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It had been many months since the seemingly final battle of Ziccarra and Zeon took place on Earth and months since she sacrificed her Zia’s soul for the ultimate Liafador Power. The now General of Cardinal Hell had spent her time honing her new abilities and powers. But now it was time. She no longer had the yearning to protect her family against itself. She was no longer the sword of the family, sworn to protect it at any cost. But the sword that would carve the heart of the family out and use it to bring to rise a new version of the Liafador Legacy. A Liafador Legacy that would overthrow the powers of the world and forge it through the flames of Hell into something worthy of The King of Cardinal Hell himself, Ramon.

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The family was more broken than ever. Since the death of Ziccarra, whatever was left of the family, was left scrambling. Alexis was still in a coma, Maya was nothing but a soul still trapped in the deepest parts of his mind, Catalina was using a power she was still trying to understand, the same power her mother was cursed with. All while trying to care for her daughter, Maricela and the youngest of the Liafador family, Tassiana, who was also growing into her powers. Leo was nowhere to be found on Earth. Isis and Selena involvement with the family was nonexistent. She could sense them all, see them all. It was the power she had. Able to sense every Liafador on this planet, even Liafadors who had yet to be discovered by her family.

But right now, Zeon had a main focus. There was one being who stood in her way from being able to completely take over the family in one hostile sweep. The Goddess. It was not the same as Ziccarra's, but it was still powerful. And at the moment, it dwelled in her cousins body, just as The Goddess did with Ziccarra. She needed to rid of that curse so Ramon’s powers could influence her family to see things the way Zeon now saw things and would follow without question.

She came back to the world of the living weeks ago, gathering her Cardinals, appearing for them as their long lost messiah. Without question they followed her, and followed her commands without question. Her first demand?

“Let’s have ourselves a family reunion.”


She knew Catalina was still learning the ways of her new abilities, and her being around to protect her family, was slim to none. After all… Zeon was dead, what threat was there to family?

During the time of their most vulnerable moments she took the two Catalina cared for the most at this moment. Her youngest sister that she had been caring for since the death of her family, Tassiana. And her only child, daughter, that she had just begun to establish a real relationship with, Maricela. In a burst of Cardinal Hellfire flame, Zeon appeared without warning with her Cardinals. Mari was the first to be snatched, vanishing in a blaze of fire with Cardinals as Zeon walked up to Tassi, who had her trusty furry brother with her. She snickered as she motioned to her Cardinals to take her as well. But as they did so, the sound of a blade unsheathing was heard.

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Zeon turned around, throwing up her own blade as a clash of metal was heard. It was none other than the unnamed Liafador, sworn to protect the family she had yet to know she was a part of and the one she had haunted the dreams of for weeks. “What a pleasure to finally meet you in person.” The General of Cardinal Hell growled, causing the Lost Cardinal to grow cold in fear. This was what she had tried to warn Catalina about, the return of Zeon Liafador. “You tell my cousin to come find me. She’ll know where to look.” The crimson eyes of Zeon glowed before she vanished in an eruption of hellfire, causing the Lost Cardinal to be pushed back and into a wall, leaving her alone to give Catalina the news of the return of Zeon.

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She'd never admit it, but she loved this feeling. The feeling of snatching a man's soul; of course not literally, but there was something powerful in the ability to make a man commit to her provocative ways only to eventually lead his yearning soul to an emotional dead end. She wasn't the person she used to be, Catalina Liafador was emerging as a role model; however, the effects of her past begin to spout--she could never truly passionately love.

Dates never amount to more than a free meal and alcohol, as sad as the situation was for these would-be suitors--for Cat, it was a way to cope.

In a few short months, she evolved from the oldest child of Ziccarra Liafador to practically turning into Ziccarra altogether. She was still the guardian of Tassi, reconciled with her own daughter Maricela; and even found a new unknown soul she'd taken a liking too.

Much like her mother had done with Alexa and Leo previously. As she sauntered home in a drunken stupor, she strolls pass stores heralding the return of "The Goddess-Ziccarra Liafador" a direct result from her battle with the powerful alien Baerda.

In due time they'd see that she wasn't the former Spanish Primer, it'd only take a few more drunken nights.

Stumbling into her apartment, she dropped both her purse and keys on the floor before making eye contact with Sophia sitting in the middle of the floor.

"Lil so-so you have a room now, you don't have to continue to meditate in the middle of the floor. A few more tequila shots and that's going to be ground zero."

"They're gone" her voice was cracking, that was a first. Since they'd met Lil So-So was usually void of emotion, but now she seemed scared, scared enough to alarm Catalina. "What do you mean, they're gone. Who's gone. Gone where?" She asked before frantically looking around for Mari and Tassi.

"The Cardinal Demon has returned. As I predicted. Zeon has them...and she wants you to come to retrieve them. I'd advise against it." Sophia words ignite a variation of emotions in Cat's mind. "Zeon..." She whispered, almost as if she didn't believe it.

The young Goddess fists balled almost on instinct, she should've known; she should've listened to Sophia when they first met.

"She wants me, she'll get me"

Catalina and Zeon weren't strangers to one another, in fact, they once represent different sides of the family. Zeon always tried to abide by Liafador Law, Cat used brake it--she was the reason Malaga was destroyed. The two fought once but, during the bulk of the Spanish Revolution Catalina was dead; she didn't see the level of mental deterioration in Zeon until the battle of the Matriarchs, where Zeon actually kidnapped her to lure Ziccarra out.

"You will have to find Chance, she's probably the only way you'll get them back now," Sophia advised moving to Cat's left side as the Goddess stood before her armor. Sophia was right, Chance was the only person who could ever stabilize Zeon; those two shared a bond with one another that went deeper than any sibling relationship in the family. "I know, but I can't involve Chance in this. That's where my mother messed up the first time. Including too many people in her personal matters. Besides sources say, Chance has made friends with the Gothic City crusader...and that's not a fight I want at the present moment."

It was clear what she had to do...she had to take the fight to Zeon, and for some reason. She knew exactly where to look.


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Here she was, back where it all began. For the women of the Liafador Family this place symbolized the end of an oppressive patriarchy, a narrative that'd been told many times over throughout her mother's lifetime. Today, it'd represent a new Liafador narrative.

The Cardinal Gods were a known variable in the world, however the Cardinal Demons weren't, how fitting, at the birthplace of Cardinal Law and the Liafador Legacy that two people who initially didn't fit their party now fought for them.

The Prize Fighter climbed the endless ladder from the mountain base to the summit, where she was met with Zeon's Cardinal faction. They saw Ziccarra, but felt Catalina. Despite not having her power over darkness anymore, Cat carried that mephistophelean aura everywhere she went. Stopping in the middle of a "Cardinal Ring of Fire" Cat sent out a telepathic link to her cousin, a warning.

"Zeon. I'm not Ziccarra. You know very well what I will do to this place. Release my daughter and sister, and let's do this the old fashion way. Or..." She said eying her Cardinals. "I'll show you why hell has rejected the Prize Fighter!"

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"She's here"

The ruins of the temple was where she sat, on the throne that was constructed of crumbled pillars that once held the temple. Her Cardinals, loyal to her even after death, lingered around her presence. They were worshiping her, the Liafador who came back from the depths of hell and returned to her followers. Her crimson eyes looked forward at the cage that currently held her cousins that were still slumbering, in a induced state of sleep to prevent them from attempting to intervene the inevitable. But then her pupiless eyes shift away from the cage, as if something had caught her attention. “She’s here.” A grin twisted upon her lips as she stood up, the telepathic link established by Catalina.

As she made her way outside, she shift her appearance to what Catalina was more familiar with. Her mottled skin changed back to it's ivory like appearance and her crimson eyes reverted back to their original chocolate brown. But there was a dark, twisted aura around her, one that could be felt the moment that Zeon made her appearance. You could tell this was not the same woman that Cat last saw several months ago when Zeon kidnapped her to get to Ziccarra.

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“Oh I know who you are prima.” She walked through the crowd of Cardinals that had begun to surround Catalina. “I’ve been keeping a watchful eye on the family for some time. Someone had to while you were busy getting drunk with men. I thought you may have thanked me for taking them. Two less things for you to deal with. You can live your life as you please, and I’ll raise Tassiana into the warrior she is destined to become and show your daughter how to really use the Liafador power she was born with.” She stopped when she was just a few feet away from her cousin. She looked exactly like Ziccarra and it brought chills of excitement to Zeon as flashes of her aunts death came back to her. “You don’t deserve to lead the next generation of the Liafador Legacy. You have nothing to offer them. But me? I can forge the path our family was always meant to follow, the one where WE rule the world, where no one could oppose us.”

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There was a familiar presence creeping to her location, it felt like corrosion and death. The area around them seemingly yield to her pending arrival, the Cardinal Demon back from the dead.

This would mark the second time Catalina and Zeon were slated for conflict, the first time Catalina posed the threat threatening to destroy everything the former Cardinal of Rage sought to protect. Now the alignments were shifted, it was Cat playing the part of the hero, and in a rivalry she inherently inherited--she was playing the part of Ziccarra.

Cat's eyebrow's curled as Zeon arrived, parting the sea of faithful Cardinals that once circled Cat. She could feel the supernatural energy seething off her cousin. They were never close, Zeon always held a higher authority within the family. She was one of those cousins who could easily be considered an aunt because of her importance--yet to Cat she was just another obstacle to surmount.

"What no power-point for this lecture" Cat replied rolling her eyes, listening to the venomous words of her older cousin.

"That energy suggest one thing. You've died and ventured into the mythical Cardinal Hell. It's such a shame..you're so much of a tool that you follow others even in death" Cat antagonized personalizing this conflict with Zeon, revisiting the same energy these two once felt for one another.

It was a fact, the Prize Fighter was using powers she just gained; but there was no way she was going to allow Zeon to kidnap Tassi and Mari without consequences. "I already told you...I'm not Ziccarra"

With that Cat slammed her sword into the ground discharging a powerful psionic shockwave, one that threatened to rid herself of the problematic Cardinals. Keeping her balance the Bearer of the Prize Fighter look to catch Zeon off guard by hurling her Raxius shield toward Zeon's chest, looking to deal the first blow. Cat wasn't for the talking.

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The energy that was being distributed by the two Liafadors could be felt throughout the surrounding area. Zeon stood, her head held high, pride in her chest and determination in her eyes. Even as her younger cousin dismissed what she said, she didn’t show any hint of anger, even after she insulted her. It was nothing she wasn’t used to hearing. While Catalina was busy leading a selfish life that neglected Tassiana, Zeon was ready to take her under her wing and raise her the way any future Matriarch of the family should be raised. Once more she was the one fighting for her family, to bring power back to her family and remove toxins from their family gene pool, like Cat.

"I already told you...I'm not Ziccarra"

And yet here she was, standing in gear, ready to attempt and strike down Zeon for doing what was right for the family. Even in death, there is no rest.

A shockwave pulsates through the air, causing rubble and dust from the Earth around Catalina to burst forth like a tidal wave and forcing the ever loyal Cardinals to be flung back and away from the two. This was just a sliver of power that she now acquired from the Prized Fighter. Even Zeon, who struggled to stand her ground, began to slide back due to the force. But then, she felt something ram into her chest, causing her to be knocked down to the ground and on her back as the first attack was landed. She could tell this wasn’t her full potential. In her true Goddess form, her power would cause the very to tremble before them. She was a fool to attack her without transforming. A mistake she was going to regret.

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She clung onto the shield that hit her as she stood up while unsheathing a blade of her own that gave off a dim crimson pulse of energy. It was an unnaturally heated, serrated blade forged through the hellfires of Cardinal Hell. Created by metals unknown to man and grew stronger with every soul it devoured. “You are not your mother… yet. But soon you’ll join her, in Cardinal Hell.” Zeon hissed through her teeth.

She ran forward, unleashing a roar of a battle cry. Her speed, was unmatched by any human as she quickly closed the distance between the two as she heaved the face of the shield that she was holding onto in an upward like motion to slam the shield into the face of her cousin. She pulled the shield back, as she then thrust her blade forward with precise towards the chest of her cousin while holding the shield close to her body to protect herself from any counter attacks. This was a fight that was to change the destiny of the Liafador Legacy, win or lose.

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'Cat didn't understand it, how could anyone want to save an institution that cause so much sorrow? She loved her father, she loved everything he stood for; but she never understood why he allowed her mother to continue the Liafador Matriarch Nonsense.

If her daughter and sisters' lives didn't hang in the balance this fight would be for naught. Cat hated what Zeon was trying to 'preserve'

Cat stood off in the distance as Zeon manage to catch her Raxius shield; to Cat's surprise it didn't phase the Cardinal Demon. 'That's not good...' She thought watching her incensed cousin rise with her shield and a devious looking blade Cat could only assume came from the Cardinal underworld. It was like a flash step, so swift by the time Cat's eyes registered Zeon she could only flinch.

The shield, her shield slammed into her face drawing blood on impact; as Cat stumbled back Zeon's blade dug deep into her armor tearing into the flesh below; it's hot kiss seared her mortal flesh plunging her blood forward causing it to spit out like a fountain.

Stiffly falling backwards her body hit the ground causing blood to backwash into her face. She was so disoriented the world around her wouldn't sit still. Even disoriented she was able to make out the one-sided power gap between them, how did Zeon become so strong? Was this really the power of Cardinal Hell? It was passed down within the Cardinal Theology however no one truly believed it exist; but this had to have been the power that killed her mother--and now it was going to kill her.

Turning over to the side crawling in puddles of her own blood, it was hard to pin-point the Demon, the intense ringing in her ears hindered her ability to locate Zeon's heartbeat--if she even had one.

She extended her hands outward appearing to looking for help, but in actuality she was calling for The Prize Fighter; but nothing happened. Why didn't the Prize Fighter arrive? what was wrong?

Unlike the War Goddess Shira with Ziccarra, The Prize Fighter controlled Catalina; she chose when she would fight and when she wouldn't. She was perfectly fine with allowing Cat to die as a result of her stubbornness.

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But there was something to be coveted... The blade resting in the grip of the Cardinal Demon manage to catch the eye of the Goddess...and her presence was pending.

Cat continued to crawl around while the gale like winds berate the area threatening to maul unfortified structures and dwellings. From the heavens above a massive lightning bolt cracked the sky before plowing into the previously concussed child of Ziccarra.

The energy from the "Old Goddess" surge all over Cat's body bestowing Strength, Durability, Speed, Power and battle intellect into Cat's ignorant shell. Now blessed with the power of the Goddess, Cat's body begin to divert the new energy into healing her previous wounds.

"You have something I want..."

The Prize Fighter called out telepathically before studying Zeon's current defensive posture. She stood with the blade in question in one hand; Catalina's shield in the other. Wiping the blood from her mouth and nose she planned for things like counter-attacks and which foot Zeon would lead with.

"You will give me that blade, but first my shield"

She warned, with each blink her eyes flashed red indicating her full transformation into a divine being. Extending her index finger toward the Rage Demon Cat slowly began to twirl her finger into her circle until a perfectly circle disk hovered in front of her. Flicking as if she'd just plucked a cigarette the disk boomed across the distance between them, and high above them so did the Prize Fighter now in action with the conquistador bullwhip handy.

She sought to lasso the hand Zeon was using to hold her shield after capitalizing on the psionic chakram; before trying to overpower the demon by pulling her into an energy charged strike. Catalina's legacy now had a fighting chance.

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Catalina may have done the first attack, but Zeon drew the first blood. As she drew her blade back, bits of flesh clung onto the blade itself as it drizzled with blood. The once Demi-Goddess turned Demoness took a step back, scoffing at the dying Liafador before her. “Pathetic” she murmured as one of her Cardinals came up from behind her, using a white cloth to wipe the excess blood and bits of flesh from the blade. Instead of inflecting the final blow, she stood, patiently waiting, her eyes watching her cousin taking her final breaths. Her hand weakly reaching up to nothing but the darkness that was death. Zeon could feel her dying. She could just take her soul now and be done with this fight. But even as the General of Hell, Zeon had some honor.

This Goddess one was much different than Ziccarra’s. At least The Goddess that resided in Ziccarra cared for her wellbeing, coming in when Ziccarra called for her and needed her. The one that resided in Catalina? It seemed she didn’t care if her vessel lived or died. As if being recycled wasn’t a concern for her. If the death of Catalina was not enough to bring her out, then what was? What would catch the interest of this Prized Fighter?

After what seemed to be the final seconds of Catalina, Zeon was ready to sheath her blade. “I’ll be sure to tell Marisol and Tassiana that you came for them. That you didn’t simply abandon them. Now, travel to afterlife swiftly cousin, for your mother waits for you.” Zeon said what she thought would be the final words to her cousin.

But as she begun to turn away, the air began to shift around them, and the former Matriarch paused in her step as her eyes looked to the sky. The clouds that had formed above the mountains parted as a blinding and powerful light descended down from the heavens and with an explosion, crashed into her cousins almost corps of a body. And like Lazarus brought back from the dead, out of the smoke from the divine strike was none other than Catalina, alive and well.

"You have something I want..."

It called out into her mind as she got back into a defensive stance. If she had a heartbeat still, it would be accelerating with excitement. The fatal wound that was once upon her cousin's body was now healed by the divine intervention and her once almost dead eyes, were with a battle-ready glare directed at her. “Goddess, how gracious of you to bless us with your presence.” The grip on her blade tightened as the yearning to rid the world of another Goddess began to surface.

"You will give me that blade, but first my shield"

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The crimson glow in the eyes of her cousin indicated that Catalina was no longer in full control of her body. Control had been forfeited to The Prized Fighter. A disk made of divine energy came rushing at Zeon as she held up Catalina’s shield to block the attack. But it was predictable, the moment she pulled up the shield, a bullwhip wrapped around her arm as she was suddenly flung forward and into the disk. The energy blast caused her to lose grip of both her shield and blade as smoke emitted off her body as her body flew a few feet away from The Goddess and landed harshly on her back. The shield was left on the ground in the center of the two fighters as Zeon’s blade was a couple of feet away from herself. She stood, stretching the muscles of her shoulders that took most of the impact. If she was a mear mortal, that attack would have knocked the air out of her, caused her to stagger and probably break a few ribs. But for a Demoness? She smirked. Dusting the dirt off her body with one hand as she extended her hand to her blade. The blade flung back to her hand, the connection to her unholy blade was deeper than simply just a warrior and their sword.

While a Goddess came down from the heavens with a holy lightning strike, Demons crawled up from hell through the brimstone and hellfire. Her eyes glazed over with a pupil-less crimson as she took off in a sprint, not directly at The Prized Fighter, but in a circle, surrounding her as she cut through the Earth with her sword. As she did so, the Earth rumbled, the General of Cardinal Hell began to display the raw power she was condemned with. Hellfire burst upward from the depths of Cardinal Hell, entrapping the two warriors inside. The heat was unlike anything from this world as it surrounded the two. As soon as she was done creating the circle, she leaped into the sky and rose her blade high above her head as she descended back to the ground, bringing the blade down forcefully with her unnatural strength in the attempt to spill the holy blood of the Prized Fighter.

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As Zeon sarcastically applauded the Prize Fighter's entrance the Goddess' glare suggest she wasn't here to talk. Her initial move did exactly what she needed it to, dislodge her Raxius shield from the demonic tendrils of Zeon's hands.


Her voice boomed telepathically, only Catalina internally would understand, but the Goddess readied herself for Zeon's next attack. Catalina's mortal eyes couldn't make out the movements of the Cardinal Demon, but The Goddess saw her just fine. The ground groaned in agony as her hellish blade cut through the crust drawing a circle around them. A circle that soon became lined with Zeon's hellfire flames. The heat was unbearable, just the small ember flicks were enough to physically harm the Prize Goddess


Zeon took to the air with her blade, Much like Zeon did earlier; the Goddess extend her hands calling her Raxius shield just in time to take the full force of Zeon's hellish blade. The Seismic shockwave surged through the ground below the eternal vixens; further damaging the once prestigious Cardinal Monastery; and managing to cause the mountain to moan.

Cat dug deep, her alien shield repelling Zeon's demonic blade, ground quaking beneath them; Hellfire flames burning at her back.

Her crimson eyes quickly surged with purple electricity, before trying to repel the Hellfire Goddess with a quick Psionic Shock, if successful she'd fly out of the hellfire sphere.

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Her blade clashed with the shield of The Prizefighter and as it did, a pulse like wave of energy felt as if it was emitted as soon as contact was made. The thunderous clash caused the entire surrounding to rumble to life as the ruins of the temple crumbled slightly with the two younger Liafadors still trapped inside, stuck in a induced slumber.

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Before her feet could even touch the ground, a flash of purple electricity slammed into her torso, the mixture of both attacks causing the General of Hell to be thrown out of the sphere she had created. Her body flew back as it slammed into some nearby stones, crumbling under the Demoness as she slammed again into the ground. Lifting her head up, a twitch of a half grin appeared on her face as smoke from both the searing flames of hellfire and the electrical attack, radiated off her body. Her own flames didn't harm her, but the electric attack, she could feel her muscles flinching from the power. Oh what power it was. For years she had worked on gaining this type of power. Power to be able to stand toe to toe with the Gods and Goddesses of her family. It wasn’t until now, that she felt what true power was. It was… invigorating.

She stood back up, digging her blade into the ground to help her up as she stretched her neck, a crackling sound heard as she pushed her shoulder back, ready to go on the offense again. Once more she rushed forward like a bull, tunnel vision and focused solely on The Prized Fighter. Closing the distance, this time, she swung her blade in an upward vertical slash that was aimed at her right shoulder, trying to sink the teeth of her blade into the clavicle area. Then, assuming her cousin would be attempting to block that attack with her shield, with her left foot, she brought it up and attempt to slam her foot into the knee of her cousin to disable or even break the joint.

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Zeon's body again collided with the ground which drew a scoff from the arrogant Prize Fighter. She'd never say it out loud but Zeon was more problematic then she initially scouted. It seemed as if the power of the Demon actually amplified Zeon's natural prowess; which was the opposite for her and Catalina.

Her cerulean eyes swiftly caught Zeon's push forward, the Demon move with illusionary speed; The Goddess miscalculated the exact distance between them. The hellish blade drew a clean cut across Cat's shoulder sending the disgusting fragrance of burned flesh into the air.

Almost on instinct the Goddess sought to tend to her new wound, but was kicked off guard by the Demon's corresponding strike towards her Knee which dropped the Arrogant Goddess to one knee in the snow. 'I-Impressive' She thought, Zeon's attack was seemingly meant to disrupt her offensive strategy, as well as limit The Goddess' mobility. As blood drip from her clavicle it appeared she manage just that; but the knee strike as effective as it was; failed to hit the intent as the shock resistant mechanism with in her knee pads begin to convert the kinetic energy for the Goddess' use.

Gingerly rising back to a vertical base her eyes locked with Zeon; or so it appeared but in actuality she was channeling her TK energy to target Zeon or "TK-Homing" With her ability to use specific weapons now hindered, the TK Homing skill would facilitate her psionic energy projections.

"Heh...your family...is annoying..." She gritted using a psionic blade to cauterize her clavicle. "But, I want that blade!" She screamed, her body exuding a destructive purple aura that melt snow where she stood. Teleporting with an after image, The Prize Fighter appeared to the right of Zeon, looking to return the kinetic energy backed with her Goddess Strength Zeon supplied earlier via Knee Strike to Zeon's ribs from the side; before trying to grapple the arm to the ground to lock in a Fujiwara armbar. If successful she'd break Zeon's arm. Arm for an Arm.

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The scent of blood hit the air and it gave the Liafador from Hell chills. She was looking more and more like a rabid animal with every attack she launched. Her stance was becoming more sloppy, her swings were messy and she wasn’t paying attention to anything else going around. The two locked eyes as Zeon held tightly to her sword as she rose it up to her own face, sniffing the blood of the Prized Goddess.

She couldn’t hear the mumbling of the Goddess, but the scream was loud and clear. “Allora vieni a prenderlo!” <THEN COME GET IT!> she roared back. It was as if The Prized Fighter answered the call to the challenge as she suddenly appeared in front of the former Matriarch with the knee already making instant contact into her ribs. A crack was heard as Zeon winced in pain for the first time, pain that caused her to take a couple of steps back as she suddenly felt her right arm, that held tightly onto her blade, grappled and before she could pull herself away, was then slammed back into the ground as tension was pressed onto it. A snap was heard as her arm as bone broke through her skin. An open fracture was seen and again, a twisted roar came from her as the color of her skin shifted to its once lively color, back to its now “natural” deathly grey.

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She managed to pull her broken arm away as she let her blade go, unable to hold onto it and get out of the Prized Goddess grasp without doing so. She rolled off to the side and positioned herself so Catalina was now standing in the middle between the blade and Zeon. She cursed under her breath, breathing heavily as she nursed her disfigured limb. Blood trickled from her wound as the white of the bone could be seen. The pain surged through her arm and up her shoulder as she grasped her wrist and pulled on it as the bone was seen retracting back into her body.

Her body was hunched to the right, obviously in pain from her broken arm as she showed her teeth in anger. Her blade was on the ground, the snow that was once underneath it gone as steam from the melted snow had evaporated. The blade of corruption gave an unnatural glow, as if demanding to be held, and Zeon was going to comply. She reached out with her left hand this time, as the blade trembled for a moment before shooting up from the ground blade first and headed for Catalina, attempting to slice into the side of her body before once more resting in Zeon’s uninjured hand.

She marched forward, slower than before, this time swinging her blade up, down, left, right, no tactic to the attacks, no plan, just swing after swing after swing. With every movement of her arm a surge of pain radiated throughout her chest wall, making it difficult for her breath as well as making powerful strikes.

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"Hm.. The Goddess grunted feeling the sting of Zeon's hell-blade lingering in her wounded clavicle. She too nursed a poisoned posture Zeon's knee attack slowly begin to dent the Prized Fighter's vertical base. Unlike the feral nature Zeon continued to exhibit, The Goddess remained as poised as she possibly could, doing her best to trap all indications of pain behind her warrior face.

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The arm-bar did very little to sedate the murderous intent of the Cardinal Demon if anything, it intensified her. The Goddess succeeded in temporarily dislodging the weapon from the grip of "Hell" but it didn't stop hell from rising once more.

Both Goddess and Demoness stood toe to toe each down a limb, Zeon's telekentic grab of the "Blade of Corruption" cause the Prize Fighter to call upon the power of Ziccarra's former blade "Medusa's Head.

Like thunder clapping violently in the background, their blades clang for supremacy. With each parry of Zeon's blade, The Goddess could feel the χ-Gene resting within Cat gaining strength.

Just as it seemed neither Goddess nor Demoness would gain the upper hand in a beautiful fury of sword play, the Goddess begin to hesitate, opening her up to a slew of raw and violently slashes from the that hit a variety of targets on her upper-body.

The Goddess blood seep from every new crevice down the "Iconic" Goddess garb to her thighs eventually crafting a pool in the snow below. "Y-y-ou...fooolish...mortal!" The Goddess after a few steps backwards her legs finally gave way.

She clearly wasn't talking to Zeon, it was Catalina. The woman inside seemingly stirred causing a minor hesitation in the Goddess. It seemed there transformation was not full-proof as neither had 100% control over either.

Her chest heaved as she pushed coarse breathes from her mouth, she wanted that blade; however it didn't appear as if she'd get it at least not right now. For the first time in her life, The Prize Fighter was being forced to intervene without some sort of motive. "Fine...I'll play your game." She grunted once again rising to her feet, blood still pouring off her darkened body.

Channeling her mental energies again, The Goddess sought to use her mental manipulation to stir the sleeping Maricela from her her sleep, but because the mountain was so vast she'd need time to actually locate the powerful young Liafador. In the meantime, she flew into the air, once again dispatching her Conquistador Bullwhip, she knew immediately that with her injuries lashing out in an aerial assault against a grounded would ease some of the pain. Her first strike was toward the leg of Zeon's broken arm; hoping to do damage that'd force the Demoness to recoil before looking to strangle the Demoness with her whip. Granted she could get it tired around the neck.

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Anger, bitterness, darkness, lust for blood, it all consumed the Demonic Liafador. The edges of her vision began to darken as the only thing in her line of sight, was The Prized Goddess. The blades clashed against each other as sparks flew and the very sky above them shook. Every slash that caused the crimson life of The Goddess to pour out from her divine body made the heart of the Demoness flutter with excitement. But it was never enough, she wanted more, more, MORE!

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As The Goddess was sent down to the ground Zeon’s chest could be seen rising quickly up and down, her eyes wide and wild like a rabid beast of the jungle. Her thoughts were no longer her own, her body was no longer in her own control, she was nothing but soul hungry demon. She rose her blade above her head, as if ready to give the final blow as a twisted grin stretched across her face.

But before she could give what appeared to be the final blow, The Goddess flew in the air as the blade sunk into the crimson stained ground. A growl escaped from the former Matriarch as the blade scraped against the ground. A snap of a whip was heard as the whip snapped against her leg, forcing Zeon to step back as it drew dark red, almost black blood. Her head snapped up to look at The Goddess.

“Gck!” Like a rabid dog the whip had wrapped itself around Zeons neck. Her jaw tightened as the more she seemed to struggle, the tighter the whip would get. Breathing was becoming harder and harder. She had to make a decision. Her blade dropped to the ground as she used her good hand to grasp against the whip and use all the strength she could muster to try and get into a tug of war of a battle with The Goddess to try and break free.

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"Submit!" Her boisterous voice booming out through the coming snowstorm. Pushing backwards, The Prized Fighter tried to essentially hang the demon with her whip, but was met with resistance as Zeon sought to pry the Whip from her hands.

"You...thought...you were fighting a girl...but your rage has led you to a GODDESS!" Cat screamed. Making a quick audible to her flight plan, Catalina abruptly sped downwards before shooting back toward the sky in an effort to overwhelm Zeon's strength with an aerial strategy.

It could only work minimally however, both Vixen's were reduced to one arm, trying to gain the upper hand one one another. The Prized Fighter's eyes begin to burn red with fury until an idea came about.

Channeling her Psionic energy again, she watched as it spiraled down toward Zeon's end with the intention to psionically shock the demoness, it was too much on the line to put soo much faith in her shock, with all the power she could muster, including the energy she'd absorbed from the Demoness earlier. The Prize Fighter sought to plow directly into the mountain at full power attempting to level the entire battlefield with a psionic explosion.

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Her arm began to tremble with fatigue as Demoness and Goddess were in a deathly game of tug of war. Her feet began to slowly drag along the ground as she tried to hold her own against the Legendary Prized Fighter. She began to choke, unable to breath with the whip tightening with every tug. She could feel her lungs begin to burn, yearning for air as The Goddess suddenly shot up into the sky, and with her, Zeon, now pulled up from the ground. Her body dangling as her vision began to darken from the lack of oxygen.

But then a swirl of energy came rushing downwards to her. She couldn’t avoid it, she couldn’t absorb it. It collided with her body sending her down back to the Earth like a meteor as her body collided with a mountain side that was right next to the ruins of the once Cardinal Temple. The impact was deafening as the ground shook violently all around them. The mountain side she collided into began to crumble and with it began to collapse upon what was left of the temple where Mari and Tassi resided inside. A plume of dirt clouded the entire area, impairing the vision of what was left of the battlefield.

Silence was all that was there for a few moments as the dust began to settle. The Temple was gone, the mountain that once surrounded the temple was now laying on top of it. But rustling began to be heard as a deathly pale arm reached up from the rubble. Zeon pulled herself up from the ground, her body covered in scrapes and laceration, her almost black like blood oozing from her wounds as she gasped for air. Her ears rang, double vision was clouding her sight and her entire body cried out in pain. Irregular breaths was seen as she struggled to lift up her “good” hand, the blade trembled on the ground but did not move to her hand.

She may have been stronger than she had ever been, but fighting another Goddess had worn her down. She came into this battle blindly, foolishly, and carelessly. She allowed the power that her grandfather bestowed upon her to boast her sense of pride. It was a mistake that was going to cost her. She had to make a decision. One that would upset her Grandfather.

“You win this time Goddess.” Zeon mumbled under her breath. “But this war is far from over.” In a swarm of hellfire that appeared from the ground below her she jumped off the rocks and into the fiery pit that lead her back to Cardinal Hell which vanished as soon as she entered. Her loyal Cardinals already gone from the area, left it the moment the battle began. Also that was left behind, was none other than the sword she wield into battle, The Blade of Cardinal Hell.

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The Waiting Game

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The Prize Fighter immediately drop to the ground exhausted, for "The Goddess" this was the first--albeit a dangerous first test for that Catalina-Prize Fighter tandem. To this date the only defeat she'd ever taken was the one against her sister eons ago, but today Zeon nearly did, and since they failed to kill her she'd come back--and stronger.

For Catalina this was a first-hand experience on the power the Cardinal Demons had, their origins were shrouded in mystery, before today they exist as only Liafador Folktales. Half-truths told to the Cardinals in order to obtain absolute compliance.

It was only today that Catalina discovered what her mom learned a while ago; Zeon was gone. The irritating Matriarch that just wanted to preserve the families traditions and honor was gone. Sacrificed her soul to kill the one thing she used to love dearly. With her father recovering, Selene gone, Leonel gone, Ziccarra dead, the only one left that truly cared was Catalina, Zeon was her problem now.

Breathing heavy the Goddess dissipate leaving Cat to nurture the wounds suffered at the hands of the Cardinal Corrupter. Struggling to make it back to a vertical base, the pops and snaps of her injured body nearly dulled the snow storm; but the Blade of Corruption caught her attention. It's what drew the Prize Fighter out to fight, but why would such a blade draw the attention of a Goddess?

Dragging her injured leg and dangling arm, Cat slowly moved toward the blade unaware that they blade's supernatural thrall had been cast upon her. Forgoing the pain surging through her body, Cat bent down to retrieve the blade only for a sphere of blue energy to halt her advancement.

"No Cat, NO!" Tassi screamed from afar with Maricela in tow. "It's evil." She said, her tiny legs struggling to chop through the snow.

"I know, but we can't just leave it here. It'll do a lot more damage in someone else's hands. Zeon will be back for it. And she'll be stronger...now we play the waiting game"