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Setting: Forest, Swampy like

Weather: Storm

Temp: 56 Degrees

Time: 11:30 PM

The clouds in the sky covered the moon there were no stars or light in the sky. The clouds took the form of a skull in the sky. This was the sign of Lord Voldemort's presence. He was flying on his broom stick and landed in the forest were the 2 opponents could meet. He challenged a man named, Meeko. A man with lots of abilities. But, the Lord of Darkness will conquer all so he is not worried.

He gently takes out his white wand and stands in the forest waiting for his opponent to arrive. Smoke revealed all over the ground so much fog it was up to his ankles. He put his brrom setting on the tree.

"The Lord of Darkness will earn respect from this fellow warrior"

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As Lord V was standing, Suddenly the earth rumbled. Every time Meeko took a step he made a level 2 Earthquake occur, Meeko sees that Lord V has his Wand ready and eager for a kill.

Meeko took out his Double Dark Blade out and held it tight, Meeko stomped the ground 2 times and made the Earth Crack. Meeko then made Hot Blazing Fire come out of his hands and he filed the cracks with Fire

The Temperature now changed to 90 Degrees

"Im literally taking you to H3LL"