Light's Out (Part 1)

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Monday 10:00 AM

"Now that you know where my laptop is, how do you plan on getting it back?" Alexi, a strong independent 16 year old orphan who occasionally acted her age with immaturity and spontaneous behavior inquired.

"I don't. We report it to the police" Bryan replied as he opened his old, discontinued refrigerator from the 80's. Revealing 4 opened and stale bottle of beer, leftover mac and cheese and half a gallon of milk.

"What do you mean report it to the police? The longer the laptop is with them the more chances of them accidentally deleting my files! And in this part of town, it would be a miracle if the police would actually give our report any attention!" Alexi exclaimed, irritated and annoyed.

"Look, kid. You hired me to find your laptop, I found it." Bryan responded, pouring a glass of milk before he slid it towards Alexi. "It's inside that big crappy house five blocks down the road. And I'm sure you know where that is and who owns the house right?" Bryan added.

The young Alexi looked down at the glass of milk before looking back up at Bryan. "The Las Muertes" She answered, a little defeated.

"Right. They also run this part of the city. And that house, is their headquarters. What do you expect me to do exactly, walk up the front door and ask nicely and hope they give it back? Look. Just give me half of what I asked for, and use the other half to get yourself another laptop." Bryan pleaded as Alexi paced around in Bryan's tiny house that barely received any maintenance aside from the occasional cleaning.

"I just can't get another laptop Bryan! The files, they're pictures and videos of my parents and I alright?! They're memories that I-I just can't buy. I need it. Those files are the only things I have to remember my parents by! Look, I hired you cause a friend of mine told me you beat up 4 people that mugged him and you got his money back" She declared, even more agitated and desperate.

"Kid, those were four people who didn't know how to fight. You could barely call them thugs! We're talking about an entire gang's headquarters, they're armed and have a reputation to protect. I'm a private investigator, not someone with a death wish. I'm sorry, but there's really nothing we can do aside from giving the cops a phone call. I'm really sorry kid." Bryan apologized.

"Fine! Here's your stupid fee!" Alexi threw down worn out, crumpled bills amounting to exactly 378 dollars and 2 cents." There's your stupid 400 dollars." She added furiously as she stormed out the door.

Bryan sighed as he stared at the untouched glass of milk before proceeding to put it back in the fridge and collecting the payment.

Tuesday 6:00 PM

TV chatter along with smoke from a freshly lit cigarette filled Bryan's living room. But considering how small his house was, this wasn't particularly a hard feat to accomplish. "16 year old Alexi Johnson was rushed to the hospital after having been found by a good Samaritan lying on the street, unconscious and badly beaten. Witnesses say members of the local criminal gang called the "Las Muertes" came looking for her after having allegedly vandalized a house owned by one of the gang members. Others say they saw the young Alexi throw brick at the windows of said house earlier today. Police say an investigation is already ongoing."

"Ah, sh!t." Bryan muttered under his breath upon hearing the news. "Dammit, I thought you were smarter than that kid" Bryan spoke to no one in the room but himself as he grabbed his coat with haste to go visit Alexi in the hospital.

As Bryan opened the front door, a 1986 purple Impala was parked right outside. Without warning, 4 individuals opened fire with 9mm automatic machine guns until loud clicks replaced the gunshots, signaling an empty magazine before speeding away. "Know who the F#ck you're messing with puta" one gunman exclaimed as they left.

Bryan along with his front door were now riddled with holes. He fell to the floor from the unexpected barrage of gunfire from the drive by. two bullets managed to hit his face, his left ear completely blown off and his body full of new orifices that leaked, spritzed and poured blood onto the old, unvarnished wooden floors. Bryan grimaced, grunted and groaned, but he was conscious. "Ahh...f@CK!" He cussed in pain as he slowly rolled to one side and then eventually to his knees. Rolling around in his own pool of blood.

But Bryan wasn't concerned about his well-being, the house or even his last pack of cigarettes that were completely now soaked with blood. He was really concerned about any potential witnesses that may have seen him take a barrage of bullets and not die.

Bryan quickly managed to get back to his feet. His body already working overtime to heal itself from the fresh, otherwise fatal wounds and injuries. He rushed towards the front door, quickly scouting for anyone who may have seen the events before hastily closing it shut. He then proceeded to collect all available towels and threw it over the pool blood and plasma, by this time his ear was already halfway done regenerating completely. He changed his blood soaked clothes and pants, after placing the old ones in a garbage bag along with the towels that he had used earlier and then disposed of them in a nearby garbage bin.

Tuesday 6:45 PM

A small crowd had gathered as two police units responded to the shooting, Bryan's house was now a crime scene and was cordoned off with yellow tape.

"You know sir, you're very lucky, if you stayed in your house a couple of minutes more you may not be standing here" One police officer commented as he was tending to the crime scene

"Now, tell me what you saw exactly. Try and remember, I know it's a very traumatic experience, but any details can help"

"Yeah. Well like I said, I went out to buy a pack of cigarettes and when I came home, I saw my house just filled with bullet holes. I didn't really go inside cause I know it was already a crime scene by then, so I just waited around for you guys to show up." Bryan responded, concealing the truth. His wounds completely healed over 15 minutes ago.

"Crime scene? What are you a cop or somethin?" Another cop inquired sarcastically.

"Private investigator."

"Well, looks like you investigated the wrong guys, P.I" He bantered once more

"Yeah, well. Looks like I won't be making that same mistake again." replied Bryan.

"Look, pal. I think we all know who did this, we're trying to crack them down, but we're undermanned, and this place is a sh!thole. We'll chip away the best we can, put a lot of pressure with the resources we have, but my word of advice, try and find somewhere else to live. They're gonna comeback for you when they know they didn't getcha" The officer advised.

"I highly doubt it." Bryan muttered under his breath as he sighed.

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Hey guys, took a little gamble with this post. Not a lot of things going on, not a lot of action. Part 2 is already underway if you guys are interested. I decided to post them separately so it wouldn't be too long of a read!