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Five years ago

"I dont like talking about that time...." A small framed woman sits in a hair as her arms are bound behind her, then tied to the chairs legs which are bolted to the floor beneath her. Her legs are strapped and tethered as well, she sits glaring at the beautiful woman sitting across from her horned rimmed glasses in all. She reads through a file then asks again "Tell me when your powers first surfaced Marisol?" The girl scoffed and sighed deep "Guess theirs no way around it is there." She stretches her neck and then begins to talk "It was a year and a half ago you pigs brought me here, I had an episode in public for the first time. Before when my powers surfaced it was just....a reflex. This time I did it deliberately....he touched me...everywhere god I can still smell him." A man looks through a small window and speaks into a device in the pretty woman's ear "Get her away from the subject, we don't need her remembering." The pretty lady stops Marisol "Marisol, please the first time they surfaced." Marisol goes from dainty and damaged little girl to a cold stare vicious woman "Cat Shorpe, your a whore you bend over for these bastards. For what half a million a session, you have been here with me twenty times in the almost two years I have been here. Least you could do is let me talk huh?" Cat fixes her glasses and stares not reacting to the words "The time they surfaced please...." Marisol scoffs again and returns to her memories.

"It was about three years ago, Dad had died of lung cancer after a lifetime of cigarettes and mom in a car accident. The only person in my life was Emily, she was my soul and my rock. We weren't lovers, but she was my best friend. She did everything for me, if that itch needed to be itched she did it for me no questions asked. She stood by me through my parents deaths and even more. I loved her, an wished we had become something but she evidently didn;t. It was Saturday and I walked in after school, taking a college course and I had finished my final exam. I walk in and found her from the ceiling, her face wasnt as blue as I had thought it would be. The extension cable was wrapped pretty tight, I thought I could save her but she had been gone for quite some time. When I realized she was dead I lost it, everything in my life was gone and burned to ashes. I had enough, so I made myself a nice hot bath and slit my wrists. Cutting up to make sure I bled quickly, and for extra assurance I downed a bottle out of the medicine cabinet. My eyes slowly closed, and then I was awake in a hospital room...my wrists were healed and I felt fine not as dead as I was intending. The Doctor told me that I was brought in for attempted suicide, but all the tox screens came back negative. An my body was unscathed, that the paramedics called it at the scene a suicide but when I got to the hospital I was better." Marisol smiled and tried to lean forward "This is where it gets really weird, they did tests on me dozens of them and each one came back. I no longer had functioning organs, no blood, nothing but what could be considered a pair of lungs, a brain, and a heart. I grew very relaxed at night almost amnesic, but during the day my vitals were off the charts even moreso in direct sunlight. I was a mother f$cking plant!" A green glow shined beneath her straight jacket "Can I get some please?" Cat pressed a button on the wall, a small window opened briefly letting some sun shine into the room then slammed shut.

"Soon you buffoons came knocking, asking if I would come willingly to figure out exactly what I was." I knew by that time what I was, I was a Photosynthe a meta who could do what plants could. Knew a girl at college who could turn dirt into gold or some odd thing we smoked ALOT. But I was ready to leave the hospital so I took the offer, first you guys were all nice and everything. Gave me a house to myself and enough money only I could get to so that I could live happy until the end of days, not the brightest thing to give a twenty year old huh?" Cat chuckled slightly before putting on her stern face again, letting Marisol continue "After a few months, I started losing blocks of time like black outs, then one night I woke up on a lab table. Freaking out I ran out, knocked out a few guards somehow and made it outside. Found a store an stole some cloths, was ready to get the hell out of dodge. Thats when HE showed up, pinned me against a van and put his sweaty hands down my pants. I had been a virgin, that bastard took the last shred of dignity I had. And it all went red, I remember as my fingers grew into long splinters of green knives and the feeling his flesh felt against my fingers as I peeled it off his face. I didnt get to kill him, Mr happy pants at the door made sure of that. One bullet is all it took, and he fell to the ground." Marisol looked up at the ceiling "Then you guys tossed me in this room and began my sessions with yours truly, and might I say you have magnificent tits." Marisol laughed hard before stopping abruptly and whispering "Come here...." Cat shook her head "I like you, I promise I wont hurt you." Cat pulled her chair forward and leaned in as Marisol whispered into her ear.

Cat leaned back knocking the chair down and stormed out of the room, Marisol laughing hysterically as the door slammed shut. Cat looked through the small window and Marisol was still laughing, a tall black man walked up behind her an put his hand on Cat's shoulder. She jumped as he spoke "She remember much?" Cat shook her head "She still thinks she has been here for only a year and a half, what would happen if she found out how long she had been here an who set it all up?" The man smiled "I'm almost positive she would completely unhinge, shes just barely holding it together now. I think her long and large spots of blank spots in her memory are a defense mechanism. Her body knows how long she has been here, but doesn't think shes ready to find out." Cat looked through the window again staring at Marisol "I am putting in my resignation, I am not coming here again Mr Steele." He looked to her puzzled "Since when was Marisol able to get through you? Shes never done that before." Cat turned around for a moment before looking back at Marisol "She told me something, whispered it even." Steele asked "What did she tell you?" Cat spoke without looking "She knows she has been here for fifteen years, and that shes going to kill everyone for what they have turned her into......"

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Love the plant thing, btw!

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Thank you

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@Marisol Guido Nice work , intresting new character
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Jump around Jump Around!!!!!!

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@EdwardWindsor: thank you

@_Sojourn_: ???

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The name is awesome, story was badass

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@Marisol Guido just an old song that you inadvertently referenced
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@Mr_LeBeau: thank you very much. Would love to have Mari and Charm? (cant remember how to spell his name) to meet

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Thanks for the good read bro,cool character.