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All that Sentinel received, all she ever warranted from Heathen was his condescending laughter. His ever-expanding, raucous echo chamber of lunacy.

"You're killing me, Sentinel,"

He appeared behind her, fingers hovering over her shoulders. The gauntlet was covered in blood, her surefire aim and power secured that much truth. Or was it truth? The music was beginning to play again. The pipe organs howled, the jaunty kettle drums, the rolling waves of kazoos and noisemakers and party streamers popping. Popping like wet cartilage. Fresh bone. Marrow, spinal fluid oozing out of the wound. Blood.


"You're absolutely murdering me, heheh,"

She wasn't facing Heathen anymore. She didn't punch him. It was a man in all black, tears streaming down his long face. He wasn't smiling, but the laughter in his depressurizing lungs betrayed something of a sick entertainment in his imminent death. Perhaps security? Hope? The white flowers in his hand were flecked red by his incessant coughing.

"Come on, do something else!" he verbally poked and prodded. Taunting her, pulling her in all directions.

"Say something heroic! Do something fun! I want to see you save a cat from a tree! Oh, that man is falling, won't you save him?"

Splat. Distant, cruel, but it's there. A spotlight from nowhere shines on a corpse. Was it really there? Where were the two? How was...

"Oh, too bad. Let's try that again!"

He pointed elsewhere. Crunch.

Again. Smack.

Again. Plop.

"Come on, try harder! Try harder! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!"

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Jessica keeps those horrible images of death, people dying and blood. She tries her best to tune it out, Just think of it as a really bad war movie and your stuck in it. Jessica thinks to herself.

Again and again she tries getting Heathen with various constructs created from her ring, but he avoids her every time. She knows she isn't applying enough force to kill as she chooses the amount of damage her constructs inflict. But those illusions of his make her see otherwise. Jessica knows they aren't real, but just because the ring itself is not fooled, does not mean Jessica is not. At least with her eyes and what she sees.

Then Jessica stops, then she thinks of an idea. Suddenly she lights up as bright as the sun and blinding in her brilliance. She hopes that this blinds Heathen, at least temporarily. If she succeeds, then she tries to slam a boxing glove into his jaw.

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"So, how does reality taste?" he chuckled over her.

"You can try as much as you want bu-"


From absolutely nowhere, he found himself holding his eyes, or rather where his eyes would have been. This... this was real. The illusion faded from both him and Sentinel. He didn't scream, rather just hissed through his teeth. That was before the second blow came.

A closed fist made of solidified light actually hurt... a lot. His teeth clacked together, breaking in some places. Bone crunched and oozed fresh marrow. He couldn't not taste blood as he backed away.

He was honestly surprised she didn't apply just a tad more pressure and try to snap his neck.

"Aaaah," came the noise from his throat. Low, hungry.

She managed to figure something out about his illusions, and ironically it was the same thing that he himself learned.

"Guess I'll be planning a field trip sometime soon," but his injuries didn't last.

He took his entire jawbone in one hand and his skullcap in the other. With pressure, he popped them back into place. Breaks seemed to just fade.

"Tell you what, I'll have my people call your people."

All the while his smirk didn't fade. Its constant atmosphere caused a void of progress. Was he suffering for what he put Sentinel through? Did he feel pain for all those lives he played with in those illusions?

But... they were still somewhere other than the moonbase where they started.

Heathen faded away, leaving Sentinel in the dark. The only light was her ring finger, glittering slowly.

Maybe it was all just fake again. Except, for an illusion, this one extended far more than the others. Heathen was building up to this. He was trying to trap Sentinel in the permanent darkness of her own mind.

Along with all of her worst fears.

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Jessica finds herself somewhere else. How did she get here? Or is it another illusion? Then it's nothing but darkness other than the glow coming from her ring. Another illusion? Jessica's eyes cannot penetrate the darkness, but the ring can. But she doesn't think to do it because so many things start happening at once as her worst fears come to light.

Her Dad tells her how pathetic she is, telling her she'll never amount to anything. Her mother stands on the sidelines, not doing anything to support her daughter. Just silence, too afraid herself to do anything.

"Your the dumbest genius alive, Jessica. That'll never work and you know it."

"Why did you have to be born a girl? I wanted a son."

"Your weak, Jessica. You failed. Again."

"You got straight A's again, but there's always room for improvement."

"Why did the ring choose you, Jessica? Your not worthy."

Jessica feels as if spiders are crawling all over her. She hates those things! Her body shivers as she tries to shake them off, but they won't come off. Jessica screams to get them off, for her Dad to leave her alone. She begins crying, sitting down in a fetal position. The darkness encroaching all around her. Suffocating her.

Jessica almost becomes lost within her own worst fears as she panics. But something gnaws at the back of her mind. Something that struggles to claw it's way to the surface. A memory. It's then Jessica remembers something in all this fear. On the day she got her ring, it stated to her, "You have the ability to overcome great fear. Welcome to the Green Sentinel Corps." And then it slipped onto her finger. It's a nice memory and when she remembers it, it awakens something within her. Willpower. The willpower to overcome.

Overcome great fear? Jessica wipes away her tears. Overcome great fear? Jessica rises to her feet, shaking. Yes, overcome great fear. Not some fear, not a little fear, GREAT fear. Jessica's resolve becomes back hard as steel as she clenches her fist, "In brightest day, in blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, GREEN SENTINEL'S LIGHT!" Jessica screams the last few words as her ring glows bright with emerald light as she tries to dispel the darkness.

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Where Heathen goes, at least mentally, during one of his illusions is a mystery. It is a cold place. Dark. Perhaps his own mind? His only frame of sanctuary, for better or worse. His eyes are closed and he is sleeping.

Or at least dreaming.

A scratchy recording greeted him with musical score. Perhaps something French, it all blended together without the core of the human soul behind the lyrics, no matter the language's roar. Just ambience, and he sank into his chair, just as low as before. A picture of a woman he used to know was in his hands fresh off the floor. He's perpetually tapping at the thin glass - knocking, waiting for an answer, at the empty door.

No one, did he call out for. No one answered for the past few days, maybe more. He sank lower into the chair, lower than ever before. His muscles were tired and his bones were sore. Didn't he just get back from war? His rifle looked back at him from the paneled floor, waiting for an answer, pointing at the empty door.

Someone was supposed to bring tea he muttered to himself and none else.

Nerves again.

Alone, with the old men trapped in their dusty pages again.

Always alone. He raised up in the confines of the seat. Slow, at first, but always staring into the depths of the woman's eyes. She is so beautiful. She should be making him happy, no matter what, he felt to be the case. Even in the fog of uncertainty he collected a small smile from the corners of his face. Something about her eyes.

Something about her grin, something to cherish forever. His thumb wore down a print into the glass. He blinked slowly, drifting off to some measure of sleep. It was four in the afternoon, but he didn't feel like gardening today. His leg was acting up again.

That's when the green light hit. Maybe. All he knew was to duck, and to take cover.

He tripped, forgot he was missing something important. He looked out behind him, just to see if he had snagged something in his pajamas. His face twisted in confusion. That can't be right.

He was bleeding for the first time since he lost the leg. Bleeding a lot, by the looks of it. Outside? When did... wait this isn't... home.

He felt the tremors of artillery shells. Could hear the resounding screams of the dying. Triumphant, terrified, only they knew. Perhaps in that process of understanding, he could finally be free. Just feeling something only he knew.

"Get up soldier," a heavy hand uprooted him by the arm. He swung there, half-dead already.

"It's your duty... to die for God and country," the officer removed his cap. A long series of teeth greeted him, all cracked into a massive immovable smile.

And its wearer was taking him into the light, whether he wanted to or not.

Heathen writhed in agony, the alien technology foiling his attempts to get inside Sentinel's mind time and time again. Well, less agony and more infuriration. Almost like a childish temper tantrum. He just wanted to play a little longer and Sentinel broke his favorite toy.

They were back on the moon, quiet and suddenly - no more tricks.

"You really are something," he muttered. "But this isn't over,"

He raised his hands to his throat, fingernails extended like claws.

"Not by a... heheh... Longshot... heheh. I know someone will appreciate that."

And then, with a swift and uncompromising motion, Heathen's entire neck and cranium floated in the gravity of the moon as his body limply surrendered itself to the same faculties of momentum. Blood hung there, and continued to pump out, almost like gel. It didn't quite freeze due to the strange properties of Heathen himself.

But before anything could be done about the corpse, it vanished into pure energy, scattered to wherever it came from to begin with.

The "fight" never started. It was all Heathen's game, and he was a sore loser.

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"Who the hell names a child Delphine......thats even hard to say in my head....good god...this chick should be thrilled to have me trying to kill her" Paulina thought to herself as she snapped her fingers as she laid down on her stomach, a long range rifle bursting to being as she outstretched her arms and laid the rifle down on its stand. She focused the rifle sight and found her target. "Hmmm looks kind of pathetic......actually scratch that...shes actually kind of hot...but looks like a normie....why would someone have a hit....ahh screw it...although thats an awful lot of money.....then again I'm right why question that much money......sonnova bitch..."La Muerta sat up from the rifle and pouted talking to herself for a brief moment then her eyes rolled back into her head as she scryed for nearby dead.

As she focused on the spirits around her she felt a huge force coming from the target, voices speaking to her and TELLING her to pull the trigger. Voices she hadn't heard before, these were not spirits of the human variety....these were darker...meaner... Muerta smirked "Well screw my bonnet shes not how she appears...shes got connections...hmmm....what do you think guys...should we listen to the nice voices?"as she spoke and questioned a trio of spirits appeared from over her shoulder and smiled toothy rotten grins, each extending an arm and flipping off the just above the target indicating to tell whatever wanted the target to die to feck off.

"Although that is a sizable amount of money.....lets shoot her a couple times...if she dies quickly she deserves to be dead....that work?"the spirits nodded and shrugged as if say Ehhh alright.

A single shot fired....Muerta hoped she didn't die too quickly.

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Delphine was looking at some flowers on a cart. The flowers smelled of earth and perfume. Just as she went to stand back up she felt a pinch on her shoulder. As she looked at it the bullet began to emerge from her skin. She closes her eyes to figure out who knew who she was and why they wanted to kill her.

'the moment I see my wife I will make her suffer for this...' a man near her thought.

Delphine closed her eyes tighter and thought harder. She could hear thoughts for miles around. Then it happened she found the one she was looking for.

'Huh... she didn't get a scratch... Well I will have to try harder with this next one.' But this woman wasn't the only one there. There were many voices. Using her Telekinetic powers she levitated herself. She used the process of elimination to find the source of the person with the gun. On a rooftop the woman laid on her stomach.

Levitating behind the woman Delphine began to speak...

" And what do you think you're doing trying to kill me? Don't you know it is not nice to shoot a person who isn't expecting it? Paulina dear girl learn some manners. Or at least learn the way to have a proper fight."

Delphine said as she sat her feet on the ground. She felt the tiny bit of panic run through La Mureta.

"Care to test your skills?" Delphine challenged...

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Simple, but clever.

The "walls" of her prison were composed of some substance with a curious property: the stretched and expanded, seemingly without limit, regardless of how much force was brought to bear against them. All of the strength of her body and her mind could not strain the barrier to its breaking point. Testing this had proven amusing for some time, but now it had grown tiresome.

To many, the phrase "failure was not an option" was largely hyperbole; it meant that they would not accept defeat, or had only the option of returning victorious or dying in its pursuit. To the Daughters of Nordok, however, this was more than an inspiring turn of phrase; to them, failure was simply not an understood concept. A goal may be delayed, but it was never beyond achievement. Time, distance, and even death were mere complications; when they set themselves to a task, that task would be accomplished, and could never be abandoned, so long as the object of their determination existed.

If one path did not lead to the desired destination, another must be found...or forged. If strength did not avail her, the next step was subtlety. She was not a high-level telepathic, but for what she was attempting, she did not need to be. Catalina's mind was so luminous and potent that even a novice psychic would be drawn to it, once they had felt it even once. Seating herself in the lotus position and quieting her mind, she reached out with her own dark thoughts, sending a simple but insistent message rippling across the astral aether.

"We must speak."

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There were events transpiring, and fast. The Earth, no the Universe was in for a gauntlet of events. Events centered around the obsession for power, the makings of a cosmic game of thrones, A Senator of Galactic Conquest; and on a much smaller, more personal scale the next chapter in a familial rivalry.

She wasn't a hero, she didn't care to dawn a cape; she didn't care for fame or accreditation, Catalina only wanted to protect her family. Despite being a clone of the deceased "War Goddess" Catalina was not a tactical fighter; she was a always more of a mastermind than a combatant; however The Prize Fighter was a different story.

The Fabled Goddess of old welcomed challenge, but at the price of her host. Cat couldn't control her, she'd just as easily let Catalina die before getting into a conflict that didn't benefit her. If these events transpired without taming the Goddess...Cat would be no good.

Allowing the stress of the Goddess to subside for now, an eerie voice penetrate her mind, a familiar one--a foe. "Look, I got it your hot, I'm hot. But I already have a girlfriend. Plus I'm not sure I'm in my alien phase" She jested trying not to allow her mind to show that she was indeed shocked that Baerda somehow contacted her.

"WHAT do you want?"

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Her next projected thought was laughter, a cackle with a cruel aristocratic twist woven through it. "You may not want me, love goddess, but you're going to need me, and quite soon, at that. Tell me, have any others found you yet, or have you convinced yourself that I'm the only one?"

Even telepathic words were merely words, though. The alien assassin opened up a small, compartmentalized portion of her memory to Cat, offering glimpses of other hunters.

"How many will you be able to protect the stone from? A hundred? A thousand? How much collateral damage will your world suffer in the process?"

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Baerda's cackle legit sent a paralyzing chill throughout Cat's mind, the Prize Fighter fought the alien to test her own skill, but surmounting any new assault from the Imperium's hand would prove troublesome especially with a non-compliant Goddess.

The images of elite hunters burned heavy in Catalina's mind, fading her telltale grin manifesting into the look of concern with narrowed brows. Why was she focusing so many resources to this one stone?

A familiar foe with new dangers but with the same goal in mind, the only change was now Catalina was not in possession of the mind lavaliere--The Champion was. She was sure her father could deal with the issue herself, but that would directly place So-So, Tassi and Star in harms way.

"For sh!ts and giggles, lets say you weren't a super hot murderous alien babe. What's so important about this stone?"

The stone was one to be coveted that much she knew, but the Herald of the Prize Fighter remained largely ignorant to it's importance--and other's like it.

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Baerda's grin was all but palpable through the mental connection, and her astral voice took on a deadly sweetness, like poisoned honey. "I'm not certain what my 'hotness' has to do with this, but if you enjoy fixating upon it, I'll not attempt to dissuade you. I don't seek the stone for myself; I've simply been set to a task by Father, and I've never known Father to turn aside from an object of his desire. He will have the stone, and he will think nothing of wiping entire worlds from existence to possess it." She punctuated this last statement with another mental image, a memory of another world that stood in the Ancient One's path.

"It doesn't need to come to this, though," she continued, slyly. "To oppose Father is to bed oblivion itself, but to ally with him is the surest path to power beyond any worldly fantasies. The benefits," she continued, projecting an image of her licking her own lips lasciviously, "are truly endless."

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Cat's hand massaged her chin as the mental image of a world imploding burned in her mind. The devastating sense of doom seemed all to real, Baerda wasn't making threats--she was simply stating a prophecy. As the image withered to a vision of Baerda licking her azure lips Cat immediately rethink the amorous tantalizing she previously displayed.

'Great another psycho alien with daddy issues" she thought only before realizing Baerda could actually hear her thoughts.

"If your 'dad' wants this stone he's going to have to fight for it like everyone else is. You've fought me, you know he'll have to kill me before I even consider joining him. If oblivion is the end state than so be it. But I can tell you right now...he won't win."

Cat confidently projected an image of herself as the Goddess, watching Baerda retreat in their Daytonville encounter.

"You may have resources on your side, but we have something you don't and that's will. We have a will to live, You may not know this but the Earth is undefeated in Galactic Wars. Yall can roll up on us if yall want to but yall WILL get your ass beat.

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Of course she opted to resist. The strong ones always did, which is what made them so enticing...and so very, very pleasurable to break. "When you meet Father, you'll understand my issues, lover," she teased, as her eyes flashed with a cosmic, predatory lust. "But most of those he's killed have wound up serving him, one way or another."

She allowed herself a moment to indulge in undisguised admiration for the image of the Goddess. This one was worthy indeed, and what had promised to be a mundane retrieval mission had proven to be dangerously more exciting. "Consider this, my delicious divinity: the undefeated have the most to lose, and Father is not the only one who seeks the treasure you possess. He is, however, the only one whose knowledge and power allow him to properly make use of them. Every moment they exist outside of his grasp just increases the likelihood that someone or something far less...equipped will gather them all, and everything you have ever known and loved may be wiped from existence like so much sand in the wind."

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Cat's eyes rolled, not because she was uninterested in what Baerda was saying; but because she knew it was true. The longer the stones remained uncontrolled the more likely someone else could lay claim to them. There was static in the link between the two of them, Cat's head ring but only for a moment; once the link was reestablished the young Liafador's mind didn't sound the same. She sounded like a mix between two voices, hers and another. She sounded confident to the point of arrogance--The Goddess.

"You tell your father that he can have his precious stones after I get what I want. Then you inferior beings will be free to fight for them all you want. In the meantime, he better not get in my way..."

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There it was: that shift that was so much more than simple tone. There was power in this new voice, a power that world-bound organisms would have difficulty comprehending. It was akin to the power she felt when Father spoke directly to her mind, a primordial potency that defied mortal languages' insipid descriptors. This was a divine being. A goddess.

"Well then," she replied, and the images projected would be of the Daughter of Nordok displaying a courtly bow, "it would seem that our interests coincide, and the most efficient way to fulfill my own purpose would be to help you fulfill yours. Release me from this hindrance, and I will be your ally."

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There it was: that shift that was so much more than simple tone. There was power in this new voice, a power that world-bound organisms would have difficulty comprehending. It was akin to the power she felt when Father spoke directly to her mind, a primordial potency that defied mortal languages' insipid descriptors. This was a divine being. A goddess.

"Well then," she replied, and the images projected would be of the Daughter of Nordok displaying a courtly bow, "it would seem that our interests coincide, and the most efficient way to fulfill my own purpose would be to help you fulfill yours. Release me from this hindrance, and I will be your ally."

I have no clue where she is lmao

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The Arrogant goddess obliged, understanding the prison Baerda had been captive way better than her host. "Of Course" For the Prize Fighter there was only one goal freeing her sisters Tesla and Nayru from their bondage to these mortal souls. Their older sister, Shira despite having reconciled centuries-old feud wasn't someone she immediately intended to rescue.

"There your freedom is yours. Once the human catches wind of what I have done, she will stop at nothing to stop you and subdue me. We must be swift in our execution."

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There it was.

"Executions are something of a specialty of mine," the alien assassin all but purred, "and I fear no human." With that, her gleaming eyes closed, and her mind reached out in a different direction, across the vastness of space. While her own abilities would not normally allow her to engage in such a feat, the mind she sought had more than ample power, and his attention was not difficult to attract. Not for her.

The exchange required no words; she simply opened her mind and conveyed her need, and the answer was nigh-instantaneous. A rift tore open in the very fabric of space directly beneath her, and she braced her senses for the sudden drop out of the conventional laws of physics, then to freedom...then to the hunt.

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High orbit above the planet Elezar-14:

The Supreme Commander of the Imperium Military sat in an almost ostentatiously ornate chair in the war room of his flagship, glowering eyes narrowed as data poured in from all quadrants of the battle raging below. Well, perhaps raging was less accurate than smoldering; every significant city and military outpost on the surface of the world had been annihilated. The mechanical legions of the Abyssal Imperium crushed the shattered bodies of fallen defender and civilian alike beneath their metallic heels as support craft circled overhead, seeking survivors and pockets of resistance. No living being was spared, as per the will of Nordok.

Loading Video...

Zedracus rubbed his bearded chin as his adamantine aide de camp detailed the current complication. The surface of Elazar-14 had been all but scoured clean, and the humanoids who comprised its dominant civilization would be extinct in a matter of hours. There was, however, a secondary civilization on this world, a race of insectoid beings who dwelt in vast subterranean city-nests far beneath the planet's surface, far enough that no aerial bombardment would reach them, unless it was strong enough to literally break the planet itself apart. That always remained an option, of course, but the world had useful resources that could be harvested and used in the greater war effort.

The insectoids were not a particularly intellectual bunch, but they were fearsome warriors, and shared a hivemind that gave them virtually perfect coordination. Pushing wave after wave of conventional troops into the claustrophobic tunnels leading to their nests would be painstaking, and cost-prohibitive. No, the Expansion could not be delayed for so trifling a matter, but it simply would not do to leave an enemy capable of fighting in one's wake.

The betrayer of Delos brought up a holographic representation of the world below, and began to give his orders to his automaton lieutenant. "Establish garrisons here, here, and here," he indicated, the map glowing as he touched each location in turn, locations where it had been determined the insectoids maintained surface entranced to their underground kingdom. "Fortify them so that they would be challenging to take, but not impossible. Fill their armories with weapons programmed to violently self-destruct when their tenth shot is fired, stock their supply depots with rations containing the slowest-acting poison we have, and contaminate all the medical supplies with a wasting illness engineered to affect the enemy's physiology. Something highly contagious."

He sat back, a sadistic and satisfied smirk twisting his already cruel features as his orders were relayed to his planetside commanders. All intelligence gathered about Elazar-14 indicated that the insectoids bore no great love for what they viewed as their surface oppressors, and now they would likely see the elimination of the above-ground civilization as an opportunity to fully claim their world, when all they would be claiming was their own agonizing annihilation.