Light's Out. (Part 2)

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Wednesday 2:00 AM

Bryan stood 15 meters across the street from the Las Muertes' headquarters. A house, the biggest one in the shadiest part of the city, owned by lowlifes, thugs and murderers.

*Sniff sniff*

Sweat, alcohol, drugs. Meth and coke to be specific. Bryan could smell them with great distinction. He could hear everything with incredible clarity. He stared at the house with great focus and intensity. A predator observing its preys. Literally.

Bryan opened the voltage breaker beside him that gave power to the entire city block. He closed his eye shut before smashing the fuses inside. Sparks and a small explosion happened simultaneously before the entire block went completely dark.

Human's have a natural but rather limited night vision built in. They adapt to low light situations after a couple of minutes in the dark, but are completely blind in pitch black conditions. Bryan's night vision however, is perfect. Crystal clear at night, and by command.

Bryan opened his eyes, revealing no longer eyes of a man, but rather a monster's. A predator. A killer's. The whites that surrounded the pupil turned into a malicious yellow that seemed to have a slight glow. And the pupils became murky red.

Bryan sprinted and jumped over the fence with incredible speed and agility closing the 15 meters between him within seconds. and jumping over the 8 feet tall fence with ease.

The Big Bad Wolf pounced on the first gang member, rendering him unconscious before swatting away the second and immobilizing the third in one quick, fluid motion.

Confusion started, followed right after by panic. Feroz could hear it, smell it. Beams of light from flashlights crossed each other and illuminated some parts of the headquarters as Las Muertes tried to figure out what was going on.

"Knock, knock" Feroz uttered as he kicked down the front door. 3 beams of light illuminated him standing in the doorway His canines now deadly fangs, his eyes blood lusted. The predator was on the hunt and multiple preys were cornered.

Bryan pounced on the closest gang member. Digging his claws into the solar plexus before dropping him lifeless on the ground. The others fumbled with whatever weapons they could find under the dark as Bryan continued with his killing spree.

Gunshots of varying sounds from different caliber firearms resonated within the headquarters. Every pull of the trigger, every flash from the gun barrels briefly illuminated the house, revealing short glimpses of the chaos and mayhem that Bryan had brought. .

One gang member shot thrice. 2 shots hit Bryan in the chest dead center, the other hit a fellow member behind The Big Bad Wolf. Bryan smirked, amused by the inexperience, and lack of skill before proceeding to close the distance between the shooter. Slashing downwards with his claws, Feroz unleashed devastating blow after devastating blow shredding any skin, tissue, muscle and even bone from the neck down to the thigh like a hot knife through butter.

Soon enough, the gunshots, the screams of agony, pain and absolute fear slowly faded as Bryan thinned out everyone in the house. Killing every single Las Muertes' member one by one until silence took over. The headquarters riddled with lifeless, mangled bodies. Blood and plasma painted the floors, walls and ceilings.

He took Alexi's laptop that was being used as an ashtray by the Las Muertes before leaving the carnage he had caused.

Wednesday 1:00 PM. Local Hospital:

"Hey kid. How are ya feeling?" Bryan inquired, looking worriedly at Alexi.

"Can't say I've been through worse, physically at least. What are you doing here?" She replied.

"Something happened in the Las Muertes' house, wolf attack maybe. Killed everyone inside. I was able to use the situation and uh.. I snuck in earlier this morning. Found the laptop. Looks like it needs charging, but other than that, it seems okay. They didn't mess around with it either. Password" The Big Bad responded.

"Woah! Must have been some wolf to take out the entire house. Those guys deserve it anyway. As bad as that may sound. Thank you, Bryan. I really appreciate it."

"Just doing what you hired me for. Also, here's the 400 dollars. I don't need it anymore, got hired. Way better pay." Bryan bantered. "Will you be okay here, kid?" He added.

"You kidding? Free food and television!" She responded with a banter of her own.

"Well, if you have any more jobs, you have my number" Feroz assured before leaving.

Wednesday 6:00 PM. Bryan's house.

Bryan flips the light switch, but nothing happens. He gives it a couple more tries with the same result. He sighs as he heads towards the fridge to only discover the milk has spoiled and the beer was warm. The fridge was no longer working. He takes another deep sigh and sits on the couch. He attempts to turn the T.V on but to no avail. Bryan gazes at the small coffee table in front of him where the electricity bill he had opened and read earlier had laid. He reads the balance again.

"376 dollars"