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The mighty Thunderion was traveling across the frozen planes of Siberia, a tundra covered with knee high snow that blanketed the ground. At the speed of sound he bursted across the thick white snow before coming to a quick stop in a large gorge, to the north large mountains tipped with snow and blocked the horizon in its uneven and rough surfaces. Trees lined the valley unevenly like small patches of forests under the bright blue sky. The valley was easily two miles across and Dynamis stood in the middle, his long black hair danced in the frosty wind and the cold air filled his lungs as he thought to himself.

"Someone is following me, i can fell it, but i can't make out his species."

His battlehardened skin was being slightly biten by the frozen air like a wolf it knawed on his flesh even through his blue suit. His silver cape settled down as the wind ceased to blow and our Thunderion titan gazed behind him and saw his stalker, he was of Dynamis' hieght of seven feet and around the same build, strong and layered with muscles but envoloped in a blue skin and elf like ears. Dynamis spoke telepathically to his adversery.

"Who are you and what do you want?"

Dynamis clenched his fist tightly and his pupiless eyes beamed down on his foe waiting for an answer.
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The other alien was fast... really fast. But thanks to the MOF-Cycle, the Man of Forever could stay on his tail with ease. After the humanoid lands in the middle of the valley, MOF looks down at him from the peak of the mountain. "He's almost like my exact opposite... give or take some specifics." MOF's white hair and red cloak flowed in the below freezing winds. He stood in the snow up to his knees. He looks at the soul of character and sees he is of the Hero persuasion.

A voice echoed in his mind. MOF thinks "Oh a telepath? I haven’t met on of you since I went to the third moon of Koigen. But don’t explore to deep... It’s some scary things in my head."  MOF takes some steps and walks off the edge of the cliff but doesn’t fall. He has controlled his weight and walked down a flight of invisible stairs until he stood in front of Dynamis. "I am a Balance Keeper and with a certain gift, I am sort of like a telepath as well." He says out loud. "I know a lot about you already Dynamis the Thunderion. And you being so powerful with no Evil counter part I have to, well... "Take you out" for lack of better words. I’m sorry. If Shawn the Devil or Doom were still around I wouldn’t even bother you."

Through his foggy eyes he looks at the one man that stood eye level. This is almost refreshing to the Blue Giant, getting to face of good guy in battle. He was getting tired of fighting the "Reds" of ComicVine with all their fire and psychotic-ness. Of course not all of them where like that, it just seams those are the only ones MOF runs into. The Soul Absorber lowers his head and places his hand over his Bladed Angels sigil on his armor. He lets out a breath even though he doesn’t have to breathe.

MOF starts the battle right then, by throwing a punch to the man's nose, then trying to uppercut him in his stomach. After those swift moves would be delivered he swoops down and attempt to knock the man off his feet with a quick kick with his armored boot to Dyamis' ankle. He bounces back up but also a good distance away. Then he gets in a boxer stance and constantly moves trying to be ready for anything in the thick snow. "Thank you for teaching me that, Venom Hybrid." He whispers.
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"Impressive." thought the mighty Thunderion.

He watched the lips of the warrior as he talked about erasing our hero from exsistence. He gave the blue giant a smile and began to chuckle as he increased his wieght to measure around six tons. He did this without even gaining a single cell seemingly normal and was the perfect technique for taking blows from a true warrior. As he dug into the warrior's mind he learned some things about him like his name "Man of Forever" and that he was an accomplished fighter and learned of his constant battles. As soon as he did this the blue man threw a strong blow to his nose even though the fist was mighty Dynamis did not flinch or even blink. He stood still except for the small backlash from the enrgy of the punch and continued to smile. Man of Forever then tossed his left hand to greet Dynamis' stomach and connected making Dynamis' abs buckle alittle but still kept smiling, his shoulders hunched forward about an inch from the blow before MOF attempted a leg sweep but Dynamis tensed his legs and stood in a powerful stance and braced his leg for impact and disregarded the blow but made him move alittle before he said outloud to his opponent.

"I guess it's my turn" he said with a somewhat devious grin.

He watched his opponent dance and watched his form as he moved around trying to prepare himself for Dynamis' upcoming attack. He launched himself forward at top speed and aimed a double axe handle at the balancer's head, his body was wieghing several tons at the time but he countered this be his gravitokinesis to make his body seem like his standard wieght so he can travel at that speed without penalty from his titanic wieght. His cape fluttered wildly from the g-forces he made as he dashed to the  right side to attempt a grab for the balancer's face and was hoping to toss him across the gorge. But if this attack was unsucessful he would use this oppertunity to preform a acrobatic cresent kick aimed for Man of Forever's chest.

"Your Move, Blance Keeper." as he began to telekinetically lift several trees from their roots and toss them towards his foe.

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After MOF sees that nothing really did anything to Dynamis, he can’t help but notice how much he reminds him of himself. When the Man of Forever came to Earth (or CV), the first thing that happened to him was he was challenged. He was very powerful even back then but it has taken him years on this planet to get to his current level. This guy comes and he's already able to stand up to the Balance Keeper with no problem. Not told to anyone on the Vine, MOF's creature would slightly make him stronger or weaker according to who he was fighting just for a good story... Well after he had some complications with the rules and what not. But now that he is fighting the Thunderion, he can finally fight like he used to... with all his glory. 

"I guess it's my turn." the other alien said. "I guess RPG fights are kind of like chess games aren’t they... Oh wait he heard that." MOF thinks. Dynamis flew at MOF in a second, but a second is all MOF needs. He stopped time and hops onto the man's back. He returns time as he teleported. He tries to grab the humanoids arms and then increase his weight to overpower his opponent gravity based flight. He was simply trying to crash the Thunderion into the ground face first as he rode him like a surfboard. He leaps off the back of the silver caped warrior after he crashes into the ground or after 5 seconds. Which ever came first. After he landed on the snow covered ground he said "I guess I took my turn a little early... And stay out of my head... That feels really weird."
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After the blue giant's rambling about some kind of RPG and was somewhat confused. "No matter" thought our mighty hero before he bursted from his snowy post but what happened to him even the battle hardened Thunderion could see, somehow or somewhy the blue giant was on his back. He had used matter manipulation to incease his wieght to several metric tons and was holding his arms back. The Thunderion was off balance and the shear pressure on his back made him land face first in the cold snow. He was incased in snow and disappeared for some seconds before he rose from his snowy grave with large mounds of snow piled on his shoulders. He stood away from Man of Forever gazing off into the horizon before turning around to watch his foe speak.

"I guess I took my turn a little early... And stay out of my head... That feels really weird."

Dynamis brushed the snow off his shoulders and shook his head to get all the snow out of his hair. before giving a small speech.

"Well my nemesis, it seems you have the power of chronokinesis, or in simple terms manipulation of time itself, I applaude you Man of Forever (he begins to clap sarcasticlly before stopping) you have surpised me. You see last time i fought a time traveler it was when my father was still alive when we would spar so you managed to trick me but for the last time."

Now Dynamis was somewhat angery but at the same time he was glad to fight an opponent who had the abilility to actually kill him or at least put up on hell of a fight. He darted forward at the speed of sound once more with his fist cocked back again to aim a strong punch at his foe gizzard but he was now weary of the foe's power and used his postcognation and precognation ability to see into the future and then the past and instantly  swung a spinning backfist before launching a powerful optic blast in his enemies direction.

"See you can travel through time but i can see into the future and past so your attempts and time traveling abilities are useless against me. ohhh by the way I don't think i will get out of your head just yet i kind of like it." he said with a deadly grin. he wasn't sure of the balance keepers time traveling abilities quite yet and wouldn't know if they actually truely use less against him until later on.

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"Why does everyone get annoyed when they fight me?" MOF says before the man rocketed at him. Knowing what his opponent was about to do, the Blue Alien quickly jerks his body to one side dodging the fist. Then he reaches out and tries to grab the arm. Next he tries to knee the other alien in the gut with the pointed end of his shin guard which went all the way up past his knee. It was all one motion and after it would be done MOF backs up. "Do you really think a guy like me would do the same move twice? Maybe you should stay in my mind a little longer. You could learn some things."

MOF crosses his arms and continues to ask a series of questions. "Which is better? Seeing things that will or have happened in time, or controlling time so that you could be there if you wanted? Which is better?  Reading somebody’s mind or reading someone’s post? Which is better? Being book smart or having street smarts? Which is better? Having a micro-organized plan or having very active improvisational impulses? I don’t know the answers to these questions but I think we will find out today..." MOF is a very introverted creature and questions almost every aspect of anything, even if the answer is irrelevant. He often questions his own existence, his ways and his culture.
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As the Thunderion charged forward breaking the sound barrier leaking a thunderclap of energy behind him he noticed something that the warrior's reflexes were amazing unlike anything he has seen before, Man of Forever had side stepped letting the berserking alien missing but only by mere inches. The balancer had once again proven his worthiness in this battle, and had grasped the extra terrestial's arm and droven his armored knee straight into the belly of the beast making the kinetic energy from his own speed smash into the kneecap of the enormous indigo champion. His stomache and shoulders hunched forward his legs still airbourne from impact , he took in a deep breath and attempted to wrap his free arm around the still lifted leg and would flex his muscles to tighten his grip. Then he would use his grappled arm to lock up with the warrior.

He began to plant himself even if not holding his opponent and would listen to the philosophical speech of his seasoned foe. He gazed up and looked Man of Forever square in the eye and spoke

"We shall find out, and you are have proven yourself against be so their is no need to hold myself back any longer." He said in a thunderous voice before attempting to toss his foe away from him asd he bellowed,summoning his ancient Thunderion strength to try to preform the maneuver to gain some distance between his foe.

He would telekineticly lift the surrounding earth around him causing the snow to rise along with large shards of rock. The surrounding area shook with power like a shockwave from an earthquake before launching thim forward attempting to batter his opponent with them. He would then dart skywards at top speed and increase his wieght to his heaviest possible, around 60 tons and use his gravity powers once more to make himself wiegh lighter and shoot himself downward towards his opponent with so much force it would cause the earth below to form a crater by sheer impact even if he missed.

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MOF stands in the air as his opponent catches and rolls the boulder like it was nothing. Dyn then explains his biological make up. "People are so cocky..." MOF says under his voice. Then the Thunderion talks about the reason he came to Earth and asks why the Balance Keeper has tried to stop him. "You don’t get it do you, Dynamis. I told you before I am a Balance Keeper. You are an extremely powerful force of Good with no single Evil character to challenge you..." MOF puts his arms out to his sides and continues to talk. "...Picture me as a balance scale. Right now I am leveled, even, and balanced. My right side is evil, my left side is good. Right now the current comicvine is even, the reason I can say that is because I have been keeping track... but as soon as I put you in the equation..." He lowers his left hand and he raises his right hand. "...I am unleveled, uneven and the balance is broken. That’s where I come in. I go and help which ever side is losing and take out the person who is messing things up. In this case it's you." He lowers his arms after he feel he has succefully shown the Thunderion his reasoning. "It’s nothing personal... It’s just my job..."

Then the other alien points at the blue alien and sends a multitude of large kinetic blasts. "I never get a break..." He sighs and rolls his eyes after saying that then flicks both his wrist. Each of his gauntlets projects an indestructible shield and MOF gets ready to face the onslaught. He smacks one blast out of the way. Then he ducks out of the way of another. He smacks more and stops time (teleports) to get out of the way of some but of course he is still gets hit by some but thanks to his armor and indestructibility they just knock him back. He does this for maybe a minute until all of them are gone. "I’m so glad I don’t run out of energy like non powered beings." He says.

Then he stops time and jumps down out of the sky right in front of his look alike. He returns time so it looks like he teleported and give the element of surprise. He throws a right punch with his shield at his opponent’s stomach. If it works and Dyn bends over from the force he will swing down on his neck with his left shield. Then jumps up and tries to kick the man on any open spot, on his back or chest, with both feet. He lands on his back but proceeds into a backwards roll and is back on his feet. Even though MOF doesn’t have super strength the hardness of the shield makes it feel like he does. The Man of Forever stands firm with his fist clutched and looking at his enemy through his brow. He stand sidewas and one shield in front of him and the other behind him. He was ready for any thing but he knew Dynamis' soul was going through a painful state. He can’t help but smirk. 

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After being battered by his opponents heavy shields, He was actually buckled before he could react to the attack he was greeted by a strong dropkick to the chest sending Dynamis to the ground, the mighty titan has fallen for once in a long time.

He gazes up at his foe and smiled as he coughed up blood this time oozing from his mouth and dripping down his beard. But he still held a smile on his face because he had a trick up his sleeve just in case something like this would have happened.

"You see MOF, i've been handicaping myself, this suit actually holds me back and when i take it off my powers will increase but comes at a cost, i have no idea how to control myself in this state and as long as we aren't keeping secrets....this good persona of mine is all a lie!"

Dynamis smiled and lifted himself to his feet but held a sinister gaze on his face like his holy aura was just wiped away.

"I won't tell if you don't tell, balancer (begins to laugh maniacly) you thought my little speech about saving the world is the truth! I didn't think it would go this far to trick you, a all knowing Balance Keeper but alas the fun has ended and i must be on my way, Time to die Man of Forever!"

He tore of his silver cape and let the wind carry it away, his armor still attached before he unbuckled the restaints. First his shoulder gaurds fell, then came his gauntlets. Finally his brestplate revealing a scarred pale body. His eyes glowed with a firey energy release like a wild animal that just was released from captivity. Within seconds the surrounds began to shake like an earthquake was approuching, His hands tightened in his grip and shard after shard of rock began to lift from the effects of the gravity. He smiled before he began to cough once more.

"Soul stealing wretch, prepare to die."

He bolted forward at top speed letting off a thunderclap of energy and a trail of crimson energy followed, He would attempt a beserking punch after punch each as he roared to increase his Thunderion strength. He would use his precognation abilities to dodge back and forth at the speed of sound and launching several blast from his hands before letting off a strong optic blast from his eyes.

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After he was told Dynamis' true intentions MOF thinks "He did go through a lot just to make me think he was a good guy." But when he strips down and his muscle bulge even more, MOF's eyes grow and his eyebrows rise. "The balance...." He whispers. The surface of the Earth shook again and the Blue Giant struggled to stay on his feet. He looks out the corners of his yellow eyes and sees the ground lift up in the form of shards once again. Then the Thunderion was in front of the Balance Keeper in no time. He smashed his hands together and with a force to make buildings crumble. MOF threw up his shields to protect himself from the shockwave. MOF lets his feet off the ground and lets the force throw him across the battle field. He lands on his feet and throws his arms to the side.

MOF sees as Dyn swings with so much power put his target wasn’t there. Then he shots off a series of blast and MOF gets hit by one and the others fly past him. The Man that Never sleeps stagers to stand up. Then he sees the optic blast on a death coarse straight for him. He lessens his weight and flaps his arms and uses his shields like wings and propels himself into the air. Then optic blast bursts a hole into the mountain behind MOF and in front of Dynamis. In the air MOF slings his arms and launches his laser shields at the Hero turned Villain.

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The laser shields came barreling at him, one collidied hard into Dynamis' chest while the other he simpley dodged. Dynamis coughed up a large amount of blood not from the shield attack but from the absense of the soul. He was dying but Dynamis wouldn't let himself go down like this not bleeding and coughing like he had some type of tropical disease. He launched himself into the air about 1000 miles or so and stopped hovering in the dense atmosphere as he began to create a kinetic sphere so large it rivaled the moon in diameter. This was his last chance at life so he put up a strong force field around his body as he charged it. As soon as it was complete he began to telepathically speak to his rival.

"You have a choice to make, either travel back in time and give me my soul back before this battle of ours happened or I will destroy earth!"

With out letting his foe deciede he launched the enormous ball straight at the earth and begun to disrupt gravity to make the kineitc energy amplied in speed therefore more destruction.

"Make your choice now, Man of Forever, kill me to protect the balance and let everything in and on this world be destroyed! or do the right thing!"

Dynamis crossed his arms and began to laugh, He had nothing to lose, either he dies with billions of people and trillions of other life forms and completely destroy balance itself or Man of Forever could be the hero and save everyone from armegeddon.

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MOF's choices were given and then the Thunderion sent a super sized blast at the planet. MOF stop times and sits down on an invisible chair in the sky to think.

"This character is really something else. He starts off good just to make me think one way, then goes evil and is now giving me an ultimatum of total planetary destruction. I could easily let the blast destroy Earth and I kill him and win the fight. But if I do this planet will be destroyed and the balance would be thrown off any way. All the good and evil characters will be killed along with the civilians and NPCs we ignore. That doesn’t really matter since this is just a one on one battle and nobody really follows the after effects of these. People have been killed but still show up in a RPG later. So if I left the planet die it really doesn’t affect anybody but Dynamis. But what would I look like if I killed the planet just to have a victory. I could save the planet and go after him later and I know people who will help me destroy him. I really wanted to be the bad guy for once and now I have to make a hard choice for good. Sometimes I hate my job..."

MOF sighs and begins to rewind time. From his post in the sky he can see every thing as it unfolded backwards. The Glowing Alien lets it go as far as when the Thunderion was falling over him. The point where MOF was about to slice his stomach with his flesh disintegrating and soul slicing blade from Hell. He looks up to see him in a free fall straight over him. MOF slowly moves his hand onto the handle of his sword. He waits until the Villain is one arms length away. Then he strikes. He pulls the handle off his belt and the yellow energy blade is born. He waited a second longer than he did before so that the wound would be deeper and more of his soul would be injured.

Dyn wouldn’t be ready for this just like he wasn’t the first time. While his soul is just now being injured and at it's most vulnerable, MOF uses his soul absorption so hopefully the other alien would lose his soul to the blue alien and die instantly.

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Dynamis was in mid-air and came crashing down to the gorund with force un-measurable it was enough  to shatter the world beneath him casing a six meter crater in the ground from the impact. But suddenly he felt a strong burning sensation along his side and he began to bleed a river of blood as he buckled and fell to the floor. He couldn't move and felt a strong sense of dispair and lose of hope as the blood began to form a crimson puddle in the crater formed from the Mighty Thunderion.

"What is this....is this death!? I can't feel myself...im numb!" He began to cough violently and couldn't even summon the strength to even rise to his feet, his healing factor was trying to work as fast as possible but it was only delaying the inevitable, this was the death of Dynamis. He barely gazed down and saw a gash in his side almost reach his spine, it was around a inch wide and he could see his vitals from the gapping wound.

"This is blasphemy! I am son of Maximus, Spawn of the mightiest race ever to live...I...am...a Thunderion!" as his thunderious voice echoed in the pit, his body was creating more an more blood but it just kept leaking out of his side until the pool of the red life started to swell to the point of it nearly drowning him unless he kept his head up.

"You demon!!!! revive me or this world will suffer my race's wrath and the spawn of the earth will become mere memories!" His ranting and raving was all for not, he was to die and can't stop it not matter how strong or powerful he was. His eyes got heavy and could barely keep them open but his drive to live allowed him to summon the strength to roll over to look his foe in the eyes as he said his final sentence.

"Well it seems.....even a god can die." He shut his eyes and his last breath exited from his titanic lungs.

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The Man of Forever lands and walks over to the Thunderion as he yells in his torment. MOF squats down and rest his arms on his knees looking down into the ditch. Snapping his finger, MOF commands the earth to rise up and level out. Now Dynamis lies in front of him. The Alien rolls over and looks his murderer in the eye. MOF squints back and then more words come from the dieing creature about a Thunderion fleet annihilating this planet. "Oh spare me the threats..." The Laidback Champion thinks. "Well it seems... even a god can die." Dyn whispers. MOF says "Gods... are a lie..." He places his hand on the chest of the fallen warrior. He first rips off his blue shirt with the red dot revealing his flesh. Then he uses his matter manipulation on the organic skin in a gruesome way. He rips the skin apart in certain areas and then causes the blood to clout immediately. The scar resembles the sigil of the Bladed Angels exactly. MOF stands up and looks at his handy work. Then he looks up to the sky and he begins to flout up as he lessens his weight. His MOF-Cycle appears and he takes off on it. As he disappears past the horizon the clouds block out the sun and snow begins to fall. It was only a matter of time before the dead Alien was buried in a frozen grave.