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location:  intergalactic battle arena (empty)

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now it was semi finals time, sha had come a long road she had fought with many foes almost all of them had killed her,but she was able to best them all. she beat akira overdrive, after a grueling fight his powers were unique and almost made sha's body collaspse under it's self.

he generated a high concentraiton of gravity and tried to force sha's soul into an eternal submisson but sha was able to use her powers to escape from the gravity, she ultimatly was able to last until the end of the bout where she awaited a judges's descion on her fight.

She sat on the side of her bed awaiting the announcing of the winner, sha was nervous, for 3 long hours she couldnt' eat and or sleep, even throwing up a bunch of white chunks, mixed with a powerade she had drank. finally she received word that she had indeed beaten akira, so she quickly packed her bags and headed for South america where she was told her next opponent was waiting. her flight to south america was more sorrow then celebration. because this was an opponent she was not ready to face. but  she arrived in the mayan ruins with the look of wonder because the mayans were indeed the primative form of her race the ninjans. after about an hour her second opponent emerged she had fought him before his name was aztek, he had been a thorn in sha's side for many years, sha decided it was best for him to just not live anymore. using her light powers she defeated him. aztek reminded sha that as long as she was alive she would be a target.


Sha was on a space shuttle to an arena where her fight with her next opponent, sha held a gold belt across her shoulders, while back on earth a friend of her awarwed it to her after her beating aztek sha wasnt going to accept it at first but the reason behind  the women gving it to sha was why she took it. the women said to sha  You've beaten akira overdrive, you've beat aztek, and overcame a drastic challenge facing both of them you turly are a female fit to be a champion. ever since that it has been placed right over her shoulder.  She was the the third icon oof the hero group MOBB DEEP,and there where other female who had not been tainted with the the evil aura, like sha had been. There was to other girls in Mobb deep, Mantoid sha knew nothing about her but she thought she was friendly and then there was the newcomer prima who sha had met in her days with the group LOVE. sha's body was a shell for something that was emotionless, it was truly a omen living within her, she had managed to supress it making it hard for someone to bring it out of her. the last time chaos was released she killed one of sha's good friends lst paladin.

Sha thought of those who had paved the way for her, she then thought about the big names across the vine city, final arrow,gambler,kurrent,kiara sullivan, mighty magneto,akira overdrive...she wondered when her curtain would open and her name would be put on the vine city's walk of fame. then there was that part of sha who didnt mind to be kurrent's body guard staying off to the side as he lead his team into fam and earned the respect of the people of the city they protected.

Sha's life was turning for the good she had a beautiful 4 year old daughter and  a wonderful husband, she often thought of giving up her hero mlife but it wqould'nt be possible. while dozing off she heared a passenger on the space shuttle say it's going to be awesome feral nova vs sha how could sha had forgottten her good friend feral nova was facing karite in the 2nd round. sha was in a bad predicament, she had recently beaten karite in a fight that last almost 3 months after gazing around there was nothing but sheer destruction, nightmares of the fight with him appeared in her mind.

 She fell and hit the sand as the dust began to muster up she could see a dark figure perched atop a high house….it flapped it’s wings and evilly danced around sha. In 360 motion just waiting for her eyes to fade.  Sha’s was now gazing into the bird’s eye and one slip of her brow said it all she was done for before the bird feasted

Sha was surprised feral was able to beat him, but then again she wasnt...feral had been upgraded so sha wasnt totally surprised. She to had faced feral nova back when she was evil she she killed her, sha's brain began racing with nervousness. it then surveryed that fight she and feral had in the gobi desert a few years ago.

her and feral had greeted each other and engaged  in intense combat one part was that stuck out to sha was what her views on light and dark was she said to nova:Those who draw there power from the light are fool there powers are limited by there Brain, While those who chose darkness have unlimited power think about that town I destroyed……in one flash innocent sick lives gone….and why because it is what the darkness I chose to be in my heart chose me to do!

sha had become a fool one who used both of her darkness and light energies togather, she first used them in her fight against soul taker. sha thought about how she beat nova the first time,

She extended her arm trying to summon the darkness that was now inside feral. She can feel it responding to her call She began to pull at it playing with it inside feral’s body. She then began to make it crumble like magneto with metal she wanted to crush feral nova’s body. She then fired a Darkness ball with her other hand. I think it’s about time we end this the purple ocean roared from underneath them Feral was badly injured Sha was injured also but she didn’t show it. Sha was also angry but she didn’t show it….this was key in being a good villain. She once again released a blast from her other hand screaming good bye FERAL NOVA! Before the blast was released she Copied a dark image of feral but this clone didn’t use fire it used dark energy. She manipulated it into a blast and shot it full speed at feral about 4 feet away from her it turned into a dark electric attack.

Sha stood with her hair blowing in the wind it would be a while before the darkness transformed her face back to the way it was but what that NOVA member said echoed in her head "we have our eyes on you demon" sha couldnt put her finger on it where they talking to her...or chaos black She absorbed everything the ocean the purple skies and returned the desert to it's natrual state. She fell to the ground after taking some abuse from feral she vowed to achieve her true purpose eternal life.

no agent of N.O.V.A i have my eyes on you

she watched as the people who orginaly created nova took off with her, had she been in the right mind she would have killed them and rebuilt nova herself, but  she didnt care really.

Sha knew that that wouldnt work also sha was good friends with nevann feral's boyfriend and was the tia of her daughters so sha would have to enter this battle with a mind that was up for the task. sha had fought every active member of the female group love, she fought cassie strong in a private location, she lost to the ninja taki in an jungle encounter, she beat feral and tied against angelic reaper, if sha could fighter her "sisters with a strong heart" she could do it again.

sha exited the ship her foot tapped aginst the waxed floors of the halls. she could see herself in her reflection. she opened a door and it cranked as she walked inside revealing an arnea with a rocky like setting,sha stood with her hands folded waiting on feral nova,stephine ardor,and her sister.

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Few moments ago at WAL HQ

Stephanie was sitting on the kitchen counter of the WAL HQ, she was sitting thinking about her next fight in the KOV Tourney. She sat with her green eyes staring out into nothingness, her legs started to shake, as her heart began to pound. She was going to fight a good friend, hell, other than Angelic Reaper, her best friend, one that she knew since her arrival here on Earth, and became friends with almost instantly when she joined the group We Are Legend. That’s right… Stephanie was going to fight Sha… again… Stephanie remembered the day when she heard the news about her fight Sha.

Couple of days ago

Stephanie walked into the LOVE HQ exhausted, she just finished help training her newly discovered ‘daughter’, Hotaru, and ‘son’, Zuko, was beat, the little twins had the same amount of fire power she did and had excellent ninja skills, just like their father, NeVann. Right now the children were with Kenobi, he seemed to have taken fond with the twins so she asked him to take care of them for a bit while she took a little rest. She then sat on the couch and sighed as she stretched out her arms over her head and then, the phone rang. She sighed as she stood up and walked over to the phone and picked it up. “Hello this is Feral Nova, Fire Goddess of Total Awesomeness speaking how may I help you?” She said cheerfully as she waited for the other person to speak. However as soon as they did, she nearly dropped the phone. They told her that since she won her battle with Acer, which she felt she didn’t deserve to win, she was up to go to the Semi-finals. But the one person she had to fight was Sha. This is what cause her to drop the phone. She then picked up the phone again. “S-sorry about that, keep going…” She said as she then pulled out a piece of paper and began to write some things down. From what he told her, the next battle was going to be somewhere she’s never been to… it was going to be… in outer space on a space station. She arched her eyebrow and gave a small laugh. “Are you serious?” She asked them, and indeed they were.


Stephanie was now sitting down in her seat on the space shuttle, which was making its way to the space station. It was small and only held about ten people, she almost laughed when she found out who made this space shuttle and helped build the space station… that’s right N.O.V.A Industries. As she sat there her eyes began to wonder again, this time, old memorize started to surface again, from the last time she fought Sha…

Day Dream

It was already towards the end of the battle between Sha and Feral Nova, the two were fighting at  the Gobi Desert. The two were fighting to prove who’s team was stronger, We Are Legend or the team that the evil Sha was leading at the time, The Death Syndicate.

"Fig-fight me... NOW!" She yelled out as she finally managed to just keep her balance. The adrenaline started to pump through her body as she could barely feel the pain that consumed her body only a few moments ago. Her head hung low as her body still swayed back and forth, blood running down from all places of her body. From her head, down her forehead and slowly makes its way down her nose as it then drips down to her chest and makes its way down her stomach and swirls down her leg until it reached the ground. As well as down her shoulder, to her arms and flowing to her hand and dripping off her fingertips.

“D-did you... th-think I was kid-...ding when I told you... if you want to kill me, then do it right!"She smirked even though you couldn't tell because of her damaged skin on her face. She stood ready to continue the fight with Sha.

"If death is what you want, then I shall grant it to you." sha said as she pulled her hood down. "Good bye FERAL NOVA!" Sha yelled out as she then somehow formed a copy of Nova herself but instead of using fire, it used dark energy at her.

Her copy flew over Nova, and Nova looked up at it with almost a smile on her face. "I' you... later... Sha" Nova smirked as she barely managed to stand up, her body making a sizzling noise with every movement she made. She then saw the dark version of herself shoot out a dark wave of energy at her. The energy came at her so fast she knew she wouldnt be able to doge it, let alone try and absorb it. Nova stood there, she slowly dug her feet in the sand to try and at least hold her ground. But before the blast even hit her Sha changed it at the last moment and turned it into electricity.

Nova grit her teeth and her body stiffened as she felt the dark electric attack smash into her body. She could feel her insides burn and melt with each other. Flashes of memories flew through her mind, but none that were good, all were those of when she was at N.O.V.A HQ because she knew the next time she would open these eyes would be there. When the attack finally stopped Nova's eyes went dark as her body fell onto the ground. Her mechanical body was now partly melted from the abuse it just took and her insides were burnt. Nova's now lifeless body laid there, no life showing what so ever.

Back to reality

Stephanie’s head jerked back as she felt a tap on her shoulder.

“I’m sorry Miss Ardor but, were here.” The flight attendant said with a smile.

Stephanie smiled softly and nod her head. “Thanks…” She then stood up and began to make her way out. Her mind started to wonder off again as she continued to walk, thinking of the time after her battle with Sha, Steph went evil, or ‘emo’ as she calls it, for a while, because of her death and resurrection thanks to N.O.V.A Industries. But, if it wouldn’t have been for her death, she might have never gotten with her current boyfriend who she deeply cares for, Uchiha NeVann. He has been nothing but a good and loving friend since she met him, since day one he’s been ‘protecting’ her from different things. Things from Kenobi trying to chop her arm off with his light saber for fun, to brining her back from becoming evil. She owed that ninja man more than he knew.

As she continued to walk she then slipped her earphones in of her iPod and began to listen to a song and smiled as she began to hear the sound of the music fill in her ears. She then took a quick breath and made a smirk as she began to sing but not too loud, just enough for her to hear. “I wear a disguise, I'm just your average Jane. The super doesn't stand for model, but that doesn't mean I'm plain, if all you see is how I look. You miss the super chick within and I christen you titanic underestimate and swim.” She was smiling as she started to walk to the beat of the song as well as sway her body back and forth to it.  “And I'll be everything that I wanna be, I am confidence and in insecurity. I am a voice yet waiting to be heard. I'll shoot the shot, bang, that you hear round the world.”

She walked through some doors as she turned the corner and then saw Sha standing waiting for her. “and I’m a one girl revolution…” she sang out as she then stood there for a moment looking at her friend who was like a sister to her. Her stare at Sha was blank at first, showing no emotion, no feeling, she was thinking out how she was going to do this… since their last fight there bond only grew more and more, was she really going to be able to fight Sha? A smile then appeared on Stephanie’s face as she then pulled the ear phones form her ears and tucked her ipod in her back pocket of her black pants. She then ran up to Sha playfully and praying she wasn’t going to try and shoot her with a sonic burst. When she reached up to Sha she was still smiling.

“Hey Sha!” She said as she almost jumped up with excitement. “Did you choose this place for our fight?” She asked as she looked around for a moment, the entire time she was making her way to the battle, she didn’t even notice anything around her till now. They were standing in some rocky area with boulders, sand, pebbles, and sticks and small bushes were all around them. “This place looks like a pokemon arena…” She said as she looked back over at Sha. She then noticed that Sha was holding some sort of wrestling belt. She arched her eyebrow as she tried to poke at it. “What’s that Sha?” She asked her as she tried to look at it. Stephanie then looked up at Sha, from what it looked like, she was not here for socializing but for fighting. Seeing this Stephanie then stuck out her right hand, still smiling. “Sha, its an honor to fight you once more.” She stood waiting for Sha to shake her hand, if she did shake it, Steph was going to try and pull her into a hug as well, if she didn’t get punched in the gut first. She would then let go and take a deep breath and slowly let it out. “You know… we COULD just play uno.” She said as she pulled out a small pack of Uno cards from her red trench coat which was right next to her sword.. “OR!” she said as she pulled out a nickel, her most favorite nickel that she called Bob. “We can flip ‘Bob’ and who ever guesses right will win.” Steph joked as she continued to look at Sha. Even though she was cracking jokes deep down inside Steph was scared out of her mind to fight Sha. She was actually hoping she would lose to Soul Taker so that she wouldn’t have to do this again. But from when she entered this tournament, she had a feeling deep down inside that she was going to have to fight her friend. But no mater how terrified she was, she didnt show it, she kept her cool, or she did her best to anyways.

Stephanie then waited to see what Sha would do, they were limited on time for this fight, so she knew that Sha was most likely not going to waist any of it. To her, Sha was a true warrior, she didn’t care if Sha was from Ninjeta, and wasn’t human and what not, to her Sha was still her sister, even if not by blood. To Steph, family can be more than just blood, its the people you care about, the people you cherish the most and look up to and would do almost anything for. This is how Stephanie pictured Sha, as a sister.

"So... wanna grab some Starbucks when this is all over?" Stephanie asked playfully as she slowly began to back away, she knew what was going to happen next, and she had to be ready for it.

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sha stood standing looking around at the arena, she heared the doors swing open, and she slowly turned around to face her sister. sha's gut seemed to be punishing her,it gave her a heavy feeling. feral had ran up to her and stopped a few feet infront of her.
hey sha! she said sha looked at feral with a smirk on her face with her brows raised hey feral! Did you choose this place for our fight?” she said. sha shook her head yes, she did not tell feral but this arena was the same arena her mother fought and was killed in. sha was not present that day but she remembered her mother's wounds and bloody sheet's. This place looks like a pokemon arena she said again, sha looked down at her belt and pulled a ball showing it to feral/ remember sweetness?
she placed the pokeball back on her belt . feral's attention then shifted towards the belt she had across her arm finally asking sha what it was. well feral this belt is the royal family's last standing item....and if you shall be yours..... Sha, its an honor to fight you once more.” nova said  sticking out her hand for a hand shake sha took it but was pulled in for a hug,she rest her head on feral's shoulder as tears began to stream from her face. she continued to sniff and whipe the tear from her eyes. feral seemed to exhale and finally she said. You know… we COULD just play uno.”She said as she pulled out a small pack of Uno cards from her red trench coat which was right next to her sword.. “OR!” she said as she pulled out a nickel, her most favorite nickel that she called Bob. “We can flip ‘Bob’ and who ever guesses right will win.”

sha cracked a smile after what she had endured a coin flip would be real easy, she pushed her hair back and wiped her tears, feral was indeed awesome this was probably the only person she felt save with, she didnt have to worry about feral killing her.
feral and sha went way back to the WAL days when sha was nothing more then a regular human, they also were friends during sha's darkness days, along with taki and Angelic reaper feral was one of the founding mother's of love.  sha looked down wiping the final tear from her eye,putting her game face on. So... wanna grab some Starbucks when this is all over?" nova said sha looked up very evilly but that was broken with a smile OK loser buys!.  a blue aura danced in sha's hands as she began to float into the air, her body began to tilt in the air,suddenly a bright flash occured and sha's clothes changed, she landed in her black and white uniform is was similar to her bule and red uniform. she called unpon her angelslayer dargon sword a weapon she had not used in a while, she rushed in at feral with her light and dark energy flowing half and half down her body. as she got close to feral the light side broke off and attack from the left the dark attack from the right, and the middle piece the real sha attack from aove.

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As Steph began to back away, getting ready for Sha’s attack, she watched Sha wipe away some final tears from her eyes, and Steph began to choke up. “Aww man, your going to make me cry, don’t cry!” She said as she held her tears back. She was never good around people who cried, it was like, if someone cried, she cried, even if nothing was wrong with her. She then responded to her Starbucks joke. “Awww man, but I didn’t bring my wallet with me!” Steph joked as she saw a blue area begin to glow around Sha’s hands, as she began to levitate above the ground. With a sudden burst of light Sha’s cloths changed into some black and white uniform. Stephanie had to shade her eyes from the light as she began to blink a couple of times. “Damn… that was bright!” She said as she shook her head a bit. She looked back up at Sha to see her angelslayer dragon sword appear into her hands.

Without warning Sha rushed at Steph, she could see both her light and dark energy flowing around her body. “Ooohhh snap…” She said as she suddenly saw the energy shoot away from her body and after Nova. The dark energy came at her right side, the light form her left side. Nova quickly jumped up into the air, avoiding both attacks. A massive explosion was seen below her as she watched the two attacks collide with each other. Thinking she was free form the attack Nova looked up only to see Sha attack from above. “What the hell?!” she yelled out as she was hit by a whole other attack. “TRIUNIS ATTACKS!” Even though the other two blast missed her, this one slammed right into her body. She was sent by down to the arena and smashed into the ground, a wave of dirt cloud covered the area, making it almost impossible to see. Coughing was heard as a figured was seen standing up, dusting its self off. When the cloud disappeared Nova shown standing, her body covered in dirt and her hair with a few twigs in it. She coughed as she ran her right hand over her face, trying to get the dirt off. “Damn!” She said as she dust herself off. That attack was powerful, and if it wasn’t for her metallic body, it may have taken her out already. She then looked up at Sha and made a playful smile. “My turn?” She said as her playful smile turned into a cocky smirk.

Without even thinking about it, Nova spread her feet out slightly on the ground, while she began to crouch down and make a fist with both hands, pulling them each to the side of her body. She then yelled out in what seemed like anger as the ground began to lightly shake. The air around them began to grow warm as a glow started to form around her body. Within seconds her body burst into flames, the red and gold fire danced around her body wildly as she then stood up straight and looked up at Sha. Without a moment’s hesitation Nova took to the air, she flew right at Sha and powered up her hands, concentrating the heat at the fingertips of her fingers. When she was only three feet away she shot out her right hand and attempted to hit her left shoulder, the fire was so strong that it would be able to melt almost anything upon contact, she then twirled around her and attempt to shoot her with a burst of fire at her back, trying to ram her into the ground. She then landed back on the ground and pulled out her sword from its hidden case in her jacket, it making a sharp noise as she did this, and held it firmly with both hands as she looked over at Sha. Her flames still burning brightly around her body as she waited to see what the Ninjan Princess would do next.

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sha's dark and light combination was a no go, nova had adverted it competly, the darkness and light slammed into each other then disappearing into a void, nova wasnt lucky enough to escape sha's trunis attack, the attack hit nova full force knocking her into the dusty tundra beneath them. the dirt was caked on nova's face, sha remained levitating. the attack was abit much to start off with but nova was tough and would not be defeted that easily. nova glanced up at sha with a smile, sha glanced back with her traditional half evil half sincere smile. My turn?”  nova said. sha nodded with anticipation. nova then began summining her fire, in a huge and bright orange and red rush, stood nova, with her flames bellowing off of her, sha began luaghing loudly, it wasnt because she was impressed,but because she was scaried and she wanted to play it off, all she could mutter was, spicy. within seconds nova rushed at sha extending her fingers letting her flames run free, the flames changed the temperature of the air, sha took the flames full force, the blow was devastating knocking her towards the far wall, nova then had speed on her side and she was able to shoot sha in the back with her flames, it felt as if she was beeing clipped, and boilded at the same time, sha began spiraling towards th ground, if she couldnt recover it would be over, a fall that far would kill anyone, as she sped down sha could onl think about her newest technique, she had learned while watching ronin and matina spar. as th ground became closer she reached for her toes and made herself up right. she hit the ground with force of a metor. sturring up the dust and the debris, once again limiting vision.

....When the smkoe cleared sha could be seen doing a pirouette, when she stopped she saw nova had taken a stance with her sword, and was awaiting her next move, sha extended her hand to the right and a bottle of water flew from the far corner of the arena into sha's hands, she quicky drunk it then tosssd it to the side,  sha stood for about 10 mintinues not doing anything but smiling,suddenly she flew into the air, and disappeared out of sight, she then flew down with her velocity and slammed her feet into the surface once again pushing up the dust but this time huge chunks of the "earth" began to leveitate and sha began jumping on and off them on her way towards nova, suddenly sha yelled FAINT ATTACK! was another attack sha had learned what it does is stops a light projected image of the person using the attack infront of the victim but it allows the actual user to slip behind the opponent un noticed, Sha yelled  SONIC BURST! a huge flurry of wind and sound flew from her hands as it pierced towards nova. sha then went on the offensive she the began to run after her burst and fired a huge shadow ball it manifested it's self out of nothing and attack nova from her right side, sha then levitated into the air with her pointed finger and index finger raised  towards the sky and she yelled Adrammelech epectoral! soon the space began to vilently erupt sending huge lightening flashes destroying the sceneary, of the arena, and sending huge thunder like flashes at feral nova.

sha once again landed back on the ground, with her right palm in the turf and the rest of her body extended in the air check! sha said as if they were playing chest.

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The look at Sha was giving Nova verses the laugh she was giving her, confused Steph. Sha was laughing at her, but at the same time, she looked scared. She didn’t know if Sha was just trying to get Nova to get her guard down, but this left her a bit worried. As soon as Nova reached Sha, she could feel her fingers ram into Sha, her fire trying to consume her friend, but with Nova’s ability to control them, she made sure it was nothing lethal. She watches as Sha slammed into the wall. Nova was then able to get behind Sha, and shoot her blast of fire upon her back. She was kind of hoping Sha would avoid that attack, but she watched helplessly as Sha went spiraling down towards the ground. Nova’s face almost turned pale as she watched this, she was ready to try and go after her to break her fall, but to her relief Sha managed to land on the ground with no problem. A thick cloud of dirt covered the area around her. Steph then landed on the ground and pulled out her sword, the Honoo Tachi. As the smoke began to clear she watched as Sha was doing some sort of spin, she then watched Sha stop and then extend her had out.

As she did a water bottle fell into her hand.

“HEY! NO FAIR!” Nova said as she stuck out her hand, as soon as the bottle came in contact with her flames it melted. Nova grunt in frustration as she looked down at the ground. “You mean to tell me you don’t have any fire proof bottles?!”

“Sorry!” A voice was heard from a distance.

“You guys suck.” Nova laughed as she turned her attention back at Sha. Who was simply standing there, smiling at her. Nova became somewhat confused, this wasn’t like Sha to just stand there. “So… how’s the kid Sha?” Nova asked still holding onto her sword and smiling back. “And… how about them Dodgers?” She asked trying to kill the time. It was about ten minutes, them standing in front of each other and just smiling. Nova then started to laugh, she didn’t know why, but she started to laugh. The two of them were here to fight and yet there just standing around looking at each other, Nova didn’t care if this fight would continue or not, she just found it funny that the two were just standing there.

Before Nova could even say anything else Sha took off into the air, and suddenly disappeared. “What the hell?!” nova started to panic, she then switched her eyesight from standard view to ‘heat seeking’ vision, she also turned up her radar sense as well, she wasn’t about to let Sha get the best of her. Not even three seconds later Nova felt it. “SHA!” She yelled as she looked up, Sha was coming down with full force a few feet away from Nova. She watched as Sha slammed her feet into the ground, but as soon as she did, the ground shook below them. Nova stumbled a bit as chunks of the ground broke off and became levitated.

“Holy mother of San Francisco!” She yelled out as she watched Sha jump from pieces of the earth to the other, making her way towards Nova. Nova stood her ground, slicing throw chunks of the ‘earth’ that came flying at her with ease. She then heard Sha yell out.

“FAINT ATTACK!” Sha yelled.

“Here we go!” Nova said as she stood her ground. But for some reason, before Nova knew it she felt the presents of Sha suddenly shift from in front of her to behind her. Nova stood surprised because Sha was still seen coming at her, before she knew it she heard Sha’s voice from behind her.

SONIC BUSRT! She heard Sha yelled out from the top of her lungs.

“Crap” Nova, being on the balls of her feet spun around only to be hit in the chest with the burst. Nova ended up flying towards the wall of the arena and smash into it, leaving a massive break in the wall. The force of impact from the wind attack caused her fire to go out as she fell to the ground and landed on her knees. She looked down at her hands to see her sword now missing. Nova cursed to herself as she looked up to her right, to see Sha coming at her with what looked like a huge shadow ball. Nova quickly picked up her arms and overlapped them over her in front of her chest forming an ‘X’. Before Nova could do anything else, the energy ball smashed into her arms, forcing her to go through the wall of the arena and into the stands. Nova smashed into the seats, leaving a crater around her. Nova then stood up and rubbed her back. “I’m going to need a chiropractor after this battle.” She said as she looked up to see that Sha wasn’t done yet.

Sha was now in the air once more, raising her hand the air as she yelled “
Adrammelech Epectoral!” as soon as she yelled the arena suddenly became filled with lighting, smashing into the ground and around Nova. Nova smirked, she knew this attack wasn’t going to work like Sha would like it to. Because lightning shoos from the ground up, Nova was able to feel the heat of the energy of the lighting form below her. She quickly pushed herself to the left, as soon as she moved a bolt of lighting erupted from where she was. Nova then pushed herself up from the ground as she felt another wave of heat form under her. Nova bent her body back as she did a back flip away from the area she was at, her hair flying in her face as another shot of lighting hit the spot she was at as soon as she moved. As soon as her hand touched the ground, she felt it again, ‘Man Sha’ aint playing around.’ She thought to herself as she bent her arms and pushed herself to the right, avoiding yet another lighting attack, only by mere inches. Her body sword in the air as her feet landed on a seat, crouching down she then launched herself up in the air. Lighting struck all around her as her body twists in the air, trying to avoid them, only to get struck by one on her left arm. “CHECK!” She heard Sha yell out. Nova grunt in pain as she landed on the ground and fell to her knees with a ‘THUD’, the ground vibrating beneath her as her body shook slightly from the attack. She began to breath heavily as she then looked up at Sha.

“You know… I always did hate that game.” She said as she stood back up. Her chest was going up and down from breathing heavily. “I think I’m a little out of shape, I can barley keep up with you.” She said as she dusts herself off, her body was beginning to ach from the massive attacks that Sha unleashed upon her. There were cuts and small waves of blood flowing from them, as well as some burns. Nova rubbed her left arm that was struck down, which was still twitching a bit from the lighting and shook her head a bit. She then stuck out her right hand with a smile on her face. A bottle then landed in her hand and she laughed.

“Sweet it works!” She said as she opened the bottle, but as soon as she opened it the smell that was coming off of it was NOT water. “Wha-?” She looked at the bottle and read that it was 2% milk. Nova looked at the bottle and then growled. “I’M LACTOS!” she blurted out as she threw the bottle at the direction it came from, a cry of pain was heard from the distance as a smile then formed on her face. “Where were we?” She then remembered, it was her turn to attack.

Nova then took a quick look around the area, the battle arena was now full of craters and piles of rocks and dirt all over the place. But something caught the corner of her eye. A glimmer of sliver was seen, she didn’t move her head, but shift her green eyes over, seeing her sword stuck into a boulder. She smirked as she then took a deep breath and grit her teeth as she began to yell out once more. Her fire covered her body once more, but this time, her flames were a mixture of the colors blue, yellow and slightly green. She smiled as she looked at the color of her flame. She did this to try and conserve her energy, even though she was ‘on fire’ it was her lowest temperature she could go to. It wouldn’t cause too much damage but it still allowed her to move faster than she normally would if she wasn’t and still allowed her to fly. She then jumped to the air and pulled her right fist back, as she came back down towards the ground her fist met with the ground and set a shock wave right over to Sha, the ground collapsing underneath the force of the punch.

She then took this time to take off to get her sword, flying at ground level. As soon as the shock wave would have hit Sha, Nova grabbed the handle of her sword and pulled it out with no problem. She then pushed herself off the boulder, causing it to crumble as she did this, and came flying at Sha, pull her sword back she yelled as her flames flying right behind her as she then swung her sword upward and diagonally trying to slice at Sha’s chest, but Nova made sure if it would hit her, it wouldn’t cause too much damage, just enough to cause a small wound. Even though they were fighting for the KOV, she was not here to try and kill anyone.

Nova then spun around and stood about twenty feet away from Sha. Nova was breathing heavily again, she couldn’t tell if this was because of the massive attacks she took in from Sha, or if she was just tired already from all the fighting she’s been doing. Nova shook her head again as she took a deep breath, she was going to try something new this time, something that her daughter, Hotaru, showed her one day. Nova began to yell once more, as five balls of fire slowly moved away from her body. They began to shape and take form of what looked like a human being, right before they were done transforming Nova powered her fire back up so quickly that it caused a bright blinding white flash of light and heat to shoot out. When the blinding flash was gone, five Nova’s were now standing in front of Sha. Each of them looked exactly like Feral Nova, from her looks, to her height, they way she was holding her sword, everything seemed the same. They each even had the same fire temperature, each of them had her red and yellow flickering flames. They were somewhat like ‘fire clones’, almost like what her daughter is able to do, only it doesn’t cause her to use up so much energy like it does with Nova.

While the five Nova’s were standing on the ground looking at Sha the real Feral Nova was up on the ceiling of the arena. Her fire was out and was holding onto her sword, which was jammed into the ceiling. When her blinding flash covered the area she took this time to lunch herself up and right above Sha. She smiled to herself as she watched her plan begin to take off.

Each of the five fire clones then took off towards Sha. One came to her left, one to her right, the other behind her while the last one came to the front of her. As they all got into position they then stuck out their arms and shot out a blast of fire all around Sha, the temperature of the fire caused the ground to crumble beneath it and send a wave of sand behind it, causing it to turn into glass. All five blast would hit at the same time, there was no way to escape except for… up. As soon as her clones attacked that way, Nova then pulled her sword out, causing her to free fall down towards Sha. Her body gaining speed as she fell she rose her sword above her head, her coat flying behind her as she dared not allow herself to turn on her fire, within seconds she the swung her sword downward at Sha, trying slice down the right side of her back. Once more if this attack were to hit Sha, it wouldn’t do any real serious damage, just cut her deep enough to cause some light bleeding. Also because of the force of impact with the ground, this caused a seven deep crater by six feet to be made around her. She then launched herself out of the crater and onto the ground, suddenly two of the fire clones stood in front of her while one stood by her left side, the other on her right and the last one behind her, becoming almost like personal body guards for her.

“Sha!” She yelled out looking at the debris flying around the arena. “Um… are you ok?”

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Sha stopped her perfectly executed pirouette, after the brief time the spent smiling, nova appeared to lose her mind bursting out in laughter, but sha just continued to smile, then nova once again convincing sha that she had lost her mind began to talk to someone distant, sha looked around confused, but then turned back to nova, she smelled her flesh being punished by nova’s flames, and they were her weak flames, sha looked down at her burnt flesh and slowly dug her fingers into the wound ripping the burned skin off exposing her new flesh under neath, she then tore a piece of cloth from her cape and tied it around her wound. SO…HOWS THE KID SHA. Sha who was still smiling replied..SHE’S FINE WE JUST TAUGHT HER HOW TO RIDE A BIKE, nova then asked sha a question that she knew sha wouldn’t’ understand HOW ABOUT THEM DOGERS….sha looked confused cracking her knuckles YOU KNOW I DON’T WATCH BASKETBALL!     Sha was able to attack swiftly at nova with her faint attack working allowing her very inaccurate sonic burst to hit nova. Following with her very powerful shadow ball, her summoning attack didn’t appear to effect nova, nova seemed to know when the lightining was going to strike before it did. Sha looked back at the destruction they had caused in just a matter of hours. Sha watching nova extend her hand grabbing a bottle of milk, sha knew this wouldn’t have good results, nova was lactose intolerant as nova drunk the milk sha pointed and laughed saying, IF YOU RIDING IN A CHEVY AND YOU FEEL SOMETHING HEAVY DIRREHA HA HA, IF YOU LAYING IN THE BED AND YOU SMELL SOMETHING DEAD DIRREHA HA..HA.

Sha quickly got serious again as nova flamed up again this time to her blue form sha being a scientist knew this was her weakest form, nova then quickly jumped into the air with her right fist in the air hitting the ground sending a shockwave at sha, the wave rumbled through the turf making a roaring sound like a lion sha formed her hands into a sledgehammer like formation she then jumped into the air and with her super strength send a wave at nova’s wave. The waves appeared to be two giant groundhogs moving towards each other they then met in the center of the arena creating a huge rumbling tremor called a fissure; the rumbling caused sha to fall to the ground, but she was quickly able to regain her footing on the unstable terrain. Nova wasn’t eefected because she was in the air sha saw she retrieve her sword that she didn’t even no nova lost sha looked up and said YEAH HAVING A.D.D SUCKS! Nova came streaming at her like a shooting start with her sword charged sha didn’t have time for an evasive maneuver so nova’s sword hit her diagonally cutting through her uniform exposing her breast sha looked atlittle embarresed as she heared hoots and hollers from somewhere GRRRR NOVA YOU KNOW I DON’T WEAR BRA’S!!!! YOU OWE ME A NEW SUIT! She then pulled out a device she hasn’t used in ages…her wristwatch  hitting the button of the side of it changing her clothes to that of her regular blue and red uniform,this one had her MOBB tattoo exposed.  Sha looked at nova about twenty feet from her.

Nova was breathing heavily, she couldn’t be tired sha hadn’t even shown fatigue; suddenly nova began yelling sha managed to raise a eye brow after putting out the fire. She noticed five individual fire balls had broken away from nova, when they were finished transforming nova had powered up again creating a blinding flash in fron of sha’s eyes casuing her to go blind temperarly,when she regained sight all the nova’s were in front of sha looking exactly like the nova that had created them,the problem was…which was the real one? Sha’s sunglasses was now digitally fused into her skin it appeared on her face locating the real nova high atop the celing of the arena…as far as sha was concerned she could stay there.sha looked around her she was surrounded they were coming the temperature quickly  sha’s body began to lit up as they were using an attack sha’s eyes quickly flashed black as she folded her arms and quickly decended into a portal avoiding the death trap feral had planned for her, but she was able to use her darkness to swiftly escape, nova’s attack missed sha as she had flew to the side, after nova’s clone destruction, and her crater. Sha was standing off to the side clapping her hands and then a voice appeared again, HEY NOVA…SHA CAN YOU DO THATAGAIN MY CAMERA TURNED OFF sha  looked down shaking her head O_o HELL NO! she replied. Sha then began doing a series of micheal Jackson like dances and then music began blaring over the loud speaker they were playing beat it! Balled her fist up her right eye flared with darkness symbolizing her seriousness, her left flared white. It then surged her body splitting it half and half again. Sha’s power was filling her body it was so strong her feet was caving in what’s left of the terrain. she glanced at the two nova’s protecting feral. Sha then winked and portals opened and swallowed them both,the light was sucked from them and when you take light from something it leaves darkness and vise versa the being turned into heat sha knew nova would be ready to absorb them again. Sha then turned to nova and began saying  Darkness is in the World it is what possesses us to Think and Act the way we do, In our hearts there is light and darkness people draw power from these elements Sha floated to the ground. Those who draw there power from the light are fool there powers are limited by there Brain, While those who chose darkness have unlimited power think about hose clones I destroyed……in one flash gone….and why because it is what the darkness I chose to be in my heart chose me to do! So one in the distance then shouted YOU SAID THAT IN YOUR LAST FIGHT!, sha looked around abit confused OH RIGHT I DID SORRY!.

Sha then haunched over in a “goku” like manner her dark aura surged over her her face grew purple like she was being choked soon a huge dark mist sprayed from her mouth it spiraled into the air. Causing the arena’s vision to be blurry the mist caused the glass chamber that the stadium was contained in to break sha knew nova could survive in outer space, but her flames could’nt the gas would fill the chamber making the density inside the chamber greater then outer space sincespace is a vacuum the air would be looking for a way out. Thus giving nova the burden of protecting it, thus putting her plan into action.

Sha charged nova head on taking out her angel slayer dragonsword, and pointed it toward nova, the sword breaks apart and the shards attacks nova from every angle, sha’s eyes lookedwere a pure white she looked possessed and demented but she knew what she was doing, she opened portals around feral nova one at her back ,one above her, and in the front and to the left and right, one also opened from the bottom of her. Sha placed her hand on the terrain and the dark portals began to flash soon huge burst of light energy beamed from every portal aiming at feral from every postion. Sha jumped into another portal and emerged behind nova trying to give her a wedgie. What she tried to do next was horrible ...more horrible than death if she connected with the wedgie,she would try to flip over nova making it worse throwing her across the arena. Sha then floated in the air putting phase two of her plan into go, she extended her arm with her, with her palm facing nova. She then saidfamfrit epectoral! The ground began to swirl into a whirlpool turning into a black river that reeked of decaying bodies. Sha’s next plan was to keep nova airborne limiting her evasive maneuvers, the mist and the river were tools into making nova use more power than she wanted to. Sha kinda had a funny thought of the time when the LOVE girls where having a sleep over and she had peed on Jasmine Cole, and nova had AR’s feet in her mouth.

Sha then flew full charge at nova, trying to crash her elbow into her rib, then trying to knee her in her gut, she then tried to grab her arm twisting it behind her neck with her legs locked around nova’s waist in a choke hold. Trying to use her pyton like thighs to crush’s nova’s infrastructure. HEY NOVA…YOUR EYES ARE RED…EVERY TIME WE’VE BEEN THIS CLOSE YOU WERE SLEEP^^

Everytime nova would take a breath sha’s thighs would tighten, nova had admantium infrastructure, which sha had only just remember so her efforts to crush her futile, but she would try to drown her still trying to hold on to nova’s neck she would then shoot a sonic burst in the air to propelled them down into the bay,

 I SAID I WASN’T GOING TO KILL YOU..AND I MENT IT…BUT I WaNT MY COFFEE. Sha then fired a sonic burst towards the glass it was time to put her plan into  works. She would try to sesmic toss nova into the ocean not allowing her to save the glass structure.  Next sha would make the ocean disappear right before nova  plunged into it making her fall smack onto the solid ground.

Sha waited  it was now nova’s turn sha took a moment to gaze at the stary space. So many systems so many galaxies she wanted to travel to them all with her friends at her side,the nearest light in space was the moon from where the arena was the sun had been on the other side of the planet. This was good because if nova was able to draw her heat from the sun sha would’nt stand a chance. She tried to search her mind nova’s fire is a chemical reaction,but for aeons sha couldn’t figure out how tostop it other than water,sha didn’t know what classification feral’s fire was because she changed temperatures for time to time. This ment sha’s plan would have to work.

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As Nova smelt the milk in her hands she made a sour look on her face and tossed it aside, but then she heard Sha yell at the distance.

“If you’re riding in a Chevy and you feel something heavy diarrhea ha ha, if you laying in bed and you smell something dead diarrhea ha ha!

Nova smirked, “oh yeah When your walking up a latter and you feel something splatter diarrhea, haha.” Nova burst out in a laugh. “When your walking down the hall and you feel something fall diarrhea ha ha!” She began to laugh harder. As soon as Nova stopped laughing she burst into her flames once more, her blue flames though, as nova smashed her fist in the ground she sent a shockwave rushing towards Sha. Only Sha counted her shockwave with her own.

“Hey that’s cheating!” Nova blurted out as she reached her sword and pulled it out, rushing at Sha once more who fell on the ground. Nova smiled as she sliced through Sha’s clothing’s but then her eyes widen in almost fear as she saw that her breast. Nova stopped dead in her tracks for a moment as her jaw dropped. Hoots and holler’s from some others who were hanging around the arena were heard. “S-SHA I-I’M…”  Nova began to stutter as she backed up in fear.


“I’m sorry!” Nova said as she then covered her eyes and turned her head, blushing slightly from the sight. ‘She’s going to KILL me for that!’Nova thought to herself as she quickly moved back and away from Sha. When she looked back up she saw that she already used a wristwatch she constantly carried with her to form a new suite. Her standard blue and red uniform. “You know, I’ve always liked that suit on you better anyways, blue and red are your colors.” Nova said trying to get Sha’s mind off of her cutting up her old one. Nova then took a closer look to see some sort of tattoo. Nova arched her eyebrow. “You got ANOTHER tattoo?” Nova asked as she focused back up at Sha. “How many do you have now?!”  she then chuckled to herself, still breathing slightly heavily.

Before anything else happened she managed to make something like ‘fire clones’ by using her own flames, as the bright light flashed she went up to the ceiling and the five flaming impostures stayed on the ground in front of Sha. As Nova stayed up in the air and at the ceiling she continued to look down at Sha. She watched as Sha turned on her sunglasses. “Damn she has more gadgets than Batman!” She said to herself as she watched Sha, only to find that she spotted her. “Cheater!” She blurted out again with a playful smile. Right then the five clones rushed at Sha and shot out their attack. Nova smiled as she saw her plan work perfectly, each of the five clones shot their fire right at the same time, as soon as the fire meet each other Nova came down to the ground. But to her surprise Sha wasn’t there!
“Wha-?!” Nova blurted out as she then heard hand clapping from behind her. She then saw Sha standing behind her with her arms folded across her. “You little teleporting punk!” Nova laughed as she then heard someone yell out from the distance.


“Wait… we have a camera crew here?!” Nova smiled as she turned and waved to the man. “Hi mom!” she began to wave her right arm around wildly as she jumped around.

“Hell No!” She then heard Sha blurt out.

“Why not Sha! Don’t make me bring Bob into the fight!” Nova said with a smile.

All of a sudden Michael Jackson was heard over the speakers of the arena. The song was beat it. “What the hell?!” Nova said as she looked around, only to see Sha doing a mixture of MJ dance moves. Nova’s jaw dropped as she saw this and clapped her hands in awe. “THAT WAS AWESOME!” Nova blurted out. But before Sha could respond her right eye flared with darkness while her left with white. Nova’s eye widen in fear as she felt her hairs stand on end. “C-cant we still flip a coin?” Nova smiled nervously as she pulled out Bob the nickel from her pocket.

She stayed behind her two clones while the others were on her left, right and behind her. Nova swallowed hard as she began to feel her heart pound in her chest. “Not cool, not cool, not cool.” Nova kept telling herself.

Before Nova could do anything Sha winked at Nova. Nova looked around for a moment and then back at Sha. “Um… sorry I don’t… swing that way Sha.” Nova said nervously as she then saw a portal open in font of her two clones that where protecting her, swallowing them whole. “WHAT THE HELL!?” Nova blurted out as she began to cry jumping into the arms of the clone that was behind her and clinging onto it for dear life.  She then heard Sha begin to speak her to her in a cold voice.

“Darkness is in the World it is what possesses us to Think and Act the way we do, In our hearts there is light and darkness people draw power from these elements Sha floated to the ground…” was all that Nova heard, Nova’s eyes began to wonder around the arena, or more specifically a piece of dirt clot that was rolling on the ground, Nova then jumped down form the arms of the fire clone and began to chase it around. “I’LL CALL YOU BOB!” Nova yelled out as she then heard a voice from the distance.

“YOU SAID THAT IN YOUR LAST FIGHT!” A random voice yelled out.

“Huh?” nova turned around to see Sha standing as if she was talking to someone.

“Oh right I did, sorry!”

Nova stood confused as she rubbed the back of her head in confusion. “Um…” she paused as she then smiled and held out her right hand. “LOOK SHA! I FOUND A NEW BOB!” Nova smiled as she showed Sha the dirt clot she found on the ground.

Sha then hunched over and began to turn purple.

“S-SHA BREATH!” Nova yelled out as she turned to a camera crew that was standing not too far away. “DOES ANYONE KNOW CPR?!” She yelled out in a panic.

“I do!” A sexy man with long blond hair and blue eyes yelled as he came down from the ceiling, almost angelically as a choir was seen to the left of the arena singing “HALLELUJA, HALLELUJA!”. He then began to run in slow motion towards Sha, wearing only a pair of red beach shorts and smiling as his blond hair flowed behind him. “Have no fear, for I, Orlando Albertini, the sexiest lifeguard alive will save you!” he said as a sudden spotlight shone upon him, the light bouncing off his muscles as he ran towards her with a smile upon his face and his blond hair flowing behind him.

But before he reached her  a huge dark mist sprayed from her mouth and into the air. “OH GOD IT BURNS!” Was all that was heard from the lifeguard. “OMG YOUR LIKE THAT DUDE FROM THE GREEN MILE!” Nova blurted out as glass was heard breaking from a distance. Nova’s headshot towards it as the glass that was separating them from outer space and inside the arena broke. Nova’s eyes widen in fear. There was NO WAY IN HELL she could survive space, she needed to breathe and last time she checked, there was NO oxygen in space. The air began to escape from the room as the choir that was singing for them began to fly out, while still singing hallelujah. Nova’s brown hair flew around wildly as she then turned to her three remaining clones. “You three, plug up that hole, NOW!” She then turned back around, the whole area was now covered in the thick purple mist. Nova couldn’t really see what was going on, Nova’s radar then went off like crazy, someone was coming at her, and most likey it wasn’t Christen Bale running to tell her that he loved her.

Nova pulled out her sword as she then made out Sha’s figure from the mist. Only to see multiple shots of what looked like metal rush at her. Nova began to swing her sword around in quick rigid movements, blocking the shards of metal that tried to slam into her body. Suddenly the air stopped moving around them. Nova turned her head to see that the clones managed to close up the breakage with the lifeguard that was trying to save Sha, shoving his butt into the hole. Nova nod her head in agreement and gave them a thumbs up only to hear a voice form the distance.

“OH MY GOSH NOVA WATCH OUT!” Some guy from the stand yelled out.

Nova turned her head back to see that portals were now all around her. “Ooohhhh snap.” Nova blurted out as she then heard the music from Jaw’s come on the speakers. Novas body shook in fear as she then heard a sound from the portals. “S-Sha?” She asked as huge blast of energy came flying from the portals and at Nova. Nova smiled, the light energy was made out of something that Nova could use, heat. Nova stood as the energy smashed into her body, Nova grit her teeth as she managed to absorbed the energy into her body,  causing smoke from the attack seep off her body and into the air. Nova was now slouched over laughing as she then felt something reach into the back of her pants. Nova’s eyes widen as she turned to see Sha’s hand in her pants. “S-SHA!!!” Nova blurted out as she turned red. From what it looked liked Sha was trying to give her a wedge, only one problem…. Nova wasn’t wearing any underwear… She felt Sha’s hand touch her bare bottom, trying to grasp onto something that wasn’t there.  Nova quickly moved away from Sha, her face red from embarrassment as she backed away, she then watched Sha extend her arms out, her palms facing Nova while yelling out.

“FAMFRIT EPECTORAL!” The ground began to swirl into a whirlpool of a black river that smelled of decaying bodies. Nova screamed as she burst into flames and flew into the air, she began to feel nausea as she then heaved over, vomiting shooting from her mouth and into Sha’s direction, while covering herself in her own vomit. Nova then felt a bit dizzy and lightheaded.

“Ooohhh… I don’t feel so good…” She said as she wrapped her hands around her stomach, only to feel Sha’s elbow smash into her ribs and then kneed her gut, even though Nova was made out of adementium this caused her to heave over, while at the same time Nova vomited once more, all over Sha, her green and orange vomit covered the both of them as Nova then felt Sha grab a hold of her arm and twisting it to the back of her neck. She was holding Nova in a chokehold. She couldn’t breath, but the pressure and the smell of everything around her caused Nova to vomit even more. “S-sha… I really d-d-don’t.. feel… good…”
“Hey Nova… your eyes are red… every time we’ve been this close you were sleep.” Sha told Nova. Nova’s eye brown then arched as so many questions began to rush through her mind such as. ‘Why the hell was Sha watching Nova as she slept and why was she opening her eye lids while she slept?’ but this was disrupted as for every time Nova tried to breath, it was cut off even more. Nova’s face began to turn blue as her fire that was engulfing both Sha and her to slowly fade away, she was now at the mercy of Sha, Nova passed out in Sha’s arms from lack of oxygen, and her body went lip.

Sha then shot out a sonic burst and sent the two of them down towards the ocean. As sha yelled a voice was heard in the distance.

“I think you did kill her!” A woman yelled out pointing at the blue and limp Nova.

She then tossed Nova hard towards the ocean, only to make it solid right at the last moment, but right before Nova’s body would have smashed into the ground two of Nova’s clones came and caught her on the ground. The fire clones set her down on the ground gently upon the ground and turned to face Sha. The two clones nod at each other and flew at Sha with amazing speed, both of them spiraling around each other and fusing together, causing to form a larger being of fire towards her, and becoming a blinding flash, if the beings smashed into sha it would cause a massive explosion, and send Sha into the stands of the arena.

As the two were doing that the other clone made its way to Nova, kneeling down by her side. The clone then stretched out its hand and placed it on Nova’s chest as it was then absorbed back into Nova’s body. Nova’s eyes then shot open as she began to cough and gasp for air, her body turning to the left. She could feel the energy of her fire clone rush through her body once more, where it belonged. Nova then looked back up at Sha and began to make herself stand back up. She used her arms to force herself up form the ground, barley able to stand on her own two feet. She was still feeling nauseas from all the vomiting, still dizzy from passing out and just felt totally out of it. Nova shook her head as she looked back at Sha and blinked her eyes a few times.

“Whoa… what happened?” She said as she rubbed her eyes with her hand.

“Sha got you into a head lock and cut off your breathing and caused you to pass out, she then tried to throw you on the ground but then your two clones caught you and then they went out to attack Sha while your other one went back into your body.” A man said who was holding onto a home video Camera. Nova only smiled and waved her hand at him. “Thank you citizen of this… space… place thingy…” Nova said as she then looked down at her cloths to see them full of vomit. “EEWWWWWW!” Nova blurted out as she then turned to the camera crew. “Water please?” Suddenly a spray of water shot into Nova like a the force of a fire hydrant and caused her to smash into a near by wall. When the water was done Nova fell back onto the ground and coughed up a mouth full of water. “Yeah… thanks guys.” She said as she now stood dripping wet from head to toe. Nova then yelled as she burst into flames once more, drying her out instantly. She then turned to See Sha once more, “so… my turn….” Nova said as she smiled as she then yelled out more than ever, and more angrier.

Then a blinding flash was shone all over the arena, as the flash took place Nova was already flying at ground level at Sha. Nova was now in her white fire mode, her most powerful fire form. Yes this was risky and yes this meant that Nova only had a few moments to take out Sha but this was the only thing Nova had left to try on her. Nova yelled as she flew at the speed of sound towards Sha and pulled back her flaming mechanical right fist, she then launched it forward aiming at Sha’s jaw as she then sent her left fist at Sha’s stomach as she then flew up about ten feet and sent a powerful blast of fire right above Sha’s head. Nova’s heart was now pounding in he chest so hard she was able to hear it though her ears. Nova then landed on the ground once more and only a few feet away from Sha. If Nova remembered correctly, all of Sha’s powers came from her gloves. Nova smirked as she stuck out her flaming hands out in front of her. Nova then began to concentrate her power to manipulate heat at Sha’s gloves. She was attempting to raise the temperatures so high that it would cause the gloves to explode. Right when she was done with that she then flicked her wrist and tried something she hadn’t done for a while. Nova remembered back with her fight with Sha that when she tried to inject heat into her, Sha wasn’t affected because she was an alien. Well this time, Nova was going to the opposite, everything had heat, and every living and even non-living being had to keep a tempturature at a certain level or else it wouldn’t work. She then began to try and suck Sha’s body heat from her own body, but just enough to cause Sha to pass out. She didn’t want to kill her friend, just knock her out so she wouldn’t be able to fight anymore. Nova continued to stand as her eyes glowed white along with the rest of her body because of her fire.

"I dont know Sha, YOU might owe me that coffee." she smirked as she stood with her blazing white fire around her body

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Nova new the song sha’ was signing and she joined in herself, oh yeah When your walking up a latter and you feel something splatter diarrhea, haha.” Sha laughed hard she was laughing so hard that tears where coming from her face, nova replied again, When your walking down the hall and you feel something fall diarrhea ha ha!”, nova burst into flames and sent a shockwave at sha, which she repealed with her own. Hey that’s cheating!” nova replied, sha looked and said I DON’T REMEMBER THAT BEING IN THE RULE BOOK, just then a man, can out and showed sha the rule book, OH SO SUE ME another guy yelled THAT’S ALREADY BEING ARRANGED sha looked around confused as to who said that, she then wondered why there were only guys in this space arena, nova seemed very apologetic about cutting through her clothes, sha then took the time to use her garment grid, changing her outfit a ood 7 times, about 30 mins later sha had chose her red and blue uniform she then heared nova say You know, I’ve always liked that suit on you better anyways, blue and red are your colors sha replied NO NOVA RED AND BLUE ARE SUPERGIRL’S COLORS PINK AND BLACK ARE MY COLORS!^^, nova then asked sha how many tats did she have I HAVE 5 TATS’ she said getting ready to strike, , she noticed that nova had just become aware to the fact that there was a camera crew, nova then smiled and said hello to her mother, sha stood with her hands folded, shaking her head, after nova created her fire clones and sha’s darkness swallowed one of them, nova jumped into his arms clinging as if she where holding a rock on the edge of the cliff,

Nova looked at sha with something in her hand,  LOOK SHA I FOUND A NEW BOB, sha looked at nova with her eyes wide as a huge tear drop began to fall down the back of her head, I DON’T KNOW WHY I EVEN BOTHER, sha then haunched over but while doing so she thought sha was chocking BREATHE SHA!, DOES ANYONE KNOW CPR!!!!, I DO A SEXY MAN, said said running towards sha in slow motion, sha heared  a choir singing hallelujah as he ran,all she could do was raise an eye brow, he said to sha Have no fear, for I, Orlando Albertini, the sexiest lifeguard alive will save you!”, sha could only think about his oily body, and his muscles that moved like huge waves, all she could do was lick her lips until she remember ronin, and snapped out of it, the whole sha put in the dome nova commanded her clones to fix, sha could have sworn her darkness absorbed , they threw sha’s sexy life guard into the whole butt  first sha could only laugh, nova wasn’t affected by the light burst because they generated a small amount of heat and she just absorbed the energy, sha suddenly looked up and focused her hearing on the jaws’s music, sha frantically looked around for the shark ALL RIGHT YOU PENDEJO! TIME FOR ROUND TWO! Soon she relized there was no shark, sha looked back towards nova, sha rushed in trying to give her a wedgie, as her hands was in the back of nova’s pants and felt around, S-SHA!!!” nova blurted out, turning red from embarrassment, first sha just looked at nova, then her eyes widened and her jaw dropped, then she began to treble like a cold baby, o_O sha removed her hands and yelled with the utmost digust BROWNESS!!!!!!!! She wiped the mysterious brown substance in the dirt,

Sha’s summoning her framfit epectoral caused the dome to flood, she didn’t know what it was but something made nova, throw up, at first it came towards sha but she dodged it LIKE O.M.G YOU ALMOST THREW UP ON ME THAT IS, SO LIKE NASTY! Nova told sha she didn’t feel good sha looked up at her like no kidding, sha grabbed nova behind her neck placing her in a sleeper hold, accidental causing nova to lose oxygen, suddenly a man yelled to sha I THINK YOU KILLED HER, sha looked at nova’s limp body and from the “SHOCK” she “ACIDENTIALLY” dropped her. Then nova’s clones jumped into action one came at sha the other went at nova, it then occurred to sha, WHY ARE THESE GUY’S STILL AROUND, SHA ASKED THE CLONE BEFORE IT CAME AT HER, HOW MUCH DO YOU GET PAID, the clone replied, I DON’T KNOW ABOUT 7.50 AND HOUR, THAT’S IT? Sha said, the clone nodded, the sha said PROCEED and it exploded into her knocking her into the air towards the stands, a crazed man with a baseball gloves ran back and forth trying to pin point where sha would land, but he never anticipated her landing on him, soon a referee ran towards sha and began counting, sha got up on nine, and a man with a towel wiped her face and sprayed water in her mouth, she got up patting her boxing gloves , then she wondered how she got boxing gloves on, she took them off and focused on nova, sha didn’t even see the throw up on herself until nova got up, YOU NASTY BASTARD!!!!, she yelled angry switching her garment to a new silver and black super sha uniform. Nova asked what happened and another man said 

Sha got you into a head lock and cut off your breathing and caused you to pass out, she then tried to throw you on the ground but then your two clones caught you and then they went out to attack Sha while your other one went back into your body.”

He was holding a video camera sha looked at him with a glare, it was now nova’s turn and she powered up to her white fire form, sha knew nova was desperate and it was time for sha to finsh her plan off, nova’s right hand smacked sha in the face, ripping the skin from her face , and then punched sha in the stomach , sha’s eyes bulged , as she huanched over at nova’s attack, her eyes quickly flared red, she then flew above sha firing a fire attack at her head,, sha knealt down and rolled out of the way, soon nova’s landed and sha looked at her with anger in her eyes, yeah she had damaged nova but not like she just did to her, it hurt like hell and sha’s mind was set on getting revenge, she saw nova concentrating, on her gloves, sha couldn’t possibly understand why, she was thinking as drool slowly began to run down her mouth, then it occurred to sha, that nova still thought her gloves were her power source, which was not the case, when sha had excepted chaos black into her heart, her darkness came with it, and it caused sha’s ormant powers to awaken, fusing the power gloves into sha’s bloodstream, while the gloves indeed contain power then aren’t the source of sha’s power her darkness covered heart is. Sha  heared someone in the arena say SHA’S SO SPICY… soon as she heared this she broke out in dance doing a series on dances, WIPE DOWN!!! She kept yelling, SHOULDERS CHEST PANTS SHOES! She kept doing the head shoulders knee’s and toes dance, and then  she changed her garment  grid to some very high shorts, the kind the rapper’s dancer’s have on in the video’s  and she started to pop lock and drop it until, she relized her heat was being sucked from her, now normally this wouldn’t affect her because her body keeps her temperature the same no matter what, but that’s when she’s on a planet, she’s not on a planet she’s in the middle of outer space, sha’s body suddenly began to get cold, sha spun around quickly taking a red ball off her hip SWEETNESS I CHOOSE YOU! Throwing out her thunder Pokémon SWEETNESS THUNDERSHOCK ME! When she’s brain stops sending messages to the body functions, that results in death, she chose to use her Pokémon for two reasons, one the thunder shock would keep sha’s body warm, as the Pokémon thunder shocked sha the heat entered her body just long enough to heat her up before nova stole it, and 2 the electricity would keep her messages flowing from the brain. Sha looked around , it was time to out an end to nova, the fun was over sha was serious she wouldn’t kill nova for she was her friend, but it was time to strike back, sha’s body began to exert pressure, causing the surface beneath her to began cracking, some small rock partials began to rise, her Pokémon’s thunder shock had charged up her, thunder power, as she used her charge beam at nova the thunder attack speed towards nova, only to be absorbed as well, sha looked east and saw he sun, she looked past nova and saw the earth, she then flew into the air, her little luxray pokemon fainted with her left hand she returned it, sha looked down, at nova and blew her a kiss she began spinning in the air, sha called on her  angelslayer dragon sword the sword that can detach it’self, and took a shard from it, she had to move quick she could fell her body freezing over,

She placed a shard in both her right and left hand  and yelled MAGNUS EPECTORAL! Now sha had called on the sun to steal it’s manetic force , now the sun was about , 1,390,000 km in diameter,  and the surface was about  5800k with the core at a temperature at 15,600,000 k sha had a descion to make, finally she thought of it, yes the sun would indeed power nova up but if she made her adamantium infrastructure unstable, she would knock nova out, sha’s began to pull the sun’s and the earth’s magnetic pull togather, this would create the opposing fields to  meet, they combine to form new loops. These loops are less stronger and collapse back toward the sun, dragging with them some of the solar wind's outflowing gas and other particles, sha was going to destory the space station, causing nova to be caught between the magnetic pull of the earth and sun, she extended her arms towards nova, AND THERE THEY STOOD FERAL NOVA, AND SHAYLA LOPEZ LOCKED IN A TUG OF WAR, ON ONE SIDE WAS NOVA THE FIRE MANIPULATOR, SUCKING THE HEAT FROM HER FRIEND, AND ON THE OTHER SIDE, WAS SHAYLA LOPEZ TRYING TO CRUSH HER FRIEND INBETWEEN , THE TWO COSMIC FORCES.

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Dude we rocked this battle xD Most defiantly one of my top three fav battles of all time lol

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O_o This was 7 years ago? Oh I must retire soon

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@shanana said:

O_o This was 7 years ago? Oh I must retire soon

Ive been on the site in one form or another since the beginning and thats going to be TEN FLIPPING YEARS SOON!

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@shanana said:

O_o This was 7 years ago? Oh I must retire soon

Ive been on the site in one form or another since the beginning and thats going to be TEN FLIPPING YEARS SOON!

Dude, you've been here for a decade?


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@shanana said:

O_o This was 7 years ago? Oh I must retire soon


how the hell did we write posts that long? LOL

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@shanana said:

O_o This was 7 years ago? Oh I must retire soon


how the hell did we write posts that long? LOL

Because we didn't use punctuation lmao.

I don't suppose you'll lock it now?

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@shanana said:

Because we didn't use punctuation lmao.

I don't suppose you'll lock it now?

Hell no, I'm going to pin it! :P

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@shanana said:

Because we didn't use punctuation lmao.

I don't suppose you'll lock it now?

Hell no, I'm going to pin it! :P

O_O Don't you dare!

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I'm gonna get my mod powers taken away from me LOL

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I'm gonna get my mod powers taken away from me LOL

Don't make me tell Vance, you know I'm his favorite.

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