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The time is 1100 A.D, this was the time of the crusades, and the time around which RPs related to the setting will be played out in. This is the map of the world and the key areas in which the collection of RPs will take place. Medieval Europe was in turmoil. The Crusades had begun and with it came bloodbath, savagery and turmoil unlike any the world had seen. Ancient powers had been growing in intensity behind the curtains. When challenged, darkness spilled forth from every crevice, corner and nook of the world. Man had gained a weapon and no longer feared these ancient monsters. Many died - humans and beast alike. Plagues arose, famine, poverty and witch hunting became a thing of common. If you didn't like your neighbor, then they were falsely accused of practicing dark arts and hanged for all to see as ravens flocked to their corpses and pecked meat from bone.

In the year 1144 A.D, the werewolf clan Aelfric & its sister clans were annihilated in a massive effort and magic power investment. The aim was to eliminate the autocratic hold of the Werewolves from Greece, as the Aelfric clan was an ancient and powerful clan that bowed to no man before then. They were caught off guard which let to its eventual demise. This had then caused the second war of the time between hybrids and their foes who had come to wield an unnatural power. Many had tried to find out what it was they possessed, but they had little explanation as to the roots of this newfound strength, only that it worked and that they couldn't counter it.

  • RPs in this setting is low tier, mid at the most. There will be no planet busting high/god tier character involvement.
  • Consider this an alternate reality due to time and setting. TLDR; it's based in Europe around the time of the second or third crusades.

Burnt City of Edessa

You could almost say that it was Karma that led to the downfall of the Aelfric & Marth Clan. It was they who instigated the conflict after taking advantage of a war that humans brought upon themselves. Backed by strong allies, they had seiged the seat of control in the region after the slaughter of hundreds of humans that had then occupied the fort. Decades later, old allies found themselves amidst a quarrel and the Aelfric were all too helpless to curb these differences. Under normal circumstances, these things were all too normal, but these were trying times. The humans simply took advantage of the quarrels and took the right time to strike at the heart of Edessa. Overnight, werewolves and witches were slaughtered, houses burnt down and whoever was left, namely helpless werewolves and witches were sold to slavery where they were used in cruel experiments, eventual torture and death that resulted from it. They were not humans and did not deserve to live.

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Exile was perhaps not such a bad thing, thought the young Marth Witch as she led a handsome youth through the debris that was once their home. She was born here and didn't know anything but peace, well that and being scolded by her mother for negligance in the studies of the arcane and the history of the witches! But could you have blamed her? She was but a 16 year old teenager who enjoyed tormenting the young werewolves, the so called lords and ladies of her people. She would often ask her mother why that was so, and she would never get a straight answer out of her, only that "We owe our lives to the Aelfric clan child. You will understand it one day," She said.

Remembrance was clearly not the key here and she was so far from what her mother had meant. Hell, Adelwulf didn't even know this was her home. It was just a graveyard now, moss covered debris and skeletons, no graves and people, or those whole looked like people strewn on pikes. They were only bones now, but SIlvaria could imagine the pain they must have felt before death. Some of the humanoid skeletons had wolf heads and thick bones, clearly members of the Aelfric clan.

"Mom look, people!" The boy pointed out to a group of three individuals in rags, torn sleeves and no footraps. Beggars from the looks of it. Banditry became common in the wake of famine and lack of food. The capital clearly wasn't going to expend coins in favor of people that did them no good. The seat of power was swiftly moved from here to elsewhere in the principality.

"I told you not to call me that!" Not that Adelwulf heeded her warning. The boy was barely six when Silvaria became his charge and was left to roam the wilds on their own. Her gaze promptly followed the boy's fingers and landed her gaze upon those who were rummaging through the debris, probably searching for valuables. They too noticed Silvaria in turn.

Much like a Vampire, a Werewolf had highly evolved senses for the purpose of tracking its pray. Besides being an evolution and step up from regular wolves, Werewolves also usually dealt with human flesh and blood. And so, when the scent of a peculiar immortal hit his nose, Adelwulf couldn't help but turn his gaze aside. The smell rode a breeze up to him, round and round and in zigzagged patterns, yet the source was bright as day only a few yards from where they were standing.

Silvaria noticed, of course, noticed the distraction. The boy had proven difficult in the past, and it had become more or less a habit to look after his impulses. "What is it?" Asked Silvaria as both Adelwulf and she had turned.

In doing so, they turned their backs on the beggars and bandits.

"Someone's over there, bleeding." Adelwulf answered as he already began to walk towards the stench of blood. Silvaria had no choice but to follow. As for the bandits, well, they thought it a sign of weakness and decided to pray on the helpless. Little they knew this wasn't some helpless girl and a boy, or where they were headed. Surely, had they known, they would not have come after the two. After a bit of work amidst the heaps of rubble, the two of them came upon a clearing about the center of the town. They'd surely have mistaken this individual to be a victim of the city's downfall were it not for the fact that he was steel bleeding fresh.

"Are you...are you alright?" Silvaria inquired stepping up. A raised hand sideways gestured Adelwulf to maintain his distance as she approached this individual with ...a dozen weapon sticking out of him. Still it was clear that he was far from death. "How did you come here? Who are you?" All she had was questions, for while her bag had ointments and remedies, this man still had those weapons poking out of him. They'd need to be gotten rid of first and Silvaria didn't think she had it in her to do such a gory job. Maybe Adelwulf could but she didn't trust him to not try to take a bite out of the man's neck while he was doing that.