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Aliases:The Silver City, The Mainline Of Livestock, Platinum Railroad Of Science.

Location: Key City is the largest city in the state of Nebraska. Key City is in the Midwestern United States on the Missouri River, about 10 miles (15 km) north of the mouth of the Platte River. 466,061.

Dimensions: 141.8 mi²

Population: 466,061

Universe: CVnU

Medium Income per Household: $56,406

Unemployment Rate: 3.1%

Percentage living in poverty: 15%

Average Yearly Temperature: 65° -5°F

Public Schools: 63 (including elementary, middle and high schools)

Private Schools: 35 (including elementary, middle and high schools)

School year begins in the beginning of August and lasts until the middle of May.

Colleges and Universities: 26.

Major Employers Of Key City

Key Air Force Base 7,500+ employees

Chi Health 7,500+employees

Key City Public Schools 5,000-7,499 employees

Key City Health Department 5,000-7,499+ employees

Key Medical Center 5,000-7,499+ employees

University of Nebraska Medical Center 2,500-4,999+ employees

First Data 2,500-4,999+ employees

Union Pacific 2,500-4,999+ employees

Key Market Chain 2,500-4,999+ employees

FirstNationalof Key City Nebraska 2,500-4,999+ employees

Manufacturing: Key City’s has a considerable technological industry, serious demands are made for large machinery and technological components.

Tourism: Tourist attractions in Key City include history, sports, outdoors and cultural experiences. Its principal tourist attractions are the Key City Zoo and the College World Series. The Old Market in Downtown Key City is another major attraction and is important to the city's retail economy. The city has been a tourist destination for many years. Famous early visitors included British author Rudyard Kipling and General George Crook. In 1898 the city hosted more than 1 million visitors from across the United States at the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, a world's fair that lasted for more than half the year.

Research on leisure and hospitality situates Key in the same tier for tourists as the neighboring cities of Des Moines, Iowa; Topeka, Kansas; Kansas City, Missouri; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Denver, Colorado; and Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Metro City and Valor City A recent study found investment of $1 million in cultural tourism generated approximately $83,000 in state and local taxes, and provided support for hundreds of jobs for the metropolitan area, which in turn led to additional tax revenue for government.

Crime:Key City's rate of violent crimes per 100,000 residents has been lower than the average rates of 4 dozen United States cities of similar size. Unlike Key City, those cities have experienced an increase in violent crime overall since 2003. Rates for property crime have decreased for both Key and its peer cities during the same time period. In 2006, Key City was ranked for homicides as 9th out of the 72 cities in the United States of more than 250,000 in population. And the crime rate has begun to drop even more since the hero Velocity claimed the city as his home.


Various Native American tribes had lived in the land that became Key City, including since the 17th century, the Ponca, Dhegian-Siouan-language people who had originated in the lower Ohio River valley and migrated west by the early 17th century; Pawnee, Otoe, Missouri, and Ioway.

In 1804 Americans built several fur trading outposts in succeeding years, including Fort Lisa in 1812; Fort Atkinson in 1819; Cabanné's Trading Post, built in 1822, and Fontenelle's Post in 1823, in what became Bellevue. There was fierce competition among fur traders until John Jacob Astor created the monopoly of the American Fur Company. The Mormons built a town called Cutler's Park in the area in 1846. While it was temporary, the settlement provided the basis for further development.

Through 26 separate treaties with the United States federal government, Native American tribes in Nebraska gradually ceded the lands that now make up the state. The treaty and cession involving the Omaha area occurred in 1854 when the Key Tribe ceded most of east-central Nebraska. Logan Fontenelle, an interpreter for the Key and signatory to the 1854 treaty, played an essential role in those proceedings.

Pioneer Key City

Nebraska Territory, $1 City of Key 1857 uniface banknote. The note is signed by Jesse Lowe, in his function as first Mayor of Key City. It was issued as scrip in 1857 to help fund the erection of the Territorial capitol building.

Before it was legal to claim land in Indian Country, William D. Brown operated the Lone Tree Ferry that brought settlers from Council Bluffs, Iowa to the area that became Key City. Brown is generally credited as having the first vision for a city where Key now sits.The passage of the Kansas–Nebraska Act in 1854 was presaged by the staking out of claims around the area to become Key by residents from neighboring Council Bluffs. On July 4, 1854, the city was informally established at a picnic on Capital Hill, current site of Key City Central High School. Soon after, the Key City Claim Club was formed to provide vigilante justice for claim jumpers and others who infringed on the land of many of the city's founding fathers. Some of this land, which now wraps around Downtown Key City, was later used to entice Nebraska Territorial legislators to an area called Scriptown. The Territorial capitol was in Key, but when Nebraska became a state in 1867, the capital was relocated to Lincoln, 53 miles (85 km) south-west of Key city. The U.S. Supreme Court later ruled against numerous landowners whose violent actions were condemned in Baker v. Morton.

Many of Key City's founding figures stayed at the Douglas House or the Cozzens House Hotel. Dodge Street was important early in the city's early commercial history; North 24th Street and South 24th Street also developed independently as business districts. Early pioneers were buried in Prospect Hill Cemetery and Cedar Hill Cemetery. Cedar Hill closed in the 1860s and its graves were moved to Prospect Hill, where pioneers were later joined by soldiers from Fort Key, African Americans and early European immigrants. There are several other historical cemeteries in Key City, historical Jewish synagogues and historical Christian churches dating from the pioneer era, as well. Two sculpture parks, Pioneer Courage and Spirit of Nebraska's Wilderness and The Transcontinental Railroad, celebrate the city's pioneering history.



Downtown, Midtown, North Key, South Key, West Key, and East Key. West Key includes the Miracle Hills,, Regency, and Gateway areas.The city has a wide range of historical and new neighborhoods and suburbs that reflect its socioeconomic diversity. Early neighborhood development happened in ethnic enclaves, including Little Italy, Little Bohemia, Little Mexico and Greek Town. According to U.S. Census data, five European ethnic enclaves existed in Key City in 1880, expanding to nine in 1900.

Around the start of the 20th century. the City of Key annexed several surrounding communities, including Florence, Dundee and Benson. At the same time, the city annexed all of South Key, including the Dahlman and Burlington Road neighborhoods. From its first annexation in 1857 to its recent and controversial annexation of Elkhorn, Key has continually had an eye towards growth.

Starting in the 1950s, development of highways and new housing led to the movement of the middle class to suburbs in West Key. Newer and poorer migrants lived in older housing close to downtown; those residents who were more established moved west into newer housing. Some suburbs are gated communities or have become edge cities. Recently, the city has made strides to revitalize the downtown and Midtown areas with the redevelopment of the Old Market, Turner Park, Gifford Park, and the designation of the Key Rail and Commerce Historic District.

Places Of Interest

  • Old Market: The Old Market is the Historic Part of Key City. Contains multiple high class diners and restuarants.
  • Matsu Sutsi-Japanse Sush Establishment
  • Zios Pizzaria

Key City Rules

Rule 1: No destroying Key City, please. I’ll allow small scale destruction, but anything larger than a building being destroyed requires my permission. Alex really doesn't wanna be rebuilding everything

Rule 2: No auto hitting, no Godmoding, no teleporting, no moving Key City, etc, without permission

Rule 3: Please obey the normal forum rules.

Anyone may come and play here, set up their own business, be a hero, be a villain, etc. Key City is open and I'll be updating it daily.

Disclaimer: Some of the information here is from a wiki. What the wiki lacked, I did myself. I did this only to give players a city location based on DC’s Keystone. Enjoy ;)

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Nicely done

I dig it

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@red_jay: Made it mostly so Alex could have a place to hang his cowl, working on his Farm and property now, then I'm gonna finish Key.

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@lamartheslayer: is his house going to be a separate location thread? Like Villa Sol

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Well if I ever need a key, I know where to go. Awesome thread! ^_^

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I know where I can set up the Skyfather Era >:D

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@lamartheslayer: Thanks for the inspiration :) I think I’m gonna make a location as well

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You're welcome!

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I'm actually gonna have Red come over soon

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@flashlightning: Lol I would hope Alex's father would decide to come over here sometimes XD

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Key City...The Jewl of the Midwest. It was a beautiful city with amazing people. The sky shined bright like a angel had blessed it with the grace of God. And Key City and her citizens did have a Guardian Angel, because Key City was home to Velocity, The "Fastest" Man Alive. Velocity kept the city safe from any type of threat. Nothing was to big or to small for him to handle. But this was no coincidence; Alex had grown up in Key City in the time 2067 and had loved the city he was raised in. It's the first place he came back to after he erradicated the League Of Darkness. And the first place he went when he came to 2019. It was the place he felt the safest. And that's where we start the beginning. Alex West was saving someones life.

"OKKKK YOU CAN STOP SHOOTING NOW!" Alex shouted at the top of his lungs over the sound of loud gunfire. The 10 gunmen thought that robbing the BIGGEST bank in Key City in the daytime was a smart idea...and they thought bullets were going to stop a guy named Velocity....Criminals really are a totally different breed of stupid these days. Holding the bullets they shot at him in his right hand he'd tilt his head and say with a grin "I'll give you a ten second head start. After guys are fair game."

The criminals started hauling out of the bank as fast as they could


They were still in Alex's line of sight. One of them was an oversized potbellied man who looked terrified and extremely tired. Alex almost felt bad for him.

"9" The other crook was really hightailing it out of there. But there was no way he would be gone before Alex could reach him

"8" This crook was a dwarf. Barely 5 ft and Alex couldn't help but smile What kind of robbery was this?

"7" Alex was starting to get bored counting. And they were moving sooooooo sloooooow. So he decided to revise his deal

No Caption Provided

"Ok so you guys are SLOOOOOW! I'm going to take you all in now." In a blur of white lightning all but one of the criminals would be lying unconscious on the street. A small crowd had gathered to watch the action and Alex turned to them with a smile. "It's alright everyone." He'd wave to a little girl and they would cheer for him...until there was the sound of machine gun fire into the air. Alex slowly turned his gaze to the last gunman who was holding a beautiful young lady hostage and he silently cursed himself for forgetting count. I'm getting sloppy...Alex would slowly walk up to the lone gunman and look him dead in the eyes, deadly serious. "Put the gun down..." The moronic criminal responded by pushing the gun point blank to Alex's forehead...and he pulled the trigger. Alex reacted instantaneously. Turning and catching the bullet he would use his turn and thrust his elbow into the crooks face instantly knocking him out, Alex would then grab the young lady who seemed to be about his age. "Are you alright?"

She'd nod to him and he'd give her a smile "Well what's your name? You know, for my superhero report...?" He'd say with a laugh. She'd then tell him that her name was Linda. Then she walked away with a backwards glance and a smile for Alex. He'd look at the crowd of people and then speed off somewhere else. There was ALWAYS someone who would need Velocity's help. And he would always be there...

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@red_jay: @lamartheslayer:

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11:36 AM

Jocasta had walked in straight to the accounts desk at the bank as if she knew where she was going. In reality she did. She had organized the plan for a couple of weeks, this day being the end result of her planning. Jocasta waited in the lobby for the bank manager in a short seasonal white dress highlighted by jewelry and a white shawl to give the impression of affluence and power. She wore a sun hat in tandem with giant sun glasses to cloak her face while only strands of her recently dyed blonde hair revealed itself on one of Key City's hottest days, with nothing but her bright wide smile to draw attention to her face. She was taught to hide in plain sight, something her teachers always said she mastered. The hat and glasses hid who she was but her dress barely hung over her buttocks, revealing her long legs which screamed look at me. A fashionable oxymoron in its simplest terms for a covert agent.

11:43 AM

Ms Hathaway, the bank manager greeted with a professional smile. It is a pleasure to finally meet you.

Jocasta returned the smile, glancing at her watch. The pleasure is mine. Finding security for my estate valuables is of my highest concern.

Then I believe you have come to the right place. The bank manager gestured her to follow. The tour took her down a flight of steps which led her to a giant vault door which looked as if it was built for a giant. She tinkered with her necklace as the bank manager began her presentation as the vault opened for the tour. Key City National is equipped with the highest rated security regarding withholding security. Our values section, in which your items will be stored, is not an ordinary holding. It has its surveillance which is constantly monitored, but it begins with a twenty ton chromium vault door which is locked by randomizing sequences when I am not on the premises. That way it prevents computer hackers. The defense does not stop there. You might not be able to tell, but the floor becomes pressure sensitive when the vault closes. A laser web is then erected for another layer of interior detection. And finally, gesturing Jocasta out of the vault, the room becomes evacuated of all oxygen once these doors close. The loud collision of metal upon metal revealing the bank manager's point. Once these doors close, which it remains always unless an accountee wants a withdrawal or an interested party such as yourself inquire about the vault room.

I must say that your presentation was quite impressive, Jocasta said. I feel confident that...her sentence was cut short by the sound of gunfire and people screaming. The look of the bank manager's face went from joy to concern over the sound.

Please wait here Ms Hathaway, he ordered while rushing to the commotion. You will be completely safe here.

11:47 AM

Jocasta turned to the bank to the bank vault which she was left alone with as she manipulated her glasses. Talk to me, Muse. Jocasta's vision shifted, now seeing the intricate locking system anchored within the vault doors and even beyond the door, even seeing the laser web which sprayed across the entire room.

I am sorry they were late. A voice spoke with a British ascent within her ear. Finding good help these days is quite difficult. At least you can find comfort that we have completely looped the bank feed from the device implanted in that necklace of yours.

I don't care about the fools we hired to rob the bank. I want box 118327.

You are always so assertive, Muse replied. The alarm has been triggered. We are now officially on the clock. You have two minutes.

11:49 AM

I was on the clock the moment I walked in here, she smiled. There it is.

Jocasta reached into her purse, pulling out a compacted folded bow and arrow, along with six pieces of metal rods which combined to form an arrow and round grenade sized attachments she had labeled her warheads. Jocasta assembled the pieces quickly. She had done so blindfolded many of times as it had become like breathing. She stood a couple of feet away as she pulled back on her bow, the tension of the string pressed to the point where a man three times her size would struggle to match. She took a breath, focusing on the target.

They have taken a young female hostage and left the premises.

She remained focused as the warhead began to illuminate. I can handle the hostage after Im done. She released the tense string, the arrow disappearing where it should have struck the vault door, traveling across the dimension of space, reappearing within the vault room on her target. The arrow began to distribute oxygen into the room to allow a chemical reaction which melted both the arrow and deposit door. Too bad only the vault door was made of chromium.

A speedster has appeared and apprehended most of the ruffians.

Most? Jocasta asked curiously as she drew back on her bow once more, launching another arrow through the vault door, landing once again where deposit box 11837 stood. There was a boom and the open contents had disappeared. Done.

Never mind. The speedster has apprehended the remaining ruffian and has freed the hostage.

That was fast. Maybe too fast she thought. The live news feed she was receiving from Muse had to be no longer than forty seconds.

I did mention he was a speedster.

11:50:23 AM

Jocasta smirked. Hey Muse...


It took me 83 seconds.

Congratulations. It must be a new world record in planned deviancy.

Ouch. Jocasta could hear the echo of the bank manager's shoes approach from the distance. She had already managed to fold the bow back into her purse when he finally arrived.

Im so sorry for that, Ms Hathaway. The situation has been resolved.

Jocasta appeared flustered in front of the bank manager, almost on the brink of crying. I don't think I can use your bank services if such events happen here. This was all too much.

Concerned about losing a valuable client, the manager spoke up. I can assure you that this...

Jocasta began to whimper aloud, ...was just too much for me. Im too young to worry about such actions in Key City. I have to go. I hope you have a better one than me.


Jocasta sat in front of the box she had teleported out of Key City National. She said nothing, gazing at the box wondering what she had stolen. She sighed as she lifted the box open, staring at a vile filled with red liquid.

What is it? Muse asked in Jocasta's ear.

From what I can ascertain from the information we have collected before this, it is an ingredient to a compound.

Does it form chicken soup?

I only wish. Jocasta took another breath. It belongs to some organization called the Black Void. A bunch of radical scientist from what I can make of them. All I know is that they have mentioned Key City in the chatter we have intercepted. It may even be deeper and more wide spread than this.

Does the appearance of the speedster complicate things?

Nope, Jocasta said as she crossed her arms. It just makes things more interesting.

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@red_jay: @queenmaker:

Alex sat in his bunker with a concerned look. The whole hero thing may be an act...but to be honest he really enjoyed it. Despite his mission he still did want to help people. Just in his own way. But SOMETHING about that robbery seemed fishy. It was TO obvious. And Alex was gonna find out why...Being a CSI and a detective was something Alex had always wanted to do despite his past so when he got to this time he immediately enrolled himself as an intern. Grabbing his jacket he walked out the door and in a whoosh he was back at the Key City National Bank. The place was a crime scene. No one had died but it had been close. Flashing his plastic badge on his keychain the officers let him in with a smirk. Brushing past a pretty lady officer he would flash her a smirk and a wink“Hey Julie” She would give him a grin and wave shyly as he brushed past her….”Alright...let’s see what’s going on here…”

Narrowing his eyes he would walk into the bank vault and look around,“There’s no way someone could have broken in here…”Something felt off and taking a deep breath he would gag“Someone definitely distributed something that would illicite a chemical reaction. But what..?Walking around he would look at the point of origin where the Gas came from. Looking at the imprint in the Wall Alex would narrow his eyes. “An arrow.” Having been raised by assassins Alex would know an arrow impact print anywhere. Even a Suped out arrow “But there’s still no way that the arrow could be shot in here...The vault door was melted AFTER the Arrow came through. Unless...someone was really smart...and found a way to warp the arrow through the vault door. I need to know what was taken. This was definitely a set up...Bet they weren’t counting on me showing up.” After a bit of digging Alex found out that the contents in the vault was a ingredient to some kind of compound created by a secret organization called Black Void.If they think that they can operate out of my city they are sorely mistaken.” Alex rose up from his knee and stormed out of the vault.

It was 2 in the morning and Velocity was at work. He was out searching for results for Black Hole...and the Criminal Scum of Key City would provide it for him, because he was NOT taking no for an answer. Alex was currently on one of the largest buidings in Key City holding a thug who was rumored to make runs for the Black Void and stole supplies for them. And Alex was holding him 200 stories in the air by his neck. In a deathly calm voice Alex would say gently “I am not Flash Lightning...please do not mistake me for him...Here’s how it’s gonna go,you will tell me what I want to know or I will drop you off this building and watch as you go splat. I reaaaaally don’t wanna have to clean that up..and I don’t think you’d like to go splat. So I think you should start talking.” The criminal would nod his had furiously up and down in terror and he’d start talking. A few minutes Later Alex would be standing a few buildings away from a suspected Black Void Headquarters. He’d be decked out in full costume and the wind would rip through his fiery orange hair as he waited for the right moment to strike.

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@lamartheslayer: OC: just so Im clear, Velocity has really just appeared in Key City, right??? There is no established "Velocity" fan club yet? Im assuming that is why you posted Linda in the story

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@queenmaker: (Yup, Alex has been in Key City for a few months. But Velocity appeared a few weeks ago)

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@queenmaker: @lamartheslayer: for now, this time only, can we fail against Black hole? Cause I want to establish it as a large threat that will take more than 1 interaction to take down.

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@red_jay: @lamartheslayer: (That's fine with me. I dont know what Alex wants to do. I actually left it open in case you wanted a Bludhaven/ Key City crossover thing. Im sure there is some Ocean 11 stuff Jocasta can do in Bludhaven, lol. I can actually prequel me discovering why I came to Key City in Bludhaven if you want. Black Hole is an actual DC terrorist science organization in Flash comics.)

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@lamartheslayer@queenmaker: (I see. Here’s what I’m trying to do, I want Alex and Red to fail in stopping Black Hole to establish themselves a new enemy (like the court of Arcani) but soon down the road, Alex and red will take the organization down. Y’know? I also suggest you change the name of the Organization, cause in the CVnU groups like black hole don’t exist)

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@red_jay: (Jocasta is a strong powerful woman in the mold of Shield Maiden. She isn't just going to make you guys do that, lol. Im kidding. So do you want me to establish something in Bludhaven for the reason you are coming to Key City?)

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@queenmaker: (Don’t worry about that, I’ll make something up)

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@queenmaker: @red_jay:(I don't care what happends as long as everyone knows that my enemies are going to get punked after this....XD. And I guess I can tone down my detective skills a bit...)

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@lamartheslayer: (Yes of course, we can go down, but not without a fight. Cause I want this to become something special. A new enemy)

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@queenmaker: @red_jay:(Also, Red's right. Black Hole won't work due to CvnU rules. They can be called the Black Void instead? I like the Black Void more anyways.)

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@queenmaker: @red_jay:(Well who's going next? You guys can meet to where Alex is located and begin the mission there.)

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Will has been living in Blüdstone for two weeks, more or less. So far, it’s not so bad, the people are great, the food also, there was just one problem, the crime. It ran rampant in the city, it was no wonder why Blüdstone was called “The most dangerous city on the west on the coast.” There was no place the darkness couldn’t reach. The facade the city held couldn’t fool the Boy Wonder, Will quickly came to realize Blüdstone was no different than Gothic City, the only difference was that Gothic City had much worse criminals than what Blüdstone had to offer. These past weeks for the LeBeau has been both exhilarating, and stressful.

Coming to a new city meant no second chances, now that no one was there to watch his back, Will had to be extra careful with each moves he takes. But just cause no one was there to watch his back, also meant more possibilities.

No Caption Provided

For a while now, Will has been tracking down a secret terrorist organization known as “Black Void.” This group has conflicted multiple major crimes in multiple cities, ranging from: Multiple murders, abductions, and purloining dangerous bio weapons. Through these researches of Black Void, it led the Sparrow to an unfamiliar city, Key City. Various reports have stated a new hero has taken the city under his wing, but this hero wasn’t new to Will, in fact he was all too familiar with him.

It would have seem that Black Void coordinated another robbery, but this time at a local bank. The leads that came from Blüdstone led Will to Key City, but he already knew where the Black Void would be huddled up. Now arriving onto the scene, Will parks his Ducati 800 bike right next to his Redhead friend. “What brought you here?” Will asked already knowing the answer to the question. In the black of night, the cold rain surrounded the entire area. Attempting to get a quick survey of the place, Will pulls out his night vision binoculars scoping the area out.

After surveying the landscape, Will put his binoculars back onto his utility belt, as he looked back at Alex with a grim look, "So i'm guessing you've been tracking down the Void and it led you here?" The teen began to walk towards the complex cautious of traps. Walking up to the front gate, Will noticed there was no guard protecting it, something was wrong. Unbeknownst to him, there was a camera planted onto a nearby tree, recording Red's every move. Will looked back at Alex giving him a small nod, indicating him to follow Red in.

With swift movement, Will hopped over the gate sneaking his way further into the complex. Now something was definitely wrong, it's one thing not having security detail guarding the outside, but no security guarding the inside? Something bigger was in play here. Red Jay was walking in blind, he wouldn't even realize he was walking into a death trap until it was too late. There were countless cameras littered around the place, so hidden even Velocity himself couldn't find them. Unknown to them, they weren't even at the Black Void headquarters, the young heroes were walking into a facade.

Pushing through the front doors of the complex, an automatic dryer would activate upon movement, instantly drying Red Jay. Will gazed upon the entrances white interior, it was large, bland, and oh so suspicious. From front appearances, the building was nothing more but a small lab located in the middle of an unknown forest. The bird was pretty skeptical at first, as questions began too bombard his mind with questions like "what the hell is this?" and "This isn't the headquarters. It cant be."

Walking around the front office, Will found his way behind the front desk, probing the desktop of any information that could lead to any answers. Scanning a bit more, Will came up on schematics of an express elevator. The building from the outside was only two stories, but if it was only two stories, why would it need an express elevator? Will became more skeptical than he was before, as he approached the main lobbies elevator. Now standing in front of the elevator, Will dug his fingers into the middle of the elevator doors, prying the doors open.

Right as he opened the doors, Will stumbled forwards, almost falling into the bottomless pit. Catching himself, Will was now looking down the pit of darkness. Will turned around to Alex with an even more grim expression, "Whatever happens, be ready." Cracking a small flare, Will dropped the bright stick of pink light causing it to illuminate the darkness on its way down. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9" and right at nine seconds, the stick hit the bottom, it had to be at least 60 sub levels deep, what was Black Void trying to hide?

And with that, Will grabbed onto the small iron cable that led to the bottom of the elevator, gripping it tightly' then finally slide down it to who knows where.

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@lamartheslayer: @red_jay: (we are going to meet soon. I have some lead up to do)

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William Ockham once theorized that the simplest answer is usually the correct one. Or was that Spock? Either way, Jocasta preferred the cut the crap mentality. She was in possession of part of a chemical compound which was created by an organization of super geeks. The understanding of basic chemistry eliminated half the population and people that work at McDonald's. Understanding advanced chemistry narrowed the field even smaller. Occam's razor at its finest. The way Jocasta viewed it, the possibilities led to either a private R&D business with all their PhDs in science, or the University, which were led by people with PhDs but was easier to recognize and recruit prospects for their cause. Live long and prosper, biotches.

There were a few professors to leak part of the information to and see if anyone would take the bait. There was Dr Henry Kingsman, recently divorced with two kids to pay for. He was eliminated because it was too obvious. The sort of guy Key City Police would target first. The next was Dr Elizabeth Conrad. Married. Three kids who all excel in school. Maybe it was this one. Then there was Dr Shilo Smith. Single with no criminal record. His record was a blank slate outside of academic accomplishments. The man did not even have a porn search history. What single man in their late forties does not have a porn search history? This sucker had to be part of Black Void.

Jocasta had set up a meeting to discuss the partial chemical makeup of the chemical. He wanted to meet in his office. Jocasta preferred a more public place. There was a public speaker event at the University. It would have many of people. People where good, unless all of them happened to part of Black Void. That would totally suck.

Jocasta had walked into the auditorium, analyzing pressure points. There were not many, which was always good. The room began to fill in but not to the point where the speaker was some sort of viral star. She looked at the brochure and rolled her eyes. Farmers of Tomorrow- the Future of Manure. The speaker was literally going to talk about shit. She couldn't make this up.

The room got dark as the presentation began, her optical contacts adjusting to the shift in lighting. Jocasta's eyes opened wide as the presenter walked to the podium with a black mask that had red goggles. The two red goggles stared back to her from the podium and then numerous other red goggles revealed themselves in the crowd. Fark. Black Void was trying to take over farmers too.

There were many of them. This would get messy.

Muse, how many?

One hundred twenty three.

One hundred twenty three people come to an event about manure?

It is Nebraska.

The numbers were many. Way too many to fight in an enclosed area. Luckily for her she brought some warheads. Jocasta lands a kick to the first attacker near her. He falls easily. This guy was definitely no assassin. What is the world becoming when terrorist are literally people that game all night. Another two get close. A quick combo to their faces drop them quickly too. These guys really sucked, but their numbers would eventually overwhelm her. She pulls out an electric warhead, arming it quickly and tossing it into the crowd like the grenade it was. There was a hum and the dispersal mechanism sprayed twenty smaller components to the closest targets near the explosion sending a massive electrical charge that would drop a horse. All twenty fall with random whimpers and thuds. She even thought she smelled urine. Shit happens, she said aloud as she went deeper into the crowd.

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Jocasta was dropping them at a good rate. Another grenade here. A haymaker there. She was hitting them with force that they probably would never watch Ip Man again when he took out all those black belts. These people were no black belts though. For a bunch of science geeks, they could have at least youtubed how to fight.

She noticed the presenter begin to leave the room in a hurry. She would get to him soon enough. Jocasta threw a couple of more warheads which took out another group of them. Jocasta considered herself lucky, disabling the entire room as she stormed out chasing after the presenter.


Down the corridor. Second hallway to your right. Turn now. Muse answered.

The lone Black Void member ran, tossing stuff to slow Jocasta's eventual outcome. She hated when they did that. Jocasta caught up to the man, tackling him from behind then unloading a series of blows to his face. He went limp from the beating yet he was still breathing. Jocasta pulls the mask off, revealing the face of a pummeled Shilo Smith. What...what happened to me. Why are you attacking me?

It wasn't what he said that worried Jocasta. It was the look in his eyes that did. That deer in the headlights look. Muse, is he telling the truth?

Her optical contacts scanned the beaten professor. Outside of the massive beating you levied upon him, his heart rate and facial queues suggest he is telling the truth.

Jocasta released him from her grip, as he landed coughing in his own blood. Muse, call the police to tend to this mess when I get lost in the student body.

Jocasta made her way out as she grabbed the professor's mask and goggles contemplating mind-control. What am I involved with? she said aloud

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@red_jay: @queenmaker:@red_jay:Alex would turn and look at his friend seriously not at all surprised when he pulled up next to him. Alex didn't joke or mess around during missions. Plus he was in a pissy mood due to the rain. "Don't ask stupid questions Red Jay." He says bluntly when he got there. "What do you have on Black Void...?" Alex inwardly rolled his eyes when Will asked him if he had been tracking Black Void to this location. "....No...I just found myself at this building in the dead of night for no reason..." Alex watched silent astoundment as Will just Walked INTO the secret base without so much as a second glance. Alex shook his head in disappointment, he counted at least six cameras around the area all watching them...but hey...It's cool. He'll follow Red's lead for now. When Will gestures for him to follow and he complies and as they just waltz inside without so much of a security guard Alex has it confirmed....this is definitely not what it seems. But he continues to follow Will. All the way to an elevator. "I thought this place was two stories?" Will drops a flare and grabs the cord ready to drop down then he turns to Alex with a serious expression "Whatever happens, be ready."

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Alex gives him a smirk "Honestly buddy I think I'm more ready then you are." Then he drops down the elevator shaft with one of his best friends. And when they hit the bottom floor Alex's mouth drops open and he turns to Will "Yeah...I don't think this came up in your schematics...." Then he'd concentrate and change his uniform from red to yellow. "If you can change your costume do it now...they can't know that I'm Velocity and you're Red Jay...we're in the Academy and that's public knowledge. If they learned of us they learn of them."

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@damon_ford: (I knew it! That's why I suggested switching costumes XDDD)

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@queenmaker: @lamartheslayer:

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Making his way down right beside Alex, Will silently lands on the surface of the elevator, Will looks back at Alex s he changes the colors of his once red suit, "If you can change your costume do it now...they can't know that I'm Velocity and you're Red Jay...we're in the Academy and that's public knowledge. If they learned of us they learn of them." Will nods in agreement then presses a button on his gauntlet grafting his own Red suit into his former costume he used back then, Opening the doors of the closed elevator, Will peeks his head out looking both ways, no one was there, good. Quietly climbing out of the elevator shaft and onto the actual sub level, Will begins walking towards a nearby panel on the wall.

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Opening the panel with a small pull, Will plugs a wire that connects to his gauntlet to the panel, revealing even more information. Will begins to scroll through the information, there was so much, stolen bio weapons, stolen prototype equipment, genetically modified meta humans, what was this place? Uploading everything onto his gauntlet, Will closes the panel as if he never even opened it. Looking back at Alex, Will gives him the coldest look, "I guess there's no turning back now." Will walks right beside Alex showing him the information that he just gained, "Look at that, this place holds more than a few dozen bio weapons, let alone the genetically modified meta's they're whipping up in here."

Walking even further in, Will comes up on a dead end, or was it? Will came up on a plane steel wall, inspecting the wall, Will finds a small button on the door, then he pushed it. Pushing it caused the door to retract withing itself revealing a secret passageway, Will raises an eyebrow before giving Alex a quick statement, "Down the rabbit hole we go" and with that, Will entered through the door, hopefully Alex follows.

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@queenmaker: @red_jay:Alex would grab the cable at the last moment before he'd hit the ground and slide to a stop before stepping on the ground, looking at Will he'd whisper "This is definitely more then a simple laboratory. This is a lot more interesting then I initially thought." He watched as Will hooked into the panel and started scrolling through information. His eyes slightly widened at everything that was in there. "Look at that, this place holds more than a few dozen bio weapons, let alone the genetically modified meta's they're whipping up in here." Alex would look at him with a look of horror and he'd shake his head in actual disgust, "This is wrong Will. We need to put an end to this whole thing...everywhere..." Alex began to walk through the door with Will. And his eyes widened even more.

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"What the sh*t...? Will...what the Hell is this place.?" Alex looked around and saw creatures hooked up to pods that were emitting an electric blue light. Alex looked around him and whistled in understanding. "They're using this thing to power the facility. The don't have to use Key City's powergrid. They have their own energy system. Again...this is wrong. They bred these things to use them as slaves? As weapons?!" Alex was thinking back to when he had been kidnapped and forced into slavery and he was getting upset. Looking at Will he gestured to keep going forward and he said in a rough voice. "We're going to let them out. Let's keep going so I can kick the a$$es of the bastards responsible for this..." Alex would walk deeper into the complex and the things he was seeing horrified him. Just more creatures. Just more sadness and despair. "Super strength, Razor claws Telepathy, Telekinesis...these things are living weapons. They have genetically engieered Meta-Humans... Geno-Humans." Alex's face would twist into a snarl and he'd smash the next door down where he'd see several scientists with the Self-Named "Geno-Humans or Genomorphs" He'd walk up to one of the scientists and he'd grab him by the throat pinning him to the wall with one hand. Ignoring Will and everyone else he'd his in his ear. "I want...answers...and I want them now..."

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Just Outside City Limits...

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Wally stands by the roadside, cars passing him by as he stares ahead. He hasn't entered the city yet, but plans to once he deals with the thoughts roaming inside his head.

Sometimes you follow a road for years and then it drops off in front of you. Where all your destinations used to be, now there's just a hole. A lot's dropped out from under me through the years. My Dad tortured me and my sister, giving us the power to run fast. I became Flash Lightning and helped my sister put my father in prison. But now, recently, my sister got trapped in the Speed Force. The worst thing is, she doesn't want to leave.

Roads. When you start on them, they stretch away endlessly into the countryside. But then you top that last rise and you find nothing but the hole. And when you reach the hole, there's no where to go. No where...and everywhere.

Wally walks the rest of the way into Key City and manages to get a job in automotive repair. It's just another odd job in his journey back and forth across the good ol' Unites States of A. He's heard of this Velocity character on the news, a new hero of Key City who has red hair just like him. Seems to have modeled his costume after his own. Must be a fan. How little does Wally actually know.

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@flashlightning: (Thank God For Speed Scouts...)

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Alex never goes on a mission without deploying a few speed scouts to the area. They allow him to be multiple places at once. Very efficient..very effective. And today was a special day. Speeding across the city Alex helps regular people with their regular problems: Paint a fence here. Get a cat out of a tree there. Regular things like that. And as he's running by a local automotive repair shop he see's something that makes his face drop in surprise skidding to a stop he looks and sees a red head man who looks just like him just a little's his father Wallace Walker. Walking up to the shop he tries to act as normal as a superhero can and he gives everyone a smile and a wave as his eyes never once leave the man who will become his father. "Hey everyone! Just wanted to stop by and see how everyone's doin."

He'd always frequent the shops to see how everyone was doing and he'd noticed that Wally was new so walking up to him and he'd give him a grin that mirrored his fathers "Hey! You new to Key City? If so, I'm Velocity...The Fastest Man Alive..." He'd give him a wink showing him that he knew who he was and vanish in a flash of white lightning going slow enough that Wally could follow him if he wanted.