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Locksley's Clubhouse, also referred to as Locksley's Pub and Grill (and many years ago, Loxley's Tavern) is a sophisticated locale inviting any and all to drink, dine, and have a good time. The clubhouse is located in Los Angeles, California. Humans, metas, posthumans, supernaturals, mystics, aliens, and most other extranormal beings are welcome here, free of discrimination (perpetrators will be escorted off the premises, assuming other clubbers haven't gotten to them first).

The clubhouse is slated to have originated as a tavern founded by the mythical thief of English Foklore, Robin Hood. This aspect of its foundation is generally thought to be fiction, but regardless, its name is derived from Robin of Locksley. Aside from the regular food and drink one might expect to find at a pub and grill, Locksley's Clubhouse boasts it's own unique "Firewhiskey".

Standard CVU rules apply.

Anyone is free to visit this hangout location.

Keep destruction to a bare minimum. This is a bar, not UFC. Bar fights are allowed, however, but keep this in mind.

You weren't expecting more, were you? :P

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Looks pretty cool.

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So whats the difference between IC Club?

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@lowlaville: My guess less fights and probably more personal.

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@lowlaville: The difference is that this uses the regular style of roleplaying. The IC Club, as intended, works like a derailed WDYCT - almost exclusively dialogue, and rarely canon. This is an actual RP thread and CVU exclusive.

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The clubhouse grew steadily nosier with every person that filed in, seeking the inviting atmosphere it offered to cap off their day in the early hours of evening. Music resounded under the chatter, though Robin could hardly make out a word of it.

Garbed in a mahogany leather jacket, a pale grey T-Shirt and jeans, he sat at the Clubhouse bar, lone and free of the inebriation that typically followed downing several shots Firewhisky.

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"Look pal, if you don't get out of my face I'll make sure you loose yours!"

Cormac shoved past an annoying patron who swore they recognised him from Australia. It could have been true but the clawed angry man wasn't exactly in the mood to talk. Rather, he was never in the mood to talk. Making his way beside Robin and slapping the bar, his thick, metal-laced bone hand caused quite a loud thud. "Bring me something strong." Cormac glanced at Robin, "take it easy there kid. Firewhisky ain't no thing to fk with."

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"Depends on who's frikking with it, doesn't it?" Robin replied, briefly fixing Cormac with an appraising stare as he downed yet another shot of Firewhiskey. The liquid seared slightly down his throat, and yet he felt only a little affected in the head. Small downside of pseudo lycanthropy; it took a bit to get even a little drunk, and the feeling faded fast.

"I suppose you've had your share of Firewhiskey before?"

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@neuromind@purveyor and well anyone else who might want in

A Friendly Invitation

No Caption Provided

That was what this was, Lizzy had dared to go to a public place entirely unarmed. She had informed them she would go without her mech or without even her usually worn navy blue flight suit. She was there in the closest thing to business close she had. Granted it probably looked more like a school uniform but it would have to do. She was today just an eighteen year old girl with fragile bones. One of them was even still recovering from her fight in France. Of course they might not trust her, but every security scan or search would say the same.

As for the message it had been an open one. She said she wanted to talk with the president and or any government officials willing to listen. She had sad anyone else to was welcome to partake. Lizzy didn't mind if every hero who wanted her arrest was there. She also in the blog post, Youtube video and whatever else the nerd could think of told everything she could for anyone not in the know. That she had helped extract the nGods from the collapse of their city. That she had helped move them to someplace safe and sorted out the criminals from the rest. But that she wanted what was now prisoners to stay there outside of the legal system of the States that she didn't trust to be fair. She admitted to fighting the Government and that in the clash of various powers she was responsible for the death of two soldiers. She'd let the world know she was dubbed a terrorist and form their own opinion based upon what they'd been told.

And now here she sat in a club with a mountain dew to sip from as she waited to see who would show up. Doing her best to ignore the few news crew aloud to come in and record things. When people showed up whoever they might be her introduction was a simple one. "Hai! I'm Lizzy Leet, I'd like to say I'm a brilliant hero but thats just my opinion of me. Despite what your's is though I want you to know. Ronald Larson, sometimes called Neuromind previously the leader of the team I was on. Plans to take action I believe against the states." Course there was more to dive into and she was willing to talk as long as others wanted. That however she was insisted to be known, that she was going to do her best to help people. And that regardless what people thought of her she wanted them to know of the actual dangers to come.

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A man with a permanent smile and bleached skin walked into the bar. Sounds like a bad joke, right? At least Tristan thought so. Today was his day off and he'd chosen to come to a metahuman hangout. But he was in LA for the week and figured why the heck not. It might be a good test of his analysis abilities at the very least.

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"You could say that-" Suddenly Cormac was disturbed, the bartender coming over and speaking. "It's for you?"Cormac looked at Robin for some reason in confusion, and back at the phone. For him? "Who the hell is calling me here?" The Bartender shrugged and passed Cormac the wireless phone, chuckling. "Apparently Tony Stark? Friend of yours?" The Knightfall monster snatched the phone, not actually thinking the CEO of Peak International was calling him. "Who is this? How'd you find m-"

Suddenly the voice of Stark cut in, a voice Cormac instantly recognised. "Hello Cormac. Moments ago my HQ was just destroyed by our friend Satar - Now, I know what you're thinking. 'Why do I care?' One million dollars is why you care. I know you were created to do a single job by a man beginning with A and ending with S, so how about living your old life for a little nostalgia?" Stark was cut short however, Cormac interjecting. "No." Cormac hung up the phone and took the drink the bartender had given him, downing it in a single gulp.

"WHAT THE FCK!" Cormac shouted, looking as the man himself appeared...

No Caption Provided

...Anthony looked down at the lone ronin with a knowing stare.

"Look, I don't have time to hunt down and kill Satar and I trust a design by Andres Knightfall enough to do the job for me. How does five million dollars and a free shave sound like?"

Cormac smacked down his glass as it broke, looking at Stark angrily. "I'm not a design. I'm a person." Stark slipped the bartender a wad of 100 dollars bills as they slid across the wood, apologizing for Cormac's outburst. "I'm talking." Cormac's claws popped out as they impaled the wad of cash, keeping them fixed as Stark's fingers were millimeters from being pierced. "Make it six million and I'll consider hunting down the terrorist, and another six million upon completion. Also, you're buying me a new drink." Anthony folded his arms, looking down at the hairy maniac. "Deal."

@satar (for your info)

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After a few centuries of dealing with a pseudo-lycanthropy affliction and taking action against the affluent corruption while armed with a bow and arrow, Robin didn't think much could surprise him anymore. That was, of course, before six inch silver claws pierced out of the knuckles of the gruff old man he was speaking with and Anthony Stark appeared on the scene offering a six million (twelve million?!) dollar assignment to bring down the infamous super terrorist Satar.

He didn't bother disguising his awe as he watched the scene unfold. It was a few moments before he realized that there was no firewhiskey in the glass he was pressing against his lips. He set in on the bar and didn't bother to get another. His eyes flitted between Stark/Cormac and the bills, a crease forming in his brow. In any other scenario, he might've swiped it and taken off. Aside from not wanting to end up with six-inch claws impaled up his chin, however, he much preferred to see how this would play out.

"The drink's on me, mate," Robin cut in with a genial nod, slapping cash against wood for the bartender to take. "Least I can do if you're planning to sink those remarkably silver claws in Satar. Any ideas on how to find him, exactly?"

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Stark looked at Robin with a smile, winking at Cormac. "You even found yourself a buddy." And just like that the mysterious Stark vanished before either of the two loners could blink their eyes. The Knightfall creation turned, looking at Robin with a shake of the head as he slid the cash to the stranger, clearly not needing it anymore. "I work alone kid. I don't want your death on my conscience." He finished the new drink almost immediately and began to stand up, looking at the bartender. "Bill Stark for the damaged table."

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Now there's a strange bloke...Robin thought as the enigmatic inventor vanished on the spot, brows raised. Peering back at the old man with something of a wry smirk, the archer replied, "Well, I would say I'm a survivor, but I've watched one too many movies to think that'd be anything less than cliche."

The outlaw made a claw gesture with his right hand,.

"Besides, I haven't officially offered my services, but..."

In full view of the Knightfall Weapon and the bartender, claws began to emerge from each Robin's fingernails; Three inches each, ivory as bone, razor 'gifts' stemming from his lycanthropy. "...sixteen claws are better than six. My math is assuming you have another set of claws in the other hand.."

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"You remind me of my brother," Cormac growled, looking away with a heavy sigh. He didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. "I think I might know a place that can help me find Satar,” The Ronin nodded before taking a seat back down, staring at Robin, “but I need to scout it first and put some of Stark’s money to good use for the mission.” He removed a cigar holder from his pocket and held it between his fingers, offering the pack to Robin. “Tell me anything you think will help us beat Satar. I don’t want to go into this with a stranger.” He lit the cigar and gave it a puff.

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"Theres no need to introduce yourself to me because we've already met." The voice came from behind the cluster of media and news personnel. A copper colored machine strolled through the crowd, cameras taking images of the unknown hero. Gaige however would know exactly who was walking up the the table as she was one of the few to ever see Neuromind's Copper Titan suit. He stopped in front of the media and a few feet from the table. His mind on alert as hidden in the shadows of nearby alley's two Sonic Nightmare's waited in drone mode as a defensive measure. His helmet began to dissemble, plate by plate the covering folded away allowing his long red hair and untrimmed beard to feel the Terran air. It was crisp and refreshing to be out of Hero Mountain or Phobos-2. Preparations were being made, actions set in motion, and allies being pulled from the woodwork. The media began taking pictures of the second terrorist to enter the building and begin talking. "I....I need help."

His expression showed just how hard it was for him to say those three words. Showed just how difficult it was for him to ask someone for help. "You're the one I expected to understand the most and I still do."

"I want to show you something, something that will bring everything into perspective."

He inputed a series of keystrokes on a small device that slid from his wrist. After a few moments a rectangular wall of yellow light formed next to the table and emitted a slight whirring sound. People became shocked, some even tried to touch it. When they did he shot them a glance, one that said exactly what would happen if they did.

"That leads to my base. You trusted me once and I know you still do, somewhere inside your heart you still trust me."

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And of course of all the probable arivals of course it had to be him. It was immediately sickening to her in a way. Here she was, just a fragile boned girl labeled a terrorist. Her life might very well be on the line for daring to come here, and then there Larson was armored and prepped for conflict. Sure it might help her case having the direct opposite in front of her but it didn't change the facts. Where Lizzy came to try her hands at peace the first big name to show up was dressed for war. Then he opened his mouth and it made the engineer really begin to question the man's intellect. She did little beyond blink in bafflement at first. "Did the giant give you a concussion in that fight?"

She sighed before elaborating, "are you sure you cant provide a perspective you know here instead? I trusted you once, when I tried to help those in trouble though you provided ridicule. I trusted you to lead, instead you snapped at Dia" Dia of course being what Lizzy chose to call Custodian. "I trusted you to help me become a hero, you started talk about revolution. So do please enlighten me on your stance, maybe those watching as well. But do forgive me if I chose not to go with you, a man so far from who I knew you might as well be a stranger."

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@cormac said:


"You remind me of my brother," Cormac growled, looking away with a heavy sigh. He didn’t know if that was a good thing or a bad thing. "I think I might know a place that can help me find Satar,” The Ronin nodded before taking a seat back down, staring at Robin, “but I need to scout it first and put some of Stark’s money to good use for the mission.” He removed a cigar holder from his pocket and held it between his fingers, offering the pack to Robin. “Tell me anything you think will help us beat Satar. I don’t want to go into this with a stranger.” He lit the cigar and gave it a puff.

"Is that a good thing?" Robin dryly asked, flashing a smirk filled with humor. In a moments notice, his claws had rescinded back into normal fingernails. With a polite gesture he declined the offered pack. "Well, we might find it useful to examine old feed of Satar's past terrorist attacks in Grimm (Gothic) City, to assess his abilities. Unless of course Stark already has a good idea of what hes capable of, in which case phoning him would suffice."

He thought for a moment, resting his chin in the place between the thumb and forefinger. "I heard his faction had a base somewhere in Grimm's Shanty Town. If I recall correctly, a lot of it was destroyed, but if we're looking to pick up a trail, then poking around there wouldn't hurt. If hes back, then for all we know, he might consider rebuilding the place."

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@cormac: (Just saw this! Looking forward to it, LOL)

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@alice_walter: 20 minutes later

*I willed the air bubble to approach the beach and make landfall out of the water and finally the bubble popped after the trip from Seattle to LA* Well here we are in LA and that new pub is just a short walk from Locksley's it opened just a just a week or two ago. So are you ready to start our nice walk through the LA streets to the club? * I started to stretch a little before we started our walk*

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@_gaige_: @neuromind

Kaede had never actually been in a bar. She wasn't particularly sure about this one, even if she did have dispensation from the owner to be there as long as she wasn't drinking. That was quite all right with her - Kaede had no desire to start any illicit teenage experiments. Besides, this was hardly the place or the time for that. She was here because of Lizzy - they were all worried about her. Kaede sort of understood her desire to clear her name, but it was still dangerous for her to be alone, especially without any of her equipment. It wouldn't even take the government to harm her, just some idiot who wasn't watching where he was going.

Kaede was trying to look out for her, but was simultaneously certain she had to be the worst guardian ever. Especially since she wasn't entirely sure what she was going to do about it - it wasn't like she was a fighter, or wanted to be one. But if nothing else, she would be there, and maybe that would be all that was needed. She could hope, anyway.

She'd stayed outside as long as she could... until she heard that voice. He's here... what is he doing here? She slipped a cell phone from her pocket, dialed a pre-arranged alert to the rest of the team, and then slipped into the bar as well.

No Caption Provided

It was crowded and close and full of people and there were too many conversations going on at once, and it was complete cacophany and she instantly resolved to avoid bars for the rest of her life, but Lizzy was in there, and she really should not be there alone with Neuromind. Kaede breathed a little sigh of relief when Lizzy shut down his politely worded offer to kidnap her (seriously, what was up with that?), and slipped between a few people to stand close enough for support. She didn't look much like support, since she was working with the Japanese look under the assumption that if anyone had recognized her from Nebraska, she'd been in American clothing then. Also, there was that non-insignificant fact of being fifteen. No, she definitely did not look like support. Kaede was fine with that, because she didn't feel much like support either. At least the looser clothing gave her some space to grow things underneath it. Just... in case.

She'd let Lizzy hold the spotlight, though - Kaede certainly didn't want any attention, media or otherwise. But she gave Lizzy a little nod and a smile, there for her if needed. Because that was what being a friend was about. And Kaede might still not know too much about being a hero, but she was getting a good start on figuring out being a friend.

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A woman sat at the bar, listening quietly the idle chatter and less than idle chatter that filled the club. She had a drink in her hand, something strong, none of that mixed fancy crap. Her eyes were closed as she leaned against the bartop, tapping a finger against her glass idly. She wore the kind of clothing that was expected of a pretty young woman in a club with a black leather jacket tossed over it.

When she eventually opened her eyes they fell on gaige and the man she was speaking with. She smirked a little and took a drink from her glass, swirling it for a moment in her hand before she ultimately placed it back down. Another so called civil war is brewing because another idiot President made another idiotic decision. She spared them a longer moment before turning her eyes to the other interesting conversation in the room and shaking her head a little. Satar again. Let's go after Satar, because it works all the time and this time the plan is super great, just wait and see. The more things change...

Tyrus finished her drink and dropped two gold coins into the empty glass with audible clinking sounds as the gold met glass. She slid the glass across to the bartender. "Keep the ample change." She said. The Half-Breed stood and politely pushed her stool in, once more gazing at the two conversations. She crossed the room, past both tables and turned on the electronic jukebox. She slid a more tradition coin into the slot, then a few more and selected a song seemingly at random, but actually based on what she'd been hearing thus far.

She watched the words scroll across the little digital screen confirming her selection as the song began and then tuned the song out, returning to listening to those people so intent on discussing their plans out in the open in the middle of a club. Maybe someone will say something worth two cents.

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Alice giggled at OW's comment, some distance away was a club, it looked pretty from the outside. "Yes, take me to this place you have in mind, by the way, I don't even know your name ... unless you prefer I called you Fish for eternity?"

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"We'll see," Cormac hugged, puffing on the cigar. His brother was an odd man. "I'm sure Stark knows everything. He knew I was here somehow." Cormac was unaware that Stark knew everything. He even had cloned Satar. "I don't intend on going there. If he is back there he'll have an army with him." Cormac looked at a TV as pictures of Peak International turned on, showing the devastation. "Guess we know why Stark hired me." Cormac looked down. "Ever heard of the Knightfalls? I worked for em once. I know what kind of shit they have hidden everywhere. Quintus Knightfall once had a place in Scotland, I'm betting there's tech that can help us track down the World Eater..." Cormac glanced at Robin, "got any family in LA? Once you go for a man like this and fail, your family are dead."

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"Good point. A run in with Satar's brotherhood would do us no good," he mused.

Robin's mouth nearly fell open at the sight of Peak International on TV - or rather, the smoldering wreckage that was left of it. "What'd he do, nuke the place?" the archer exclaimed, crossing his arms.

"I'd be surprised to find anyone who hasn't heard of the Knightfalls." They were the type of sort he'd steal from. "A base? That's mighty convenient."

He peered over at Cormac, twiddling a shot glass between his fingers. "No, no family, I'm afraid. Unless the, er, World-Eater is petty enough to travel a few centuries back in time. Assuming that's even possible," he almost snorted at the nickname; it struck him as a tad arrogant.

"You know, I don't believe I've caught your name?"

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@alice_walter: * as me and Alice walked up the beach she asked my name and realized I never gave it* Sorry about never giving you my name it's Landon I've grown addicted to going by my codename given to me by the media and technically who you ask back in Kentucky I'm either dead or a missing person so just seemed right to go by my hero name* We had finally reached the sidewalk and began walking the rest of the distance towards Locksley's and from the look of it I think this was a good part of LA*

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Larson wasn't surprised by the words she chose and the ways he spoke about him. He wasn't surprised about her telling the world his plans or the fact that she didn't trust him. What did surprise him was that she still didn't get exactly what the world around her was doing. They were corrupting her mind with false ideals and the Custodian was another one of them. Another being brainwashing the people of the world with the thought that those that control them will protect them.

"You don't get it. You stand on the wrong side of the word Justice. You stand on the side of the manufactured justice shoved down your throat since you were a child. You grew up in Grimm and you should know first hand that the system is built to support the villains. I would love to sit here and talk but, it's better if I show you exactly what is going on."

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@neuromind: @kaede_:

It was comforting knowing Kaede was in the area, sure she was just a pretty wallflower of the scene. Most concluding a young teen out to find boys probably or drink away the drama of highschool life. In a way Kaede was a nobody to the world and club scene, but that was advantageous. And for Lizzy it honestly was a very welcome and easing thing. it was a highly vulnerable situation for her, especially when Lizzy knew what it was like to be drunk as well. She'd suffered a hangover and broken bones as a wake up calls when she was around her friend's age once. Far from comfortable it was honestly in large part Kaede watching out for her that gave Lizzy the courage to be here.

She considered herself a pro and hardcore when in her element. Here though her strength only came from a drive to be a hero and the fact she had a friend looking out for her. Larson continued and she got it, but it was still wrong to her and just monotonous to hear. "You can't do what you plan and call it justice, you can't hope to go home to your people if you solidify the fears. Oh I'm aware the system is broken. You know what I do with broken things though? I fix them I try to rebuild, instead of breaking them for spare parts." The engineer hoping that referring to machines and innovations as an example might help though she betted it'd be futile. "But I agree I'll know better if you show me. Just try doing it hear instead of asking me to trust a stranger."

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"Good point. A run in with Satar's brotherhood would do us no good," he mused.

No Caption Provided

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His metallic palm came crashing down onto the wooden surface causing some of the crowd to jump slightly. His hair fell around his face as he looked down at his hand and began to sweat. A single drop fell onto the table but it seemed like he was about to drown. He stood there for a few moments frozen, unmoving, and unresponsive. The world around him faded away and he was alone in a black void. Things moved around him in the blackness but only for a second. Then it all flooded back and he was inside the bar.

"I'm...sorry I...I can't show you here. I don't have my equipment and it's not safe for me."

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Kid's gonna get herself splattered. Brave though. Tyrus had files on all of them after the Nebraska incident but she'd judged them clear of wrong doing. She shook her head a little and walked to the bar. Once there she ordered a glass of water and proceeded to move through the crowd until she had reached Kaede's side. She slipped the glass into the girl's unsuspecting hand. "You really should keep one of these on you at all times." She told her in a quiet whisper. Tyrus didn't say anything else, she moved back to the juke box and leaned against it again. Here she was in a corner that allowed her to view the entire club with nothing to her back but walls.

Tyrus wasn't here for any particular reason, she was actually on a separate mission of her own and had stopped here on her way through the city to relax and get away from everything. Of course, relaxed for Tyrus meant still treating the room as a potential battlefield, it also meant carrying her weapon under her civilian clothing. Heh...maybe relaxed is just a lie some people can tell themselves...or maybe I'm just really really bad at it. Either way, this isn't any more relaxed that how I normally feel.

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@neuromind: @_gaige_:@kaede_: @the_custodian: @renegade84

No Caption Provided

In the club? Really? The Custodian sighed and dismounted her multi-million dollar superbike, pocketing the keys and removing one of the spark plugs before she ventured inside. Dressed like this there were exceptionally few people who would recognize her, she tied her hair back into a ponytail on her way through the front door. She spotted Kaede almost immediately and flashed her a brief smile. Spotting Gaige after that was easy as well and she gave her a reassuring smile as well to let her know she was there.

The Custodian had hoped for a relaxing day out, but was now expecting the possibility of, at the very least, an intense argument. She made a brief stop at the bar to order the first drink she spotted, which happened to be a vodka martini (shaken) with a pair of olives. She shrugged, took a sip of it and then made her way over to Kaede. "We should take seats or something." She suggested. The alcohol content of her drink would be hard pressed to dramatically impact her Binary biology. "Try to at least pretend to be normal people." She smiled. "Besides, I don't think anyone will try anything here with so many people around and in such a public place."

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@_gaige_:@kaede_: @the_custodian:

Marie dumped her gloves, which had blood on them. Whose blood? She wasn't revealing that and she now sported a new pair and went with the rest of her friends...sort of friends. They haven't known each other for very long. And Marie felt out of place in a club, like she didn't belong. She chose to stay out of Neuromind's way, she had nothing to say to that man.

In fact, all Marie wanted to do was go home. But she couldn't do that. She has to look after her buddies, who could get in trouble in a place like this. So, Marie takes a seat when the Custodian suggested it. "Normal? Nothing about us is normal, but I'll try."

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@the_custodian: @_gaige_: @renegade84: @neuromind:

"How can you pretend this is normal when there's a giant yellow portal to the realm of awful?" Kaede inquired, not sure whether she was exasperated or horrified or actually this was kind of funny - No, no, don't go there. That was a little too close to hysteria. The last yellow portal had gone straight to the awful space moon... space...station thing. Kaede was not going back there. And she didn't think anyone else wanted to, either. "And we're in a bar! I don't belong in a bar! I'm fifteen! My mother's going to kill me! And... yellow portal to the realm of awful and would you two please be serious?" She made an exasperated little squeak, which kind of made her sound more like twelve than fifteen, and quickly resolved not to do that ever again, especially not when there were people around.

"I'm really worried about Lizzy," she said quietly. "I... I want to trust him. But... it wouldn't be that hard to push her through." She bit her lip - probably also makes me look like I'm twelve... oh, the heck with it - then set down the drink she'd been given on the bar, maybe a little more emphatically than was necessary, and slipped her hand into a pocket.

She drew it out a moment later... cradling a tiny little green vine. She'd picked it up in New Orleans. It came from Japan, originally. It had been imported to the Americas in the late 1800s... and had ended up everywhere. It brought down houses, destroyed fields, spanned rivers. On a warm day, it grew fast enough that you could watch its progress.


Kaede looked at it nervously for a moment. It would be hard to control. Her eyes drifted over to Lizzy, to the yellow portal that was far too close for comfort. She drew a breath, let it go, and let the vine creep up her arm. So fast. It moves. It crept around, down below her clothing and down to the ground, moving across the floor and tracing a circle around where Lizzy was seated, creeping up the chair and brushing against her leg.

There. Stop now. Wait for now. Just... hold it back.

Quiet for now, she kept her focus on her control. If nothing happened, it would harm nothing, die as soon as she disentangled herself as all her plants did. If he tried to push Lizzy through the portal, though, Kaede thought she had a chance to catch her.

Admittedly, she was a little vague on the trans-planar properties of invasive plant life, but heck, kudzu went everywhere. A little thing like a portal to a mystic unspecified locale wasn't getting rid of that stuff.

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@alice_walter: * as me and Alice walked up the beach she asked my name and realized I never gave it* Sorry about never giving you my name it's Landon I've grown addicted to going by my codename given to me by the media and technically who you ask back in Kentucky I'm either dead or a missing person so just seemed right to go by my hero name* We had finally reached the sidewalk and began walking the rest of the distance towards Locksley's and from the look of it I think this was a good part of LA*

"Hey Landon..." I grabbed on his arm a bit more tightly, giving him a small kiss on his cheek, "Thanks for doing this. I know you have lots going on in your life. Just know that even if I won't say it again, taking the time for me, I really appreciate this,"

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@alice_walter: * I enjoy the kiss she gives me on my cheek feeling like I'll never wash it again but continue to walk down the sidewalk until we finally reach Locksley's and enter the club.* Come on now let's try and forget our problems for a change and try to have a good time here.

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@_gaige_: @the_custodian: @renegade84: @kaede_:

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"Excuse me at least for a moment" Lizzy remarked in retaliation to her ed team leader's dramatic reactions. Something about bluntly leaving him hanging the gamer had to admit felt rather good. Crossing the way she met up with the other girls. She was careful to face Marie so as to not give away the cover of the others. Of course she was confident her team knew she addressed all of them as she spoke. "Normalcy is an artificial concept or an all encompassing one. Marie if you wan't ordinary just be yourself."

"One sec" removing her phone the techno titan gave commands to a drone. It'd soon be making it's way to the bar. It'd crawl along the ceiling out of sight and drop a small receiver into the laps of the team members. "Try and have fun, however keep that on you at all times. I don't want you worrying about me." The drone was dropping a slipspace receiver node to each of Lizzy's friends, because trust in Ron was absolutely gone. "For the table, and a few drinks for the ladies, only soda and stuff though got it?" The gamer remarked paying for damages and trying to encourage the bartender to help liven up the trio. But not make the nerd responsible for some underaged drunks in the process.

With that she returned to Larson. "Find a way to do this outside of your bases, or as much as possible." She pulled out her phone again as she made her own plans. To get the drone to drop off a sending node for Lizzy so that she had an emergency exit should things get rough or complicated. "I'm giving you a chance to explain and that is it. Im out afterward and it wont change the facts. The moment you dare to take unjust action in your twisted own notions of justice I'm still going to be there to contest you."

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He still couldn't get it, he still couldn't understand why they insisted on defying his wishes. Was it the way a teenage brain worked that forced them to never understand the real outcome of their actions. Was she so bold as to think that she knew what was best when she had barely even left her own world. She had no idea what she was about to see and all of it would change her perspective on the whole situation.

"There is only one place that has the technology is my base. Come and l will show you everything."

He moved through the yellow portal and waited for her to follow.

(Its short but if you want to continue post in the Phobos-2 thread.)

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Locksley's Pub - 10:00 PM

Los Angeles had long been a super-hero hangout, and Woody had been pleased to see that not too much had changed. A quick LocNet search had suggested Locksley's as a drinking establishment of choice for meta-men like himself, prompting him to land outside the premises with a slightly forceful krakk on the pavement. Striding forward through the traffic, he narrowed his eyes behind the lenses of his helmet, inspecting the Earth bar with an air of both familiarity and distaste. There were thousands upon thousands of more impressive drinking sites throughout the galaxy, yet here he was, forcibly confined to one planet and all it had to offer. He'd left for a reason.

A car stopped an inch from his waist, the driver cursing him out as he walked through the road. Woody rolled his eyes and responded with a briefly raised middle finger. He'd been so used to repulsor craft that anything with wheels was a small surprise. On most worlds, one could walk down the street without worrying about vehicular manslaughter - not that it would've been able to hurt him anyhow.

Inside the pub, he sidled up to the bar, giving a small confident wave and grin to one of the female patrons. She giggled and walked over to her friends. His act was perfunctory, just something he did out of habit - Earth women were so goddamned mundane compared to-

Stop thinking about it. Three more damn months and I can leave, he thought, rolling his eyes as another customer snapped a picture of him in his extra-terrestrial outfit. Anything was amusing on this world. He half-wished for a bar fight, but he wasn't entirely sure if he had the energy.

"Firewhiskey," he said with a shrug, signalling the bartender.

He didn't have any money, but whatever.

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@kaija: @lucyanna

"Jackal, off the god damn table!"

The Maverick Mutant hunter's hand reaches to the back of the obviously belligerent Jackal's face. Clearly, the Never-Say-Die Samurai was straight. Shitfaced. His skin was getting flush to the point of matching his fiery, blood red eyes. A constant low tone cackle, his grin growing wider as Bradshaw yoinks him from the table and tosses him in the direction of the dance floor. "Dance floor's over there, Jackass. Quite bein' a special snowflake." Bradshaw grins.

"$%&* you!" Jackal returns the grin, and a wink as he strolls off to the join the part of the bar that was more to his speed.

It was Moya's idea. A bunch of Maverick personal go to a bar, completely unarmed from a visible standpoint and go walk among gods and metahumans. Of course measures were taken, but the greatest shield they had was reputation. Of both their community, and this community. Someone had to be sober and being that she was the supervisor of this little adventure and highest, she chose to be the one to supervise the event. Eric Bradshaw had the idea of idly inviting a friend of his to attend from the UKND to attend that she'd come to know as "Kaija." A Codename, but she was used to it, given that Jackal and Nemaz were codenames and used outside of work. Other personal showed up too, all partaking in interactions all around the club.

Of course, motivation wasn't all objective. Not all oriented towards business. Everyone was in need of much needed rest from a slew of conflict in recents times, between New York, Moya being trapped on some military base with some monster, terror attacks on France and newfound alliances with Venezuela everyone needed a little rest. They weren't robots, they liked to think. If Maverick thought it wise, they'd all be on their way to being replaced with M.O.R.S. and drones. But such was not the case.

She genuinely liked watching everyone, chuckling idly when Jackal damn near danced on the table. But, to her dismay, Bradshaw had ruined the bit of controlled chaos. He needed to go, and she saw opportunity in Kaija. A hot headed and dominant personality, from what she knew of her.

"Hey." Moya slid up next to Kaija, her legs crossed in her black cottonflouse casual dress and her hand idly sliding along the table as she leaned forward a bit i. "I'll tell you a little secret." Her stoic expressions goes slides to something more mischievous, more sinister in the blink of an eye. "Bradshaw doesn't drink much. Or at all really. And he doesn't seem to be relaxed enough tonight. From experience, I bet even now you could drink him under the table."

She leans onto her palm, looking over Kaija's shoulder at Bradshaw, occupied with watching Jackal for a moment.

"What do you say?"

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"What do you say?"

"Are you kidding? Of course. Old man likes to act like he's a heartless machine, but it's really just his well-trained pokerface. A little alcohol and a few words from a pretty face outta loosen him up a bit." Kaija replied, gazing over at The Maverick with a confident smirk, "He brought me here for a reason after all. I'll look after him."

She rose from her seat, a form-fitting black dress that almost seemed to clash with the black sandals on her feet. The color of the shoes and dress matched perfectly... but the sophistication implied by the intricate dress and the hourglass figure hinted at underneath was almost... completely neutralized by her discount footwear. The fact of the matter was, of the many skills that she had mastered, walking in high heels was well beyond her abilities. She didn't care, it wasn't like she was out to impress anyone. And even if she was, she figured that the eyes of men never traveled below her knees anyways.

Kaija wore no disguise tonight; her horns stood tall and her eyes as read as blood as she made her way to the barkeep to acquire a bottle of Remy Martin and two shot glasses. She was among friends, and saw no need to be anyone else but Kaija tonight. She approached Bradshaw from behind and to his left, placing the first glass on the bar and sliding it in front of him. A moment later, the second glass would land in front of the seat to his left, and she would begin to slowly and carefully open the bottle.

"I told you that I was going to embarrass you one of these days, didn't I? Let's see who can do the most damage to Moya's tab." Kaija asked him, filling both of their glasses, "You're being uncharacteristically disobedient tonight, you know that? This is a party being held by your boss, old man. You're practically being ordered to enjoy yourself. All that you have to do is talk %$#&, get drunk, eat, and vomit in the bathroom once you've had enough of those first three things. And if you need some selfless reason to take up a glass, just tell yourself that you're doing me a favor so that I don't have to drink alone, eh?"

She smiled, then simply downed the first glass. She waited to see if he was man enough to take up the challenge.

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Bradshaw's eyes looked sharply to the right as something came out of his blindspot, his muscles consciously keeping his almost autonervic reflexes in check. Veins rippled all thoughout him for less then a second underneath his flannel T-Shirt. One brown boot the ground and he turns to face her.

He looks off to his at her. And then at the glass. He already began to realize what was happening, casting and idle glance towards Moya as she pretended to not be looking at them, her wolfish grin obvious from even here to him. His face turned straight when he looked at Kaija, idly leaning on his shoulder as he looked at he raised his head up to look at her while she spoke.


His fist hit the table like a hammer, the counter trembling for a moment. No one really saw him pick up the glass. Old bar trick he used to do in the marines, back when he didn't take this as seriously as he did. Fast hands were good for more than just gunplay and fistfighting.

"Can't take me in the ring, so you gotta take me on in the bar huh?" He raised an eyebrow, his eye twitching for a moment. His vision swam for a little bit but it cleared up in a few moments, as the feeling like someone was throwing a little ping pong ball all around his brain went away. He wasn't there yet. But it's been a while since he's been hit like that. Closest thing he's had to poison now-a-days was a dose of cyanogen chloride courtesy of Satar. His body took this one a little better.

He takes the bottle, standing and pouring the bottle leaned forward with exaggerated cordiality, as he shrugs, offhandedly motioning to the glass.

"Ladies first."

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From the main door, annoying shouts in a deep male voice echoed to Locksley's Clubhouse.

"What the hell is that? Let me in!"

"No, I'm not drunk and that's the problem!"

"What? You little cheeky monkey ..." *outside is heard brawling and other security guards run out before club*

"Okay. So yeah! I'll go away tonight! But I'll be back!"

"I'm no crazy freak you bastards!" *sounds of the fist fight*

After about five minutes of arguing, security guards are gradually returning to the club. Some look a bit battered, but they show that everything is fine. After all, it's their job. Keeping these weirdos away from decent guests.

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Katrin leaned against the wall across the street from the club and saw everything. When the argument ended she approached the creature who had been sent away. "You too, huh?" she asked. She was in civilian garb, her claws retracted, looking perfectly human. There was no visible reason why such a normal-looking young woman had been barred entry to the establishment they stood outside.

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On the street, in front of the Locksley's Clubhouse

No Caption Provided

Enki looks surprisingly cheerful and after a brawl, he stretches his body with satisfaction. " Yeah. It was fun. I will come again." *laughed loudly*

He looked at her with interest. "Hey, you look good, sorceress. You have nice hair. Are you waiting for me here?" He probably did not even think that it strange why they would not let you into the club. "You can call me Enki and in bed god or titan." *chuckled* "What is your name?"

Come on. Let's get together. I invite you." From the clothes that look like from the Middle Ages, he drew a small leather bag. When he shakes him, you can hear the jingle of metal. "You see, honey. I have money. I will take good care of you. You do not have to be afraid."

He looked around the street. The sky is dark and cloudy, but the city is still full of light from all the windows and neon lights. "The night is still young. Where are we going? I do not know it here at all."

Enki is naked in half his body. He has a wide leather belt with elaborately wrought bronze buckle that holds something between the Scottish skirt and the fur. Even though the clothes are a lot of extravagant, they looks like custom handmade. Several ancient-looking, metal jewelry adorn his body. Visibly armed with a long knife and broadsword. If you come near him, you smell a little animal scent with an admixture of iron and clay. He looks very healthy and full of energy.

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Katrin laughed as she flipped her ponytail so it no longer rested on the back of her neck, but curled around the side over her shoulder. "I was waiting for someone here. It would appear the someone who came was you." Her teeth were white, her hair shining, her eyes merry. "I'm called Hurricane by those who see me fight, Fiddler by those who see me play," she took several steps towards him with a catlike smile, "And both by those who know know me intimately." Her striped tank top hugged her form tightly, and left her arms exposed. Her jeans reached her ankles,and her feet were bare but surprisingly uncalloused.

"I could show you around town. LA is just full of interesting people at night. I think you would like it, Titan." She rested one hand on his shoulder and the other on the leather pouch, her scent something like iron but sweeter, the scent of Valkyrium and sweat with a hint of rosin and wood. The slight breeze played with the few dark hairs outlining her lovely face and those bright green eyes like emeralds set in white gold.