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The wanderer lay dizzy and in pain on his back outdoors. It had only been a few days since he made his way to the city from Africa. A grueling journey that he wished to never repeat, but it was for a reason he could not ignore. After awakening in a camp in Africa after a fall from above the clouds the man could remember nothing and knew nobody. He was alone in the world save a pair of interesting bits of nothing that had fallen to earth with him. He hoped that they were the ticket to unlocking his mystery, but had no idea how to put the piece together. A pair of dog tags with the name Jest, Syrus and a playing card with the words "You ain't got what it takes." written across it. He was baffled at how little he could grasp of what he had done before the day he woke up, but hoped that he could find the answers in America where his dog tags said he had come from.

"I never would have imagine that the city would look like this. It's so much bigger than it looks on TV." The words echoes in his head from above his place at the bottom of a set of basement steps. Rolling his eyes into place from the back of his head he began to stir and sat up to see the television in the big window above his current resting place playing an old black and white movie. Shaking his marbles loose he began to slump up the stairs to the sidewalk. "No telling how long I was out that time. The blackouts keep getting worse. Every time I try to force the memories back into my head I get this pain in my head like theres a monkey loose in my brain with a sledgehammer. Need to stop trying to push so hard. I'm strong, but I don't think I'm immortal." The sad truth of it was that he didn't know. He could very well havebeen the son of Zeus or just some lucky bum that was good at taking a hit. Not until he had slid all the pieces back into place in his head would he be able to say for sure. 

He rounded around the railing and moved to the window to look at the televisions and radios sitting on display. "Maybe I was some sort of evil person. That might be why I was left alone for dead. Maybe it's best I don't know who I am. Maybe.....I killed people." The last thought made his stomach knot up for a moment with a taste of rusty pennies as it worked its way through him. He didn't like the thought of it and tried not to dwell on it. Brushing his hair with his fingers he pulled his hat back into place and began looking for anyone that knew what the card he possessed meant.

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24 Hours Earlier..

"Mr. Stafford, my name is Alexandra Summers. I am Mr. Syrus Jest's personal assistant. I appreciate you taking my call so early in the morning. I wouldn't normally intrude on someone on their weekend, but this is urgent. Four days ago, Mr. Jest left Manhattan on a business trip to your foreign holdings plant in Cairo, Eygpt. I was in contact with him the entire time via satellite telecommunications. Mr. Jest assured me everything was going smoothly and that he would be returning to New York on Thursday. As you can see, he has not returned and since you were the last one to speak with him, I would appreciate anything you can tell me as to his whereabouts."there was a pause on the end of the line and she lightly drummed her fingers on Syrus' desk, anxiously waiting for answers"Ms. Summers, if your boss made any unscheduled stops on his way to the airport, it is not our knowledge. My plant manager, a Mr. Wadsworth, assured me he saw Mr. Jest out of the plant facility safely and put him into his car, himself. Where he went, after he left our facility, is not of my knowledge. I apologize not being able to be of anymore assistance, but I really cannot help you anymore."

the line disconnected, leaving Lexi stunned and more than a touch annoyed. she slammed the phone back into the cradle and let out a sigh as she pushed away from the desk  "Rude man! What Syrus wants to do business with the likes of him, I'll never know!"  she spun in the chair and slid out of it. crossing the large office, she walked out the door and closed the door behind her. pausing at the receptionist's desk, she cleared her throat. Marie, the girl on duty quickly put the call she was in on hold  "Ms. Summers? How may I help you?" she ran a hand through her hair and tucked an errant strand behind her ear as she peered across the desk at the girl  "Marie, I would like for you to forward all calls to Mr. Jest's business and private line to my cell phone please."  the girl raised her eyebrow slowly  "His business.. and private lines, Ma'am?" her eyes narrowed  "Yes Marie. There won't be a problem with that, will there?"  the girl swallowed slowly and nodded her head  "Yes.. yes ma'am Ms. Summers. There.. won't be any problem with that."  Lexi pulled back and turned on a very high heel and walked away, calling back over her shoulder  "That's nice to know, Marie. Glad there wasn't a problem."

as she exited the massive office building and walked into the underground garage, her cell rang. she glanced at the caller ID and she froze. fumbling a moment, she flipped the phone open, and answered a touch breathlessly 
"Syrus!! Where ARE you!! You missed your flight and you've got everyone.. well you've got ME worried to a frazzle!"  she waited for his customary "Relax Red....", but it didn't come. in fact, nothing came. all she heard was an eerie sound of wind rushing over the phone and then the line went dead  "Syrus!!! Syrus this is not funny! Answer me!"  but no answer came. she ran to her car, her heels clicking against the concrete floor. the sound echoed around her, but she didn't pay any notice. she also failed to notice the black sedan pulled up into one of the visitor's parking slots, with its lights off. the tint of the windows didn't allow anyone to see in, but those within the car saw plenty

Upper Manhattan, Saturday, August 2nd

the man wandered aimlessly.. it was clear he had no idea where he was or what he was doing. the clothing he wore was tattered and dirty, his hair matted and mussed, strands falling into his eyes. he didn't even seem to be aware he was wandering into the middle of a busy road. cars were flying by, their horns blaring. some rolled their windows down and shouted obsenities at him, but he paid them no mind whatsoever. it was as though he simply.. appeared out of nowhere, a ghost. of who? no one dared find out. suddenly, an 18-wheeler came barreling down the road, right in his path. he stood there, not even flinching. people were now screaming. the people on the sidewalk were deciding if running out there in traffic themselves was wise. it seemed no one wanted to take the risk.. no one cared. the 18-wheeler's horn was shrill and relentless, but the man simply wouldn't move. and in an instant, there was impact. it was devastating and horrific.... to the truck. as the front of the truck crumpled under the man's resistance, bystanders began to faint and some began to shout their disbelief in what they'd just seen. the truck came to rest in a fury of cacauphonous sounds; glass shattering, metal bending and twisting, hissing sounds coming from the destroyed engine. after everything settled, the truck stood incapacitated and the man without a scratch on him

within her apartment across town, Lexi Summers paced. she had the phone call traced, but there wasn't sufficient airtime to get a pinpointed lock. she could only go under the assumption his last known location was Africa. afterall, he was headed to Cairo. she glanced at the half-packed suitcase and wondered if she was making the right decision. go to Africa? try and find out what happened? or stay in Manahttan and wonder. worry herself to pieces. she padded across her living room floor and picked up her telephone. dialing quickly, she got ahold of Syrus Jest's personal travel agent 
"I want to be on a flight to Cairo within the next 20 minutes. No. No I don't want to hear what you can't do.. Just do it. And don't question me. I'll be at the airport hanger in 20 minutes. Have that plane ready." she hung up and finished packing in a haste. after pulling her passport out of her personal safe, she slid her feet into her heels and hurried out of her apartment, rolling her small suitcase behind her

across the street, the black sedan sat and waited. the occupants saw her emerge from the building and stand on the curb, waiting as the sleek sedan pulled up in front of her apartment building. the driver got out, stowed her luggage, then opened her door. she slipped in and the door shut behind her. the driver returned to his seat and they were off, heading for the airport. within the sedan, a man in all black pulled out a cell phone and pressed a speed dial number. it rang a moment.. and at last the line was picked up on the other end
"The redhead's on her way to the airport." there was a pause.. and he glanced at his partner, who sat in the driver's seat  "Yes sir. Yes sir, it's understood. We'll make sure she never gets to Cairo."  the phone was flipped shut and the car pulled out, beginning its tail.