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Deep in the Rainforest's of Costa Rica, a small group of archaeologists vanished while

searching for a new species of reptile. During there last transmission they had reported making the find of the century. Now the museum wants to send another group of archaeologists accompanied by ex-military personal.

In this rpg you will either be a archaeologists or an ex-military soldier. You will start off in thee United States and meet at the museum, from there we travel to Costa Rica and try and find the missing archaeologists along with whatever discovery they made.

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Is there a Last Screams OOC? Well anyway, I think it'd be better if instead of archeologists and sldiers we could use our superhero characters and go in an expedition to search for the Archeologists.

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Erik rubbed his eyes it had been a long night and would be a longer day. He slowly got out off bed walked over to the shower and jumped in. He had it maybe just a bit to cold to help wake him up and it sure did. Erik quickly rinsed off and jumped out walked over to the sink had a quick shave. he the walked towards his closets picking up some pants along the way and tryed putting them on while walking. He slipped falling face first into the ground. thats a hell of away to start the day erik thought. He got back up and finished getting ready. He graped a large back throwing it over his shoulder . He then reached down on the night stand graping his favorite pair of shades and placed them on. Walking out the door he thought what did the museum need with an old military man like himself.