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The Game Maker stood at the edge of the Ukrain, not to lead the attack. Simply to wait and watch. He knew where everything was and where it would be.

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At this very instant, 5,000 full size pithons equipped with diamond armor and cybernetics as well as drilling and underground bomb releasing devices were digging approximately half a mile beneath the surface of the Ukrain at 80 miles an hour. Leaving in their paths heavy power bombs that would leave massive craters fit for killing the more populated areas they went after. They wouldn't detonate just yet, simply be set to go off exactly when the Game Maker knew would be perfect.

And as they did, 10,000 cybernetic carrowaries flew above carrying impact explosives and headed straight for the ukrainian airforce to drop those things straight on top of them, followed by their highly enhanced speed and combat to attack anything they left undetonated. With diamond armor and titanium talons, combined with ten times their normal physical conditions, they were a force worth reckoning with.

Soon, their heroes would come. His allies would come. The chaos would set itself in place like that perfect game of sadism he played upon. Death, pain, and fear.

And in the wait? More carrowaries, more pithons, and cybernetic gorrilas. With the additional part of them having nerve toxins and explosives they could leave the moment their heart stopped.


Tada! It's up. And I'm not as good as I had hoped, hopefully it gets better.

Now fight!

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One thing was constant throughout all of time in every universe--War. Humanity thrived on cyclic upbringings and destruction, so much that the very concept of death became desensitized. She was a woman that could see the ripples in the universe; she could peer into the hearts of worlds and see what she’d need to crumble it. Xiao Zing, Y-Intercept, The point that crosses all planes sought to employ the same age-old tactics here.

For Y this seemingly unprovoked attack presented several strategic advantages in her eventual return to China, but those were events yet to come; for now her attention was on the task at hand. Like the serpent history made her out to be, The Flower of Carnage slithered beyond the borders with a heightened since of Stealth, before coming to a stop at a rebel outpost on the outskirts of Kharkiv.

What was the goal? Surely this woman could not take an entire compound full of ragtag rebels—especially without one of her three blades. So how, how would it happen. “Not every fight has to be physical…” She murmured before fading into nothingness. Her presence flew with the wind brushing against tree manifesting in the form of forceful wind…until she found who she was looking for.

A man maybe in his late 50’s, he stood about 6’0, but stood at the helm of some makeshift command center. The Commander. With his command, she’d command about 250 of the rebel loyalist, complete with tanks and other heavy machinery. The goal? Capturing Kharkiv.

She perched on his impulses like a crow, feeding him sick and twisted ideas of a toppled Russia, with new superior Ukraine forces. Her whisper was like mental ecstasy igniting every sentiment of Ukraine pride lingering in depths of his mind.

They could only see their commander, they couldn’t see the slender frame woman standing at the command helm, and they couldn’t see her intentions. *Get Ready we’re leaving” She commanded, which drew a bit of silence amongst her unknowing comrades.

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Fully submersed in a intricate array of translucent technological data streams, the Cyber-Sin Superman passively meditated. Utilizing a rare combination of traditional Buddhism along with his unique technopathic MTD (meditative temporal displacement). Letting his sub-conscious walk along the past, present, and possible futures while expanding on the notion of a Multiverse. A flashpoint paradox in which canonized history had been dramatically altered, yet still holding the visual familiarity that many considered to be the one true Earth or timeline.

It was there in his cybernetic tranquility that he unintentionally uncovered the subtle hints, the minimal yet distinctive seismic disturbances which had originated an entire Continent away. His focus zeroing in on the technological anomalies with the aid of his mutant ability and the leading-edge S3 satellite. Intercepting multiple transmission, cell-phone videos, and calls as an unknown force had crossed over into Ukrainian land and airspace, absent official authorization.

<Tracking approximately 5,000 unidentified subterranean anomalies. Speed, 78 to 80 mph.>

the S3's anamotronic voice echoed through the Senju heir's technopathic link. "They're burrowing?"Yoshi sub-consciously questioned. "Can you seize control, redirect or halt their progress?"

<Negative. All attempts at wrestling away control have proved unsuccessful.>

Cold, calculating and unemotional it proceeded with its analyzes.

<10,000 aerial anomalies are in direct route to Vinnytsia>

Yoshi's closed eye's strained, squinting beneath their fleshy veils before flashing open. "Has there been any defensive movements? Either Russian or Ukranian? What about Noc Heavan? Surely they've issued a response by now...."


Dexterous motivation prompted Yoshi to stylishly rise up out of his yoga based Padmasana position with visual apprehension and concern. The calculating CEO methodically caressed his chin, completely captivated by the moment. How to proceed, if........to proceed. Risk, reward, consequences and other were heavily weighed and equally measured.

Thoughts, mental recalls of Gothic's destruction had obsessively arrested Yoshi's otherwise pragmatic deliberation. "Never again."he sneered. "Never again."

The Ukraine:

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Blazing through the sky in a technological cocoon of his NeoSin's creation, Yoshi covertly blitzed into Eastern Europe. Arriving over the airbase before the anticipated chaos had erupted. "Talk to me. What are those things?"Optically enhanced, the visual versatility afforded to the Corporate Cobra a long-distance advantage in the area of observable details. Inside his holographic HUD he read a never-ending stream of accessible data.

<It would appear as the airborne anomalies are carrying some form of explosive devices. Recommend proceeding with extreme caution>

"And the tunnelers? What exactly did they bring to the party?"

<Unknown. Too much interference.>

"Patch me through to the base, they need to get those pilots into the air, now! I'll buy them all the time I can."

<This is an unwise course of action. You are no hero.>

"Yeah well, today I am." Without further hesitation the Cyber-Sin Superman rose his arms and aimed. "Halt now. I dont give warnings, I follow through on threats........."

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Pre-Mortem had garnered some strange looks, upon entering Noc Haven. The city was singularly mutant, and he was the only human out of ht Renegades anyways, but Envy had okayed it.

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The Underground Opportunist stood at the ledge, mask in one hand. In the other were binoculars. High-powered. He scanned the horizon endlessly, as machines streamed in. They were doing something, and an attack on the city-state within the Ukraine seemed likely. He had been there for a while, and thought he saw what he was looking for.

"Sir? The technopaths say they're finished."

The Renegade Remnant smiled. Having a nation of supers at your disposal was convenient. "I'm on my way."

Model 17 was an old armor. It had been left in a secret bunker by the Ultimate Utilitarian, Anthony Stark, years ago. The Renegade Remnant had discovered it when he was still operating in Gothic, and modified it. It wasn't quite on par with Stark's current suits, but it would be effective against most opponents. The Noc Haven technopaths had messed with it, hopefully confused the signal it sent out whenever it went online. If it didn't work Stark would be after them as well, but international law would protect them while the Renegades were in Noc Haven, and personal skill would protect them if they had to fight again.

He touched down in front of the King of Contraptions, armor bristling with weapons. The wrist armor retracted slightly, revealing two small missiles, and the back plates folded outwards to allow larger munitions to be fired.

"Leave. This isn't a fight you want."

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@admirallogic: @pre-mortem:


The thought of the word itself felt wrong, even disgusting. It was a foreign and alien desire to the Mutant Master, but a desire nonetheless despite only knowing a life of tragedy and war. He sat in deep thought, his vibranium imbued hands clasped as he reflected on top the metallic chair that stood lonesome in the command center of Noc Haven’s cybernetic heart. After wrestling power from the infighting that infected the technological city-state and capital of the former Ukraine, it seemed as if the ghosts of his past were always trailing behind him. Truly, he had tried to leave his thirst for the blood of sapiens in his former life in Venezuela, but destiny had a cruel way to push you into repetition.

He bit his tongue in quelled anger as the screens broadcasted an invading force making it’s way to what was to become the new colony of Homo-Superior refuge. It angered him to an immeasurable degree that someone was foolish enough to consider themselves worthy of overtaking territory that belonged to a race of evolutionary progression. He stood from the mock throne and cracked his neck in ghastly angles, readying the enhanced anatomy he had grown to become so proud of. Ivana was no longer the leader of Venezuela and Noc Haven’s stance as a territory was in question in the eyes of the new powers that be, but Envy would not wait to see what would become of his nation as they debated amongst themselves. The Clawed Reaver was a warrior by trade, and blood was his business. Today, business would be booming.

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Having been escorted by a handful of technopaths and various other mutants and cyborgs, Envy had made his way to what was to be considered the front line. A place in battle that he knew all too well. It could be considered the eye of the storm or even the heart of death to many, but to him, it was a second home. His eyes fell to the scenery around him at the Ukrainian airbase. He nodded to a telepath to his right, her violet bangs falling over her eyes in confirmation, linking his thoughts with his allies. A great advantage to having a limitless amount of mutants, was like having the power to bend reality itself.

*Bring the aircrafts in the air and prepare the hellfire missles. Enhance them with pyromancers. I want terraformers and hydromancers ready at the capital for defensive measures.*

While his thoughts were transpiring to the inhabitants of his self-declared empire, his words entered the confrontation before his talons could signal the start of the fray. Battling alongside the commanders and Shogun of Venezuela taught him many things. Among these was that invincibility lies in the perfect defense, and the possibility of victory lies in the perfect attack.

“You have entered sovereign borders uninvited. You drag scraps of metal through the dirt to a pinnacle of mutant and cybernetic cohesion. You place thorns at the feet of lions. Leave, or be forced to leave without limbs.”

His voiced boomed through the atmosphere, intensified by his anger as his eyes raged a stern statement through his armored cowl. Sure, Envy had aligned himself with humans for the time being. Humans that assisted him of their own accord, but they were here nonetheless. A compromise that needed to be made to ensure his victory. A thousand calculations had been made for this event prior to Envy’s arrival and would reassure the execution of his plans, but cocky, he was not.

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@pre-mortem: @y_intercept: @pre-mortem: @_envy_: @yoshi_seniu:

(Posting with @aleron soon)

The flying cyborg Carrowaries ignored the threats and released the numerous explosives throwing them directly towards the biggest jets, planes, helicopters, and any large thing that could shoot. 50 of them turned towards Yoshi Senju upon his threat and jetted towards him faster than sound revealing titanium talons with super strength trying to claw at his mask off to rip him apart. A few of them went to grab his other limbs and keep them in place to prevent him from stopping them.

And yet another threat was made to them by a more sizable group lead by the mutant master. For them they kept bombs with them, flying over and releasing them before divebombing afterwards at speeds just subsonic flight above them to kick them with their titanium talons.

As for Pre-Mortem, the Game Maker smiled almost unnaturally wide and let out a deep but surprisingly loud chuckle that turned into a roaring laugh. When he stopped he looked at him a look of pure glee on his face and pointed to him with one hand, "You really have no idea who I am kid? I've tortured women better than you." He taunted, "And more creative." He added as an afterthought. "Come one buddy, give me your best shot." He wanted to see how long he could go without using his armor or sentinal rings. He was already calculating every action takable for both of them, even though he'd done all this before hand, he liked to play fair. Well, "fair" being a reletive term.

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Agent Kar of Blackcat was sent to assist in this ferocious event. He flew fast above the battle field noting it all, and that Pre-mortem had just threatened one of the most intelligent sadists to exist. He quickly began sending blasts of sound at the carrowaries but was flying in Pre-mortems direction. He flew and landed next to him wings folding up, "I'm Agent Kar. Just a warning, you can maybe stall him, obliterate him, whatever but he won't die. We've tried. So uh, keep that in mind." He warned then blasted away. If he saw he needed help, he'd go back. But he saw no reason trying to capture a man who could teleport across dimension and reconstruct himself on an atomic level.

He then flew into towards @Yoshi_senju bring his huge wings charged with electricity to try and fend off the cyborg fowl despite how numerous they were, "Greetings." he said before a swarm of them from the main group came after him trying to completely encompass him and force him downwards.

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@yoshi_senju: @aleron: @admirallogic: Paragon's trip in space was a bust, she couldn't find the ships that had left a crater that was once Gothic City. But as she came down though the atmosphere, she saw a battle of some kind on the horizon. Using her Telescopic Vision, she saw what it was. And immediately, she took off and breakneck speed. Soon, she arrived, seeing the bombs being dropped and those snake things drilling into the dirt. With her vision powers, she knew what they were made of. No threat to her.

But there were too many to deal with. People were already dying, so Paragon did not waste any time. Was that Aleron and Yoshi she just passed?! No time to take a second look. That plane that was hit was about to hit a populated area. Paragon gets underneath it, grabbing it with her hands and forcing the 747 into another direction. Open fields, some with farms, but clear of people. She knew she didn't have long before those snake like metal things came for her, so she had to hurry.

Guiding the plane, she makes sure it lands safely before she takes off again. But now that the element of surprise is over, she knows she's about to get attacked by those things at anytime.

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In an instant the chaotic crescendo of combat had consumed the area. And Yoshi soon found himself overrun by the Game Maker's anamotronic aerial masterpieces. Dangerous, even fatal to humans without added technology, the cybernetic Cassowaries were a formidable piece of the unknown invader's militarized incursion, and needed to be stopped. But before the Cyber-Sin Superman could react he was buried beneath a sea of titanium talons, slicing and scratching the surface of his Aethrium enriched NeoSin. Peeling back the aesthetic paint but otherwise unable to penetrate the state of the art metal surfacing. However the combined weight in concert with their savage and unrelenting assault began to bring the Full Metal Meta down.

In the melee the young Senju heir was unable to register the arrival of a potential ally. Despite the unknown assist via an electrical surge he still found himself overrun by the technological terrors. This in turn had also voided his observation of the orbital re-entry of the perennial powerhouse, Paragon. Whom had recently joined the fray along with several other unknowns. And though he did not see it, the Biodigital Blueblood's technomancy intuitively indicated the cybernetic intervention of the mutant empire, Noc Haven.

"Better late then never" he ominously thought, in one of those rare moments of inappropriately timed introspective sarcasm. Before violently being impaled into the concrete airstrip below by the devastating flock. The impact having a reverse effect. Yoshi's suit fully protecting him from the crash, while inadvertently shedding the Cassowary led siege, if even for a moment. "FREEZE!" was all he heard as he recalibrated after the blunt-force impact. Instantly surrounded by the military units tasked with operating the base. "I'm not the one you should be worried about you, ignorant cossacks." Quick drawing his arm before unleashing a beam of concentrated exotic matter from his palm. Blasting a basketball size hole through the diamond chest of a blitzing Cassowary just off the shoulder of the would be arresting soldier. "They are" curling his concealed lips into a passive smirk, and then igniting into the air to once again engage the enemy.

It was then that his sophisticated internal-closed network registered the intervention of a Aethrium Argonaut...or was it? After all, the American Ninja was Sage's personal mech, he never would have sold the original. Leading the Corporate Cobra to believe it had been some form of mirrorization, a replication of some sorts. Irregardless, the Cyber-Sin Superman was unconcerned. Right up until visually capturing a silhouette that remarkably resembled one of Anthony Stark's battle-suits with some obvious liberties. The cross-pollination of tech was nothing, but Anthony Stark, in the eyes of the Senju heir, was a thief. His father was a thief. The entire Stark family lineage were little more then a den of mouth breathing jackals. "Stark." The snarl was low, whispered, and full of hate.

<If the burrowers continue unabated, my readings indicate they will have successfully planted enough explosives to destroy the city. Stark cant wait. Follow the mission>

Yoshi momentarily contemplated throwing it all away and enacting his vengeance against the man, the family name he believed had destroyed his. "So be it. But I cant do anything in this suit.....I'm going to need something more......versatile....."

No Caption Provided

<Aethrium Argonaut; Deep Dive - in route>

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@admirallogic: @yoshi_senju:

The KS-Corp, Tokyo, Japan

No Caption Provided

Retired to his desk, his stark and haunting blue eyes gazing sternly at his computer screen, it's turquoise glow reflected on his face, Sage lightly drummed his fingers along his desk's wooden surface. The expression worn by his features was pensive, his other hand holding the mouse as he scrolled down to the next page on Microsoft Word. And as the atmosphere seemed to still and grow mute, the Gold Standard Genius averted his eyes, moving his gaze towards the opening doors of his office. It was Jenny. Her curly blonde hair was held in a ponytail, her horn-rimmed glasses were slipped into her breast pocket and her large blue eyes met Sage's with the kind of curiosity he'd grown accustomed to seeing from her.

And at the sight of his assistant, the Gold Standard Genius sighed. And to how rudely he'd responded to her, Jenny rolled her eyes, disappointed but hardly surprised. "You know", she began, striding across Sage's perfumed office, "Sometimes I think of all the things you've accomplished at just twenty-years old. Most people your age are excited about having their first drink", Jenny paused, interrupted by Sage's timely and quick-witted correction, "In the US", he reminded, "What?", Jenny replied, left eyebrow raising, "Legal drinking age is eighteen in most countries", he answered, refusing to meet her eyes, implying, perhaps deliberately, that whatever was on his computer screen was far more important than she. "You just can't help but be a smartass can you? It's times like this that remind me why I think twice about you. Sometimes I'll respect everything you've accomplished at this age".

"The Kaiba-Senju's star inventor. It's CTO. You've even founded your own company, Hermes. And you're threatening to put Netflix out of business with the compression tech Hermes' streaming service uses. Not to mention the Cloud9 app for phones, infinite storage space, wooptido!", Jenny teased, "And what else? Aethrium, the Argonauts.. I'm probably missing something but it's a lot. And every time I think about respecting you, I come in here and you give me ten reasons to remind me of how big a jerk you are". Smiling, the Neo Tesla met Jenny's gaze and he stood from his desk. "Okay cool", he dismissed, "Listen, make yourself useful and check this Word document on my computer for any errors. I'm translating it to Japanese. It's about that thing I told you Yoshi and I are working on. The Nova Allstar Association. It's gonna be big".

Heading for the door, much to Jenny's confusion, the Neo Tesla cast a wink as he departed, "I'll be back soon. Gotta take care of something".


Outside, it's tires burned across the road's asphalt concrete, it's vicious V12 humming a vicious tune; a supercar's mechanical roar. Inside the air was perfumed and the sound system echoed the hip-hop inspired basslines and tropical percussion of Glass Animals' Gooey. One hand on the steering wheel, his eyes gazing upon the road from behind the rose lenses of teashade sunglasses, the Gold Standard Genius ignored the on-board computer's vocal warnings of the hazards of the nearby war-zone. Yoshi was there, as were the invader's mechanical forces. Things were bound to grow interesting. There was an opportunity that'd emerged, one that could be capitalized upon... interesting indeed.

No Caption Provided

Soon the nano and femtotechnological heart of his dark grey Lamborghini Aventador LP 750-4 SuperVeloce Roadster clamored and the supercar was no more, now transforming, morphing into one of Sage's personal Aethrium Argonauts; Black Mamba. "Should've brought Kid Yamamoto instead", the Neo Tesla shrugged, piloting his sleek and armed mech into the battlefield at precisely the right moment Yoshi's own Argonaut; Deep Dive arrived. Wasting no time in establishing a communication line with Yoshi's NeoSin systems, Sage's computerized voice echoed from the built-in communicator in the Cyber-Sin Superman's NeoSin battlesuit. "Give me a tactical summary. Should I call in more Argonauts? Or do I save them for later?", he asked, whatever later implied.

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It was a bit strange being on the defensive side of strategic maneuvers in the grand scheme of things. Having been essentially a black ops type of leader and tactician, it would take some muscle memory for Envy to get back to his basic evasion and countering skills but it was still ingrained in his brawling style.

The scents of multiple new interlopers filled the clawed canine’s nostrils just as the airborne missiles were flying overhead. As much as he wanted to address alliances and enemies, things were moving too quickly for him to juggle each new task that was brought before him. Instead, the synapses in his mind fired rapidly like electricity running through an copper wire, pushing his body to start making a reaction.


The De Facto leader of Noc Haven shouted in a carnivorous tone to his immediate and well identified comrades in mutant arms. Each of them had spread like feathers falling from a plunging eagle, separated they were individuals, but with instructions from their leader, they were well oiled machines in the weapon that he wielded. With pre-planned coordination, they each went to their stations. One trio of aviation granted mutants flew towards the careening aircrafts that threatened those belonging to their nation, attempting and succeeding as best as they could in protecting the readying jets an helicopters that were being armed.

Witnessing an armed sentinel that seemingly acknowledged the burrowing serpents beneath their feet and was willing to deal with them accordingly, Envy shifted his attention to whom he deemed the orchestrator of the unprovoked attack.

Like I said, thorns to a lion.

Leaping in a flawlessly angled olympic vault, Envy unsheathed the 6 vibranium imbued claws that had been resting unnoticed beneath his skin. The attack was simple and straightforward, aim for the neck and tear it apart.

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@_envy_: @fraga: @yoshi_senju: @paragonxxx: @admirallogic:

Just another would-be-dictator. That was what Pre-Mortem thought. And then I gotta get my hands on one of those. Note to self- ask Envy about buying a robot car. He runs a country, he can pay for it. And then Oh-kay, I guess he can't die. Thanks, mysterious flying masked guy. I have plenty of reasons to trust you. And then the Game maker said something else.

'I've tortured women better than you.'

Then the Renegade Remnant stopped thinking.

No Caption Provided

He was a killer. A terrorist, even. He had fought the United States' government, from Stark to Donn, and would until his last breath. But he had lines. Farther than most people's, but he had line that he wouldn't cross.

He didn't fly forward, to rend him open, though he was about a second away from it. He fired a barrage of missiles instead. Each passing the force of an RPG round, locked onto the Game Maker. Then he fired two repulser blasts. Then he clenched his fists and a blade of pure energy sprouted from the knuckles. And then he rocketed forwards, slashing at whatever remained of the supposedly-immortal Game Maker, screaming internally.

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Paragon wasn't wrong. In mere moments 40 of the cybernetic diamond armored Carrowaries came charging at her from the sky titanium talons ready.

@yoshi_senju: @envy: @Fraga:

Time for the gorrilas. Next came the cybernetic gorrilaa. Exactly 10,000 of them. Enhanced ten times beyond normal ones in every way, given diamond armor, and weilding huge titanium close range weapons. They charged land forces from every direction leaping side to side and overhead trying to litterally rip anything in their path apart.


The Game Maker vanished for a split second returning in his own super suit that looked not unlike the Neo Sin super suits but was considerably more designed for someone like the Game Maker. He sent blasts of energy at the missiles to stop them before they reached him some of them getting to close and blasting him backwards. He flew to the side of the repulsor blasts and as Pre-Mortem began his melee attack Game Maker flew backwards at the speed of send sending a bolt of lightning towards the Argonaut that housed the Renegade Remnant.

@everyone involved with the cyborgs and Game Maker forces:

The snakes had set many bombs and just kept on setting them deeper and deeper underground, it wasn't time yet.

Above ground, as any cassowary or guerrila died it would release an explosion as well as deadly toxins into the air

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Paragon waits until those Carrowaries get in close, then she tries freezing them with her freeze breath in a wide arc before her. If it works, she suddenly blasts off towards the ground, breaking the sound barrier. She drills into the Earth and towards one of those bombs being drilled. Using her X-Ray Vision, Telescopic Vision and Microscopic Vision, she tries to see every part that makes the thing work. Being the genius that she is, if she understands how it works, she might be able to disarm it.

For now, she keeps her distance, not wanting to accidentally set the thing off. She has no idea what the explosive yield is on one of these things.

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@fraga: @paragonxxx: @admirallogic:

Upon request Sage was instantly sync'd with the S3 satellite through cognitive technopathy, allowing the orbital Argonaut to premiere the militarized incursion through a revolutionized holographic stream. Implementing its covert Ultraviolet (UV) systems platform and the immense processing power needed to immerse the new money millennial in a virtual space. Physical contact would allow Sage a variety of displayed options, readings and digestible information.

"No." the Cyber-Sin Superman replied. Opting to minimize their overall involvement. Noc Heaven, reputedly, would be more then capable of finding off the invasion of the Ukraine. Mech'd out in his prototype Deep Dive Argonaut in pursuit of the drilling Pythons, Yoshi had managed to catch and overpower the would be packages of destruction. But there were still more then he could account for. Luckily the arrival of the lady Paragon signified not only the aid of the Metro City Champion, but a newly minted friend as well. Her genius level intellect instantly governed the disarmament of several explosives, once again showcasing a rare combination of brawn and ingenuity.

<New targets detected on the surface. Recommend prioritizing>

the S3's cybertronic transmission hummed.

<Primary target located>

Registering the global positioning of the Game Maker, the coordinates were quickly sent to both Sage and Yoshi. As well as Paragon, should the gladiatorial guardian still be in possession of the hand-held device the Senju heir had gifted her.

Blasting up out of the ground opting to abandon the wild goose chase, the tactically suited technopath emerged from the customize cockpit of his robotic sentry. Its power-cells completely exhausted and strained.

No Caption Provided

Hydraulic hissing signifying the capsules release as Yoshi stylishly emerged from a huff of harmless smoke. Aggressively swimming his arm up, around and in concert with his visual registration of the stampeding apes. Freely firing off a series of condensed concussive kinetic-blasts from his transformable Dv3 integrated watch. Pancaking the synthetic beasts with surgical shots before somersaulting off the Argonaut. Gymnastically maneuvering into cover.

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@_envy_: @pre-mortem: @yoshi_senju: @paragonxxx:

Kar had also noticed the 5,000 snakes burrowing beneath the earth planting numerous bombs. But there were far too many to simply take out before they set them off, and if they wen't for the snakes first then they'd still have left the bombs. This was problematic because it left no way to do them all before the time ran out, best to merely minimize losses. He flew high up into the air and began flying at extreme speeds around everywhere the bombs might reach shouting to have all citizens leave due to bombs being planted underground. He just hoped they'd listen. He knew all too well win or lose people would die and the Game Maker would escape, he always did. The man had made himself virtually un-killable. But he liked a certain sense of fair play, which was really the only reason he hadn't done much larger things to Earth, it wasn't yet defended enough.

Kar returned overlooking the catastrophe it was causing. He raised his arms forming a cannon and began firing powerful blasts of sound and energy at as many of the cassowaries and gorrilas as he could, flying above them to have a better shot at more of them.

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@pre-mortem: @admirallogic: @yoshi_senju:

Behind the ebony exoskeleton of his Argonaut: Black Mamba, Sage sat in silence, his eyes studying the holographic stream of environmental summaries transmitted by the S3 Satellite. Their glow casting an azure hue on his features, the Gold Standard Genius smirked, gone was the holographic stream and sleek interior of the Argonaut he piloted. He roamed a virtual space now, a digital wonderland that brought him closer to the variables of the battlefield than he'd ever need to be. Gliding through the computerized expanse, the Gold Standard Genius took it all in, dipping his fingers in glowing digital clusters and running simulation after simulation until he'd memorized several potential outcomes.

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He closed his eyes, and returned to Black Mamba's high-tech interior. Leaned into his leather seat, his hands on the system console, Sage's features wore a brooding intensity at the interior monitor, the swarm of mechanical gorillas storming after any and everyone was a terrifying sight. Terrifying but sloppy. They attacked with no grand strategy but one to shock and overwhelm with their many numbers. "No formation.. hmm", Sage shrugged, streaming a command from the system console. (Assembling Laser Rifle... synching it with this unit's targeting system... directed-energy weapon status: operational - S. Computer) As debris and concrete dust hung in the air about it, Black Mamba strode forward, it's shoulder-mounted 'Laser Rifle' shooting initial targeting lasers (# of targets: 1... 5.... 20... - S. Computer) aiming at the many targets before firing a succession of high-powered lasers.

In waves, the lasers bombarded the cybernetic gorillas, striking them down with brief pulses of light at c (the speed of light) as the rapid expansion and evaporation of the matter on their armors and exoskeletons inspired shock-waves that phased into their bodies, ruptured their lungs, scorched the remaining organic tissue in their cybernetic frames, and sunk into their joints and ripped them apart. Inside, Black Mamba's Aethrium components hummed, cooling the 'Laser Rifle' as the Gold Standard Genius clung to his strategy of long-range warfare. The gorillas were smaller than his Argonaut. The distance they needed to cross to attack was great. The distance Black Mamba needed to cross was none. It's lasers were like jabs. Jabs that blitzed Sage's foes at the speed of light and stretched for hundreds and hundreds of meters. They managed distance between the Argonaut and the gorillas like nothing could.

"Aethrium or not, that those gorillas explode when killed means that attacking from a distance is the way to go". With nothing else attacking him, the Gold Standard Genius stuck to his strategy, piloting Black Mamba and introducing a clinic of long-range warfare.

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@admirallogic: @yoshi_senju: @pre-mortem: @fraga: @paragonxxx: @aleron:

Instantaneously, The Game Maker vanished as if he were a ghastly apparition, and reappeared in a gleaming armor that matched his overwhelming assailants. Envy’s strikes had clearly missed their intended target, but slid through nothingness causing the mutant reaver to be propelled forward and hit the ground in a rolling summersault. It angered him that his opponent was hardly even making an effort to acknowledge the Monarch of Noc Haven, but was instead fixed upon his animalistic contraptions that swarmed the battlefield.

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Envy’s own eyes turned to the events unfolding around him. The would be gorillas held a sense of intimidation, but the fear they could have possibly instilled dissipated when witnessing their brutish movements and awkward gait. The lack of their tactics made them more like a swarm of ants without direction or purpose.

“All this power, and no knowledge to use it!”

Envy howled at the now steel clad Gamemaker, completely unthreatened and unfazed.

“Noc Haven is safeguarded by her citizens! Your serpents go targeted by aerial bombardment and your pathetic apes are just fodder for the steel monolith to demolish and consume. You lost the war before the battle even began! Face me, False King! Look upon a true conqueror and despair!”

More infuriated than before, but still in a perfect state of mind to make unaltered strategic decisions, Envy was confident that the Ukraine could not be taken, and in turn, Noc Haven. In close proximity, metal limbs were being torn and blown apart while sand kicked up into the atmosphere from landing RPG’s and ordinance. However, Envy was unbothered and unscathed. This was a fight he craved. It would do well to prove the superiority of his Empire to future delusional soldiers who thought themselves war-mongers.

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A hexagonal shield flashed around the Renegade Remnant, deflecting the bolt of lightning around him. His ally, Envy, and arrived, and was roaring something inspirational. He spoke into their private comm. "Damn, man! You should do the speech thing more. Also, apparently he can't die, so think 'traps,' not 'stabbing through the head.'" He followed through on this strategy almost instantly, thigh plates in his armor firing miniature mines at the Game Maker, which floated around him and creating an electrical field, attempting to paralyze the King of Contraptions.

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@_envy_: @pre-mortem:

"Oh children, if I cared if I won or not you'd already be dead." He said to Envy cocking his head as if in pity. When the mines came out the Game Maker stared at him, they would have worked as they zapped around him but the suits materials made this a rather pointless task, "This suit has traits to Nth metal buddy, as well as vibranium, try a new tactic. Here, let me help you. Try brute force, maybe your suit is superior than this one."

He was toying with them, he had no intention of putting full force into this. They were merely delaying him, but not his work. The serpents were still planting thousands of bombs deep beneath the ground of the Ukraine ready to go off soon.

He didn't attack back himself, he saw no point in it yet. They hadn't shown if they could take him down. They were a threat to the invasion most certainly, but not necessarily to him.

@yoshi_senju: @paragonxxx:

Perhaps some of the bombs would be deactivated, but there were 5,000 of these serpents beneath the ground placing many more that could kill thousands of people the moment they went off, they were timed and mechanical, not electrical. So they could be defused reletively easily but they would also be immune to EMP's. And also importantly, Game Maker had already known when he wanted them to go off. There was a reason only some of his forces came in yet, and because no one knew about them. Because those bombs would be set and detonated, killing thousands of soldiers and civilians alike. But not yet, not yet. The bombs were very powerful on their own, but when 5,000 underground snakes were planting multiple ones all over the ukraine that made it far worde.


It wouldn't be long before he would be bombarded by Cassowaries throwing bombs at him from above and the gorrillas started avoiding him aiming for soldiers and civilians.

(Sorry, on mobile, did the best i could.)

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@admirallogic: @yoshi_senju: @pre-mortem: @fraga: @aleron: @_envy_:

After deactivating one bomb, Paragon checked to see how many she had to go. Unfortunately, there were far too many bombs being placed. Even at Super-Speed, it would still take a little too long to deactivate them all. And that is time that Paragon does not have. So, she makes her way back up to the surface. Just then, the device that Yoshi had given her beeps. She takes it out, knowing only one man would be calling her on this instead of the holo-watch she wears under her left glove. She sees the coordinates and smiles a little.

After putting away the device, Paragon breaks the sound barrier as she makes her way to the coordinates. But then she sees Yoshi in cover as the bad guys seem to have him pinned down from the looks of things. All of a sudden, her perception of time changes and the world seems to be in pause mode as Paragon uses her speed to quickly survey the battlefield. Pre-Mortem and Envy seem to be keeping the Game Maker busy as they fight. Aleron seemed to be handling his situation well enough as Paragon knew he would. Fraga seemed to have a good strategy until he looked to be overwhelmed, at least to her eyes anyway. She makes a mental note to remember what she heard Fraga say, gotta love Super Hearing.

All of a sudden, Paragon stops using her speed to make it seem like the world was on pause as she decides on a course of action. Paragon flies over by Fraga, catching some of the bombs that were thrown at him and throwing them at the enemies that are giving Yoshi a hard time, hopefully scoring a hit as she does. And all this in the span of a second as Paragon moves quickly and precisely. Then as civilians are put in danger, Paragon pours on the speed and uses her own body to defend the civilians that are put in danger. Good thing she is near invulnerable, she can take some of these hits. But even as she does, she fires back at her opponents with heat blasts from her eyes in an attempt to melt weapons, hopefully making them useless.

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If the mutant messenger had been in his younger days, perhaps he would have responded with a flurry of attacks intended to evicerate the make-believe god. However, being older and wiser, he quelled the anger rising inside him. Instead, he turned his attention to the psychic probing his mind, requesting his response.

“Sir, more mechanical instruments are headed towards the Empire. Requesting your presence.”

He furrowed his brow in thought, gazing at the battle taking place before him. This so called ‘game-maker’ truly was nothing to him. A fool who thought himself a destroyer of nations and nothing more.

“Affirmative! Have Conjurer teleport me and we’ll go from there.”

Releasing the communication of thoughts, his body began to de-materilize in a smoky manner. Violet hued vapor clouded his feet and had risen to the crown of his head, shrouding him in concealment. He shrugged off the meager fight before him and instead reappeared atop the Noc Haven capital building. A pinnacle that had overlooked the entire empire. His empire.

This place that was created by a cybernetic computer program and had eventually been surrendered to him…It meant more than the world to him and he would defend it with every breath that entered and exited his lungs, even if it meant giving his life. This wasn’t just some place where mutants could live without persecution, guarded by cyborgs. This was so much more than that. Noc Haven was a colony that would birth future generations of Homo-Superior, securing their place in the world.

“Conjurer. Gather every single telepath and terraformer you can reach. We’re going to move the city.”

Their was a long pause in the conversation. The magical mutant subordinate was speechless for a moment that felt like it had dragged on longer than it should have.

“….But Sir….Where?"

“To the sky. I want barriers both magical and metaphysical preserving the city from those wretched machines that think themselves soldiers. We need perfect levitation. Give the hydromancers and water manipulators adequate time to prepare a massive lake beneath the city to offer a buffer if and when the city drops for added protection. The ascension will give plenty of time for long distance killers to prove their worth. Do it now.”

It took only minutes before the quaking of the earth and the rumble of the mountains to echo throughout the cybernetic kingdom. Birds and animals had began to flee the immediate radius in fear as massive tremors vibrated from growing ripples in the ground.

Soon, the city began to separate itself from the world as every able body was being put to work in defense of the city. The outside perimeter was readied with marksman of the highest caliber, their vision augmented with scopes while defenders were focused in the center of the city. This was war, and although Envy no longer saw himself as the assassin he once was, he was now a king, and the safety of his people would be held above all else.

Over our dead bodies.
Over our dead bodies.