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The standard rules for RPG topics and threads apply in this with the following added rules and scenario.

(also here is a link to Standard RPG rules, http://www.comicvine.com/message/official-rpg-rules/8030/&c=7&7)

You wake up infront of a large screen with no memory of how you got to where you are. all of a sudden the screen clicks on and you see a man wearing a mask that looks like it is made of tinfoil. he tells you that you have been put in a game he has constructed and you are not alone. your job is to detail everything from when you wake up until you get to the final floor and into the final room.


  1. You cannot meet any characters unless they are NPC or play a minor role in your story

  2. You must go through 5 floors with one room. on the fifth floor there is a second room which leads to the elevator to the next floor. on the sixth floor is where the final battle is (read on for more info)

  3. Make your story as interesting and fun to read as possible. the person with the best story will be able to say whatever they want about what happens in the sixth floor and no one can disagree or change it.

  4. The sixth floor is a room where everyone who posts on this finaly meets and there is a battle between all the heroes and villians (or neutral people) and only one comes out on top. the winner with the best story of his travels through the maze will chose who wins and who dies and how the battle will be played out.


  1. dont be boring or vague. explain anything and everything from your sense of smell to the temp of the room.

  2. what happens in each room is completly up to you, try not to have rooms repeat.

(also i will not be included in the chance to win and decide how the end... ends)

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Post Deleted.

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ok so i cant meet up with any heroes until the last floor?

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no but you can have other people come into the story as long as they dont play a huge role or anything.

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ok. "what the...? where am i" "is this some kind of joke?" ray looks around, wondering where he is, suddenly, he sees a man, in a mask. "u r in the game, and u r not alone", the man says. "what do you mean im in the game, and who else is here?" "all in good time will u find out, hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!", the man says.

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I awoke with the taste of pennies in my mouth, not the most pleasing of tastes. i looked around and the entire room was sleek metal. no screws or bolts hold things down, behind me i notice a large screen. there is a loud CLICK sound and the tv slowly turns on and gains color and clear picture. "hello" said the eerie man with the mask "would you like to play a little game?". the mans face with a mask had two thin slits for eyes in what looked remarkably like old tinfoil, cheap. but none of this was. "depends" i said " is it a good old game of monopoly or scrabble. because you know what, i can't spell at all". this seemed to make his anger rise a bit, but not enough to kill me right away. after cooling his temper and regaining his focus he began speaking again. "your in a game to the death, and your in it for keeps" he explained " you will have to complete five floors of traps and different tests to see how sharp your brain is and how well your muscles keep you alive". "well you know i was a boyscout so im pretty good with brainteasers and rock clibing... is that what were doing?!?!" "NO YOU FOOL!" he yells "your game begins now, dont die"

"and all i wanted to do was sit at home and quitely play a game of monopoly or some good old Risk." after all who doesnt love risk i thought to myself. finaly a door opened and i step through the threshhold hoping there are no Disco fever punks. man i hate disco