MCPD 7th Precinct: The Metro City Police Department 7th Precinct, also known as the Midtown Police Station.
  • DSA Office Building: This building is the headquarters of the Department of Super-Human Affairs; a special division of the Metro City Police Department tasked with the handling of situations involving meta-human adversaries and other super powered threats. Their main headquarters, however, is the helicarrier hovering above the office building at an altitude of 1,000 feet.
  • Ellsworth Memorial Hospital: One of Metro City’s primary hospitals, Ellsworth is located directly across from Centennial Park.
  • Cain Street Mall: The most popular shopping center in New Troy.
  • Metro City University: A prestigious university with a wide range of scholarships and learning programs.

Park Ridge

Metro City’s oldest suburbs where people and families that cannot afford to live in Bakerline but are well enough off to escape the crime ridden Suicide Slum.

  • MCPD 6th Precinct: Metro City Police Department for Park Ridge.

Queensland Park

Queensland Park is primarily a suburban community consisting of single-family homes and brownstones. It is bordered by the West River to the north, and by the Atlantic Ocean on the east. The Eastern district is a neighborhood known as "Old City", and was established as a Dutch settlement in 1634 by explorer Adrian De Vries. At the time, the settlement was known as De Vries Village but changed it's name to Elizabethtown in the 1700s during British occupation. At this time, Queensland Park grew into a thriving seaport community with a central railroad network branching out to the surrounding areas. During the Revolutionary War, an American patriot from North Bridge named Christopher Vernon destroyed the British navy's access to New Troy, thus delaying their advance to the mainland. The Vernon Memorial Park was erected commemorating the event. After the war, Elizabethtown changed it's name to Old City.

Places of Interest...

  • Metro City General Hospital: Following a donation from Nora Hawke, the hospital gained a new hospital wing dedicated to the treatment of patients who display meta-human traits and/or abilities.
  • MCPD 3rd Precinct: Metro City Police Department for Queensland Park.
  • Queensland Boardwalk & Beach: The Queensland Boardwalk is a public boardwalk and carnival is open to the public.
  • Queensland and Clinton Bridges: These bridges connect Queensland Park with New Troy.

St. Martin's Island

No Caption Provided

Separated from the greater Metropolitan area, St. Martin’s Island is located in Metro City Bay southeast of Bakerline and slightly northeast of New Troy. St. Martin's Island caters to the wealthiest of the city's denizens, with elaborate art deco homes, large mansions and upper class neighborhoods.

Other Locations of Interest in, or near, Metro City...

  • Metro City Chinatown: Chinatown is the Asian district of Metro City with Asian architectural buildings and markets. It is also a haven for magic-oriented groups and forces. It features a number of magic shops, cafes, electronic shops and chinese theatres along with it’s very own Police Department known as the MCPD 8th Precinct.
  • Metro City Hall: This place is the center of Metro City’s Mayor-Council of local government.
  • Metro City Banks: A number of banks exist in most borough’s of the city.
  • Metro City Museum of Art: Holding the finest art pieces around the world. Although this is not the only art museum in Metro City, it’s the largest one.
  • Metro Courthouse: This courthouse has seen many criminals and innocents put on trial.
  • Metro City Urgent Care Hospital: This hospital boasts the fastest response times in Metro City.
  • Central Auxilary Operations Dam,Hydro Planet & Water Treatment Facility: Retaining the ocean surrounding Metro City-proper, the dam connects with the Metro City Hydro Plant and Water Treatment Facility.
  • Stryker's Island Penitentiary: Located on the island of the same name just south of New Troy’s east end and North of Queensland Park’s east end, Stryker's Island Penitentiary is the largest prison facility on the east coast. Built as a maximum security facility in response to the growing level of criminal threats after Meta-Humans, Mutants, aliens and the like appeared in Metro City, the penitentiary houses some of the worst offenders that Metro City has to offer. It is also designed to contain various super-powered individuals as well. Daily tours of the facility are provided to help supplement the rising costs of staff, maintenance and upkeep.


-Hobb's River

-Metro Bay

-West River


-Jules Verne Extra-Terrestrial Museum

-Hawke Industries Science Explorarium (In the CVU, this is the SharrCorp Science Explorarium)

Other Locations:

-A number of orphanages

Metro City Baseball Teams:

-Metro Blue Stockings

-Metro Meteors (National League)

-Metro City Metros

-Metro Mets

-Metro Monarchs

-Metro Twins

Metro City Football Teams:

-Metro Spartans

-Metro Meteors (National Conference)

-Metro City Metros

-Metro Sharks

-Metro Tigers

-Metro University Bulldogs

Metro City Hockey:

-Metro Mammoths

Metro City Rules

Rule 1: No destroying Metro City, please. I’ll allow small scale destruction, but anything larger than a building being destroyed requires my permission. Please direct all PM’s to ParagonxXx. If I do not respond in a day or so, then the answer is no.

Rule 2: Please don’t destroy, or do hostile takeovers, of any of the main businesses or corporations without my permission. If it’s a player owned business, then please ask them if it’s okay with them. And if you want to steal something, please don’t walk through all of the defenses, police force, etc, as if they are nothing.

Rule 3: This is for the villains out there. For story reasons, please no conquering Metro City and being it’s ruler without permission from me first. Same goes for any of the borough’s, including Suicide Slum.

Rule 4: No auto hitting, no Godmoding, no teleporting, no moving Metro City, etc, without my permission.

Rule 5: Have fun!

Rule 6: Please obey the normal forum rules.

Anyone may come and play here, set up their own business, be a hero, be a villain, etc. Metro City is open to all.

Disclaimer: Some of the information here is from a wiki. What the wiki lacked, I filled in with info from the tabletop RPG known as Century Station. I did this only to give players a city location based on DC’s Metropolis and to Role-Play within it. I do not claim any of this as my own creation because it is not.

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Beautiful thread. Will be used extensively.
Beautiful thread. Will be used extensively.

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Much Long, Very Detail

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Captain Socialism and Doctor Objectivism will live here.

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After the Insanity in the Ukrain...

Keira pulls up to the subsidiary of Hawke Industries in her limo and parks it. She gets out, followed by two large bodyguards. She takes off her sunglasses and smirks, "Thanks, Mom." She is here because her mother put her in charge of the company's subsidiary here in Metro City as a test to see if Keira was ready to become the CEO of Hawke Industries.

It was not fair, she liked being New York and she had just moved there too. It was only a few months since they moved from San Francisco. And now this change comes upon her. But...as much as Keira does not like it, she has never been one to back down from a challenge. And so she makes her way in and does the ever so boring inspection of the building. Once that was over, Keira sits at her new desk in her new office.

All of a sudden, her computer screen turns on revealing the face of Keira's greatest enemy. "Hello, Keira." If anyone could smile while showing nothing but malice, it was Nemesis.

Keira was taken aback, "Nemesis! H-How are you able to contact me? I thought you were--"

Nemesis interrupts, finishing Keira's sentence for her, "--in prison?" She only smirks, "I escaped and left behind a little hologram to fool the guards. Took them an entire day just to figure out I wasn't there anymore."

Keira clenches her jaw, "What do you want?"

Nemesis almost laughs, "You know full well what I want. But the time is not yet, but we'll be seeing each other. Soon." She winks and the computer screen goes black even as Keira picks it up and throws it against the wall, breaking it in pieces. Keira's secretary peeks in, "I heard a crash, is everything--"

"Everything's fine. You may leave." Keira says testily.

"But--" The secretary begins.

Keira screams at her, "LEAVE!" And immediately, she regrets it as the secretary gives a little squeak and quickly leaves.

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I like the feel of it so far. May find something to do here.

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Vai stepped out of her car in front of the Hawke Industries building and smiled briefly at the usual crowd of paparazzi that followed her around when she wasn't using her Green Sentinel ring. She waved a little and flashed one of them a playful wink but it was mostly for show. To the media Vai was the slutty playgirl billionaire's daughter and she played those aspects up whenever she was in her civilian guise. She strode into Hawke Industries and sighed a little once the media was behind closed doors. Thank gods for doors. She mused.

Vai made her way to the secretary's desk and smiled gently. "Hi, tell your boss Vai is here and would like to discuss a few things with her. I don't mind waiting." She told her. She then left the desk and took a seat in one of the chairs scattered around the lobby. Once seated she pulled out her phone and opened Pokemon Go, casually wasting time on her phone while she waited.

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@vai: Keira was in her office, preparing a few things and unpacking when her secretary tells her a woman named 'Vai' is here to see her. She blinks, she doesn't know any Vai. Plus, she just got in the office not too long ago so Vai is her first visitor. But it was a good thing Nora was here too to give her daughter a few pointers. See, Nora was in the President's meeting not Keira. "I know of Vai," Nora says, "We didn't really speak, but I saw her a few days ago in my meeting with the President."

"Then why is she here visiting my office in Metro City and not yours in New York?" Keira asks her mother.

Nora smiles, "Perhaps Vai knew I would be here, I suspect she is a woman that is capable of that."

With that, Nora looks over at the Secretary, "Send her in immediately." The Secretary nods and takes her leave.

Keira begins to leave as well, but Nora stops here, "No, Keira. I'd like you to meet her. You'll have to take this aspect of your job seriously. And since this is your office, why don't you handle things?"

Time to be a leader. Keira nods, pushing up her glasses. Then takes a deep breath, "Ok, alright."

In the meantime, the Secretary finds Vai and smiles ever so politely, "Hello again, Ms. Hawke will see you now." She points to the double doors to the office, "Just go right through there."

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Vai nodded and smiled. She put her phone away and made her way into the office. "Good to see you again." Vai said when she spotted Nora and then shifted her eyes to her daughter, her smile never leaving her face. "Hi, I'm Vai, my mother is Gale Xanders and she wanted me to have a conversation with you two about what we can do here in your city. Mother's busy with the Atlantis project right now and has a lot less travel time than she usually does. We'd like to expand into Metro City, nothing big like Jurassic World or the Atlantis Project but something that can get our name into the city...and that can help the people of your city out. We're especially interested in the so called slum district where we'd like to do a project like Jurassic Tower was for Gothic City, only perhaps on a larger scale."

Jurassic Tower, before it was destroyed along with the rest of Gothic, had been a large hotel that was entirely free to the public and had five star amenities. "Anyway it's all preliminary ideas right now. We have no interest in being a competitor but we both saw promise in what your company had to offer back in DC, before everything became..." She made a motion with her hand that indicated disgust. "Well, that's over with now, so we can focus on the future."

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@vai: Nora smiles, offering to shake her hand and Keira as well in her turn. "Likewise, Vai." She says.

"Nice to meet you." Keira says politely.

Keira looks over at her mother and all Nora does is smile and shrug, as if to say Metro City is your turf and your decision to make. Keira almost forgot about that, so used to letting her mother dearest make the decisions here. Leadership is going to take some getting used to. But, in her research, she knows how dangerous Suicide Slum can be. It doesn't have that name for nothing. So, building a tower like this, as much help as it would be to the citizens living there, would be a monumental challenge. And that...is putting it mildly.

However, Keira wants to help this city, especially those living in the Slums. The rest of Metro City won't need the tower, but Suicide Slum could, without a doubt. The possibilities Vai proposes sound great, but some details need to be ironed out first.

Nora nods, "Yes," Acknowledging Vai's veiled reference to the farce of a meeting with the President. "Thank you for showing interest in Hawke Industries. I'm glad I was able to make a good first impression on you. I hope on your mother as well."

Keira's turn to speak now and, pushes up her glasses again. "I've heard of Jurrasic World, always wanted to go there. Did the T-Rex really save the day back when--"

Nora clears her throat, "Keira, now is probably not the best time for a million questions. Business first, unless Vai doesn't really mind."

"Right." Keira nods, looking at Vai, "Sorry, I tend to be overexcited at times." She smiles, shaking her head. Right. Focus. "So, this tower. It sounds great, I mean who wouldn't want to spend their time in a hotel that is as good as any five star hotel. But, free to the public? I'm all for that and helping those less fortunate, but...where will the money revenue come in?"

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Vai smiled. "It's ok, I don't mind. The T-Rex certainly played a role but there were a number of heroes that day, including some normal people." She said. "Funds would come from a number of locations" Vai started "such as my mother's earnings from the NFL, extra income from other areas of Jurassic World Holdings and finally, from a second project we would look to develop in the city that would not be free, but first its important to us to begin by opening something that will help the city in a meaningful way and do something other than provide entertainment. Jurassic World Holdings is about to expand in a very significant way and while it will mean spending a great deal of capitol, we're looking at bringing in twice the income on a yearly basis that we do now."

Vai grinned. "Besides, my mom might just pay for the tower out of pocket, she likes to support projects like that on her own accord."

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Keira looks for help from her Mom, but Nora gives no hint to her daughter that would help her in this decision. Mrs. Hawke may be a shrewd businesswoman who recognizes an opportunity when she sees one, especially since she’s spent years practicing those kinds of skills, but this decision was Keira’s to make and not Nora’s. Keira on the other hand is new to this whole thing. So, she was a little unsure what to do even if what she wanted was what Vai wanted.

But enough of self doubt and indecision! Keira was a leader now, she needed to prove herself. This was a test and she planned to pass it. “This tower would be good to have in Suicide Slum because it help a lot of people. It would give people a place to stay, have something to eat and take a shower. We would be helping those who can’t help themselves.” The idea sounded better now that Keira said it out loud and the more she thought about it the more she liked it.

But then thinking about Vai’s Mom paying it all out of her own pocket, Keira smiles and shakes her head. “If we do this, we do it together. Which means we all pitch in and help pay for the tower. Keira smiles, then she pauses. She bites her lower lip, thinking of the research she’s done on the slums. “But...building such a tower in the middle of Suicide Slum won’t be easy. The police refuse to patrol there because they have paid a heavy price every time they tried. Crime there is at an all time high and the people there are used to doing whatever they want.”

Keira was thinking longer term here, especially the long term effects of such a tower and what it could mean to the people living in the slums. She hoped Vai could see that too. “I want this tower too. So, my next question is this; how do we build a tower in the middle of a crime infested neighborhood where danger lurks on every corner? Some people would want the tower built, but there is always those jerks who hate hand-outs. What do you propose that we can do to handle that?”

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Vai nodded. "We have no problem working with you and would be happy to extend our efforts together rather than individually, our companies are not rivals, there's no reason they can't be partners." She said with a smile. "We don't need the police, we'll hire Maverick. Jurassic World already uses Maverick for its own personal security and we can attest to their effectiveness. A handful of Maverick guards around the construction sight would be more than enough to dissuade the sane. Once the tower is built we can construct security measures that will take care of the building without the need of an expensive Maverick contract."

She glanced to Nora briefly but was happy to speak only with Keira, since it seemed the female's mother was pushing her into a leadership role. Her own mother had never seen fit to do that, precisely because she was aware that while Vai was happy to help from time to time, she had no desire to run around operating major corporations, besides, it would damage her carefully crafted public image.

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Keira is happy to hear that Vai is willing to work in equal partnership with her and share the burden. She has heard very little about Maverick, but if Vai is vouching for them then they must be really good at their job. “We’ll help shoulder that burden too if your mother will allow it.” She says with a smile.

To help Suicide Slum where others have failed, including SharrCorp, would be a boost to Hawke Industries image as a company that is out to help humanity. It would also boost Gale Xanders image along with Jurassic World. But more than boosting ones image, peoples lives would be changed for the better and that is what Keira, and Nora, care about more than anything else.

“I’m liking what I’m hearing so far. But you said the tower in the slums would not be the only building. What other buildings and projects do you have in mind to build in Metro City should I decide to partner up with you and your mother?” She asks, wondering what else Vai has to offer.

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"I don't have the details yet, she tends to think ahead without always filling me in." Vai said honestly. "I believe though it has something to do with something NFL related, she's been in a lot of meetings with the other NFL owners lately. The NFL has recently expanded to 33 teams and is looking to balance itself with 34. My guess is she's looking to build some kind of NFL exhibit to help promote the NFL but I can only speculate right now. She'll arrange a personal meeting with you later and talk to you about her full vision there."

Vai smiled a little. "You won't regret working with her, wherever she takes her projects all she wants to do is help a city grow and prosper and right now she thinks your city is on the verge of growing even better than it already is and she wants to be part of that."

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Keira has to admit, she is not the biggest fan of the NFL and never has been. But, if Gale Xanders wants to build some kind of exhibit for the NFL, Keira is happy to oblige. More importantly, she looks forward to meeting with Ms. Xanders and to a lesser extent, so is Nora.

Keira smiles, offering Vai her hand to shake, “Well, I think I’d be a fool to say no to all this. So, tell your mother it’s a deal. I’ll draw up the necessary paperwork for her lawyers to look over before we both sign them. But I am confident she’ll find everything will be as fair as possible between us. Let us make Metro City even better than it already is.”

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Vai shook her hand warmly and smiled. "My mother will be happy to hear that. I'm sure she'll make a personal visit within the next few weeks, perhaps sooner if she gets a moment away from her schedule. I look forward to seeing what we're able to do to help continue Metro City's advance into the future." Vai shifted her gaze to Nora. "I think the future of your business empire is in good hands." She told her. She removed sunglasses from her hip pocket and unfolded them carefully. "in the mean time, I think I'll go enjoy what your city has to offer. If you need anything I won't be far."

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Pretty cool!

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Nora smiles at her daughter. She had seen a good business opportunity and seized it. “Nice work.” She whispers in her ear and Keira grins, “Thanks, Mom.”

Nora nods with a smile, offering to shake Vai’s hand as well. “Thank you, that will go a long way towards Keira’s recommendation to one day take over Hawke Industries. And while you take your tour, I recommend checking out Suicide Slum to see where exactly that tower we’ll build will go.”

Keira nods in agreement, “I’ll do that too, but later. It was nice meeting you and I look forward to meeting with your mother.”

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@vai: Hello there. :-)

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"Nice meeting you as well." Vai said and nodded at their advice. "I look forward to seeing you both again sometime." Vai slipped her sunglasses on. "Now if you'll excuse me, I have a carefully crafted image to go maintain with the public. I look forward to enjoying your city's night life...and I'll be sure to stop by Suicide Slum and see what we're looking at." She said and then departed to go explore the city.


@green_sentinelx Hey =)

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Green Sentinel, or Sentinel as he prefers to be called, works in Metro City as a rising star both as a reporter for the Daily Observer and as a Green Sentinel. He’s only had the ring on his finger for two years, but he’s already gained a name for himself for one who exposed Sinestra for the evil tyrant she was. And she was one of the best Green Sentinels to wear the ring. Too bad she used her power for selfish gain.

As of right now, Hal is in his Sentinel uniform and is looking for something. He scans with his ring, but still fails to find what he is looking for. So, he is forced to use his eyes. Right now, he’s over by Suicide Slum and he is looking for anything suspicious to help someone in need. But right now, nothing is turning up. But...that warehouse. Maybe?

Sentinel uses his ring to phase through the wall and go inside. Ah, this might be the place. Unfortunately, his entrance has not gone unnoticed. The goons inside begin firing their weapons at him, but Hal puts up a green force field that follows the contours of his body. The bullets bounce off harmlessly. And then Sentinel creates a mech scorpion with his ring, fire stun blasters at the bad guys. He smiles, Man, do I LOVE my job!

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Vai brought her car to a halt in the midst of Suicide Slums when she heard the distinct sound of gun fire. A Green Sentinel has engaged in combat near your vicinity Green Sentinel Vai. Her ring was helpful to inform her. She pulled her keys from the car and locked the doors, activating the shock system that would keep the super car from being looted while she was away.

No Caption Provided

She activated her ring, engaging her Green Sentinel suit and took flight at high speed, bursting out of the area and heading along the roads just above the rooftops of buildings and cars and going straight for where her ring had informed her there was ongoing combat. There she spotted an unfamiliar Green Sentinel breaching a warehouse. Hm...must be one from the present. As someone from a possible future time line Vai wasn't always familiar with Green Sentinels operating in this era.

His name is Hal. Thank you ring. Where is he in my time period?

Information unknown.


She landed beside him and watched with a grin as his mech went about making short work of the guys inside. "Ring says you could use a hand." She said and generated a construct of her own, this one an over-sized Gatling gun that rested in front of her on a tripod. While she spoke its barrels spun up, adding a barrage of energy to his own. "Name's Vai." She said by way of introduction, keeping her eyes on the combat for the time being.

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Hal had no idea Vai was from a possible future time period. If he did, he would rather not know anything about his possible future self. Would he continue be a rising star? Or would his name fall into infamy? Either way, Hal believed in carving out his own future and doing what the best he possibly could do in the present. Hal’s ring spoke to him.

[Warning: Green Sentinel approaching]

Blinking in mild surprise, “Identify.”

[Green Sentinel designation: Vai]

Hal was about ask for her profile but then she had already landed beside him. Hal looks her over, liking the design of her uniform, “Nice to meet you.” He grins at her.

As the men fall back from Vai’s gunfire and Hal’s scorpion mech, something else happens. A pretty big man leaps into the fray. He holds some kind of rod in his hand, which he raises and energy pours out of it. It instantly vaporizes Hal’s construct and he tries to do the same to Vai’s. Hal narrows his eyes, “Ring, scan that weapon. What it is?!”

[Scanning... Weapon is a Sentry power rod. Threat Level: Extreme]

“Not for long!” Hal says as he creates a construct of a hand, trying to grab the rod. But the man vaporizes the hand with a casual wave. Then he speaks, “No one escapes the Sentries.”

Hal blinks, “What?” Then he commands his ring again, “Ring, scan that guy and tell me what he is.”

[Scanning...WARNING! Sentry Hunter detected! Recommend immediate withdrawal]

Hal was told about the Sentry Hunters. They were the first to be created by the Sentinels of Light, the first to patrol the space sectors. But long ago, something went wrong and the Sentries turned on their creators and instead of protecting life, they started eradicating it. What in the world was a Sentry Hunter doing here?! And an even better question, weren’t they all deactivated?! How did this one get to Earth and disguised as a human? Were they upgrading themselves?

Hal grits his teeth, but then he suddenly smiles. He glances at Vai, she’s his back-up or he is to her. Either way, two against one. They got this. “Vai, ever play ping pong?” He doesn’t wait for an answer as he whispers, “I’ll distract him, you sneak up behind him and I’ll hit that thing with everything I’ve got and then you do the same. Between the two of us, how tough can he be?”

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Vai frowned when her construct was destroyed. "Well that's no fun." She nodded rather than speak her reply to his idea aloud. She moved around the corner and out of sight of her erstwhile ally (and her opponent) and shifted form to her natural state. Once shifted she was able to use the naturally stealthy ability of her kind to take off at a sprint without making a sound. She ducked and wove her way through the warehouse alley

No Caption Provided

Vai spotted a window and judged it to be located relatively behind their opponent. Fifty feet, maybe twenty. She didn't so much as break stride as she leaped into the air. She was already in human form by the time she was in her ally's line of sight again and stuck the landing expertly, sliding along on both feet in a half crouched position, the fingers of one hand trailing along the floor while her ring created a series of razor sharp energy discs.

Hoping that her ally had been able to successfully distract her opponent she launched into her attack without waiting for the glass to settle from the broken window, hurling a series of six of the energy discs with nothing more than will power. Each disc was sharp enough to cut through steel and moved at speeds almost too fast for the human eye to track. Each one was aimed for a different joint, intent on robbing their foe of arms and legs while hoping her new ally would be launching his own attack. If not...Well, we'll figure that out when we get there.

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Hal didn’t notice Vai’s transformation into her natural form as he faced down the Sentry. His feet clenched, his jaw tightened. And then he, raising his hand as fist, he pointed his ring right at the Sentry. Pure, green, energy poured out in a torrent. The Sentry raised his power rod, absorbing the energy. But Hal’s willpower was off the charts and the Sentry was actually struggling to absorb the energy! Beads of sweat appeared on Hal’s forehead as he kept up the barrage, waiting for Vai to make her move.

As if right on cue, the discs that Vai launched with her ring hit true and the Sentry Hunter went down. The thing was tough, so it still had all it’s limbs. But, those same limbs were damaged, so it couldn’t get back on it’s feet again. It struggled to use it’s Power Rod, but Hal smiled as he created a mini-gun and fired it at the machine. Unable to defend itself, the Sentry shook with each impact the green bullets made. What Vai started with the Sentry’s limbs, Hal finished and now the emotionless machine was without arms and legs.

Hal smiled, letting his mini-gun disappear into thin air as he approached the Sentry. He glanced at Vai, “Nice work.”

The Sentry kept saying it had suffered heavy damage, it’s synthetic human skin peeled away, revealing a machine underneath.

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@vai: (Going to take a short break. I'll be back late tomorrow but go ahead and post). :-)

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Vai crouched down and examined their fallen enemy carefully. "Thank you." She said with a brief smile. "This is a new one, what the heck is this thing?" By the time Vai had put the ring on in the Beyond universe, the legend of the Sentries had all but faded. She stood and shrugged, convinced it was no longer a threat, but just in case she used her foot to move the rod out of its reach. "You didn't do so bad yourself back there." She said, shifting her attention back to Hal. "It's always good to see another Sentinel of Light around here, green or otherwise. We don't get a ton of them here on Earth, most of them are out in other locations or only appear when something really terrible is going on. Looks to me like the people of Metro City should be grateful you're here. Do you live in this city or were you just happening by like I was?"

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A few weeks ago....

By the docks, a two floor warehouse sits with some dull windows and metal doors. Signs of rust had begun to appear over the handles and outlines over these windows just like the other twenty buildings in the lot. This one in particular, warehouse #23, not the one all the way to the front or to the back, the one that was perfectly positioned in an unimportant manner. This specific building was used by the former crime fighting, alien invasion stopper known as Reynard, that watched over the city for decades until one day he didn’t. Now, my fellow tricksters you will find out what became of Metro city’s once proud protector.

The first floor inside this modest building was filled with old memories of a golden age that had since vanished. Death rays, killer robots, a few missiles, zombie viruses, and doomsday machines whose owners were defeated by an error they had simply overlooked. It was superheroes against supervillains back then, but every day that passes the difference becomes less clear. Every once in a while, he went down and tore the machinations piece by piece and looked at the mistakes they had made.

Second floor was a mess, empty bottles of liquor and burned out cigarettes over the ground leaving black stains. A few plans outlined over some boards next to his dusty costume and a giant projector with a purple couch right at the center, holding a tired man holding the poisons that made his days bearable.

No Caption Provided

The sun that usually shined over the clear blue skies in Metro city was slowly being overshadowed by the dark clouds of ashes, that the eastern wind had moved in. The open channels reported the very destruction of Gothic city, U.S forces had evacuated the city a week before due to them having to reclaim hilariously enough, but there were still some people who refused to leave and now their corpses were being picked up and carried in black bags.

What happened to his country? Where were the superheroes when Gothic city needed someone to save her from the United States and the Strigidae? What a joke they had become. He was an outdated concept by now. They were all assassins, politicians, corporate heads who did it all for their own gain. These superheroes don’t care about helping people, they were just as cynical as their marketing teams were.

Atticus couldn’t stand this place anymore.

The United States had become his own personal hell filled with self conceited maggots.

In a chair next to him was a red telephone, he rolled the wheel a few times but had to start over since he had jumped over a number. It took him two more tries before he actually managed to get it correctly, once it rang no one answered. It just sent him voicemail.

For a moment, he paused. He wasn’t even sure Kurt would care to listen to him.

“Kurt, it’s…it’s me, Atticus. Listen, I think I’m leaving. I hope you’re okay. I know you cared about Gothic city, I don’t think I can be here anymore. I'm sorry. I need to do some thinking and I might not come back. I just…wanted to say goodbye. And, uh, I love you.”

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Kicking the power rod away from the thing was probably a wise idea. It was tough and would have been a lot tougher if Hal had to fight the thing all by himself. Of course, he would have anyway but he’s glad Vai was here. He’s never encountered a Sentry Hunter before until today and not even one time mentor, Sinestra, mentioned them during Hal’s training.

Hal turns his eyes from the wrecked machine over to Vai, “I live here, been protecting this city for about two years now. Though, it seems I may have a bit of competition now that Paragon has moved here from New York.” His ring briefly flashes with a bright green light before he destroys the power rod. “Think we should ask the leaders of the Sentinels of Light what a Sentry Hunter was doing on Earth?”

Hal knows that his job as Green Sentinel was, in essence, the same a Police Officer’s with the exception that he not only protects this world, but an entire sector of space. And since Vai is here, he shares that duty with her. “And sorry for bossing you around. You probably have been doing longer than I have.” Rubs the back of his head.

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time to come visit
time to come visit

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It wont be safe for corporate heads in the U.S soon enough. I would watch where I go.

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I could see myself swinging through here.
I could see myself swinging through here.

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It wont be safe for corporate heads in the U.S soon enough. I would watch where I go.

You dont say
You dont say

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I could see myself swinging through here.
I could see myself swinging through here.
You really should have a chaperone
You really should have a chaperone

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Probably someone with a lot of experience with the city, right?
Probably someone with a lot of experience with the city, right?


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Kicking the power rod away from the thing was probably a wise idea. It was tough and would have been a lot tougher if Hal had to fight the thing all by himself. Of course, he would have anyway but he’s glad Vai was here. He’s never encountered a Sentry Hunter before until today and not even one time mentor, Sinestra, mentioned them during Hal’s training.

Hal turns his eyes from the wrecked machine over to Vai, “I live here, been protecting this city for about two years now. Though, it seems I may have a bit of competition now that Paragon has moved here from New York.” His ring briefly flashes with a bright green light before he destroys the power rod. “Think we should ask the leaders of the Sentinels of Light what a Sentry Hunter was doing on Earth?”

Hal knows that his job as Green Sentinel was, in essence, the same a Police Officer’s with the exception that he not only protects this world, but an entire sector of space. And since Vai is here, he shares that duty with her. “And sorry for bossing you around. You probably have been doing longer than I have.” Rubs the back of his head.

"Oh I see, yeah I haven't been by this city before." Vai said, realizing now at least one reason she'd not bumped into him before. "I don't know how much you know about the rest of the Sentinels..." Vai started, working on her explanation even as she began. "If there is a leadership, no one on Earth has been able to contact them for some time. The closest thing we have to a leader here on Earth is Solar Hawk, she's the White Sentinel and it's possible she or her ring might know something. Alternatively we could always try to time travel back to when contact wasn't difficult but the fabric between realities has grown thin of late, I try to restrict my time travel." The Sentinels of Light had been in something of a rebuilding mode on Earth for awhile now and what Vai didn't mention was that most of the rings on the planet that weren't active, had been entrusted to Solar Hawk for distribution when one of the rings identified a bearer. Best not to say such things in public, I can tell him later somewhere I trust more.

She smiled and shrugged. "Hey, in a moment of combat, we don't have time to sort our ranks and procedures. You didn't hear me complaining."

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@yoshi_senju: It's...around...

Think I know where to find it.
Think I know where to find it.

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(ParagonxXx added Jurassic Tower: Under Construction on the blog).

“That explains why I’ve seen them.”

Hal says dryly. Good thing that he received training when he got the ring instead of bumbling his way on learning how. With these kinds of weapons, why was the leadership hard to contact? Sounds like something Hal will have to investigate one day, but not today since it’s a bad time. Although, he briefly wonders if Sinestra was behind this. Last time he checked, she swore revenge on everyone who wronged her, including the ones who created and lead the Sentinels of Light. But he doesn’t mention that.

At the mention of time travel, he nods in agreement, “I restrict my time travel too. I learned some painful lessons from that just recently.” He has a pained look on his face at the mention of that. But he shakes it off. “I’d love to look into these Sentry Hunters, but right now I’m trying to help out a friend who is in way over his head and if I don’t do something to help, he’s going to die. Which is why I am even here to begin with. I was looking for something to help him, but I haven’t found anything yet.”

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"Well I happen to be available." Vai said with a grin. "So I'd be happy to help. What is it you're looking for? Together I'm sure we can find it much faster than you searching on your own...and besides, I like trying new things." She walked past the fallen Sentry Hunter, letting her eyes sweep over the warehouse while she spoke, just in case she spotted anything else out of the ordinary. It's a little weird that this thing happens to be here and those gang members were as well. It was disguised, so it was working for some greater plan and probably not trying to simply ambush someone...though it's possible. "Can you tell me about your friend?"

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Although Hal does not tell her, he appreciates the help. Two heads are better than one as they always say. So, he tells her about his friend. “He’s a test pilot for Avtran and he says someone is after him for some reason, thinks he stole something. Something about military secrets, the kind that you don’t just steal and walk away. He said he stashed the flash drive here somewhere in a locker, but all I found was the Sentry Hunter and these men.”

He doesn’t want to consider the possibility Hal’s friend may have betrayed him. Surely he wouldn’t do that. But so far, no locker. And a locker was kind of an odd place to be in a Warehouse.