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Maverick, being a powerful private military corporation, in order to remain competitive wit current threats, Maverick has to engineer weapons in what is seemingly, a perpetual arms race between soldier and soldier's foes. Guns and weapons systems forced to adapt and evolve or become obsolete, and leave valuable soldiers to be fodder for the enemy. So, Maverick seeks to evolve it's firearms to combat predominant extra-normal threats that roam the battlefield. With the use of such manufacturing techniques as 3-D printing and synthetic organisms, Maverick can make this fuel quite efficiently.


Used for bullets, arrowheads and the shrapnel of explosives. Maverick lacks materials such as Adamantium and Vibranium, however things of this level of durability or akin that of some "god" seems to be, mostly the only thing they are incapable of piercing. However, the weight of the rounds can sometimes transfer more than enough kinetic energy to incapacitate their targets.

Among ordinary weapons, the most favored of their guns materials being simple lead and copper. Due to their lack of magnetic ability. However, sometimes, soldiers may be equipped with unorthodox rounds to combat supernatural foes (such as iron).

Depleted Uranium

A dense and very common material often used in tank rounds and in some of Maverick's armor piercing round. The heavy rounds are ideal for sharpening further into a target, self forging as opposed to mushrooming like many materials do.

Nanocrystalline Tungsten Carbide

An armor piercing material as in compressible as diamond and much more strong, it is as in compressible as diamond. Arranged in a way so as to be much stronger than steel and as hard as diamond, the rounds find themselves being able to tear through nearly any possible material.

Ultra-Hard Fullerene Rounds

A class of rounds capable of using some of the hardest and strongest materials around, such as aggregate nanofullerenes or the aptly nicknamed hyperdiamond, made from a class of C-60 compessed into something harder than diamond and capable of denting it, it will penetrate most any material.


Now including arrows.
Now including arrows.

It is not always necessary to always replace the weapons themselves, as it is more, to replace the ammunition they fire. It is in actuality much cheaper and often a preferred method to modify existing weapons rather than make new ones, even though Maverick does do this, alternate ammunition and some modification is a preferred method among many.

Homing Round (HighVelocity)

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Quite literally, a homing bullet. Small, dense and speedy, these rounds can travel very quickly with Maverick's advanced propellants and recoil dampeners. Often being composed of depleted uranium or nano-crystalline tungsten carbide. Travels faster then most rounds. at often speeds of mach 3 for assault rifles and Mach 4.5 for sniper rifles for unmodified weapons.

Usually, for specialized reinforced weapons, the bullet can achieve speeds of mach 6-8. Traveling at speeds for it to ignite the atmosphere around and shredding even advanced armors incorporating nano-materials.

Homing Air Burst

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A staple and even relatively common and highly demanded round, this versatile and powerful round imbues any user with marksmanship to often tag the like's of faster then sound speedsters. The round is for one thing homing and they explode midair, with no need for direct contact towards their target necessary, often making a mockery of particularly acrobatic foes who attempt to to blantly dodge or block it.. Combined with the explosive impact and luanched armor piercing shrapnel, concussive explosive, incidiary, and H.E.A.T this round can potentially make any otherwise ordinary gun a devestating and feared tool on the battlefield, capable of eviserating above human durability combatants on the battlefield, and tearing through bulletproof armor made of kevlar, steel and even modern grade carbon nanotubes and spider silk with ease.

Homing Air Burst Fragmenting vs Type IV Ballistic protection
Homing Air Burst Fragmenting vs Type IV Ballistic protection

Available for practically any gun, it does require some modification to the gun. An on board computer and rangefinger must both be installed, though it is actually a surprisingly simple process for a well taught soldier to modify a gun with one using an installation kit. It takes roughly 20 minutes to do so and can be installed on a variety of guns, though more modern guns are most optimal.


Simply put, this is a heavy round that travels much faster than conventional rounds do, a simple bullet sent down-range at speeds of mach 8-20 depending on the weapon it's fired from. They have immense amounts of kinetic energy, but have the tendency to ignite the air, much like a railgun. Not only this, but they have tremendous recoil, requiring recoil dampening on the weapon itself or augmented strength in order to be fired accurately. Not only this, but it causes immense were and tear on the barrel, many guns requiring reinforcement to use it, using these on an ordinary weapon can very easily cause it to explode.

Depending on the size of the round, it isn't uncommon for man portable variations to reach forces in the vicinity from 5 tons-200 tons of force worth in ther values of kinetic energy for man portabke weapons,. Larger weapons able to achieve speeds in excess of this. Often, their speed renders them unable to be guided.


Maverick uses a wide variety of explosives, many of them convetional and simply nanostructured so as to be more efficient and tunable, they make heavy use of such explosives such as TNT, RDX, HMX, C4 Semtex and other forms of stable explosives for a wide variety of uses, with even these variations being more powerful then conventionally made counterparts. But, some explosives are definitely of note and deserve special mention among Maverick's Arsenal

Hafnium base explosives

More powerful then ordinary explosives, a Hafnium based explosive is several orders of the mangitude more powerful then conventional explosives. A simple gram of Hafnium releases an energy equivilent to some 1330 megajoules. A grenade of this, will atomize anything rigt near it for example, and kill or incapacitate other targets not durable enough through heat and blast waves alone. It is more akin to a fissionless mini nuclear bomb.

  • 178m2Hf has the highest excitation energy of any comparably long-lived isomer. One gram of pure 178m2Hf would contain approximately 1330 megajoules of energy, the equivalent of exploding about 300 kilograms (660 pounds) of TNT. The half-life of 178m2Hf is 31 years or 1 Gs (gigasecond, 1,000,000,000 seconds) so that a gram's natural radioactivity is 1.6 TBq (terabecquerels) or roughly 40 Ci (curies). The activity is in a cascade of penetrating gamma rays, the most energetic of which is 0.574 MeV. Substantial shielding is needed for human safety.
  • All energy released would be in the form of photons; X-rays and gamma rays.
  • Discussions also indicate that the energy might be released very quickly, so that 178m2Hf could produce extremely high powers (on the order of exawatts).
  • The characteristic scales of times for processes involved in applications would be favorable for consuming all of the initial radioactivity. The process for triggering a sample by IGE would use photons to trigger and produce photons as a product. The propagation of photons occurs at the speed of light while mechanical disassembly of the target would proceed with a velocity comparable to that of sound. Untriggered 178m2Hf material might not be able to get away from a triggered event if the photons didn't interact first with the electrons.
  • Both the proposal to the NATO-ARW and the fragmentary results from the subsequent experiment indicated that the energy of the photon needed to initiate IGE from 178m2Hf would be less than 300 keV. Many economical sources of such low energy X-rays were available for delivering quite large fluxes to target samples of modest dimensions.
  • Samples of 178m2Hf were and remain available at low concentrations <0.1%.

Adding Hafnium in varying amounts can greatly amplify a weapons effectiveness by adding degrees of explosive and energy damage to any weapon by varying the amount of Hafnium. Still, this substance is far from cheap, and is usually only given to the more qualified soldiers.

One noticable use of Hafnium is as a propellant. In actuality, it has been used on weapons platforms for Ground to Space warfare, with a missile able to reach speeds of Mach 45. A little more then twice escape velocity, it takes mere moments for this weapon to reach orbit. However, as an atmospheric propellant, it cannot be used for missile systems due to the fact that at such speeds, air aroundthe missile forms a plasma sheath, much likea meteor or objects falling into the earth's atmosphere from space.

Nano-Thermite Incendiary/Explosives

A class of powerful and much more common class of propellants and explosive, Nano-thermite based explosives are still, much more potent then other bulk-based explosives, most often associated with conspiracy theories concerning 9/11 attacks. Irregardless, the substance is very useful as an explosive and incendiary.

  • Maverick has been able to achieve temperatures well in excess the melting point of steel, and in excess of any element of the periodic table, at 9005 Degree Fahrenheit. Around 1000 degrees short the surface of the sun.
  • Reacivity enables it to caustically melt any metal barring indestructible substances with ease.
  • Burning releases bright UV lights.
  • Can be set to be much more explosive and much more energy dense then other explosives, while being versatile and tunable. With detonation waves traveling in the range of mach 6, with blast waves tending more towards blowing their targets apart and causing internal damage then blowing them away.

Man portable Nuclear-Weaponry

Often called simply, "mini nukes" or "nukes, this class of weapons are in essence, are exactly what they sound like. Theyare high grade, man portable, nuclear explosive devices. Not working like a traditional nuclear bomb, these weapons use instead a replacement for the fissile agent of the nuclear bomb. Constistency varies between Deutrium Tritium and HMX, making a ball around 11.5 inches in diameter, around the size of a large beachball and weighing in at roughly only a few pounds.

The explosions themselves are not described as being particularly spectacular by H-bomb standards. A sphere of HMX 60 centimeters in diameter, with a chemical yield equivalent to about 1/4 of a ton of TNT, would set off a small core of liquid D-T, producing a nuclear yield of about 25 tons of TNT (0.025 kilotons). By enriching the outermost 1 cm of the high explosives with 20% boron, the bulk of the neutrons generated by the fusion would be captured; the boron itself would explode due to the sudden addition of the neutron energy, sending a shockwave inwards which would aid in burning the D-T. Theoretically the radius of the high explosive could be reduced by about half and would still produce the same nuclear BANG. So a thirty-centimeter (11.8 inch) diameter ball would produce a 25-ton explosion… a gain of a factor of about 1000 from the yield of the chemical explosive alone.

Other methods include using Hafnium as a Trigger or using a sufficiently high powered and focused energy weapon, to trigger a simple kilogram of the susbstance. Through explosive based configuration, potentially any soldier can deliver a 10-25 ton payload through projectile means or through means of set charges.

Superconducting Explosives

Often nicknamed, "plasma explosives", these are weapons that use superconductors a a means to produce High explosives. These weapons are extremely powerful and explosive rounds from them are capable of being fired from railguns, ordinary guns and used in rockets and grenades alike. The carbon based superconductors are stable at approximately a temperature of 160 Degrees Fahrenheit, after which, they will explode violently.

The energy density of the explosive is adjustible, often always put at a maximum of 50 MJ per kg. Compared to TNT's 4.7 megajoules per kg. This makes Superconducting explosives over ten times more powerful

Deutrium Super-Explosives

Called buckybombs, this explosive is made with the intent of harnessing Deutrium and using buckyballs to place said explosives under the pressure of 100 million atmosperes in tiny buckyballs. The high explosive energy of carbon-60 enables the deutrium or deutrium tritium to be ignited with devastating. The resulting explosive being thousands of times stronger and as mentioned above, capable of inciting nuclear fusion, particularly through the addition of Gamma Ray Rays to ignite nuclear fusion, sufficiently potent impacts and weapons.


"Marker" DNA/tracer Tag

This is around that, is not actually directed intended to harm people. This round is more paint that actually gives off a trackable signature as well as scans the target's DNA. Allowing people to often get some layout of their abilities, their durability and to target them easily, allowing their location to be know and allowing them to be hammered by artillery, air support or an orbital strike. Often used in Pistols, SMGs, Snipers and Assault rifles.

EMP and Jamming Weapons

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Usually in the form of a grenade, such weapons are made with the intnt of disabling enemy electronics and disrupting technopathic abilities. These grenades have an approximate radius of 15 meters for the EMP variety and several hundred meters for the jamming varieties, which can have further power pumped into it to continously jam communications of a variety of frequencies, with the time varying with the power source,


What it says on the tin. Though sometimes, they are filled with metal filaments and chaff to allow them to further disrupt opponent, there is hardly anything unique or special about these rounds .They are military grade paintballs, used for non-lethal purposes against humans and for distractions in actuality against metahumans and the like.

It is not uncommon for Maverick Soldiers to shoot bulletproof enemies with nothing more than paintballs for reasons of disorientation and sheer spite. For extra effect, hot pink is a very popular color. There also exists "paintbombs" capable of smearing entire areas in a giant mess of paint, sometimes for hundreds of feet. The purpose this being to reveal invisible/cloaked enemies.

Maverick's Arsenal continously expands as new developments are made and as it gradually grows. One should not be surprised to find new munitions being added frequently.

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Thanks! I really appreciate everyone's comments. Like serious. You guys are awesome. Would reply individually to everyone's comments. But on mobile. Will likely do that later...

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Updates (9/8/2015)

  • Divided into categories of ammunition, explosives and misc.
  • Added Hypervelocity Rounds
  • Added Superconducting Explosives
  • Added Deutrium Explosives
  • Modfied description of nanothermite with being energy dense but ultimately having a slower blast wave speed, making it more akin to applications for powerful thermobaric bombs.
  • Mentioned nanostructuring of ordinary explosives for increased power
  • Grammatical corrections
  • Added Hypervelocity rounds
  • Added materials section for shrapnel, ammos and optional arrow materials.
  • Added depeleted uranium, nanocrystallline tungsten carbide and ultra-hard fullerene class of materials for said section.
  • Mentioned everything was adaptable for arrows. Added picture of Apex to illustrate arrow-friendlyness of Maverick.

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Making me want to use Apex more and more. So both thanks and an awesome job are in order ^.^