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Location: The Arctic Time: Sun rise

Soul began walking through the icy cold blizzard that was sent by the merciless arctic a place with so much natural beuty yet a place that was unforgiving nothing could be seen the fog of snow blocking a persons view the human eyes would be useless. The dark assassin knew where he wanted to go as this was not his first time in the arctic he had battled here before against the ninja Uchiha Nevann a battle that cost Soul his life but earned him a great friend. The wind whispered in his ear whipping at his face as it did mother nature had suffered the last time he was here and it would do again.

Soul as always had his all black stealth suit on he pulled over the mask covering his entire body its very own heating system kept him warm in such a harsh enviroment but he could use the cold as an advantage later on if needs be. The surrounding and conditions were perfect for him to use his suit to hide and launch suprise attacks.

Reaching the centre of the arctic he stopped and looked down closing his eyes his breathing becoming heavier he could hear that battle in his head smell and taste the blood he had come back to fight in another tournament the king of the vine strange name considering there was women in it Soul didnt care about the competition all he cared was fighting strong opponents and his enemy was tough and Soul had been researching finding out how to beat his enemy but things werent going to be easy.

Soul sat down and crossed his legs placing his hands together he begins to meditate clearing his mind coming up with strategies and building his power. Standing up the dark assassin takes up a defensive boxing stance and waits for his opponent.

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Nighthunter stood on the place that Soul Taker had decided to fight the first round of the King of the Vine tournament, Nighthunter didn't know Soul Taker that well and had never had a fight with him, this would prove to be interesting and exciting at least.

Nighthunter hided himself as he saw Soul Taker coming to where he was and with a single thought asked his powersuit to access everyknown data about Soul Taker, his powers aswell as his weaknesses. As the date was downloaded into Nighthunter's brain he started to examinate the opponent's weaknesses and thinking of an strategy to take advantage of them.

Nighthunter looked at Soul Taker and how he prepared himself using the meditation like many other great and sage warriors do before a battle, Nighthunter looked at Soul Taker's suit and decided that the first thing to do would be to take it down as a way for his other plan to take place.

Nighthunter finally decided to appear and went to where Soul Taker was standing, he wanted it to be a great and fair match so that attacking Soul Taker without his notice wasn't an option. When Nighthunter was 1 meter away of Soul taker he started to talk "Interesting place you chose, heard that you already proved a defeat here....wanted to feel it twice?" afte rNighthunter was done talking he picked an explosive device and jumped backwards, while in the air Nighthunter threw the explosive device infront of Soul Taker and activated it, causing it to explode infront of SOul Taker.

After landing Nighthunter prepared himself for Soul taker's counterattack, taking one granade and throwing it to where the explosion had happened and quickly after that he grabbed two of his guns and started to shoot to the same place

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The dark assassin was ready lying in wait like a coiled cobra ready to strike at anything that moved in his line of sight or could be heard by his sense of hearing he had took up a boxing stance a basic fighting style not flashy but effective if mastered correctly and he had mastered it this was one of his prefered styles and he could beat most well trained warriors that had practiced any fighting style. His right arm and hand raised to his face the palm turned inwards with clenched fist that was facing the red sky it looked exactly like it did during his death. His left was in the same position only it was lower down tucked in his body. His knees slightly bent dancing on the spot.

Soul kept hearing his last battle that took place here it was one that had shook the very core of mother nature herself it had turned the heavenly white snow so angelic in looks to a crimson red from the blood both men spilled and by the opponent Soul was about to face things may get a little bit more bloodier for mother nature. Soul knew his opponent was out there some where hidden in the mist and Soul couldnt see anything or where his enemy would strike from he could end it now if he wanted to play dirty strike Soul from a distance and end him now after all Nighthunter was a villian of course he had not always been he was once a hero and him and Soul were with Zero Squad together for a short while. The fact that NH was a villian gave Soul more reason to win he was a person that wanted to end all villians and the reason he entered this tournament was to fight great opponents but at the same time kill any villians who may enter and Nighthunter was a villian whos life will end today.

Appearing from the blistering blizzard the dark assassins enemy appeared the tension building up it was like two ancient warriors had entered a natural colleseum with only the sky and the planets to watch them. It seemed Nighthunter still had some hero pride in him it looked like he wanted to fight fair but Soul was ready for anything taking everything into account there was still a good chance Nighthunter would try something sneaky. The two men were with in one meter of one another it was striking distance and Souls eyes were fixed on his opponents eyes and his body looking for any sudden muscle movements any shifts in weight that would give indication to the attack he may throw. The man began to speak "Interesting place you chose, heard that you already proved a defeat here....wanted to feel it twice?"

I died here and so will you im sending you to a place worse than hell Soul spoke with passion and intensity his opponent could not see his eyes due to them being covered up but his expression would break the devil down.

After that little introduction Soul noticed the shift in Nighthunters legs and arms he noticed NH get an explosive device and predicted he would jump back to avoid his own attack at the same time Soul jumped back to the snow being kicked in the air the explosion went off the blast just hitting Soul knocking him of balance slightly torquing his body he landed on his left arm doing a one handed backflip he landed on his feet and got right back into his boxing stance the damage was minimal he had got out of the way from the eye of the blast and his suit added extra defense it would take alot more than that to take the dark assassin out.

Soul cracked his neck then his back and shifting all his weight to his left leg he got down and sprinted at Nighthunter his speed was far greater than any normal human like a cheetah he went for NH ready to kill but he hadnt predicted NH next move the grenade came at his feet and NH began shooting but by time he did it Souls great speed took him away from the grenade and away from the explosion but he was shot twice in his right leg but it didnt phase him he had tought himself not to feel pain or show it. Now it was time for his move.

Soul continued his run at his opponent he got in distance all his weight yet again switched to his left leg he took of in the air coming at NH his right knee bent and at the right moment he stretched his right leg out performing a roundhouse kick sent at the villians face coming down and as he did he sent a left back kick to his oppnents stomach finishing by dropping his own grenade at Nighthunters feet and teleporting to a safe distance drawing two short katanas both positioned across his body one infront the other behind making it easy for him to attack and defend from all angles.

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Nighthunter kept shooting to the place where he had seen Soultaker before the explosions, he didn't know if they had been able to touch him or not, but even if they didn't it would help Nighthunter as a way to keep the opponent from doing a counter-attack. Suddenly Nighthunter saw a figure appearing from the smoke with a speed greater than the one of any human, the figure was Soultaker and if Nighthunter hadn't been for the fact that Nighthunter had been able to shoot twice at Soul Taker's leg and that Nighthunter had jumped to his right and rolled over before the impart Soultaker would have been able to use his speed to damage Nighthunter badly.

Nighthunter was able to avoid Soul Taker's speed with a lot of skill and a little bit of luck, but he wasn't able to evade the two kicks that Soultaker had sent to him; one on Nighthunter's face and the other one to the stomach. Nighthunter's suit had given him protection to the kicks, but somehow they had been able to damage him, soon after that Nighthunter realized that Soultaker wasn't done when he noticed one granade at Nighthunter's feet. The granade exploted and threw Nighthunter a few meters away from the enemy.

Nighthunter looked at himself, some of the parts of his battlesuit were destroyed and the freeze from the weather started to get to Nighthunter. Sending a simple thought Nighthunter ordered the nanobots of his powersuit to start to rebuild and multiplicate themselves in an attempt to rebuild the parts that were already destroyed. In times like this I wonder if I did a good design for the suit, someone is always blowing it up Nighthunter thought to himself before starting to slowly get up, once he was completely on his feets he saw the hole in the ice where the explosion had happened, after that Nighthunter turned to where he had thrown his explosive device and the granade, now there were only two holes there.

A smile was formed on Nighthunter's face as he started to change his strategy, throwing a few of his explosive devices all around the place and activating them as soon as they touched the floor, now where there was only a floor of ice there was now a place full of holes cutting both Nighthunter and Soultaker's moving field.

Nighthunter then started to run to where Soultaker was waiting once he was close to his opponent Nighthunter threw a few smoke bombs, the weather and the environment already made it hard to see, but with those smoke bombs both of them would practically be blind. Nighthunter grabbed his sword and stabbed it on the floor to gain momentum to be able to attack Soultaker from up high, now in the air Nighthunter used his sword to attack soultaker with a slash that was directed to Soultaker's head, at the same time using his left hand Nighthunter started shooting with his gun aiming to Soultaker's chest

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The arctic wind had picked up of course the dark assassin could not feel its heart shattering coldness the wind that blew so hard and with such ferosity it fealt like a blade was cutting the skin and he knew this because he had fealt the coldness of this place before the wind that cut through the skin exposing the soul for the world to see and the longer the battle went on the more the soul would show but the enviroment its anger was much worse than before its fog was as thick as the ice and snow of which both men stood not wanting the battle to continue but Soul would not quit and he knew that his opponent wouldnt.

Soul ran at his oppnent with speed that has made the greatest of eyes and the most powerful of minds think they were seeing an illusion it was so fast it would take a miracle to dodge his attack. Nighthunter seemed to have that luck but Soul had studied his opponent he knew while some was luck most of it was skill being shot twice the bullets had no effect but did just enough to throw him of balance and slow him down long enough to evade his speed but thats when Soul came up with his next attack on the spot using improvisation as he lost balance he came up with two kicks the first hitting the mans face using that to knock him f balnce slighty and impairing vision he sent a second kick which hit the mans stomach but this was a mere distraction for his real attack.

Soul dropped the grenade at the mans feet it was in point blank range and Nighthunter was with in the eye of the blast and the man was caught with in it sending him away by this point Soul had teleported to a safe distance to admire the destruction and waited for his enemies attack as he knew he was not dead how could he be the battle had only begun and when Soul hit Nighthunter he knew that suit would be hard to damage and had added protection and even with Souls added strengh taking that suit out would prove difficult. Nighthunter was on the ground his suit repairing showing Soul his suit still needed work and the man spoke as he got to his feet Soul ready but like the mans last attack he had to expect the unexpected. His words were In times like this I wonder if I did a good design for the suit, someone is always blowing it up

Well its a nice suit shows me mine still needs work but when i kill you i will study it to better my own design Soul spoke with anger but also admiration of the man.

At this point the battlefield had holes in it the place seemed weaker than before the ice weaker perhaps the last battle had took its tole on this beutiful place and these holes limited the laying field making moving hard and coming up with moves harder of course they could move but this was the place were the fog was least thick maybe this area invited battle drew warriors in.

Nighthunter had got back up a smile drew across his face like he had a sadistic plan up his sleeve but instead of showing the man fear Soul smiled back his eyes shifting to rage showing his opponent could bring it and Soul would take it and hit back twice as hard. The man threw a few explosive devices Soul moved out of the way but this didnt seem to be the mans main attack it simply cut more holes in the floor limiting the mens movement more why had the man did this his movement was just as limited did he have a plan but Soul had a plan he had many and perhaps Nighthunter had underestimated the dark assassins powers and abillities. Nighthunter charged at Soul keeping his stance Souls body slightly down and torqued he had the perfect counter for what ever was coming. Then the man through a few smoke bombs the fog picking up and with the smoke Soul couldnt see his vision imapired he would have to use all his training relying on his other senses to help. Soul could make out a blade touching the ground but before he could figure out what was going on the blade slashed his face while the bullets from the mans gun hit Soul 6 times at point blank range in the chest his suit added protection that made the damage less serious.

Soul at this point was on the floor having been knocked over blood pouring from his face and chest his suit was ripped getting back up he could just make out his enemy knowing it would be harder to attack but he liked the challenge and now the battle would truly begin.

Nice using the grenades

Soul walked up to the man not breaking the line of sight even with the harsh enviroment he got face to face with Nighthunter where he would grab the mans head and send a muay tai rising knee strike to the mans chest followed by a knee to the face of course his blades were sheathed at this point. If this worked he would wrap his legs around the mans head spinning round once so they were facing the same way then he would come down and bring the man to the floor then grabbing the mans right arm his right leg at this point would be across the mans throat while his left across the back of the mas kneck supplying a triange choke he would either draw the mans breath away or snap his kneck.

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Nighthunter saw how Soultaker was somehow able to move after the attack that he had received and how with a lot of determination and without showing any fear Soultaker came closer and closer to where Nighthunter was standing. Nighthunter could hardly see and the fact that some parts of his powersuit were destroyed made the intense freeze reach his skin, making him lose part of his concertration, it may had been that the weather was confusing him, it may had been that his own smoke bombs had made it impossible for him to see, but Soul Taker had been able to grab Nighthunter's head and use that as a way to be able to hit Nighthunter several more times.

Nighthunter couldn't keep his atention as he received the attacks, however he was still able to come up with the final part of his plan to take advantage of the only weakness of Soul Taker that Nighthunter could take advantage. Taking advantage that his opponent was ocupied giving him a good punishment Nighthunter grabbed without doing any detectable move one little device from out of his suit and threw it to one of the holes that he had created with the multiple explosions he had caused.

As Nighthunter fell to the ground he grabbed some of his hidden energy and used it to block the next attacks that came from Soultaker, after putting an end to the attacks of Soul Takera little smile was formed on Nighthunter's face and he started to talk again. "Don't let the bloody face and the anger face fool you...I'm having the time of my life"

After that Nighthunter sent a low kick to Soultaker and grabbed his gun to shoot to the face of Soultaker, after that a redlight appeared on the floor in which both fighters were fighting and the smile of Nighthunter got even bigger "Don't think I forgot about your temperature problem." after that enough part of the ice was melted causing the battle place to collapse into the incredible cold water.

Nighthunter had studied Soultaker's abilities and weaknesses as soon as he learned that he was going to be his opponent in the King of the Vine tournament, learning that he was a very balanced fighter; Soultaker may not be a powerhouse, but his skill along with his weaknesses hard to explode made him a terrible opponent to face in battle.

The only thing that Nighthunter thought that he could use agains Soultaker was his weakness against extreme temperatures and the fact that the fighting place was one of the coldest on Earth had given Nighthunter the perfect oportunity to explode that weakness.

A few minutes after the floor collapsed Nighthunter appeared from the water without many energy and with great problems to even catch a breath. Nighthunter collapsed to the ground trying to regain energy. Nighthunter didn't know if the trick has worked and Soultaker had fallen to the water with him, but he knew that if Soultaker had, the damage to him would have been great, something that had made the risk worth.

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The smoke had filled the battle arena the grey had now mixed with the white of the intense blizzard limitng the dark assassins view and making it hard for him to determine where his opponent was it not only clouded a mans view but also his judgement it was confusing the mind often played tricks in enviroments such as this making a man see things that werent there you had to have full concentration and a clear mind that was one of the reasons Soul had been meditating earlier. The fog was so bad even the sun was a blur to his eyes knowing Nighthunter would have a plan Soul had to be on full alert if he hears anything move strike.

It may have been luck on the side of the dark assassin or perhaps it was the enviroment wanting the battle to end now and it would help Soul be the victor in a battle that was still short but intense never the less. Soul was able to see Nighthunter in the distance the smoke clearing slightly it seemed NH hadnt seen Soul. Careful to be quiet Soul got to NH and managed to grab the mans head bending the man over so he was facing down placing both hands on the back of the mans head Soul sent a rising muay tai knee strike to the abdomen of the man with amazing force tensing only at the point of impact to make it as effective as possible.

Soul carried on the assault like a soldier blinded by war and fury not stopping his relentless attack like an animal he switched from Nighthunters abdomen to his face each knee strike was sent with the force that was equal to a car crash an attack like this could break bones and cause internal bleeding. Soul was so busy with his attack he wasnt paying attention to what was going on around him his anger clouding his judgement not even the cold could stop him. His anger a gift and a curse it clouds his judgement but makes him fight like an animal to go to a limit most would find impossible he had done it once before here even when he had been tortued for a week he still fought on perhaps it was his willpower it did seem to be greater than mosts and only Vann had a willpower and skill equal to Soul perhaps that why they were such great friends and rilvals no one had lived up to the battle Vann gave Soul perhaps Nighthunter would make Soul feel the joy of battle.

Soul stopped his attack and looked down at Nighthunter as the man fell to the ground it was as if Nighthunter was begging Soul to stop by the look of the position he was in Soul could end it now but he didnt want to it wouldnt be prideful to hit the man when hes down theres no honour in that. Souls last attacks had been blocked by an impressive Nighthunter how they were blocked Soul had no idea he was to busy attacking to notice what was going on. A smile formed on the villians face speaking once more to the Mobb Deep affilate "Don't let the bloody face and the anger face fool you...I'm having the time of my life"

Hell yeah me to infact i could do with a ice cream no anywhere were we can find ice Soul said jokeingly with a cunning smile on his face like a chesire cat there was a happiness on his face but anger in his heart.

The next thing that happened was Nighthunter sending a low kick to Soul hitting the dark assassin straight in the kneecap making Souls leg buckle with the force making a cracking sound as Soul went down gritting his teeth not letting out a scream of pain. Nighthunter then put a gun to Souls face as he was down. The dark assassin showing great agillity and awareness dodged the gun even at point blank range avoiding a potentially death dealing move. The blizzard was dying down.

Soul teleported away not noticing the red light and NH spoke again "Don't think I forgot about your temperature problem." All of a sudden the ice caved in melting like butter in the sun sending Soul to the icy water it was freezing cold like a thousand daggers had been plunged into his body Soul was ent under the ice struggling his breath fading shivering but he couldnt feel it his body had become numb the cold by passing his suit it no longer heated up his body he was freezing. The cold would have helped later on to numb his body and help him go on but this cold and this early in the battle was bad it was a great weakness of his he couldnt take temps like this.

Soul had no idea what had become of Nighthunter if he had fell in with him or if he was able to get away it was a risky move on Nighthunters end but it seemed as if it would work. Slowly fading Soul was on his back he could make out a figure above the clear ice his eyes closed but the evil the beast with in took over as a demon was unleashed. Soul began to change into a demon his skin turned jet black eyes becoming as dark as the deepest depths of space two large horns grew from his head and wings developed his power growing anger and fury he was a demon no he was a devil.

Soul swam down and came back up punching through the ice shattering it continuing up the air he stayed in the same position wings flapping looking down on Nighthunter Soul came down at the man who was on the floor sending a thunderous punch straight for the mans stomach not wanting to stop using demonic strength he repeatedly began to send punch after puch straight for Nighthunter.

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Nighthunter kept resting on the floor without knowing if his last attack had made him win the intense battle or if there would be more things to come. Nighthunter then slowly got up and looked at the place that was once the battlefield. Suddenly out of the place a black devil appeared, using his great wings to fly and get above Nighthunter.

Nighthunter then saw that the devil was using the same clothes as Soultaker making him realize that the great fighter that he had been fighting had somehow transformed into that horrible black monster infront of him. As Nighthunter saw that the transformed Soultaker was going to start an attack Nighthunter jumped to the front and rolled over making him able to avoid the attack.

Nighthunter then looked at the creature's eyes and noticed that they were filled with anger and that the previous attack had been part of his instict to destroy who was infront of him. A worried face was formed on Nighthunter's face, he knew that if the creature was fighting without any control and attacking him just by instinct it meant that the creature was throwing random attacks, that there weren't patterns that Nighthunter could analyze and make a strategy to use against the creature.

Nighthunter then clossed his eyes; once he closed them he started to analyze on his head the speed of the creature from when he attacked Nighthunter and trying to think of a way to use the weapons he had at the moment to do an attack. Without any patterns to base his plan on Nighthunter had to do a thing he didn't do a lot, he had to improvise.

Ok, I'm exhausted, damaged and a considerable part of my powersuit is destroyed. He now has wings so that he won't fail into the water again, on top of that I only have four knives, 50 bullets counting both of my guns, one flash granade, one normal granade, my gauntlet and my sword. Don't even know if he is still vulnerable to the same things thought Nighthunter quickly on his mind, then decided what he would use for his next move, how he could use his reminding equipment to regain the upperhand on this battle.

Nighthunter opened his eyes, all that he had thought and considered including making one plan to use his remaining weapons only took him 7 seconds. "This better works" said Nighthunter before grabbing his flash granade and throwing it infront of transformed Soultaker. A big flash appeared and Nighthunter quickly grabbed his two knives and threw them; each one of them landing a few centimeters next to the beast making one really small square.

A smile was formed on Nighthunter's face for the first time since Soultaker had appeared on his new form, he would need to thank Last Arrow when he saw him for making him such a good marksman. Without giving his opponent any second to react Nighthunter grabed his gauntlet and pointed to the knife behind Soultaker. Each one of the knives changed the direction of the cable as an attempt to trap the monster's legs and stop his movement.

Nighthunter then ran at full speed to where his opponent was and jumped above him, while in the air Nighthunter grabbed one of his guns and started to shoot to the monster's head, when Nighthunter was landing he grabbed his sword and used it as an attempt to stab Soultaker's right hand, while at the same time with his other hand shot to Soultaker's backhead.

Nighthunter didn't know what the transformation had done to Soultaker, if it had taken some of his weaknesses or not, but if the monster was still vulnerable to the same things then it meant that he would be exposed to the two weaknesses that Nighthunter could explode; the first that the intense weather would be affecting Soultaker's body and the other one was his problem with injuries, if Nighthunter was able to damage him hard and fast then the fight would be his.

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Soul had become nothing more than a mindless beast when he transformed into his demon state the black devil was like a wild and vicious animal only caring for one thing and that was the blood of his prey and his prey was Nighthunter but although he had lost control and attacked in blind rages clouding his judgement something Nighthunter could use against him still his power had increased and in a blind rage that power would be hard to counter and defend against.

In the air the devil looked down on Nighthunter its large black wings that were as black as hell itself seemed to block out the sun and cloud the battle area in darkness. Nighthunter looked confused at first then the beast came flying down towards Nighthunter at high velocities like a comet from space that was wild and came to destroy Soul would send a shattering punch at the man a punch with enough force it would break Nighthunters body shatter bones and cause interneal bleeding.

As Soul came down nearing Nighthunter the amazing advesary managed to show an awareness and timing that seemed superhuman rolling out of the beasts way avoiding the damage and a move that potentially could have killed him. The force of the punch shattered the ice causing cracks to appear across the surface weakening the ice more the cracks traveled for a great distance like arks of lightning. Soul while on the floor was on his knees after missing the attack and still in a blind rage he carried on pounding the floor.

Soul got back up his demonic fists were gripped tight shaking with fury wanting to shatter Nighthunters skull his eyes were dark like a never ending abyss the type of eyes one can get lost in full of rage and hurt the devils teeth were showing razor sharp like daggers of death the beast snarling as saliva dropped from his mouth. The devil looked into Nighthunters eyes and the man looked back he didnt seemed phased by the beast but looks can be decieving just becaues a man is confident on the outside dosnt mean he isnt scared on the inside but thats what being human is to fake emotions to show the world a side to cover up our true selves and the devil Soul had become represented the side he had hid for so long.

soul looked on just standing there he wanted to see what Nighthunter would do to stop this beast but any attack would prove useless every breath Soul took a slight roar came out each roar sent was used to scare the man who now had his eyes closed most probally thinking of plans like all great warriors do.

Nighthunters eyes opened and his attack was about to come Nightunter now that Soul was a mere mindless beast had the upperhand in the tactical department and had that as an advantage but Soul had the upperhand in power and speed as well as being able to avoid the cold water by using his wings and avoiding the icy depths something that may come in handy later on.

A flash bang grenade came at the beast exploding causing a large noise that ringed in the beasts ears as a large bright flash like the sun came from the device blinding Soul causing his eys to act on instinct and close dropping his head blinding him making it hard for him to determine what was happening not knowing that Nighthunter had thrown two knives the beast quickly reajusted itself. A smile formed across Nighthunter and before Soul could react his legs were trapped a cable wrapping around him making it hard for him to move. Soul began to struggle trying o fly in the air. Nighthunter ran at the trapped beast jumping in the air and began to fire at Soul but despite his entrapment Souls reflexes were improved he easily dodged the bullets moving his head to one side the bullets passing his head.

Still trapped Nighthunter stabbed Souls hand sending the blade right through causing blood to flow the beast didnt scream instead it roared with fury at the wound and at Nighthunter. Soul using all his might flew up in the air and broke the bonds that trapped him the shot sent by Nighthunter missed the back of the basts head but instead got its back.

Soul was now in the air free from his entrapment he looked down at Nighthunter then a flash of brilliance came into the mind of the animal it was like the human side had just took over he knew the ice had become weaker and it had weakened for a greater distance and that Nighthunter couldnt avoid falling into the water and that Soul had the higher ground an amazing advantage and one Soul would now use brilliantly and also use his use of teleportation.

Souls move would be to throw a few grenades at the ice weakening it and causing the battle area to completley cave in sending Nighthunter to the icy depths but before Nighthunter fell in Soul would teleport to Nighthunter and begin teleporting all around him sending strikes of his blade at the mans entire body at high speeds striking keeping the man in the air he would then finish by teleporting away and allowing Nighthunter to fall in the water while Soul remained in the air.

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Nighthunter's plan had worked almost perfectly, the attack hadn't been as good as he had hoped, but he still had been able to land a few hits on his transformed opponent. Nighthunter looked up to the sky to where the demon had escaped after beeing imprisioned and damaged.

Nighthunter saw how the beast threw the sword that Nighthunter had stabbed to his hand beeing thrown to the ground and landing on a place that wasn't that far of where Nighthunter was standing. After that Nighthunter kept watching without making any movement how the beast was suffering because of his last attack but suddenly something gained Nighthunter's attention; the eyes of Soultaker changed, they weren't full of rage and anger meaning that he didn't have control anymore, no now the eyes made it seemed like if the great warrior and strategist had taken control once more.

Nighthunter saw how Soultaker grabbed a few granades and threw them where Nighthunter was standing, using a big jump and rolling over as a way to avoid the impact of the granade and taking advantage of the moment to grab his sword, suddenly something happened and the floor was destroyed once again making him Nighthunter lose balance and start to fall to the water, however something intervened; Soul taker had teletransported to where Nighthunter was and started to send attacks with his blade one after the other.

Using his great reflexes and agility Nighthunter started to block a few of the attacks of Soultaker, however between the strength of the demon and the fact that Nighthunter was greatly damaged ihs muscles started to crumble, Nighthunter wouldn't be able to keep this going for much more time, to make things worse Nighthunter wasn't able to block all of the attacks of Soultaker making his status even worse.

Nighthunter used his sword to block Soultaker's slash with the blade and use the few seconds before the next one count, using all his speed and almost as instinct Nighthunter grabbed his last granade and threw it to the water and after that received another slash directly under his ribs after a few seconds a explosion happened and the water jumped like a geiser towards Soultaker.

Soultaker's weakness against the cold water and the pression that would be caused because of the explosion would make it one letal attack to Soultaker after that Nighthunter grabbed his two guns and put them just a few centimeters infront of Soultaker's head aiming at the place that was between both eyes.

"If you can hear me Soultaker one little advice. When you are fighting a strategist always keep in mind that the first attack is always....a faint" after saying that Nighthunter started to shoot, one bullet after the other without stopping, all pointing to the same place at a distance that no one that Nighthunter knew could evade them.

Nighthunter didn't know that Soultaker would recover his strategist mind even for a few moments or that he would explode the floor, but Nighthunter always knew that Soultaker would go after him and that it would be his opportunity to use his last attack as one of the best yet. That's why he had trapped Soultaker's legs and used that as a way to damage him greatly; Nighthunter knew that the first attack wouldn't defeat Soultaker, but that it would weak his opponent and make it easier for him to guide him into his trap.

Nighthunter then fell and as he fell he saw a block of ice hanging there, using his momentum he was able to reach the corner of that piece of ice and use it as a way to prevent him from falling to the water again, knowing that if he did he wouldn't be able to come out, Nighthunter then laid there with just one arm hanging him there and protecting him from certain doom. Using all of the rest of his strength to climb back up.

Nighthunter then fell to the ground, he had used all of his bullets and equipment on that last attack and his powersuit had been completely destroyed because of the attacks of Soultaker, he had dislocated his right arm and didn't have any strength to move anymore, now for the first time Nighthunter was hoping that his strategy had been good enough, that he had been smart enough because if he hadn't then there was no way that he could survive another attack by soultaker

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The battle had been an epic one one that was short but its magnitude was phenomonal like a battle of two gladiators who had been sent to kill each other in a icy colleseum there attacks went back and forth when one gained the upper hand in the battle the other came right back with an attack that showed more heart and spirit than there last. Both mens bodies had taking a fierce beating blood filled the arctic tundrum blots of blood could be seen in the water. Neither had full control over the battle they had both shown amazing skill and strategic work that was on par with some of the greatest generals in history people like Alexander the great or Julius Ceaser.

Despite being in his demon form the transformed beast had still taking a beating that even though his animal instinct would not allow him to show it the pain of the bullet lodged in his back and the blade that had entered his hand had hurt him greatly. Nighthunter had been a great opponent and he may be the most skilled and strategising opponent the dark assassin had ever faced the man was completley human but was able to match Soul blow for blow react just as quick as Soultaker was able to react showing speed balance and skills that one would believe he was past what a human was capable of doing it may have been skill that helped him or it may have been luck or perhaps it was the suit but either way he had earned Souls respect as a great warrior.

The warrior had taking over the beast his once raging eyes of hell were now calm and pure like a dazzling star he assessed the situation perfectly coming up with a plan that would make those great generals of old jelous. The grenades were sent at high velocities heading for the ground like small chunks of meteor there speed and acuracy was great Soul using amazing power to launch them. Nighthunter like he had done times before showed his amazing agillity and dexterity jumping and rolling from the blast grabbing his sword as he did.

Souls body moved as his enemies did his eyes constantly stayed fixed on the man as Nighthunter grabbed his own sword at the same time Soul withdrew his soul reaper katana it was an amazing blade one that was filled with an amazing power and a great strength and Souls mind wandered the last time he was here he had destroyed vanns blade and that act was one that may have pushed Vann to victory but on that day he gave his own dragon katana to Vann just before fading into nothingness.

Soul raised the blade gripping the handle with both hands his right above his left each one pointing in different directions his shoulders were tense while his arms and hands relaxed like a true samurai he held the blade its tip pointing to the heavens he breathed in and out his chest rised and falled his stomach going in and out as he readied his attack. The grenades had exploded focing the battle area on which Nighthunter stood to collapse as the man started to fall in with the ice.

Soul looked on as Nighthunter began to fall then in one swift motion Soul had teleported to Nighthunters location and began sending graceful strikes of his blade at the man the blade like a ballet dancer rised and falled Soul twisting his body with each attack sent at the same time his arms twisted allowing the blade to work at full velocity it was a move he called the shadow dance and he had used it in all battles it was a move of technical brilliance and to this day no one had a proper counter for it. Nighthunter was able to block and dodge a few of the attacks showing that skill that baffled Souls mind but under the sheer power that Soul sent each attack Nighthunter began to fadehis strength fading as more and more of the beasts attacks hit there intended target.

Nighthunter was able to block a deadly slash sent by the dark assassin by using his own blade steel meeting steel in a epic show down the swords grinded off one another as sparks danced off the two like fireflies. Soul had not noticed Nighthunter throw a grenade into the water but he did notice the slash tha connected just underneath the mans ribs. Then the explosion went off as a huge wave of cold water hit Soul the water got in his eyes blinding him for a short moment as the cold made it difficult for him to move. Nighthunter spoke as he put the gun to Souls head.

Soul reacted as quick as he could but he couldnt avoid the gun shots so instead he placed his hands together and raised them up between the gun and his forehead as a shield the bullets began to pass through the air cutting a pathway as they moved each one entering Souls hand 3 entered his hand and passed through making them bleed more and cause holes that were like the ones Jesus recieved at his crucifixion the bullets hit his head but did not pass all the way through but they still caused great wounds as blood dripped from his head running down the centre of his face. More bullets came at Soul but he began to sweep the air in a circular motion with both hands knocking the bullets away from there actulal bullseye each one he blocked hit a various part of his arm passing through making his arms bleed he was also hit several times on the shoulder.

After the attack Nighthunter fell but was able to avoid falling into a watery grave by reaching a chunk of ice that still remained intact he grabbed on and was able to pull himself backup falling to the ground the man was alive but just. Soul to had taking massive amounts of damage this battle had been a battle of skill and fighting knowledge and both men had did there best. Soul like his opponent fell using his wings he managed to glide himself onto the ice he reverted back to a human as he layed there struggling to breath shaking in the cold now icy water seperated the two men. Soul was bleeding sll over his body had took a massive beating his body filled with holes from various gunshots.

Soul slowly got to his feet showing willpower and determination that had took him to the limits in all his battles pushing him to a place in his mind that only true warriors could reach. His legs were shaking as he was struggling it was pure willpower and strength of body that made him get up he thanked his years of training his body and mind.

Soul had enough strength to launch one final attack and it would his hands went behind his back and reached into his two back pockets as he withdrew 8 cerchi explosives that were givng to him by Morte Rapida using his power of perfect accuracy he launched all 8 explosives at Nighthunter some were sent directly at the man others sent to lodge in the ice of which he stood either way Nighthunter was going to face one hell of an explosion and the only way to avoid it was to jump int the icy water but even then avoiding the blast would be difficult. After he launched the assault Soul fell to one knee and waited to see if his move had worked.

Today you die with honour