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 Two days ago...

Feral Nova stood upon the rocky shores of Lake Tahoe in California, staring out upon the water, and how the sun was reflecting off of it. A small smile creped upon her lips as she took a deep breath in through her nose and slowly let it out; enjoying the sent of the pine trees that stood stall around the lake. Nova was just taking a small break from all of the chaos that seemed to be engulfing her life right now. It seemed as soon as she was to finish a mission at WAL, another one would come up, and with the KOV crown STILL in her hands, the calls for fights still came in as strong as ever.

Her fight with Sha ended with a huge bang, Nova barley won once more against the powerful Ninjan powerhouse princess. She still felt a little sore and had to get her sword, fixed up because of the battle. Stephanie then felt a vibration in her back pocket and sighed. She picked up the phone and looked at the number... "Unavailable" She read out loud, but she knew who it was. "Hello?" She answered as she turned away from the lake and began to walk into the small forest of pine trees. She listened to the person behind the phone, giving her the information she would need for her next fight, the fight to defend her crown as KOV. But to her surprise... this time... they didnt state who she was to fight. "Hold up... who am I fighting?"

'We decided to... change a few things... and knowing your opponent is one of them.' The voice said on the other line. 'If you truly ARE a powerful warrior like you have so far shown, this shouldn’t be a problem. You should always be prepared for any situation anyways, correct?'

Steph sighed. "You guys are crazy. Fine, were am I going to meet this 'mystery' person?"

'Just go to New York, dont worry about finding them, we'll make sure you two meet.'the voice said as the phone line went dead.

"Oh come on!" Steph said as she threw her phone up in the air in frustration, within seconds it was out of human sight as she groaned. "oh man.... NeVann is going to kill me, thats the fifth phone this month." She said as she got up and went back to the cabin that she rented out for her and NeVann for the weekend.


Stephanie was now walking through the streets of New York City in her typical outfit. She had on a dark red tank top, dark blue jeans and a thin black jacket with her boots on. Her sword was hanging from her waist on the left, and her other weapon, the Nova Blade was tucked inside her jacket on the right side. It was about noonish, and the place was busy as ever. People ran around, left and right, yelling on their phones, yelling at the person next to them, yelling at the cabs, everyone seemed to be yelling at someone. Ever since she stepped foot in this massive city, she became paranoid. Anyone in this city could be the person she was to fight. Being out the open the way she was, only made her more of a target, and meant that people could get in the way. She didnt know who she was going to fight, so she had to expect the worst.

She looked up to see the skyscrapers, the stood tall over the city, almost seemed to be touching the heavens. A smirk grew on her face. "That’s it!" She said as she looked at a couple of buildings, until one caught her eyes. "The New York Times building." she said as she turned and walked inside the building. People were busy running around, caring papers, pushing carts, yelling at others, or at machines. Nova just walked pass by everyone, she wasn’t here to socialize with anyone, but of course, because of her 'popularity' someone recognized her.

"HEY YOUR FERAL NOVA, THE KOV CHAMP!" A man yelled out as he pointed at Nova, running up to her with a recorder in his hands.

"Peachy..." she said as she stopped in her tracks and turned around to face him.

"So what brings you to New York? Do you have a battle with someone for the crown? Are you here on a WAL mission? Have you seen any historical landmarks yet? Do you have a secrete lover here that you dont want your ninja boyfriend to know about? Does your team captain know your here?" He stood with a sly smirk on his face as he asked all the questions one right after another.

"Uhhh..." Nova started off. " THERES A BOMB IN THE BUILDING, AND EVERYONE HAS TO EVACUATE RIGHT NOW!" Nova yelled out to try and  get the reporter away from her, only to have hundreds other run around in a panic. Everyone rammed into each other as they ran out of the building, within only a few minutes, Nova was the only one in the building. "wow... they run fast." Nova said as she walked through the doors which lead to the stairs. Closing the door behind her she lit up her right index finger and ran it along the edges of the door, wilding it shut. When she was done she sighed as she looked up, the 52 story building seemed to be almost endless, that is if she really was planning on walking all the way up. She kept still as her body suddenly erupted in flames, and she flew up like a rocket to the top. Within seconds she made it to the top and landed back on the stair case and opened the door that lead outside of the building to the roof.

A small gust of wind hit her face and sent a chill down her spine, her hair being pushed back as she walked out and closed the door behind her, wilding it shut as well so no one would try and disrupt anything. She turned back around and looked out, this building was taller than most of the other structures here in New York. "Nice." Nova said with a smile as she walked over to the edge of the building. Looking down she could barley make out the people who were still running round, and saw millions of little yellow cabs driving around.

"I guess... I just wait..." Nova said as pulled out her ipod and slipped in the ear phones as she began to bobble her head up and down to the music. The pounding of the drums and the sound of the guitar and bass filled her ears as a man’s voice was heard singing. Nova then smiled as she rocked her body back and forth to the beat of the song.

She then opened her mouth as she took a deep breath and sang to the song. “Kill the "you" that holds you back now” She started off as she began to throw her head back and forth. “Just throw up, just grow up!” She yelled out. “Let the blood flow on the ground now. Just throw up, just grow up” She then walked to the center of the roof and threw her right arm in the air. “Spit it out and breath the air now, Its up to you to make the choice now.” She sang out as she continued to stand around singing, wait for her opponent.

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Stephanie stood there on the roof still, the sun beating down upon her body as a small breeze flew through her hair, making it seem like it was dancing, she just put her ipod away and was now pacing back and forth across the roof. The fire girl sighed to herself as she kept her eyes fixed on the roof top floor. Kicking small pebbles across the area, and watched them roll around. She was starting to become a bit restless, and became fidgety.

"Gah, when is that dude person thingy going to come?" Nova said as her internal radar picked up something. Her head snapped up as her eyes began to shift back and forth. 'beep', 'beep' was heard inside her head as it slowly was coming down faster and stronger. 'BEEP' 'BEEP', it almost roared in her head. But no matter were she looked, she couldn’t find it. Just then her eyes widen as her head shot up and watched as a figure was coming down from the sky. Steph tried to take a closer look, but before she could try and identify who or what it was, the figure disappeared, only to pop right in front of her.

"HOLY CRAP!" Nova yelled out in terror as she fell down on her butt in fear, a small jolt of pain rushed up her spine as she looked up, only to be blinded by the sun, seeing only the silhouette of the person before her.

"Hello." The figure said in a very familiar female voice.

"Wha-?" Nova said as she shaded her eyes and slowly stood up. She squinted her eyes trying to get a better view of the person, and it turned out to be none other than her dear friend, Taki. "T... Taki?" Nova asked in almost confusion. "TAKI!!" Nova blurted out as a smile suddenly appeared on her face and she jumped up and around Taki spinning around her as she did, repeating Taki's name every time she would jump back up in the air. But then, something hit her; Nova stopped and faced Taki once more, her face back to confusion. "Wh.. what are you doing here?" She asked as she saw a paper that Taki was holding. Nova took a close look at it, it was none other than a official letter of invitation. But when she took a closer look at it... it was sent for a person named Hiro Muzino. Nova arched her eyebrow as she scrunched her nose, showing she was trying to understand something she just wasnt grasping.

"Your name... isnt Hiro..." She said as she looked back up at Taki. "How did you get this Taki?"

Feral Nova and Taki had been friends for a while, even the days before L.O.V.E. It was back when We Are Legend and Tenth Magnitude were still considered as 'rival' groups because both groups came out almost at the same time. But even though the groups would constantly trying to prove that one was better than the other, the two were still good friends. She could remember back to when her and Taki went off to the CV Police Station for the first time and broke in, trying to steal some handcuffs and pepper spray. Nova made a small smirk from those memories and looked away for a moment. She hadnt seen Taki for a while now... and after thinking why, she could only come up with one thing... Angel...

Angelic Reaper and Feral Nova... if anyone knew Steph from the start, they would know that her and Angelic Reaper were the best of friends. They did everything together, and some even said that they fought the same way. Steph could remember the first time she met Taki, was with Angel... and now that she thought about it... the last time she saw Taki was only a few days before Angel's untimely passing. Nova's eyes began to tear up as she continued to look away, trying not to cry right before a battle. She bit her lower lip as she turned back to Taki, her heart starting to feel a bit heavy as she cleared her throat.

"Alright..." She said as she tried to keep focused. "Since you are here... and you have that invitation... that means one thing… you want to fight." She said as she slowly began to back away from her. "Taki... I wont hold back.” Was all that came from Nova's mouth that formed a small smile. Just then She took a few steps back as she took a deep breath in. Feral Nova then crouched down slightly, spreading her legs apart just a little and made a fist with both hands, pulling them to her sides as she began to yell out. A wave of heat could be felt radiating off her body as sparks of fire began to flicker around her. Within seconds her body burst into golden flames, they danced wildly around her body as it began to crackle from the oxygen it was using. The heat of her fire could be felt all around the rooftop, since it wasn’t that long or wide.

Feral Nova now stood with her fire now in control as she kept her focus on Taki, her eyes never leaving sight of her. She knew Taki was one of the best ninja's around, and she knew if she didn’t keep her guard up... she was going to be dead in no time. But lucky for her, the only way Taki would be able to get through her fire... was if she was to burn herself getting to her.

Just then Nova made a small smile, for a while she had wanted to fight Taki... but she was too nervous. She couldn’t bring it up with her friend, but now... now was the chance for her to test out the ninja woman. She had heard different stories about Taki, how she showed no mercy to her opponents and how she was stubborn as hell to lose, much like Nova herself. She wanted to see who was truly the best, they both had beaten Sha before, and according to Nova, Sha was one of the best. But now it was going to show, who truly was the strongest, her long time friend, or herself.

Right then Nova pushed herself from the ground and flew ground level towards Taki, her fire blared behind her as Nova pulled her right arm back and made a tight fist, when she was about five feet away Nova launched her mechanical flaming fist at Taki's face right at her nose, and at the same time with her left hand she pulled out her Nova Blade and activated it in one movement while pulling it out, launching it right at Taki's abdomen more towards her right upper quadrant were her liver was at. Stephanie then flew over the edge of the building and was now in mid-air as she flew up about twenty feet into the air, because they were on one of the tallest buildings, there were no other tall buildings around them. Nova then put her Nova Blade back as she stuck out her right arm and shot out a spiraling stream of fire towards Taki. Nova would do this for about ten seconds, following Taki with her flames if she were to move. Still with a smile still upon her face Nova then pulled her hands up in the air and made one large fist with them, holding her hands tightly in one another as she then began to free fall back to the roof, as soon as she landed she brought her fists down with all her might, smashing into the roof of the building. The roof began to collapse around them quickly as it made its way towards Taki, trying to suck her into the rubble that it was creating below the two. But because Nova was still on fire, she was sampling floating in mid-air, and took off about an extra ten feet up, watching the entire thing.

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The underground demon hunter had watched all of Nova’s fights with Sha, as well as Angelic Reaper. Taki was determined to make this one different while Taki and Nova were friends, they were even better enemies. There would be no crying, no hugging, and no wishing each other well, Taki made it her goal to Permanently injure people, and that was what she set out to accomplish.

 Her Training inside the grounds of Fuma No Sato trained her for fighting her own friends, which is why she just gave Nova a piercing glare. Nova looked a bit confused as to why Taki was there, but it didn’t take long, for her to realize who her opponent would be. Taki saw Nova began to release tears; Taki gritted her teeth at Nova’s apparent sign of weakness, although she quickly recovered and prepared herself to fight.

Nova tool a step back and then crouched to ignite her fire, it burned all over the rooftop careful to send any idle embers anywhere. Taki studied Nova’s stance, and just laughed as she spun kicked (not an attack) and then got into her stance, “Well At least your stance is correct” Taki would have to beat Nova’s Fire, being a ninja she had a vast arsenal of weapons to chose from, but she was going to see what she could do for the time being. In a stunning move Nova went on the move first bursting at ground level towards Taki, Taki braced herself Nova pulled back on her fist and punched at Taki with a flaming fist. The punch hit Taki dead in the Nose Drawing first blood, but Taki quickly removed her Evil Mekki Maru sword and blocked Nova’s sword strike at her stomach. Taki with a evil expression on her face, activated the Power of Soul edge she had fused her sword with, giving it more strength.

 Nova then flew away over the edge into the middle of the Air of New York. Taki, removed a file from her hair and began filing her Nails, she was a bit disappointed by Nova’s hit and run technique, but she would soon make her pay for it. Nova extended her right arm towards her and fired a Spiraling steam of Fire, Taki turned her Mekki maru horizontally and Blocked the stream until it finished.

Taki looked up at Nova,she brought her fists down with all her might, smashing into the roof of the building. The roof began to collapse around Taki felt herself lose her footing, the building them Imploded on her causing her to fall inwards, As she fell she got smacked with, desk, chairs people and other office, supplies.

Her back hit a Sturdy Part of the collapsing floor which enabled her to rebound and quickly get to her feet. She jumped up the falling rubble like a Mario game until she was close to the Top, She jumped up and Tried to Spear Tackle On the roof of a Building Much Lower than the one that had collapsed .Taki’s hands Could take the heat from Nova’s flames, she had been trained for it, but The burns would eventually become noticeable. Taki flipped backwards and Threw some Ninja stars at Nova, the cut through the air like Jet’s on their way towards their target.  Taki landed on her feet and Then began to summon her chakra, she smiled at Nova and then said to her. “I expected better for the World KOV champion!”, surely you can depend on your flames forever! It’s a pity really… you rallied to Win the KOV tournament only to find you aren’t the best!” Taki finished summoning her Chakra she then released her ancient Hono no Ken technique, This gave Taki the power to use flames as a Primary Power, but she chose the secondary Power instead, which Protects her from Fire.

 Taki smiled at Nova, she then dug into her ninjutsu tricks and then got down on her knees and then placed her hands on her Head. This technique was known as her Gosha Hasuiken(,Gosha Hasuiken "Five Chariots Wave Crush Fist") she transformed into a giant Ball and then began to bounce, she then hurled herself at Nova, Each time she would fall back to the Ground hundreds of miles below and then bounce back up again. She wouldn’t be harmed at all. She did this 5 times and then broke the formation; she landed back on the building with her hands focused on the blaze hot nova, “Time to cool you down!” She once again used her ninjutsu and fired another ancient ninja technique,Metsutō Kōsei Jin which fired two huge cold forces of energy towards Nova. Taki took her stance back and smiled.  She didn’t stop there she then began to move her hands, this was her genyu Ken technique,When this technique is used, the user rapidly moves her hands up and down until they become a blur. The speed is such that it can create air currents sharp enough to cut. She then pulled her hand back and launched the currents at Nova and watched them fly towards her.


As Nova and Taki engage in fight, Taki’s mind wandered to the events of the previous night!  She awoke Up in a Puddle of Blood Looking Finished, she had blood dripping from her mouth .Her mother was Hollering Call the Police. She was Hit and her Eyes Rolled Back. She had never thought about her early days, the life she lead now could lead her to an early grave, She was rushed to the hospital where they filled her with IV. The pin was unbearable she could hear her Momma on the Elevator screaming. All she Remember is her mother screaming: Not My Baby! Not My Baby! She heard the Doctor Hollering Surgery is her Last Chance To Try To Make It Through This Murder then she Heard Flat Line And she Woke Up Sweating , she tried to tell her mother but she was resting. 

(Back to the fight)

Taki gritted her Teeth and braced herself for the next attacks.


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Feral Nova’s flame erupted from her body, waving wildly all around her, as looked up at Taki right before going in for an attack she could tell that she was studying her.

“Well at least your stance is correct.She heard Taki spat out at Nova.

Nova couldn’t help but smile. “Thanks!”She shouted as she then launched herself, flying towards Taki, pulling back her first she felt as her fist smashed into the ninja’s nose, blood flowing from it as she watched her head jerk back from the force of impact. Thinking she would still have some time to pull another attack Nova pulled out her Nova Blade and attempted to smash it into Taki’s abdomen, only to feel Taki’s own blade, the Evil Mekki Maru, smash into hers. But Nova didn’t waist any time, she quickly sped past Taki and took to the air. She looked down upon Taki to see file her finger nails. Nova couldn’t help but let out a small laugh, she was disappointed in that attack, no doubt.

Right then Nova shot out her right arm in front of her and sent out a spiraling stream of fire upon her friend, but with almost surprise, was blocked easily by Taki. How in the world she was able to block her fire attack with a simple of blade… was beyond Nova. She couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that her blades were more than just blades, and because of this, may be her undoing.

Not hesitating Nova then cupped her hands together and brought herself down upon the roof of the building, as soon as she landed she smashed her fists into the roof, causing it to collapse right under Taki. Nova flew up a little and watched as the powerhouse ninja began to fall, losing her footing as she watched her body smash into a desk, chairs and other things inside the body. Nova couldn’t help but make small wincing faces every time she saw her friend get hurt.

“Hey… you ok Taki?Nova asked as she looked back down, only to find Taki jumping back up to the top of the building, leaping from one piece of rubble that was falling unto another, pushing herself up, it almost seemed as she was flying back up to the surface. Nova’s eyes widen, she knew Taki was good, but damn… she knew she was going to be in trouble. Right before Taki made it to the top she launched herself upward and towards Feral Nova, with Nova’s eyes still widen she watched as the Ninja came up and tackled Stephanie down. The two soared through the air, Nova still in shock at the fact that Taki was tackling her down while still in her fire form, she then felt her back slam into the flooring of the roof of another building that wasn’t too far away. Nova’s head snapped back and the back of her head smashed into the concrete. Because of Nova’s weight caused by her lining of true adamantium, a massive cater was made upon the roof top. Nova grunted as she lift her head up, rubbing it as she forced herself up.

“Damn… that wasn’t cool.”Nova said as she looked around, this roof was a little smaller, but would work. She then looked back up to see ninja stars coming at her. Without much time to think Nova stuck out both hands in front of her, and shot out a wall of fire, from the top of her head to her feet a wall of fire shield her. As soon as the stars made impact with it, the heat of Nova’s flames melted them on the spot, causing it to become nothing more but liquid metal inside her flames. Nova smirked as she formed the melted metal into four throwing knives and sucked the heat out of them, making them firm enough to be tucked in her back pocket.

“Sweet! I’ll just save these for later!”Nova smiled as she looked back at Taki, slowly letting her fire wall down, she then watched as Taki was now glowing with some type of energy.

“I expected better from the World KOV Champion! Surely you cant depend on your flames forever! It’s a pity really… you rallied to win the KOV tournament only to find you aren’t the best!” Taki yelled out, each word almost piercing through Nova.

Nova knew she wasn’t the best, she knew it and hell, others knew it too. But no one ever told it to her in her face. Nova only stood their and let everything sink in, she was frowning but then a small smile formed upon her lips.

“I never said I was the best, in fact… I never got to fight the best in the tournament and trust me… fire… isn’t my only power.”Nova said with a smirk.

Taki then smiled at Nova and got down upon her knees and placed her hands on her head. Nova arched her eyebrow, what the hell could she be planning? In an instant she then turned into a giant ball and then began to bounce around. Nova stood there for a moment… was she serious? Nova began to laugh, a small chuckle at first, and then began to roar with laughter, so hard that it caused her to lose focus on her fire, causing it to go out.  Nova laughed so hard that she didn’t even notice that Taki bounced right at her, the impact of her colliding with Nova was so hard that it caused Nova to fly across the roof and into another building. Nova, still stuck in the building stayed there for a moment, almost shocked of what just happened.

“Ok… that was so cool!” Nova blurted out as she bust into flames, causing the imprint to turn into a massive hole in the building. Nova then rushed over back to where she was at, only to find Taki coming back up, but this time with more speed and force. Nova laughed as she simply shift her body to the right, Taki came flying right past Nova and higher into the air, it was just like playing dodge ball, and Stephanie was having a blast. She watched as the balled up Taki went back to the ground, slamming upon a parked car as it bounced back up. “That… wasn’t good…”Nova said as she then got read for Taki once more, this time when she came at Steph, she did a leap frog move over Taki, in the air, laughing as she did, still on fire and still high in the sky. She watched Taki go back down and come back up for the third time, this time Stephanie moved to the left and out of the way again, her smile still on her face as she hummed, arching her back as she felt the wind of Taki speeding past Nova’s body, her flames waving around her. The fourth time Nova leaned back as far as she could, going matrix style as Taki’s ball of a body was only inches away from Stephs face as it shot back up in the air. The last time Taki came back up Nova flew over it and watched as this time, Taki landed on the roof of the building. “Dude that was awesome! Do it again!” Nova laughed as she watched Taki then throw out her hands, focused on Nova.

“Time to cool you down!” Taki said as she then fired off some sort of energy towards Nova.

Nova stayed in the air as she watched the energy come at her, not sure what kind of power that was Nova shot out a powerful wave of fire at the energy, but to her surprise when the two energies collided, it froze Nova’s flame, crawling up towards Stephanie. The flaming goddess then felt as a chill began to crawl up her spine, Nova’s fire began to slowly die out, her body deciding back down to the roof of the building as her skin began to glow a faint blue color, every time nova let out a breath, small puffs of smoke that was her own air came from her mouth. Her body began to shiver as she struggled to stand, her fire now out as she glared over at Taki, she didn’t know she had this kind of power, her mind went back to the fight with Soul Taker… this exacted same thing happened… and she was already hating it.

But Taki wasn’t done with her just yet, Nova looked up at her as she watched another blast came at her, this time, it was air, but Nova wasn’t about to underestimate this again, Nova brought up her arms and overlapped them about a foot away from her face, bracing herself as the air smashed into her. But this time, she felt sharp small waves of pain slice into her skin, the wind was so powerful that it was actually cutting away at her skin. Lucky for Nova, the cuts only went as deep as the epidermis would allow it, because her entire dermis was made out of the true adamantium. But the force was so strong that it caused Nova to slide about five feet back, she grunt as she struggled to keep her footing. When the wind died out, Nova slowly lowered her arms, small streams of blood trickling down her arm as she brought them back to her sides.

“Nice trick, mind teaching me it when were done here?She said with a smirk, slowly reaching back to her pocket where the four throwing knives were at. She grabbed two of them as she then shot out her arm, each of them flying towards Taki with grate speed because of her super strength, they whizzed through the air, one flew right at the ninja’s left eye while the other one went right to the middle of Taki’s throat. Just then Nova pulled out her Honoo Tachi, and rushed over at Taki, her feet pound on the ground as she gripped her sword tightly and rose it up horizontally. The suns ray’s beat upon it, causing a slight glare to form from her sword and when she was only about two feet away, Nova swung her sword across Taki’s chest, aiming to get her deltoid muscle, if she were to slice through it, this would cause her to be unable to rotate her shoulders, or be able to lift her shoulders upward.  

Right at this moment Nova then pulled her left hand away from the blade and behind her once more, pulling out one of the other throwing knives she made and took a slice downward at Taki’s left Sartorius, a muscle in the leg that assists in flexion, abduction and lateral rotation of hip, and flexion and medial rotation of knee, trying to slice right through it. With her right hand still holding firmly onto her sword, which was now brought out to the side with the end of the blade pointing towards Taki she then trust it forward, aiming to slice through the abdomen once more, but this time aiming on the right side, where the liver is at, hoping to get the gallbladder. If she id this, the chemicals that would come from it, would eat through her liver and cause massive internal bleeding as well as damage in the muscle lining of the abdomen.

As soon as she thrust her sword forward Nova then pulled it back, leaped backward, leaving about twenty feet away from each other as she then tucked her knife back in her pocket and then shot out her left hand once more as she rest her right hand on her side. She the tried to use her fire, only to have a small spark form, but that was it. Nova's eyes widen as she tried again, but nothing.

"Ahhh crap." She mumbled to herself as she looked back at Taki, keeping focused as she rose her sword upward in a defensive stance and put her left hand back upon one of the knives. She could still feel the cold chill inside her body, it was going to be a little while before she would be able to fire back up again, even though it was a hot day, it wasn't hot enough..