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A goblin has two choices in the world. engineering or trades vendor. Gadjet loved building gadgets as a small goblin in his fathers workshop where a lot of customers would come in to make orders for contraptions too complex for his young mind. Watching his father go to work he learned how to make smaller toy versions of the same items. Seeing his interest in his fathers work, the old goblin set out a stand so his son could sell his wares. Gadjet however didn't want to sell his toys and spent most the day playing and creating new ones more and more complex as he watched and learned over the years.

Time was short for Gadjet and his father as the mother had been captured by ogres on a delivery to a human town, and the father was quite old. Another delivery had to be made, and the only one left was the old man to do so as Gadjet was busy with his own projects to be concerned. The order came across the same stretch of landscape just riddled with Ogre settlements, and the father fell victim to the savagery of a group of young ogres which played soccer with his head for many hours.

Gadjet stepping away from his workshop finally noticed his fathers horse wagon was returning with out him, and still full of inventory. Concerned he calls out two mechanical giants whom drag vehicle behind them, comparative to a hummer with turret. A smaller more humanoid shaped crew comes running out and into the vehicle, sitting in the gunner seats. Gadjet follows the tracks towards the next town with the inventory with him, and spots the Ogres booting the mangled body around like a ball.

Furious at what he saw, he orders the young Ogres to be fired upon until dead. A barrage of gun fire burst from the vehicle easily taking out the young Ogres whom just stared in awe at the vehicle clueless to what it was or how to react. The commotion awoke the parents whom as well stared in horror at the deaths of their young and at the machine that did so. They were staff wielding mages, and began hurling fireballs towards the vehicle. Evasively maneuvering and now targeting the adults shots rang out, screams and more fireballs soared in the air. The vehicle was made with a inverse power core modulator which instead of taking the damage it used it adding to the fuel cell which powered another Gadget, an incinerator beam transducer. Now charged, Gadjet himself set the targets location and pressed the trigger. A ray of pure energy instantly burst one of the staffs into ash, and each staff was calculated into the equation leaving no ways to defend themselves but physical.

He then stepped out of the vehicle along with the crew and they seemed to begin to cling to his appendages, eventually transforming into a suit of armor towering the once larger Ogres. Gadjet then ran after each one and chained them together into a large spherical ball, rolling them over to a cliffs edge and booting it hard into the sky. Knowing the fall would surely finish them off. He then disassembled into his crew and returned to the vehicle appeased by his actions and off to the town to finish the delivery. Reaching the town the people were shocked to hear the news as his father was their best delivery service and Gadjet out of respect for his Mom and Dad told the towns folk to place orders through him. They paid him the cost of the inventory order, and out of the parcels walked three Sentry units for protection of the towns folk from the Ogre attacks.

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