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Red Coat

"It's taken longer then expected to pinpoint the target ,she's been constantly on the move and has established decoys with the same amount of firepower behind them that she keeps with her. The Royal Family was in no way lacking in their security measures , the Royal Guardians are now fitted with armor that is designed to come close to the suits of the famous hero Iron Man. Including the obvious factors the Queen is the mother of a beloved prince slash superhero... Edward Windsor, a man who's righteous expeditions are famous and longstanding. " the contractors voice pierced through the headphone that the young assassin had lodged snug in his ear,his eye fitted to the scope on his crimson sniper rifle. "Ha! These tea-drinkers wont know what hit him!" Akira yelled out as he severed the com-link and slung his sniper rifle to the perfect position on his leather jacket clad back and revved up the engine on his sleek Blood Bike.The green holographic lights of his shell-like dashboard displayed the location ahead as well as the entire map and schematics of the Queen's resting place. Windsor Castle.

The invasion was kicked into gear when the patience of Akira diminished and his engine roared louder as it exceeded a speed thought unreachable by a man-made motorcycle . There was only a red blur before AO reached the entrance to the stone fortress of the " Royal Family" , his adrenaline and his eyes fixed on every detail as if he had a precognition of what was to happen. As expected the front door was heavily guarded with exactly 20 infantry men, 4 Royal Guardians , and 6 turrets ,a dismal and terrifying scene for an ill-equipped intruder . The 14th Yamato simply laughed and began to maneuver with uncanny agility as the elite guard opened fire with extreme precision,and an unrelenting mix of bullets, laser-beams,and rockets. As much as he enjoyed the thrill of weaving between the well placed head-shots of the guards he was quickly growing tired of playing around and decided to end the first phase,he was sure they were already moving the Queen. AO smiled crookedly and jumped into the air while simultaneously digitally constructing the gloves of his Hyperion Armor,upon his descent he charged them with ionic energy that would be released on impact. " Meteor Hammer!!" the brash and arrogant young killer screamed out as he crashed in to the pebble stone road of the Windsor Castle courtyard. The resulting shockwave caused the ground to act as a stone tsunami which eliminated the first line of defense that previously stood before him,and without any more hesitation Young Reckless dashed into the halls of the castle using his accelerated recall ability to lead him to the Queen's chambers.

Guards attempted to stop him as he made his way through the aged palace ,but their efforts fell short as the Psychic Savage used his twin revolvers Thanatos and Eros in a surgical manner ,with aim compared to Gods'. Within minutes Akira reached the chamber of the Queen of England and was surprisingly greeted by a lone sentinel ,the country's flag covering the mans statuesque physique . It was clear who this man was and Yamato was already reading him like a book, title: " Edward Windsor..." Akira scoffed.

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"You seem to know who I’m. Good I can skip the introduction and go straight to making your day get much, much worse. That is of course unless you want to tell me why the hell your here" the champion’s diplomatic skill was extremely strained and his wording was aggressive and uncompromising. There could be no mistake that he was coiled like a spring and ready to snap at the man standing in front of him.

Standing square to him the champion accessed him quickly with a glance, Dual firearms probably larger calibre for added damage. They would be of little threat for now. What seems to be a weaponized gauntlet or some sort of bio enhanced arm, hard to gauge its use but best consider a potential threat. These two alone wouldn’t have made the job of getting to this room easy. The thought occurred that there was more to this man than met the eye, he was probably hiding some Meta human+ level abilities also. All things considered this man wasn’t to be underestimated.

“What bring you to Windsor castle? surely you knew there would be a response to this intrusion. You don’t care for your freedom or your life? An attack on my mother, my queen and her people isn’t a wise move.”

Looking firmly into the strange mans eyes “I don’t know who you are, and frankly i don’t care. This is my house and this is my family you’re messing with. I want answers and I will get them one way or the other.”

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Akira could see the man moving his lips with some feeble intention of diplomacy and interrogation, but his eyes were instead set on the holographic like numbers and details that were invisible to people who did not have the Quantum Perception abilities unique to his physiology. The mercenary watched as the information of Sir Windsor accumulated in his iris and strategies developed in his tactical mind while they stood face to face like pieces on a chessboard , Akira was already 20 steps ahead of the opponent.

"I have no time for your questions or witty hero banter,so move aside ." Yamato spoke calmly but with a seriousness that gave undertones of death and dismemberment. If this mission was to be a success then there was no more time to waste on idle chatter about his motives ,this was a time for the language of action which the Silver Shogun was fluent in. In a blink of an eye Akira let loose a dozen ninja stars charged with his signature Psychogenic energy,all aimed for the weak spots in the Prince's armor pinpointed by his unique analysis. This was merely a faint attack ,for the assassin knew Edward was also a psi-combatant and more then just your average speedster . Under the cover of his psyche-destroying bladed projectiles Yamato dashed past the the Iron Duke and crashed into the Queen's Chamber room,embedding the two daggers clutched in his hand into the brains of the Royal Guardians that stood guard inside the lavish living quarters.

The poor old woman had no idea about what was going on and it showed as her face lit up with fear when she awoke to Akira's devilish grin and his hand ripping her from her lush pillows and serene sleep into a standing hold. He turned to Edward with that crooked evil smile of his while he kept his gun Eros to the Englishwoman's temple ,his figure's shadow created by the moon light shining through the huge Victorian style window and silence fell again.

"Your move Windsor 100." Akira called out to Edward as he shot the window and jumped 3 stories down with the Queen over his shoulder,landing perfectly on his Blood Enduro and speeding off towards the rendezvous location.

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Edwards opponent was cocky his stance his aura every fibre of him screamed confidence. The prince had met this archetype before the thinker, the planner, the you can't possibly comprehend my Genuis and skill type. He knew his questions would go in answered and he expected to goad the man into attack, hopefully making him show more of his hidden cards.

A sudden flick and the air shone with sharp and shinny stars, ninja weapons but with an odd glow possibly mystic? they flew across the vacuum between the two men like a cascade of falling stars. A sudden wave of pyshonic energy flashed across the champions consciousness the stars they we filled with it, he couldn't just push these away with his keen telekentic mind the stars could harm his mother. A burst of speed from his hip fires his left leg up like a rocket rotating the champion off the ground and creating a small sonic boom clouding the air around his body. Rotating gracefully and acrobatically back to his feet the champion senced the slight trickle of blood from his cheek a glancing minor blow no more than a shaving accident.

Standing now hidden behind his mothers frail form the cocky stranger mocked Edward "your move" his sentence punctuated by the shattering of glass and then he jumped taking The queen with him. Dashing after his mothers captor the champion dived aout of the window hitting the ground running a Los sonic boom bursting the air around him as he closed in on the bike trying to get away.

" communicator lock onto location of QE2 transport to safehouse alpha, alert COPs priority 1 secure location until my call"

Let's see how cocky he is when he realises his prize was wearing s tracker hidden in her teeth and was soon to be miles from his grasp. Rushing the bike the champion hits his full stride timing the attack must be perfect watching his mothers firm suddenly flicker the champion shoulderbarged the bike the full force of his fiveteen tons of strength striking at the bike like a red White and blue wrecking ball.

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The rush of adrenaline was unlike any other when traveling at speeds of a jet,with the wind creating a suffocating vacuum that would kill him if he wasn't protected by a thin telekinetic shield. The queen was unconscious as he zoomed down the winding roads of the Windsor Castle and he began to initiate phase 2 of his mission while the Iron Duke gave chase. Fully aware that the queen was fitted with a location transmitter Akira created a spatial transportation doorway which would be activated via satellite by his technopathic commands. The doorway would transport the queen to Yamato's stealth jet landed a few miles away,its anti-location hex design would block the gps in the Queens body while he attempted to shake off Edward Windsor.

"Door." Akira said as he telepathically initiated the spatial doorway. An orange light flashed and created a rift in the space of reality next to the speeding bike of AO and he threw her unconscious body into the portal mid-drive. His hands were free and able to eliminate the oncoming threat which surprisingly caught up to him after he released the Queen, ramming into his Enduro with massive amounts of momentum and torque behind his muscular physique. Sparks flew as the two speeding objects clashed together while maintaining kinetic energy and direction and Akira was hoping to make it more interesting by releasing a psionic blast wave with the intention of launching Edward backwards and cause excruciating cerebral pains.

After unleashing the mind onslaught blast Akira whipped around to make a u turn and face his pursuer ,the bikes wheel spinning hard as he pressed on the brake an created a dust cloud while making a full 360 degree turn. The special ionic engine sparked green electricity as he came to a stop. Akira wasn't quite sure if his previous attack landed and jumped off his bike,waiting for the shroud of dirt and gravel to clear while he unholstered his twin pistols.

"Lets have a little fun ..yeah?"

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Hitting the side of the motorbike with a satisfying crunch Edward could feel the panels of the bikes body work crumple and break under the colossal tidal wave of pressure from the super sonic impact, the frame of the bike would probably be damaged in some way but the prince of power could only see the surface damage from his point of view and it certainly looked like the bike could use some work. Before Edward could access his next point of attack a concussive force smashed into the champions face. The closing speed of the impact due to his own speed was extremely high but his momentum carried him forward the blow striking hard like a well placed right hook rocking the champions head and sending a cascade of blood from the champions nose. The force singed at the fringes of the champions mind giving the tell tail signs of a mental based attack. Another string to his opponents bow good to know he felt wiping the blood from his face and flicking it at the ground.

The stagger from his opponents gave the fleeing assassin a change to regroup and ahead he could see the bike swing in an arc to one again come face to face with him. Before the bike had completed the arc Edward was going to strike back . The dust cloud his opponent had created combined with his speed was the perfect cover. Busting towards his opponent at his full speed 2000 rampaging horsepower shot through his legs the gap between himself and his opponent mere microseconds, faster than anyone could blink and way faster than the average or even augmented eye could track or hear with any accuracy. Using the dust cloud to his advance the champion dashed at his opponent striking out with a flurry of supersonic but well measured blows each blow accompanied by a dash in the opposite direction keeping the dust cloud up around his opponent. Obscuring the assassins ability to anticipate where the strikes would be coming from as well as further decreasing the likelihood of him being able to do anything about them.

The champion assaulting his opponent with 50 or so supersonic strikes each placed in different areas of the body in order to tets his natural defences and in the case of the shield being able to withstand the hit the change to rock him around in his little protective bubble to such a degree he wouldn't know where he was come the end of the barrage.

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"Damn." Akira was already aware of the barrage that was coming just from the massive shift of air that his keen sense picked up. The mans heartbeat was more then fast and his body was moving faster,whoever this Prince was ,he was far from the average hero who slung bows and used "batarangs". It was in a matter of seconds before the Iron Duke was surrounding him with maelstrom of high powered punches that would surely eliminate a regular assassin,but his impeccable pre-cog like perceptions allowed him deflect some blows,though he could not defend all and his body paid a heavy price. This man seemed to have endless stamina as he continued to throw numerous punches,though he laughed at how Edward underestimated his martial arts prowess which was paired with genetically enhanced reflexes. There was no doubt that he couldn't afford to take much more hits like that and gracefully rolled through a sloppy haymaker and regrouped feet away from the British Bruiser.

He could tell that the heavy hitter had gave him several broken bones and fractures that would be considered unfix able but he paid to no attention to the pain as he willed his mind into a state of focus totality. It took a second to realign his massive psychic powers but he gathered a lot in little time so he could produce twin psychic knifes humming with surging psychogenic lethality. His famous war time words slipped through his small Asian lips "Ante Up!"

Akira was directly under Windsor in less then a second sending an uppercut with his Psychic Blade fist aimed at his jaw,then swiftly sidestepping to his opponents right and throwing a straight heavy jab aimed at the front of his skull. With all intent to stay in close quarters with Prince, Akira sent his trademark round house for the abdomen then reversed with the momentum to skid backwards a few centimeters to pull his twin pistols out and unleash well placed shots at the Clone's vital points. His gureilla war fare tactics ended after sprinted he away from the fight and laughed maniacally because of the fact that there was five unpinned grenades ,which Akira dropped while he was producing the psychic knife attacks. His pistols in hands as he lay on his back , viewing the explosion and laughing.

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Edward could feel his blows break parts of his mother abductor but he could also detect several blows being skilfully diverted away. Whilst he clearly could out punch his opponent in terms of knockout power and delivery speed he needed to use more of a clinical and skilled approach to bypass the mans clearly extremely well homed martial arts skills. Edward had trained in various marshal arts and could execute moves with the best of them but his form was sloppy his psychical prowess often made up for his finer execution but now he would have to focus and execute the moves more expertly his opponent clearly whilst damaged was still a very potent threat, no normal man would stand up to a barrage of his punches and even counter a few.

Edward needed to use his training and his brain in this fight not just his powers. With a flash and loud hum his opponent rushed at the prince of power his blades summoned from the very air. Probably some form of telekinetic energy Edward deduced as his mind hummed back at him warning him of the similar power source to his own abilities. The hum buzzed loudly at the champions mind like a hive of angry bee’s inside his head this could only mean one thing a large amount of energy was being focussed through these daggers that’s not a good sign.

Waiting till the very last second the champion twisted his head narrowly dodging the main force of an explosive psionic uppercut the force of the blow tearing at the champions jaw line shearing the flesh away from his chin and sending a jet of blood erupting upwards into the air in the wake of the knifes trail. Edward was pissed at himself he cold of dodged it if wasn’t sloppy before he could dwell any further he ducked his head and span away dodging a second attack from the buzzing blades and swatting a roundhouse back towards the floor with his left arm. “That’s it” he though to himself counter and strike.

His opponent skidded backwards and produced two pistols taking a microsecond to pick his spots the champion exploited it creating a telekinetic barrier between the two fighters the champions shield deflecting the pistols rounds harmlessly into the floor. His face torn and bleeding the champion tried to speak his lips and chin slowly repairing from the dagger strike. A feeble mutter passes the champions lips his body was still strong but he would be a mute till his healing factor fixed him up. Edwards mind focussed on his opponent his full telekinetic fury zoned in on his opponents rib cage aiming to squeeze the air out of his opponent in a vice like grip.

Having felt the sting of his opponent’s mental prowess already the champion knew he needed to engage his opponent on both the physical and the mental plain at once and hope his opponent unlike himself would tire quickly from fighting against both aspects of the prince of powers arsenal. Drawing his sword from between his shoulder the champion span the glowing blue flamed blade in his hand making the mystical weapon much harder to track by eye and when close enough to his opponent he unleashed a spatter of précise slices aiming at the cartridges of his opponents knees and elbows. Knowing his trusty blades mystical abilities would harm his opponent’s very soul if its blows where true and the cold hard edge of its steel could easily sever even the most durable of cartridge with ease.