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The False Bay/ Cape Tassiania

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She'd been stationary for months, opting to leave the world of man to its own accord rather than to be "The Goddess".

In this downtime, The Mazoi princess managed the day to day operations of the Mazoi and Kwazulu respectfully, but more importantly, she was able to directly oversee the growth of her daughter's Maya and Tassiania. Maya's confidence in her powers had been shot since Spain, which was admittedly Ziccarra's fault. The bulk of their lessons were spent honing the mental resolve of the Reality Princess to eliminate the threat of mind altering.

Tassi needed the most work. The 5-year-old was such a free and innocent spirit. On this island, an innocent spirit was welcomed, encouraged even. However, Tassi wouldn't stay here forever. So it fell upon her mother to prepare her to defend herself.

"Great job today baby. Go get cleaned up for supper" Ziccarra congratulated with a kiss on Tassi's sweaty forehead. Making a move toward the shower, she was halted by Maya standing between her and the lavatory.

There was something wrong, she could see it on Maya's face. Sorrow, she hadn't seen such sadness on her daughter's face since Catalina departed the island.

"Honey, What is wrong?" Z asked moving with concern towards Maya. Swiping the tears forming in her eyes, she took note to Maya's distant stare. "They...got her. Zeon and the Cardinals have captured Catalina." Maya said turning red from imminent tears.

"WHAT, how do you know this to be true?!" Ziccarra hiss in concern. "She came to me in my sleep. They're holding her in Malaga. She said, if you don't show...then she'll kill her."

"Catalina..." Z whispered doing her best to feign indifference but her daughters knew--they knew she was in pain. Even Tassi, as she arrived late could feel the pain swelling within the bosom of her mother.

"Mommy go?" She said, clutching Maya's hands for comfort; to which Maya propped the young child up on her shoulder.

"Mommy go darling." She couldn't stay to see the hurt in Tassi's eyes if the young child was old enough to know, she'd then understand. There was work to be done, Mommy now had to be a killer.

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In the beginning, The women of the Liafador Family were slaves to their husbands. They were forced to obey any and all commands, carry out assassinations, blackmail and in Ziccarra's case...offer their bodies to uphold the reputation of their male counterparts. The Liafador name begin to spread past the seaside City of Malaga; with many European nations taking notice. They became so popular that the men agreed to begin planning for the future generations of Liafador Women.

The modern generation of women was genetically engineered to be beautiful; so they could produce children that would continue to uphold the Liafador reputation. The turning point in this historic timeline of women's suffrage occurred when Z seize control of the Cardinals and lead an insurrection against her family's patriarch.

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For the first time in the family's historic existence, the women had power. Following a failed marriage with Quintus Knightfall which produced her eldest child Isadora, Ziccarra married Alexis Pettis: "The Champion"

The two rose to power in Spain, Ziccarra as its President; Alexis as her general. Together, along with their children: Selene, Maya, Catalina, Tassi, and Leonel; made Spain the most prosperous nation on Earth.

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But as the old saying goes, "Nothing Gold Can Stay" Ziccarra turned on her people, her nation; and her family. An act which was the direct result of Future Tassi on the timeline. The Spanish President waged a civil war across Spain in attempt to seize absolute power. In doing so she labeled all family members not loyal to her reign as traitors to include the new Liafador Family Matriarch, Zeon. Following her death and eventual return, Zeon swore revenge on the entire "Pettis" family to include Alexis, Alexa, and Leonel Pettis.

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The time had come, the fated bout between the only two Matriarch's in the history of the family was here. Rooted in betrayal, rage, and revenge. Ziccarra sought to free her child. Zeon sought to erase the black smudge on her family's history. However; in the end...these Matriarchs were no different than the men.

From a strategic standpoint, Malaga didn't make a lick of sense. This city hated the Liafador family since it's ironic destruction at the hands of Catalina. Symbolically if Ziccarra died here; it'd be in the city her family built and ultimately destroyed.

Malaga, Spain

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Their presence here was small but noticeable. She'd tracked them to a warehouse on the far side of the city. They owned this place once, to house her father's drugs and wine stocks. Cupping an orb of psionic energy in her hands, The Modern Day Athena released the energy, counting the seconds until impact. The moment her energy ignited into a grand show of bright wild fire, The Malaguena sprint towards the warehouse, she was sure it was a trap--but her daughter's life was worth it.

Plowing into the warehouse amidst a plethora of confused Cardinals, Ziccarra launches herself across the floor in a swift yet powerful leg sweep knocking two guards down in cadence. Still, on the ground, she launch her psi-daggers toward would-be gunmen disarming them; before removing her blade.

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"This is your one and only warning. Do not get in my way." Her warning was futile, dodging a shot from one of the Cardinal guards, Ziccarra's blade impaled his abdomen. Dragging his carcass across the ground until his body slid off the edge of her blade The Mazoi Princess emit a telepathic call.

"Zeon, you know why I'm here. Let's end this charade" Opting to preserve her energy for the leader; she emits another telepathic impulse which essentially froze the Cardinals in place. It was a shame really...these men used to serve her...now they were her enemies.

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In the warehouse of where she and her associates had been, The Matriarch of the Liafador family stood, dawned in her armor, silently across her young cousins, Catalina who was in a four point restraint, inside a small room with nothing more but an old bed to keep her comfortable. No windows, no light, no sound. She was placed under heavy sedition to keep the young Ziccarra clone from being able to effectively use her abilities or even consciously think. The last time Catalina was in Malaga, she caused the massive destruction that caused the once thriving city to be reduced to a poor city filled with poverty. The Liafador name was cursed upon in this waste of a city. Spat upon by whoever was still living here, trying to make the city as it once was.

It was but a pure conscience that her Cardinals found Catalina. She was actually in the city. What was she doing here? Zeon didn’t bother to ask. The moment she was made aware of her cousins presence, she went on the offense, managing to drug the eldest child of her Zia. This… monster of a girl. It was no easy feat, even after the drugs, Catalina’s system was so immune to them, Zeon and her Cardinals actually had to use enough to put down a small heard of elephants. But it was well worth it. Zeon snickered as the only light in the room was the one coming from the open door behind Zeon, leaving nothing but a dark silhouette to the young Liafador to look at if she regained enough consciousness to even open her eyes.

Everything was coming together much better than she hoped. Ever since that woman with unspeakable power attacked her (claiming to be Ziccarra), she had been struggling to get together a large enough group of Cardinals to attack Ziccarra and her own small army that resided on the island she lived. But now, she had the advantage, she had her child, a child that Ziccarra would do anything to get back. She could have easily killed Catalina already, after all… that is the plan eventually, erase Ziccarra’s bloodline with a swipe of her blade. But she needed this… abomination alive, just long enough to lure the former Cardinal Goddess.

She's already here
She's already here

“High Cardinal Goddess… are you sure she’ll come?” A voice came from behind her. One of her own cardinals questioning her methods of drawing out Ziccarra

“What do you mean… she’s already here.” A subtle smirk across curled along her lips. She could feel Ziccarra the moment she touched down on Malaga. The power of the Aggressor coursing through her allowed her to feel the presence of Ziccarra. “Dite al resto dei cardinali di prepararsi. Né Ziccarra né Catalina lasceranno qui vivi.” <Tell the rest of the Cardinals to ready themselves. Neither Ziccarra nor Catalina are leaving here alive.> Zeon walked out of the room, closing the door behind her, leaving the comatose Catalina slumbering. She knew it would only be a mater of time before Ziccarra found out about Catalina. Either Maya or the young Tassi would be able to sense the distress of their older sister, and it seemed her plan so far, was going accordingly.

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She watched in amusement, along a support beam above the pre-battle that was taking place as her Zia cut through her Cardinals one by one, still in her glory as a battle Goddess as ever. The way she maneuvered her body, the way she used the blade as if it was an extension of herself, the way she drew the blood of her former loyal followers, it reminded Zeon of the time, years ago, when she used to look up to Ziccarra. Look upon her for guidance, approval, acceptance. In one point of her life, Zeon would have happily sacrificed herself for her Zia. But now things had changed. The betrayal was the beginning. After serving and sacrificing years of her life for her Zia and the family without question, Zeon grew and became Matriarch and sacrificed her life even more so in the name of the family. But then the day came when Ziccarra betrayed her. Tried to kill her, and the family. Destroyed their home, destroyed cities, her cardinals… everything. Then Maya turned, becoming tainted, almost destroying the world in the process, just as her mother did and even her bastard of a sister. This entire family wasn’t just cancerous to the Liafador name, but to the world, and Zeon was going to do the world a favor and cut the cancer out herself.

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The Cardinal of Rage then recived the telepathic message as she watched her Cardinals sudden freeze where they stood. The entire warehouse was silent, even more so than it was before. Not even the breath of her servants could be heard exhaling. “There is no charade.” Zeon spoke out, stepping off the beam and landing in a crouching stance before her Zia, her hood over her head as she slowly rose up. Her crimson eyes looking over at Ziccarra as she pulled down the mask that covered her lips before pushing the hood that covered her face back. “I’m not like you, I don’t resort to petty illusions when confronting an enemy.”

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Taking a couple of steps forward, her eyes were hard as stone, her voice full of malice. “You’re here for Catalina, but she is my prisoner. You know of the process. I do not need to explain this, you have no say in this Ziccarra! But now you come here, kill my Cardinals, and have your sword drawn before me.” She reached to her own blade, pulling it out slowly as she took a stance. “Vete ahora y te daré tiempo para despedirme de tus otros hijos antes de que venga por ti ... y ellos.” <Leave now, and I'll give you time to say goodbye to your other children before I come for you... and them.> She knew her words wouldn’t do anything but aggravate the Mazoi Princess.

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Alrighty  then...
Alrighty then...

It was odd, being here in Malaga. This was her hometown, where she was born many years ago. This was the seat of Liafador power during both her's and her father's reigns. It was her child, the one she was here to rescue; that was to blame for Malaga's decline.

Zeon sought to preserve the Liafador Family name, a task that was once given to Ziccarra; which ultimately saw Z pass it to Zeon. They did this not out of a sense of honor, rather, duty. A duty created by the intolerant Patriarch's to subjugate their female counterparts. As the Matriarch, she felt powerful; but she was still forcing her family to adhere to a set of rules and standards--she never gave them a choice. She did it to Zeon and forced this cycle to continue.

Her niece dropped from above landing in a crouched position before rising to full form. Ziccarra lethargically sauntered to a stop. Her blade in hand point down.

"Yes, I am here for my daughter. You will release her" Ziccarra demanded, circling the Liafador family matriarch; her acute eyes taking notice of significant changes in Zeon's demeanor since the last time they've seen each other. Zeon had always been full of aggression in rage, but now, she seemed different. There was a dormant power resting within her bosom. Troublesome power.

"Zeon, for my sins against you. I can only apologize. You were never meant to be a warrior. You were supposed to be someone's wife. Someone's mother. We, mostly me, shouldn't have forced you into this life at such a young age."

Ziccarra's sword slowly rose, sliding into an athletic stance, she still prepared to battle her niece. "For my crimes against you. I will fight you here today. But it shall just be us. No Cardinals, No Mazoi. Just Ziccarra and Zeon"

With her sword still extended outward, Z methodically circled the 'Queen of the Cardinals'. As she circled the area between them turned an ornate purple, a huge purple 'brain' of sorts appeared between them.

"As you know, I am one of the most powerful telepaths on the planet. My mind is connected to others in a way that even I can't explain. But the one thing I do understand is how to control the weak minded."

Like everything in a battle, Z sought to fill the space between them with so much attention, and of course, Zeon being a champion of rage would downplay or wave Z's words off as mind games.

That's exactly what they were, literal mind games. "The Cardinals have been neutralized. Go in there retrieve Catalina and go to these coordinates."

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Moving in between the two of them was Zeon's very own sister Chance. She moved robotically, almost devoid of emotions. Her thoughts were not hers. She was being guided by the War Goddess.

"If you think...this is an illusion then..." Ziccarra spat again, her eyes flashing from blue to white, and in that moment Chance begins to hold her heart. Z had altered Chance's mind momentarily forcing the young Liafador to believe she was having a heart attack.

Once she'd done it long enough to where Zeon believed her, she sent the Young Liafador off to do what she was brought here for.

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"One of us will not leave her alive darling. It's time to find out who" Twirling her sword in her left dominant hand, Ziccarra closed the distance between her and Zeon with a teleport. A skill not often used but would prove effective in capitalizing on the emotional moment. Reappearing to Zeon's right Ziccarra sought to send her Raxius shield gliding across Zeon's face, whilst using her educated feet to pirouette with her left hand tucked under her first to fire a powerful telekinetic push looking to knock Zeon back, If successful and timed right Ziccarra would charge with her shield on hand upwards to smash her powerful shield into Zeon's chin sending her airborne.

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I will not succumb to your pitiful words
I will not succumb to your pitiful words

“I will not succumb to your pitiful words.” Zeon spoke, her head lifted high in pride, as if looking own upon the Mazoi Princess. “It’s pathetic. Here, I have power, I have people who worship me, follow me, willingly bleed for me, sacrifice their lives for me just to get a praise spoken to them from my lips.” She gave a grin. “You gave me this power!” Her fingers pressed against her armor, against something that was hanging around her neck inside her gear, the necklace that Ziccarra gave her all those years ago when she transferred the power of Matriarch to her. “The version of you I would have happily taken a sword for. But you… had to get married… had to have children… look at you now.” Her nose scrunched up, as if in disgust. “You are not even the fraction of the woman I looked up to.”

Ziccarra rose her sword towards Zeon, as she slowly rose her own blade in defense, her eyes narrowing as she noted the power that her Zia was displaying. But not a flinch appeared on the Matriarchs face. She stood her ground as her heart began to pick up it’s pace. She could feel the adrenalin beginning to rise inside her. Finally, after all these years, justice to the Liafador family, justice to Magala, and Emerald City and every other part of the world that the bastard of the family touched, was going to be served. She listened closely to her words, a weak mind, it was something that Zeon didn’t have. Her training and powers as an Aggressor allowed her to gain mental strength and power that even Ziccarra had yet to see.


Ziccarra began speaking to another being, one that was hiding in the shadows. Zeons jaw tightened. “You made a declaration that it would only be us, no one else.” She rose her blade as she heard the footsteps coming towards her from the shadows, ready to attack only to have her face turn pale as the figure stepped forward. She swore her heart stopped as the strength in her arms suddenly felt zapped by magic as her defense suddenly vanished. “Chance?” She whispered as she saw her sister. “No.” Zeon shook her head, anger rising inside her stomach like fire. Her entire face tightened with rage. “YOU STOP THIS ILLUSION NOW!” Her head snapped towards Ziccarra. Zeon had one weakness… technically, three. Her sisters. But out of the three of them, Chance was the only one who could get the Mighty Matriarch to fall to her knees at the sign of any distress placed upon her.

You will cease this now!
You will cease this now!

But as her challenge of it being an illusion was presented, Chance was seen clutching onto her heart, gasping for air, dropping to her knees. With her aggressor abilities, she was able to physically feel Chances life force, and physically feel that she was in actual distress. “CHANCE!” Zeon screamed, rushing to her youngest sister side and even dropping her blade in the process. Her hands placing upon each side her sisters face as tears began to swell inside Zeons eyes. The distressed Cardinal Goddess looked to Ziccarra. “Usted dejará esto ahora! ¡Ella no tiene nada que ver con esto!” <You will cease this now! She has nothing to do with this!> She demanded from the illusionist. This wasn’t the life she wanted for her sister. Her sister deserved more, her sister deserved better. She was suppose to remain pure, safe, innocent from this life. But every time Zeon tried to keep her sister away, someone always pulled her poor sister back in. She wished her sister never came to visit her that fateful day. Maybe then her mother would still be alive. Maybe then she would have finished school. Maybe then she would have become whatever she wanted to be. Not this, not a tool to use against Zeon. “Mi dispiace mia sorella, mi dispiace per tutto. Ti porterò anche giustizia, prometto il mio piccolo.” <I'm sorry my sister, I'm so sorry for everything. I will bring you justice as well, I promise my little one.> Zeon apologized over and over as her sister rose up from the ground, as if she couldn’t see or hear her sister before walking away to retrieve Catalina. She could physically stop Chance, she could knock her sister out, prevent her from being used, but that would only put her in harms way. At least with Ziccarra, she knew she would be safe… for now.

The Matriarch stood up from the ground as she extended her hand, her blade rattling for a moment before being pulled back into her hand on it’s own. The battle began. As quickly as the former Matriarch vanished, she appeared on Zeon’s right side as she suddenly felt the shield smash into her face, forcing the Matriarch to stumble as splatter of blood hit the ground only to have her body be pushed by an invisible force followed by her teeth clashing together as the shield once more slammed into her face, causing the Matriarch to be sent flying upward.

In mid air Zeon’s body twisted, allowing her to regain herself for a moment as she landed on the ground in a three point stance. The first draw of blood had been made, but The Cardinal Goddess of Rage would make sure it was Ziccarra’s blood that would be the one to bleed out first.

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Zeon’s eyes gave a dim ruby glow, her anger being pushed up to the surface the longer the two stood in the room and more angry Zeon became, the stronger her power became. The born White Cardinal let out a battle cry as she rushed forward, using the Darkforce to enhance her speed to close the distance faster than any human. Taking a leap into the air she rose her blade upward above her head, coming downward towards Ziccarra, she forcefully swung her blade downward to slice the teeth of the blade into the flesh of her Zia, also using the Darkforce to increase the gravity of the attack. As she landed in a crouching stance she quickly pushed herself upward once more, taking a leap as she attempted to slam her knee into the stomach of Ziccarra, to knock the air out of her lungs for a moment as she would them use her Darkforce abilities to not try and push Ziccarra away from her, but pull her up from the ground, up and over Zeon’s head and slam her forcefully into the ground behind her.

“I am Zeon Liafador, Matriarch of the Liafador family, Cardinal Goddess of Rage, and I will have Liafador Justice today Ziccarra. Then when I am done with you, I will give the world it’s justice when seek out your children for all the damage they have done to it!”

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The two Alpha Liafador Champions could be attributed to two distinct styles. Zeon was a predator, she could always be expected to kill. In Ziccarra's eyes she wasn't as creative, nor was she a general on the battlefield. All she did was kill.

Ziccarra? She too was a predator, but more likened to an owl than anything else. The Mazoi Princess could perch all day, watching her prey frolick as if they weren't in imminent danger. Just when the defenses were low, and the time was right was when she'd strike. Such was the case with Chance. She didn't like the fact that she had to include Chance in this age old rivalry between Aunt and Niece, but this tactic showed the depths of her ability to think on her feet, and the lengths she'd go to to protect her own children.

Her initial attacks were spot on, landing substantial damage to Zeon early on to draw first blood. Her suspicions about Zeon's new found power were confirmed, she'd taken note when the Demi-Goddess called her blade back to her with little effort.

As seen with Clara Mass during the Raxius Prime tournament, Zeon displayed her newfound abilities early on; giving the divine vixen ample amount of time to adapt to the foreign energy.

Zeon's aerial recovery while unexpected brought Z back into fight mode. The crimson hue of her eyes told the story, whatever power this woman was tapping into; was energizing the hate nesting within the bosom. 'Remain calm' She thought, preparing to dispatch her conquistador bullwhip.

Before she could reach its clasp, Zeon bore down on her. The speed in which The Matriarch closed the distance was easily on par with Ziccarra's ability to teleport.

Dropping to one knee Z threw her shield above her head in instinct to protect from Zeon's educated blade, the gravity aftermath is what got her. Knocking the usually aware Goddess' footing off; Z pushes her hand down to keep from buckling under the pressure of Zeon's gravity aftermath.

Struggling back to a full vertical base, Ziccarra's body then overlapped Zeon's knee as it went plowing directly into her stomach. Spit flew from the mouth of the goddess, pain surging through her body personifying on her now cherry red face.

Still trying to regroup, her body involuntarily left the ground and was smashed unceremoniously into the unforgiving concrete; drawing the blood of the goddess. Whilst Zeon continued to pander, Z struggle to hoist her aching body from the ground. Rising to a solitary knee, her cerulean eyes caught Zeon's crimson gaze with her mouth curling in a smirk.

"You...are a fool..." Ziccarra spat, watching as the blood dissolved on the pavement. "You are just a cheap imitation of who I used to be. I made you the Matriarch to give you purpose. And honestly. My daughters could end this entire planet do you honestly think that big of yourself?. And Maya? she could literally erase you from existence. If I had truly wanted you dead....you would be dead. Also, you do not always have to claim you are the Matriarch. It tis ok Zeon. I know"

She didn't know how the Cardinal Goddess of Rage was using said rage, but she'd have to figure out how to spin it in her favor. Whilst returning the useless banter, she'd secretly used her mental abilities to amplify her own attributes.

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She couldn't keep up with Zeon at this level, the increase would allow her to move, think and react faster.

Lunging forward, shield first Z sped right past Zeon, her new found speed making her appear as if she was on a collision course with the Demi-Goddess, but as she got close it'd be revealed that she was sailing past her.

In that action, Ziccarra unclasped her bullwhip, sending the enchanted whip towards Zeon's right hand, quick snapping the whip in toward's Zeon's unarmed hand, Ziccarra pulled in an attempt to overpower the Aggressor's balance with her divine strength. Closing the remaining distance she sent her blade horizontally across Zeon's clavicle, looking to exploit exposed parts of her armor, whilst drawing more blood. Learning from the many battles she'd had with Leonel and her husband Alexis, Z dropped to one knee showing her knowledge in wrestling, before shooting around her niece in an attempt to hoist the Matriarch amplifying the hopeful damage by floating to slam Zeon on her head with a German suplex.

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The former Matriarch pushed forward, faster than she had before, causing Zeon to plant her feet firmly in the ground as she raided her blade. Only the moment she attempted to swing at her, it showed that Ziccarra had porously missed her. Misstep forward with the swing, Zeon turned around only to suddenly have her right hand snapped at by her Zia’s whip. Zeon dropped her weapon, staggering back for a moment as she felt the whip suddenly wrap itself to her left arm. “ARUGH!” Zeon’s face twisted with frustration as she attempted to rival Ziccarra’s own raw strength, only to fail. Ziccarra was a true Goddess, while Zeon was only but a Demi-Goddess.

The Daughter of Marcos rose her left arm upward as she watched The Outlaw Queen making a swift sword strike. Quickly raising her left arm that still had the whip around it, she rose it upward, using the blade to cut through the bullwhip and free her from it’s grasp, but not without gaining wounds of her own to her arm. Zeon grit her teeth as she became free, blood staining her armor. But before she could try and recover, Ziccarra came at her once more, her arms grasping upon her, lifting her up from the ground as the world became upside down for a moment, before her head slammed forcefully into the ground.

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Her body rolled a couple of attacks from the attack, her vision had darkened for a few seconds as she groaned in pain, struggling to push herself up from the ground as she felt as if the world was spinning around her. “Grah!” She grunted, standing up, her hair practically covering her face as she shook her head, trying to stop the dizziness.

“You’ve… you’ve always underestimated me and so have your children. You have no idea my dear Zia, what I’m actually capable of.”

Many have claimed that anger clouds the judgment of a person, causing them to lose focus and become distracted with their own inner rage. But that is not true with an Aggressor. The anger that they build fuels them, brought them clarity and focus. She stood slightly hunched over, her chest rising up and down as her breathing accelerated, not from being tired, but from the energy pulsating through her body. Every ounce of rage that poured out of her, only made her stronger and faster. Hate, anger, fear and aggression… if you mastered all of them, your power was limitless.

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“I have learned that Anger and Will joined together, is the greatest power. I have learned to meditate Anger and Will with clarity and precision. I am the endless fire of hate! And I will use this power strike down those who threaten my family!” Zeon roared in a crazed anger as she threw out her right hand. The blade that was one resting on the ground shot up from the ground and came flying towards Ziccarra, attempting to slice into the flesh of the Liafador-Pettis while at the same time Zeon pushed forward. Rushing straight at Ziccarra as she pushed her right hand forward, which may have seemed like to be a punch to the chest, but at the last moment, pulled her crimson saber from her sleeve and activating it as she pushed her arm forward. The blade came to life with a whiz like sound, it giving a ruby glow around it and coating The Matrarchs face with it’s red aura. “I WILL NOT FAIL THIS FAMILY AGAIN!”

Pulling her blade back she quickly ran it along her still bleeding left arm, cauterizing the wound shut before she threw her left hand forward, her eyes still giving their eerie glow. Her fingers suddenly sparked with electricity, creating Force Lighting. Still new on how to use it, she knew it would provide a surprise of an attack to Ziccarra as it came shooting forward, trying to connect with the experienced Goddess.

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Ziccarra stood eying Zeon's eventual rise, sword and shield still in hand; despite having taken a powerful knee and fell mercy to Zeon's 'telekinesis' she still hosts a near perfect posture.

Zeon had always been a powder keg, impulsive, and explosive; now she'd be cursed blessed with the ability to harness those powers. They made her deadlier, more focused. Which drew the interest of the Mazoi Princess.

The New Warden of the False Bay couldn't hold back her angst for battle. She wanted to see just how much power Zeon could expunge before she delivered the "Kill Switch"

This battle crossed different realms of personal, for one, they were family. Two, They were the only two Matriarchs in the family's storied history. Three? they were rivals, the best of the Red Cardinal Faction against the best of the White Cardinal Faction.

Ziccarra's shield once again came to her aid to protect her from Zeon's flying blade, even whilst cauterizing her wound Zeon continued to spew hatred toward Z.

All the while, The Mazoi Princess had analyzed a few things about this 'new' Zeon. For one she now holstered both Close Quater and Far Range capabilities, which would prove tricky in navigating but not overly hard.

Again Zeon came in close, almost as if she were expecting it. Ziccarra dropped back into a warriors stance. What she did not expect was the cackling electricity to latch onto her frame sending her into a violent fit.

The electricity eventually deposits the La Malaguena to the ground, still convulsing in reaction to the powerful attack, she could hear the energy absorption mechanisms within her Elbow and Knee Pads, but also her Goddess Bangles. Steam sizzled off her frame, tremors cause her body to shake, as she stretches her hand to grasp the shattered concrete underneath them.

Her body finally found a way to store the energy, allowing the bloody and burnt goddess to rise back to a vertical base.

"Do you...know why..." She started, before casting an illusion of herself around Zeon, almost 10 of them. "Do you know why you were given the White Cardinals? Because I spared you. Your mother knew what kind of conqueror I was... when I returned to kill your father. She begged and pleaded until I had shown her sympathy. I was going to kill you all that day. Your Cardinals are white to symbolize how tu Madre surrendered to me...without a fight."

No Caption Provided

"So what I am saying to you Zeon is...that you were born a failure to this family" Zeon's energy begin to crackle around her bangles, and eventually through the lifelike Illusions bangles.

"You charged into battle with me, and you honestly do not know If I am even here?. Perhaps I was Chance? and in that moment you showed weakness. Perhaps I rescued my daughter and left? You might be powerful Zeon, but you are not the protector of this family. Not by a long shot."

Smashing her bangles together, Ziccarra fired the captured Zeon's energy back at the Liafador Matriarch. Forecasting a miss, Z teleported to close the distance between them, looking to send a vicious yet archaic Cardinal technique towards Zeon. Attacking high from the air to gain the advantage from the electricity distraction.

The Mazoi Princess employed the 100 step faint technique, a moved Ziccarra mastered herself in the mountains of Tibet. She could hit it, in 20 seconds, 100 strikes to Zeon's pressure points. If successful, Zeon would have only 100 steps before she fainted. However, there was a contingency in place, in the faith that her niece was faster than she appeared to be, tagging her once was enough to allow Ziccarra's TK homing if she managed to hit Zeon just once she'd be able to deliver far range homing attacks, that'd help supplement her close quarters tactics.

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Her eyes, filled with hate, continued to glare down at her adversary, smoke emitting from her body after her Darkforce electric attack successfully hit. She dared not to let her guard down. Zeon was well aware that Ziccarra was nowhere near finished. In fact, she knew of the few tricks her Zia still had up her sleeve. The Matriarch kept her distance as the former Matriarch rose up from the ground, careful to listen and ‘feel’ for anything that may have been out of the ordinary.

The Aggressor stood with her crimson saber in her hand, her eyes focused on the woman before her as false clones of Ziccarra began to surround her. But Zeon didn’t flinch, she could feel the energy of the warehouse shift around her as Ziccarra began speaking of her mother. The hairs began to stand on the back of her neck, her jaw line tightened as the grip on her saber was to the point that her fist was lightly trembling, not in fear, not in sorrow, but in rage. Her brows pressed against each other, as if they were to crack her face in half. Zeon took a step forward, a roar of rage escaping from her chest as a sign of hostility and on cue her Zia went on the offense. The electric attack was sent back at Zeon and the Demi-Goddess of Rage extended her hand, the electric current slamming into her hand, causing her to grit her teeth in pain as she struggled to control it, never having to experience the power being redirected back to her.

Then, it came. The series of attacks, one by one. It was like a graceful dance as Ziccarra’s fingers slammed in between the soft spaces where her armor had small gaps. Gaps that only Ziccarra would know about. It was happening quickly, too quickly for Zeon to counter, but she knew all too well what her Zia had done. As the once Cardinal Leader finished, Zeon dropped to one knee, her body aching in pain as she could feel the sweat accumulate along her forehead. “The One Hundred Step technique.” Zeon spoke up, a snarl of a grin upon her face as she looked up at Ziccarra. Zeon’s own Cardinals were known for their pressure point strikes, and Zeon was well aware of this technique. She actually knew it, but was never able to master the technique on her own, she could never combine the last ten strikes just right.

Zeon stood still, as she turned off her crimson blade, tucking it back in place as she stood up, pressing her single foot back on the ground, giving a cocky grin.


The Demi-Goddess of Rage balled her hands together as she closed her eyes, taking a deep breath. “There’s a reason, why I chose this city." Her voice was eerily calm, like the sky is just before a savage storm. "The hate of our family, is everywhere here. You hear the talk hate for the Liafador name for miles. I can feel it. Can you?” A faint, crimson energy could be seen around her. The hate in the city, every living being she could feel connected to the Force throughout the entire area. She channeled their anger, their hate, their yearn for vengeance against this family. She opened her eyes and threw her hands outward, unleashing a Force wave upon Ziccarra’s illusion clones all around her in hopes to clear a path.

“You were weak to have let me live. Yet, we all have weakness Zia.” She took another step forward.


“Just like I was weak when I welcomed that beast into the family rather than killing it. A monster who is more powerful than you or your children will ever be.”


“You may be a Goddess, Ziccarra… but she is the Devil of The Pit, and if I do die today… she’ll be coming for your family next.” She took another single step forward, fissures being formed under her foot due to the sheer pressure of power she was channeling throughout her body at that moment.

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“First your mother, then your first husband, your lovely brother, lets not forget your grandson, now your niece, next your sister, it makes you wonder… maybe it’s not us who are at fault, but you.” Rising her free hand in the air she made a grasping motion as the entire building began to creak as if an invisible pressure was being placed upon it. Not a moment later the entire roofing of the building fell on not just the two rivals, but Zeon’s remaining Cardinals as well as she used the Darkforce to create a force barrier around herself as protection, her bow and arrow already drawn in her hands as she stood ready to unleash it. "YOU ARE THE ONE WHO CAUSED EVERYTHING!" She screamed, her muscles tightened with anger. "YOU ARE THE ONE WHO HAS BROKEN THIS FAMILY! YOU BLAME ME, BUT YOU HAD ALREADY BROKEN US LONG BEFORE YOU MADE ME MATRIARCH! THIS FAMILY WAS TO CRUMBLE THE MOMENT YOU DREW BREATH!"The moment Ziccarra would make herself known Zeon would unleash the arrow. She knew of her Zia's illusion tricks and had a suspicion that she would use the cover of the tumbling building to bring forth a clone to take whatever attack would come first. If a clone or not the arrow would fly towards the person. The next attack (if the first being is a clone or not) Zeon's right hand would be outstretched to her as she used her Darkforce in attempt to use her power to force choke Ziccarra. If successful, her grip would quickly tighten around her throat with each passing moment, attempting to cause her own Zia to go unconscious before she would with the hundred step technique. "AND I WILL TAKE THAT BREATH FROM YOU HERE AND NOW!"

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You...won't beat me.
You...won't beat me.

Together they could inspire an entire generation of change especially amongst young women--but today they used their gifts for the sole purpose of claiming the other's destruction. But, Zeon was right it was all Ziccarra's fault.

It was her fault her marriage with Quintus ended. It was her fault Isadora was killed, a fate that eventually befell her beloved grandson Marc Antony. The same effort she put into constructing this Liafador engine, she essentially used to destroy it.

But this sister? a 'Demon of the Pit?' To her knowledge she only had two sisters; half sisters at that. The Cerise Tactician Faatina Knightfall, despite being a former mentor and rival; never expressed any outward hatred towards The Goddess--save for one or two occasions. Then there was Sophia Liafador, she'd been off the grid for many many years. It was improbable that either of the two women would cease their lives to target Ziccarra now, but crazier things have happened.

"You...won't beat me..." Ziccarra pleaded. But her cries fell on deaf ears.

Once more Zeon tapped into her new power, using her unseen force to compromise the foundation of the dwelling, bringing the roof down on top of the Mazoi Princess. Though she was able to brace for impact, the sheer force from Zeon's new power level Ziccarra sprawled out amidst a mound of ceiling debris.

Her pristine skin now tarnished under the weight of steel beams and cinder ash, blood drip through every accessible orifice. Fatigue soon begin to set in, placing both Goddess and Demi-Goddess on a time clock. Rolling through the debris into a crouched position, her ears perked as she heard it cutting through the wind. With almost no time to act, Ziccarra's eyes glazed purple erecting a wall constructed to deflect the arrow seconds before plowing into her sternum.

Before Ziccarra could even make it back to one knee, she was forced to both knees by the Rage assassin. With her hands around her throat, the helpless goddess flailed to make sense of what was happening. Her normally porcelain tinted face explode with a distinctive blue hue.

She'd underestimated Zeon, the 'Puppet" of the Liafador family managed to cut her strings. Fueled by her desire to see Ziccarra's death she transformed herself into something The Goddess couldn't make sense of. Just as Ziccarra sought to concede and join her beloved grandson, images of those left to protect flooded her mind.

Maya, Tassi, Selene, Alexa, Leonel, and Catalina-- surely Zeon would expose them next; if they didn't implode before Zeon got to them. No, she couldn't accept a Warriors defeat, she needed the one thing her mother never had...a mother's resolve.

Allowing her head to hang low, the Goddess effectively feigned death until Zeon's grip cease. "The Sleeping Dragon Technique" It was a technique that allowed the Cardinal's access to their bodies involuntary processes; allowing her to effectively mimic death.

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She gave it a few, allowing the moment to sink in. Allowing her niece to enjoy what seemed to be a victory over the house of Pettis. It was a downfall nearly all Liafador's had.

They were blessed with beauty, brains, superior genetics; but they all seemingly had the same weakness--power. Throughout the battle thus far Ziccarra hadn't actually employed any of her most powerful techniques. This was a form of "active listening" she wanted to see how her niece would approach this fight.

Zeon came out power heavy, relying on skills she believed she mastered, while Z, for the most part, used abilities she'd already been known to have.

Now the kicker.

Kickstarting her body, Ziccarra immediately teleported toward the rear of Zeon looking to grapple the White Cardinal from behind. If successful, Mazoi Princess would then teleport them to one location that would for sure determine the outcome of this fight.

Here she was not the Goddess, she was just Ziccarra. Here she was at the mercy of the beast who dwelled within its unforgiving walls.

Here there were no powers, just skill and survival instincts. If successful the Red Cardinal and White Cardinal would continue their bout in the Pit.

Should Zeon somehow manage to escape the grapple then, essentially it'd be Ziccarra retreating to live another day. To conquer the pit once more. To reap the benefits of completing the demonic structure once more.

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The Matriarch stood, her hand trembling as it continued to stay outreached towards the fallen Ziccarra. She was in disbelief of what just happened. Was it over? Was it all over. Zeon’s eyes gave a hard look at her Zia’s seemingly lifeless body. Everything that happened, everything that her family has had to endure because of the Crimson Liafador, it was over, at least with Ziccarra. But tears began to build up her eyes, a deep sigh of relief could be heard as her once tensed body suddenly relaxed. Justice had won. The betrayals, the deaths, the suffering that followed her wherever she went, it was done. “I will give you the proper burial.” Zeon spoke through her dry lips. “As well as your children.”

But as she began to move her leg forward, ready to retrieve her Zia, she suddenly vanished from her line of sight. Zeon gasped, her eyes widen as she suddenly felt her Zia’s arms wrap tightly around her torso and neck from behind. In a blink of an eye the atmosphere suddenly shifted around them. The once salty, clean air of Malaga’s seas was traded with a musty, dense and humid chilled air. It was… The Pit.

The Pit wasn’t a magical place, more supernatural. There was no real sense of time and there have been thoughts of time moving slower in The Pit. The Pit was always as black as raven feathers, no stars, no moon, no warmth feel from the outside sun. It was always as cold as winter, no sense of comfort. The land was always bare of basic survival needs. Plants inedible, the fungus poisonous to the mind, the small streams of water that did flow through The Pit had flesh-eating creatures. You got your food and water from killing the beasts that lived in The Pit, if you could kill them before they killed you. Monsters with more than one head, teeth as long and sharp as swords, jaws that could crush diamonds, that could smell fear, that could run for days before becoming tired, lived here. Your worst nightmares lingered here. Now the two stood across from each other, the only thing indicating they were both here was the sound of their breaths, the shift of the air, the rustling of the dense shrub that surrounded them and the squishing of the heavy clay like mud under their feet. Vision was a luxury if your eyes could adapt to pure darkness.

Zeon struggled not quickly following her instincts. Get to high ground, forge a weapon, don’t stay in one area too long, don’t breath too heavy and don’t you dare allow fear to creep into your mind. It was all these things and other instincts she had developed throughout her times in The Pit, and now, not only did she have to go against her instincts, she had to fight Ziccarra here and with only 93 steps to go.

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“ARGH!” Zeon roared as managed to break from Ziccarra’s grasp. Turning around with a bit of struggle from the clay like mud they now stood in, Zeon quickly went on the attack. Her right open palm of her hand pushing in an upward motion attempting to slam it under what she hoped was the chin of her Zia. She would then lean her body back as she rose her right foot up from the mudded Earth, attempting a Spartan kick to her chest. She could feel her body weakened in The Pit. The two were simply human in this cursed abyss, no powers, no special abilities, just their wit and developed skills that have developed since she was a child.

She could hear the roars of the creatures around them, sweat developing along the brow of Zeon as the rotting stink of death became overwhelming. A beast had entered the area, drawn to the frustrated roar of Zeon from earlier. 92 steps left to go her survival instincts told her to run, but the Liafador prideful Matriarch stood her ground as she knelt down, scooping large amount of the frigid clay in her hands as she smeared it along her body, attempting to cover the smell of her own body. But in The Pit, titles didn’t matter, your name didn't matter. There were no Matriarchs, no Goddesses, no Queen's, no ruler. The only thing that governed The Pit, was survival.

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Zeon's jarring strike towards her chin left the impaired Ziccarra reeling; it wasn't until her niece brutally kicked her in the chest, that she realizes her tactic worked--they were in the pit. Now for the first time in years, Ziccarra was completely human she could feel every ache as a result of the Pit slowly maturing her body back to her natural age.

Blood leak from his chapped lips further staining her mud-caked face. This neutral area proved both benefits and disadvantages to both Ziccarra and Zeon the victor would be the one who could capitalize on them.

In favor of Ziccarra was time. Zeon only had a certain amount of steps left before she'd faint. Given the mindset of a warrior, Zeon had roughly 60 steps to take out Ziccarra; with the remaining 30 to find shelter. But, this battle was so unpredictable, her Niece had already forced her nearly to her limit. She could no longer predict what Zeon would do.

In favor of Zeon was the fact that she completed this hellish complex twice. Compared to Ziccarra she was mentally prepared for whatever this living structure delivered. Rolling over to her stomach, before pushing back to a vertical base, Ziccarra could feel the pointy stones lodged into her back--a direct result of Zeon's kick.

"Zeon, no seas tonto! (Zeon Don't be foolish)" Ziccarra screamed, just before holding her throat in shock. For years Ziccarra's most basic abilities were a result of her mental abilities; with the PIT placing a dampener on her mental powers simple things like speaking English were a chore.

"No Tenemos nuestros poderes, solo queda unos cuantos pasos. Si usas todos tus pasos luchando contra me en lugar de encontrar refugio, estas bestias te comeran" (We don't have our powers, you only have a few steps left. If you use your steps fighting me, instead of finding shelter these beasts will eat you).

Ziccarra's eyes could hone in on nothing, she made history when she initially surmounts this chasm of hell, but after so many years it's walls felt foreign. Each time a person entered, their experiences were different than the last.

No Caption Provided

Pleading against Zeon wouldn't work, she knew it. In the time spent trying to make her niece see the severity of the situation Ziccarra secretly employed another one of the Red Cardinal techniques. "The Ear that sees" It was an exercise that concentrates hearing, to compensate for the loss of sight and allows a warrior to identify a foe through sound alone, with cues such as heartbeat, the sound of cloth against cloth, and the patterns of breathing and other movements.

She could now "See" Zeon, but she could also hear the beast with clarity. Closing the distance between them, Ziccarra spun looking to send her left fist smashing into Zeon's face, making use of poise and balance taught through dancing, she sought a smooth transition by sending her right in succession in an attempt to throw her bloodlusted niece of balance. In the same manner, in which Zeon spartan kicked her, Ziccarra kicked outward looking to connect with Zeon's pelvis. Should her small kick land, La Malaguena would launch herself in a backflip motion using her trail foot to strike out toward's Zeon's chin.

Her landing wasn't graceful, she nearly rolled her ankle on the rocky terrain. She wasn't sure of Zeon was able to see, but she knew she could hear them. A hellhound two of them. Ziccarra ducked under a lunging beast in just enough time to spare her throat.

The only defense she had were her Goddess Bangles, and Knee pads, The lunging beast knocked Z off balance sending her sliding down a rocky ravine. Rolling to a stop, again she could feel the pointy stones sticking into the exposed areas of her body. Instead, now she could see. A bed of lava split the ravine in half, this was definitely not here the last time she was here.

'This place is literally trying to kill us' She thought as she began leaping from stone slab to slab in the middle of the Lavabed looking to create some seperation between herself and Zeon and the hounds.

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Her senses were overwhelmed. Her aunt yelling at her in Spanish, the air was frigid as ice, the nauseating air filled her lungs, vibrations of the beasts footsteps overpowering her sense of surrounding while her eyes still blinded in the seemingly never ending darkness. “I WOULD RATHER DIE IN ATTEMPT TO KILL YOU THAN RETREAT AND KNOWINGLY LET YOU LIVE!” Zeon spat out, her face twisted in anger as half of it was covered in the thick, coursed black clay that they were standing upon. But she couldn’t focus fully on the battle at hand, the once Demi-Goddess of Rage was now only human, and with it came with a fist slammed into Zeon’s face, causing her to take only one stumble back as the clay suctioned her feet into it, allowing her to hold her stance for the most part. But this allowed her Zia to connect her next series of attack. She felt her boot plant firmly on her right side of her pelvis, pusing the momentum to push herself up into the air as a kick then slammed under Zeon’s chin. Her teeth clashed onto her tongue, as instantly crimson fluid rushed out of her mouth as her entire body fell back into the thick clay Earth. But now Zeon’s eyes widen, not by the attack, but by the large, vibrating footsteps of the beasts that now entered the battlefield.

Hellhounds, oh how she hated them. They hunted in pairs, and didn’t need to see to be able to catch their prey. Their sense of smell and hearing are unmatched by any land animal and Zeon once had a theory that they had a sort of echo location built into them. But never did she thinkn about putting that theory into test. She could feel the gust of wind pushed over her body as the black clay she was covered in, managed to mask her sent, if even for a moment as the first one attacked her aunt and she could hear her aunt’s footsteps become uneven as she lost her balance, hearing as her body rolled off into the distance. A cliff nearby was all Zeon could assume as she stood up on her own two feet. It was then she felt it, the second Hellhound coming in from above.

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The two time Pit survivor tuck rolled off to the left as the demonic like beast landed forcefully on the ground where she was stood. It’s head lowering to the ground as it’s tongue lapped up the blood that had been spilled. Zeon slowly took four more steps, attempting to slowly walk away from the monster that was currently occupied by her blood that had spilled out of her mouth. With the clay masking her sent she couldn’t help but let out a forceful cough from the blood that was trickling down the back of her throat. The beasts attention turned to her and like a lioness pouncing towards it’s pray, it launched itself to Zeon. It’s mouth open wide as it tacked Zeon to the ground. Her body skid along the muddied Earth as her hands grasped onto it’s incisors that were as long as her arms, one grasping the top and the other grasping the bottom. Using all the strength she had she let out a feral roar as she managed to use the momentum they were in to launch the beast up and over her body, but not before her own body began to tumble down the same slope.

Her body slamming into the now more sharp stone and gravel like Earth as her tumble finally came to a stop. But not before she felt a searing heat to the back of her body. Gasping for air after her fall she slowly sat up, visibly wincing in pain as blood stained the lower portion of her face. One of her arms wrapped around her ribs that one could assume that some were broken from the abusive descent while her other arm helped prop her up. But the Matriarchs eyes visibly widen as she looked down at the lake of lava. Confusion swept over her as the heat pressed against her body. The once mud that clung to her body was now beginning to almost melt off of her. Her now brown eyes (instead of their once Aggressor Crimson) looked up at Ziccarra who was now standing in the middle of the lake of fire on top of intrusive igneous rocks that were floating on top of the magma bed. Taking a stand she looks at her Zia, her body hunched forward. She was visibly tired, wounded and in pain as the golden glow of the lava reflected to her body.

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Zeon reached behind her, pulling out the all too familiar hilt of her energy blade. But before she could speak, the second of the Hellhounds began to skid down behind Zeon. With a small burst of adrenalin the White Cardinal ran four steps forward, jumping into the air and clearing a gap between the edge of where the lava began and onto a slap of igneous rock that rocked back and forth as the magma underneath began to create a ripple effect. The Prideful Liafador watched as the two beasts, including the one that fell with her down to the lava bed were now pacing around them. There was no way off the lava but through the creatures, and the hellhounds were much too powerful for the Liafador’s to handle separately with the not only the wounds they have sustained since the fight began but while the two were fighting each other. With a flick of her wrist the blade hummed to life, it’s crimson glow complimenting the golden heat of the magma underneath them.

“¿Cómo te sientes, tía?” <How are you feeling, aunt?> Zeon snickered, knowing full well that her Aunt suffered from diabetes in her human form. More specifically, quick drops in her blood sugar. “¿Cuánto tiempo crees que durará antes de que te desmayes de la diabetes en esta cama de lava o te coman los perros del infierno?” <How long do you think you'll last before you either pass out from your diabetes on this lava bed or get eaten by the hellhounds?>She rose her crimson blade to her, only to clench down on her jaw from the sheer pain from her ribs that were bruised and some broken by the fall. “No hay forma de sobrevivir aquí. Usted ya no está en su mejor momento. Esta pelea estaba condenada a terminar en tu muerte el momento en que nos trajiste aquí. Te doy una última oportunidad, rendición ahora, y haré que tu muerte sea rápida e indolora.” <There's no way you will survive here. You are no longer in your prime. This fight was doomed to end in your death the moment you brought us here. I give you one last chance, surrender now, and I will make your death a swift and painless one.> She spoke with such assurance in her voice, knowing well that she now only had 82 steps left.

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She was able to match Zeon blow for blow, blood for blood; what seemed like days worth of fighting had only been hours, although who could really tell now that they were in the pit. Ziccarra was gassed, she felt her energy depleting long before she forced Zeon into this hellish structure, it wasn't until her niece reminded her that she was human again that she realized she needed her glucose shot.

In the middle of the rickety stone slab, surrounded by a bed of magma, with Zeon at her front, and hell-hounds at her back; Ziccarra was reduced to one knee. Her body glistened from the sweat that the sheer heat forced from her body, deep breaths, she held her sternum gasping for fresh air in a vacuum that provided none. This was in addition to the damage she'd already taken.

For a moment she opened her mouth to concede defeat, she wanted to. But the warrior inside wouldn't allow it. As a mother, she hoped the rageless Matriarch could be reason with, maybe work out a deal that would spare her children if Ziccarra willingly offered her life. She hadn't given them much in terms of love and affection, she was no different and yet totally different from her own mother at the same time.

Maybe in her absence, they could settle down live the life they wanted, but like her doubt, those thoughts too subsided. Catalina, Selene, Maya, Leonel, and Alexa were teenagers; they pretty much grew up in this life. They'd always be somewhat affected by it. She had to remain alive for Tassi so that her youngest did not suffer the same fate as her first.

Unselfishly, Ziccarra rose returning Zeon's snicker with her telltale grin, a grin that was then broken by the distinct series of snarls and growls around them.

¿Y qué de Chance? Si mueres aquí no tiene a nadie. Si mueres aquí, entonces perdió a su familia por nada. Es por eso que no me vas a vencer Zeon. Has perdido tu empatía" (And what of Chance? If you die here she has no one. If you die here, then she lost her family for nothing. That is why you will not beat me Zeon. You have lost your empathy)

Though Zeon's saber was admittedly intimidating, all things considered, it was the least of Ziccarra's worries. With her energy depleting the Mazoi Princess had to turn the tide of this battle, both of them were on borrowed time; and to her knowledge, Zeon still had above 50 steps before her previous attack took effect.

They both knew each other as the enemy, but the more pressing enemy was the one that didn't take sides--the hellhounds. Though as her heightened senses activated, the series of snarls and growls between the hounds hit her on a different level. 'They're communicating' she thought with her attention momentarily on them. As her eyes panned back toward her niece, Zeon split into two, alerting Ziccarra to the presence of the dense poisonous gasses emanating off the lava bed. 'Great. Just great.' She thought, activating another one of her Cardinal skills, the 'Mind Set' technique which would grant her astute concentration and focus.

Sliding her foot across the slab just a bit, she gauged the hound's anticipation. The moment she did they snarled towards it just a bit before retreating back to the perimeter. 'They are ready'. Her eyes then dart to Zeon, surely she knew the goal was to rid themselves of the Hellhounds, which was good.

The distinct difference between the Red and White Cardinals came down to their respective sensei. Though Zeon commanded call Cardinals now, Ziccarra originally championed the Red Cardinals.

The White Cardinals were battled hardened warriors out of Puglia, and followed Zeon's teachings to the T. The Red Cardinals were disciplined warriors from Malaga but mostly Tibet and at one time were essentially an extension of Ziccarra herself. The difference between them was that The Red Cardinals were trained in survival, The White Cardinals... battle.

Given this same situation, the White Cardinal could win the battle, but lose the pit. The Red Cardinal would win the battle AND the Pit. Everything from here on out had to be done deliberately--done for survival.

The rock slab hit a magma pocket causing the already unstable slab to shift back and forth. That's all it took for these hellhounds to take the bait. Executing a round-off and two whips, Ziccarra transitioned into a flic before double tucking over the two charging hounds. Landing on the far side of the slab mere inches from the edge.

"Zeon, se están comunicando. Estar vigilant" (Zeon they are communicating be vigilant).

More snarls and growls, this saw the two hellhounds take different vantage points in their proposed approach. 'The Numbers Games' She thought to keep her pacific blue eyes trained on the approaching beast.

Another snarl, this one faint as if the beast sought to conceal its motives. Like a snake it moved outward, appearing as if it's true target was Ziccarra; but in actuality.

"Zeon cuidado!" She screamed alerting her niece that the beast was, in fact, looking to take advantage of her blindside. The other beast charged Z head on, instead of fully leaping over the beast, she jumped in a rolling manner to glide just slightly over the beast spine; acting quickly enough she kicked back sending the hound howling into the molten lava.

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At the present moment, Ziccarra didn't HAVE to do anything. She could very well sit back and watch as Zeon used her steps to fight off the two beasts. After all, the longer this fight carried on the more tired she got.

"Hnn..." Wincing in pain, she dropped to a knee, the slide down the hill punctured her side, she hadn't felt it with all the adrenaline running through her system but now her ailment was taking effect. Removing her Goddess bangles from her forearm she held them both above the magma bed allowing the heat to conduct into the metal bangles.

Releasing a feral roar Ziccarra leaped into the air bringing the burning bangles down with all her might into the spine of the unsuspecting beast. Its screams were 10x louder than hers. Small ember flares sparked on it's back before erupting into full-blown flames.

Unable to stop panicking the beast leap off the slab back onto the slope of the pit. Rolling in an effort to put the fire out. It did, but it would not survive its wounds.

Again she fell to one knee her vision fleeting in and out. Once Zeon finished her fight with the hound it'd be them to again. But now...she knew what to do.

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The heat pressing against Zeon’s body caused her body to feel more fatigued than she was. Her armor felt heavier, searing hot and almost as if it was suffocating her while it held up against her body. The burning air was becoming increasingly difficult to breath, her chest heavy, the heated lava bed sucking in the oxygen and expelling its toxic fumes. Her eyes began to blur, her lungs burned. It took more energy to focus on the battle at hand than Zeon wanted, but in the moment, she felt as if she had the upper hand. Or she thought she did.

“No puedes hablar su nombre, bruja!” <You do not get to speak her name, you witch!> Zeon insulted as her expression quickly shifted, the anger that was once able to help her focus through the Aggressor abilities, were no longer there in The Pit. It was no secret that Zeon would do almost anything for her sister. The fellow Liafador had actually contemplated what would happen to her sister if fate had her die today. Truth was, the moment Zeon came into Chances life, her sisters entire world shifted for the worst. She lost her mother, had been kidnapped several times, used as bait more than once for Zeon, has been mind controlled…the list went on and on. “Viverebbe una vita migliore senza di me” <She would live a better life without me.> She murmured in her native tongue over the hissing magma underneath the warrior and killer.

She had become distracted with her own thoughts, until she heard the snarling of the hellhounds. They didn’t respect the battle taking place, they only wished to fill their stomachs with their flesh. Her chocolate brown eyes looked over at Ziccarra as her own looked back at Zeon. The Hellhounds wouldn’t stop until they were either dead, or the two Liafadors were dead. A temporary truce, so that the demonic beasts wouldn’t rob Zeon of the justice she yearned for, that’s what she told herself as she gave a single stern nod to her Zia.

Zeon watched as the first beast leaped to her aunt, taking a stance with her crimson saber in hand as her eyes shifted to the two beasts back and forth. Her survival instincts that she had developed during both her trials in the abyss came flooding back. But it was difficult to do so, to stay focus, the mixture of the poisonous air, intense heat of the magma and her already wounded body didn’t catch what Ziccarra was yelling at her. Her eyes shifted away from the beasts and to her Aunt as she suddenly felt the sharp, teeth of the Hellhound carve into her left shoulder. Zeon yelled in agony as the monstrous creature dragged the Matriarch to the ground of the slab of cooled lava she was standing upon, pinning her down with it’s heavy weight. Zeon’s jaw clenched tightly, to the point that she could feel the pressure built up in her eyes. She could feel the jaw closing tighter around her shoulder the more she struggled and she could hear off into the distance, her Zia fighting off the second beast.

With her right hand free she held tightly onto her saber as she quickly brought her hand up and slammed the energy blade into the side of the demonic monster. Letting out a cry of pain from the intense heat of her weapon, the Hellhound released Zeon as it attempted to leap away, but not without The Matriarch. Before it could get away from her, The White Cardinal grasped onto the dense fur of the creature with her wounded arm, pushing through the agonizing pain as her body was lifted off the slab she was once standing on and onto the harden, raven flooring of the bank of the magma lake. Continually clutching onto it’s filthy and harden fur she jammed her blade into the creature again. Once more it let out a bellowing cry of pain as it began to drag her up near the top of the slop, attempting to escape. With one last heavy battle cry Zeon jabbed the blade into it’s back as the monster let out a screech, as it’s body slumped to the ground with the Matriarch laying beside it as the sizzling from the heat from the burns of her blade could still be heard.

The sudden shift in temperature around her cause Zeon’s teeth to chatter, but it also could have been from the critical amount of bleeding that was currently going on from her left shoulder. Finally taking a moment to look at it, she could see the meat of her shoulder looking like raw ground beef with white of her shoulder joint being seen. Tears began to build up in her eyes from the immerse pain she was in. Her breath was shaky, as she continued to lay for a moment, looking over at the now dead beast next to her. She could hear Ziccarra’s beast cry out in pain as well, and turning her head towards the sound, she watched as the Hellhound pass Zeon, just inches from her, ignoring it’s pair that had just died and rushing off into the dense brush beyond the slop.

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She didn’t have a lot of time, it would be only moments before Ziccarra would most likely make her escape. Her eyes looked around a bit, her body laying in almost completely dry clay on the ground she scooped up a handful and slapped it onto her wound. The an acute pain surged through her entire body as it was shoved into her wound, but this was something she had done multiple times during her two stays in The Pit. It may not heal her wound, but it would keep it from bleeding out and the harden clay would help keep her shoulder together, until she could tend to it herself, or seek out medical care. She then stood up, opening the deceased Hellhounds mouth and with her crimson blade sliced it’s two, large, incisors from it’s mouth. Turning off her crimson blade she put it back in place as she then took a couple of steps forward, now able to visually see her Zia standing below her with her handmade weapons in hand. To the normal eyes it was too difficult to see Zeon’s condition. It was darker where she was standing and the mixture of dirt and blood made it hard to make out any sort wounds the Matriarch may have sustained during her encounter with the Hellhound.

But with the trained eye, you could see the paleness to her face, the armor soaked in blood to her left shoulder and if focused on, even see that her shoulder was not symmetrical to her right, indicating severe damage to it. Her breathing was off, unsteady, shallow, her eyes that could once mask pain, were now wavering in it. Without her Aggressor abilities, it was difficult for Zeon to keep up her presence as Cardinal of Rage.

With each of the Hellhounds large, curved and pointed incisors in each hand Zeon forcefully kicked the Hellhounds body down the slop, but not before leaping on top of it and riding it down like a sled. The beasts body took in all the sharp rocks that came into it, it’s large frame not stopping until it slammed into a larger stone, launching Zeon into the air as she forcefully rose both arms up and behind her head. Surrounded by the darkness of the sky she hoped it would give her coverage for even just a moment as she came downward at her Zia. When close enough she would bring both of the teeth downward at Ziccarra, each of them attempting to embed themselves into her shoulders attempting to shred into her muscles as the beast did to her, if embedded, she would twisted them in a clockwise and counter clockwise movement to try and embed them deeper before yanking them out. However, it would be apparent that her left arm was much more weaker than her right. Landing on the ground she quickly tuck rolled to the right, of her Zia, making a formation of an ‘X’ with her arms as she then attempted to pull her arms apart and slice into her side. Pushing herself upward she would then use the fist of her hands in attempt to slam them underneath Ziccarra’s jaw or into her chest. Knowing her left shoulder wouldn’t be able to generate much damage on her own, the attack used her still strong legs like a piston, driving the force of the attack behind her fists that were currently beheld side by side, in an upward motion.

When her series of attacks were done, it was visible that Zeon wasn’t going to last much longer in battle. But her will to bring her sense of “justice” to Ziccarra, was obviously more important than her own well-being. No reasoning could be done with Zeon. No sweet or hurtful words could put a stop to the Daughter of Marcos.

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The bout saw Zeon's knee connect with her abdomen a tactic that drew excessive pain and bruising, she was also stabbed in the shoulder, Zeon dropped a building on her and nearly broke her jaw in several other assaults.

Those were things she could take--as a Goddess. But as Ziccarra? The sheer heat and poisonous gases emanating from the magma bed left her fatigued and disoriented; the lack of glucose left her skin tingling and fading in and out of consciousness.

For years she had the same dream, of herself on a beach in a white dress; presumably calling out to Alexis. It was a memory she believed she had from their wedding day. Now with clarity, she realized it was not her at all--it was Catalina. It was no secret that Catalina was a clone of Ziccarra; one day her eldest 'daughter' would eventually inherit her features. But this vision she saw...it was one of her daughters truly happy, the kicker was though...in order for Cat to obtain this form, Ziccarra HAD to be dead.

'Get up Z' She heard him call, his booming voice silenced the erupting magma around them. They hadn't laid eyes on one another in months, and she was sure he was gone. "Alexis..." She murmured unaware that just a few yards away Zeon was also stirring.

"I-I-I am t-t-t-tryinggg to fig.ht..for them...but tis over. She has won" Z said face planting on the stone slab. 'No Z, she has not. Give them a better future. Do what needs to be done. Don't grab Catalina's hand!"

It was his final words, she'd subconsciously reached out to her daughter, which would've signified that this battle and her life was over. Rising just one more time, The former Queen of Cardinals refocused the remaining energy into putting a stop to Zeon once and for all. "By Any Means Necessary," She thought to herself.

But before she could begin to process what was happening, her demented niece penetrate Ziccarra's shoulders, twisting them like gears before yanking them out. What happened next was vital to the survival of Ziccarra's children, instead of a normal more humane yell; she released a monstrous feral yell.

Blood and shoulder tendon erupt from Z's shoulder ironically like a volcano rendering any type of hand to hand parry obsolete.

As Zeon again struck her sides with the teeth, Ziccarra released another feral roar; almost louder than the last. As the teeth went plowing into her breastbone, The Warden of the False Bay collapsed to the ground, surrounded by a pond of her own blood.

There was no point in trying to fight anymore, she was dead. Her brain just didn't process it yet. "

"Usted tenía razón. Merezco morir. Por lo que hice con mi país y mi familia. Pero Zeon, estás cometiendo los mismos errores. Y por eso, no puedo dejarte vivir." (You were right. I deserve to die. For what I did to my country and my family. But Zeon, you are making...the same mistakes. And for that, I cannot let you live)

Ziccarra's cerulean blue eyes blink once, and then again but never opened again. However in the distance, more beast drew near. They heard her calls, the smelled their sweat, the smelled the blood; and knew there was a feast to be had. A whole pack of hellhounds push through dark depths of the pit towards Zeon and Ziccarra's carcass

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About halfway through the battle, Ziccarra realized the only way to truly save her family. Was to cut off the head. Both of them.

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Even through the agonizing pain, Zeon continued to push forward. Some would call it stubbornness, some call it resilience, others insanity, but to Zeon, it was the way of being a Liafador, it was what Ziccarra taught her at a young age. She watched as her Zia fell to the ground yet again, paralyzing pain displayed upon her face. Zeon didn’t bother to keep track of her steps anymore, she knew, in this moment, she had won. The Matriarch staggered towards the former Matriarch with the teeth she used as weapons still heldfast and dripping with Ziccarras blood. Her Zia continued to lay on the ground, bleeding out, as Zeon watched her suffer, and it gave Zeon a mixture of emotions. This is what she had been waiting for, this is what she had longed for, for several years now. The woman, who single highhandedly destroyed so many lives, including her own, was now taking her last breaths

Out of respect for the former Ziccarra she once adored, Zeon listened in silent. Her body hunched over in pain, her lungs now spamming from the poisonous gas not too far away. Visible tears could be seen from Zeon’s eyes, as Zicarra Liafador, The Crimson Cardinal Goddess and former Matriarch of the Liafador family, exhaled her final breath. Her memories drew her back, when she first interacted with her Zia for the first time as a White Cardinal during Ziccarra’s reign as Matriarch. The two individuals were so different from the women they had become today. The two had been put through so many trials and tribulations as allies and as enemies. The bounty on the family head, conquering Venezuela, Catalina’s assault on the family, Knightfalls assault, betrayal of Mark Anthony, assault on Kansas City, Dreams and Nightmares… the list went on and on, seemingly never ending. But in this moment, it felt like everything was now finally, coming to an end… for both of them. As soon as her final words, that gave Zeon an uneasy feeling, as she suddenly realized, she was not alone.

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Zeon’s subconjunctival hemorrhaging eyes looked up at the top of the slop and watched as dozens of Hellhounds were now standing, their breath that reeked of rotting flesh began to overwhelm her. She had never seen so many Hellhounds in one area before. It was in that moment, she came to the conclusion that this was her Zia’s doing. The screaming, the shrieking in pain, it was to draw out these beasts, to kill Zeon and prevent her from reaching the surface. “NO!” Zeon roared in frustration. “I WILL NOT DIE HERE!” She yelled out to the beasts, her mouth foaming in anger. “I WILL CONQUER THIS PIT ONCE MORE!” Her eyes looked down at Ziccarra. She couldn’t protect her Zia’s body as beasts began to gnaw at her body, ripping into her flesh. Throwing the teeth to the side, Zeon reached behind her, quickly activating her crimson energy saber with a flicker of her wrist as it gave the same crimson light as the light from the monsters eyes. “I AM ZEON LIAFADOR, MATRIARCH OF THE LIAFADOR FAMILY!” Her pride refusing to stop, to yield, to accept defeat even though it was plane to see that death was imminent.

Pushing forward her, with every ounce of energy she had left she unsteadily kept her body up as she began to step away from Ziccarra’s body while other Hellhounds who couldn’t feast on the already dead body, went for her. They quickly backed away, snapping at her, giving a low, rumbling growl that had haunt her dreams at night before. An outsider looking into the battle, it would seem that Zeon was able to fight, let alone stand, on nothing but her own will. Her movements were sloppy, slow, rigid, with wide incomplete swings and foot placement that caused her to fall over more than once. Lightheadedness began to come over her, as her heart beating so fiercely she could hear it in her ears, how many steps did she have left? One by one the monsters fell, but one by one was also took several of the less than 100 steps she had left.

Finally making it up the slope she gasped for air, taking a moment to breath, only to feel a rippling pain into her already wounded left shoulder. A Hellhound that had just arrived came rushing at her, it’s teeth ripping into her flesh as it ripped her shoulder clean off her body. Zeon let out a horrifying painful scream as she dropped to her knees, dropping her energy blade as she could feel her own blood pour out of her body. Her body trembled from the shock, her already pale body was now as white as whatever white left in her eyes were. Never had she felt so close to death before as she did right now. All to see through the death of her Zia and her children.

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She will never understand why Ziccarra did what she did, but one thing was certain, Ziccarra played a direct hand into the woman Zeon had become. Her eyes looked forward, as a small, glimmer of light could be faintly seen through the darkness, that is where the temple was. Zeon knew she couldn't escape, she didn't have enough steps to make it out, but the temple? She might just be able to get the temple. She grunted once more, forcing herself to stand as memories began to flood into her mind, but instead of memories of Ziccarra, they were memories of Chance. Memories of the first time the two met that fateful day came to her as she couldn’t help but give a small grin. She had almost attacked her sister when she woke from a month long coma and in that moment, a part of her cold, frigid heart had warmed up to the once pure and innocent Chance. Everything she was doing, everything she had done, was for her too. To keep her sister safe, to make up for the times she failed her. She hoped, maybe if she survived this ordeal… they could meet once again, even if it’s for Chance to tell her she want’s nothing to do with Zeon. She just needed to see her.

The grey stone bridge that allowed an individual to walk into the Temple was seen, and in that moment, the will to live was more prominent than before. She had to live for Chance, she had to live to protect her better, to bring her justice as well, to give her the life she deserved. She had to, she had- That was it, she could feel it, a wave of impending doom washing over her as darkness suddenly began to cloud her eyes. The hundred step attack had finally caught up to the Cardinal Goddess of Rage. She took in a single gasp of air and in that moment she could hear the snarling beasts coming out of the shadows towards their next meal, their deep growls the last thing she heard as the light of the temple was the last thing she saw before her body collapsed forward, her fingers just inches from the bridge.