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The Vampire King, known as Kain, had been struggling with his inner demons for longer then most can remember. But things seemed to be getting better. Perhaps the closet person in the world to him, Maelstrom, had made him Godfather of her children, and for a time, all seemed well. But deep inside, the anger still brewed, his powers still manifesting. One night, with out warning, the Vampire King descended into darkness. Attacking Maelstrom and her children, he forced her to watch, as he murdered her son.

Gambler, unable to deal with the lose, vanished, leaving his family behind. Maelstrom was devastated but remand strong. Taking her daughter, she went into hiding.

The world is a dark and venomous place. Kain and his army have taking over. Those who have sided with him, enjoy the fruits of his torture and death. But there are still those few, those brave few that oppose Kain, and seek his downfall.


As your comicvine character, you will either be part of a small resistance group, earths last hope. Or, you will be part of EC’s evil reign. The choice is yours.

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No God Mode.

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Find that the man Jake had been searching for the man who would lead him, would turn into a coward that leaves all he spent his life looking for after a horrible act. Jake looked elsewere for his leader.

Realizing that the man he had met from the shadows was the man who killed the couples son, he realized a man with such anger and darkness within would be the man he would stand next to. Rather than being sly and methodical Jake made his offer. " Total loyalty for a search for the end." he told the now cold and evil man.

Kain smiled at his request. Over time Jake became Kains best soldier and right hand man.

Jake made it this far he would push it further by destroying all who oppose his leader. Drink from their blood and mutilate them.

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ElusiveStorm had been walking through the barren wastelands in which he had been calling home for many months. The Hotlands were more dangerous than ever since the sun had turned black and Kains forces roaming through the state. Nearly every city was overrun and destroyed by the viscous vampires, all except the heavily guarded capital which has become a sanctuary to all of the uninfected.

Nyrcra city had become one of the most peaceful cities in existance weeks before the attacks by Kains forces and now the capital has become a stronghold to defend millions of innocents and hopefully hold back the vampires in which have almost conquered the entire continent of Africa.

It has all come to this, another threat bent on destroying the world.

ElusiveStorm continued his walk but in the direction of Nyrcra City to rally the already stressed soldier defending the city.

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The doorway barely hung onto the wooden frame. One more kick and it would fall down, the nail unable to hold the weight of it. The streets were deserted now. It was still the middle of the day but the people barely came out anymore. They feared of what would happen, of the pain that could await them. Only a brave few ever dared come out in this town. Perhaps this was why she had decided to move them on. Five years had been long enough and in this town she found nothing.

Her emerald eyes looked upon the landscape with a deep and penetrating sadness. To her these images brought her back to a place she wished she could forget. The smells were similar. And the atmosphere was just as thick. The fear could be felt in every nook and cranny, in every slight breeze of the the wind. Her nails lazily traced along a splintered wood with a melancholic gaze.

Her family destroyed. Still years later she re-lived those nightmares and the deep ache of her heart. Caleb. Her beautiful son, gone. Killed by the man whom loved him as much as any uncle could. A man whom she considered a brother. One whom she had come to care for deeply as a family should. Pupil-less eyes glazed over. Jean, her husband, her Gambler, gone. Insanity striking him as he left her and their daughter alone. For years she had been forced to care for Vessa alone, and while she only craved to break down and wither away her love for her daughter, the smiles on her face, the hugs, and the times she was told she loved allowed her to keep going.

Vessa, was her little guardian angel . For years they managed alone. Sariaf'ca did what she could to provide for her and her daughter, while trying to help as many as she could from Kain's regime. How could a man who had known love become so cruel? All the while, she moved from city to city hoping to find her husband. Her heart still burned deeply for Jean, her love only gaining strength over the years even as she tried in vain to forget.

But the years had not been kind to any. People were killed and fear was everywhere. Her daughter had grown under her careful tutelage. She had taught Vessa all she could, everything she knew. And in her heart she knew if anything were to happen to her that Vessa could care for herself, that she could be the hero that she was destined to be. She was immensely proud of her daughter and she made sure to let her know every single day inbetween the stories she would tell of her father, and how magnificent he was.

Jean. Someday they would meet again. Lovers, parents, soul mates parted by fate's cruel hand. She stood gazing out before moving forth. Her hands grasping onto a two small carrying bags as she took flight, her daughter was already safe, and now it was her turn to get to safety and to the side of her guardian angel.

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A lost soul,travelling for Eons without hope.The Kingdom of Eternal Chaos had a vice grip tightly wrapped around the Earth.No one was brave enough to stop such power,and the man that would have enough heart to was gone.The story was by now,shrouded in lies and mystery,but the main facts were that Gambler had fled,and his Wife flew into hiding with there duaghter.

There was someone out there that would be able to ignite a revolution,his name is Akira.The city streets were filled with crime,robbing and poverty flooded the concrete jungle.Akira watced his back as he carefully walked the streets,he pondered on how long he would wait.His mask covered his face,but most knew him.An old Bounty Hunter that once worked along side with Gambler,and against him.

This is ludacris,how long do we have to wait before we over through Eternal Chaos?

By now Akira was outside of the fortifed capital,Nyrcra City,the most peaceful place to live and hid from the evil that lurked among the infected.He was Almost there,soon enough he would be able to bring a force together,and find Gambler once again.

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Post Deleted.

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High in the mountains of Colorado, and older man with a wooden stick marched threw the snow. His face and head covered by his hood as his long cloak flowed freely in the wind behind him. Slung over his shoulder, a couple dead rabbits dangled. Suddenly, the man stopped dead in his tracks and huffed,

“Well? If your coming hurry up.” He waited a few minutes before continuing on, “Ya think I gots all day to wait for the likes of you? Don’t give me that, your lazy, plain and simple, lazy.”

The wind was relentless, the snow clung to the man’s cloak making him all but invisible. But up ahead, the opening to a large cave brought a smirk to the man’s face. Once inside, a quick flick of the man’s finger’s started a fire. As it grew, the inside of the cave became visible. Chalk drawings covered the walls, the names Sariaf’ca, Caleb, and Vesse had been scribbled next to countless pictures of stick figures.

The man sat Indian style in front of the fire, and started skinning his catch. A sad whimper coming from his company,

“Ohhhh, I see. I do all dee work, and what do you do? You should be out there hunting for me no.” he chuckled before tossing a piece of raw meat to his companion. The man had been up in the mountains for several years. He knew ever in and out of the terrain. It was truly thee last undisturbed place on earth.

He had freed a large white Timber Wolf from an old hunters trap, and the two had become inseparable. The wolf never let the man travel alone and was fiercely loyal. The man had named it Caleb.

As the rabbits cooked over the fire, the man’s eyes started to glow red.

“Soon, soon vengeance will be mine.”

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It's alive...It's alive...IT'S ALIVE!

The group of surgeons watched as their creation rose from the examination table, their eyes glowing with anticipation. They shook with excitement, they had created something beautiful. One man stepped out from the crowd, his eyes connecting with those of his creation and a smile formed on his lips. Once again he would bring glory to the Empire of Elandor. He slowly walks over to his creation, cracking a huge grin.

What is your name and what is you purpose?

"I am Donnieman v5.9 and I serve the great empire" he recited robot-like, kneeling in front of the scientist.

Quietly, a man entered the room. He is tall and dark, clad in the attire of an aristocrat. The man quickly glances over the cyborg and the crowd of surgeons before taking his place next to the scientist. His face remains expressionless as he speaks in a deep, almost cracking, voice.

"Excellent, he has been completed just in time, I have an important mission for him" he spoke.

"I'm ready to serve you master, I am your instrument of destruction" the cyborg spoke.

The tower of a man smiled. Today was a new day. The Elandorian empire would be restored to it's former glory at last. Nothing would be able to stand in their way now...

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ElusiveStorm had finally reached Nyrcra city where a massive battle was fought, the defending Arcryn forces seemed to be pushing back the Vampire invaders and thankfully their weapons actually had effect on the dreaded terrors. By the time Logan reached the city walls, the battle was over and many dead vampires fled and still gun shots could be heard from OutRider Forces in which were killing the infected battle-brothers. This was a horrible sight, but a necessary duty for the risk of infection with bitten survivors was high and dangerous.

After being checked for bites, ElusiveStorm went to the communications room in which he took a radio in which was connected to loudspeakers which were spread across the surrounding walls of the city where the 290,000 strong defenders were posted ready for battle.

"Soldiers of the Arcryn Race, this is the ElusiveStorm. I have failed in my attempts to find survivors and aid from the other cities within our state. We have not yet received and communications from outside the Hotlands or anywhere else in the Globe. We are alone but we will not give up! Our duty is to protect the civilians that are still safe within our city walls! This may be the end of days, the Apocalypse but this doesn’t mean we will give up! We have a slim chance of rebuilding the world and if that means giving up our lives for the greater good then we shall make this sacrifice. This is much to ask of you and i understand if you are afraid, hell even I’m scared all of Africa is nearly destroyed by these monsters and we do not know if there is anyone else living but we will fight to the End!"

ElusiveStorm let go of the intercom and heard the battlecries and howling of the soldiers across the corners of the city and for once since years, he had smiled. Suddenly that smile disappeared and he walked to the Colonel in charge of the communications room and handed him a small piece of paper.

"I need you to personally contact these people as best you can, they are friends and foes but within this matter anyone who isn’t infected with vampirism is an ally, if they need help then tell them that it is safe here, for now."

The people that were included on the list were:

Ladyofthenight16, Maelstrom, Gambler, Lux, Akira Overdrive, Vigilante, Stealth and many others that had encountered the ElusiveStorm and the Arcryn OutRiders.

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The Outskirts were harsh,even as he was getting closer to the city,ther was plague and infection.Luckily for Akira he had held his own until he reached the gates of the city,apparently an annoucnment had sparked new life within the warriors of the city.As he walked in he bypassed the infection test,being invisible to technology,it wasnt as he would get infected anyway.The city was filled noises of gunshots,and screaming.Behind the scenes soilders grabbed weapons and ran to the spiraling tower were the Colonel of Communications could be reached.

Thats were i need to be

Akira ran between,the men with weapons as he reached the Spire,he was already greeted with a letter,he threw it down and headed to the top.When he got there he noticed the man sitting in a chair,it was Elusive Storm.Akira heard about him,and his trips with Gambler an many other war stories.

You....Lets Talk

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As Akira approached ElusiveStorm, he smiled at the sight of atleast one of the few he had called had arrived in Nrycra city.

"Oh Thank Heavens your alive Akira, Ive heard much about you from Maelstrom and Gambler anyways This is the last place in Africa that we know that is safe from infection but we do not know for long, the reason i sent the message was for the protection of the lives of the survivors and for you to help lead the defence to finally drive the Vampires back and destroy them."

ElusiveStorm rised from his chair and approached Akira, placing his hand on the valiant man and smiled.

"I now go to the main gate to muster the defence of the main Legions, i hope you will aid me"

He started walking through the door and headed towards the main gate where few survivors were passing through the infection checkpoints and battle-eager mutants and humans equipping themselves at the armory and being sent to defensive posts along the walls.

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Ill accompanie you

The meeting was brief,and short.It was enough to inform Akira about the situation,Elusive Storm made him chuckle a little,but he didnt crack a smile.It wasnt at all the time for a smile.The main gate was being patrolled by many men,there was hell to pay for any infected one who would enter or atleast try.The thought of that happening was terrifying.


The rounds of a semi-automatic rang out,followed by a scream.An agile Vampire had entered the Main gates and just slashed a guards neck,it flew past Elusive Storm and Akira both.Going further into the city,it couldnt be tolerated,Akira chased after it.He switched his vision from normal to Infared to differ the Infected from the normal,luckily it made no other moves on citizens it only headed to the Spiral tower.Akira followed closely behind,the Vampire launched his flimsy body up the spire,he flew up and unloaded two pistols.


More ammunition let out as the Vampire shot at Akira,but was shot back at with Akira's own arsenal of 45.Pistols.Akira flew up the spire and hit his target in the head.The Vampire ceased to walk up the tower and fell to Akira,Akira caught him and spun to the ground.Carrying the Infected man back to the gates he dropped him off to Elusive Storm,and instantly shooting the guard who was earlier infected with a bullet to his dome.

Theres blood on my jacket...get me another

Akira threw his White jacket off,and holstered his pistols.As he walked off the people looked at him with awe,as his perfect physique showed,beaceuse of the tank top he wore.

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ElusiveStorm was impressed at the little show Akira had pulled off.

"You see this?" ElusiveStorm pointed at Akira.

"He is an example for all of you to Follow and he will be in charge of the defences of this city. Akira, I need you to stay here and lead the men. They are exceptional fighters but they need a leader and i cannot stay here."

ElusiveStorm showed the wound on his arm. He was infected and did not want his men to see the death of the leader within the city walls.

"I will take three dozen soldiers with me outside the city and far enough so that no-one knows what will happen, i dont have much time left and if Maelstrom and her daughter shows up, treat them like a queen and princess as i have left strict orders for that in the time of my passing, the Arcryns would be under their rule when they accept this role. Until then, i am leaving you in charge of this city, protect the people they are our future"

ElusiveStorm and the guards left the city and walked out into the wastelands.

(Will be offline for 12 hours)

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Ion was searching through his home at new york city. The best was completey destroyed. It looks like ec was looking for me. But lucky me i was in space. Ion left his house and flew into the sky looking at the ruins of new york. The entire city was destroyed. Their was no people in the streets. Ion settle down on one of the buildings that was now in the streets. He thought to himself

"EC how could you. I know you've always been evil but i always felt good in you. We always had our fights but when it came to fighting someone more powerful then both of us we always worked together. But now i see that......that you are no longer the same ec i knew. And i will stop you."

Ion flew into the air still looking for survivers.

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Spectrum pounded down the doors. The group of beasts wrecthed at light shining from his body.

One got brave and shot through the air at Spectrum. Lifting his hand he blasted through its skull. The light brigthning the decreped room.

The others followed suit. One from the left noe from the right, one even broke thorugh the floorss boards and came at him from underneath.

Spectrum pulsed his body. The wave of light expanded ing thorugh out the room and shoving them back to the walls.

Blind, they were easy work. He cut through them one by one.

Five heads lay on the floor . The only way to make sure they couldnt come back was too taek their heads.

Spectrum stepped out of the building. Another raid done, another night over.

A crowd had gathered out side the run down house. Spectrum looked up. Countless fangs glared back at him.

He riased his hand. UV rays were hard to make, it took concentration and he hadnt mastered it.

The crowd dived at him. then his fist burst into light, burning all those in its path to a crisp.

For those at the front of the attack it was too late and now they were all but ashes. The rest of them retreated.

Spectrum rose into the air, over the Chaos that was now Earth.

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Laughter. It was such a beautiful sound to make when all hope seemed lost. A sound that gave you a brief pang of joy when you knew the day and the nights would be cold and lonely filled with nothing but darkness. It was a sound she loved to make. It was one of the rare moments of happiness she was allotted be it with her mother or what little friends she had. Or Kelis, the little girl her mother "adopted" when she lost her family much like they had, but at least for the six year old, it wasn't as bloody as their tragedy. A tragedy that never seemed out of earshot. Everyone who had once been in the "know" knew of their story and to her it was always a meloncholic occurance.

Sixteen years passed by. Sixteen long and hard years, but they weren't so bad. She and her mother had always been together. They had braved many things. Only once had they ever been separated but they were back together, albeit her mother tattered and bloodied. Bastards. She'd never forgive them for what they did to her. She hated to think about those terrible images, they tortured her mother and who knew what else since her mother had never again spoken of that day. And to add to that, her thoughts always seemed to go towards her father. Where was he? What had happened to him? Why did he leave her? Did he hate her that much? Yes. It sixteen long and hard years for any teenager, indeed.

"Kelis?" Vessa questioned as she ran up the large hill looking about. She couldn't hear the laughter anymore. She couldn't hear any of the kids. She started to panich and zoomed across the bits of green on the landscape nearing the top at bustling speeds. It was a gift she was most happy she received from her parents. She barreled atop the terrain and then came to scratching halt as she looked down below. Her purple suit and her black hair flowing elegantly behind her. She had received her mothers genes in many respects, the pupil-less jade eyes, the long flowing hair, and the orangie-tinged skin, although it was lighter thanks to her father's genes. But in the same token her mother had always told her that she had the "tough" attitude her father always had, and a "I will take you down" form of body language. She loved being compared to the father she never knew.

Vessa ran forward and came towards the small crowd of children calling out to them. "Kelis? Samson? Vicki? Harry?" Immediately the small group of kids turned to look at her and ran for her with quick speed. She smiled widely and felt as the entire gang came ontop of her and she fell to the ground laughing. "I've been hoodwinked! I'm going to have to take you creepy crawlers out now!" They giggled and backed off and she rose, putting her hands out. Kelis took one hand while Harry took the other. "Alright guys, hold on tight, let's get you back to your parents before they kill me." And she walked back towards the small, temporary encampment they'd set up with the kids in tow.

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I am dying and yet, I do not feel pain. My body is bloody, broken, and yet, I am not filled with strife. I reek of death as I lie here in defeat. I can feel the light of the afterlife and yet I am denied it. I feel the plague clawing at me, dragging me into the darkness. I have become one of them. It is only a matter of time before my body gives in to their desires. I have failed, the Earth ravaged, my empire in shambles. I weep and yet there are no tears.

How can all this be? I have many questions and yet I have no time, what's done is done. From this point on I serve a different side of the equation, I am that which incites fear and stokes the flames of hell.

"I'm sorry..."

At that very moment, as I spoke those words, I died, and from my ashes, something much more sinister arose.

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Sparda slowly slipped past the dark alleyway in Seattle. He looked around, and waved over. Three men equipped with M60s loaded with Silver Bullets followed him.

"I don't get it man. Why we here? It's infested. We gonne die....", one muttered to Sparda.

"Shut up and keep walking", was all he said back.

"Yo. Signal is near.....comin' up directly ahead of us. In that", another pointed, "building"

Sparda nodded. He poked his head out into the dead street. Nothing was there. A few newspapers floated about, moved by the wind.

"Ok. Follow me......fast", he said to the men. Then he dived out of the alley and across the street into the next. He hit the pavement, rolled, and stood up. The three followed him.

He stood directly in front of the side door of the signal's building. He drew one of his pistols, and grabbed the knob. He turned it slowly, and pushed the door open even slower, with a creak. He stepped in.

It was the layout of a convenience store. A counter was to the side, and several aisles. It was dark, and dust covered everything, along with a blood smeared across the ground and walls.

"Signal's comin' from......there", one of the men said, pointing to the corner of the store.

Sparda nodded.

"You two, cover the entrance. You cover the other. Anything that has teeth bigger than it's face, you shoot", Sparda ordered them. The men nodded and went to their positions. Sparda crept nearer to the corner. He walked past some of the fridges in the room, the frost on the glass obscuring what was inside. Sparda rounded a turn, and heard some whimpering. He saw a child, a little girl of about nine. She had a radio, which must of been what was emitting the signal. Sparda hosltered his pistol.

"Hey there. We're gonna get you out of here, okay?", Sparda said, reaching forward. The girl turned her face. She had fangs, and she let loose a hidous scream. Suddenly, the fridges exploded open as Vampires flew out from inside them.

"IT'S A TRAP!", Sparda screamed to his men as he drew his pistols and began firing at the monsters.

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Bodies lay scattered along the French Quarter of New Orleans. Kain's wraith had been swift and relentless. The Arcadians, the Thieves, the Assassins, all gone, wiped out in the first waves of the war. Now, New Orleans was a breeding ground for Vampires. A small warehouse on the edge of the city was being used as a storage unit, housing any and all survivors found in the area. On the inside, Vampires stood guard and snacked. Men, women, and children, none were spared.

As there cries rang out to the two guards outside, they chuckled.

Sounds like feeding time

As they smirked and mocked the torture and pain of those trapped inside, a fog slowly started to settle. A mist that seemed to have a life of its own descended upon the area. Then, with out warning, a Jeep broke threw the fog racing towards the warehouse. Crow stood in the passenger seat, bow drawn and taking aim. Releasing his fingers, the arrow took flight plunging into the warehouse door.

The door exploded incinerating the guards instantly. The Jeep roared into the warehouse, Crow firing arrow after arrow with precision aim. It didn’t take long to clear out the Vampires. They were not warriors, and most of them simply fled. As Crow and his driver unlocked the cages, the survivors pored out into the Nawlins night air.

Looking over at his friend, Crow smirked,

“Think he’ll get dee message”

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Two hours had passed since leaving the city and no signs of conversion were showing, maybe the arcryn leader was lucky and a greater power was at work keeping ElusiveStorm uninfected to help lead the survivors through this trial of terror.

"Sir if i may say something, he did just scratch you and maybe it has to be a bite you know, ike when a scorpion uses its pincers on its victim only a wound is shown but when he uses his stinger, then the poison works on that fateful victim."

This started to give ElusiveStorm hope because he believed that the bodyguard was right and the Arcryns would have their leader back at the city.

"well to make sure we'll go back to Nyrcra City and put me through the infection check points to see if i'm well but do not hesistate when there is an infection discovered because i do not want to spread this disease among earth's last hope."

As they made their way back, hundreds of vampires started to attack and within seconds, everyone was infected except for ElusiveStorm. He was chained to the ground and as he looked up, he saw a someone who had died many years ago.


The pale woman smiled at ElusiveStorm and nodded, she knelt down and met the gaze of the scared Arcryn and responded.

"Hello Logan, its been too long my love. I dont know how but Kain brought me back and i had to find you. But now you must join us so that we can live together forever."

Tears of joy ran down ElusiveStorm's face, he didnt hear what Rachel said, he was just staring at the woman he had lost as it had been years since the Arcryn Civil War in which took Rachel's life. Something suddenly caught ElusiveStorm's attention, another vampire clad in armor and blood drooling down his mouth.

"I'm sorry but i must do this, yur vampire scum!"

The chains started to glow bright purple and ElusioveStorm closed his eyes as the chains had exploded breaking his bones and the vampires along with Rachel were sent flying away. Blood was running down ElusiveStorm's chest and started to crawl back to Nyrcra city, he took a little device out of his pocket and pressed the button hoping that help would arrive.

Mintues later and ElusiveStorm hadn't gone that far, an Arcryn Transport started hovering over Logan. The soldiers aboard got their harnesses ready as the ones who were already on the ground aiding ElusiveStorm.

The Carrier finally lifted off and took the wounded ElusiveStorm back to Nyrcra City to be healed.

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He swaggered through thte streets. the vampires stepping away from him. Purple sparks played around his twisted skin.

They tasted like flith. Dirty unclean non living. But they gave him strength, speed and longevity.

He was hungery. With a leap he was soaring through the air. He landed on his heels, cracking the cement. The crowd of vampires looked up away from their prey, they squwaked like confused animals.

The parasite stepped past them. One clung onto the catch. the area flashed purple and the vampire was in his hands. It writhed as he took its powers its life, or anti life as this case was.

He dropped the body to the ground, dead and lifless, shrivled and empty. The others scampered off at the sight of their dead friend.

The girl was shivering. the VAmpires had done all the hard work, now he went for the kill.

He knealt down infront of her. He offered his hand gently to her. She began to cry.


He grabbed her throat and lifted her clear off her feat. The five year old child dangled in the air screaming for help. Slowly she died, a price for not coming quietly.

She tasted nice, it was good when they stuggled. He threw the dead child into the gutter as he left the alley way.


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A single figure sat in a great black chair, each pale finger tapped on the edge of the oak, Two crimson eye's shone in the darkness of the grand room, A small fire sparked at his side, the only cound that could be heard was a whimper.

A youg girl sat cardling her mothers head, To her side an old man lay in half, A pistol in his hand stuck in the thick blood round the hand, her fist clenched turning white with rage,"your a monster" , Still he sat in the chair not moving "You came to these lands killed and maimed your way to this house, Destroyed anyone who was in your way or not and now you have what you want " Her rage had carried her over to his face.

"Was it worth it" She was a nose away from him now, It was to late his hand now grabbed the back of his head, Pulling her into she fought trying to escape as he kissed her, She fought with everything she had, But it was not enough, A loud gragly came from the back of her throat .

Arrows head reared back as deep red mist came from his mouth, He spat her tounge on the floor, blood covered his smile and each word that came next was said with a a sinister smile "Everything is worht it tramp" Arrow raised from the throne of Denmark and walked down the bloood covered walls, The Princess crawled trying to scream but bubbles of blood was now her words.

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Kain sat on his large throne fully dressed in his black and silver armor. His black gauntlets clanked as closed his hand around the handle of his sword. The dark skies covered the Earth. The entire planet, and most of the universe was under Kain’s tyrannous control. He was a mad tyrant whose actions were questionable at best. He had turned his back on his family, and on his beliefs. In a wave of destruction and fear, he was responsible for slaughtering men, women and children indiscriminately. Bodies lay in his wake. This demon’s mind was warped, and his heart lost in the void. He threw everything he ever had away for some unknown, unclear reason.

The vampire rose from his throne, his blades still in his hands. The armor transformed into black jeans and a leather trench coat. The gauntlets even became leather gloves with poisonous spikes on the knuckles. This was all due to his being the scion of darkness and light. It granted him unheard of powers, especially over his clothing, which was the darkness and light in the form of a mentally controlled mass that would become anything he chose. Kain walked out on this balcony, where he saw his army all set up as they awaited him to give his big speech. The masses were huddled. His minions were reconstructing the world so his kingdom would be marvelous. The vampire king flew into the air, the entire city of his subjects going into silence. Cameras were recording every second as Kain stood there. An evil smile appearing on his face, his fangs shined slightly and his tongue wriggled about outside his mouth when he put it back in.

“Brothers and sisters!! This is hierarchy of your leader, Kain! I have slaughtered billions of those who dared to oppose our power and deny us our natural right, or claim to ruling over the stars! Now, we shall remain unstoppable my brothers and sisters! Alone we are all a formidable threat, however together, nothing can stop us! The gods will bow and your master’s feet! Finally, we shall live in peace and harmony, no longer will war plague our people. Our children will pass on tales of your valiance and loyalty! Our future generations will be perfect! My fellow vampires, today, we begin the path to paradise!”

Kain’s speech caused uproar of pride in his people. Although he killed billions, they loved him for the past several years of peace he granted them. They all chanted his name in unison repetitively. He raised his arm while gazing into the eyes and hearts of people. He suddenly felt hands on his stomach, when he turned around there were two vampiric women that were half naked behind him. Their fangs showed as they licked their lips. The two women shared a kiss before sharing Kain as his lips met both of theirs. The trio walked back into his quarters to share a passionate night of lustful desires of sin.

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The rain pounded across the skies. The clouds moved in with a torrent of water and winds in their wake. No one would dare travel at the moment with the ferocity the weather was taking now, anyone but her. It was the dead of night and she was still only halfway to her location. She was going by instinct and what little directions she could make out in the violent weather. She wondered how her mother would react to her abrupt departure. A quickly scribbled letter, a hug and a kiss for both her mother and Kelis and she was gone, taking to the skies.

This was her element, after all she was known as "Nightstorm" and this is exactly what she was flying in at the moment. As the trees and the landscapes blurred together in the maelstrom of weather she wondered of her mother's actions. Would she come after her? Would she even know where to find her? She had been as devious as she could about this. She had dropped hints of wanting to leave but always mentioned another place. Most of the time it was France, claiming to want to know more of her history and starting from the source, the ancestors in France. Her mother had always forbade it, but it was no longer her choice.

Vessa's form descended a few clicks down. The storm was subsiding as she entered to other cities. She could barely make out the lights of Atlanta down below. The sounds all came together within her eardrums a blood curdling medley of screams, laughter, sobs, pain, joy, glee. It was all too much for her and it made her stomach turn just a bit. Still even with all those sounds, one hung above the rest.

Sounds of heavy breathing and the sounds of a heart that was about to explode from someone's chest. It was followed by footsteps some that came from below, others from behind. They breathed heavily and gasped for what little air they could get. Fingers grasping onto the cold steel of a street fence. Legs struggling to get a good grasp against the holes and then the sound of the body flipping to the other side with a thud.

"God help me. I've lived my life like you've always asked us too. You asked me to go to church. You asked me not to sin. And when I do, to confess to those sins. You asked me to have faith in you. I do. I do. Just.... Don't let me die here. Don't let me be taken by one of those things...." Tears dropped from their face as the voice creaked in fear.

Vessa flew both removed from the scene, as well as being a part of it. The sounds were so close to her. She wondered if she could reach them in time. She flew with as much speed as she could, once again loosing herself to the sounds of the scene that was playing.

Footsteps came behind them. They were silent and calm. But with a bold move they overturned a large dumpster. Everything flew out, including the human that hid within it. They sniffled through their nose, crying uncontrollably. Tears staining the ground, the only thing that could alert anyone to they having been there before. Hands flew forward and grasped onto the neck. A loud snarl coming from the mouth of the predator. With no other words, they grasped onto the neck and then flung their teeth into the skin of the neck. Blood gurgled out and the person no longer struggled. The only discernable sounds now where those of the feeding and the fainting heartbeat. And then the sound induced moment, faded.

Vesse'leyna came to an abrupt stop in midair. Her emerald eyes shining against the lights of the chilly Atlanta streets below. Once again the rains picked up as did the winds, except this time they were not of natural occurance, but winds of her own abilities. Her elemental control over the winds. Gales formed along her arms as she hung her head. This death had affected her more than anything before. She stood motionless breathing and wondering how someone who was family could help in create such a terrible state of living.

"Uncle Kain.... you will be stopped.... and you'll pay for what you did to Caleb... what you did to my father... what you did to my mother. Family will bring down family if it's the last thing I do." And the teenage girl continued on her journey towards the place where this all began. Towards New Orleans.

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Jakes eyes grew wide and his smile evil. Hearing the vampires speech he knew that the days of darkness and death would continue no one could defeat his leader. This man was someone he could call leader. He watched as the vampire succumb to the two evil women he had brought into their inner circle of darkness not long ago.

Lucky b@stard Jake said to himself.

Once the night of passion was over he crept into the inner sanctum of Kains castle. Approaching his leader he asked

"My lord, the people of this world have set up arms chuckles but their plans will be futile for our legion has grown undaunted over the years. So my question for you sir is....Where do we start first?" he says with an evil grin.

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The city was Akira's now,the Acryrn OutRiders were under his leadership.The pressure built on him had no affect on his ego,it only made him think harder on how to defend his city from Eternal Chaos's army.By now the gates were heavily secured,and Akira had his commander by his side.

Commander...Get my civilains to the underground shelter Akira said in raspy tone as he threw on his white jacket.

Without hesitation the commander set out to follow the orders.Next move was to prepare his small army for the battle of ages,simple enough.

He checked his watch,it was almost sunset.

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Glass flew as the Vampires burst from the freezers. The other men screamed as the Vampires roared. The store bursted into chaos.

Sparda drew his pistol and fired at the nearest Vampire. The bullets collided with it, sending blood flying. But to no effect. The Vampire dived at Sparda with fangs bared.

Meanwhile, across the store, the one soldier who guarded the front entrance found himself staring at the flashes coming across the dark store.

"Okay man.....you blow da' heads off any motherfker who comes close...", he muttered to himself as he raised his rifle. Suddenly, movement caught his eye near one of the aisles, and he sprayed about thirty rounds at the shelves. Paper and bit of wood flew up as the bullets tore through. Nothing was there.

"Thought I didn't see ya, didn't yeah....thought I woulda PUMP YOU FULL O LEA-", the man started yelling, but he stopped as more movement caught his eye. He turned but was two late as claws tore into his throat, spilling blood.

The Vampire flew at Sparda, and tackled him into a shelf. Glass bottles fell and shattered to the ground from the impact. The Vampire bared his teeth and went to bite Sparda's throat. But he grabbed it's neck and pushed it back. He then raised his pistol and shoved it into the creatures mouth.

"Suck on this!", he yelled as he pulled the trigger. Arterial spray fired out from the back of the Vampire's head. It fell to the floor. Sparda dusted himself off. Just then, he noticed that the Vampire girl was just standing there. He cocked an eyebrow. She tilted her head. Sparda raised his pistol and shot her in the face five times. She fell to the floor.

He drew Force-Edge and ran to the other entrance of the store. He had to see if any of the men were still alive.

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Finally. She was home. She was in New Orleans.

The items and floorboards crackled under each step. The house was abandoned, and filled with charred items. No doubt all testaments to that fateful night. Still, the majority of it held the enchantment that must have presided everywhere when her father and mother lived here. She saw with mingled interest and sadness several pictures of her family. Her father sitting on a rocking chair as he held her and Caleb. His red and black eyes looking up at the camera with a smile so big that it made her happy for a bit.

Vessa moved down the hallway, just eyeing pictures of another time and place. She could see her mother in one picture with Caleb in her arms, her lips against his forehead. In another she watched herself and her Uncle Kain playing, she held a look of contentment on her face. And then still in another, their entire family was in the shot. Her mother had her in her arms, and her father held onto Caleb, even in that moment, she could see the deep love that burned deep within her parents hearts. The stare was enough to tell the world everything they felt for the other.

She came to a stop and stared a book that laid close to the edge of one of the tables in the hallway. She moved her finger over it and picked up the frame and stared at it. Her fingers flipped through the pages and she smiled. It was a photo album, and one that held her parents wedding. Her mother looked so beautiful in her gown, even if she had such a large bulge. And her father looked extremely happy and a little nervous in his suit. She took the pictue of her father out and stared at him.

"Dad..." She mumbled. He was very handsome. She could see all the confidence that poured out of him. She could hear her mothers voice in her head as she told her stories of this phantom father. Of this man who loved them so much but disappeared and left them alone to fend for themselves. How could this man whom her mother told her fairy tales about, be anything but a coward to her?

Vessa took a long breath and put the picture inside the book and the book back on the table. She didn't think she could go any further anymore. She didn't have the heart to go upstairs and look at her and Caleb's room. She could no longer stay in a house where so much tragedy had occurred in. She turned and slowly walked back out towards the door.

The New Orleans air hit her, and even though this was the scene of where it all changed this was still home. She walked down the long path opting not to fly and became one with her birthplace. Fog lines the streets but as she neared it they disappated to allow her passage. Strange. She thought. While she wanted nothing more to enjoy the scenery something was pulling her towards a particular area of the city, and she would follow suit. Using her agility, she ran forward to the unknown, her long shining black hair in close tow behind her as she barreled towards the start of her destiny.

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As Gambler slept, his body trembled. The nightmares were worse now then ever before. Cold beads of sweat rolled down his face as Caleb looked on and whimpered. As Gambler began to shake violently, the wolf crawled over and started nudging him with his nose.

“Wh…What.” Said a startled Gambler. Then, looking down on the wolf, he smiled.

“I know, I know. Tis time.”

Putting out the fire and wrapping his cloak around his shoulders, Gambler grabbed his staff and pulled his hood over his head. Taking in one deep breath and sighing, Gambler and Caleb bolted from the cave down the mountain side. Even with old age and his mind half gone, the Cajun could move. The snow was knee deep yet he cut threw it with ease. Caleb followed closely behind in the freshly made tracks.

After a couple hours they had reached the base of the mountain and the edge of town. There was no sign of live anywhere. Looking down on Caleb, Gambler nodded. The pair strolled down the deserted street, until they heard the cries of a baby, and the screams of a women. Pushing open the doors of the local saloon, three Vampires with blood dripping from there fangs wheeled around and snarled. It was to late for the women, but the child was still alive. Gambler slowly walked up to the bar and grabbed a bottle of whiskey and a saucer, before returning to a table.

Never paying any attention to the Vampires, he poured a little liquor in the dish and set it on the floor were Caleb began to lap it up. The confused Vampires looked at each other before breaking into laughter.

Hey buddy, you got a death wish or something? said one of the Vampires

Lets just kill him. I’m still thirsty. snapped another.

The Cajun simply sat there, drinking with his wolf. Then, suddenly, he stood up and smirked.

“Dis blood here.” He took his nail and slowly ran it down his forearm, releasing a stream of his own blood. “Dis blood a special recipe. To spicy for a bunch of baby killers no.”

As the Vampire’s charged, time seemed to slow down. Gambler spun around striking one of them flush between the eyes with the bottle of whisky, while at the same time Caleb jumped on another taking them both out threw the window. Using what was left of the bottle, the Cajun carved up the last Vampire before taking his lighter and torching the wounded one. With several massive slashes on its face, the only surviving Vampire fled into the night. Caleb slowly limped back into the bar. The glass from the window had sliced his paw, or at least that’s what Gambler was telling himself. Reaching down, Gambler slowly picked up the baby. His mind immediately flashed to that of his own family, to that of his son.

“Tis okay, daddies here. I saved you, ahahahaha, I saved you…….I SAVED MY SON!!!!!”

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Hours had passed since ElusiveStorm was allowed to pass through the infection check points back in Nyrcra City. He was safely clean and the moral of the Arcryn OutRiders had risen up a little but they were concerned for their "Battle-Father". He was now in the heart of the spire, the medical center where he had suffered a minor wound from the explosion that would seem to have nearly killed him. Many of the doctors attending to him called his fate "Luck" but the true reason lied within the kinetic source that wrapped around his cold heart.

ElusiveStorm was awake and wished to see how Akira was doing with the defenders but had to stay in his bed for him to heal and hopefully fight another day. He was visited by many colonels and leaders within the army to report on the evening, but they were not the people he had wished to see. Out of all the people on that specified list that he sent out to contact, no one responded and fear had begun to take hold of Logan's conscious.

"How is the new leader doing with the men?" ElusiveStorm's voice was so quite, only one of the six men had heard the question.

"He is a fine leader but not a true Arcryn, my Lord. He is overconfident of the days to come and frankly, I Dont like his attitude"

ElusiveStorm chuckled a bit before coughing wildly.

"This... man, Akira... as i have heard... is as wise and... strong in leader..ship as myself. You will follow him!"

"Yes my Lord"

ElusiveStorm nodded for the Colonels to leave and as he rested his head on the pillow and looking up at the roof of the room, the picture of a green-eyed woman had filled his mind.

"Maelstrom, why does your presence within my mind trouble me?"

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Ion was still searching for survivors in new york city. But so far no luck. All he saw was vampire after vampire after vampire. Apparently seeing how the sun was now blocked out from all the clouds the vampires can move freely night and day. But they have never face anyone like me before. I slaughtered them one by one. They all attempted to suck my blood but they couldn't get through my force field and my light blast ripped them to shreds. But that was until a big vampire came out of nowhere. His name was Drax. Drax said

"I'm going to suck your blood for all of mine fallen comrades"

Ion said


Ion literally made drax his b#$%^. The vampire was no match for someone who had my power. Now draw was pinned to the wall with arrows all over him and ion said

"Now tell me i know you know where the resistance is. So where are they?"

drax spit at ion and said

"I won't tell you nothing daywalker."

Ion was mad now and he created a giant werewolf and that werewolf riped Drax skin to sheds. But Ion made sure he was still alive and drax said

"Okay okay. They are at Nyrcra City."

Ion said

"Good now i will end your life with no more suffering"

And like that Ion had place a force field in drax head and expanded it until his head exploded.

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After a long night with the two vampire women, Kain emerged from his room, in nothing but a towel. He had scratches that covered his back and blood dripped from his neck. His tongue licked the blood off his lips. Kain’s eyes gave the feeling he still in some kind of sexual trance. The previous night was the best night of his life. He remembered all the feelings, the sounds, the passion, the heat and the pure tension of that night. His appetite was sated, at least in the mean time. He saw his one of his head captains Jake in front of him.

My lord, the people of this world have set up arms chuckles but their plans will be futile for our legion has grown undaunted over the years. So my question for you sir is....Where do we start first?

Listening to his lieutenant’s words, the vampire zoned out to figure out where he was being attacked. Some stupid rebellious rogue named Akira dared to defy the evil King. Kain turned his towel into his armor. He ran back into the room near the two beautiful women who sat up and shared a sinful kiss with him. The warrior used his tails to grab his massive swords: The Blade of Darkness and the Blade of Light. Kain grabbed the speaker to the P.A. system, his voice echoed through his base.

“Alright soldiers, apparently, somebody dares defy us in Nycra City. I need the front lines filled and the several dozen Aeons. This is not a drill. It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum folks, and guess what, I’m all outta bubble gum. Now hurry up, we meet at the in the courtyard. Jake, come with me downstairs, grab whatever equipment you need, we have to go deal with this little insect. I wanna go play ping-pong with his head and maybe if even sing a few songs on the way there. I’m singin in the rain, just singin, in the rain. What a glorious feeling…”

The warrior continued his song while walking with Jake. They acquired any and all devices/ equipment necessary for the task at hand. They walked out of the building into the courtyard where Kain’s army was. Soldiers lined up, the Aeons were locked and loaded, prepared to battle to the death. Everybody was anticipating Kain’s next orders. His eyes looked around staring at everybody as they looked at him.

“What are you people waiting for? A cookie? Ha, ha, ha! Sorry, small joke, anyway, when I open the dark realm portal, we go through, and we’ll end up in the enemy city. Now, let’s go kill the enemy my brethren, ATTACK!!!!”

Kain opened up the portal to the dark ream and flew through as his army followed, war would break loose and Akira would fall before the dark vampire king.

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Jake nodded as he walked behind Kain. Watching him grab his weapons Jake turned to his left and pulled a sword from a guard.

"Ill take this, go now and do as our lord tells you."

Jake picks up speed and continues his walk next to his lord. Looking at him he chuckles "You tell them to prepare for a war HA, this will not be a war this will be a massacre...much more fun."

Jake stepped through the portal behind Kain. Looking upon the enemy in front of him he grins as he grips the sword in his hand.

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His mission was simple, annihilate Kain and bring rule to an end. 5.9's sole purpose was to restore glory to the Elandorian empire, to place them on high as the lords of the universe. He sat in the spacepod, absorbed into a serene state. He peered out into the black of space, his mind on his destination, the giant rock known as planet #183, also known as Earth.

He grinned as he entered Earth's atmosphere, the air around him burning hot around the shell of the spacepod. 5.9 fumbled with the controls as he set the coordinates for his landing.

Landing area is as follows: New Orleans, Louisiana

The spacepod exited the outer atmosphere, entering the air above the city of New Orleans.

"The time has come, this world will be ours"

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Golem was jaded. Literally. As he stood outside a Japanese restaurant, he thought to himself how he had gotten to be here. He was once a true warrior, prepared to fight the vampire menace. However, after a horribly botched mission, he exiled himself into a jade form. He knew that only one entity would ever need his skill to defeat again. That entity had just rended space and time to create a portal to darkness.

"Um... Mister Chu, I need to take some time off," he said as he suddenly sprang to life and walked away from his boss. Mr. Chu soon suffered a stress related heart attack. Running, he knew only of the portal itself. He ran intently, until he had no more strength. He crashed through a wall, seeing a man, a wolf, and a baby before he passed out, still clad in jade.

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Kain led his army through the dark realm. His wings were spread as he absorbed the darkness and light that grazed him. He couldn’t wait to experience the joy of battle again it’s been so long since the last time he fought somebody that would keep him occupied for more than a few seconds. Maybe he can have some fun with this one. He started talking to himself as he began to open the doorway on the other side to escape the dark realm so they would finally appear in Nycra City. The vampire king started talking to brief his soldiers before going through.

“Alright folks, listen up, this is where things get a little sticky. When we get out of the realm, we’ll end up in the war zone directly behind our enemies to catch them off guard. Pay attention to the song I’m singing because that’ll let you know how to attack, do you understand me? Get your weapons ready ladies, and don’t even ask me ‘is some people gonna die’ cause the answer is no, people aren’t going to die, big freakin cockroaches are. Now lets rub these little ladies out! Jake, your socks better match because if not, I’ll kick your ass for embarrassing me, I’ve got two lovely ladies waiting for me back home and I don’t plan to disappoint them!”

He flew out the realm, his blades his in hand as the dark energy melted with the light energy into an orgy of power. Kain saw Akira and laughed his emotions all hit him at once. He felt pity, anger and joy all at once. Akira’s people wouldn’t last very long, especially not with Kain, Jake, and Aeons. The Aeons were small little white creatures that had big red ears and long black claws that would slice through steel. These were smaller Aeons, not the most powerful Aeons. These Aeons were called Jetters. Jetters ran at high speeds, slicing everything in sight, killing all organic life that they didn’t recognize and would go back into the dark realm when they were done.

At this instant, Kain’s army poured out of the portal. Swords and guns were everywhere. Bullets were spraying the area as swords were slashing everybody. The Jetters were dancing around Akira’s army even though they would receive minor cuts and gashes. Kain looked at the chaos, only to begin to laugh insanely as he saw the bloodshed and chaos. He spotted Akira down below and shouted.

“Hey, Akira, what are you doing down there? If you wanna look up to me, just bow, it’s not that hard! Just say ‘I’m your b!tch and you’re my daddy master Kain!’ It’s not so bad, I could just make you my slave, but I’d get bored with you and feed you to my dear beloved Xaronas. C’mon, let’s get started shall we?”

Kain flew down towards Akira, full blast. His fists were ready to knock his enemy into the next solar system as he sang “99 Red Balloons” which changed his army’s attack entirely.

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The battered four by four wound its way down from the mountains, each twist in the road threatening to be its last. In the drivers seat Switch sat hunched over the wheel, his expression bored but his eyes alive. Nothing moved in the gathering dark but the jeep, its headlights slashing over the hillside, catching the low scrub bushes in the stark glare of his headlights. After a few more minutes the road leveled out and stretched away, Switch allowed himself a small smile and flicked on the radio.


The airwaves were silent. He grunted and twisted the knob which controlled the frequency looking for a signal. There was only one, a high pitched screaming noise which seemed to cut through the very air within the cab, hurting his ears. Swearing he shut it off and turned back to the road. Something flashed in his vision and he caught in the corner of his eye, the sudden vision of a spear crashing through the car door.

"Ah, hell" he muttered.

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Jake fell from the sky like lead weight. He aimed himself downwards right at Akira.

"Blood is much sweeter when it comes from fighters." Jake holds his hands out firing a array of necroplasmic blasts each hitting the ground around Akira.

"Your MINE!!!" Jake has his sword held out in front of him.

His body finally collides with the ground. He appears behind Akira.

"Boo!" Jake swings his sword downward

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Silence...you vile beast

Akira's surroundings became silent,and it felt as if time itself had stoped just for Akira.He drew his plasma katans that shimmered in the setting sun,reflecting against his eyes.The adrenaline pumping through his veins gave him a rush and he lept in the air with grace,not near as much speed as Kain,but it would surely counter such a hasty attack.

His Plasma Katana sliced through the air aimng right for Kain's abdomen,the battle would be long and hard fought,but Akira planned on getting out of it alive,it brought a smile to his face.

Your death is near

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The spear, assisted by the enormous strength that the Vampire was wielding it with, plunged through the dor as if it was paper. Fortunately for Switch his armour swept around him at the last moment and deflected the weapon, sending it sliding along his belly and into the passenger side door. Switch could tell that it was a Vampire attacking him, the fangs were a dead giveaway, it was the why that intrigued him. The car skidded around in a circle as the undead's weapon refused to slide clear, Switch hit the brakes and brought it to a full stop before pulling his pistol. The Vampire hissed.

"You think to harm me with that meat puppet?"

Switch let his actions do the talking. He put a three round spread into the things chest and kicked the door off its hinges. The Vampire was getting up, anger written over its pale features. It leapt forwards and got an elbow in the throat for its troubles. With a strangled grunt it sank to its knees and coughed up blood.

"Hi, my names Switch and I'm an alcoholic."

The monster glared at him its eyes a deep black.

"It will crush our friendship before it has even begun if I say this but it needs to be done. Take me to your leader."

The Vampire snarled and grabbed at a knife hitched at its belt but Switch was too fast. The bullet splattered blood, brains and pieces of skull over the ground for several meters behind the things body. With a few twitches it collapsed and writhed for a few moments before lying still.

"It's a bit of a cliche but no reason to act like that."

There was no reply from the corpse. Switch smirked slightly and walked back to the car. The paintwork was ruined but it would still drive.

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Kain came down to Akira, seeing the rage in and pride in Akira's eyes eyes burning a hole through Kain. The vampire smiled with joy. With lightning fast reflexes, the warrior pulled out his blades to protect himself from Akira's blades. The blades of the Scion and Akira clashed, sending sparks all over the place. It resembled an explosion of energy. The weapons didn't screeched as Kain slowly twirled, his blades never losing their edge. The warrior got into Akira's face, staring into his eyes demonically.

"My death? You think I'm going to die Akira? You must be mistaken. I think you read too many stories to your kids and because you really believe good always beats evil. I'm not sure. I killed your family Akira, your staring at their killer right now, in the flesh. I loved making your wife scream. But, I wasn't the only man to make her scream in the city. But what can you do when time flies though right?"

Kain laughed maniaclly at Akira's pain. He pushed against Akira, twirled around him and prepared to elbow him in the back of the head to send him into a building that would collapse on him, doing more damage.

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There was definetly sparks flying between the two as there swords clash,the words went right through Akira,they had no meaning whatsoever.Yet he did doubt that Good would triumph over Evil in the end,so far it hasnt been that way at all.As Eternal Chaos spun around to make his attack,Akira quickly lept backwards avoiding the devasating blow that would have knocked him out cold.Landing softly onto the ground he noitced another combatant firing necroplasmic blast at his feet,then reappearing behind him.

Lucikly his Telekinetic abilites shielded him from such an attack,bringing up a rock that blocked the attack Jake had hoped to connect.Akira laughed for a second,then recoverd from the two attackers,viewing his options.He looked down on Eternal Chaos and Jake from above on the spiraling tower.

Clearly a disadvantag of Purgatory...and strength

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Damn and i thought this was going to be difficult

Jake sheathed his sword and ran up to the building slamming his fist into it. The building began to crumble beneath the wouldbe hero.

Jake ran up the falling building. He fired a blast of necroplasm at his feet sending him flying up towards Akira. He nears the man and takes his sword out. He flew straight at Akira his sword sending a flurry of attacks.

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Akira fell down the falling tower,and met Jake's sword with his own,not all attacks could be so easily blocked though.A few of the slashes cought Akira,ripping his jacket to shreds,he threw it off as he continued to fight off the hail of strikes Jake gave.Akira though it was about time to make his offensive,he launched of the rubble that fell from the sky,he was in midair when he sent most of the concrete towards Jake,then encasing his fist in pure energy preparing for a an uppercut straight for the chin of Jake.

Get Ready

At this point Akira had set various traps around the battle grounds with pieces of Tech and Weapons that laid about,all at the same time he sent an assualt of Lasers towards Eternal Chaos.Luckily for Akira's Technopathic abilites and Intelligence he would stay in the game that much longer.

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Kain stood somewhat impressed by Akira's speed. He would be fun to kill or better yet... bring in as a memeber. A proposition was in order but he would have to put his prey into submission. He would go play with his new member, but he couldn't kill him, he had to execute well planned plays. These moves would prove very important to Kain's total domination. The body count was rising as the casualties on both sides kept increasing. He noticed the lazers coming at him and created his forcefield of dark energy to send the lazers back to their origin. Traps were so childish and weak.

"Akira, c'mon, lighten up. At least you won't die in vein like your family did, but there's something you don't know about. I can keep these people alive Akira. I can keep your people alive. Too bad your too stubborn!"

The violent vampire looked at Jake than sped off after Akira. He doubled back around Akira and wound up on his side, his tails preparing to grab his arms to take the blades and his feet getting ready to kick him down into the dirt. This would be a very important play in Kain's book of tricks. He had have Akira on his side for he enjoyed being the most powerful person around. He wanted as much muscle as possible.
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Jake had cut the man deep in certain spots. Not too much longer Jake pulls his sword towards him and licks the blood from the blade.

Seeing the concrete coming towards him he kicks the concrete sending it flying off into the battlefield. Jake was caught off guard by the punch which drew blood. It trickled from his mouth. Jake landed on the ground when he heard a click.

"Oh sh!t" A trap had been set and Jake stepped in it, exploding on contact.

"Your more crafty than i gave you, but this is when i really start to play." Jakes eyes turned completely black. His hands rising into the air.

Hands burst from the ground and bodies of the fallen people his lords legion had killed burst from the ground. Standing next to Jake he smiled.

"Meet my friends, a little bonus to my Necromancy. Go Now!" The bodies of the undead rushed Akira.

Jake backed this attack by slamming his hands to the ground sending a burst of sonic vibration towards Akira.

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Akira was thrilled by now,he had succesfully wakened atleast one of his opponents.The Necromanic demons chased after Akira,setting off mines that were planted into the ground set by him,he rushed towards Eternal Chaos at the same time.Using the sonic vibrations to his advantage,he grabbed an undead and launched it straight at Kain,it would be hit by the attack that was meant for himself.

Reaching the ground once more he was thrown off balance by the aftershock of Jake's sonic attack,he flew into the ground then rolled into another building,now bleeding,he wiped the blodd from his lip and staggered back up.


Akira summoned five grenades to his side,and had them float around his body,ready to mentally pull the pins for whatever secnario would occur later on.

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ElusiveStorm’s eyes suddenly opened, a deadly battle was fought outside and he was lying on his bed, keeping his strength on reserve. He knew this battle would soon happen and thanks to his quick planning, he sent a few-thousand Arcryn OutRiders to take the civilians to a safer, yet unknown place out of Africa. Nyrcra city would soon be lost and its leader was lying on a bed puzzled about the visions of Maelstrom running through his mind.

The screams of people were getting louder and ElusiveStorm finally rose from his bed and equipped his wargear. He walked straight to the door and peered through a crack, it seemed his undead wife had survived the explosion from earlier and was looking for him along with six other vampires. Logan grabbed his Black-Meteor Blade and kicked the door down. He was breathing heavily for he strength was nearly depleted.

"Rachel... We have to stop meeting like this."

The pale woman smiled and nodded. she looked at her companions and with a whisper the minions attacked but were too weak for Elusivestorm killed them through a simple Kinetic blast.

"How unlike you darlin, sending your new boyfriends to fight your battle"

ElusiveStorm started running towards the vampire with his orange eyes blazing and his blade clutched in both hands.

Time to finally move on and be rid of the horrors of my past

His blade was swinging with amazing speed yet the monstrous woman before him moved faster and started to laugh.

"Be rid of the Horrors of your past? Oh Logan that’s so mean, I might have to actually kill you instead of turning you into another faithful servant of Kain. And yes I’m telepathic"

ElusiveStorm didn’t care what Rachel had said, he just kept swinging his sword until he finally turned tired.

"Logan, you know what? Since we have such a beautiful past I’ll make you my little vampire pet"

Rachel approached the Arcryn leader and grabbed his throat, her fangs extended from her mouth and as she was about to bite Logan's neck she paused with shock and fear expressed on her face. She looked down and a small dagger has penetrated her stomach.

"I know one small special weakness a vampire like you are afraid of. Silver Dagger dipped in Lamb's blood. Savor that! B!tch!"

The vampire fell to the floor dead, she would never threaten another life again. ElusiveStorm rised from the ground and leaned against the wall. His vision was blurry but he could tell what was going on down the corridor as countless vampires were killing innocent people and that ElusiveStorm was the only obstacle from the vampires reaching the passage to the civilian escape root.

The young Arcryn looked up and smiled.

"I never really liked this building, made me feel like a king and I ain’t no king. I'm the ElusiveStorm, the Leader of an entire race of the greatest soldiers in existence."

ElusiveStorm started Chuckling then uncontrollably laughing as he shot a powerful Kinetic blast at the foundations of the tall spire which brought the entire place down into ruins. The entire city shook with tremendous force and dust and earth swept through the city.

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"Goddess no!" The fury in her voice evident. The tone was both commanding and cracking. Hand moved over her forehead in thought. Where could she have gone? Why hadn't that daughter of hers listened to what she'd told her?! Her mother's heart wrenched at the thoughts of being seperated from her daughter. All in one go, those horrible images of Caleb, Kain, and Jean came to head. She couldn't lose another child. She couldn't lose the only being that kept her grounded and sane.

Yet, the letter Vessa had written, even Sariaf'ca, could not completely dispute the points. One of the horrid points of having a cunning daughter like Vessa. The alien beauty leaned against one of the make-shift tables they had created for this small encampment and took calming breaths. Vessa was intelligent, she knew what she was doing. Moreover, she was strong and powerful having been trained by her. And even more to add to her credit, she was Jean's daughter and like father like daughter. She was already crafty like him, and had a bit of a smart mouth too. She sat in silence only the brief moments of laughter penetrating the silence.


I can only imagine how you'll feel when you look at this letter and see me gone. I'm sorry that I didn't tell you beforehand but I know you would have forbade me to go. This is something I had to do. Just like you told me the stories of you running off to space to stop those evil Bhastein's frm destroying your friend's planet, well.... this is my "Last Hope".

I can't explain it but something has been pulling me towards my history for the last few years. I have yearned and dreamt of things I've never experienced, yet, I know it's part of my birthright. I will come back in due time, I promise. I love you more than anything, and I wouldn't ever leave you a lone. I just need you to trust me.

Please don't come after me. These people need you more than I do. If you leave they'll be left vulnerable to attack. They'll be slaughtered and killed. I know you wouldn't ever let that happen, so protect them. I'll come back. But right now.... it's time for me to fulfill my destiny. My ancestor's past is calling me, and I can't ignore it any longer.

I love you, Mom.

Vesse'leyna LeBeau

Sariaf'ca's arm dropped to the side, the letter barely held by her fingers. "May Shere'gan protect you my little Starshine." And the orange refugee fell into a silence that only a mother's heart could ever create.

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The purple god sauntered through the streets. He had doubled in size since his last feeding.

The more innocence the better the feed, thats why the vampires had him so hungery.

He walked his arms swaying by his side. The streets tasted like filth, and the scum that lined them was no better. Vampires lay sprawled out along the ground, in their own excrement.

Disgusting, smug fools.

One aproached the Parisite as he walked down the street,

"You look nic... ARRRGGHHHHhhhh."

Two purple fingers unfoiled themselves from his hands sinking deep into the Vampires eyes sockets. Deep red blood gushed from the entree wound. With his other hand he grabbed the creatures windpipe and riped it clean out of his chest, his lungs coming with it.

Parasite let the scum drop to the ground and writh in agony, his screams turned into a bloody froth that spewed from his neck.

Parasite continued to move. The other vampires circled the injuried like vultures. Once one pounced at him they all went at it. Tearing, ripping, chewing, like animals, like cannibals.

Parasite had never been happy with the humans, but this...this was far worse.