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There was an old woman who looked to be around 90 or so years old in a motorized wheel chair.  She makes her way to a large building with a gated entrance.  As she reaches the gate she takes a bobby pin out of her hair and uses it to distort the locking mechanism causing the entire state of the art security system to malfunction and began to catch on fire.  The lock on the gate melts under the heat of the fire and the old woman pushes it open with her cart.  She begins to breathe heavy, and sweat profusely as she makes her way up to the front door the Mansion with the letters MOBB carved into the marble pillars.  She barely has the energy to ring the doorbell before her heart stopped beating causing her to gently pass.  On her lap was an envelope with an invitation to the highly secretive and centuries old Kumite.  The envelope was addressed to Kurrent.

At around the same time in another city a horribly scarred homeless man is ravaging through a dumpster outside an art gallery.  People pass him in the busy streets and look away in disgust and embarrassment.  The man finds a half eaten slice of pizza and begins to violently rip away at it as if he hadn't eaten in years.  He had a shopping cart full of personal items that he had dug out of people’s garbage in urban neighborhoods, some were Polaroid’s, and some were children’s toys.  The homeless man spotted a clean cut looking man wearing a black suit with tie and wearing a pair of sunglasses.  He made his way toward this man and hands him an envelope sealed in a 24 kt. gold ribbon with "The Kumite" seal stamped in wax on the back.  The letter was addressed to Hedatary.

Your battle will take place in the Roman Coliseum.  May you fight well.

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The Mobb Mansion was quiet as all the members of the team were of on personal leave or on missions. Kurrent didn't take too much time off, he had lost his family and really like to keep busy. He was constantly prepping mission plans, reading the records of villains in order to learn their methods and training in his own form of Levis Tractus.

Ding Dong

The door bell sounded. This alarmed Kurrent due to the fact that the gate had to have been breached because nobody had called through the intercom. But why would they ring the door bell he thought as he walked to the front door perplexed. He opened a door to find an old women in a wheel chair with a envelop on her lap addressed to him. He checked the womens pulse at her neck and determined that she was indeed dead and then took the mysterious letter and read it to himself.

It said of a hand to hand combat tournament  that he was invited to and he was to immediately get to the Roman Coliseum after reading the letter. With his curiosity buzzing Kurrent decided to check this tournament out, not telling any off his teammates as instructed in the letter.

After taking the old lady to near by hospital he jumped in one of  Mobb Deep's jets and made his way to Rome. Upon arrival he followed the directions of the letter that lead him through a secret entrance of the coliseum. As he walked though the secret corridor he thought to himself about how much he prided himself on his hand to hand ability. He was a master and as a matter a fact to only practitioner of Levis Tractus. a style that he created by combining 5 well know arts. His ability to move fluidly and attack his opponents came to a great advantage for him since it was difficult to predict what he was about to do next.

The dark hallway ended with a door that when opened put him in the left end of the Amphitheater, once inside he walked to the center of the Coliseum and anxiously waited for his unknown opponent stretching his arms and legs readying his mind for whoever may show up.

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Hedatary was already here within the coliseum, waiting. His finely costume crafted suite was slightly dirty as he sat on one of the seats on the deserted stands, waiting for his opponent. His cigarette was barely hanging by his mouth, filling his stomach with warmth as he exhaled.  His hands held the envelope that the old man gave him, not noticing that the man was horribly homeless and more perplexed why a homeless man gave him an expensive envelope that looked costume designed. The instructions were on the envelope and not much of a why’s and If’s or even the prizes.  It was interesting that he was invited to a tournament he never even heard about but agreed. And now, he sat here, waiting for god knows what, his smoke trailing lazily into the air.

Just as he was almost about to give up, someone entered the vicinity. Hedatary gave a smirk, already studying his opponent and wondered what this guy was made of to be invited to this secretive tournament. It didn’t matter as Hedatary got up from his seat and walked towards the stage. Putting his hands in his pockets and slightly leaned back with a smirk. “Well, well, well…if it isn’t my first opponent. Who might you be then?”

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Finally revealing himself the man that was to meet Kurrent in the Kumite tournaments first round was walking down from the seats and making his way up to the Most Electrifying Man. As he walked down with a smirk on his face the Kurrent sized him up thinking several things in his head....."Is this guy serious, who wears a suit to a fight. He is probably wondering what I'm made of and I will have no problem showing him"

Just as he cleared the seats and made his ways towards center stage where the Electric Ace was at. Kurrent turned his head in all anglesin order to loosen up. You could hear the crack of his neck echo throughout the entire desolate amphitheater.

"Still smiling huh"  thought Kurrent as he felt loose and ready to partake in the evident street fight. Kurrent was confident in the fast that he could preform all him movement fluidly with out stopping. That is the style he has perfected and trained himself in for his hole like. Still looking as his opponent approached he said to himself "I'll change that smirk"

With the man almost near him Kurrent began the fundamental movement of capoeira called the Ginga. This was the ready move in that style which incorporated both feet and arms in constant movement. The hero applied this to his style of Levis Tractus because of the way it prepares the body to defend or attack from numerous angles. The Ginga gave him options and fighting an opponent that he had never met or even heard of before as a matter of fact, options would be critical to guarantee success in this match.

“Well, well, well…if it isn’t my first opponent. Who might you be then?” said the man in front and Kurrent who was still in the Ginga. At this point Kurrent was all business and was never really a man for pleasantries so he took it upon himself to strike first. From the Ginga, Kurrent dropped his left hand on the ground into a handstand and forcefully extended his legs outward  by twisting his hips. This caused a hammer like effect to his right leg that were aimed towards the smirk that Hedatary had on his face.

Using the momentum from the one armed hand stand position Kurrent drops his body onto the ground and in a circular motion spins his upper body with his leg extended outward into a windmill. His legs were kept extended in order to be used offensively in a sweeping motion towards the villains foot base in front of him. Immediately after the sweep attempt Kurrent stopped the windmill pass by halting his body and quickly moving into a kneeling position where his left knee was on the ground. Without missing a beat he used the strength in his right leg to propel himself upward and drive his left knee onto the body of Hedatary.

When his feet came  touched back on the ground he put himself in aready stance with his hands covering his face and said to his opponent  "The name is Kurrent"
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As he walked towards him, the noticed the peculiar  stance. It was an unusual kata that resembles Capoeira martial arts with an offensive stance. His eyes narrowed when he didn't even answer his question but instead his opponent attacked ruthlessly. It was quick and the only thing Hedatary could do was roll with the kick, grazing his cheek. And as instincts guided him, Hedatary flipped in a 360 degree motion, horizontal to the floor. This caused a number of blows to be dodged quickly and effectively from the windmill move. And just before he met the floor, he extended in body into a roll and moved away from the opponent and his deadly kicks. Then his oppoent said his name just as he got up and quickly into a stance.

Hedatary got up slowly from the stance with narrowed eyes. "Well...that was rude. And they said the villeins don't have any manners." Stepping away from the stance, he dusted off anything that must have gotten on his clothes. Thats when he noticed that a trickle of blood ran freely from his mouth. Wiping it off with his thumb, he turned back to look at his opponent with a gentle smile. "That was pretty good." He muttered mostly to himself as he loosed his tie and unbuttoned his collar. Then he took off his suite jacket and tossed it off to the side, not really caring weather it gets any more ruined then it already is. Bending down, he took off his expensive shoes and socks and tossed it to the side, leaving it barefoot.

Hedatary leaned back and watched the sky, his eyes glittering with mirth and amusement. Then he finally looked back to his opponent . "Well, flashy moves won't get you anywhere in this world." And just as he replied, he immediately moved forward with a burst of speed. Swinging down, he went for a sweep kick, his right leg extended with his toes pointed like arrows. Immediately going for one of his vitals in his ankles. With a twist of his body, he bound himself up with his right leg again moving up high, all the way above his head to position himself for an Axe kick. And with a blow that would have killed any normal men in an instant, he brought it down on to his opponent's head hard.

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"Well...that was rude. And they said the villains don't have any manners."  says the siuted up man that just got a small taste of Kurrent style that consisted of fluid movments. He was able to counter the movements in an extraordanary manner nad that came to a surprise to the battle tested hero.

After getting into a more relaxed and comfortable attire he appeared ready contend against the militant hero. Again he spoke in a manner that Kurrent took as cocky by saying "Well, flashy moves won't get you anywhere in this world.".

Immediately after his provoking words he began his onslaught. Hedatay came in with an impressive burst speed and turned his accelerated movement into a sweep kick. By looking at the way his shoulders and hands were moving Kurrent expected a lower body attack and instantly swung his body backwards where his back would fall on the ground and his feet would fold in front of his body barely avoiding the sweeping manuever. He turned the back fall directely into a no hands kip up and shot his body forward using the recoil of the fall ready to attack. Avioding the sweep, although impressive in appearence put him right in position to take an unsuspected axe kick delivered by the villain.

The furious kick dropped down on Kurrent's shoulder with bone crushing power. Upon contact The Electric Ace curled his lip fearing a dislocation from the pain but quickly went on the offensive. Spinning his body parallel to the kicking leg of the attacking villain keeping the proverbial gap closed to improve effectiveness he shot his leg forward into a vicious leg kick toward the villains grounded foot. Forthwith with his movements Kurrent threw a left, right combination towards the villians ribs with the interntion of taking his breath.

Kurrent had confidence in his rigid stamina and firmly believed that if he worked the right tactics on his foe he would eventually be able to become a more dominate opponent and pull the victory in what was beginning to be a well fought battle.

The piston like punches were followed promptly by Kurrent jumping in the air and extending his feet into a somersault kick towards the front of the villains frame. The kick was done in a continuous flip that would make both of his legs instruments for the attack. Kurrent landed on his feet at about two arms lenght aways from the villain and grabbed his left shoulder that was now throbbing from the prior attack. After a few rotations and sighs of discomfort he put up his hands and prepared himself for whatever Hedatary had in store for him.

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His sweep was a faint, and he knew that it was a dodge the second he did it. However his axe kick worked, good in working with giving him a hopeful dislocated shoulder collarbone. However all of a sudden, especially after that kick, his opponents own kick came at him leaving him breathless. Enduring this blow with decadence tolerance and discipline, especially if it broke a rib. Hedatary folded his hands knuckles. However this little technique is special and a way to ware down his opponents rather than anything else. His index finger and the middle finger seemed to extend a bit, stub rather than anything else. And when the punches came to him, Hedatary knocked then away by slapping them at there wrist with his two fingers. This serves a god purpose. One, it wears down his opponents hands and weakens it to the point where it would be useless if Hedatary's opponent kept up like this.

Hedatary was furious and didn't step back. Immediately Hedatary went for a butterfly kick by sweeping his body across the air with a twist, his right leg  extended for a kick to his face from under the chin and coming back down with his left leg going for the side of his face. With a grace of a trained wushu, Hedatary faced him again while his fingers still in there place within his knuckles, he extended forward and took a boxing stance and punched his opponents a multiple of times, aiming for his solar plexus furiously. "COME ONE!"

However, he lost quite a bit of force with every punch he threw, for ever punch he threw pain would rupture from within.

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From his ready position Kurrent recounted back seconds ago when his adversary used an awkward blocking technique to swat away his stone like punches that were aimed at the villains ribs. Those punches were immediately followed by a somersault kick by the Electric One that seemed to not hit  their targets at all, as Kurrent didn't not feel the impact of human skin on either of his two feet that were directed at the man in front of him.

This came to a surprise to him since his placement and speed were  well calculated and even if it was masked by his adrenaline he would have still felt something. At the present moment from his ready stance he could see that Hedatary was showing his resilience in the form of a butterfly kick that came directly towards the heroic Mobbster.

The kick was seen coming but Hedatary speed would prove victorious with the first kick as it connected on Kurrent's face instantly opening him up with a cut under his eye. Rapidly adapting, the second was not as successful and was  avoided by Kurrent  ducking underneath it as he intended to do with the first.

Before the Hero could begin his retaliation he was met with an array of assorted punches that connected in his solar plexus area. They came with punishing velocity and made contact onto Kurrents body with bruising effect. The hero dropped his elbow in order to impact some of the blows as his antagonist screamed "COME ONE!"

Shifting his feet so that he could adjust his stance while close to Hedatary, Kurrent again used a rolling maneuver. This time spinning  in towards  the villains body  using his  punching arm as a guide.  At the completion of the spin now that he was facing Hedatary's side in an angle, Kurrent brought up his left knee towards the villains abdomen. That in turn was immediately  followed by a basic quick jab with his right hand  towards the villains exposed ear. The ear punch was done not as a cheap tactic but as one to mentally incapacitate his opponent since the effect would ultimitely cause a distortion in his equilibrium or at least cause a loud ring that would be most uncomfortable.

Quickly preparing for the move. The twist of his body left a trail of blood in the air from underneath his eye from the previous kick as Kurrent's  punching hand was in its returning motion and his left was already in route in a knife edge chop that was targeting Hedatary's trachea.   Again keeping to his game plan of wearing him out and testing his fortitude at the same time with finishing blows.