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Holding my ground as Julius steps into my personal space, I don't dare look away from the icy gaze of the single obsidian eye trained on me."Sir, with all due respect..."I begin, fire burning in the pit of my stomach at the borderline insulting way I'm being spoken down to in my own home,"I....

"I'm offering you a way out of this."

My silent pause is one of quiet interest. Already working under the assumption that I'd have to pay for my hasty actions, I'm caught off guard by the proposal. Subtle changes in Julius demeanor are picked up by my empathetic abilities. When he first begun to speak he had been a mad dog, unleashed with the express intent to wreak havoc on my ego, but now he spoke to me as a friend, as someone who understood that sometimes, even the best of us stray from the path.

"I can see how my actions might've endangered your image." My fists clenched as I'm reminded of everything that I've been through by the leaders of my own country since the mission to Iceland, I decide to speak my mind, let out all my frustrations. "Its just...all I've ever wanted to do is be a hero, Director. I know that might sound childish, but it's true. I've always stood up for what I believe in, and where has that gotten me? I've been declared a terrorist, Julius, blacklisted from my own country, hunted by the same people who took down psycho Sam Washington., the guy who pointed nukes at all out major cities."

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"It's like...you try to fix one injustice, only for ten more to crop up in its place. You feel powerless and I know for a fact that a lot of the American public feels the same way. I wanted to do something, anything, to show them that they're not always going to be in control." Anger gathering in my chest, I attempt to center myself in the Force, knowing full well that a warrior of the Light has no business venturing into the dark.

"But I went too far, and I made it about myself. I can see that, and I won't deny it. I'm ready to fix this, so what do you need from me?"

"I'm placing one of my most trusted Equalizers on that squad of yours, who also happens to need a little redemption himself. And secondly; you don't tell anyone I'm helping you. Not even your closest ally, not your lover, nobody. I'm just the invisible middle man."

The idea of being forced to take on a new member for We Are Legend is something that I immediately want to shoot down. WAL is more than a team to me, it's meant to be a family, Luna Island a safe haven for us to escape the world that's crumbling all around us. Unfortunately, at this point my back is against the wall, and Julius holds all the cards.

"Deal, on both counts. Just understand that while on this island, your man will be under our command first, and yours second. Now...how the hell do we fix this?"

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"I wouldn't have expected it any other way son, your island, your rules."

Julius had been in this business for way too long a time to let a hiccup such as this ruin their relationship, he respected the man despite his flaws.

"I can't undo Iceland. But I can give you the tools to paint your own image, rather than let it be painted by others. Let's just say I have some friends that are interested in using this situation to their advantage."

A lot of the time Julius felt like a father figure to these heroes. They often exhibited a passionate drive to do good. It was almost an instinctive drive and not a thought out approach. It's why Julius would never dare call himself a hero despite saving the day. It's why he sought no credit for his work beyond that was naturally awarded to him. This was his job. And he didn't mean as Secretary of Defense. Julius Jones had dedicated his life to assisting the world be it undercover operative, head of the FBI and CBI, or now Secretary of Defense.

Even without an official title, the Secretary would have continued his role in defending this planet from itself or otherwise.

"Sam Washington was a fool turned rabid dog that needed putting down. Don't equate yourself to that asshole."

The Secretary smiled, offering his hand to the man out of respect and as a signal he wished to leave. "See you around son."

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Something kept hitting her in the face, initially it was only strong enough to cause the in-bred Liafador to stir, nothing that could actually wake her. Until it became fast an repetitive. "Tassi, stop it. Go back to sleep" She groaned, trying to get the much needed 8 hours. "That no me!" She heard her youngest sister call out from above her. Opening her eyes, she wrinkled her face at the thought of being smacked by Star's tail. "Why am I on the floor!" Fixing her glasses, Cat's eyes dart toward Tassi, apparently she was a bit of a rough sleeper. Kicked Cat right on the floor. "We need to get you your own room" Cat hissed, before rising from the floor, littered in dog hair. "Oh my God, did this thing sleep on me!" She hissed again, only to have Tassi and Star look at each other as if they weren't going to admit it. "Listen dog, your bed is over there stop sleeping on mine! And listen you!" She said, pointing at Tassi with a stern finger. "Stop kicking me off the bed." She tried her hardest to be serious, but Tassi had this thing she did--where she grabbed Cat's face and kissed her nose. "I Sorry" She said kissing Cat's nose.

"Did she just dismiss me in her own way" Tassi dropped from the bed with Star following in tow on their way to get something to eat. Cat was legit surprised at how self-sufficient Tassi was at such a young age. She could do so much for a child that was only two. Following behind them Cat moved to the breakfast table where the young Pettis had already made two bowls of cereal one for herself, and the other for "STAR!?" Cat screamed. "Really Tassi?" She said, watching as the dog wagged it's tail vibrantly at the table. "Dogs eat dog food, not human food." Cat continued, moving to the fridge to make herself something to eat. "I eat Star food all the time" The little smart aleck replied.

"What am I going to do with you"

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2:00 AM, but all of those gifs are well lit.

*insert Kermit*

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Her mind was chaotic with thoughts, like a flash flood of memories constantly drowning her, preventing her from being able to rest even while she slept. Memories of the last eight months of torment played through her mind like a horror movie. She couldn’t escape it, she couldn’t break free, and she was a prisoner being tormented in her own mind. She felt hopeless, trying to push pass the horror of her past, but no matter how hard, it continued to pull her under. That is until she felt an all too familiar gentle touch upon her head. The storm that darkened her thoughts began to clear and instead of the feral recollection, something else began to play before her. But it wasn’t her own consciousness, these thoughts, they weren’t her own. While some of the memories looked familiar, they were not of her point of view, but rather… Jacobs. Reminiscences of their past together, growing together and sharing moments of both joy and pain helped calm the rigid young woman. But then private memories of Jacob when he was in space, alone, lost in his own thought and for a moment… she felt his love that he felt for her. A warmth that was gentle and kind. “I love you, Nova”

Her eyes snapped open as she sat up, her mind still in a fog like state from the tranquilizer that was given to her. Her hand brought up to her head as she rest her forehead upon her palm for a moment. That dream… it wasn’t just a dream.. was it? It felt too real, it felt like memories belonging to Jacob but... that was impossible, right? She blinked a few times, as her eyes caught the sight of a pair of boots on the bed she was sitting in. Her brow arched as she looked over to see a slumbering Jacob, head tilted backwards and arms crossed tightly across his chest as he slept. Even though all the pain, a small smile appeared upon her face. Jacob was really here, he was alive, and back in her life. She didn't know how, or for how long, but gosh... she missed him so much. Her hands pulled away from her face as she looked down upon the, sand from the beach mixed with ash and dried blood, that had turned black, covered her body. She felt disgusted, she felt ashamed, she felt embarrassed and angry all at the same time. A shower, she needed a shower, to clean herself, to try and clear her mind, a shower always helped. Carefully she slipped out of her bed, not wanting to wake the sleeping hero. She could only imagine how exhausted must have been and how much he needed his own rest. Her legs felt a little weak as she began walking forward to a bathroom that was connected right to her room.

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Carefully closing the door behind her, and locking the door, she let out a sigh as she began to peel off her uniform that had been completely ruined during the raid in Los Angeles. Her bare skin being exposed to the chill of the bathroom as she went to go turn on the shower, turning the temperature as high as it would go. Her foot took a step in as the steaming water allowed her to give a small sigh of relief before completely stepping in as the shower rain down upon her. The tar like colored blood that clung onto her skin began to wash off her body as it turned back into it's crimson color. Who's blood was it? Her own? Civilians? One of the many heroes she fought? She couldn't tell right now, she just needed to get it off, all of it off, right now. Anxiety began to slowly settle in as she began to scrub at her skin, trying to wash away the stains of blood. Only she couldn't get he skin clean enough, washing her body once, twice, three even six times it didn't feel like it was enough. Her skin was starting to become a bit raw, the harsh scrubbing causing actual damage to her skin and turning into abrasions. Washing her body was no use... so she began washing her hair, scrubbing her hair, rinsing it, lathering the suds once more before washing it out and doing it all over again. But she couldn't get it clean. She could still feel the absent blood on her scalp and still feel the ashes between her hair follicles. The shower wasn't helping, it was making things worse.

With the water still running she stepped out of the show, her bare wet feet pressing against the cold tile as water drizzled off her body and onto the floor. Her breathing becoming more quicken as she made her way to the sink, grabbing both sides of it with her hands as she tried to slow her breathing, she needed to get a grip of herself. Get a grip of yourself Zoe! She closed her eyes tightly, trying to shut out the screams of the people as tears began trickling down her face with the water still running down her body from her hair that was slicked to her scalp. She could still smell the blood on her skin and feel the ash in her hair. Zoe couldn't take it anymore, her hands began to frantically feel along the edge of the mirror as she pulled the cabinet open from behind it. Her blue eyes looking only to find tooth paste, dental floss, a hair brush and... there it was. Her fingers wrapped around the instrument that would save her right now, scissors. Her hands trembling as she slammed the cabinet shut and almost instantly she heard a knock on the door.

"Zoe? It's Doctor Hope, is everything ok?"

"I-I'm fine." Her voice was trembling as she spoke, Zoe was always a horrible liar. She rose the instrument to her face with one hand as she used the other hand to place a chunk of hair in between the blades.

The knob began to jiggle as it was trying to be opened from the other side. "Zoe, open the door please."

No Caption Provided

"I'm FINE." Panic rose in her voice needed to hurry up, and in one clasp of her fingers, the scissors cut her hair, leaving a chunk of it to fall into the sink. But it was still there, her hair was still there. Her fingers began working more quickly and erratic, just pulling on her hair with one hand and cutting with the other as frustrated grunts came from her lips. She was desperate, desperate to find relief in something, anything.

Whispers could be heard from the other side for a few moments, she couldn't make out who they were aside from Doctor Hope. Just then, Jacobs voice came from the other side. "Zoe, it's Jacob, open the door right now, or I'm coming in." His voice was stern, but filled with concern. They didn't know what was going on, on the other side of the bathroom door.

Her head turned to look at the door as her jaw tightened. "PLEASE GO AWAY!" she screamed as she turned her attention back to the mirror, leaning forward as she began cutting frantically before letting out a frustrated cry. This wasn't helping, nothing was helping! WHY WASN'T ANYTHING MAKING IT BETTER!? She threw the metal scissors at the mirror, shattering it on impact and without warning the door was forcefully pushed open as Jacob barged in, only to find a sobbing Zoe on the floor once more with once long blonde hair gone and scattered around her her still bare body, her knees brought up to her chest. "It won't go away, the blood... it wont go away."

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"You Want one?"

"If I'm going to do this Tassi, I can't be The Goddess, I also can't be Catalina Liafador" She spoke as if the young Pettis understood what she meant, even though she clearly didn't, but just knowing the almost two year old was responsive was soothing enough. Cat lived a tumultuous life, she'd attacked New York City, Destroyed Malaga, initiated the events of the Cataclsym and countless others. She didn't have any friends, she didn't have any lovers--not anymore. This grool laced baby and her snarky little puppy were all she had. "Cat no more?" Tassi asked genuinely confused. "No baby, To you. I will always be Catalina, your older sister" She said prodding Tassi's nose with her own. "In time, you'll understand what I mean" She continued, only to be met by a wide grin.

It was a skill she learned from Cherish, her best friend and caretaker back when she was living as a sex slave in Columbia. Her hands guided the fabrice through the needles, as Tassi and Star watch in awe. "What Cat doing?" The little Liafador's questions was directed towards Star, but Cat saw fit to answer where the canine couldn't. "I'm making me a costume, so I can conceal myself." She responded steadily guiding the fabric. If she was going to do this hero thing, she had to seperate herself from the long Liafador Legacy, it only took for one person to spot her, just one person before she'd be forced t answer from past crimes world wide.

Her focus became so acute, she hadn't noticed Tassi's interest in her craft. Her eyes dart to the left to see Tassi watching in wonder. "Lemme guess, you want one". Tassi's eyes lit up along with Star's fine, I'll make you both a costume."

"Under one condition....stop eating each other's food"

Now, how do I look?
Now, how do I look?

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"Look, I understand things are different now." I'm trying to reassure my son that everything is fine, but he doesn't make anything easy. He's stubborn like his mother, but I'm not going to let this attitude fester. Not on my watch. "We're living somewhere new and you will act like you got some sense. Am I clear, Troy?"

"We wouldn't be here if I didn't think it'd benefit us." I don't mean to be harsh. I'm only trying to be his father, but Troy doesn't make it easy for me. He's always acting like he needs to be consulted before decisions are made. The boy is eight years old and he once tried to negotiate a mortgage settlement.

"You'll still be going to school in LA. You'll still have your friends. The only difference is that daddy will be bringing you to Luna Island when he's on business." This is as far as I'm willing to explain myself.

Troy, however, is much smarter than he wants me to believe. He doesn't know I've noticed him listening to me with his head hung low whilst mentally connecting plot points from the last month together. From Jacob resurfacing in my life to my late night conversations with his mother. I know that Troy knows this is much bigger than business, but I refuse to enable to this bad habit of him thinking he's an adult.

"Do you understand?" Troy nods his head before crossing arms and attempting to give me the silent treatment. It's a valiant effort, but it always ends with him falling asleep.

"Now get yourself off the bed and clean your face. We have a guest coming soon (@feral_nova). So, rapido!" I clap my hands twice and he knows what to do. I, however, don't move until I hear the bathroom sink's water run. Once he's started, I make my way to the door hoping to greet an old friend with open arms.


"Hello?" My voice echoes across the emptiness of space and it's kind of a bummer, because I thought I told Jacob to tell Zoe about me. I mean I don't think my message could have been any clearer, but I guess he forgot. At least that's what I'm choosing to believe. With that in mind, I should probably go back inside. I should cook dinner and pretend like I'm not irritated. Except that I don't do what I should.

"Is anybody there?" Instead the faint voices of from the neighboring apartment draws my attention and I'm left wondering who else lives on Luna Island. If it isn't Zoe and Jacob, then who was it? That's why I touch up my appearance by adjusting my white t-shirt and combing my fingers through my hair before knocking on that door.

I briefly cover my mouth, coughing to clear my throat as I prep for whomever waits on the other side.

"My name is Noah..." I'll introduce myself, but I'll be unprepared to be stunned by @catalina_liafador

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Cat's focus momentarily went back to stitching a miniature version of Thee Champion's costume for Tassi. It's what she asked for. Her eyes darted across the fabric religiously, developing an acute focus on her craft; she was so determined to make this costume, that she neglected to see Tassi and Star smelling each other's hindparts behind her. Despite hearing the foreign calls of what sounded like a visitor, her focus was only shattered by the silence behind her. "What are you two...HEY STOP IT!!!" She screamed, running over to her sister and canine companion to part them. "Stop it, that's ewww.. It's GROSS!" She said pointing a strong finger in both Tassi's and Star's direction. "Listen, I understand you two are like brother and sister, but you can't share everything!" She said, realizing she just actually tried to reason with a dog.

Then Star starts to bark, there's a knock at the door--Their door? What could Jacob possibly want. Rising to full form over her sister and sister's pet, the lithe framed Liafador moved toward unlatching the lock on her door. "Um....can I help you?" She asked, with a bewildered look on her face. She'd never seen him before, atleast she didn't think so.

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"I don't know...can you?" I respond, noticeably confused by the image before me. She's a young woman with a child and dog in tow. If I didn't know any better, I'd think I was still in LA. "I was looking for Zoe and I heard the commotion from your place." Regardless, I'm not one for judging appearances. She's probably a single parent like myself. So, maybe I can make the most out of this.

"I thought it might be her, but it's you. Not that there's anything wrong with that." I slide my hands into my jean pockets and shrug as I look at the tiny child with a awestruck expression. "My name's Noah by the way. Jacob's cousin." The barking continues and I'm not sure what I'm suppose to do next. Bonding with other parents has never been a strong suit of mine.

It isn't until Troy runs from the room to where I am that the noise kind of dies down. "A DOG!" He yells, right before getting on his knees and gesturing for the dog to come toward him. My face reddens, unsure how to stop Troy from keeping me here any longer than I should be. "I'm sorry about him. He loves animals."

"Hi, I'm Troy. Nice to meet you, ladies." Eight years old and already acting like a ladies man. He even winks at the woman and extends his hand to her while using his other hand to pet the dog. Multitasking at its finest. Meanwhile, I'm still wondering why this woman is dressed in her costume. Was she the Super Babysitter? I'm not sure if I should even ask. I won't. I think it's better if I ignore that detail.

"My dad is cooking dinner for a lady. Are you her?" My eyes widen and I look down at Troy. I'm unsure as to whether I should laugh or yolk this boy up by his collar.


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@thunderbolt: Initially, his response drew anger. Why the frick would he knock on her door and then respond like that? Cat was not with the shits, not at all. Her brow bent high on her face, ready to unleash a verbal barrage; but she was halted by him again. "Zoe?" Catalina countered, looking around the immediate hallway with a bit of skeptisim. Since she's been here, she hadn't seen anyone else; but of course that's because she hadn't actually left her apartment. "I don't know anyone named Zoe." She continued this time allowing herself to slouch back on to the threshold of her apartment door.

"Catalina" She replied, purposely omitting her last name. Not that it meant anything, he'd find out soon enough; but she didn't want anyone developing any preconcieved notions about her based off her last name--or the fact that she killed a half-dozen people. Cat's eyes zip toward the little boy as he streamlined down the hall to a position of all fours in front of them, she couldn't help but look down at him; and then back toward his percieved father. "Yeah, trust me I have one of those too" She said, kicking the door open just a bit to show Tassi trying to pry her head from the wrong end of her costume. "How are you Troy, My name's Cat nice to meet you." Shaking the little boy's hand, her head whipped around toward Tassi. "Come here Tassi, come meet Noah and Troy" The darling little Pettis waddled across the carpet making her way to a position right next to Star. "Ello!" She squealed resting back on her behind.

"I don't believe he is Troy, we just met." Her suspcions were confirmed, they were father and son. "What is it that you're making." Cat asked, not really interested; but she felt she needed to ask until the Tassi, Star and Troy interaction had worn it'self thin. "STAR FOOD!" Tassi squealed.

"No, no one wants dog food Tassi, and you promised!" She said, pointing down at her stubborn little sister.

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"I'm sorry, Catalina. I thought you might have known where she is." At first her flair of attitude goes unchecked. I chalk it up to the fact that I'm a stranger. I'd be irritated too if some stranger knocked on my door. So, I have no problem overlooking it and moving on. I don't think Catalina minds either, considering the fact that she's kind enough to entertain my son's advances.

"I'm relatively new to Luna Island."My response is overshadowed by Troy's actions. He loves being the center of attention and I can't blame him. He's the coolest kid I know. "You have a cute baby, Miss Cat." He says, before his attention is once again wrapped around the dog. During this time I can be seen trying my earnest to maintain my composure, because these kids are hilarious.

"I'm cooking carne guisada. I mean beef stew with rice." I'm not sure if she's Latin so I translate. "I have enough to share if you and Tassi haven't eaten." Honestly, I don't mean to invite her over, but I was raised better then to not offer food if it was available. I figure if Zoe isn't going to show up than I might as well share. No harm, no foul if she refuses.

"Totally up to you. I've already intruded enough, but it was nice meeting you (@catalina_liafador)." I wave to the tiny baby and then to who I presume to be her mother. Afterwards, I quickly tap my son's head. "Come on, Troy. Say goodbye." He pouts, hugging the dog one last time as if they'll never have this chance again.

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@thunderbolt: With her past, Cat was never able to keep a friend; and the only one she ever loved was killed before she turned twenty. People who lived this life, her life experienced moments that could make all the difference; how she was to be percieved by these people would come down to a matter of yes or no. She didn't want to appear anti-social, nor did she care to appear overtly friendly. "If, you'll have us we'll come over" She murmured safetly securing a piece of her wayward ebony tassles behind her ear. "What time should we come over, where do you even live?" Cat asked turning her attention to the sadden Troy. "Don't worry you'll get a chance to play with Star later." She reassured, directing Tassi to go get dressed with a swift motion of her finger. "She's actually my sister, not my daughter"

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I'd been working with Lauren for about two months now. A mission here, a mission there, nothing really official. Every patrol, she'd try to talk to me, try to get me to open up, but the pain from losing everyone I loved was still fresh on my mind. It was no use.

She never stopped trying, tough, a typical Olisnicky trait, as I would later find out. Slowly, she got me to open up more and more, creating cracks in my outer shell with each conversation. Lauren became like the big sister I never had, or perhaps the mother I had lost too soon. One day, she finally pulled the trigger and invited me into her family's home. "There's no reason for you to be living in the streets anymore, Jacob," she reasoned. "You do a lot of good for the City of L.A., let us do some good for you."

Every time I think back to the night I came into the Olisnicky household, my heart starts to beat a mile a minute, just as it did back then. After living out of an abandoned warehouse for so long, everything in the home seemed to impress me; the fancy chandelier in the living room, the polished silverware on the dining room table, the scent of a perfectly roasted turkey emanating from the kitchen. But all of it, every bit of it, seemed to fade away the moment Zoe walked into the room.

By the scowl on her face and the way she dragged her feet down the stairs, I could tell she didn't really want to be there. Yet the moment my eyes fell on her pretty face, I felt my body tense up and a blush spread out into my cheeks..

"...And this is Zoe. She's the annoying little sister I told you about."

No Caption Provided

Lauren's words brought me out of my stupor long enough to notice that the young blonde was now extending her hand my way. Confidence had never been an issue for me but as I looked into her crystal blue eyes and took her hand in mine, I almost choked on my own tongue. In that moment, I somehow came to the realization that the girl before me would be the most beautiful girl I'd ever meet, and that no one I'd ever come across would ever measure up to Zoe Olisnicky.


"I was right.."

I think to myself as I watch Dr. Hope fussing over Zoe's hair. Even with all of her bruises, the understated beauty that I had noticed long ago still shines through as she sits idly on her bed, wrapped in a customized bathrobe that bears the letters "ZO." Much to my dismay she's shaking, muttering something under her breath about how the blood won't ever wash off.

"I should’ve stayed up,” I admonish myself, clenching my fist in frustration. "I should've been watching over her."

"It’s okay, Jacob,” Dr, Hope replies, pulling at a piece of loose blonde hair from Zoe's scalp.

"She could’ve killed herself with those scissors. I should’ve--"

Dr. Hope turns to me, frustration flashing in her eyes as she drives an index finger into my chest. “Stop that right now," I can feel her breath as she closes in on me. Never have I seen this side of her. "Kicking yourself isn't gonna change anything. Look at her!”

My eyes fall on the shattered pyrotechnic as she looks down at the carpeted floor blankly.

“She’s broken, Jacob. Her world was turned upside down by that stupid Necodexa virus. I know you care for her but right now, you need to be strong, strong enough for the both of you. You can't keep blaming yourself for everything that's happened or will happen. Just make it better now. Be the man she deserves, because she's had a lot of shit thrown her way in her life so far.” Without another word, the overworked doctor walks out of the room leaving Nova and I alone once more.

Taking a step forward, I fall to one knee before the Fire Goddess. My hands reach for hers and my fingers tap her knuckles lightly. It's difficult for me to choose my words. What do you even say in a situation like this? Shaking my head, I Instead take a seat next to her on the bed and embrace her in a tight hug, my hands trailing up her back until they reach her hair.“I like your haircut, Sparky,”I smile, running my fingers through her shortened blonde locks. My warm smile turns into worried frown as I pull her closer still.

"Something terrible happened to you and what kills me more than anything is that I can’t take that away. I’m a fixer, Nova, you know this...but I can’t undo the past."Slowly, I pull back, working my right hand from her hair down to her cheek."You probably think that you deserve to be in prison. You probably think that you deserve to be crucified for what the virus made you do. Maybe you're even a little mad that I brought you here. So why did I bring you here?"

I stand up from the bed and walk towards the wardrobe at the other side of the room. "I brought you here because I think that more than punishment, more than judgment, you deserve a shot at redemption. Long ago, you and your sister gave me a family when I needed it the most. I plan to do the same for you."

With a tap of the small door of the wardrobe, it slides open, revealing several articles of clothing within. "You can thank Blair for all of this. She's here too, can't wait to see you. And don't worry, I made her promise not to get you anything in pink."

No Caption Provided

Sifting through the overflowing wardrobe, I find a button hidden near the top. Pressing it, I turn back to Zoe with a proud smirk. "I also got you one more thing."

A hidden compartment opens up, revealing a new uniform, similar to the one Zoe was given by STRIKE. This one has a few minor alterations, such as the WAL insignia affixed to the belt buckle and the ability to go into a black-tinted stealth mode when need be. I hope that seeing this may awaken a desire in her to get back to her heroic ways.Perhaps it may helps remind her of a time when things were better for her.

"If you’re tired of fighting, I get it. You can just lay back, enjoy the sea breeze, live the rest of your days in this beautiful secret island sipping margaritas by the beach. No one will ever find you here, and I'll be right there by your side, fanning you with a giant palm leaf, like you deserve."

"But if you want redemption, if you want to be a hero again, if you want to change the world for the better, I'll still be right there by your side, watching your back, your partner, your equal, like you deserve."

"I’m calling a team meeting in about an hour. When you’re ready...IF you’re ready, Dr. Hope will show you the way. If not, just get some rest and I’ll be back as soon as possible."

I look back at her and remain silent for a moment before I can't hold my feelings in any longer. In the span of two long strides, I'm by her side, attempting to kiss her on the lips like I should've done when we were younger. "I really do love you. Don't you forget that...and please.." I trail off, thinking about the others on the island that may have their own history with the former heroine."Keep in mind that you're not the only one here looking for redemption,"I step back, feeling 1,000 times better than when I woke up to Zoe's screams through the bathroom door. I can only hope that she feels the same way.

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@catalina_liafador: @izaiah: @meison_calidus: @zaniel: @cellphonegirl: @sylver: @thunderbolt: @feral_nova:

No Caption Provided

After heading to my room for a much needed shower of my own, I slip on another uniform and head to the assembly room. Walking down the hallways, I send out a telepathic transmission to all those on the island, except Nova, who I've already told of my plans.

<"To everyone currently on Luna Island, please meet me in the Situation Room in fifteen minutes. Third floor. Largest room. It's hard to miss.">

In a few minutes, I'm in the massive empty room, walking by the rows of chairs towards the podium at the very front. With a flick of a switch, the lights come alive, illuminating the large room. Bringing WAL back was never in my plans but here I am, ready to do just that. Funk how it turn out.

Orizon and Michael Martinez walk in behind me, holding a case full of golden rings, each with a WAL Insignia on them as well as a customized codename. The two young WAL tech experts seem tired, both having labored away all night to complete the task.

"Are they good to go?"

"Yeah, they should all be in working order," Orizon responds groggily.

"Good. Thank you guys so much." Taking the rings, I walk up to the podium and await the arrival of the newest iteration of We Are Legend, exhaling deeply as I gather my thoughts.

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Years Ago

Pew pew pew!

An orange metallic gun points into the eyes of her enemy. As her opponent dodges her well aimed attacks the toddler in pink footie pajamas rolls underneath a glass dining room table. Reloading her fierce weapon the rugrat shoots her collected water hoping to strike his ankles. “You missed again!!” a young boy calls out teasing the girl then he masterfully proceeds to shoot his toy water gun hitting her in the chest. “You got me! How? You move faster than a power ranger!” She calls out. The two turn to see a woman in the royal blue dress standing in the doorway. A strand of her gray hair dangles onto her face as it slips from her pinned up style do.

No Caption Provided

“Now now. Who are these amazing little superheroes standing before me.” Lil wando’s mom asks as she holds a plate of freshly baked cookies behind her back. “I am the one! The only! Dial Up Girl!” The toddler boogies as her pink cape flows. “This is my teammate Avenger Boy!” her aunt chuckles to how goofy they interact with each other. "We are both training for the forces of Egyptian evil." He holds onto his yellow cape with his left hand.

Exposing the cookies from behind her their green eyes light up. “You both must be hungry after saving the world. Have some of my cookies, my heroes.” Her heartwarming smiles invites the two to grab as many cookies as they want. After eating her deliciously perfect cookie Blair’s face is covered in brown spots and crumbs. Looking over to her cousin she hugs the living hell out of him. “Ew!” the clever toddler responds as he presses his hands onto her forehead and cheeks to get himself from getting dirty too. “But you’re my favorite cousin!!!! I love you!” the manic cookie covered baby yells as she squeezes him.

Noticing the mess on her niece’s face Abigail grabs a towel from the kitchen. “Blair, honey.” Auntie Abigail bends over to wipe her face off to leave a clean bright smile. Her aunt gives Blair a kiss on the forehead and proceeds to do the same for her son. “Now go on and play you too!” The two kids hug each other and run off into another room. In their eyes they were about to kick imaginary evil butt before nap time.

Present Day

The cold air envelops the faerie as Izaiah reveals the sudden information. Her flourishing green eyes examine her cousin’s stature. His demeanor distant yet welcoming. “You owe me a trip to your ancestor’s homeworld.” The goofy words leave her lips as she playfully punches him on the shoulder.

In corner of the room the lighthearted hero notices a few mosaic pieces of art that are currently being developed on. “What are those for?” She asks out of curiosity. In the first piece she could make out a stunning visual of female figure with a scythe with hues of purples throughout it. The second piece she couldn’t make out so well as it was still in early stages of progress. She could only see hues of red and shades of black. Kneeling down in front of them she wonders what the history and connection to her cousin might be.

Listening to her cousin's heartfelt story they are cut off by a telepathic transmission of instructions.

<"To everyone currently on Luna Island, please meet me in the Situation Room in fifteen minutes. Third floor. Largest room. It's hard to miss.">

Cut off by the announcement Blair let's out a huge smile. "LG! What is he doing on Luna Island!?" Motioning for Izaiah to follow her out of the room Cellphone Girl feels this immense level of closeness. Izaiah, and now her old friend LG? It felt great for her life to have balance again. "I wonder what his grand announcement is?" The goofy hero halts in the middle of the hallway as a stunning realization hits her. "um..... Where is the situation room even at in Titans tower? Are there more buildings now?"

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<"To everyone currently on Luna Island, please meet me in the Situation Room in fifteen minutes. Third floor. Largest room. It's hard to miss.">

No Caption Provided

Luna Island was truly a sight to behold. The unique biodiversity found upon the Island, the magical energies swirling within the air, to those that could perceive it. It was rare for an immortal such as Zaniel, over five thousand years old, to witness something new. Luna Island was novel to the old angel.

But as always, the mortal world of Earth had once proven itself uncannily small once more, in the form of Zoe Olisnicky. The Angel of Luck had grown accustomed to these peculiar coincidences throughout his life. With pace, the Angel strode into the Situation Room and stood behind all of the chairs towards the back of the room, for simply he did not know anyone else here. But at the same time, strategically in view of the doorway to get first impressions of the unknown members of this team.

Hand clutching his sword as though it was the only friend within the room, as though it gave him confidence despite not needing any extra lest everyone hate him even more, the Angel of Sparta looked up at Jacob Grayson, ever curious to see how this man would fare once his mettle was truly tested in the days to come. Whatever they were, however, Zaniel was assured that he would not face them alone. This was supposedly more than a team, he had been told; it was a family.

Not his family. At least, for now...

Only time would tell.


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I asked @catalina_liafador to come by the apartment twenty minutes ago. I've been dancing around the kitchen for the last five. From preparing the table to pulling drinks from the fridge, I've been trying my best to set the right mood.

"Troy, please lower the music."

Most people wouldn't understand the rate my heart is beating at. My son thinks the answer is music and it's kept me distracted long enough to make the kitchen immaculate. However, the thought of Catalina. I don't know what this feeling is, but it's different.

"Troy, it's time to eat. Don Omar can wait." He's wearing tinted sunglasses with his button down being mostly unbuttoned. With a loaf of bread in hand, Troy's heartfelt concert dedicated to Star the Dog comes to an abrupt end. Afterwards, he jumps the down from the couch and begrudgingly makes his way to the kitchen table.

"Miss Cat probably would have loved it." He says, plopping himself onto the chair.

"Well Miss Cat isn't the one who made you this food. And if you love your dad, you'll eat it like a good boy."

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@thunderbolt: "Tassi put the gotdamn pamper on!" Cat screamed chasing her eccentric little sister down the hallway with a pamper in hand. "You're not eating naked that's just gross!" She continued trying to force the darling little Pettis from her room. "Fine...you brought this on yourself!" She screamed using her mastery over the dark forces to awaken her shadow. "Go in there and put this pamper on Tassi" She commanded. Without hesistation Cat's shadow phased through the locked door and unceremoniously placed the pamper on the unruly little 2 year old. "You know...this is all your fault" She said glancing down at Star.

After a few moments Cat's shadow emerged from the realm of darkness with Tassi in hand. "You're not the only one with tricks" Cat teased grabbing the youngling by her hand. "We were supposed to be at Noah's room twenty minutes ago, but you've been playing this whole time. Don't make me beat you" Cat scolded sternly. Tassi was hardly bad enough to recieve a spanking, but as she transitioned into a two year old; the darling little Pettis was becoming way to much for Cat to handle.

"Cat Spanky Tassi?" She asked, which brought Cat back to reality. She couldn't bring herself to strike her own sister. "No...I'm not going to spank you, You need to listen baby. We're not always going to have time to do what you want. Trust me. I just need you to trust me." There were numerous thought surging through her brain, namely the likes of Cherish and Isis; two people who exhausted all their means to make sure she stayed on a straight path. Cat's path was pretty much Ziccarra's path, alot of her actions were dicatated by how her mother would've maneuvered....Tassi was without genetic modifications...She was just being a child.


"Cat love Tassi?" She asked, as the two walked toward the door. "Yup forever and ever" She continued walking down the hall toward Noah's door. "Tassi..." Cat started only to have her sister finish the sentence. "Best Beehaviour...."

"Yes." It was as she knocked on the door, that Jacob had called a team meeting. "Well....that sucks."

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The Meeting

"It's almost time to go. Daddy's got a meeting he can't miss." Troy's eight years old going on nine. He's far more trustworthy than most children his age, but I'm not ready to leave him alone. Luna Island's security be damned. The thought of losing another moment with my son is not something I want to do.

"Troy, let's go!" A sudden knock at the door breaks my focus and I'm pretty sure it's Cat. I'm shocked, but then I'm quickly reminded why I shouldn't be. She was probably busy with her sister and now she's here. I almost feel bad for assuming the worst. I should have known better.

Okay, okay. Y'know what? I can work with this. I just have to pull myself together and answer the damn door. Don't keep her waiting, Noah.

"Hey, Cat." I smile and it's a cheesy smile at that. It's the only expression that comes to mind when I see her. I'm thinking I must look like an idiot. A real dumbo. Whatever the case might be, one thing is for certain. My food is going to get cold.

"HI, TASSI." I look at the small one and gleefully wave. Children love me. It's an irrefutable fact. I'd probably argue with anyone that said otherwise.

"It looks like our date....I mean dinner is cancelled." Great save dumbass. I looked right at Cat too.

"But since you're already here then maybe we should go together?" @catalina_liafador

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@thunderbolt: Not long after her olive toned fingers left the hardwood of his door, Noah opened to greet Cat and Tassi with a comforting smile. "Yeah, gosh it looks like we'll have to do something else" She said with a simple shrug of the shoulders. "I'm not going to lie, that food smells amazing" Cat admitted hoisting Tassi into her hands.

"So what ultimatly made you come here?" She asked, knowing the talks about past would bring up things about herself that she wasn't ready to reveal; but he was her team mate. To think that'd she'd be able to be an active member of WAL without disclosing her past was ridiculous.

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"Hi, Miss Cat!" Troy slides through the space between my hip at the doorway's frame, trying his best to push his father aside. Once he's free the boy doesn't waste any time to flex. My face reddens at the fact that I've raised such a bold boy, but I'd be remiss to say that I'm actually proud of his confidence. It's almost inspirational. Almost.

"We're going to a meeting. You should come with." He walks around Catalina and marches onward, hoping we'll follow him into the first ever WAL team meeting. He's proud. Meanwhile, I'm stuck telekinetically turning off the lights and closing the doors. I'm pretty sure I'm forgetting to wash the dishes, but no one has to know. Instead I lend out my hand and insist on Catalina start walking.

"After you, ladies." I walk side by side with Catalina and Tassi while Troy continues his trek. "And to answer your question. I joined for me. It sounds of kind of selfish, but I don't get to do a lot of things for myself. I've spent too much time living on everyone else's terms. So, WAL is a good change of pace. Y'know?" I lick my lips, swinging my arms about as we walk to the meeting room.

"How about you? Trying to make a change with WAL?" I laugh, very much unaware of what brought her to Luna Island.


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@thunderbolt: "HEY TROY!" Cat squealed eying the brazen young boy with excitement. "You're not shy are you?" She said, bouncing Tassi a bit to gode her into reacting to Troy. She understood excactly what he meant, by joining WAL. It was one of the reasons that she ultimatly ended up here. Walking stride for stride with her newly acquainted companion her mind raced to put her situation in simplier terms. "Much of my life, I've been influenced. Drugs and other things just drove me down a route that brought alot of destruction...and death" She said, not making any form of contact. "I was never supposed to be that person, but I couldn't help myself." She continued, finally making an akward side glance.

"I've never been a very good person, but now that I'm raising a child, I have to be. I have to show people that the person I used to be wasn't an accurate representation of who I am. Everyone who knows that is gone" She finished entering the conference room with her eyes focused on the tiny human resting in her arms.

No Caption Provided

She wasn't sure if her presence here was taboo, it was highly likely that she was the antagonist in many of these heroes past endeavors. Waving idly, she moved toward the left of the room pulling out a chair for herself and Noah. Now, she needed him the uncomfortable feeling that came with being around unfamilar faces nearly froze her

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"Hey, we've all had our fair share of demons. Some are easier to talk about more then others, but you're here now." Looking at the side of her face even as she avoids looking at mine. "It's what you do next that matters." I can't speak on what she's experienced. I don't even expect her to explain, but the mere mention of death is troubling. If I was anyone else, I'd probably use this moment to take my leave. Except that I'm not that kind of guy.

"I've dealt with telepathic intrusions. I've dealt with the weight of the world on my shoulders, but I'm here now. And if there's any consolation, I'm here with you. I know we've only just met, but I've got your back if you've got mine. Us newbies gotta stick together, am I right?" I sit next to Catalina and I place my hand on her shoulder, trying to reassure her that everything will be fine. I mean what could possibly go wrong?

"I'm sure Jacob wants the best for us too. I'm sure we wouldn't have been invited to WAL if he didn't. So, don't sweat it. LIGHTEN UP!" I try to take a cue from Troy and attempt to lighten the mood. I don't know if it'll work, but I take my hand off her shoulder and I clasp my hands together in case the situation becomes awkward. In the meantime, as we wait for @last_guardian to speak, I look at Catalina once more, only seeing the best of she's presented to me. A strongly convicted young woman doing her best to be better than her past. It's something that I can respect. It's something I'm well aware of. I just hope she's not like me and let's self-doubt plague her more than it should.

"HI, UNCLE JACOB!" Troy yells from his seat, startling me as he feverishly waves his arms to get his uncle's attention.

@catalina_liafador: (TA DA!)

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@thunderbolt: He was right in more ways than one, knowing what she knew of Jacob it seemed to be more ideal for him to construct a team that catered to rehibiliated heroes. "....You're right" She said releasing her first geninune smile in months. Glancing down momentarily as Tassi snuggled into her bosom finally looking as if she were about to nap. "Hey, you ok?" Tassi's respond was a simple head nodd before plunging her head back between Cat's breast. "Awww she's tired". Her nose flared, someone in the room smelt like feet and she was sure he smelt it too; but she did her best to contain her facial expressions.

It was only in her struggles with Tassi that she was able to apperciate people like Noah, he was a presumed single parents trying to do right by his son. "Troy do you want a frut snack?" She asked, digging in her purse removing the Welches fruit snack holding it in the boy's general direction.

"So let's get to the obvious thing. You weren't going to invite me to dinner were you?"

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My post for the meeting will be up tonight

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The canon between Obi and Nova is just next level amazing.

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@zaniel: @last_guardian: @thunderbolt: @catalina_liafador:

As Jacob left the room, Zoe continued to sit upon her bed. She had listened to every word Jacob had said, but kept silent the entire time, allowing his words to sink into her. She knew she had to be stronger than this, she knew she had to overcome this. Not because Jacob told her to, but for herself. She couldn’t be living in fear, she couldn’t allow fear to control her life. Silent tears slowly ran down her face as her sister was brought up. What would Lauren think of her right now?

Her blue eyes looked up to see her uniform, red, blue and yellow, like the one STRIKE gave her, almost identical with a few minor changes. Was she really ready to put the suit back on? Zoe was so tired of fighting, so tired of putting her life on the line, tired of being used, abused and left to rot alone when help was needed. She was alone for so long, she forgot what it felt like to have someone who truly cared for her. Slowly she stood up from her bed and made her way towards her iconic outfit. Zoes hand gently running along it, her mind contemplating if this was really the right thing to do.

Turning her head she looked at the clock, it was twenty minutes before the meeting was going to start. She had two options; stay in bed and play the victim or take up this uniform and redeem the name that she tainted. Without another thought she yanked forcefully on the uniform, pulling it off the hanger, because funk playing the victim, it was time for her to pick up the pieces of her life that was left and make a new life for herself, and who better to start that new life with, than with the man who helped her start it all, Jacob.

No Caption Provided

Zoe walked through the WAL HQ with her head held high, her red boots pressing against the cold tile floor as she made her way to the meeting room. She cleared her throat nervously as she ran her fingers through her newest hair style, not wearing her mask and exposing her tired face to everyone. Walking up to the door she stopped for a moment, hesitating to open the door. Shaking the nervousness out of her with a quick shake of her hands she opened the door with a quick push.

Her eyes first caught the sight of Jacob who was standing at the podium with a small smile she gave a nod. But then her smile quickly vanished as her eyes caught the sight of a young woman, it caused Zoe to pause, completely caught off guard to see a splitting image of Ziccarra Liafador. The same woman she had fought more than once, the same woman whos niece kidnapped her, the same woman whos daughter black mailed her (in Zoes eyes) into joining STRIKE, the same woman who launched the attack on her own family and tried to kill her daughters, the same woman who caused the destruction of Emerald City and reason she became infected with the virus. Her hands balled into fists, trembling, her jaw tightened, restraining herself from doing something she was going to regret. She looked exactly like Ziccarra Liafador, but she was younger, much too young to be her, not to mention the way she composed herself wasn’t the same either. She was someone else, but dear lord she could have been fooled. There was no doubt though, this young woman holding the child in her lap, was in fact a Liafador. A Liafador, Jacob allowed on this team.


But if that wasn’t enough, her eyes caught the sight of someone out of the corner of her eye and she was ready to set this whole room ablaze. “Zaniel?” she spoke eyed eye and confused at her once boyfriend. Things… didn’t end too well between the two. What started as young love (for Zoe) ended up turning into a relationship that ended with her heart broken. Zoe’s jaw visibly clenched down forcefully as her brows pushed against each other. She had to divert her eyes away from the both of them, she was so overwhelmed that she hadn’t even taken notice of Noah who was in the room as well. She was visibly not ok with the situation she was currently placed in without warning. Her heart pounding in her chest she grasped one of the chairs, was she going to have an anxiety attack right here, right now, in front of everyone?

She felt a hand rest on her shoulder and she turned to see Jacob was now standing by her side. “Hey, it's going to be ok. Zoe, remember, you're not the only one here looking for redemption.” He reminded her as he whispered to her, trying to calm the situation as he could physically feel the heat radiating off her body.“Please, sit down, it’s going to be ok.”

Not wanting to make more of a scene than she already did, Zoe sat down, talking a few deep breaths as she couldn’t even bring herself to look around the room anymore. She was here for the meeting, that’s it right now. Oh but lord knows that after this meeting, her and Jacob were going to have a private meeting of their own.

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If magic would be described in flavors on a surfacers tongue, Atlantis would be chocolate swirl, Luna Island would be Sherbet. It was rich and sweet, brimming with all forms of life and magic. Forces and beings in perfect harmony with the land they call home. It was a unity that transcended every other on the Earth i comparison. It was fitting that this be the place he begins to branch into the world of the surface. Introducing himself within the ranks of this, team, 'WAL', was the same as the unity of the many variable bodies and elements on Luna Island. Each came from a diverse background, seemingly contradictory even in some ways, but harmonize to become something greater than the sum total of its parts. Its' primordial nature offered more wisdom in moments than the greatest civilizations.

<"To everyone currently on Luna Island, please meet me in the Situation Room in fifteen minutes. Third floor. Largest room. It's hard to miss.">

Pressing on his ear while standing on the roof, Meison looks down slightly embarrassed, his trident in his other hand, "I....I don't know where that is..."

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The eloquent waves smash smoothly across the shores. Boulders and rocks infused into the sand unbreakable since the dawn of time. Leaves dangling from lively vibrant trees bask in the rays of sunlight pouring from the gentle sky above. Animals and beasts from beyond an earlier period of life live in harmony as the alluring island captures the dazzling eyes of tranquility.

No Caption Provided

In a bright indigo lit room hidden away in a building surrounded by the abundance of nature there are computer screens recording various locations of the island. Sitting behind the controls there is a tail wagging vigorously. The luscious blond Labrador focuses his attention on the security feed showcasing a figure standing alone on a roof top. Alert, the astounding sniffs the screen pinpointing his identity as the King of Atlantis. Being the Head of Island Defense his eyes glow a soft shade of baby blue to telepathically alert his boss of his welcomed appearance. “Human Guardian. Dinn- I mean Fish is here as planned. Proceed with schedule.” The animated security hound jumps off of his professional fluffy dog bed to trot his way to the exit of the room.

After minutes of wandering through the halls of the HQ Cellular Dog finds himself on the rooftop of his home. “Woof!” The canine calls out to catch the attention of Meison. Wagging his tail he turns his body to point to the door leading into the building. Letting out a few more directive barks he wishes to get the Atlantean to follow him to the meeting.

Trotting along the halls the guiding dog directs the King to his destination. The room opens up to reveal all of We Are Legend collected into one room awaiting for a grand announcement. Looking up at the fierce king he telepathically wishes to send him a message. "Good, Fish. Here room". His attention is quickly drawn away as his pale eyes examine the room for his favorite human in the world, Blair. He sprints from his spot and delicately jumps into her arms. The two collectively cuddle as they patiently wait for their team briefing.

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@cellular_dog: PUPPY!!!!! GAAAAAAHHHH


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The WAR Room

No Caption Provided

In times of dynamic change like this, it's always nice to see a familiar face, so the fact that the first two individuals to enter the War Room are @cellphonegirland @izaiah is a great sign. "Hey guys," I smile wide, a smile that quickly fades the moment @zaniel, the Angel of Luck joins the fray.

"Zaniel,"I acknowledge respectfully. Although I know of his history with Zoe, in which he broke her heart in a public act of humiliation, I'd be a hypocrite to not offer him the same opportunity at redemption that I've so openly advertised to the other prospective team members. When Julius Jones made me take on the Eternal Warrior as a member of the new team, I accepted because I felt like I had no other choice, but now that he's here, I'm just hoping Zoe won't kill me for it.

And on the off chance that she decides not to kill me for the inclusion of the Olympian on the new team, she might for the next person who walks into the room, side by side with my cousin and good friend @thunderbolt."Welcome." I wave to the group, making eye contact with each, lingering for a second on raven-haired @catalina_liafador. Behind Cat's cheery smile, I sense an unmistakable pain. She has more in common with the Fire Goddess than either of them know.

Finally, the moment that I was unsure would even arrive comes as@feral_nova, head held high, in full We Are Legend uniform, walks in. However strong she looked as she walked in, her confidence seems to be shaken the moment her electric blue eyes meet Catalina's, no doubt seeing shades of her old nemesis Ziccarra in the younger Liafador's face. It's painful to watch the broken heroin avert her gaze only to be met with the sight of Zaniel, her ex-boyfriend.

"I funked up." I mutter under my breath, walking to Zoe's side in an attempt to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation before it even begins. As she takes a seat and I move back to the podium, I can still sense a lingering anger emanating from within her. Maybe throwing her into the fire so soon wasn’t such a good idea. Regardless, what’s done is done. I’m fine having to deal with her anger, mad Zoe is still better than no Zoe..

The telepathic transmission from Zachary the dog catches me off guard as I regain my position. Soon, the highly-powerful telepathic canine walks in, followed by@meison_calidus, King of the Seas."Your highness,"I greet, bowing my head slightly, still unsure on what the correct decorum is when greeting Atlantean royalty. His gravitas and regal demeanor strangely give me confidence. It's hard not to be at your best when a King is counting on you.

"Well, if that's everyone,"I exhale, looking out into the various faces.

"Hello and welcome to the first official meeting of the new We Are Legend. Most of you know me. I'm Jacob Grayson, the Last Guardian. We Are Legend was started six years ago by a Heather Johnson, Alexander Drake, and Abigal Drake. They set out to give two young supers a place to learn and grow. What they ended up creating was a family. WAL was a young team. We weren't always the best,or the most skilled, but we'd give everything for each other, and our bond still endures to this day."

"Bringing WAL back was not in my plans when I came back to Earth, but the truth is..right now, I need it, and I know that several of you need it too. Family, redemption, an opportunity to truly change the world for the better, removed from all the political bullshit of the world around us. We're more than a team and as such, we need to care about each other, we need to be willing to fight for every other person in this room. Today, we can start that relationship by getting to know one another."

WAL Ring
WAL Ring

"I have a case here of newly minted WAL Rings. Each one has your initials on it, and an insignia that's meant to be your own. Once you put it on, it will activate and from then on, it will work only for you. Don't take this lightly. Once you put this ring on, you're a part of the WAL Family. Consider a promise from you to the team, a sacred vow. If you can't handle that type of commitment, I respectfully ask you to leave."

The index finger of my left hand feels the ridges of my own WAL Ring. It became a part of me long ago. Sometimes I forget I'm even wearing it."We all have a story to tell. Pains, hardships, triumphs, and motivations. I'd like us all to share ours, one by one. When you're ready, come up to the podium, put on the ring, and tell us why you're here. Remember, there's no judgment among us. We're all in need of redemption and this is the place to earn it."

"So..Who wants go first?"

(Before posting, try and give everyone a heads up so that you don't end up stepping over each other.)

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The War Room

I've never been one for family. For most of my life, at least, it's been nothing more than sharing a last name. And the one time I tried to make it mean something more, Jacob disappeared for years without a trace. So, seeing him stand at that podium and act as if nothing has changed causes this slight twitch of my brow.

"I'd love some!"Whatever feeling that might have been falls out of focus. Instead my attention shifts onto Troy, whose eagerness for candy is full of wonder as he stuffs the colorful snacks inside his mouth. I'm taken aback by the way his eyes widen at the sudden wave of flavor catching him by surprise.

"Troy, you're too much." I press my hand against my chest, trying to get the words out as I laugh at this animated child of mine. He's something else, but I'm unable to reign him in before the meeting begins. Why, because @catalina_liafador decides she ready to address a situation that should have been left alone.

"Did I plan on inviting you over?" Of course not, I don't say. I didn't even know you existed prior to hearing your sister and dog argue like siblings, I don't continue with. "Are you upset that I did?" My eyebrows nearly knit themselves together as my genuine look of confusion results in answering a question with another question. An evasion tactic I learned from the most dubious New York City playboys.

I'd like to point out that during this entire predicament, the entrance of @feral_nova should have been a godsend. Zoe is someone I lost contact with after Jacob disappeared. I figured staying in Los Angeles was pointless, considering our relationship existed on the sole basis of my cousin being around, but I always considered her good company.

Sadly, any perception I might have had of Zoe comes off as outdated when she looks in my direction. I'm not sure what to say. I thought we left on good terms. Thankfully, the tension in the room is quickly alleviated when Jacob starts speaking. "Thank you, God." I mutter between heartfelt sound bytes.

"Watch me work, Cat!" I flash her a smile before standing up and making my way to the stage. During my trek, Troy gets on top of his chair to cheer for his dad. The level of confidence in this kid...that's his mother through and through.

"Nice job, Jacob." I pat him on the shoulder as I take the ring with my other hand. "I'm flattered." I joke as I slide the ring onto my left middle finger. I even eye it for a brief moment, checking if it's real.

"I think we should all be flattered by this man, am I right?" I turn around to an audience larger than that time I tried standup comedy in Brooklyn, but it shouldn't be too hard. I've been forced to speak in front of people for longer than I can remember. That was the life of a New York senator's son.

"Jacob has given us all a chance. A chance to do better for ourselves. A chance at redemption. It's maybe even a chance at doing something other than binge watching Netflix." I briefly pause, the only noise to be heard is my fingers tapping on the podium. "For me being a part of WAL is about being with people who share the same struggles." I look at Catalina. "It's about being with people who will support you no matter what." I look at Jacob and Zoe. "It's about wanting to be a part of something larger than yourself." I look at @cellular_dog, because that's one cute dog.

"WAL is something I didn't know I needed until I had it." My son is in the room and I don't feel like talking about my experiences with depression and overwhelming anxiety. I refuse to validate Clarice and mention her impact on my life. I just won't do it. My son deserves someone who's strong and proud.

"I don't know what else to say. Other than the fact that I'm happy to be here with all of you." I scratch the back of my head. My usual awkward self isn't sure what to do next. So, I clasp my hands together and smile.

"How about you, Cat? Are you happy to be here with me? I mean us?" I stick my tongue out at her, making light of this meeting in hopes of making it more comfortable for everyone involved.

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Don't think
Don't think

There are various moving parts about the room, but once Jacob speaks it's almost as if Noah and the child resting quietly between my breast become blurry and my attention is forcefully thrown toward him. Once is brief introduction is over, my attention shifts back toward Noah and Troy. The little boy scarfes down the fruit snacks indiscriminately, exhibiting an almost savage like lust for sugar; but also an almost limitless appetite for adventure.

He reminds me of Tassi, so innocent and curious about the world around him; instrusive but also polite. "You're welcome honey" I say bouncing Tassi just a little in my lap. "No, I'm not at all mad that you did, gave me a chance to get out of my room for a little while. I was starting to feel like Jacob's little secret." I respond, knowing full well this little bastard didn't answer my question.

But it's cool, My question wasn't exactly within the context of our previous conversation; and came completly out of left field--I have a tendency to do that...It keeps people on their toes. This thing happening right now, between myself and Noah it almost seems accidental. He found me looking for a woman named Zoe, and we've been in each other's face ever since. I don't mind it though, the company is soothing; and there's an unexplicable connection building between us. I know I'm awkward, I've gotten it all my life--hell I'm a fricken testtube baby, but his awkardness is delivered to me in the form of mystery. There's an uncharted aspect to his personality, one I'd be lying if I said I wasn't eager to explore.

Just as I part my lips to say something sarcastic, the warmth from my body is seemingly expunged through everyone of my pores. Not even the comforting touch from Tassi could bring the warmth back, My eyes move from Noah's refreshing eyes to the leer of a woman half-way across the room. "Why is this b!tch in my face" I think, but I'm 100% sure my face says it. This was Zoe, the woman Noah confused her for, between the various exchanges she gave the people throughout the room It was clear she had history with most of us--but me? I've never seen this woman. Her eyes burn of hatred, like she's been through hell; like being alive almost hurts her right now--I'd be lying if I said i didn't understand the feeling. But the feeling that I've been waiting as Jacob's little secret starts to reemerge again, and I can't help but assume that she was the reason.

Just as soon as we make eye contact, I'm drawn to the attention of a cute little puppy leading a muscular man that smelled like the Mediterreanan into the war room. The cute little puppy plopped down in the lap of another chick, Blair! that's her name, on the far side of the room. It was at that moment I knew this was a team.

Noah says something that draws my attention back to him, and in charismatic fashion Troy begins to applaude as his father takes to the podium. For some strange reason, I begin to smile; but I can't control it; I want to close my lips but I'm afraid it'd look awkward, so I just sit there smiling. When he stares at me, I stare back before bashfully glancing down at Tassi to make sure Noah's theatrics haven't stirred my little sister. I agree with just about everything Noah's said, he seems like a man that has seen his share of things, but prevailed through. The only thing I don't agree with...is that this little bastard introduced me next...

Embarrassment isn't something that usually effects me, but this is something else. I'm sure my olive toned skin is burning red, can't be sure if it's embarrassment or anger; recluctantly I rise with Tassi in my hands.

She's my crutch, Tassi; I clutch her body with all my might as I walk to the podium knowing that atleast one person in this room is judging me."YAY! CAT!" Troy's voice nearly causes me to snap back in his direction, but I proceed with a smile. Ok Two, Two people are judging me.

The glare is there, I'm sure he can feel it. I'm just as sure Jacob see's it too. I subtly lean towards Noah and whisper. "Don't think I don't know you haven't answered my question." The ring looks pretty on my hand, simple, but pretty; and then I turn to my future teammates with mounting clandestine internal anxiety.

I make it a point not to look at Zoe, I'm really not for b!tches testing me; and she looks like she wants me to take an SAT. So I deliberately can't my body so that it looks as if I'm speaking to them as a whole, but really I'm speaking to everyone except her.

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"I suffer from Capgras Syndrome. It's a disease that makes it hard for me to trust people. It makes it hard for me to see them for who they really are. Because of it, I've killed four of my sibilings, my grand parents, my mother and tried to kill my oldest sister." Purposely starting with something that would undeniably snag their attentions; they needed to know, they needed to know who I was. A pretty face with a effed up past.

"I tried to burn New York City, I tried to nuke Southern Venezuela, I destroyed an entire city; and put the only man that I've ever loved into a coma. I am a criminal." I continue making eye contact with everyone...even Zoe.

"But her? She's not, she's the purest thing my family has to offer. She's my medicine, I can see with clarity when she's around. And I don't want to sound threatening but I will give my last breath to protect this child's innocence. So whatever reservations you have about me, let them be about me. Tassi has no part in any of this."

I take a moment to look down at her, and just her very presence brings me to subtle tears. "I've killed a lot of people because of outside forces. I joined WAL, because it was the first decesion I could make that wasn't programmed. The first of many steps to try to make amends. The first step at taking back my life. I'm not asking anyone in this room to trust me. That'd be foolish on your parts. I'm asking you to let me earn it....but yes. I am happy to be given a respawn.

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Passing the young woman to his right with a welcoming smile, he walks upto the podium and pulls a ring with his initials from the case and slides it onto his ring finger, just above another that would never come off. Though by choice, not design.

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" My name is Meison, of House Calidus. Some of you may know who I am by now. I am the-" Looking down at the back of his hand and the crest of the new ring, he makes a fist, the knuckle-knocking against the wooden stand, "I am an Atlantean. In the ocean, things are often far off and out of reach. Not just the things that move in the water, but shifting ideaologies. Many below think that peace between our worlds is a futile mission. They think I'm being naive, that surfacers are cold and unforgiving creatures."

Looking around the room silently he locks eyes with Jacob, Noah, and Catalina.

"But you, all of you, are the cure to that cancerous way of closed mindedness. I hope that standing along side you, as a group, as what I hope will one day be a family, will show the world that our differences are far outweighed by our similarities. That none stand above others, no matter how much power they have or their placement in the world. We are brothers and sisters, first and final."

He looks down at his ring. Not the new one, but the one made of Orichalum and twined through with a single locket of thick red hair. With all of their moving stories, their honesty, he only felt obligated to share something himself, "Four years ago...When I reclaimed the throne, I was to be wed. 'I will stand by you through it all' she told me as we laid in bed, 'For as long as it takes.' ...I told her, 'No, my moon, you have our child to carry, I'll put their world on my shoulders, you keep ours safe in your hips' " He looks up, "They abducted her, and slit her throat at the commencement of the War."

"My good friend Markos, he helped me drive a path directly through his legions, and take his head from his shoulders with this trident. The one thing that has always, and will always follow me...would she still be alive today, if I had gone to the surface for allies, like my Grandfather before me?" His gaze turns to Zaniel, the question was rhetorical, but he almost didn't want it to be, "We will make this world a better place. And we will do it together. If any of you need me, or Atlantis' help, only ask."

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Zoe sat silently as one by one each of her new teammates walked up and gave their speech. But Cat, as Noahs little boy called out, hit her in a way she wasn’t expecting. Her eyes flinched at the story she told. She had no control over her life, less control than Zoe had on her own. Sympathy began to grow inside her for this Liafador. Like Jacob told her, people aside from her were here to redeem themselves as well. But to trust a Liafador, to bring them into our home? Zoe have seen first hand what happens to anyone baring the name Liafador. Her eyes slowly over to the young toddler sitting on Cats hips, smiling at everyone with her big blue eyes looking around in curiosity. Yes, she seemed innocent, and while her father (Thee Champion) was known for being the opposite of what a Liafador was… she couldn’t help but think “It’s only a matter of time before she turns too, she still has that Liafador blood in her veins.”.

You can do this
You can do this

The young heroes eyes shifted away from the little Pettis as she watched the King of Atlantis take the podium. She still couldn’t believe it, Jacob had somehow managed to not only befriend the King but convinced him to join We Are Legend. But that was Jacob. He could become friends with anyone, talk to anyone about anything. Zoe used to tease him about that, telling him that he could talk to a wall for hours at a time if she let him.

She continued to sit, nervously, her hands clasped upon one another knowing her turn will be coming soon. As the mighty King went to take his seat, Zoe hesitantly rose from her chair. Her eyes closed for a moment as she muttered “You can do this.” To herself before walking forward. Her red gloved fingers picked up the ring that had her initials, slipping it upon her right ring finger, where her last WAL ring once sat. Sadly she lost it… when her best friend, Giovanni, killed her all those years ago. Turning her body to the podium, the Fire Goddess continued to look down at the ring. This is where everything started in her life as a hero, and now here she was, back, again.

“My name is Zoe Olisnicky,” she began, resting her right hand on the podium, her ring making a light ‘clink’ upon the wood. “I became Feral Nova after my sister, Lauren, passed away. She was the Feral Nova before me.” She wasn’t sure where to stat but at the beginning. The beginning was always good, right? “I was part of the original We Are Legend and… I wanted to change the world and save it from evil people.” She gave an almost scoffing grin. "It turned out the world had other plans for me.” Her eyes finally looked up towards her teammates. “I’ve been beaten to a pulp more than once, kidnapped, blackmailed all by the same group of people. ” her eyes slowly shifted over to Cat and then the little Tassiana. She didn’t want to blame the youngest one for the faults of her family, but she was still one of them, it was so hard for her to even think about it any other way. Her emotions about them were just... still raw. “Someone who I thought was my friend…” her eyes shift back down the podium, looking down at the ring. “my best friend… killed my mother and my little brother. He even killed me... I was dead for about ten minutes before being brought back.” Her eyes looked over towards Blair, it was the pink haired hero who found her body, and rushed her to the hospital that ultimately saved her life. he could feel the lump in her throat already begin to form. This was bad idea, she shouldn’t have came here, she shouldn’t have came in here. “I was also infected by the Necodexa virus during the events of Emerald city for eight mo-.” her voice cracked a bit as she forcefully cleared it, swallowing against that lump that was trying to force itself out, but she couldn't. She couldn’t afford to break down here, in front of everyone. “I um… I recently attacked Los Angeles, you might have heard about it on the news. I killed… I don’t know how many people while I was infected or infected with the virus for that matter. I wasn’t in control of myself, I couldn’t think for myself and when I tried… the virus just… overpowered me.”

“I almost didn't come. I almost just stayed in my room. But I came out here because- I’m here because… I want to redeem the name Feral Nova, and show the world that I’m not this… evil creature they think I am. I want to do what my sister wanted to do, and just… do whatever I can to try and just help. Because that's all she wanted to do. She didn't have this big plan of changing the world, or being the best hero, or try and do the impossible. She just wanted to help people. So...that's all I want to do, I just want to help."

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As she examines the room with her luminous green eyes she again to watch over the room of people. With a group of people's attention fixated onto the hero her pink translucent wings nervously flutter rapidly. “Now, before you all get mass notifications on your phones. During the past few speeches I have been personally setting up IG accounts for all of you so we could totally document our times together and explore the world of social media as a team! If you wish to know your user info see me at the end of the meeting” Blair feels a looming stare coming from Cat. “Or well, if not. Then I'll run your accounts for you!” Blowing a cheerful kiss towards her teammates her bright expression fades into a depressive grin.

Clearing her throat as the pace of her wings slow down she is ready to deliver her real speech after breaking the ice. "When I was sixteen my parents were killed. An animal devoured them while vacationing in Alaska for their anniversary. Torn in an agonizing pain by the news I was taken in by my aunt and uncle. My wonderful new guardians who happen to be the parents of my dear cousin Izaiah over there. They also had one bomb @ss career as superheroes years ago. I'm pretty sure you all had their lunch boxes.”

No Caption Provided

"For a long time I lived with WAL learning to cope with the death of my parents. Them and my two cousins showered me with endless amounts of support and love in a time of hopelessness." Blair's expression slides into a bitter sweet smile. "Suddenly, I developed my mysterious abilities without any knowledge of how to use them. The brilliant Feral Nova” Blair waves over to her role model. “Zoe, took me under her wing. For months she trained me with endless patience. She held me as I cried and picked me up as blood fell from my lips. She taught me how to fight, to creatively use my powers in any situation to survive, and most of all, she taught me to never give up. I owe these people my life. Without the undying love of WAL I would not be here today.”

She slips the WAL ring onto the ring finger of her right hand. "I want to give back to the world with what We Are Legend gives us. Hope. We need to be there for those in need and help them survive their despair. Thank you!" Jumping off the stage tears begin to fall from her face as she returns to her seat. Looking back up her sweet face blushes to the sight of Noah.

Wiping a tear she turns to face her beloved friend Sylver sitting next to her. Blair reaches to give her a sweet encouraging hug. "You are going to do amazing up there. Trust me! Go do your thing!". Blair feels lucky to be in a room surrounded by all of the people in her life that truly love her.

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@cellphonegirl: That was awesome! And I actually didn't know that about CPG's parents. What kind of animal? O_O

"During the past few speeches I have been personally setting up IG accounts for all of you."

This made me crack up for some reason. xD

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We have two more team mates left. We'll give them a couple more days, if not, I'll drop my next one.

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@last_guardian: You will all get to see what animal in a fututre WAL rpg :P

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This is dope! I'm gonna attack the phuck out of it tho.

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@last_guardian: You will all get to see what animal in a fututre WAL rpg :P


@santera said:

This is dope! I'm gonna attack the phuck out of it tho.

Make Love, Not War
Make Love, Not War