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Nobody stood in an abondon city street waiting for Karung to make his move. Skyscapers toward over him as he took. The breeze was blowing slightly making his coat and hair wave in the wind. He stretched out his right arm, and a pole appeared in his arm made from his invisible costuct energy. A grin came across his face as he was getting himself excited for a battle.

"You just let me know when you are ready." Nobody said.

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(it's Karung, not Kraung, Kraung is my brother and even though I am banished from the tournament, I shall still fight you. This is no longer a tournament fight) "I'm ready," Karung said as he unsheathed blackbiter and red angel. He was going to have to rely on his spider sense to predict when NB was going to strike. He then tries to cast a spell on NB, which would render him visible for a minute.

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Post Deleted.

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Darkchild says:

"Dude Kraung u werent on for a long time so Nobody got switched to fighting me and i won "
I know, but like I said this is not a KOV tournament since you got it. So now even though the title goes against me, this is now just a normal RPG. Please if you have any questions or corrections. Save the corrections and statements forcing me to change 'til after. If you do not like my attitude towards things. Or you just plain hate me. I wouldn't mind if you make an I HATE KARUNG thread. It would help me know what you hate about me and change it, if there's enough people that agree with that blunder and hate it. It will be changed
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OOC: Um Nobody is only taking part in the tournament, well thats what he said, So In stead of just telling him you wish to continue maybe you should ask him!