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This crowd I'm standing in has about a thousand people in it. My opponent for this round can be literally anywhere.

As the beats of the song hit my body I can't help but dance. The singer's voice is beautiful. I push my way to the front just so I could hear it better.

Closer to the stage I get a better look at the lead singer. A tall thin man with green skin. His black tank top reveals his sleeve tattoos on both arms. Sweat flings off of his long black hair as it sways back and forth.

He takes one glance at me. His bright orange eyes are locked onto mine. My jaw drops. Damn he is really cute!

He grabs my hand and pulls me onto the stage with him. Wrapping his right arm around my waist he pulls me in close. “Everyone! Welcome the most stunning woman in the Universe, Cellphone Girl!”

I immediately blush which causes my body to glow. As he smiles back he sets the mic between the two of us. Looking into his gorgeous orange eyes I sing the bridge with him. I then look out to the crowd.

A duet that causes the fans to riot, in a good way. Their screams fill me. I glow brighter. Absorbing every sound wave and ray of light that hits my body.

As he lets go of me I walk to the edge of the stage. I turn around to face the singer. We both have voices that will shake the universe. I wink at him.

I fall back. The lovely crowd catches me. I feel hands crawling all around me. Dancing all over my body as they carry me through the ocean of fans.

When bringing me back towards the stage they help me back up. Looking at the sea of strangers I just realized through all of the fun I just had my enemy must know I'm here. What can I say? I love making great entrances.

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"This isn't it. If you are looking for the story of my redemption or my revenge, you should look somewhere else. This isn't how I started from the streets of Dublin and made my way to the top. This isn't why you should choose life. The tale you are to witness has nothing to do with with how I fell from grace with god, or how I lost my way. I'm not a wannabe messiah, a fallen angel or a risen demon. I am not the saviour of our race or species, and I don't want to be. I am not god's lonely man. I'm not a hero, villain, or something in between, and anybody who tells you other wise boyo, is a f*ckin' liar."

The words fell out of the Irish Assassin's mouth as he stared bleakly into a camera. His dark, bloodshot and tormented eyes were focused. Hand's moving the camera back, it switched over and took position as it was lightly mounted on his Skull patterned balaclava. Wait till they see this...

Cain had heard the stories of the battle for the vine, a Symarian tournament that drew fighters of all walks of life. Finally, something was there to fill the void in the killer's life. No more would he simply live paycheck to paycheck off his high class killings. Something was there in stake for him, the glory as trillions of people watched his bloody fights against others. This did not hurt Cain's perception of money, glory, fame, women and other things if he were to succeed in climbing to the top. He spent the next few months of his life, honing and sharpening every single fiber of his being that needed it. This was his chance to go from the being the bane of all the vigilantes and superheroes on earth, to a legend to the war loving people of the Symarian empire.

The setting was a massive rock festival that had been going on an alien planet for centuries. His opponent was the teenaged heroine Cellphone Girl. CPG, as some referred to her, was a force to be reckoned with. Her screams were known to cause everlasting trauma to attackers, and she wasn't entirely a slouch as a standard fighter either. What Cain perceived as her weakness however, was that she was a teenager with the same emotions and hormones of any. The Malicious Marksman noticed this as he saw her take the stage with a band, singing a duet, and the lead singer flirting with her a bit.

The Devil of Dublin had been positioned in the best spot, a spot in the rafters, much higher above the stage with little ways to spot him, Next to him were several of the insane amount of equipment he had prepared, among them were his own custom made-modified Accuracy Arctic International rifle that Cain had dismantled and rebuilt several times to his liking, even enhancing it to fire his own customized ammunition, a industrially strong flash hider and suppressor that would make tracking his shots near impossible, and also attaching a special thermal-like scope that showed the heat readings of all humanoids in the audience, of which Blair was one of the few. To his left was a long, dark black tube set up with a tripod that appeared rather alien. Inside of it was a thick and heavy box that acted as magazine, connected to the right was a small radar and joy stick that seemingly made a movement every time the crowd surfing Sonic Siren crowd surfed more then twenty feet. What this actually was, happened to be one of the most advanced mortar launchers ever made, that locked onto his target and could fire whole magazines of highly explosive rounds at her.

It was showtime. Cain finally saw the various alien music lovers joyfully maneuver the heroine's body around the stadium, cries of joy. Cain pressed a button on his left pant leg, triggering something he had rigged a few minutes ago, the flamboyant bands had used smoke machines to enhance their effect and the IRA Marksman had sought to use this to his advantage. Remote explosives detonated in the machines as within minutes the stadium filled with a smoke screen. Cain chuckled as he had the advantage, now looming over his scope to the still easily spotted opponent. Here it was, a young heroic girl vs an almost evil hired gun. He squeezed the trigger with his heavy caliber round sailing through the thickened air towards her.

The bullet was on it's way before the little non-human power Cain might've had kicked in. His eyes began drastically shifting for a moment, his sweat dried up, his need for oxygen almost disappeared as here it was. This was his ability to control chemical influxes and make his own perception of time slow down to fractions. He could see the bullet coming at CPG at still an intense speed...but he could still see it...

Orange tint filled his vision, one of the strange side effects of this skill as he took the opportunity, quickly moving the now semi-automatic gun he had made to fire three more shots with absolutely deadly accuracy at her chest, and one more towards an arm.

As a great man once said, "Wait till' they get a load of me..."

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What kind of sound is tha-

A bullet. I through up a wall of light with my right hand, and with my left a form a shell of light over the audience. In case the bullet felt the need to ricochet around. He should know better than to endanger the life of civilians during a KOV.

As the bullet hits the wall I push the cute singer out of the way. "All of you off the stage now! Run!" Looking back I could see cracks appearing all around the wall. Another bullet pierces through it shattering it completely. Shards of the wall scatter all over the stage. I take a step out of the way. The second bullet grazes my left cheek. I could feel the blood pouring down my face.

I feel pressure building through my body. My veins feel like as if the blood is gasoline and I lit a match to save my life. Heat burns from the palm of my right hand. A headache courses through my head as three bullets race towards me they slowly beginning to melt upon reaching me.

I watch the metallic liquid shifting into a bright orange as it falls to the floor in front of me. One of the bullets doesn't melt all the way and leaves a nasty burnt bruise onto my arm. Reliving the pressure from my hand I could feel the headache of mine dying down along with it.

"I don't plan on not dying in the first round."

With the flick of my wrists I send out a seismic wave all around me. It looks like currents of wind are blowing the fog away from me. The whole stage is now clear.

I can't see him at all. Like all I see is just a pitch black void from where the bullets were coming from.

With my right hand I launch a scatter of six star bolts his way. I send them not to hit him, but discover where he is hiding. Though if they were to hit him it might leave a burn mark.

I could feel my hands heating up again along with that horrid headache. I generate my body to be able to move as fast as light itself. I begin running and I take a step into the air. Soaring through the air I appear just in front of him a second after the star bolts would have made contact with him.

"The darkness has only one fear. Me." My right fist is glowing with a blue fire. With a swift hit I aim to punch him directly in the face.

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The screams were absolutely breathtaking. The loud noises of tired and scared feet erupt from the stadium as the viscous fight begins.

She tried her best to keep them safe, to protect them, and this would be the same thing that brought down many great heroes to the knees of their enemies, Achilles had his heel, Baldur's mistletoe and Superman's kryptonite. For Cellphone girl however, the weakness Cain was to exploit would be that very urge to keep the civilians safe. The black-clad killer happened to have distaste for killing innocents, and actively attempted not to. Alas though, this man was not the same minded one he had been. Every waking fiber of his entire body ached and yearned to get the win and bring home the gold for himself, to drag his own soul out of the dark depths it had been as of the past few decades and into the euphoric feeling of victory was all the motivation Cain needed to go on with his sinister plan.

What's an omelette without a few broken eggs?

He swallowed down his morals without a single spoon of sugar and loomed over to the control of the mortar, overriding it's control's with haste as he noticed the smoke began to clear over the stadium, a single figure emerging. It was his enemy, and bright lights began to charge over her hands as she finally looked around the crowd, eyes chasing the stage to see what bit of her attacker she could hunt.

The control's of the mortar now aimed at various entrances to the smokey concert building, Cain pressed down on a button as the magazine chambered and mortars launched through the air at automatic paces, the missiles zooming in and causing mass destruction to any ways out the frightened concert-goers had.

This was about all the success Cain had before green spheres from each hand of the heroine had been sent flying across the stadium in a scatter of directions. They were intended to figure out his position, upon which they did so, the first cut through a gap in the railings in front of him and winged him, just barely taking a chunk out of his trench coat that had been weighed down with dozens of weapons.

The other one however, was more successful, a smashing and searing sensation hit the Soldier of (Mis)Fortune in the middle of his chest eyes widened in suspense as it hit him like a Kamikaze plane, knocking him through the air for about four feet before landing him squarely on his ass.

Things weren't over as adrenaline rushed through the body of the killer , his ribs aching and his mind preparing for disaster, his hands pressed himself up slowly to his feet, only to see that the now teleported Heroine appeared in front of him, a right fist glowing with a blue flame looking similar to that of the flame appeared when plastic is burnt. She swung at him with full force, and that's where it hurt.

The flames slowly burnt his mask, slowly, the heat was the worse part as it put in small holes, revealing a pale and shadowed face with plenty of scars. "Should've used the vibranium one..." he thought.

"The darkness has only one fear. Me."She said following the punch, to which the Irish Comedian said"Yeah, if I was the darkness I'd run n' hide from un' insufferable b*tch like yerself too!" He grinned for a moment before pulling the next trick out of his sleeve, literally.

Two Astera Constables slid out from a mechanism in each of his arms, both guns loaded with high explosive rounds were aimed at a series of chains that hung above rafter piece right above her. Within seconds Cain fired the handguns directly at the the chains, slowly causing all of the them to drop until...

Crack! the several hundred pound rafter fell down directly in the space she occupied, Cain jumping off the rafter the exact moment he fired that last needed shot. Now CPG had to deal with potentially dozens of trapped and scared aliens across the concert, but also a massive hunk of metal falling on her.

Cain ran into the side of the stage and took a turn to head into the massive backstage area, where he immediately decided it was best to take a turn into the band that was just playing's dressing room. There he saw almost six crazed fans whom were awaiting the arrival of the band in order to do whatever they might have please. Raising his handguns once again, Cain decided to force them to the ground as they begged crying and screaming, to which the Killer at Killeshandra replied"Alright y'neurotic fanboys and gails, all of y'er gonna put these masks here on and walk around aimlessly through the halls here, and If I spot one y'taking off these balaclavas, I'll fill yer faces so full of lead you could use your teeth as pencils!" Followed by the throwing of a duffel bag filled with balaclavas identical to the killer.

Next Cain removed his own mask, to further confuse and surprise the heroine when she appeared, and instead placed a thermal goggle set upon his head, ready to read the scans of when she appeared. Running over to the breaker in this section of the hallway, a loud noise filled up the hall, and all of the power went out backstage. Thermal Goggles now rested on his head, and crouched down inside of a janitor closet, the Dark Deadshot was ready for anything.

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Oh Bloody He-

My eyes open. All I see is blackness. If he damaged my head and caused me to become blind I will kick him in the balls! I feel my hands heating up again. I see a corona like glow resonating from them. I now know I'm not blind.

I burn a hole through the debris that knocked me to the ground. This is getting ridiculo-

OUCH! A sharp pain comes from my right arm. Great this man just dislocated my shoulder. The pain increases with every movement I make.

I push myself with everything I have through the debris. I see practically everyone running for their lives except for a few people wearing masks. The same masks as him. Damn.

"Take those masks off and go. I'll protect you all with my life, promise. Now run!"

They throw the masks off and run. He must have threatened them. Very villainous of you man. As they run I throw up one last wall of light. If he makes it back here he won't be able to hurt anyone stupid enough to stay and watch the battle.

Blair. Shut everything off. Listen. Ignore the screaming from afar. Ignore the building falling apart. Ignore the sparks hitting the stage. Ignore the damn broken shoulder you have. Listen.

A beat. It is faint. I could barely hear it.

I block the world out to follow the hidden tune. Multiple beats per second. I follow it. They get louder the more closer I get. I find a few doors where it might be coming from.

I come across a dark hallway. Making this dark as hell means absolutely nothing to me.

My right hand glows a blinding white color that lights up the whole entire hallway. I could now see everything. All I see is doors. All I hear is one heartbeat.

"Come out of the door and I swear I'll give you a fair chance to fight me if you are able to see me when I attack you!"

I could feel an itch growing in my throat. Power building up. I heard screams all night. Every single vocal cord heard. I held it inside of me this whole time.

I yell! A sonic scream breaks all of the doors off of it's hinges. Now he'll be forced to walk out without any doors to hide behind.

"This is the King of The Vine Tournament! I didn't make it into the semi finals last year by hiding from my opponents. I fought them with everything I had."

My whole body radiates in a fiery like glow. Red, yellow, and blue colors roamed through out my skin.

"Feral Nova is the one who taught me everything I know"

My body explodes filling the whole hallway and every doorway with a burning light. Near me I watch as it hits the walls. On contact it makes the paint peel off within seconds. Red replaces the walls. Orange builds like a storm taking form in the sky. Yellow flames crawl on the base of the wood.

Fire is everywhere. The whole entire hallway is mine to control at will.

Feral Nova taught me to not be scared of the most deadliest thing on Earth. Fire.

"I'm the Fire Duchess of Awesomeness. Bow down to me."