Juno Fei's "Mother of Fortune" (Mobile business location)

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Smuggled weapons and wares. Anywhere. Anytime.

Juno Fei: Businesswoman
Juno Fei: Businesswoman

The world we live in is one of technological marvels and super powered beings. The days gangsters and terrorists buying their weapons in shady alleyways and decrepit buildings are over. Don't fret, though, because there's better methods to take their place.

This is Juno's belief. She started out this business with a run down van and a helicopter that almost fell apart every time it had to take off, but it all paid off.

Juno Fei's "Mother of Fortune" smuggling operation is worldwide, efficient and effective in it's distribution of illegal weapons and wares. Most importantly, it's discreet and unbiased to it's customers.

The F-01 "Mother of Fortune"

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What the customers will be seeing in the sky upon requesting Juno's services. The Fortune is available to land almost anywhere and open up it's bay doors for business, just don't expect her to land it in the middle of rush hour and Wall Street.

*For a detailed look at the Mother of Fortune, click here!

Getting things done. Available services provided by Juno Fei.

Smuggler/Courier contracts:

Juno's bread and butter. Her jam. Her main squeeze. She's available for either long distance calls or personal meetings in regards to discussing a potential smuggling job. From nukes to Ak's. Prisoners of Interest to a high profile passenger, Juno does it all. The only thing one shouldn't expect? A cheap price for her services.

Selling and trading wares:

Juno's primary business out outside of smuggling. Upon being contacted with a time and location, she'll bring the Mother of Fortune to land and conduct business with said contact. This part of the business is very flexible in regards to what wares Juno has available in her vast stock. Guns, aged liquor, drugs, military tech, alien tech, magic relics, little Minotaurs trapped in glass bottles and so on. If it's highly sought after, there's at least a decent chance she has it.

Personal pilot:

Are you a person of high power in a secret, cult-like army and can't trust your peers and underlings to take you somewhere or know where you're off to? Or perhaps a student that just recruited your fellow school mates to go on a secret mission that entails murder and mayhem? Well, you're in luck.

Juno can be hired (per round trip) as a personal pilot. Feel at ease with the promise of discretion and one of the world's most skilled pilots sitting in the cockpit to take you to even the most dangerous and inhospitable destinations. Who knows? If you pay extra, she might even tag along on whatever nefarious excursion you're off to.

Customer ledger:

  • Conner Hawke: $22,000
  • Shawn Savage: $7452.58
  • Venilia: 1 hairband. (Debt of $1,740)
  • Damon Ford: $30,000
  • Chance Liafador: $18,213.89

Rules and information

  • First and foremost, this is not an opportunity to try and rob Juno and show how much of a cunning bad ass you are. If you want to do that sort of thing, go make an NPC to rob. If you're character shows up here to do business, keep it that way.
  • The nature of this "Mobile business" thread is to make these interactions convenient for characters that can't trot around the globe at the snap of a finger. That being said, for whatever meeting spot your character picks, make sure it's at least somewhat realistic. Juno can't land the Fortune on some random building in New York City in broad daylight, it would be on the news for weeks. Say it was in NYC, consider choosing an abandoned dock down south at two in the morning.
  • Standard "No destruction" rules apply to the ship. Please don't smash my ship -_-.
  • Any and all characters are welcome to conduct business, within reason. If Juno gets a call from a hero dressed in tights asking to buy illegal goods? Don't be surprised if she hangs up.
  • And of course, have fun! Buy some guns or drugs! Live a little! ^_^

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Not going to get any better than that.

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@juno_fei: This is great, Deathsticks and all

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Nicely done
Nicely done

I suppose all interactions conducted are canon?

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@red_jay: Thank you ^_^

And yup, might as well start making some Canon money LOL

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Very awesome

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Ven might drop by when I have the time ­čśë. This is awesome work!!!

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this is not an opportunity to try and rob Juno and show how much of a cunning bad ass you are. If you want to do that sort of thing, go make an NPC to rob

Well, there goes my ego inflation scheme.
Well, there goes my ego inflation scheme.

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Jocasta will be frequently appearing here.

No Caption Provided

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I love this! I have a character in the future who might wanna do some business

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@juno_fei: Reed needs to meet Juno in canon >.< !

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@mister_surreal: He should! Juno could always use a magic user to trade with.

Edit: Annnd the fact he's the teacher of the Rubies >_> lol.

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Stopping by soon!

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Choosing the meeting spot entailed little effort. Shawn simply needed it far enough from Academy grounds to not coax out the attention of students, but close enough that he need not race past street after street. So there he stood, muscled arms crossed over his chest, his long-coat sailing with the cool breeze, and his eyes smirking at a ship that was the envy of the birds it soared past. What the Celtic Gorilla knew of Juno was little. They'd first met when lending So-so their hand against the Order of Sancta Camisa. Needless to say, he was interested in the reputation she'd amassed as the Academy's go-to smuggler. To Shawn, her services were a dream come true. And he'd be a fool not to take advantage.

So he stood, waiting, his mind pulled to thoughts of the wares she had for sale, and how easily she could smuggle them into the school. Looks like I found me new liquor store.

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Shawn Savage, the Celtic Gorilla, the Gem's Belfast Bruiser. His reputation stood at the top of the academy, very few standing up there with him. Juno had the pleasure of meeting this beast on So-so's "field trip." They were even on the same Delta flight squad. Needless to say, she had been eagerly waiting for him to finally show up and browse her wares, knowing Shawn had the money spend.

Juno's ship drifted past Shawn overhead, swiftly transitioning into it's hovering mode before landing quietly on the ground.

The Fortune's rear bay door slowly lowered before Shawn, revealing the smuggler herself standing with her hands on her hips, and a devious smile to go with it.

"Savage! So glad you called, I seriously needed a break from selling adderall to dorks who need help to study for their tests." She walked out of the ship to greet the Gem, extending her hand out for a shake.

"Come on in, tell me exactly what you're looking for today." Juno guided the behemoth inside, holograms automatically projecting out of the many crates stored inside, presenting their listed contents for Shawn to inspect if he wanted to browse and talk at once.

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No Caption Provided

As it descended from the clouds, Juno's ship was a sight to behold. It's slow glide lent itself to the majesty of an eagle bracing it's wings. If Juno hadn't proven herself a gifted pilot during their assault on the Order of Sancta Camisa, she did so now. The ship landed, and out the metal maw of it's rear stood Juno. Shawn matched the mischief of her smile with the daring flair of his, and strode forward. "Could be worse. Instead of dorks lookin' for adderall, it could be diamonds askin' for capes and all dat other bollocks", he chuckled, meeting Juno's hand with a firm shake. Following her inside, the Celtic Gorilla glanced at the holograms hovering out endless rows of crates, and his mind pulled back to Katie.

"Well, let's get the simple shite out the way. I need a terrarium, a microscope, and a high-tech camera. And live spiders if ya have any". Walking by Juno's side, he continued, now focused on his own needs, "Get me a Glenfiddich crate, vibranium knuckles, and any weird alien tech dat lets me store a lot of shite in a small space. Somethin' with a tennis ball's surface area, but a room's interior volume. I'll be blowin' damn near all me pocket money for the year but if this isn't worth it, nothin' is", he grinned.

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[ Oh, this looks FUN ]

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Juno walked as Shawn talked, laying out an impressive list of what he wanted. As he elaborated, the dealer summoned her personal hologram to start checking her stock. Her expressions changed with each "taste" of wares Shawn gave. At first it was curious, then typically pleased and finally surprised at the last few items. "Goddamn, Shawn. That's going to be one pricey order, I can tell you that for free." She chuckled, still tapping away on her hologram.

Multiple crates around the hull started shaking and shifting, sprouting mechanical spider-legs so that they could scuttle over to Juno. They placed themselves to form an impromptu lineup display, the contents inside shifting about before all the lids popped open. "Top of the line PC hookup microscope, a large terrarium with reinforced glass, a very trendy and top of the line camera with thermal vision among others. Sadly, I don't have any spiders handy, I can say that's definitely a first request." She laughed apologetically, making a mental note to collect some exotic spiders for next time. She moved over to the next grade, waving her hand over the aged wooden crate inside. "This is your Glenfiddich. Twenty bottles, aged fourteen years. Can't really vouch for the taste myself, so I'll just assume you know what you're talking about there." With a smile, she patted the two crates. "What you're looking at for the equipment and scotch is $7452.58, best price you'll find around here. Now..."

Juno's expression was almost a wince as she reached the third crates, a set of mechanical tongs extending out to reveal they were holding a blindingly silver set of Vibranium knuckles. "This? This is what's going to hike the price up a bit. The knuckles alone are $258,000, which is actually not bad for the rarest metal on Earth. It's the weight, you see. Anything bigger than this? You're looking at millions. Go ahead, slip them on. Pikced off of some South African mutant drug lord." Juno gestured to Shawn and the knuckles, encouraging him to see if they fit.

"As for the pocket dimension tech? I'm sorry Shawn, but I'll need to source that out and get back to you on what I find. That's some seriously exotic tech you've interested yourself in. That being said! Your end price for everything here is $265,452.85." She looked at Shawn with a grin, her eyes flashing with that trademark greedy glint. "How are you paying today?"

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Gothic City Harbor

No Caption Provided

The 19-year-old Liafador Family Matriarch stood idly in the cold Gothic night waiting for someone she wasn't even sure would show. She'd lived much of her life detached from the Liafadors, she had a great life; until she decided to meet them. Since the day she met her sister Zeon, Chance's life unraveled out of control. Now years later, she was unknowingly the most powerful person in the family.

This meeting was set up by one of her street informants, the guy was a real low-life, but the kind she didn't mind still being on the streets. He told her he'd heard whispers of a merchant that could pretty much supply anything she wanted. Truthfully the entire operation sounded a bit iffy, but there was an element of trust that had to be permitted.

She was actually in hiding, she didn't want too many people to know there was a Liafador living in the middle of the United States; way too much blood from the Spain fiasco. She was sure this merchant didn't want some fledgling "hero" diming out her business.

If she showed the first transaction wasn't monetary, rather intel. Chance was trading her identity for service. She needed to help, but there was no way she could buy the items she needed to buy an no one ask questions. She needed this merchant, just as much as this merchant needed her Liafador Dollars.

(No pressure to actually respond, I saw your post regarding blues. I just figured this would be a cool way to validate weapons I plan to put in Chance's bio)

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"Sadly, I don't have any spiders handy, I can say that's definitely a first request"

"Don't worry about it", Shawn made light with an assuring nod. Spiders, he could catch himself and handle by hand. The bundles of tissue responsible for his flesh were strong and hard like leather armor. And no spider'd ever puncture it. "I gotta say, this is some proper service you offer", he commended, impressed despite having heard the tales of quality from Juno's reputation. Glancing at the wooden crate wherein the whiskey bottles sat, Shawn met Juno's eyes with a smile, "If I were an Irishman who didn't know what he was talkin' about when it came to whiskey", he shrugged, "Shite, I'd swim the entire Pacific with paper cuts on me arm pits till I regained my honor", he joked, his ears soon catching the fee earned by his requested items.

"Fair enough", he smiled, before finding his eyes drawn to the silver gleam of weapons after his own heart; vibranium knuckles. The astronomical price floated to his ears, yet Shawn could only surrender to part of Juno's words - Go ahead, slip them on. And slip them on he did. The cold touch of vibranium steel felt right against his skin, and thoughts of crunching enemy bone drew a wicked smile on the Celtic Gorilla's face. He was a warrior by nature, born with unique muscle fibers that played the role of missiles and force multipliers. There was little Shawn could not dent with the force that thundered in his limbs. The power of his punch far outweighed the limits of his lifting strength. And when focused on the stress points found in all physical structures, no foe was too durable, and no shield too hard to be dealt with. But it drained him, the focus both physical and mental.

Vibranium knuckles would ease him of that burden. Or could. "Fits perfect too", he smiled before giving in to the inevitable sigh. "But as much as I want to, I can't afford it in one buy. So let's make a deal. For the next two years, I'll pay you a little over ten thousand dollars every month until I've paid off these knuckles. Once dat's done, you can hand them over to me. Sound good?", he asked, returning Juno her vibranium knuckles with a subtle glint of longing in his eyes. "As for the rest", Shawn paused, tossing her bound bundles of cash from his coat pockets, "There ya go. And there's a little more in it for you if ya can help me smuggle the whiskey crate into the Gem floor".

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Juno silently nodded her head and smirked at Shawn's compliment, ever the gentlemen. The smuggler never knew how to take a compliment, so she just continued watching her customer examine the wares.

Shawn slipped on those knuckles with the delicacy of a lover. It always brought Juno a bit of joy to see customers in awe of what she had for sale. Not because they were happy, no, because it was almost always the confirmation that they'd be spending their money. She had been in this game long enough though, knowing a customer's body language perfectly. The Celt went through all the typical expressions of someone who desired something, but suddenly realized that they couldn't have it.

The dealer was sympathetically frowning at him before he even explained his fund situation, nodding to show that she understood. "Sounds like a deal to me! They won't be going anywhere except on your fist when the payments are complete." Juno smiled while holding her wristband over the knuckles to place them on hold in her inventory, the crate's thin appendages collecting the weapon once more and securing it inside.

Not all was lost, however. Shawn chose to purchase the first half of the order, tossing over the thing Juno coveted most in this world. Cold, hard cash. She was so enamored and familiar with currency that she didn't even count the money. The smuggler could actually tell the amount just on how much it weighed in her hand.

Juno's trance was broken though, at the mention of Shawn's request to smuggle it into the academy and on the second floor. She let out a sincere laugh, shaking her head while humming pleasantly. "Well, I certainly hope I can get that done for you. I'd have to hang up my pilot's cap if I couldn't get some liquor in a school undetected." She was speaking truthfully, hoping it didn't sound like a brag. So far all of her exploits in the school have been incredibly easy, at least with her experience.

She grunted while picking up the crate, eyes darting at Shawn to shoot down any attempt to help her, and beckoned him to follow her. "There's only been a few a few Academy purchases with this kind of heat, so I've been 3-D printing these bad boys in bulk for a fun little Trojan horse ploy." The two walked over to a black couch stuffed in the corner of the room, a few others like it stacked up behind as well. The merchant popped open the "cushion" to reveal a padded compartment, just the right size for the crate. "Made of incredibly light plastic, led lined and convincing enough as furniture for a student to haul into their cozy little dorm. Can't really say the same for it's comfort value, though." Juno strained while chuckling, gently placing the crate inside the fake couch.

With a dust of her hands, Juno extended one out to Shawn once more to seal the deal. "Congratulations, Mr. Savage. You've just started an account with my business." The grin of satisfaction on her face was as infectious as they come.

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@lebreau_liafador: (No worries! I was only kidding about the Blues, as long as they have money lol.)

Gothic City, a place like no other on this planet. The common opinion of the city wasn't fantastic. What, with the gang wars, destructive super villains, equally reckless superheroes and a crumbling brick mess that served as the foundation. Most people would even call it a Hell on Earth. Juno? She saw it as one of the most lucrative business locales around.

The smuggler's most recent contact wasn't anything new. A mysterious buyer who only spoke through the mouths of others, almost like carrier pigeons. It was just going to be another night in the books.

The waters that surrounded the harbor was always suffocated in smog, the mills just down the coast shamelessly pumping out their polluting gases with an apathetic populace doing nothing to shut them down. It served as a perfect cover for the Fortune to get this close to the city.

While most would be looking up for the notorious ship, the potential customer's attention would no doubt turn directly out to the water. A loud "THOOM!" erupted from the smog, lights now slowly growing brighter through it's veil. It was the Mother of Fortune, just barely skimming the ocean it flew above and speeding right towards the stranger. Just when it seemed like it wasn't going to slow down, a swift maneuver was performed that kicked the ship's tail up first in a drift, the hull following right after. The bird kicked up a lot of dust as it transitioned from water to gravel, gently landing on the stretch of road that led away from the bay.

Not even two minutes later, the rear bay doors dropped slowly, it's interior lights flooding the darkness and shined on the potential buyer. Standing at the center of the hull was Juno Fei, the upstart smuggler.

"Evening. You're the contact, correct?" Her tone was breezy and casual, but her posture was anything but. She stood with her hands firmly on her hips, eyeing the woman up and down to get a read on her.

No Caption Provided

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@juno_fei Care to do one more interaction for a Damon Ford?

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No Caption Provided

Chance's eyes dart toward the ocean, through the thick smog a vehicle cut into view admittedly scaring the Liafador Family heir as it appeared to be streamlining in her direction. The vehicle eventually diverts course at the last moment.

As the back doors dropped, Chance shield her eyes from the blinding lights filling the darkness. Once Chance eyes finally adjust to the light she saw the girl standing at the back of the ship.

"I am." Chance replied, her head slightly tilting to the side as she made out the girl's features. They looked around the same age, except the merchant was taller.

"I need a couple of things, things I was told only you could get without drawing too much traction," Chance said cautiously taking a step to gauge the girl, she didn't want to startle her, she was a hero, after all, buying illegal products.

"I need supplies. A durable bow, a grappling look; screening smokes, and shock absorbent equipment" It was really just the basics, but at the very least it's what she'd need to continue her work. She was still back and forth between Gothic and Valor, the Purge changes Gothic at its very core, but now the Order was seemingly seizing control of Valor and the cycle was continuing again.

"Also, a shot I need a shot" She requested, not actually being old enough to drink.

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Juno was certainly amused by the contact's sheepishness, even taking a step forward to see how she would react, causing her to chuckle quietly. In fact, Juno didn't seem uneasy at all, despite the discreet nature of this meeting. The smuggler was willing to give anyone a chance to buy her wares, no matter their creed. It was if they decided to try and stop her operation when things got bloody.

She listened to her order, already running through prices in her head. With a nod, Juno gestured the girl inside, herself already doing so. "I can help you, come on in and we'll see see what you like."

The bay doors would close after the stranger walked into the Fortune. "Don't panic, it's just a formality. Liquor's in the locker over there, glasses too. Help yourself." The Ace pointed over to the mentioned cabinet while she summoned a few spider-crates to form up in the center of the room.

Once the crates were lined up, Juno would lean on them, rhythmically tapping her fingers in wait for the contact to come over to get this sale started.

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The Merchant disappeared behind the walls of her vehicle, Chance was skeptical, and rightfully so. This was a woman that'd been kidnapped, mind controlled, transported the alternate realities and used in a Liafador Blood feud (Which was worse).

Finally building the courage to move inside, no sooner than she did the bay door came screaming to a halt, which brought up a rather embarrassing made-up fighting stance. Chance just learned how to fight, needless to say, she was still working out the kinks in her personality.

"Fck, let me get the shot first," She said making a B-line for the cabinets removing a shot glass before taking two shots of tequila. "Alright. I'm good....let's get down to business." Rubbing her hands together she moved back toward Juno with her hands folded, part of her was eying still how similar in age they were, One a Merchant, the Other a Vigilante go figure.

"I need a bow that's pretty stout, but also something with a far maximum effective range"

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"Sounds like a deal to me! They won't be going anywhere except on your fist when the payments are complete"

No Caption Provided

For those precious seconds, Juno's words floated to Shawn's ears like music. He smiled and allowed the relief to wash over him. "You can probably take care of yourself with all the heat you got stocked up here", he paused, "But someone comes to you actin' daft, let me know", he offered, "I'm a damn good fighter by me own biased estimation. And I don't give a bollocks how strong or fast someone is, all it takes me is one good hit and it's over. And though I'm payin' you for the vibranium knuckles in the longterm, I consider you keepin' them for me till then a personal favor. So, if you ever need someone taken care of, let me know". Watching Juno put her talents as a smuggler to use, the Celtic Gorilla regarded her resourcefulness with respect.

In a world where expectation was imposed on those whose passions lie elsewhere, it felt refreshing to see Juno pursuing her passion, and in her youth no less. Sealing their agreement with a firm shake of the hands, Shawn smirked, "I'll be seein' you around, Juno. If only for the monthly whiskey run".

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Juno smiled as the customer walked over, her finger tapping becoming more of a drum-roll. "Well! I have something you'll really enjoy." She laughed, opening the first case to reveal it's contents. "A modern homage for a timeless classic. A prototype recurve bow, made with a carbon steel mesh. This particular one was designed for Japanese Spec Ops, intended to be used for covert and survival missions. Beautiful in it's simplicity, really." Juno picked up the bow, flipping it on both sides to better show it to the girl.

"Kevlar cord is what's stock, but it can be switched out if you decide to customize a bit. With this one? Effective killing range is about 80 yards, just a bit farther than basic bows thanks to it's mesh." The dealer harshly tugged on the bowstring, demonstrating it's durability. "But that's not even the neat part. Check this out, the button on the arrow rest?" She tapped it with her thumb, eventually pressing it. The bow quietly whirred, the limbs folding tightly inwards against the arrow rest, halving it's size. "Motors in the rest contract the bowstring, making the limbs unlock and fold. Excellent and sudden compact capabilities, perfect for transporting it safely and discreetly. To unlock it, you just give it a click again..." Juno did just that, the bow releasing the tension on the strings that made it all snap back into place. "Presto."

Juno grinned at the girl, passing the bow over to her for a real examination. "The best part is the price. You're only looking at $4,000 for the bow itself." She shrugged, watching as the potential buyer inspected the product. " What do you think? Taking a liking to that one, or should I show you some more options?"

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"That's awfully kind of you, Savage. I'm not afraid to admit that I'll take you up on that offer if I ever need it." She graciously nodded to the satisfied customer. It was a surprising bonus to this sale, but a welcome one. The world was filled with competition far more powerful than Juno, so she always valued a few favors to phone in. Especially when said favor is from one of the greatest and most brutal fighters on Earth.

Juno playfully tried to crush his hand during the shake, but it was like trying to crumble a brick, just as she expected. "I'll keep a case reserved just for you, big guy." The greedy smuggler smirked and slapped him on the arm, sliding the couch over to him with the rest of his purchases sitting on top.

The merchant happily waved as he departed, knowing it wouldn't be long before they do business again.

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Bl├╝dstone, Local Observatory

No Caption Provided

It was the dead of night in Bl├╝dstone City, sirens blaring in the back, a few gun shots here and there, it was all in the norm. The slight trickle of rain bouncing off the Fords red helmet, as he waited on a tall, grassy overlook waiting. Rain also slowly sliding down his brown leather jacket with both of his hands stuffed into his pockets. He leaned against his bike as he watched the city, Chaotic as ever but beautiful nonetheless.

The Red Mask recently heard about a new business, a mobile business, that has sprouted on American Soil. Damon needed some new equipment anyways, so he decided to give the place a call. Even if this whole thing was a scam, they would be meeting face to face, that meant if anything went south, he could just shoot them.

The meeting spot the Red Mask chose was the very definition of 'hiding in plain sight.' He chose the public observatory that looked over the city. Normally the observatory would be packed, but not today, cause just recently the building shut down due to an "infestation problem", something Damon may or may not have caused.

(If you want me to change anything I can)

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@damon_ford: (It's perfect ^_^)

"Mr. Red!" A voice called out behind the masked vigilante. It was Juno Fei, approaching with a massive black umbrella to protect her from this city's bleak downpour.

She had landed the Fortune just down from the overlook and observatory an hour before Ford even arrived, having chose to watch the potential buyer for a while before finally greeting him now. It was standard procedure for his type, the unpredictable ones who dispense justice on their own terms, normally with a hail of bullets. Still, she displayed not an ounce of fear now that she stood face to face with him, her expression was almost of a challenging nature.

"So, in the market for some guns, are we?" Juno asked with a smirk.

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No Caption Provided

Juno's description of the bow was enough to attract the attention of Chance, but she knew right off the bat what she wanted. "Oh, I'm sorry I should've been more specific about what I'm looking for. I want a Hoyt Gamemaster II, I want something with draw weight at about 250 pounds"

Chance eyed the bow in her hands, knowing a bow with a draw weight that high would require a ridiculous amount of training.

I need a mechanized one that can swap arrowheads such as standard, explosive, or grappling hook. The kind that screws the selected arrowhead type onto the end of an arrow shaft before use? Do you have any of those?

Chance stood up again this time taking another shot, the more and more she drink the more comfortable she felt here. Much of her life up to this point was filled with hiding, training, or trying to find an adequate job. "I'll take this one too, I'll need something to use while I train my way up to the other one. If you have it"

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@perdidacardenal: ^_^


I need a mechanized one that can swap arrowheads such as standard, explosive, or grappling hook. The kind that screws the selected arrowhead type onto the end of an arrow shaft before use? Do you have any of those?

Here I was talking about a Quiver

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Juno closed her eyes and smiled at the contact, nodding at her more specific request. "Ah! No worries. I should have one of those kicking around here as well, just one second." She set the bow back down in the container, walking over to another stack of them and thoroughly read the labels. "You don't see many people interested in combat archery these days, not here in the States at least." The merchant glanced back over to the girl, smirking as she grabbed a couple more cases off of the rack. "Glad to see that someone still enjoys the finer arts of combat."

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Juno gently set the cases down, snapping the clips open on both of them to reveal their contents. "Here's that Gamemaster, I only have the one in black, hope that's okay." She gestured to the contact for her to try it out. "As for a quiver, I have exactly what you're looking for, you really know your gear." The dealer smiled at her, reaching into the second case to show off the auto-quiver that was inside. "Lightweight, yet durable auto-quiver. Japanese made. Symmetrical frame comes in two parts, the top length which stores the arrow shafts, then the bottom that houses the rotary arrowhead dispenser. It's designed to hook up remotely to multiple applications, whether it be a bow or even a glove in this case. The remote is a simple click based receiver, each number of clicks for a different arrowhead. Here, try it on." Juno passed off the quiver to the girl, now reaching into the second part of the case.

"It comes with an impressive range of custom arrowheads." She brings out a matte black ballistic case, popping it open on a nearby crate. Inside were layered racks of arrowheads. "Much like you've already said, standard, grappling and explosive are one of the many tips provided. Some of the more specific ones here are EMP, smokescreen, teargas, electrified, acidic, thermite, cryogenic and so on. Hell, if you have a talent for tinkering, the set even comes with hollow tips that you can customize yourself."

Juno took a step back so that the contact would have more space to examine the product, folding her hands in front of her and patiently waited for her input. "If this is all to your liking, we can move on to some armor options."

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@juno_fei: sorry for the wait, will reply soon

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I'm definitely going to be coming here...a lot...

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Damon strode around for a short while until he heard a voice creeping up on him. Turning around, Damon saw who he was going to be buying from, she was shorter than he expected. It seemed like she already knew what he was their for, guns. But not only guns, he needed something to help him travel faster, the bike was great and all but it wasn't just cutting it.

"So, in the market for some guns, are we?"

The masked vigilante nodded without saying a word. He knew he might of come off as creepy which seems to be the deal every time he meets someone new, but he wasn't much of a social person. The Ford took off the his red helmet revealing his face to her, it didn't really matter to him if she knew what he looked like or not, "Also a jet pack. Do you have any of those?" The Red Mask said as leaned onto the railing that separated the observatory deck from a steep cliff.

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Juno crossed her arms, smirking a bit as the "hero" removed his helmet to reveal the young man underneath. His powerful posture seemed to fade a bit, now that his face was exposed. It almost seemed like it was a tiring relief to have it off.

"Also a jet pack. Do you have any of those?"

She softly chuckled at the question, unable to help but hear it as childish. "I have a bit of a selection, yes. Follow me, I'll take you to the ship and we'll get you looked after." The gothic merchant nudged her head in the mentioned direction, obscuring her face with the umbrella and started walking, knowing he'd follow.

"So, Bl├╝dstone, huh? I'm assuming you're protecting it?" Juno sincerely asked, stepping off of the paved road and onto the wet, grassy hill that led to the ship.

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walking onto the wet grass, the two came up upon the large plane. Damon whistled in amazement, Juno's plane was like Damon's, but much more big.

"So, Bl├╝dstone, huh? I'm assuming you're protecting it?"

Will smirked at her question, while it is true that he protects the city, he is the farthest thing from a hero. "Yes I am. But just cause I protect the city doesn't make me a hero." Damon said in a grimacing tone. He stood in silence for a few seconds until finally speaking up again, "So umm, how's business? You get a lot of buyers?" Damon asked as he was still inspecting the plane.

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Juno tapped her black wristband, allowing the Fortune's rear hull door to drop down onto the grass. She looked back as the man justified his actions, not judging him in the slightest. "Isn't that the truth. What's the old saying? "He who fights monsters, must become one himself?" The dealer smirked as she stepped aboard, shaking off her umbrella and closing it.

"Business? It's been better, I suppose. I had a lot of buyers when I still had my warehouse in China. Things change, though..." She trailed off meekly at the end of her statement, clearly reminded of how much business she lost after going into hiding. Having to operate from the Fortune on a client-to-client basis had cut her income down by 90%, and sourcing goods wasn't getting any easier. She sharply exhaled from the stress of that thought and continued to the center of the hull.

"So! Jetpacks and guns, a beautiful combination. Let's take a look at what I have here." The merchant smiled and walked over to the stockpile of cases, reading over the labels to find the right product. After a few moments, she clicked her tongue and wheeled over a rather large case. "I think you'll like this." Juno's dark smile turned into a grin, popping open the case.

"The Z-06 back-mounted shock trooper jetpack. American made, it was designed in 2015 to give soldiers an unprecedented mobile advantage on the field and in combat. Don't have to swamp out a building for a sniper position if you can just fly to the top, right? Never saw the light of day due to the fact that it's CRAZY expensive per unit. This mean bastard is $30,000 alone. It's a sustained purchase, though, as it has fusion cells powering it's boosters. Meaning, it recharges on it's own, with no hassle to refuel after use. Capable of sustained flight for about five minutes, or can make a lot of small boosts in succession before it needs to recharge." Juno fawned over the tech in silence for another second, finally looking up at him to see what he thought.

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Walking into the plane was like a kid in a candy store, the grin that was on Damon's face grew ever so slightly as he looked at all of the equipment and weapons Juno had stored in the Plane. As Juno pulled out the jet pack and began explaining it's details Damon put his fingers to his chin listening closely, until he heard the price. 30,000 thousand dollars for one jet pack, Damon's eyebrows quirked up as he was still processing it's worth. Thirty thousand dollars was like Damon's entire bank account. But Damon decided to buy it anyways, it not like couldn't always ask his brother for more money. "I'll take it, thank you"

Damon then walked a few steps away from Juno then took out his phone, he had to make sure his bank was okay with this. After several minutes of back and forth talking with his bank Damon walked back to Juno with a thumbs up. Damon pulled out his small ripped up wallet taking out his credit card. Sliding it onto Juno's counter Damon leaned against it waiting for her to complete the transaction.