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For many years the planet Frasih’lein fought off and defeated an evil race of World Conquerors called the Bhastein, that was until the Bhastein enlisted thee aid of the Galaxy’s most feared and powerful Warlord Krates. After a bloody and savage war the Bhastein defeated the Frasih’lein army, murdered its people, and destroyed the planet. A lone survivor escaped and eventually found herself on Earth many centuries after the conflict, alone and lost. Wondering whether she was truly her people’s last surviving member, or if others had escaped that fate.

Deep in the far reaches of Space the evil Bhastein have reached the door step of the planet Draebjok, there last hope lies in the displaced spirit of the one they call Anto'rou Neir'd. After learning of the only person to ever escape the Bhastein Anto’rou journeyed to Earth in hopes of finding her, and any others who may have survived the annihilation on that bloody day.

IN THIS RPG heroes and villains alike shall team up and travel into the far reaches of space and be thrust into the middle of an all out war. The Bhastein's are blessed with telepathy, and telekinesis, and to a certain extent, mind-control. Just as humans evolve, so does the Bhasteins, so there are some members of that society who hold different abilities, other than psychic.

As far as weapons, they're highly advanced, we're talking about laser, plasma, kinetic guns. Numbers, since they're empire stretches far and wide, I'm seeing trillions and beyond. But on the actual planet of Bhastei. I'm seeing about 50 billion. :P ((It's huge!))

We all start off on Earth until Anto’rou contacts Mealstrom about his planet being the next to fall to the Bhastein. We will all be on the same team, think, Armageddon meets Halo. I will contact you (Gambler) either because of your reputation, or your affiliation in the Hellfire Club. Of course I’ll offer you money and other things to help but think of it this way sooner or later the Bhastein will come after Earth.

No God mode

No Auto Hits

The Bhastein will be NPC and anybody can control them. As far as the leader of the Bhastein that will be an actual user. They have superior numbers and are far more advanced. Don't go all Superman on use and start ripping threw them like they were nothing, nobody wants to play in an rpg were someone is GOD, SATAN, DEATH, you get what I'm saying.

You will have your powers.

Any questions can be asked in the Ooc thread. Thanks and lets finish this one ;P

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The winds blew violently along the desolate streets of the once great Metropolis. Bodies littered in the city streets, piled high and burnt in throngs. The grim sight of heads impaled on sticks, blood smeared on the walls, bodies ripped in half thrown everywhere. Children crying out for their dead parents, before being yanked away violently and taken to places unknown. Blood curdling screams of women and children, ringing through the thick musky air of death. Humanoid creatures walked the streets, guns and blades at hand. Pale colored skins, humanoid eyes, nose, lips adorned their emotionless faces. Hair as dark as night, with strands of different colors, blue, red, green, purple, pink, etc. They curled their lips into a sinister smile as they kicked the hopeless derelicts. Their guns pointed at the poor bastards as they released a force of energy that none of these peoples could survive.

"Bhasteins...." One lone soul called out. A female with green skin, eyes the color of blood and shaped like an almond, talons for finger nails, a long thin tail which whipped behind her, lips the color of the night, and a voice full of hatred. Her alien conqueror barely noticed her when they released a force of kinetic energy that ripped through her body and caused it to explode, bits of flesh raining down on the area. The alien menace watched with eyes as cold as ice and moved on to find the next wretch to destroy.

Soon the only thing visible was a bright orange light and the world came to a sudden stop. Images faded and all was no more.

Sariaf'ca found herself kneeling on the ground, sweat falling from her face, as she held herself up. Those ghastly images played through her mind. Eyes bearing themselves into those of a little girl who came to her.

She asked. Her eyes so innocent that you could tell she had yet to be tainted by the world. The orange-skinned female found herself offering the child a soft smile. "Yes. Thank you for asking, little har'lep. Go off now to your mother before she worries." The child gave a simple nod and ran off.

Sariaf'ca rose from the ground, her emerald eyes instantly reaching for the sky. An eerie breeze blew across her skin making a chill run up her spine. Something big was happening, something that was tied to these nightmares, she knew it, she could feel it. Feel it in her very core. Her heart pounded against her chest, as she remembered the only other time in her life when she felt such consuming fear. Her face becoming solemn with the thoughts that slowly crept into her mind.

"I have to find Jean." And with barely another thought she lifted into the sky and raced across the sky. Destiny was at work but why?

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Jean stood on the top floor of Darre Enterprises looking out the window. Dressed in an Armani suit with Platinum cuff links he obviously was as vain as he was powerful. As he stared off into the sky he couldn't have known that millions of light years away a war was about to break out and soon he would be thrust in the middle of it.

Pressing the little red button on his desk he spoke,

“Grace have Eli bring the car around, I’m heading out early. Sara’s not been feeling well lately I don’t want to leave her alone for to long.”

Right away Mr. LeBeau

As the long stretched Limo cruised down the freeway Jean thought about the terrible nightmares Sariaf'ca had been having and wondered if it were a sign of things to come.

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Maelstrom arrived outside of the top floor of the penthouse. She hovered next to one of the windows before heading to the rooftop and landing. She hurried through the door that led inside and down the stairs into the actual penthouse wondering if Jean was in or if he was Darre Enterprises. "Of course he's over there." She mouthed off to herself. Her steps were quick and somewhat frantic. She came to a sudden halt just inches from the stairs. She was panicking and she never panicked. Her face was stricken in horror and she was breathing heavily. Her fears were getting the best of her and that was always disastrous for a warrior.

Tick. Tick. The sound reverberated through the penthouse. Her ears perked up and she looked up the stairs, it was coming from up there. It almost sounded like the sound of a communicator but she couldn't be sure. She raced up the steps following the sound which led he to her and Jean's bedroom. Instantly, she was rummaging through the closet, finding a small alien box which she received many centuries ago. Her fingers fumbled as it unlocked and she flipped the cover open. A small greenish device rested in the middle of the little box, which she quickly picked up. She studied it and it's markings noticing a faint pattern, all was in tow, except for one small little design. She rubbed her thumb across it, as a blinding light spiraled out of the small communicator. In the suddenness of it, she dropped it to the floor and watched as a figure walked forth.

Instantly, Sari went on the defensive. "Who are you?" She spoke with slight irritation. The light dying down and the creature coming into view. Her eyes widening in surprise.

"....Anto'rou?" She questioned.

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Jean entered the bottom floor of the penthouse in his usual confidante stride.

Good afternoon Sir. said a smiling bubble girl behind the main desk How’s the miss’s been? We don’t see her down here to often.

Without breaking stride or even turning to face the women he snapped.

“She uses the window.”

Removing his gloves he quickly entered the elevator and rode up to the top floor. As he entered the room he called out to Saraif’ca but got no answer.

“That’s strange.” He thought as he passed the open window. Again he called out but no answer. Walking into the bedroom he saw Sariaf’ca on the floor and a stranger standing over her. With a flick of his wrist five cards glowing pink with kinetic energy appeared in his hand.

“You picked the wrong house mon chere.”

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Captain Graham Lewis sat in his cell, pondering the reason for his incarceration in the Greenwood military prison. Sure he'd beaten up that general, sure he'd been under the influence of something more than just alcohol. But his years of good service and bravery in combat should have aquitted him.

"God damn. What I wouldnt do to get out of this dump."

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Sariaf'ca heard his word, and brought her elbows below her. As she moved to raise herself she heard the door to the bedroom open, and Jean standing there and willing to attack. "No!" She yelled quickly, and rose to her feet moving in front of Gambler, in quick succession. "I know what this may look like but please trust me, Jean. It is not what the eyes have told you it is. He is an old friend, one that seeks our aid." She looked at him pleadingly, the last thing she wanted was the possible deaths of her lover or her friend.

Instantly, Sari's body began to shake. She suspected much, but that name was one that she wished never to hear again her life. Her eyes focused on Anto'rou, as she fought hard to keep her composure. Those bastards destroyed her planet, her people, and now what? They sought to do the same to another planet? "...What about them, Anto'rou?" She spat out in disdain. Her hands had slowly balled into a fist, shaking in anger, an anger that was absorbing the solar particles in the air, causing it to glow.

She listened to him, her mind flashing images of that horrible day when she saw the Bhasteins come into her planet. How easily they overcame her peoples armies. Their grinning, twisted faces as they killed children in front of their parents and parents in front of their children. The screams of she heard from her woman as they were so brutally raped and maimed. She barely escaped that fate herself. The deformed face of the Bhastein who chose to have his way with her as she fled at her parents request. The streets cold, and rain falling down as the planet weeped for its people. Her life barely saved if not for the help of an unknown hero. These images, only fueled her hatred, her anger. The air around Sari thickened, light forming around her form like that of a star. "I will help you even if it cost me my life." She spoke. No hesitation, and not even as much as a look to Jean.

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“What are you saying Saf? That’s a suicide mission and we both know it.”

Jean looked past Mealstrom at the strange visitor.

“Look I’m sorry about your planet I really am but this is %$#@ing crazy and there ain't no way I’m letting you walk out of here with her.”

He positioned himself in between the stranger and Sariaf’ca staring into his eyes before turning to face his love. Grabbing her by the arms he pleaded with her but deep down he knew she wouldn’t listen. The Bhastein’s had taken everything from her and now they were about to do the same to another, a friend.

“Babe, if you must do this you shall not do it alone. Give me one day to assemble a unit so we at least have a chance of surviving this.”

He stepped back and awaited her answer.

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Sgt Mark Wilgus lay in bed thinking to himself what the hell am I still doing here. They don't need me I need to retire I have been here to long. No I can't what about all the young ones, but something bad is going to happen I can feel it. He gets up to get a bite to eat.

"Lets see what we got oh ya pizza and whats this more pizza wait and let me guess more pizza"! "I hate pizza but what can you do when your wife dies and you can't cook"."Oh well better make the best of it, and besides its better than what they give you on the base".
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Sariaf'ca looked at Jean, she wished he hadn't been looking at her the way he was. "I know, Jean, but I cannot allow another planet to die because of those war mongering dogs. Trust me." She pleaded with him herself. And waited. She hoped that he could see her reasons for choosing to do this. As he spoke about gathering help, the alien beauty could not hide her joy. "Thank you, my love." She whispered to him and looked at Anto'rou. "You've your answer, my old friend. We will go to Draebjok and with reinforcements."

She watched in horror as her friend was taken from her so abruptly. She'd move as fast as she could but whoever grabbed him was faster. She only barely made out what he said, scrolls of her people, the foretelling of fate, and the Bhasteins. "Anto'rou!" She yelled after him, maybe she could follow them. But it wasn't meant to be. A sudden explosion rocked through the room. She quickly put up a protective force-field and watched as her only means of contacting him slowly fell on the floor covered in fire. The communicator had been destroyed. "What the hell...." She spoke in surprise and turned to Jean. "Gambler...." Her eyes wide. "....something terrible if happening."

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So much had happened in such a short amount of time. Gambler had no idea as to what just happened.

“Sariaf’ca I’m so sorry. Maybe….” He stopped himself before finishing. They had both seen what happened and it was obvious he was gone.

Jean made his way to his little office and started going threw his files and contacts.

SeanAkA Statues: Active

Switch Statues: Federal Prison

D-Man Statues: Unknown

After placing several calls to various members of the Hellfire Club he secured the release of Switch. All that was left was to go and pick him up making a quick stop off at Fort Brag to recruit SeanAkA.

“Don’t worry Sar we’ll honor your friends wishs and we’ll find a way……I promise.”

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Mark heated up the pizza and turned on the TV he put in an old western movie. The feeling that something terrible was going to happen grabbed hold of him, and for the last time tells him it wont let go. He thought to him self again about her, his wife Roxy why did she have to die?

"Damn drunks I tell my self everyday not to drink cause it could be me next". "But do I listen to myself no did she listen to me no". "Nobody ever listens to old Mark Wilgus at least not anymore" "Oh well the past is the past, and I am going to enjoy this movie".

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"I have to do something." She looked around shocked at everything that just happened. Anto'rou was gone, taken away by goddess knew what. His last words to her were something about a scroll that told fate and then something about the Bhasteins. This was all too much for her but she knew now was not a time to be weak. To do this it would take all her courage. Everyone who chose to join would have to be prepared to what they would be facing. She moved over to the closet and quickly pulled out her purple costume. She threw it on the bed and quickly pulled her clothes off, going straight for her costume. She put it in with ease and speed and then walked over to Jean's office, standing by the door.

"We will need provisions and weapons. But these weapons of steel and bullets that your people use will be of no avail against the Bhastein scourge. We will need something more advanced. Laser guns, x-ray guns, et cetera. We will also need psychic dampeners, the Bhastein have evolved to a point that their entire society holds psychic abilities. Mode of transportation, you need no worry. The ship I used to travel to the universe, to travel to Earth, is well hidden in one of the craters of your moon. Jean...." Her voice softened and she walked forward.

Sariaf'ca made a halt and stood behind him, her hand on his shoulder. "These creatures have no morality. They kill with little respect for life. They will torture you at a hearts moment, and they're great in number. The odds are greatly stacked against us. Do you truly wish to involve yourself in this?" Her hand squeezed his shoulder. "You have a life here and you are respected. Our chances of survival are slim, we may not come back with life, and I.... do not wish to lose you, I don't want you to die..."

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"What the...?"

Nathan was levitating in his apartment, legs crossed and hands surrounded by a red glow, a sign that he was using his magical abilities. It was his daily meditation, a time he used to center himself and rejuvenate his Chaos Magic. Letting his mind wander, he scanned his surrounding with his powers, as he had so often done in the past. But this time... this time it was different. He felt something... unusual. Chaos... he could feel it... a lot of it, and no matter how used he felt to it thanks to his magics, this time the sheer power of the Chaos actually scared him.

Something was wrong.

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Placing one hand on Sariaf’ca’s he squeezed.

“I ain’t so easy to kill baby. Plus I got a few tricks up my sleeve.” He said as he appeared to levitate a card from off his desk.

Jean got up and walked into the master bedroom, slowly taking off his cuff links and hanging up his Armani suit he reached into the closet and pulled out his old suit made of the remains of his father’s electromagnetic suit. Throwing on his trenchcoat and sticking his adamantium encased staff down his back harness he was set.

“Lets roll babe.”

The pair made there way down to the parking garage of the penthouse and sped out in the new Aston Martin heading towards the Darre Enterprises Special Research and Weapons Facility run and maintained by Hellfire member EC.

“If anyone can supply us with the necessary equipment it will be him.”

EC had stood by Gambler during an attempted Coo in the Hellfire Club, he was a loyal and expert fighter and Gambler was sure he could count on him. Pulling up to the main gate Jean quickly typed in the key code and watched as the gates parted.

Once inside Maelstrom and Gambler walked down the long white hallway to EC’s lab.

“Tis good to see you old friend.”

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The plasma rifles were firing like crazy. The targets were getting liquified as Kain stared happily at the "dead" targets. A grin crept across Kain's face.

Tis good to see you old friend

Kain turned around, his massive blade drawn, and muscles tense.


The troops put their weapons back on the rack and went to the showers. Kain put his blade back and walked to Jean with a smile on his evil face. Kain gave Jean a hug while he laughed from joy.

"Hey there porkchop! How ya been? Who's this lovely lady?"

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As she came upon the Special Research and Weapons Facility, she was actually very impressed. She hated to think this but the Earthlings were very under-developed compared to other planets. If there was an invasion there could be dire consequences, but walking through this facility it looked much on par to something from her planet. It seemed Jean was a visionary and saw things far ahead of its time. "I must say, you surprise me, love."

She watched as both old friends greeted each and then stepped forward. So this was one of his friends, she wondered if he'd choose to join them on their mission that was tantamount to suicide. Although Jean had spoke quite clearly about his "tricks" she was still worried. She may have been assuming a little too much, but she was almost certain that he, as well as the majority of the people on this planet, never faced a threat of this caliber.

She turned to Kain and smiled at him, when he called her "lovely" it was a word that still made her revert to a shy and uncertain child. "I am Sariaf'ca, and you are?" She smiled, before her eyes took a quick look around the room. "What you both have done here is very impressive..." She was eyeing one of the particle guns and then to a rock that was a few inches away from it.. "Is that...." Her hand immediately went for a small cube that was inside a small case, it looked to be very well protected. "That's a Trad'pubi meteorite. Do you know how valuable that is?" She turned and faced both men. "That small rock is capable of lighting the entire United States for as long as the the Earth exists. It is one the most sought after power generator in the Universe."

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Kain looked at Sariaf'ca. He noticed her eyes examining his work.

"My name is Kain, Echnida. I'm the head over here."

Kain watched as Sariaf'ca stared at the cube.

"We found that a while ago. We're close to figuring out how to duplicate it's power output. I can tell you like my toys. Wait till you see a special project that I've been working on. It's gone through most of the field tests and been successful, but I don't wanna show 'er off untill she passes everything. Either that or the universe depends on her, but that's not really the case."

Kain started balancing his massive glowing blade on the tip of his finger.

"So what can I do for you two today?"

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“I’m afraid this isn’t a social call Kain.”

The pair sat Kain down and explained what was happening and why. After and hour Jean stood up.

“And that’s why we need your help. I’ve already called the Senetor and arranged for the release of Switch. And there are still several other members of the Hellfire to contact. I’m not gonna lie it doesn’t look good but we have to try, if not for them then for Earth.”

He slowly walked over to one of the walls removing a giant black duffel bag and started loading everything with in arms reach.

“If you do this you do it with the knowledge that we may never see our homes again, our lives here could be over, even if we manage not to get ourselves killed there’s no guarantee we’re coming home. So….you in…..or are you out?”

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Kain's eyes widened with everything he was being told. He pictured the insanity, the blood and genocide in his mind. Kain slammed his sword into the ground and stood up. He looked in Jean's eyes. "Well buddy... looks like I'm gonna go to war with you. I'm willing to go to hell and back for you. Especially after what I owe you for funding my special project. Well if you want, I can bring some of the soldiers I have here. I can even bring my weapons if you'd like." Kain used his TK to press a botton that opened up a massive room. The room had cannons that fired charged particle beams, plasma rifles, pulse rifles. De-atomizing bombs and Kain's "special project" that happened to be a massive robot equipped with just about everything available in the arms world. Kain saw the girl run towards something and answered her question.

"I found that thing when a meteor crashed in Texas a few months back."
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She sat silently letting letting Jean do the talking, she wasn't in much of a social mood, understandably so. Her friends sudden fate had done a number on her and she kept wondering what happened to him. She held out a fools hope in her heart that he was still alive, that he could still be saved, but that search would have to wait. Now they had a bigger fight ahead of them, and she had to decipher what exactly his last words to her were. As the important bits of the conversation were said, she once around the room again and her eyes caught something that she never thought she'd see here.

It was no bigger than a house key. It was shaped as a small rectangle, and one wire came out of the unit. Sari leapt to her feet and hurried to it. Her heart raced as her hands moved to hold the object. There was no mistaken it. She had seen this years ago and she knew exactly what it was. "Where did you get this?" She asked frantically.

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"Where in Texas?" Sariaf'ca asked frantically, as she held the machine within her hands. "Please..." Her eyes begging and pleading to Kain. "Could you give me the coordinates to the site?" She was jumpy. They didn't realize what this was, they didn't realize that they had the potential to better the odds for them. Within her hand she grasped one of the Bhastein's most powerful weapons. A device that gave them additional attributes, additional powers to add to their psychic arsenal. The proof of mass produced powers.

She ran her hands over her hair, if she could tweak it, she might be able to discover something, find a way to use it against them or better yet.... Her face contorted into a smile. "The meteorite. Do you have its coordinates as well?"

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Kain laughed at her question.

"If there's one thing I learn from Hollywood movies, it's to never leave a site without everything involved. I took the meteorite. I actually took everything within the one square mile of the incident and put it in the basement. One of the little tricks of having Telekinetic power."

Kain pushed another botton and opened up a passage to the basement. The area was in the same position it was when it was taken.

"We found about 40 or 50 of those little gizmos actually."

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Graham stood on the pavement outside the prison, wearing his uniform with his clothes in a duffle bag over his shoulder. He was still confused at his release. One minute he was rotting in his cell, the next he's told that new evidence has come up, aqquitting him of all charges. The whole incident stank of the Helfire club and that meant Gambler.

"Well, he knows where to find me."

He turned away from the prison and began to trudge towards the army camp to pick up a few supplies. When Gambler came a knockin he would find Graham packed and ready to go.

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Saraif'ca and EC continued to discuss the find and several others like it while Gambler packed supplies. Reaching into his pocket he pulled out the 2010 model of the IPhone, "being a member of the Hellfire Club was good" he thought as he dialed up Colonel Hendrix's cell.

"Yeah Colonel, thats right its me listen, I want Sgt.Graham on a chopper and flown to the Special Research and Weapons facility just north of New York City, thats the one. I want him here ASAP is that understood? Very well Colonel I'll be waiting."

Gambler wasn't sure how Graham was going to take the news but thought it had to be better then sitting in prison.

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Graham jumped clear of the chopper while the blades were still turning. Without waiting for orders the pilot dusted off and the sound of the rotors faded slowly away until it was no more than a murmur in the still air. The journey had been long but Graham was sure that something big was going down, hence the large bag of goodies he had with him. Without the wind to move the air it seemed oppressively hot on the heli pad and so he padded towards the edge and entered the building. Inside all was quiet although lights were on.

"Ok what the hell is going on?" he yelled.
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Darkchild walked up behind switch and put his hand on his shoulder and looks ahead.

" You aint planning on leaving me on this drudge hole are ya mate. Anyway i brought one of my little inventions for ya."

tosses a mini grenade in up into the air and catches it

"Their small but their powerful. Their all yours, anyway what is going on man"

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"Dammed if I know. I got a feeling that Gambler and the Helfire club are involved. Other than that I'm sailing without a light."

Nervously Graham began to edge his way forwards, his eyes probing the darkness.

"C'mon out you b%astards. You wanna talk? Lets talk."

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DC looks at his friend eyebrows raised and looks into the darkness.

" Um mate they keep you in solitary for too long because your talking to shadows."

DC waits for some odd reason for the shadows to respond. " Hmm i guess ill follow you either way, hell i talked to myself for 3 years so talking to shadows wont be too hard. HEY you bastards answer him."

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"Hmmm..." She watched as a new location opened up and hurried within. "Bring them with you, Kain, all of them." She wandered into a scene that was out of place in this building. He wasn't kidding when he spoke about taking everything. She immediately focused on one particular area of the basement. There stood a small bit of debris. It was barely noticeable to anyone with regular vision. She bent and picked it up within her fingers, quickly placing it within her bosom, for lack of not having pockets.

"These devices you found are weapons used by the Bhastein." She stopped and turned to face him. "They use it to give it's wearer additional attributes. Be it firing beams of light, fire, ice, water. Gaining immense strength, becoming faster than the speed of light, enhancing their natural psychic abilities, et cetera. It is mass produced power, enhancers.... one which is available to every member of their society and which does not require physical experimentation but is flawlessly created to compliment their physiology.... although such a discovery here on Earth makes me question it's authenticity." It seemed too good to be true. To find weaponry that could be used easily against her enemies with some tweaking. It made her shudder, and she suspected something else was at work here.

"Do not let anyone touch these." She said simply. "Please, Kain, give me the coordinates of the original crash site."

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Post Deleted.

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Gambler made his way out onto the front lawn of the facility looking at Switch and DC as he pushed upon the doors.

“Welcome gentlemen I must say I’m a little surprised they released you as well DC. You pull another stunt like the one you pulled in Albany and I’ll put you down myself. But I digress. I’ve secured your release for one reason and one reason only a suicide mission against and Alien Army on an Alien planet.”

He began to breakdown what had happened and what they must do making sure not to leave out anything.

“Now the choice is still yours, I can’t nor will I force you to join but if you refuse its back to the pen where you’ll both finish out your sentences. So, whatya say?”

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Graham glanced at DC before answering.

"All I know is that innocent lives are at stake, don't confuse me with details. Of course I'll come."

DC hesitated for a moment, looking around the complex, like a man condemned to death looking at the world for the last time. A wind had sprung up, tentatively moving the tops of the trees in the twilight.

"Well, it would be a shame to waste all these grenades, wouldn't it?" he said, flicking the bomb into the air again.

Switch grinned, his face lighting up in the darkness.

"You just hired the A-Team. When do we leave?"

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"Now, where in the world did I put these?"

Nathan sighed and looked around one last time before he raised his hands, aglow with a red halo. Three books flew from various places in the apartment into his hands, after which he carefully put them in a backpack. Now, he had his spellbooks, his talismans and some more mystical paraphernalia; he was ready. He would go and look for the cause of the Chaos he had felt earlier that day. He would find it and do his best to prevent it... or die trying.

"Ready or not, here I come... and hopefully I'll come back."

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The voice reverberated through her head, she'd stopped suddenly during mid-sentence with Kain and just stood there. "I'm sorry, I must cut this short, Kain. Somethings.... come up. Please tell Jean, I will be back soon." She eyed her acquaintance with a look of apology and made her way back up towards the room. That voice was unmistakable to her. She had to get to her now. She raced up the stairs and out of room. She walked to the elevator but when she felt it was too slow she looked around, and saw a door to the stairs. She quickly took them out of the research facility and found herself outside. The open air meeting her lungs.

"I'm coming, War Wraith." She bellowed, her form rising into the air in steady movement. Her head turned. She eyed the position of the moon, in contrast to the Earth. "There I will go." She mused to herself and rocketed off into the sky towards the moon.

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Master Sgt. Daniel Cassidy of the 75th Ranger Regiment walked through the halls of the Hellfire Club headquarters. He had heard that there was a sensitive and very dangerous mission requiring volunteers, and Cassidy was all over it. He was a career soldier and had joined the army at the age of 18. For a combat soldier he was getting old. at the age of 37 he was often called Dad or Pops by the other soldiers. He got his first taste of combat in the jungles of Panama in 1989, again in 1991 during Desert Storm, and again in 1993 in Somalia, and had served two tours in Afghanistan. He was a veteran, a crack soldier. He wanted to be on the mission. As he got to the end of the hall, he saw the man he wanted to see, Jean LeBeau
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Kain watched as his best friend's woman left the area. Kain's soldiers were leaving the showers and he knew what he must do. He went on the loudspeaker.

"Men, this is commaner Echnida, You're going on the biggest mission you will ever go on. You must equip yourselves well. Get the Class 100 body armor, get the Plasma and pulse rifles. Squad team Alpha, be sure to equip the anti-matter grenades. Squad team Beta, equip the Sniper rifles, because we need you to handle some of these bastards from long range and squad team Gamma, get inside the highspeed tanks that fire Charged particle beams."

Kain's eyes were colder than before. He knew he might not come back, he'd make sure he can help somebody get revenge on their parent's killer even though he couldn't.

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As Gambler talked to both DC and Switch he noticed Army Ranger Danny Cassidy approaching.

“Nice to have you aboard soldier.” He assumed the Sgt had been debriefed as to the missions specs and felt no need to go over it again. Turning to the trio he motioned for them all to follow him inside the facility.

“Okay men gear up. Grab armor, plasma cannons, lasers, whatever you can grab.”

Jean looked around and noticed Saraif’ca was missing. Looking to EC he asked with a confused look on his face,

“Where’d she go? Where is she?”

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In the middle of the blue sky, miles above the ground, Xenon appeared in a swirl of magic. Falling down, he quickly realized he was in the sky and mumbled his usual levitation incantation. But why had the location spell brought him there, in the middle of Earth's atmosphere? Looking around, he saw something not so far away, a figure that seemed to be flying towards space. He had intended his spell to find the cause of the Chaos he had felt, but why had it brought him near that person, assuming it was a person?

Unsure, Nathan sped up his flight, soon reaching the flyer, whose orange skin confirmed it was not a human he was chasing. Hurriedly, Nathan focused his Chaos Magic on surrounding him in a mystical aura that allowed him to breathe and channeled it into casting a second spell:


Hopefully its target would stop.

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"Hmm sir i got one question does this gun make my ass look big holds up rather large plasma rifle Or should i just stick to the trusty plasma gun that only makes my thighs look big."

DC thinks to himself With where were going i need to be funny or these guys are going to loose their minds

DC grabs all his suit can hold and all his duffel bag can hold. He heads along with Gambler to the facility.

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Kain looked at Jean. His eyes colder than the deepest reaches of space. Kain was grabbing a Gattling Plasma Cannon. It was a special cannon that when the plasma hit the target, it exploded.

"Jean, she just ran out of here. Something was wrong. My camera's told me that she went to the moon for some reason."

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It came to her barely as a whisper. She stopped in her tracks, her contrail fading as she stood motionless in the sky. Someone had called out to her. But how could someone have caught up to her so quickly? She turned around. It was a human who had managed to reach her. How interesting. She came forth. She wanted to see this person face to face. "How did you reach me so quickly, har'lep?" She questioned. She stopped inches from the male waiting for an answer. She was in quite a hurry.

"I do not mean to be rude, but please speak your peace now. I've something to attend to."

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Cassidy winced at the question. He kneew he was not going to get along with this guy. There was a time to be serious and that time was now. The MSgt donned his body armor and prepared his plasma rifle. He would prefer a good old M-16 any day, but if this is what got the job done he would use it. This would not be his first time in combat, and this time was no different. He was fighting to protect an oppressed group of people, just as he had done in so many other wars. Except this time, the enemy wasn't a few thousand miles away. It was a few billion.

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Kain called the troops and had them lined up. He awaited for everybody to be quiet so he can talk.

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MSgt. Cassidy fell in with the rest of the troops in the group.

He awaited the briefing and wondered when they would leave.

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Kain examined his men standing around. Holding their guns. Prepared to die. He almost wanted to cry with pride.

"Alright ladies, this may be the last briefing you hear and I give. We're going to another planet, billions of miles away to save innocent people. Men, women and children will be dying if we don't go, think about it like this, if your family's were in danger, wouldn't you look for help from somebody, anybody to keep them safe and protect them? Exactly. Some of you will die, most likely all of you will die, myself included. But we can't let that happen. We need to stay and fight. We're soldiers, we're killers. You bastards can't die without my permisssion, and if you do, I'll go to hell and kick your ass. You people know I can, and I will so don't even try me. Ladies, here's a little more incentive for you to come back. If you all die out there, your wives and girlfriend's will be getting boned by your bestfriends and brothers, and your kids'll be callin that bastard 'daddy'. Men, we go, and fight. We won't be killed, and do you know why? Do you know who we are? WE ARE HELLFIRE! WHO ARE?!?!?! HELLFIRE! WHO ARE WE?"

Kain listened to his men scream Hellfire. HE was proud of them and would do anything to keep them alive.

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EC had complete control over his men, they respected him and weather or not he admitted it he respected them as well. It was a good speech, a speech to be proud of but Jean’s only thoughts were that of his love. He knew she could handle herself but the suddenness of her departure had him more then concerned. As he looked over the group he thought to himself,

“Maybe, just maybe we can pull this off.”

Zero hour was closing in, soon there would be no turning back, soon they would be entangled in an all out war with the Universe hanging in the balance.

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Kain walked over Jean and looked at him.

"I can tell your considered about your lady. I don't blame you, but just relax. I'm sure she's fine. If anything, you can come back to me. You cheated on me with her, but I'll take you back. ha ha ha"

Kain was trying to cheer his friend up, but couldn't help but laugh at his own joke.

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Daniel didn't like shouting out Hellfire, it was weird to him. He had been a U.S. Army Ranger for nearly 20 years and that was where his loyalty lied... to America. But this leader was different he inspired him to do the right thing, to go and help strangers on a far off planet. MSgt Cassidy had no family. To him the army was his family, and now it was that and the Hellfire Club. They would fight with him, and he would die for everyone of them. They were all brothers. MSgt Cassidy stayed in attention waiting to get off the planet and jump into the fray.