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Warm sunlight shone through her bedroom window to shed soft rays of light across her white thousand-count Egyptian cotton sheets. The light eventually made its way over her face as her previously resting eyelids began to flutter open. Amora sat up in her massive bed to stretch her arms lazily in the air, her golden-blonde hair cascading down her bare back. It was a beautiful day on Olympus, as usual. Glancing outside her window she took a moment to appreciate the unparalleled architectural elegance and grandeur of her home, as well as the flourishing fauna and clear blue skies. It didn't hurt to have one of the finest personal chambers atop the mountain, along with many of the other perks granted to the Daughter of Olympus due to being the offspring of the rulers of Olympus themselves.

Finally shaking off the last remains of slumber, Amora stepped delicately out of her bed and onto the cool marble floor. Passing by a mirror on her way to her shower she took a moment to admire her bare physique, pleasantly studying her amorous curves and statuesque figure while pale blue eyes shone back at the Goddess of Desire as she smiled in light of her own allure. Stepping inside her shower, which could have fit ten Olympians, the room quickly filled with hot steam as she pampered her skin and hair with only the finest lotions and oils. Stepping out she tied a thin white silk robe around her lithe figure before continuing on with the day's preparations.

While Amora usually took little interest in the affairs of mortals, the idea of an intergalactic tournament had quickly caught her attention. The prospect of demolishing mortals for the sake of a crown was more than the goddess could resist. Pulling open the massive double doors of her closest, filled with various fashion styles from every decade dating back millenniums, Amora turned to select her most recently stapled attire: A green one-piece with black and green leggings, complimented by opera-length gloves and a tiara. The lightweight armor was ultimately unnecessary, due to her own physical structure being many times more durable, however Amora was never one to miss points for style. Several nymphs were already at work repairing her bed, as it was their duty to serve the gods who inhabited Olympus. "Inform my father I've left for the tournament, and be sure to keep my chamber meticulous," she instructed aloofly as she played mindless with her hair, making sure her tiara rested perfectly. "And don't let Alceus in," she added sharply, wary of her brother's day to day intentions toward her. With her business at home taken care of, a thin disc of pink-colored energy rising from the floor quickly swallowed Amora, teleporting her to the first location in her tournament for the crown.

She appeared in what seemed to be a massive garden, filled with flowers of every shape and color one could imagine. The flower's sweet scent floated all around her, giving the arena a more romantic feel than an orthodox battlefield. Taking little time to admire the flora, Amora quickly took to the skies, gliding swiftly over the garden in search of her opponent. Her telepathy easily recognized another's presence, however something about the technology used to design the arena was prohibiting her from instantly annihilating his psyche. Fortunately it seemed her mystic powers had not been diminished by the strange location, and the Goddess of Sorcery would spend little time in sparing her challenger from the full force of her abilities. She flew for several minutes without spying her soon-to-be victim, however thousands of years of living had granted Amora a well developed patience. At one time or another her opponent would show, and when he did, she would make quick work of defeating him.

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One hour ago

Warren sat calmly in his apartment building carelessly flicking a zippo open then quickly closing it. His mind was filled with information from what he knew in just a few minutes he would be shoved into battle with people that dwarfed his power. He was really not looking forward to this fight but the ones informing him he would he involved made it quite clear he would be fighting. He dressed himself in his usual attire Chains, over-ear headphones, and a Cannibal Corpse hoodie. Just as he pulled the hoodie down over himself enough that he could see, he realized the area in which he stood had changed.

Wind blew into his face softly, the air smelled fresh and clean, in contrast to the smell of rotting pizza and burned insects associated with his apartment. Kid Devil looked around for this sudden change had to surely mean the tournament in which he was forced into had started. He pulled up his hood and hit a button on his music player starting the song "You're Going Down" preformed by Sick Puppies. With flames covering his body he took to the sky. Even the demon he had become agreed this place was beautiful on these plants there was almost every color imaginable, shades of reds and blues he'd never seen with his own eyes. He looked for his opponent he had no idea what he or she would look like but he did know if he burned every one he saw he'd be good to go.


The time he spent looking over the last hour had apparently been wasted as he had saw nothing and became bored and unfocused in sheer moments after he had begun to lose patience he spotted his target, or at least who he thought to be his target, a blond woman dressed in green. Who of course, seemed to radiate power as Warren's inner-demon ached in her presence.

He took a deep breath, drew back his arm as if he were about to punch the air, and let loose a stream of fire as thick as an bull directed towards the woman. In his mind he only had one thought "Die."

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Her patience proved worthwhile as her opponent finally came into view, which presented her with her first real challenge of the tournament: suppressing a laugh. Her challenger, a word she used lightly to describe the child, was clad in what Amora assumed had to be a style trending in an era preceding the grungy boy's birth. However she had little time to continue her thoughts, due to the boy sparing little time in sending a massive amount of flames toward her figure which still floated casually in midair. Even without her superhuman speed Amora would have had little trouble outstretching her hand in time to shield herself with a wall of telekinetic energy. The force field absorbed most of the flames impact, however Amora underestimated the full scale of the boy's power. As the defenses of her wall began to crack, she quickly dispelled the shield along with the final remains of the powerful flames. Seeing her opportunity for an attack, Amora planned to make her first tournament battle a short one.

Her first move was for her own entertainment. With a silent spell the headphones wrapped tightly around his head turned into a venomous, and rather agitated, snake. Finished with her fun she moved into her real attack. Manipulating the earth itself a massive stone hand erupted from the earth in an attempt to grip the demon boy. If the strength of the rock construct didn't crush his bones to dust, her following assault would get the job done just as effectively. The same pink-colored energy that teleported the goddess to the floral arena appeared around her balled fist, its searing heat sending ripples through the air around her hand. All she had to do now was wait for her stone fist to have the boy in its paralyzing grip, giving her the perfect shot to turn the Kid Devil into nothing but a pile of ashes.

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He felt the air leave his lungs as his headphones became a angry snake, he smelled the venom but for the strangeness of magic it constricted his neck. He couldn't breath he panicked his flames left him. The Teenaged Devil grabbed the snake and tore it from his neck in a bloody fashion just in time to make contact with the gigantic stone hand. His own survival blade that hung on the side, made a lengthy on his thigh, He screamed out his own blood mixing with the dead snake's. The stone hand begun to close, fear was overtaking him for his inner demon burned on his hip. He closed his eyes they were dark almost black. His ribs ached just minutes into a fight she may have won. "No, fight." a deep, dark voice filled with confidence spoke through Warren's lips it sent shivers down his spine. Before he knew what was happening he flared his body re-coated in flames, the stone hand turned to mush as it melted to a puddle. Kid Devil smiled his happiness was short lived as something powerful hit his chest it knocked the Possessed Teen to the ground he laid in the dirt, he ached, he didn't want to stand back up. But that same powerful voice told him he had to. In his remaining soul he knew that pink heat was meant to be a kill shot. The Demon looked down to his chest his hoodie was completely gone. Even though his protective layer of flames he saw blackened flesh, intense burns. This tournament was going to leave him with a few marks.

He rose to the air slowly at first wary that he may black out. But hoping she had not yet seen him quite yet The Teen Devil rocketed forward, parts of the garden already burned around him from proximity. He shot flames with murderess intent towards the woman the flames he shot also doubled as cover, his second attack and probably his more effective strategy was to rush her. He burst forward attempting to tackle her out of the sky and force angry flames down her throat, his skin was as he would say "Hot as Hell."

"You hurt me, now I hurt you." he said with angry confidence that mirrored how the demonic voice had sounded moments ago.

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She watched with disappointment as the flaming teen burst free from her rocky construct, however her attacks weren't entirely in vain. Her energy blast sent the kid crashing into the dirt, with several burn mark to remember her by. Her victory was short-lived as the boy made another attempt at knocking her out of the sky by sending more jets of flames her way. Pushing out her hand to erect another protective telekinetic wall was just as easy the second time as the first, however the boy coming after her himself was something she hadn't anticipated. The impact of his tackle alone managed to knock the wind out of her, but the real blow was hitting the ground. The landed in a hail of dirt and flowers, the arena becoming less and less ethereally beautiful as their battle continued to destroy the landscape. If she didn't have the durability to withstand being hit by a car, the crash would have shattered her back. The flames surrounding his body began becoming dangerously intense, even for a goddess. "Get off me, you filthy peasant," she snarled, projecting an explosive blast away from her body to throw the boy off of her.

If getting physical was what the boy wanted, getting physical was what she would do. Despite not being an expert fighter, Amora's strength was still enough to lift over twenty-five tons with ease. Combined with her speed would make the punch coming for the demon child a painful, if not lethal, experience. Rising from the ground in the blink of an eye Amora flew straight forward with a punch aimed for his abdomen. Knowing an attack is only as powerful as the one that proceeds it, Amora planned to follow her punch, that would surely cause him to double over in pain, to send a spine-shattering blow to his back. And if the two of those combined didn't send the demon out of commission, a final back to the jaw would knock the boy fully out of the competition. The entire series would performed with breakneck speed, Amora's figure transforming into a green blur as she blitzed to demolish her opponent.

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His flames were blocked by shields "damn it!" he yelled still speaking in the demonic voice. "Calm yourself not every attack can be a success" KD's inner-demon told him. though the woman had not had the time to prevent Warren from knocking her in to the hard dirt below. Warren's flames made her little more than uncomfortable he grimaced at that fact, what could hurt her? "Get off me, you filthy peasant,"He heard her yell "Peasant? Seriously what century do you think you're in?" He said just before being launched off of the woman. She rushed him he doubled over as her first hit connected, he coughed blood. Kid Devil flung his body to his left, he once again had the demon to thank. Narrowly dodging an attack that would have crippled him. Something hit his jaw he couldn't see, it flung him across the garden he didn't move for almost a minute as every time he breathed he saw a black fuzz in his vision. He hoped she thought him dead.

"Get up" the raging demon told him with obvious disgust returning Warren to full consciousness,at least for a moment "One last attack" Warren got up knowing he had no choice, his flames shinned bright, white hot he dashed forward at his top speed, a mere 120 mph, as he dashed for the woman, trees and bushes burned he made an attempt to tackle her once again. This time he would flare with his maximum heat intensity. A powerful attack that whether it was a success or not would surely cause the possessed teen to lose consciousness.