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@crimsondeath: @darkchild: Oh, it's on sucka!

In a familiar scene Abigail wove her candy-apple red Yamaha FJR1300 through the city streets, flying in direct opposition to oncoming traffic toward some singular source of immense danger. In a state of emergency the area was blocked off for many blocks around and all traffic was directed outward, all surrounding streets converted to one-way roads to minimize any further loss of life or personal property. But the anchor was still in danger, as were many others still within the demarcated "threat zone." Authorities mobilized offensive and defensive units while attempting to establish contact with the hellions to determine what exactly they might be after. But the Ríonfénnid of the global Fianna had other plans.

"What do we know about them? Affiliates of Ezra?"

"No idea. It's not entirely unlikely, but it's impossible to say at this point. Only one man has been mentioned by name - a 'Darkchild,' by the anchor Stephen Clark, clearly a hostage."

"'Darkchild?' Jesus, that sounds like an edgy teen on one of those online forums for debating vigilantes and terrorists. Well, London isn't exactly known for its flourishing hero population. It's as close to a direct call-out as possible without saying my name." Unless, she thought, that too was a deliberate part of whatever scheme was at play. Attack someplace fairly important but without much in the way of opposition, eliminate whoever presented themselves, and whatever they were after would be ripe for taking. "Have the local fian on standby but tell them to wait for my signal. Location tracking on."

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The roaring bike sped fast toward the blockade. A whispered incantation muffled the sound somewhat, and somehow - impossibly so - she squeezed through a narrow passage of cars without so much as a minor scrape or bump en route to the epicenter of the conflict.

"Normally"—she projected as she dismounted the vehicle and primed three telescopic arrows for firing, setting her sight on the bloodthirsty demonics, channelling Diarmuid's anger and his pride both—"this is the part where I give you the chance to surrender. But considering what you are and what you've done here I'm keen on skipping straight to the part where I learn what you're after and start filling you with arrows."

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@crimsondeath: @darkchild: @arquitenens:

A fugitive from Arsenal - the very agency he once worked for - the Phenomenal One toyed in the devil's den by roaming the streets of his and Arsenal's native London, undercover or not. But the rush of playing them for fools by hiding under their noses was one that sent swarms of thrill and ecstasy through his veins. So Raees hid. He wore a wig and faux facial hair. Raised his cheekbones with prosthesis, and added a forehead and crooked nose with more. Made his gums plumper with dental facades, used artificial pallets to change his enunciation, add a lisp. And kept a pebble in his shoe to pinch his toes and strip the swagger from his walk. Watching the news from a cheap room in the Blair Victoria Hotel, he hung back in his chair and watched the chaos unfold on the TV screen before him.

"I couldn't agree more"

"Good Lord", Raees noted, nonchalant and leaning into his chair, "And I thought this sort of super-villain peasantry only happened in Gothic". With his eyes trained on the dim glow of the screen, the Phenomenal One stood from his chair, compelled to ride to London's rescue by a personal sense of responsibility for his hometown - and the neurotic desire for personal achievement that'd made him the best of Arsenal's operatives. Like a serpent shedding it's skin, Raees stepped out his disguise and into an armored nanosuit unique in both design and utility. From his back hung a duo of vibranium swords, and interred in his mind and body were the skills of a man equal parts deadly assassin, dashing spy, and daring genius. Vanishing like a shadow, Raees bid his time, surveyed the scene, studied the terrain and the nightmare creatures roaming the streets till the situation seemed clear in his mind.

"I'm keen on skipping straight to the part where I learn what you're after and start filling you with arrows"

"I couldn't agree more", he bantered, voice echoing from above. Vibranium blades glimmering like silver, Raees stood on a rooftop edge, a jaguar whose blue eyes were sapphires promising a quick end to the creatures below. And with Abigail - a legend among legends in the world of heroes - at the ready, he was confident that London would yet survive.

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@phenomenal: @arquitenens:

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Her words simply fill him with Glee as he had thought he'd have to make much more of a scene to bring someone like herself into the fray, but it seems she had a shadow behind her in the guise of someone somewhat intimidating to maybe his Darklings. He stood scanning the two as they made empty threats and spoke endless insults.

No Caption Provided

He looked to his bride and subtly waved a finger telling her not quite yet, he stepped forward into the light of a nearby Street lamp. The sun had just begun to set and cast a marvelous variety of shadows. They waved behind him on the concrete like eels ready to snap at the closest object. They were alive but just behind the veil he controlled, an intimidating tactic to see if the new face would budget. He knew SHE wouldn't, he'd met her a single time before and knew she was full of it, so his shadows and shapes would never scare her in their current state.

"You pluck your arrows from their quiver and yet you have not released them, are you smart enough to know that they will do nothing against me or..." his Queen had disappeared. He knew she hadn't left him, more so she was preparing it would seem, he kept their focus on him. "It took you two hours to even crawl from whatever hole you were in to help your people.... And they call me the villain. Hahahaha I've only taken a few lives this day. Should I take even more to bring the real heroes out of the caves. Or has your job changed since last time I blessed this planet." a snap sounded as the Ichorborn he had created earlier leaped for the male teeth ready to tear flesh.

As the beast distracted the male another snap of Gen's finger and his Darklings crawled from the shadows and started attacking anything that moved.

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@darkchild: Do you remember where, or what happened?

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@darkchild: I remember something with Antonia, and another with Trinity in France...Huh. Shrug.

Well, unless something emergency comes up this'll be at the top of my to-do list once I get some free time at work tomorrow. [Unless...are we waiting for Crimson? I'm not entirely sure if we're adhering to an order or just semi-flowing for now.]

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@aelia_stormwind: I was planning on posting tomorrow. But if you want to post again, by all means.

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@arquitenens: @darkchild: @phenomenal:

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Finallly! Some heroes show up. Crimson thinks to herself. Then her face twitches uncontrollably before holding her hand to her head as if going through some sort of inner struggle. That struggle, however, is gone now and she pouts at Darkchild as he waves his finger, indicating it is not time to attack them yet. She turns invisible, ready and prepared.

When Darkchild's underlings begin to attack anything that moves, Crimson Death makes her own plan of attack. Using her power to shape shift, she turns into something straight out of most people's nightmares. A monster with large claws, a wicked tail and huge teeth.

From behind both her enemies, Crimson becomes visible again and she tries to bombarding their minds with searing pain and images of all kinds of evil with a mighty telepathic assault. She attempts this to in order to try and bring them both to their knees and beg her to stop. Regardless of success, she states through a monstrous voice, "What we want are trophies. And when you are dead, we shall take them from you."

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@phenomenal: @darkchild: @crimsondeath:

Turning her gaze upward to the new arrival, Abby scanned his features with her one good eye. He readily identified himself as an ally, but not one she recognised. The NOOCS would be able to scan and search for a match, but not yet. First London's self-appointed terrors of the day demanded her full attention.

Monologue, check. Delusions of grandeur? Double-check. Taking stock of her surroundings, the sudden disappearance of a major threat wasn't something that normally escaped the notice of the veteran heroine, and a little light mockery wasn't about to change that. Sapphire rings flashed in both eyes. Across the city numerous others received coded signals through the Dord Fiann, directing them to mobilise, aiding with civilian evacuation and enemy dispatch.

Now she could act. Just as the Ichorborn lunged Abigail released an arrow, split-second mental calculations dictating flight path based on distance and relative velocities to embed the arrow into its neck. But the result, she wouldn't see, as a searing pain shot through the base of her skull and radiated outward, crippling for a split second despite her in-born resistance. Combat instincts took over and the archer threw herself into a roll with a grunt as she hit the ground. Rolling upright, she'd already made an about-face—Release-Nock-Releaserapidfiring the remaining two arrows at the fallen former heroine. Sometime in that same span another found itself clenched in her fist.

"'Darkchild,' 'trophies?' What is this, primary school?" she groaned, still shaking off the effects of the telepathic assault but never hesitating for a second. She bolted straight for the Crimson Death, apparently intent on engaging the beast in melee.

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@darkchild: @crimsondeath: @arquitenens:

Abigail Aensland. To look upon her was to look upon a light. A light golden like her hair, and of the redemptive power she'd used to become the world's greatest hero. The hero who defied Ivana and her Shogunate, defeated Charlemagne, and cast Satar out Gothic City. So as his swords gleamed, the Phenomenal One felt no concern for her safety. She has faced worse odds and triumphed. She would fight her best fight, he need only fight his. And yet, Raees felt the sting of a psychic shard poking his mind. A sting that swarmed sharp and hot but came to pass, warded off by the nanobots in his contact lenses. Together, they sang a song, a chorus of balancing and neutralizing frequencies to hush the strength of non-EM energies. Psychic energy included.

If not for his contact lenses, he'd have fallen. Surrendered to nightmare visions that could cripple the soul. Instead, Raees shook his head, sheathed his swords and as Abigail rushed at Crimson Death - he cast his eyes on Darkchild. Looking him up and down, his gaze a sapphire blade cutting through the Dark and into the Child, Raees rolled his neck and smiled. "Not that I didn't fancy the monologue", he paused, a shrug and nonchalant jump as he dropped from rooftop to sidewalk, "But I've grown a little bored with counting how often I hear them from you super-villain lot", Raees taunted, deducing that any man willing to waste their breath on monologues had a fragile ego in need of stroking - and vulnerable to disrespect. Plucking a pen from his pocket, the Phenomenal One chuckled, "Well shit... should've been a gun". But instead, a pen, Mont Blanc, the Meisterstück Moon Pearl to be exact. Or so it seemed. For while he faked a mistake, the pen - iridescent like a pearl in moonlight - was no true pen.

Instead, it was a weapon. One that with a quick click'd fire hypersonic fin-stabilized darts. Darts that shot through what bullets couldn't. Yet as Raees clicked away at his pen, firing dart after dart at Darkchild, they threatened more. In the darts were nanites ready to block Darkchild's Protein Kinase C zeta/PKM/zeta enzyme and PRKCZ gene. Both of which the brain needed to keep it's memories. And in this case, Darkchild's memories of how to harness and use his own powers. Hopefully he has a brain, Raees thought, intent on de-powering his foe by making Darkchild forget how to access their powers altogether. But Raees was no fool. Darkchild was powerful, outrageously so. So he offered him no breathing room and chucked at him, three canisters, all to detonate, and all carrying the most corrosive agent known to man, a superacid quadrillions of times stronger than sulfuric acid. Fluoroantimonic acid.

And it'd tear Darkchild's electrons asunder and rip apart his molecular structure till all that remained of him was a corrosive soup of eaten flesh and bones burned from the fluorine in the acid bonding with the calcium in his skeleton.

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Sorry for delay I'll have something soon

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@arquitenens: @phenomenal: @crimsondeath:

Bored....he felt nothing but boredom as the state of affairs quickly turned into another moment he had seen all too many times before. The woman would move to his Queen, perhaps thinking he cared deeply for her sake. But the woman would learn fast that his Queen need not for a worry as she was something else entirely. Something that would tear Arquitenens apart without a second thought, and had he been able to watch it unfold he might of found some form of entertainment...but the other one began to prattle on about how he was talking like all the others he had known before.

Gen looked at the young man covered head to toe in something that resembled poly carbon fitting, but quickly his gaze moved to what was in his hand. "A pen....? Who is this boy, James Bonds illegitimate child?" he thought to himself just as the clicking began, with each click a single dart took aim and fired at Darkchild. "Hes not this foolish cant be....an arrow....no...something has to be..." thinking fast Gen opened his mouth and a surge of Ichorborn burst from his throat and poured out covering the first flurry of darts. Each worm went catatonic as their abilities were erased from their memories, a smile ran across Gens face finally. A final dart got closest and in an instant was embedded in a Darkling that Gen had grabbed from the shadows. Watching the darkling go limp he chuckled and shook it "Dont die you little heathen...make yourself useful and return to the In-Between. Go to the laboratory once you're there." Gen wanted to learn more of this chemical the young man used. He was connected to both his Darklings and the Ichorborn so he could feel what they felt, and all that were hit by the darts were confused and unable to tap into their abilities.

Knowing that his first attack could easily have been avoided the newcomer unleashed three canisters that hit the ground in front of Darkchild and rolled towards him before exploding. A cloud of an unknown substance cleared the area where Darkchild had been standing. Darklings and Ichor began to dissolve into pools of gelatinous goop right before their eyes, screams of horror echoed from the piles of goop as each creature was rendered inert. But Darkchild was nowhere to be seen only the shadows remained where he had stood.

For a brief moment the area fell silent as the last echoes drifted from what remained of Darkchilds creatures, then the shadows that remained came to life and shot forward turning solid and into barbs that moved in a wave towards the man. It was an attempt at forcing him backwards further into the shadows behind him, shadows which Darkchild burst from his hands glowing bright with red energy as he clapped his hands together causing a massive explosion of energy that burst forward towards the young man in an attempt at engulfing him in a wave of energy that could very well tear him limb from limb.

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@arquitenens: @phenomenal: @darkchild:

Raees proves too resistant to take down telepathically as Crimson Death's telepathic assault barely registers a response from him. So, she leaves the man to Darkchild and focuses instead on Abigail. Easily catching the arrow shot at her, Death tosses it aside with a casual gesture, "Really? Arrows?" And then Abigail has the stones to try and come at her to engage in a hand-to-hand fight. Brave or foolish? The Crimson Death is going for neither. Ignorance is the word. Abigail has no idea who she is up against.

Changing quickly into her normal black and red with blue skin and red glowing eyes, Crimson let's Abigail get in close. Then, if the heroine tries any punch or kick, the Crimson Death goes intangible so the attack passes right through her. Hopefully, this is unexpected and causes Abigail to lose her balance. With a casual shove, Crimson tries to send Abigail through one of the building's windows. It may be a casual shove, but to her (if it succeeds) it may feel like being shoved by a Gorilla. Strong and powerful. Abigail may, or may not, get the sense that Crimson is playing with her. If the attack is successful, Crimson floats through the window and telekinetically sends every shard of broken glass at Abigail like throwing knives in an attempt to cut her up.

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@phenomenal: @darkchild: @crimsondeath:

Curiosity slightly piqued by the villain's continual transformations, Abby filed the information elsewhere in her mind in case she needed the catalogue later. Additionally the NOOCS fed physical information in real-time as the two parties engaged. Against unknown quantities such as these, she'd almost certainly have to gain more information before attempting a decisive attack. Arquitenens could be patient.

Striking with her clenched fist, Abby whiffed and caught nothing—but her balance was impeccable and she remained directly in front of the villainess. One didn't live through the conflicts she had, achieved the things she had and become the premier heroine of the modern era by making amateur mistakes like overcommitting to a strike telegraphed from that far away; against an inhuman opponent at that. Here, the telegraph itself was something of a set-up. She swung, missed, and changed levels as she spun out of harm's way, nocking the next arrow onto the bowstring. Crouching, legs loaded like springs, Arquitenens threw herself backwards while firing the arrow at point-blank range, not through Crimson Death, but deliberately aimed only to graze her cheek.

"What're ye, extendin' yer moral code to murderous psychopathic daemons now?" she could hear Diarmuid's consciousness manifesting in the back of her own, but forced it down as she disengaged. "You 'I can't believe it's arrows' types are a dime a dozen," she taunted, weaving a wide path around Crimson Death with several parting shots. "What can I say? They're versatile." Not a second later, yet another, apparently dropped at Crimson's feet during their brief close-quarters engagement, would explode on cue, sending glass and other shrapnel in all directions. Yet while observing carefully for her enemy's reaction, Abigail was not fully attentive to what was happening in front of her.

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@darkchild: @crimsondeath: @arquitenens:

The silence didn't elude him. Instead, it hung far too thick in the air. And the Phenomenal One - a man as finely tuned to decapitate as he was to charm - stood with more than his senses on high alert. Wrapped around his wrist, a watch, Raymond Weil in name and custom in design, glimmered with gold - and knowing. His watch caught the hum of subconscious brain activity from his enemies' supplementary motor areas, predicted their short-term actions and it alerted him. MOVE. He refused. Barbs of darkness tore through the air to rip at his flesh, and Raees - lit by the fire in his reckless spirit - intercepted with the thermal roar of chucked grenades. They erupted, and threatened to swallow Darkchild's monsters into a flaming maw.

Yet behind him, Raees caught the loud whistle of a gale, and the red glare of a coming wave of energy. He felt his skin tighten from it's rising heat, and the weight of London's mortality sat heavy on his brow. The energy was enormous. And it threatened him with death. His superhuman muscles twitched, and he burst into a sprint - 100 km/h - to evade the specter of death. He ran, circled, growled away the sharp pain of his burns, and from his pocket, plucked yet another Mont Blanc pen. He took aim, smirked and fired not rounds but precision lasers, streams of photons screaming at 299,792 km/s - the speed of light - to evict the electrons from Darkchild's atoms and blasting away his energy and heat at the atomic level. His fate? At worst? Death. At best? A frozen and weakened body with little energy for basic biological processes.

Darkchild was dangerous. Powerful. Far too much for him to engage in close range. Raees had little choice but to outthink and outmaneuver him. A step too wrong and a reaction too slow, and his death would be instant. Here, against Darkchild, the Phenomenal One'd had to be perfect. And that thought sent a rush swarming through him.

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He smiled for the briefest of moments as the smell of burnt flesh and fabric filled the air, he took in a deep breath as he was corporeal for just a moment. But the moment was too long and he was brash, taking in the smell of his momentary victory he did not anticipate the reaction that the Phenom would counter with.

The lasers struck the darkness he had become one with and his upper torso that had hung just out of reach of the darkness as he attacked, he could feel the burning and near paralyzing sensation of the lasers. They burned and nearly atomized for not his metallic skin they would have ripped straight through him, his skin allowed him a single moment to react to the feeling of burning and searing pain that filled his mind.

Rolling out from the shadows he hit the ground hard with a thump and continued to roll, turning over and skidding into a knelt down position. Staring at the Phenom he glared and then smiled reacting fast he ran straight towards the laser attired Phenom just as he closed in he slammed a fist into the ground and leaped over the young man, hoping to keep his attention as he leaped and landed with a wicked smile.

As he punched the ground before leaping he caused himself to create an dupe one with his exact mental facilities yet without his assortment of powers, this dupe made from his darkness and shadows that leaped over the Phenom leaving the real Darkchild directly in front of him. Now even closer he hoped that the dupes distraction allowed him a second chance at vaporizing the young man with another burst of energy. He thrust a closed fist towards the rib-cage of the Phenom and just as his fist should connect a huge burst of searing energy white hot exploded from his entire arm in a wave that if connected would wash over the Phenom. He hoped it wouldn't kill the young man....but if it did then Gen would know he was not worthy of staying in his New World.

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@arquitenens: @phenomenal: @darkchild: (OOC: Sorry this took so long)

The arrow does graze Crimson's cheek, but appears to inflict no damage. The arrow that drops at her feet only to explode, sending shrapnel everywhere, also does not phase Crimson. She looks up at the archer, "As I said: Arrows? Really? You'll need to do much better than that to hurt me." Crimson smiles, using her power cosmic to reform the various pieces of shrapnel into a spear, before she telekinetically throws it at the archer with the force of a hurricane, trying to pin her to the wall.

Crimson smiles, "I'm a heavyweight darling, your a featherweight. I could kill you at any time, but I'm still waiting to see if you actually do manage to hurt me. Your out of your depth. The only way to survive is to flee."

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@phenomenal: @darkchild: @crimsondeath:

Tch! Not even a scratch?

Ego aside, the bitch was half-right. The opening act was done and none of the usual offence had any effect. Time for the feeling-out phase to end.

A thought which could scarcely have been stamped more clearly than it had been across her body. Abigail tucked her shoulder and slipped—a hair's breadth too slow. Although the trion in her armor did well to mitigate the force of the attack, and even though it'd only been a glancing blow, it struck with enough force to spin the heroine 720 degrees on her way to the ground with an emphatic 𝘛𝘏𝘜𝘋.

Wish mum would've taught me a silence spell, but I'll settle for shutting you up the old-fashioned way.

No Caption Provided

A kip-up. She dusted herself off and replaced the bow on her back. "Whine some more, child," she spat but quickly seemed to get a hold of herself. "Fine, I'll dance for you." And she broke into a sprint. Arquitenens rushed Crimson Death with nothing but her hands. Mimicking esoteric tutting movements such as those utilised by Emilie and Dülhamit Aensland, sparks arced between her fingertips and hands themselves in a continuous arc. Power from within fed the reactor within her hands, enhanced through the trion weave gloves which themselves fed on Abigail's power, creating a physical feedback loop. One after another after another, bolt after bolt arced from her hands to strike at the villainess with no less fury than a pure elemental.

Having taken stock of her surroundings despite the chaotic circumstance, another "stray" bolt lashed through the air seeking to grievously wound if not vaporize the second Darkchild that'd appeared to harass Mason as well. Yet she only ever seemed to take stock of their clash through her periphery, if that. The moment she began casting, her eye kept fixed on Crimson Death.

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@darkchild: @crimsondeath: @arquitenens:

Like a flare going off in his mind, Raees' watch screamed it's precognitive warning - DISTRACTION. And the Phenomenal One stood firm, trusting first in his watch, and second in Abigail's stray bolt. By the flash and thrum of magic, her aid swept in to leave nothing of Darkchild's dupe behind but ash. And it was as glorious as she was pure. Again his watch screamed, rocking his mind with a tale of foretold pain - his pain. Behind his mask, Raees smirked. Perfect, he thought. To outwit and outthink were his callings. He'd foreseen his foe's intent, and he now sought to make him pay dearly for it. For the Phenomenal One, combat was a game of telling lies and making a foe pay for believing him.

In Darkchild's mind, Raees was a toy. A gnat. Nothing. Less than nothing. And it fell on the Extraordinary Man to pounce on this chance like a jaguar. Raees feigned fatigue, yet as Darkchild uncorked his fist, the Phenomenal One's hands came alive. Both held his custom Mont Blanc pens. His right? The memory wiper? And his left? The atomic freezer. And both screamed through the air as every twitch of Raees' superhuman muscle fibers roared for him to stab both pens into the sides of Darkchild's head. He'd click them both, and the first pen'd pour a swarm of nanites into Darkchild's brain and threaten to do what it'd so spectacularly failed to do before; stop Darkchild's Protein Kinase C zeta/PKM-zeta enzyme and PRKCZ gene and strip him of the memory and information of how to access his own powers. Perhaps in making a limp organ of his foe's brain, he'd be spared the full brunt of Darkchild's wave of energy.

The second pen'd follow, shooting a final burst of photons, each one soaring at the speed of light to knock the electrons from the atoms in Darkchild's brain like a gale, and blast away all the energy heat of it's atomic structure. The brain'd freeze, and with no energy for atomic processes - die. But should he fail, should Darkchild seem an invincible tyrant, the risk'd be great. Raees'd be swallowed whole by a thermal wave. And though his armor'd absorb and shun as much as it could of Darkchild's energy, the Phenomenal One'd still be flung back, blasted away like a swatted fly with his flesh scorched and his wounds great. Wounded, severely, but not dead. Still alive, and still willing to stand and fight.

He had to. How could he not with Abigail - defender of the good that these villains were making a mockery of - by his side? He would stand. His confidence was ironclad and his tricks were many.

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Uh, you guys need help? Looks like it.

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It'd been a couple of weeks since she and Zoe spent time together, though their night on Luna Island was manufactured by a gross amount of Jack Daniels and self pity (On Cat's part) the two of them decided the chemistry was there and the dating game began.

She hadn't actually told anyone that she'd started dating, much less another woman; Maricela sort of teased the notion that she was seeing someone but wasn't exactly sure. She specifically hadn't told Maricela, because she was raised catholic by her adoptive parents. For whatever reason the young demi-goddess, still followed her faith. Even attending Mass on her own.

After confirming that Zoe could make it for some quality time, the Catalan Countess departed Daytonville international in her very own invisible jet. (Yes I got a fricken invisible jet, because it's about time someone fricken did it!) The only real downside was that, no one told her it'd look like she was just sitting in the air.

Cat arrived at London Heathrow having already booked the AIRBNB in the Chelsea area. An area that'll allow them to do and see most of the sites within central London.

No Caption Provided

The 5'11 olive-toned Liafador move through the airport with her raven tinted hair bouncing off her shoulders. From the pit corner of her eyes she could see people eying her, staring into her soul. Did they know she was Catalina? or did they assume she was Ziccarra?

That's when she heard them whisper, 'That's the woman who was sitting in the sky' 'oh of course that's why they were looking at her. She just landed an invisible jet.

She arrived to the three story apartment in Edith Grove, she was pretty sure there was a 'projects' across the street but the apartment was nice. She bought various oils and soaps from Daytonville for Zoe things she probably couldn't get in the states.

'HEY, WHERE ARE YOU?' She messaged as she poured herself a glass of wine.

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Ok, first off, Zoe was super early when she arrived in London. Like, two hours early. She was nervous, and had never traveled to London before. She didn’t know where anything was and while she could use her phone and GPS like a boss, she was just… super excited to be spending time with her girlfriend. So she arrived two hours early, wanting to make sure she knew exactly where she was going, maybe grab a coffee because there was an eight hour time difference from Los Angeles and she didn’t want to accidentally start yawning while she was spending with her girlfriend. Girlfriend… that was still weird to think. Not a bad weird! Just… she never thought she would have a girlfriend.

But enough of about that! Why was she running late? Well, Zoe was trying to be polite, but nooooooooo the British Government didn’t like that. Zoe came down in her usual blazing glory, landing at the London City Airport with all the poise and grace of a Fire Goddess. But the moment her feet landed, police were waiting for her. They took her to an interrogation room and began questioning her, why was she here? Business or pleasure? Did she know anyone in London? Had she ever been to London before? No? Well why today? She sat behind the table, annoyed, hungry and tired from her long flight.

It wasn’t until two hours later that they FINALLY let her go! First thing she did? She ripped her phone out of her purse and saw a text from Cat. Shoot… she was late!


‘Just down the street, be there in ten! <3’

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She began to rush out of the airport as quickly as she could without looking crazy. Some people looking at her with curiosity while others seemed to have recognized her, pulling out their phones and trying to sneak a picture. Couple of people tried stopping her but all she could shout as she power walked away, “Sorry, I’m late for an important date!”.

As she made her way through, holding her phone in the palm of her hand as the GPS was leading her the way. Mumbles of uncertainty could have been heard as she rubbed the back of her head, as she looked around confused where she was going. But when her phone spoke “Arrived”, even more confusion washed over her as she looked up at the ivory apartment complex. She looked down at her casual wear and felt suuuuuper under dressed.

Walk up to the door she found the room as she gave a knock before opening the unlocked door. “Heya Cat? It’s me, I’m so sorry I’m late.” She apologized before she even saw her. As she closed the door behind her she looked at the interior of the apartment and her mouth hung open as she pulled off her sunglasses. “Woah.” this made her personal apartment look like a dirty old shack.

But as she stepped further in, she saw Catalina, elegantly sitting with a glass of wine in her hand. She couldn’t help but light up with a smile as she walked up to The Goddess, no longer paying attention to anything else in the apartment but her. “Hey babe.” Zoe walked up, leaning down to her as she gave her a tender kiss, lingering just long enough to enjoy the warmth of her lips against hers. “I've missed you.”