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Jean sat at his desk. His manicured fingers tapped on the wooden surface as his brilliant blue eyes gazed down at the pages. He had drafted a bill and sent it to Congress. A proposal of a repeal of the Super Human Registration Act. The official bill replaced it with the Meta-Human Protection Act requiring anti-discrimination laws to be enacted by state legislatures, incentives for schools and workplaces to offer training for super humans to allow them to safely be integrated into society while retaining the discretion granted by their US citizenship. As important as this was to Jean, he hoped it would get very little attention, that the adjustments would transition smoothly throughout the country without causing any particular interest or concern. He could see why conspiracy theorists would suppose the government fabricated crises to cover their real intention. The surgeon almost wished for a distraction. If the act was a success, he would be lauded. If it failed, his people would be worse off than before. He at least wanted something to distract himself.

President Quentin closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose. No. There was no room for distractions. He felt the hunger growing within him. He needed to put his mind on other things, other people besides himself. He couldn't linger on his need. He couldn't let himself be open whilst a psychic demon lay in wait to corrupt his mind. His attention turned to his desk once more, emails were already directed to him, letters upon his desk. And he was dreading them. The White Knight had so far to fall, a vampire awaiting to feel the pulse of the people. His fingertips slid open on envelope at the top of the stack. Such an archaic form of correspondence, he was surprised anyone still used the means.

"President Quentin, I know you are a busy man who will doubtless receive much correspondence in the coming days. I cannot however silence the words that must be sent. I just wanted to thank you. When I heard news of your reforms, I was inspired. I want to help superhumans like myself to better control their abilities. We have long been feared by humankind, and I look to rectify that. But until then, it behooves everyone that we remain unknown.

I look forward to the strides your administration will make and will do my part as a citizen to make this country a safer place for meta and human alike.

Stay strong,


Jean's brows furrowed. A familiar penmanship. Signed VV. Or was it W? But the words brought a smile to his face, a warmth welling up in his heart. He could only hope any further responses would be so positive.

[OOC: if you would like, write a letter to the President to tell him what your character would think concerning the new legislation or really anything. Even death threats if you're so audacious. ;) Just bold and quote, etc. text that is IC. I won't respond to individual letters, but it might be an interesting exercise for people to read or something. Maybe narratives besides just letters. Just write responses of various kinds. How people might experience the change or whatever!]

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Awesome idea, will exploit.

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OOHHH Love this! :D Maybe I'll have Nova throw a death threat :P or two...